List of Presidents of Emilia-Romagna

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This is the list of Presidents of Emilia–Romagna since 1970.


      PCI       PSI       PDS/DS/PD

Portrait Name
Term of office Legislatures Party
No image.svg Guido Fanti
1970 1976 I, II Italian Communist Party
No image.svg Giorgio Cavina
1976 1977 II Italian Communist Party
Lanfranco Turci.jpg Lanfranco Turci
(1940- )
1978 1987 II, III, IV Italian Communist Party
No image.svg Luciano Guerzoni
(1935- )
1987 1990 IV Italian Communist Party
0964 - Enrico Boselli al Congresso Arcigay - Foto Giovanni Dall'Orto 11-5-2007.jpg Enrico Boselli
(1957- )
1990 1994 V Italian Socialist Party
Bersani cropped.png Pier Luigi Bersani
(1951- )
1994 1996 V, VI Democratic Party of the Left
No image.svg Antonio La Forgia
(1944- )
1996 1999 VI Democratic Party of the Left
Democrats of the Left (since 1998)
Vasco Errani 2011.jpg Vasco Errani
(1955- )
1999 Incumbent VI, VII, VIII, IX Democrats of the Left
Democratic Party (since 2007)
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