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Popstars: The Rivals is a British interactive reality talent show which was broadcast on ITV between 7 September and 22 September 2002. The series saw a series of auditions and workshops for aspiring singers, with a final 20 made up of 10 girls and 10 boys going through to the live finals. The live shows began on 12 October 2002 and ended on 30 November 2002, with the boys and girls performing on alternate weeks over a period of eight weeks.

Five boys and five boys were declared the winners of the competition and formed the groups One True Voice and Girls Aloud respectively. Several of the unsuccessful finalists also went on to have careers in the music industry.


Anton Gordon[edit]

In week 1, Anton performed "Same Old Song" and was automatically safe to week 3. He performed Cherish and was again safe. Week five Anton performed "You Can't Hurry Love" and found himself in the bottom three with Mikey Greene and Matthew Johnson. Anton was told that he was safe and through to the boys' final, leaving Mikey and Matthew in the bottom two. For the boys' final, Anton sang "I Believe I Can Fly" for a place in the band. Anton was in the top four and automatically qualified to the band One True Voice.

Mikey Greene[edit]

In week 1, Mikey sang Drive and automatically qualified for week 3. In week 3, he sang "I Want You Back" and was safe. In week 5, Mikey sang "Hello" for a place in the boys' final. Mikey however found himself in the bottom three with Anton Gordon and Matt Johnson. Anton was told that he was safe, leaving Mikey and Matt in the bottom two. Mikey was then eliminated.

Matt Johnson[edit]

Andrew Kinlochlan[edit]

Nikk Mager[edit]

Chris Park[edit]

Daniel Pearce[edit]

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Keith Semple[edit]

Jamie Shaw[edit]

Peter Smith[edit]


Emma Beard[edit]

Lynsey Brown[edit]

Nadine Coyle[edit]

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Sarah Harding[edit]

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Javine Hylton[edit]

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Aimee Kearsley[edit]

Nicola Roberts[edit]

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Cheryl Tweedy[edit]

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Chloe Staines[edit]

Kimberley Walsh[edit]

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