List of Presidents of the Durham Union Society

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Past Presidents of the Durham Union at the University of Durham are listed below, with their college, and the year/term in which they served.[1]

Presidents of the Durham Union Society from its 1872 "revival", to the present.[edit]

Year Term President College
1872 Michaelmas H. E. Henderson, Esq., B.A.[2]
1873 Epiphany H. E. Henderson, Esq., B.A.[2]
1873 Easter
1873 Michaelmas G. E. Lee, Esq.[2]
1874 Epiphany G. E. Lee, Esq.[2]
1874 Easter A. Cory, Esq.[2]
1874 Michaelmas G. E. Lee, Esq.[2]
1875 Epiphany F. E. Lowe, Esq.[2]
1875 Easter C. F. Brotherton, Esq., B.A.[2]
1875 Michaelmas F. E. Lowe, Esq., B.A.[2]
1876 Epiphany W. Hooper, Esq., B.A.[2]
1876 Easter F. E. Lowe, Esq., B.A.[2]
1876 Michaelmas W. Hooper, Esq., B.A.[2]
1877 Epiphany R. F. H. Edwards, Esq.[2]
1877 Easter J. C. R. Scott, Esq.[2]
1877 Michaelmas E. J. D’E. Jeesse, Esq.[2]
1878 Epiphany W. D. Lawson, Esq.[2]
1878 Easter Stuart Hall, Esq.[2]
1878 Michaelmas A. B. Timbrell, Esq.[2]
1879 Epiphany F. H. Williams, Esq., B.A.[2]
1879 Easter G. B. Flynn, Esq.[2]
1879 Michaelmas H. Hughes, Esq.[2]
1880 Epiphany S. J. Norman, Esq., L.Th.[2]
1880 Easter G. S. Tyack, Esq.[2]
1880 Michaelmas H. R. Harrison, Esq.[2]
1881 Epiphany J. S. Addison, Esq., B.A.[2]
1881 Easter J. O. Gooch, Esq.[2]
1881 Michaelmas G. R. Bell, Esq., L.Th.[2]
1882 Epiphany C. C. Hodgson, Esq.[2]
1882 Easter F. C. Dearden, Esq., L.Th.[2]
1882 Michaelmas M. C. Whitelaw, Esq., L.Th.[2]
1883 Epiphany A. R. Goddard, Esq.[2]
1883 Easter S. St. A. Baylee, Esq.[2]
1883 Michaelmas R. C. S. Sweeting, Esq., L.Th.[2]
1884 Epiphany C. H. White, Esq., B.A.[2]
1884 Easter E. W. Adams, Esq., L.Th.[2]
1884 Michaelmas R. M. Carrick, Esq., L.Th.[2]
1885 Epiphany H. Capel-Cure, Esq., B.A.[2]
1885 Easter R. C. Gillie, Esq.[2]
1885 Michaelmas H. A. Holmes, Esq.[2] University[3]
1886 Epiphany A. R. Wilson, Esq.[2] Hatfield[3]
1886 Easter Walter Scott, Esq., L.Th.[2] University[3]
1886 Michaelmas J. E. Philipps, Esq., L.Th.[2] Hatfield[3]
1887 Epiphany A. W. Darwin, Esq.[2] University[3]
1887 Easter G. H. Wilson, Esq.[2] University[3]
1887 Michaelmas W. H. G. Holmes, Esq.[2] University[3]
1888 Epiphany Charles T. B. Wilkinson, Esq.[2] University[3]
1888 Easter C. R. Wood, Esq.[2] University[3]
1888 Michaelmas C. C. Broadhurst, Esq.[2] University[3]
1889 Epiphany J. R. C. Forrest, B.A.[2] University[3]
1889 Easter K. B. Hancock, Esq.[2] Hatfield[3]
1889 Michaelmas J. P. De Putron, Esq.[2] University[3]
1890 Epiphany H. H. Phelp, Esq.[2] Hatfield[3]
1890 Easter W. B. C. Drew, Esq.[2] Hatfield[3]
1890 Michaelmas J. Reader Smith, Esq.[2] Hatfield[3]
1891 Epiphany A. J. Alpe, Esq.[2] University[3]
1891 Easter J. H. Hurrell, Esq.[2] Hatfield[3]
1891 Michaelmas J. R. Smith, Esq.[2] Hatfield[3]
1892 Epiphany E. C. Freeman, Esq.[2] University[3]
1892 Easter G. H. Chilman, Esq., B.A.[2] Hatfield[3]
1892 Michaelmas C. M. Sheppard, Esq.[2] Hatfield[3]
1893 Epiphany Edward Davis, Esq.[2] Unattached[3]
1893 Easter H. B. Tilbrook, Esq.[2] University[3]
1893 Michaelmas N. H. A. Johnson, Esq., B.A.[2] Hatfield[3]
1894 Epiphany H. H. Slade, Esq.[2] Unattached[3]
1894 Easter D. C. Sinton, Esq.[2] University[3]
1894 Michaelmas Bernard Horner, Esq., B.A.[2] Hatfield[3]
1895 Epiphany F. W. Shields, Esq.[2] Unattached[3]
1895 Easter A. C. Morris, Esq.[2] University[3]
1895 Michaelmas H. McNaught, Esq.[2] Hatfield[3]
1896 Epiphany George H. Holoran, Esq.[2] St Cuthbert’s Society[3]
1896 Easter E. R. Breakwell, Esq.[2] University[3]
1896 Michaelmas Frederick T. Wilcox, Esq.[2] Hatfield[3]
1897 Epiphany W. B. Houldey, Esq.[2] St Cuthbert’s Society[3]
1897 Easter Harold Greenwood, Esq.[2] Hatfield[3]
1897 Michaelmas F. W. Milnes, Esq.[2] St Cuthbert’s Society[3]
1898 Epiphany C. Llewellyn-Smith, Esq.[2] Hatfield[3]
1898 Easter A. A. Cockle, Esq.[2] Hatfield[3]
1898 Michaelmas L. Fallaw, Esq., B.A.[2] University[3]
1899 Epiphany Walter R. Adams, Esq.[2] University[3]
1899 Easter C. E. Whitling, Esq.[2] Hatfield[3]
1899 Michaelmas Robert S. Stewart, Esq., B.A.[2] Hatfield[3]
1900 Epiphany Paul Stacy, Esq.[2] Hatfield[3]
1900 Easter J. Reginald Balsdon, Esq.[2] University
1900 Michaelmas A. Hore, Esq., B.A.[2] Hatfield
1901 Epiphany F. Kettlewell, Esq., B.A.[2] Hatfield
1901 Easter J. F. Little, Esq., B.A.[2] St Cuthbert’s Society
1901 Michaelmas R. L. Mackay, Esq., L.Th.[2] Hatfield
1902 Epiphany George Jordan, Esq.[2] St Cuthbert’s Society
1902 Easter S. E. Coley, Esq.[2] Hatfield
1902 Michaelmas R. E. Tolliday, Esq., B.A.[2] Hatfield
1903 Epiphany A. A. D. Mackenzie, Esq.[2] Hatfield
1903 Easter Edward Pace, Esq., B.A.[2] University
1903 Michaelmas G. A. Tait, Esq.[2] St Cuthbert’s Society
1904 Epiphany P. R. Ferris, Esq.[2] University
1904 Easter H. W. T. Reed, Esq.[2] St Cuthbert’s Society
1904 Michaelmas H. R. Stevenson, Esq., L.Th.[2] St Cuthbert’s Society
1905 Epiphany C. N. Hatfield, Esq., B.A.[2] Hatfield
1905 Easter E. C. Summers, Esq., L.Th.[2] St Cuthbert’s Society
1905 Michaelmas J. T. Horton, Esq., L.Th.[2] Hatfield
1906 Epiphany B. F. Simpson, Esq., B.A.[2] University
1906 Easter H. Badham, Esq.[2] St Chad’s
1906 Michaelmas D. E. Sturt, Esq., B.A.[2] University
1907 Epiphany J. C. Hardwick, Esq.[2] Hatfield
1907 Easter P. E. Hawksley, Esq.[2] St Chad’s
1907 Michaelmas A. J. Wheeler, Esq., B.A.[2]
1908 Epiphany E. Arscott Smith, Esq.[2]
1908 Easter W. G. Burgis, Esq.[2]
1908 Michaelmas W. S. Walton, Esq.[2]
1909 Epiphany F. G. Belton, Esq.[2]
1909 Easter F. C. Longdon, Esq.[2]
1909 Michaelmas H. A. Coleman, Esq.[2]
1910 Epiphany J. B. West, Esq.[2]
1910 Easter F. Appleton, Esq.[2]
1910 Michaelmas J. C. Caulton, Esq.[2]
1911 Epiphany N. G. Houndsfield, Esq.[2]
1911 Easter G. B. H. Bishop, Esq.[2]
1911 Michaelmas E. N. M. Frith, Esq.[2]
1912 Epiphany J. E. Tracy Phillipps, Esq.[2]
1912 Easter W. Kerr-Smith, Esq.[2]
1912 Michaelmas A. W. P. Jaggard, Esq., L.Th.[2]
1913 Epiphany J. R. Nash, Esq.[2]
1913 Easter B. T. Greenwood, Esq.[2]
1913 Michaelmas C. Kay, Esq., B.A.[2]
1914 Epiphany F. A. B. Whitfield, Esq., B.A.[2]
1914 Easter G. M. Bacon, Esq.[2]
1914 Michaelmas J. M. Herring, Esq., B.A.[2]
1915 Epiphany J. W. C. Hudson, Esq., L.Th.[2]
1915 Easter C. Cooper, Esq.[2]
1915 Michaelmas J. F. S. Glynn, Esq. (Vice-President)[2]
1916 Epiphany O. M. Burroughs, Esq. (Vice-President)[2]
1916 Easter H. A. Ellis, Esq. (Vice-President)[2]
1916 Michaelmas Rev. R. V. Bainton, Esq., B.A.[2]
1917 Epiphany Rev. R. V. Bainton, Esq., B.A. (Vice-President)[2]
1917 Easter B. Lloyd, Esq.[2]
1917 Michaelmas F. D. M. Wynne, Esq.[2]
1918 Epiphany J. E. Cowgill, Esq.[2]
1918 Easter F. W. Hoxton, Esq. (Vice-President)[2]
1918 Michaelmas F. L. Sneed, Esq.[2]
1919 Epiphany F. L. Sneed, Esq. (Vice-President)[2]
1919 Easter B. T. Greenwood, Esq., B.A.[2]
1919 Michaelmas R. H. W. Roberts, Esq.[2]
1920 Epiphany A.H. Walton, Esq. (Vice-President)[2]
1920 Easter A. J. Kelland, Esq., B.A.[2]
1920 Michaelmas G. H. L. Wynne, Esq.[2]
1921 Epiphany G. R. Herbert, Esq. (Vice-President)[2]
1921 Easter J. L. C. Horstead, Esq.[2]
1921 Michaelmas J. B. Griffin, Esq.[2]
1922 Epiphany J. R. Spaul, Esq. (Vice-President)[2]
1922 Easter H. N. Cox, Esq.[2]
1922 Michaelmas A. K. Cambell, Esq. (Vice-President)[2]
1923 Epiphany W. G. Howard, Esq.[2]
1923 Easter E. Lax, Esq. (Vice-President)[2]
1923 Michaelmas B. Williamson, Esq.[2]
1924 Epiphany W. Mulcahy, Esq. (Vice-President)[2]
1924 Easter C. D. Ward Davies, Esq., B.A.[2]
1924 Michaelmas R. C. Unwin, Esq., B.A. (Vice-President)[2]
1925 Epiphany O. N., Gwilliam, Esq., B.A.[2]
1925 Easter S. Moore, Esq., B.A.[2]
1925 Michaelmas J. E. S. Urwin, Esq., B.A.[2]
1926 Epiphany G. W. McLane, Esq., B.A.[2]
1926 Easter W. K. Smith, Esq.[2]
1926 Michaelmas C. R. Mongomery, Esq.[2]
1927 Epiphany C. Scorer, Esq., B.A.[2]
1927 Easter E.L. Seager, Esq., B.A.[2]
1927 Michaelmas Christopher Woolcott, Esq.[2] St Chad’s
1928 Epiphany A. R. Hampson, Esq.[2]
1928 Easter Edward W. P. Ainsworth, Esq., B.A.[2] St John’s
1928 Michaelmas J. F. Shreeve, Esq., B.A.[2]
1929 Epiphany R. T. Jenkinson, Esq.[2]
1929 Easter J. C. Tate, Esq., B.A.[2]
1929 Michaelmas R. C. Westall, Esq., B.A.[2]
1930 Epiphany J. F. Gaskin, Esq.[2]
1930 Easter J. Angles Barber, Esq.[2]
1930 Michaelmas A. J. Watts, Esq., B.A.[2]
1931 Epiphany A. G. Ellis, Esq., B.A.[2]
1931 Easter J. Needham, Esq., B.A.[2]
1931 Michaelmas J. L. Phillips, Esq., B.Sc.[2]
1932 Epiphany L. J. Harper, Esq., B.A.[2]
1932 Easter A. B. Davison, Esq., B.A.[2]
1932 Michaelmas W. R. Dewey, Esq., B.A.[2]
1933 Epiphany W. G. Wearmouth, Esq., B.Sc.[2]
1933 Easter D. Nicholson, Esq., B.A.[2][4]
1933 Michaelmas T. Dixon, Esq., B.A.[2]
1934 Epiphany R. L. Houghton, Esq., B.A.[2]
1934 Easter J. Harrod, Esq.[2]
1934 Michaelmas W. J. Dey, Esq., B.A.[2]
1935 Epiphany Eric A. Eaton, Esq., B.A.[2] University
1935 Easter W. T. Hinkley, Esq., B.A.[2]
1935 Michaelmas M. Gregory, Esq.[2]
1936 Epiphany T. F. Peart, Esq., B.Sc.[2]
1936 Easter R. A. Beddoes, Esq., B.A.[2]
1936 Michaelmas E. F. Hudson, Esq.[2]
1937 Epiphany E. W. Buxton, Esq., B.A.[2] Hatfield
1937 Easter K. B. Gibson, Esq.[2]
1937 Michaelmas S. H. Evans, Esq., B.A.[2]
1938 Epiphany Jack Cattell, Esq.[2] University
1938 Easter J. A. S. Black, Esq.[2]
1938 Michaelmas J. T. Gleave, Esq., B.A.[2]
1939 Epiphany L. D. Mason, Esq., B.A.[2]
1939 Easter John W. Towell, Esq., B.A.[2] St John’s
1939 Michaelmas Jack Fernsby, Esq., B.A.[2] St Chad’s
1940 Epiphany W. McCoy, Esq.[2]
1940 Easter W. P. Baddelay-Frost, Esq.[2]
1940 Michaelmas Sidney Holgate, Esq., B.A.[2][5] Hatfield
1941 Epiphany L. G. Derritt, Esq.[2]
1941 Easter E. J. Tinsley, Esq., B.A.[2]
1941 Michaelmas K. Bradford, Esq.[2] St Chad’s
1942 Epiphany L. C. Lowther, Esq., B.A.[2] St John’s
1942 Easter A. Wilson, Esq., B.A.[2] St Chad’s
1942 Michaelmas John W. A. Howe, Esq.[2] St Chad’s
1943 Epiphany John W. A. Howe, Esq.[2] St Chad’s
1943 Easter John W. A. Howe, Esq.[2] St Chad’s
1943 Michaelmas H. G. Mitchell, Esq.[2] St Chad’s
1944 Epiphany H. G. Mitchell, Esq.[2] St Chad’s
1944 Easter H. G. Mitchell, Esq.[2] St Chad’s
1944 Michaelmas J. K. Wales, Esq., B.A.[2]
1945 Epiphany J. K. Wales, Esq., B.A.[2]
1945 Easter J. K. Wales, Esq., B.A.[2]
1945 Michaelmas G. B. Donaldson, Esq., B.A.[2]
1946 Epiphany G. B. Donaldson, Esq., B.A.[2]
1946 Easter N. B. Scott, Esq.[2] St John’s
1946 Michaelmas R. H. Arnold, Esq.[2] University
1947 Epiphany N. B. Scott, Esq.[2] St John’s
1947 Easter T. Worswick, Esq., B.Sc.[2] University
1947 Michaelmas T. A. Kennedy, Esq.[2] St Cuthbert’s Society
1948 Epiphany A. J. K. Radford, Esq.[2] St Chad’s
1948 Easter R. G. G. Foley, Esq.[2] St John’s
1948 Michaelmas K. R. Shimeld, Esq.[2] St Cuthbert’s Society
1949 Epiphany S. Turner, Esq., B.Sc.[2] Bede[c 1]
1949 Easter R. A. Foster, Esq., M.A.[2] University
1949 Michaelmas Basil E. W. Hobbs, Esq., B.A.[2] St Chad’s
1950 Epiphany W. T. Hastings, Esq.[2] University
1950 Easter J. E. Harrison, Esq.[2] St John’s
1950 Michaelmas P. W. Hugman, Esq., B.A.[2] Bede[c 1]
1951 Epiphany P. D. A. Campbell, Esq.[2] St Chad’s
1951 Easter E. K. T. Coles, Esq.[2] St John’s
1951 Michaelmas N. D. Lawson, Esq.[2] Hatfield
1952 Epiphany R. A. Lindley, Esq., B.A.[2] St John’s
1952 Easter D. Harrison, Esq., B.A.[2] St Cuthbert’s Society
1952 Michaelmas G. F. Hyder, Esq.[2] St John’s
1953 Epiphany J. G. Marsden, Esq.[2] St John’s
1953 Easter D. E. Young, Esq., B.A.[2] Hatfield
1953 Michaelmas J. Wardle-Harpur, Esq.[2] St John’s
1954 Epiphany F. B. Whittle, Esq.[6] Bede[c 1][n 1]
1954 Easter John Rogan, Esq., M.A.[6] St John’s
1954 Michaelmas N. J. R. Wilder, Esq.[6] University[n 1]
1955 Epiphany H. M. Dwan, Esq.[6] St Cuthbert’s Society[n 1]
1955 Easter J. M. Keeling, Esq.[6] Hatfield
1955 Michaelmas F. H. A. Aalen, Esq.
1956 Epiphany C. M. Artley, Esq.
1956 Easter J. T. Hall, Esq.
1956 Michaelmas R. L. Coats, Esq., B.A.
1957 Epiphany J. R. Jeackock, Esq., L.L.B.
1957 Easter M. M. Leask, Esq.
1957 Michaelmas M. G. Jarrett, Esq., B.A.
1958 Epiphany J. Tuson, Esq., B.Sc.
1958 Easter R. D. Stoddart, Esq.
1958 Michaelmas B. J. Clissold, Esq., B.A.
1959 Epiphany R. C. Ind, Esq.[7] St Chad’s
1959 Easter David Paul King, Esq.[7] St John’s
1959 Michaelmas D. W. Lindsay, Esq.[7] St Cuthbert’s Society
1960 Epiphany G. Preston, Esq.[7] University
1960 Easter G. Coleridge-Taylor, Esq.[7] University
1960 Michaelmas J. McLaren, Esq.[7] St John’s
1961 Epiphany Geoffrey J. Boxall, Esq.[7] University
1961 Easter Bryan G. Haycock, Esq., B.A.[7] St John’s
1961 Michaelmas M. J. ffolliott, Esq.[7] Bede[c 1]
1962 Epiphany W. J. Dougan, Esq.[7] St Cuthbert’s Society
1962 Easter D. E. Bland, Esq.[7]
1962 Michaelmas Oswald O'Brien, Esq.[7] St Cuthbert’s Society
1963 Epiphany J. Exelby, Esq.[7]
1963 Easter A. Wilsher, Esq.[7]
1963 Michaelmas J. B. Chalklen, Esq.[7]
1964 Epiphany S. H. Broadbent, Esq.[7]
1964 Easter D. G. Buttery, Esq., B.A.[7]
1964 Michaelmas D. S. Robertson, Esq.[7]
1965 Epiphany J. E. G. Bach, Esq.[7]
1965 Easter R. C. Atkins, Esq.[7]
1965 Michaelmas J. R. H. Jones, Esq.[7]
1966 Epiphany John P. Lonergan, Esq.[7] Hatfield
1966 Easter John B. Dowling, Esq.[7] St Cuthbert’s Society
1966 Michaelmas M. C. W. Evans, Esq.[7] Bede[c 1]
1967 Epiphany Marcus J. Higginson, Esq.[7] St John’s
1967 Easter J. R. Lyon, Esq.[7] Grey
1967 Michaelmas Martin L. Savage, Esq.[7] University
1968 Epiphany Michael J. Hayes, Esq.[7] Van Mildert
1968 Easter A. C. Bull, Esq.[7] Van Mildert
1968 Michaelmas L. Robinson, Esq.[7]
1969 Epiphany P. Wells, Esq.[7] University
1969 Easter R. J. G. Wickes, Esq.[7]
1969 Michaelmas M. R. Kohler, Esq.[7] St Cuthbert’s Society
1970 Epiphany Ian F. H. Lloyd, Esq.[7] Hatfield
1970 Easter Hugh A. Lyon, Esq.[7] St Cuthbert’s Society
1970 Michaelmas Robert J. C. Cullen, Esq.[7] Grey
1971 Epiphany Andrew I. Varley, Esq. St Chad’s
1971 Easter Robert I. W. Atkins, Esq.[8] University
1971 Michaelmas Edward Julian Egerton Leigh, Esq. University
1972 Epiphany Christopher Knox, Esq.[9] Van Mildert
1972 Easter Nicholas Cottam, Esq.[10] Van Mildert
1972 Michaelmas Edward Llewellyn-Jones, Esq.[11] St Chad’s
1973 Epiphany Ian Dunbar, Esq.[12] St Cuthbert’s Society
1973 Easter Miss Lindsay Waller, Esq.[13] St Cuthbert’s Society
1973 Michaelmas Richard Blackburn, Esq.[14] St John’s
1974 Epiphany Peter Wheeler, Esq.[14] St Chad’s
1974 Easter Michael G. Hampton, Esq.[15] Hatfield
1974 Michaelmas Richard Dannatt, Esq., M.C.[16] Hatfield
1975 Epiphany Christopher M. Hall, Esq., B.A.[17] St Chad’s
1975 Easter Miss Caroline J. Swift[18] St Aidan’s
1975 Michaelmas W. Jeremy H. Crossley, Esq. St John’s[19]
1976 Epiphany Ian Bridge, Esq. Hatfield[20]
1976 Easter Alan J. Clarke, Esq.[21] St John’s
1976 Michaelmas Charles J. D. Auld, Esq.[22] University
1977 Epiphany Andrew Macrae, Esq.[23] St John’s
1977 Easter Nicholas Russell, Esq.[24] Hatfield
1977 Michaelmas Alvyn Pettersen, Esq.[25] University
1978 Epiphany Nigel Morgan, Esq.[26] Hatfield
1978 Easter Peter Hillyar-Russ, Esq.[27] St John’s
1978 Michaelmas Richard Hayes, Esq.[28] Grey
1979 Epiphany Hon. Richard A. H. Vivian[29] Grey
1979 Easter Miss Joanna James[29] Collingwood
1979 Michaelmas Graham E. Barker, Esq.[30] Van Mildert
1980 Epiphany Miss Anna J. Davies[30] St Aidan’s
1980 Easter Richard Farr, Esq. Van Mildert
1980 Michaelmas Neil Cameron, Esq. St Chad’s
1981 Epiphany David Shaw, Esq. University
1981 Easter Nigel Hale, Esq. Hatfield
1981 Michaelmas Brian Jennings, Esq. University
1982 Epiphany Julian Briant, Esq. University
1982 Easter Miss Catherine Gregg St Aidan’s
1982 Michaelmas William Rowe, Esq. Hatfield
1983 Epiphany Mark Garraway, Esq. University
1983 Easter Charles Brooks, Esq. Collingwood
1983 Michaelmas Crispin Blunt, Esq. University
1984 Epiphany Edward Mason St Aidan’s
1984 Easter Mark Elliott, Esq. Collingwood
1984 Michaelmas Miss Rachel E. Ridgeon St Aidan’s
1985 Epiphany Rupert Mayo, Esq. St Cuthbert’s Society
1985 Easter Charles Harman, Esq. St Cuthbert’s Society
1985 Michaelmas James Hancock, Esq. Hatfield
1986 Epiphany Richard Calland, Esq. Hatfield
1986 Easter Paul Hewett, Esq. St Hild and St Bede
1986 Michaelmas Giles T. Ramsay, Esq. St Chad’s
1987 Epiphany David Hannah, Esq. University
1987 Easter Giles Bell, Esq. St Chad’s
1987 Michaelmas Mark Rogers, Esq. St Chad’s
1988 Epiphany Murray Buesst, Esq. University
1988 Easter Alistair Dinnie, Esq. Hatfield
1988 Michaelmas Benjamin Kottler, Esq. Hatfield
1989 Epiphany Richard Chalk, Esq. St Chad’s
1989 Easter Jonathan Wilkes, Esq. University
1989 Michaelmas Robert J. Buckland, Esq. Hatfield
1990 Epiphany Mark O'Donoghue, Esq. St Aidan’s
1990 Easter Richard Bull, Esq. St Chad’s
1990 Michaelmas David Naylor, Esq. St Hild and St Bede
1991 Epiphany Miss Rhona Campbell St Mary’s
1991 Easter Miss Helen Berry St Mary’s
1991 Michaelmas Karim S. K. Anjarwalla, Esq. St Aidan’s
1992 Epiphany Alexander Redman, Esq. St Chad’s
1992 Easter Paul Houghton, Esq. University
1992 Michaelmas Angus Withington, Esq. St John’s
1993 Epiphany Michael Horsley, Esq. Collingwood
1993 Easter Miss Alice Burt St Mary’s
1993 Michaelmas Jonathan Mortimer, Esq. Van Mildert
1994 Epiphany Huw Merriman, Esq. University
1994 Easter Matthew Bean, Esq. St Aidan’s
1994 Michaelmas Gareth Williams, Esq. Hatfield
1995 Epiphany Miss Emma Thomas St Mary’s
1995 Easter Colin E. Stewart, Esq. University
1995 Michaelmas Robert Donnell, Esq. St Aidan’s
1996 Epiphany Miss Kate Fox St Mary’s
1996 Easter Miss Helen Thomson St Chad’s
1996 Michaelmas Oliver Wilmott, Esq. St John’s
1997 Epiphany Ian Oakley, Esq. Hatfield
1997 Easter Bjorn Timelin, Esq. Collingwood
1997 Michaelmas Miss Abigail Dobson Van Mildert
1998 Epiphany Thomas Joyce, Esq. Hatfield
1998 Easter Thomas Hamilton, Esq. Grey
1998 Michaelmas Kumar Iyer, Esq. University
1999 Epiphany Benjamin Fletcher, Esq. Hatfield
1999 Easter John Tomsky, Esq. St Cuthbert’s Society
1999 Michaelmas Roly Allen, Esq. St Cuthbert’s Society
2000 Epiphany Kuhan Satkunanyagam, Esq. St John’s
2000 Easter Nicholas Park, Esq. St Cuthbert’s Society
2000 Michaelmas Aaron Craigie, Esq. Hatfield
2001 Epiphany Miss Manveen Rana University
2001 Easter James Fowler, Esq. Collingwood
2001 Michaelmas Guy McCrea, Esq. St Cuthbert’s Society
2002 Epiphany Edward Collins, Esq. St Hild and St Bede
2002 Easter Miss Emma Willoughby St Mary’s
2002 Michaelmas Miss Alanah Gleeson St Mary’s
2003 Epiphany Alexander Walford, Esq. St Chad’s
2003 Easter James Norman, Esq. St Cuthbert’s Society
2003 Michaelmas James Norton, Esq. St Cuthbert’s Society
2004 Epiphany Daniel Abernethy, Esq. Van Mildert
2004 Easter Daniel Chichester-Miles, Esq. Hatfield
2004 Michaelmas Miss Rebecca Gill St Cuthbert’s Society
2005 Epiphany Benjamin Heppenstall, Esq. St John’s
2005 Easter Mark Hastie-Oldland, Esq. St John’s
2005 Michaelmas James Bligh, Esq. St Aidan’s
2006 Epiphany Miss Laura Newbery St Mary’s
2006 Easter Paul Robertson, Esq. University
2006 Michaelmas Connor Coleman, Esq. University
2007 Epiphany Alistair Cormack, Esq. Hatfield
2007 Easter Frederick Kuchlin, Esq. St Aidan’s
2007 Michaelmas Ian Chapman, Esq. St Hild and St Bede
2008 Epiphany Richard Knock, Esq. St Cuthbert’s Society
2008 Easter Luke Wells, Esq. St John’s
2008 Michaelmas William Day, Esq. St Cuthbert’s Society
2009 Epiphany William Stanley, Esq. St Mary’s
2009 Easter Patrick Hague, Esq. University
2009 Michaelmas Thomas McCall, Esq. Trevelyan
2010 Epiphany Miss Anna Birley Josephine Butler
2010 Easter Rory White-Andrews, Esq. Van Mildert
2010 Michaelmas Miss Anna Holt St Cuthbert’s Society
2011 Epiphany Rishi Mansigani, Esq. St Cuthbert’s Society
2011 Easter Benjamin Lewis, Esq. University
2011 Michaelmas Samuel Richards, Esq. St Cuthbert’s Society
2012 Epiphany Nicholas C. J. Freeman, Esq. St Cuthbert’s Society
2012 Easter ‡ Thomas Ball, Esq. University
Miss Elise Trewick St Cuthbert’s Society
2012 Michaelmas Miss Elise Trewick St Cuthbert’s Society
2013 Epiphany Edward Hauschild, Esq. St John’s
2013 Easter Miss Rebecca D. Livesey Josephine Butler
2013 Michaelmas Andrew J. W. Lloyd, Esq. Collingwood
2014 Epiphany Miss Lucy S. A. Warden St Cuthbert’s Society
2014 Easter Rishiraj Goenka, Esq. St Chad’s
2014 Michaelmas Joseph D. Hill, Esq. St Chad’s
2014 Epiphany Miss Katie Heard Hatfield

Presidents who resigned are marked with ‡


  1. ^ a b c d e Known in full as the College of the Venerable Bede, it merged, in 1975, with St. Hild's College to form the co-educational College of St Hild and St Bede.
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