List of Polish divisions in World War II

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This is a list of Polish divisions in World War II. In contrast to Wikipedia's reasonably complete descriptions of U.S., British, and German divisions, only some Polish divisions have articles here, mostly because the detailed histories have either not been translated from Polish or have not been fully released from the official archives. (See Wikipedia:WikiProject Countering systemic bias).

Polish Armies in 1939[edit]

For more details on this topic, see List of Polish armies in World War II.

Polish divisions in September 1939 Campaign[edit]

Polish divisions in France 1939-1940[edit]

Polish divisions & brigades on the Western fronts[edit]

Polish divisions on the Eastern Fronts[edit]

  • 1st Armoured Corps: 3 armoured brigades, 1st Motorized Infantry Brigade - details below. Subordinated to the 2nd Army.
    • 1st Motorized Infantry Brigade (Polish)(East)
    • 2nd Armoured Brigade (2. Brygada Pancerna) - (65 x T-34/85)
    • 3rd Armoured Brigade
    • 4th Armoured Brigade
    • 24th SP-artillery regiment (21 x SU-85)
    • 25th SP-artillery regiment (21 x ISU-122)
    • 27th SP-artillery regiment (21 x SU-76M)
    • 2nd mortar regiment
    • 26th AA-artillery regiment
    • Rocket artillery battalion

Polish divisions of the underground armies[edit]

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