List of Picasso artworks 1961–70

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The Chicago Picasso
Pablo Picasso, Nude Woman with Necklace ("Femme nue au collier"), 1968, oil on canvas, 113.5 x 161.7 cm. The face is of his second wife, Jacqueline Roquet.

Artworks by Pablo Picasso from 1961 to 1970

  • 1961, "The Dance of Youth"
  • 1961, "Les Freres Soler"
  • 1962, "Côte d'Azur"
  • 1962, "Bust of a Woman with a Hat" (Private Collection)
  • 1963, Nu assis dans un fauteuil (See the picture and description here)
  • 1964, The Smoker, Aquatint on paper.
  • 1967, Femme nue à l'oiseau et joueur de flûte (See the picture and description here)
  • 1968, Homme Arretant un Cheval Devant une Femme, etching and aquatint
  • 1969, Man with the Golden Helmet
  • 1969, The Kiss