List of Puerto Rican Academy Award winners and nominees

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Puerto Rican Academy Award winners and nominees
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This is a list of Puerto Rican Academy Award winners and nominees. This list details the performances of Puerto Rican actors, actresses, and films that have either been submitted or nominated for, or have won, an Academy Award.

Acting categories[edit]

This list focuses on Puerto Rican-born actors and actresses as well as those with a strong Puerto Rican descent (i.e., Nuyoricans). As of 2010, there have only been three Academy Award winning actors born in Puerto Rico. However, others have been nominated for the awards.

Actor Year Award Film Result
José Ferrer 1948 Best Supporting Actor Joan of Arc Nominated
José Ferrer 1950 Best Actor Cyrano de Bergerac Won
José Ferrer 1952 Best Actor Moulin Rouge Nominated
Rita Moreno 1961 Best Supporting Actress West Side Story Won
Rosie Perez 1993 Best Supporting Actress Fearless Nominated
Benicio del Toro 2000 Best Supporting Actor Traffic Won
Joaquin Phoenix Best Supporting Actor Gladiator Nominated
Benicio del Toro 2003 Best Supporting Actor 21 Grams Nominated
Joaquin Phoenix 2005 Best Actor Walk the Line Nominated
2012 The Master Nominated

Note: When del Toro and Phoenix were nominated by the Academy for Best Supporting Actor in 2000, it was the first time that two actors born in Puerto Rico were simultaneously nominated for such an honor.

Foreign Language Film category[edit]

Puerto Rico has submitted films for the Foreign Film category since 1985. However, as of 2007, only one film has been nominated. This happened in 1990 when Lo que le Pasó a Santiago (from Jacobo Morales) was nominated. The film lost to Italy's Cinema Paradiso.

However, in October 2011, awards coordinator Torene Svitil announced that Puerto Rico will no longer be eligible for submissions in the Foreign Language Film category.[1]

Films that have been submitted for consideration are:

Film Year Filmmaker Result
La Gran Fiesta 1985 Marcos Zurinaga Not selected
Tango Bar 1988 Marcos Zurinaga Not selected
Lo que le Pasó a Santiago 1989 Jacobo Morales Nominated
Linda Sara 1994 Jacobo Morales Not selected
Héroes de Otra Patria 1998 Iván Dariel Ortíz Not selected
12 Horas 2001 Raúl Marchand Sánchez Not selected
Cayo 2005 Vicente Juarbe Not selected
Ladrones y Mentirosos 2006 Ricardo Méndez Matta Not selected
Maldeamores 2007 Carlos Ruíz Ruíz Not Selected
Kabo y Platón 2009 Edmundo H. Rodríguez Not Selected
Miente 2010 Rafi Mercado Not Selected

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