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The fictional characters of Power Rangers Megaforce include the Power Rangers, their enemies, and their friends and allies in the battle.

Megaforce Power Rangers[edit]

The Megaforce Power Rangers are the eponymous protagonists of the series. They are five teenagers with attitude chosen by Gosei to save the Earth from the Warstar. They live in the fictional city of Harwood County. In order to transform into the Megaforce Rangers, they use the Gosei Morphers by calling out "It's Morphin' Time! Go Go Megaforce!". They are constantly training to keep up with the growing strength of their enemies. They wield the Power Cards in battle, which they use to perform certain attacks and to summon their personal weapons which merge to form the Megaforce Blaster. Each Ranger carries a Mega Blaster as a side arm that they use for special attacks. While in Ultra Mode, they each bear a lightweight, waistcoat-like shield and wield an Ultra Sword powered by an Ultra Zord. They are later joined by the mechanical Robo Knight when the Toxic Mutants emerge to pollute the Earth and by the human-like alien Orion during the second season Power Rangers Super Megaforce. Also, Gosei gives them the Legendary Morphers, which they use to access the more powerful Super Mega Mode and Legendary Ranger Mode to morph into any of the previous 19 teams of Power Rangers. In Super Mega Mode they wield their Super Mega Blasters and Super Mega Sabers. By occasionally switching their weapons with each other they can double their blasting and sword powers.

Troy Burrows[edit]

Troy Burrows is the Megaforce Red Ranger and leader of the Mega Rangers. He is new in town and a loner to start with, but he is fast at making friends when he joins the Megaforce. He had a tough upbringing that made him responsible and focused, making Troy leader material in the opinion of Gosei, which when combined with his compassion, loyalty, and support of the underdog, makes him the perfect role model for a Ranger. Troy also has dreams involving his team's predecessors fighting an unknown evil, a premonition that eventually comes true in the finale of Power Rangers Megaforce. He is the most skillful of the Rangers and holds an unbreakable fighting spirit and complete belief in humankind's potential as a species to work together and beat the odds. He wields the Dragon Sword in battle and pilots the Dragon MechaZord. He wields the elemental power of fire.[1][2][3]

When the Armada invades, Troy is given a Legendary Morpher by Gosei and the ability to morph into the Super Megaforce Red Ranger. He senses that his recurring dream is coming true as he still looks for Robo Knight. Following the fight with Cybax, Troy has a feeling that the Rangers will meet Robo Knight again someday. When he gains his Super Megaforce Key, he pilots the Super Mega Skyship which also serves as the Megaforce Rangers' mode of transportation and the carrier of the other Zords. In Super Megaforce he gains the ability to morph into Legendary Red Rangers.

Troy is portrayed by Andrew Gray.

Noah Carver[edit]

Noah Carver is the Megaforce Blue Ranger and a nerd and tech geek who uses his intelligence rather than brute strength in battle. He is best friends with Jake and they are a perfect team together, complementing and balancing each other's brain and brawn. Noah is also interested in the supernatural and fields of strange and peculiar science such as cryptozoology and extraterrestrial life. He is usually also second-in-command of the team.[1][4] He wields the Shark Bowgun in battle and pilots the Shark MechaZord, controlling the elemental power of water and the willing invoke of the Sea Brothers (consisting of the Manta Zord, the Sawshark Zord, and the Hammerhead Zord), which may then be used to produce the Sea Blast. Even during battle, he is the most creative and cunning of the Rangers and usually deploys strategies of quick thinking when an opponent proves too much to take down by conventional means.

During the Armada's invasion, Noah stops the X Borgs from invading Harwood County High school while saving the students. After the Armada's first invasion, Noah finds Mr. Burley in his office where Noah helps to catch his artifacts. When he gains his Super Megaforce Key, Noah pilots the Jet Zord. Noah also convinces Mr. Burley to continue teaching his class. Noah then researches the different Power Rangers teams and wonders if they can tap into their respectful Zords. Noah later questions his worthiness after he was beaten in battle by Skatana and starts training to counter Skatana's Blade of Infinity attack. During the duel, Noah was able to use the swords of his teammates to counter Skatana's attacks and defeat him. In Super Megaforce he develops strong sword skills and the ability to morph into Legendary Blue Rangers.

Noah is portrayed by John Mark Loudermilk.[5][6]

Jake Holling[edit]

Jake Holling is the Megaforce Black Ranger, and in the second season the Super Megaforce Green Ranger. He is out-going, optimistic, fun-loving, and fearless, whether on the battlefield or in social situations. He wants very much to make his identity as the Black Megaforce Ranger public, but like the others is sworn to secrecy. Jake is Noah's best friend and the two are an unbeatable force when together, complementing each other's skills. His only weakness is his crush on Gia, which later provokes jealousy when Orion arrives and takes a liking to her in Power Rangers Super Megaforce. He is the toughest and physically strongest of the Rangers and usually the comic relief of the team. However, he will also provide a word of advice and intuition from time to time and his athletic and sport abilities are a great asset to the Megaforce during battle. Jake wields the Snake Axe in battle and pilots the Snake MechaZord.[1][2][7] He wields the elemental power of earth and can call upon the Land Brothers whenever needed.

When it came to the Armada's invasion, Jake ended up getting his Super Mega Mode key in green and is told by Gosei that his key is unique. He also pilots the Racer Megazord in this form. In "Spirit of the Tiger", the training Jake gets from Casey Rhodes enabled him to channel the spirit of the snake. In Super Megaforce he gains the ability to morph into Legendary Green and Black Rangers.

Jake is portrayed by Azim Rizk.

Emma Goodall[edit]

Emma Goodall is the Megaforce Pink Ranger. She is a BMX biker who loves nature and wants to protect the environment, taking the alien attack on Earth and the Toxic Mutants' campaign to pollute the Earth very personally. In the episode "Harmony and Dizchord", it is revealed that Emma has an excellent singing voice which she inherited from her late mother. She uses this to counteract Dizchord's attack. She is the most feeling and comprehensive of the Rangers and bears a strong connection to the natural world and is sensitive to the point of recognizing the potential of good in others, even if they are supposedly enemies. She wields the Phoenix Shot in battle and pilots the Phoenix MechaZord. She wields the elemental power of air and can summon the Sky Brothers (consisting of the Hawk Zord, the Ptera Zord, and the Crow Zord) at will (even when shared with Troy), which may then be used for either the Sky Blast or the Ultimate Dino Blast.[1][2][8]

When the Armada begins its invasion, Emma saves Ernie's BrainFreeze from the X Borgs before they can find Ernie. Upon gaining her Super Megaforce Key, Emma pilots the Sub Zord. In "Spirit of the Tiger," the training Emma got from Casey Rhodes enabled her to channel the spirit of the Phoenix. In Super Megaforce she gains the ability to morph into Legendary Pink Rangers.

Emma is portrayed by Christina Masterson.

Gia Moran[edit]

Gia Moran is the Megaforce Yellow Ranger and is labeled as "Miss Perfect". Gia is pretty, personable, skilled in martial arts, and as intelligent as she is confident. She and Emma have been best friends since they were very young, and this has not stopped despite now being in different social circles. This friendship is tested by Beezara's spell in the episode "United We Stand". Gia eventually comes to known about Jake's feelings for her and comes to tolerate it but seemingly not correspond it. She is the most responsible and focused of the Rangers as well as being very fast and agile. Gia will also, at times, act as a secondary leader to the Megaforce. She later takes a liking to Orion. Gia wields the Tiger Claw in battle and pilots the Tiger MechaZord. She wields the elemental power of earth and has access to the Land Brothers (consisting of the Beetle Zord, the Dino Zord, and the Rhino Zord) if the situation calls for it, making them useful for the Ultimate Dino Blast.[1][2][9]

When the Armada begins its invasion, Gia saves some civilians from the X Borgs. Upon gaining her Super Megaforce Key, Gia pilots the Wheeler Zord. In Super Megaforce she gains the ability to morph into Legendary Yellow Rangers.

Gia is portrayed by Ciara Hanna.


Orion is the Silver Megaforce Ranger who appears in the Super Megaforce season. He is from the planet Andresia, a planet not unlike Earth, where he used to work in a rock quarry as a miner. One day at work, he discovered a crystal container containing the Silver Ranger Key and a mysterious box that had the details of the Legendary Sixth Rangers. When the Armada arrived on Andresia, all of his friends and family were lost in the attacks. By using the Key and Morpher, he becomes the Silver Ranger, having to survive on his own by training hard. When the opportunity arose, he stole one of the few Armada ships that had been left to guard Andresia and travelled to Earth, having tracked the Armada there. During his time on Earth, he has been protecting the warehouse district and downtown from X Borg platoons, until the attack of Gorgax leads Orion to meet the other Megaforce Power Rangers, saving them from the bomb Levira has placed on the monster before destroying Gorgax and introducing himself to the others. However, Gia recognizes him from having met him multiple times prior, including a short stint he had working at Ernie's. After Orion reveals his past and is introduced to Gosei and Tensou, who tell the Rangers to introduce him to Earth's culture, with Gia and Emma taking on the task of making him look like anyone else on Earth. Their plans are disrupted by Commander Osegain and his platoon, and during the attack Orion calls on the Time Force Q-Rex to battle, after which Troy welcomes Orion to the Megaforce team. He has the ability morph into Legendary Sixth Rangers.

Orion is portrayed by Cameron Jebo.



Gosei is a supernatural guardian who is Zordon's apprentice and was tasked to be Earth's guardian. Awakened by the threat of the Warstar, Gosei recruits the Megaforce Power Rangers. He acts as the Rangers' mentor and advisor, giving them new powers, weapons and Megazords as the series progresses. He has taken the appearance of a tiki head, believing it would ease the Rangers into accepting his existence as it is something they are familiar with. The Gosei Morphers are modelled after him and the Megazords in the first season are named after him.

Gosei is voiced by Geoffrey Dolan.


Tensou is Gosei's shy and clumsy robotic assistant who assists the Rangers by providing them arsenal as well as locating their enemies with an advanced radar system if they are on Earth. Tensou resembles a flimsy toy, and is 1/3 the size of the Rangers.

Tensou is voiced by Estevez Gillespie.


Ernie is the manager of the local juice bar "Ernie's BrainFreeze". He is frequently acquainted by the Rangers during their free time.

During the Armada's first invasion, Ernie takes refuge behind the counter of his juice bar when the X Borgs invade it. Ernie is saved by Emma.

Ernie is portrayed by Shailesh Prajapati.

Mr. Burley[edit]

Mr. Burley is the high school science teacher at Harwood County High School. He is also considered to be a believer of the paranormal and other supernatural phenomena. Noah shows plenty of interest in his work.

Following the Armada's first invasion, Noah finds Mr. Burley in his office trying to keep his artifacts from falling. Noah helps Mr. Burley with this and tells him that he should keep teaching. When Mr. Burley enters his class, he recaps his question on who would outlive some life on Earth and states that the humans would if they work together.

Mr. Burley is portrayed by Ian Harcourt.

Robo Knight[edit]

Robo Knight is a mysterious robotic knight who was created by Gosei centuries ago for the sole purpose of protecting the Earth's environment. He first briefly appears in Troy's dream of the Legendary Battle, and later makes his debut in the episode "Robo Knight". It is revealed that after being dormant for so long he has lost some of his memory, including the one where Gosei created him. When the Toxic Mutants emerge, Robo Knight aids the Rangers but then leaves. At first fighting without thinking about human sacrifices and leaving the saving to the Mega Rangers, their influence gradually changes him. Robo Knight then spends the rest of the first season trying to understand human nature. Robo Knight has the ability to turn into the Lion Zord which can combine with a dump truck to become the Lion MechaZord and joins with the Knight Brothers (consisting of the Sky Lion Zord and the Sea Lion Zord) to form the Gosei Grand Megazord.

In the finale of Megaforce "End Game", Robo Knight sacrifices the bulk of his energy to restore the Rangers' Morphers. He disappears as the Armada's invasion begins; and Troy starts to look for Robo Knight's current whereabouts. Troy has a feeling that the Rangers will meet Robo Knight again someday, since his dreams foretell Robo Knight joining them in the fight against the Armada.

Robo Knight is voiced by Chris Auer.

Past Rangers[edit]

Troy has dreams where the current Power Rangers and Robo Knight are joined by the past Power Rangers in their fight against the X Borgs. As the Megaforce Rangers' fight with the Armada progresses, they end up meeting various other Power Rangers.

  • Jayden (played by Alex Heartman): The Red Samurai Ranger. Jayden provides Troy, Noah, and Jake a disk that would help them defeat Matacore. He and Mentor Ji later watch the Megaforce Rangers in their Megazords fighting Matacore.
  • Casey Rhodes (played by Jason Smith): The Jungle Fury Red Ranger and Pai Zhua master. Besides teaching children his Kung Fu, Casey works as a part-time zookeeper at the local zoo. He trains Emma and Jake in fighting without using weapons in order to battle the magnetic powered Pacha Chamak. After the battle when the Rangers visit the zoo to thank Casey, they learn from a zookeeper that no one named Casey works at the zoo. Emma and Jake later see Casey in a gazebo before he disappears into thin air.

Warstar Empire[edit]

The Warstar Empire are the main antagonist empire in the Megaforce series and is depicted as the most widespread intergalactic force throughout the cosmos and it is ruled by classes of alien royalty and nobility.


The Insectoids are a large group of insect-like alien invaders. Their base is the Warstar Spaceship, a massive warship hovering the Earth directly above Harwood County. Due to being an advance party, they only had a few monsters to use against the Rangers.

Admiral Malkor[edit]

Admiral Malkor is the luna moth-like Insectoid leader. He sees every asset as useful in an insect invasion. During battle, Malkor wields an axe of his likeness and is capable of disintegration and energy firing as well as metamorphosize to power up. His signature moves are Planet Strike and Meteor Shower. The Warstar Admiral is highly intelligent and, unique among Power Ranger villains, has a very respectful and regarding nature towards his comrades and allies. The Toxic Mutants and the Robots later indirectly ally with Admiral Malkor to aid the cause of the Insectoids through Vrak's behalf. After the defeat of the Toxic Mutants, Malkor goes into a cocoon to further increase his power. After re-emerging in the episode "The Human Condition", he finally faces the Rangers, and, after a lengthy battle, he is destroyed by the Ultra Gosei Great Megazord.

Admiral Malkor is voiced by Campbell Cooley.


Creepox is a rash mantis-like warrior who is Malkor's loyal right-hand. Unlike his cohorts, he has very little patience to plan and has an extremely short temper. Due to this, he constantly argues with Vrak. Creepox's main weapons are the sickles on his forearms. His size makes him the physically strongest of his kind. His signature moves are Meteor Shot and Galaxy Meteor Shot. Creepox follows a warrior code of honor and pride but, if pressed, he becomes entirely driven by rage and uses his raw strength to enforce the superiority of the Insectoids. He develops a rivalry with Troy after the latter refuses to fight him. In "Stranger Ranger", he engages Troy in battle, but his cockiness allows Troy to beat him. He finally meets his end in the episode "Who's Crying Now?" when he is destroyed by the Ultra Gosei Great Megazord.

Creepox is voiced by Mark Mitchinson.


Vrak is a cunning and treacherous member of alien nobility who was sent by his royal family to serve as the Insectoids' war advisor, thus he is the only one who is not truly an Insectoid. He solves matters with reasoning and comes up with elaborated plans to take over Earth, seeking to achieve victory at all costs. Vrak alters his form between his usual lance-wielding treehopper-armored form and his gauntlet-clawed centipede-armored fighting form. He later forges an alliance with the Toxic Mutants and builds Metal Alice to lead the Robots. Mortally wounded by the destruction of the Warstar Spaceship, Vrak is rescued by Metal Alice, who revives him as ammonite-armored cyborg with his useless emotions removed; however, he initially suffers amensia as a result of the conversion. Vrak is the primary and most proactive enemy to the Megaforce Rangers before he goes into hiding as the Armada arrive.

Vrak is voiced by Jason Hood.


Loogies are the lime-colored Insectoid infantry. They attack on swarms and wield daggers that double as blasters. Virox can transform humans into Loogies by sneezing on them. They are only used by the advance party Warstar aliens; the Armanda uses X Borgs instead. It's a similar replacement to the Putti-Tenga scenario from the Mighting Morphin era, where the original footsoldiers are replaced by better ones.


Zombats are Vrak's one-eyed, bat-like robots. They are used to grow monsters and certain objects. Whenever they act on someone, a blue hexagon forms with the symbol of its army at its center. They are called "Zombolts" when used to enlarge a robot. With Vrak in hiding in Super Megaforce, the Zombats are replaced by Levira's Maximizer.

Insectoid Monsters[edit]

  • Scaraba (voiced by Anthony Ray Parker): A scarab-like monster that is able to create large boulders to attack enemies. He is destroyed by the Power Rangers Rangers' Megaforce Blaster.
  • Yuffo (voiced by Joel Tobeck): A ladybug-like scientist who conducts experiments and recalls a UFO. He can secrete capture nets and split himself into small UFOs. He is destroyed by the Gosei Great Megazord's Victory Charge.
  • Virox (voiced by Kevin Harty): A stinkbug-like monster able to sneeze out a virus that turns humans into Loogies. He is destroyed by Sea Gosei Great Megazord's Sea Strike.
  • Dragonflay (voiced by Robert Mignault): A dragonfly-like monster who is able to run at great speeds and shoot lasers from his eyes. Destroyed by Land Gosei Great Megazord's Land Strike.
  • Beezara (voiced by Sarah Banasiak): A wasp-like monster who is a member of royalty. Beezara has venomous royal jelly which turns males into servants and females into enemies. She turned Gia and Emma against each other before their friendship broke the spell. Beezara is destroyed by Sky Gosei Great's Sky Strike.
  • Dizchord (voiced by Dean Young): A cricket-like monster that fancies himself as the best musician in the universe. His sound is extremely painful to most people who hear it until Emma negates it with her voice. Destroyed by Gosei Great Megazord's Victory Charge.

Toxic Mutants[edit]

The Toxic Mutants are pollution-made beings whose sole wish is to intoxicate Earth and make it suitable to their kind. They ally with the Insectoids to reach their goal. Their base is an oozy underground cavern near a large lake at the forest surrounding Harwood County. The defeat of both Bigs and Bluefur, the last of their kind, places an end to the evil faction.


Bigs is a slimy Mutant who has an overly goofy and joyous personality. He has great respect for his toxic brethren. Direct contact with toxins enhances his strength. He uses a scepter-like cane or a set of twin staffs to fight and can dissolve into an amorphous state to evade being hit by or deflect any attacks. Being made of slime also allows Bigs to reform if the noxious ooze that makes up his body is not totally annihilated. Bigs can also harness the Aurora Box and fire it through his signature move, the Aurora Blast. He is defeated by the Mega Rangers' Ultra Dynamic Strike in the episode "Gosei Ultimate".

Bigs is voiced by Charlie McDermott.


Bluefur is a short-tempered, ape-like Mutant with tarantula-like features who is the largest and strongest of his race. He wields a double-headed club in battle and uses it to bash his foes. Similarly to Bigs, Bluefur shows much esteem for his kind and regards them with great respect. He can stomp the ground with extreme force to unleash a foot-shaped shockwave or combine his double club with Bigs' cane to generate powerful balls of toxic fire as well as enter a dual formation to fix and lock Bigs' aim when the latter uses the Aurora Blast. In the episode "Gosei Ultimate", he is defeated by the Gosei Ultimate Megazord.

Bluefur is voiced by Jay Simon.

Toxic Monsters[edit]

  • Hisser (voiced by Estevez Gillespie): A snake/pill bug-like mutant. He can dig underground, spin extremely fast, and spew green slime. Hisser is destroyed by the Lion Mechazord. Distractor later creates an illusion of Hisser which became real afterwards. This time, Hisser is destroyed by the Rangers' Ultra Power Dynamic Strike.
  • Psychotick (voiced by Kelson Henderson): An energy-draining turtle/tick-like mutant that is summoned by Vrak. His signature move is Tick Attack. Psychotick is destroyed by the Gosei Grand Megazord. Distractor later creates an illusion of Psychotick which later became real. This time, Psychotick is destroyed by the Rangers' Ultra Power Dynamic Strike.
  • Shadow Serpent (voiced by Adam Gardiner): A snail-shelled lake monster-like mutant. He wields spikes in battle, can shoot lasers, breathe fire and steal shadows from other living beings with his tongue, rendering them motionless. Defeated by the Gosei Great Grand Megazord's Dual Strike.
  • Distractor (voiced by Scott Wills): A specter/spider-like mutant. He was enlisted by Vrak to cause a diversion on the Rangers so that he can steal the Wild Sword. Distractor made illusions of Toxic Mutants (consisting of Hisser, Psychotick, Gremlin, Mummy, Skyfish, and Kesaran) that were defeated by the Rangers.
  • Gremlin (voiced by Oscar Burt-Shearer): A gremlin/flea-like mutant. He later appeared as an illusion formed by Distractor to distract the Rangers and later took physical form. Gremlin is destroyed by the Rangers' Ultra Power Dynamic Strike. In "Raising Spirits," it is revealed that he has a cousin named Glytcher.
  • Mummy: A mummy/centipede-like mutant. He was created as an illusion and later given life by Distractor. Mummy is destroyed by the Rangers' Ultra Dynamic Strike attack.
  • Skyfish (voiced by Jeremy Birchall): A fish/mosquito-like mutant who has water-based skills. He was created as an illusion and later given life by Distractor as part of his army due to the power of the Wild Sword. Skyfish is destroyed by the Rangers' Ultra Power Dynamic Strike.
  • Kesaran: A cotton-covered leech-like mutant who was created as an illusion formed by Distractor and later given physical form by Distractor as a member of his ghost army. Kesaran is destroyed by the Rangers' Ultra Power Dynamic Strike.
  • Nojoke (voiced by Simon McKinney): A crow/scorpion-like mutant who has the ability to trap people inside gourds and turn them into a nourishing drink after they dissolve within them. He does so simply because human laughter annoys him. Nojoke can flap his wings to create powerful winds and bind foes with tickling rings. Destroyed by the Gosei Grand Megazord after being incapacitated by the Sea Gosei Great Megazord.
  • Dream Snatcher (voiced by Joseph Rye): A dream-eating, Spanish-accented, tapir/worm-like mutant that wields a fork and considers himself a matador. Being the test subject of the Aurora Box, a royal weapon which can enhance a Mutant a hundredfold, Dream Snatcher can eat the dreams of people that are awake, trapping them in a dark dream world and creating Roots of Despair to rot away the Earth. He is destroyed by the Gosei Great Grand Megazord.
  • Glytcher (voiced by Oscar Burt-Shearer): A gremlin/flea-like mutant who is the identical cousin of Gremlin. He causes glitches in electronics and has good leaping ability. He is vulnerable to being tickled. After causing a brief power blackout on Halloween, he appears in the form of a hooded robed fortune teller in order to see the future of Troy, Noah, Gia, and Jake only to keep seeing the visions of the Power Rangers defeating past monsters (Virox, Dragonflay, Yuffo, and Creepox). Defeated by the Gosei Great and Gosei Grand Megazords.


The artificial army created in order to replace the Insectoids and Mutants and continue the war against humanity. Their base is Vrak's underwater laboratory located in the shallow coastal sea surrounding Harwood County.

Metal Alice[edit]

Metal Alice is a female robot who Vrak creates in his lab. She is completed some time after Bigs and Bluefur are defeated. Alice considers humans as inferior beings and does her best to eliminate the Power Rangers on behalf of her master. She initially tried to convince Robo Knight to join her, but he refused as humans were a part of the Earth's environment. Although at first cold and ruthless, like she was designed to be, she eventually develops feelings for Vrak after he becomes a cyborg and saves her life. When Metal Alice falls against the Megaforce alongside the Messenger, however, Vrak leaves and she realizes he never really valued her at all.

Metal Alice is voiced by Sophie Henderson.

Robot Monsters[edit]

  • Rotox (voiced by Mark Wright): Rotox is a scallop-like robot who is the first of Metal Alice's machines. Created before Vrak in order to show the power of robots, he can emit lasers and chains, roll up into his shell and combine junk into a shield. Upon being born, Metal Alice attacks him and her left leg is severed. Vrak is impressed by his strength. He is only defeated by the Ultra Mode.
    • Rotox DX (voiced by Mark Wright): A rebuilt and upgraded version of Rotox built after gathering info about the previous battle. His strength is enhanced tenfold. He is beaten by the Ultra Knight Dynamic. Rotox DX is then enlarged by the Zombats and fights against the Gosei Grand and Gosei Ultimate Megazords. After Gosei Grand disarms Rotox DX of his claw and spear, Gosei Ultimate finishes the fight with the Ultimate Strike.
    • Water Rotox: Three robotic clones of Rotox that were used as part of the final robot onslaught. They can withstand rusting and boast a wide arsenal. Like the Loogies, however, the Megaforce easily disposes of them, each taken down by a dual attack.
  • Rico (voiced by Scott Wills): Robot 1-C-0 (short for R-1-C-0) is a mechanical starfish-like creation of Metal Alice with an unusual purpose. Robot 1-C-0 (who was renamed Rico by Emma) was created to unveil the meaning of friendship. Though Metal Alice attempts to make Rico revert to a heartless machine, Emma and the other Rangers help him escape the Earth and therefore her control, leaving him the only robot they have not destroyed.


The Armada is a large army that is led by Prince Vekar and was heralded by the Warstar Insectoids. Unlike the Warstar, the Armada is composed of several ships following Prince Vekar's flagship, and therefore has more monsters to use against the Rangers.

Prince Vekar[edit]

Prince Vekar is the older brother of Vrak, the eldest son of Emperor Mavro, and the primary fleet leader of the Armada. Like his brother, Vekar is cunning and treacherous, using his intellect to get what he wants. Unlike Vrak, however, Vekar is hot-headed, impulsive and quick to rage. Vekar is also childish, once demanding Damaras and Argus to stop being taller than him. Due to being more spoiled than Vrak, he seems to be rather incompetent and more likely to fall into traps. He hates losing to the Rangers and he often takes credit for ideas his minions come up with, something they don't argue with. He is also so vain that he refuses to be in battle in fear of having his face damaged.

Prince Vekar is voiced by Stephen Butterworth.


The Messenger is a robot that works as the Warstar's special envoy and advance scout. The Messenger boasts beams, missiles and lasers and a defense boosted by the Ultra Mode-like Royal Shield, his signature defense move. He joins Metal Alice shortly after Vrak's reboot. He follows a warrior code of honor and loyalty. In his final battle, the little that is left of his being advises Vrak to conceal himself to avoid being mistaken for an enemy by the invasion forces comprising the armada under the command of Prince Vekar, Vrak's older brother.

Messenger is voiced by Andrew Laing.


Levira is a scientist that works on behalf of Prince Vekar. Levira is also the inventor of the Maximizer (satellite-like devices on the Armada's flagship that fires purple lasers) which she uses to grow more than one monster at a time. Levira is quite close to Prince Vekar, being his confidant and occasional co-conspirator. She is very cold and ruthless.

Levira is voiced by Rebecca Parr.


Argus is a cyborg who works as the personal bodyguard of Prince Vekar.

Argus is voiced by Mark Wright.


Damaras is a general who works for Prince Vekar. He is Prince Vekar's second-in-command and is far more level-headed than his superior. He has a temper, and often comes up with ideas that Prince Vekar takes credit for; however, he doesn't point this out.

Damaras is voiced by John Leigh.

Emperor Mavro[edit]

Emperor Mavro is the Emperor of the Armada, father to Vrak and Vekar, and the supreme ruler of the military.

X Borgs[edit]

The X Borgs are the foot soldiers of the Armada, marked with an "X" on their chests. Being mechanical, they lack the weakness of suffering from fatigue, and thus are much harder to defeat than Loogies, which were living beings. As revealed in the "Silver Lining" two parter, the Armada has enough X Borgs, or can mass-produce them fast enough, to launch repeated attacks in the same day.


The Bruisers are the elite foot soldiers of the Armada. They are much more powerful than the X Borgs and can transform into fighter jets for aerial combat. The Bruisers can also be enlarged by the Maximizer. They bear a small similarity to Psycho Blue's monster form.

Armada Field Commanders[edit]

The Armada uses monsters in leading their invasions, some of them being generals or well-trained soldiers. To make their monsters grow, the Armada enlarges them by using the Armada flag ship's Maximizer laser cannons.

  • Headridge (voiced by Cameron Rhodes): Headridge was the first alien monster that is sent by the Armada, leading X Borgs into attacking some humans until the Super Megaforce Rangers arrived. He was destroyed by the Super Megaforce Rangers' Final Strike.
  • Tentacus (voiced by Ryan Cooper): Tentacus is a tentacled alien monster who is sent down by the Armada following Headridge's destruction. Tentacus was destroyed by the Legendary Megazord.
  • Cybax (voiced by Adam Gardiner): A robotic alien who is sent down by the Armada to oversee the missile-launching upon the major cities of the world.
  • Skatana (voiced by Nic Sampson): A master swordsman alien whose sword skills are so good that he can even slice through buildings, perform the Blade of Infinity attack, and perform the Infinity Octo-Blade attack.
  • General Peluso (voiced by James Gaylyn): An alien high ranking Armada general with a cybernetic left arm that possesses super-speed, who is sent by Damaras and Levira to look for the Red Lion Wild Zord on Animaria.
  • Matacore (voiced by Richard Simpson): A member of the Elite Guard who is sent by the Emperor to assist Prince Vekar in attacking Earth.
  • Pacha Chamak (voiced by Peter Daube): A magnetic monster with retractable arms on his shoulders whose hand-to-hand combat is known to beat any of his opponents.
  • Gorgax: A monster who leads an army of X Borgs into attacking the center of the city in order to detonate a bomb there. Besides performing energy attacks from his hands, he can use a forcefield collar on him that can block attacks. Destroyed by the Silver Rangers' Silver Spear.
  • Commander Osogain: A monster who is summoned by Damaras to destroy Orion. He is destroyed by the Q-Rex Megazord's Triple Drill attack.


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