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Football, as a sport played by the masses, started late in Puerto Rico's history. There were several amateur tournaments and leagues throughout the second half of the 20th century, but it wasn't until 2008 when the first professional football league was started. Here is an incomplete list of champions in Puerto Rico's football history.

Torneo Nacional Superior[edit]

The "Torneo Nacional Superior" (TNS) (Mayor National Tournament) was the first attempt at organizing the football clubs in the island. It lasted for fifty-six seasons.[1]

For unknown reasons, several teams broke away and created a second league. Both of them existed from 1995 till 2005, when a united national championship was organized.

Asociación de Fútbol de Puerto Rico[edit]

The "Asociación de Fútbol de Puerto Rico" (Puerto Rico Football Association) existed for a single season (1996) with teams from San Juan, Yabucoa, Caguas, Maunabo, Guayama, Ponce, Cabo Rojo, Mayagüez, Aguadilla, and Arecibo.[1]

Liga Mayor de Fútbol Nacional[edit]

Created by teams that broke away from the TNS, the "Liga Mayor de Fútbol Nacional" (LMFN) (Mayor League National Football) lasted for nine seasons and ran parallel to the TNS.[1]

Champions by season[edit]

Season PlayOff Champion Score PlayOff Runner-up Regular Season Winner
1996/97 Maunabo Leones 2-0 Puerto Rico Islanders Puerto Rico Islanders
1997/98 Puerto Rico Islanders 3-0 Brujos (Guayama) Puerto Rico Islanders
1998/99 Puerto Rico Islanders 4-0 Cardenales (Río Piedras) Cardenales (Río Piedras)
1999/00 Vaqueros de Bayamón 1-0 Gigantes de Carolina FC Puerto Rico Islanders
2000/01 Puerto Rico Islanders 4-3 Brujos (Guayama) Puerto Rico Islanders
2001/02 Vaqueros de Bayamón 3-0 Puerto Rico Islanders Vaqueros de Bayamón
2002/03 Sporting (Carolina) 2-1 Vaqueros de Bayamón Sporting (Carolina)
2003/04 Sporting (San Lorenzo) 1-0 Caguas Huracan Sporting (San Lorenzo)
2004/05 Real Quintana 2-1 CF Fraigcomar CF Fraigcomar

Championships by team[edit]

Champion Runner-up Team
3 2 Puerto Rico Islanders
2 1 Vaqueros de Bayamón
1 Maunabo Leones
1 Real Quintana
1 Sporting (Carolina)
1 Sporting (San Lorenzo)
2 Brujos (Guayama)
1 Cardenales (Río Piedras)
1 CF Fraigcomar
1 Gigantes de Carolina FC
1 Caguas Huracan

Campeonato Nacional de Fútbol de Puerto Rico[edit]

In 2005, a united national championship was organized by the Puerto Rico Football Federation, the "Campeonato Nacional de Fútbol" (National Football Championship), but it was composed mainly from teams from the LMF.[1]

Season Champion Score Runner-up
2005 CF Fraigcomar 1-0 Huracán FC Caguas
2006 CF Fraigcomar 4-1 Academia Quintana FC
2007 CF Fraigcomar 2-1 Atléticos de Levittown FC

Puerto Rico Soccer League[edit]

In 2008, the first professional league was created, the Puerto Rico Soccer League (PRSL), which was composed of eight teams playing the regular season, and the top four seeded moving on to the playoffs. A ninth team joined in 2009, three teams joined in 2010, and one team joined for the 2011 season,[1] after which the league folded. The new professional league, the Liga Profesional de Fútbol de Puerto Rico, is scheduled to start in 2013.

Season Champion Aggregate Runner-up 1st leg 2nd leg Regular Season Winner
20081 Sevilla FC Bayamón (1) 2-1 CA River Plate Ponce -- -- Sevilla FC Bayamón (1)
2009 Bayamón FC (1) 3-2 Atlético de San Juan FC 2-2 1-0 CA River Plate Ponce (1)
20102 CA River Plate Ponce 3-0 Puerto Rico Islanders FC 1-0 2-0 --
20113 FC Leones de Ponce (1) 1(3)-1(0) Sevilla FC Juncos -- -- Sevilla FC Juncos (2)
1The 2008 championship match had only one leg.
2The league recessed on 2010. This shows the winner and runner-up of the tournament called "Supercopa DirecTV 2010" which served as the qualifier for the 2011 CFU Club Championship.
3The 2011 championship match had only one leg. After 120 minutes, the game was decided in favor of FC Leones de Ponce, who were able to successful convert its first three penalty attempts and, also, were able to stop all three attempts from Sevilla FC Juncos.

Liga Nacional de Fútbol de Puerto Rico[edit]

In 2008, along with the first division, a PRSL 2nd division tournament was organized, anticipating a promotion/relegation system, which was scheduled to start in 2011, but that was postponed till 2013. In 2009, the Puerto Rico Football Federation renamed the 2nd division league "Liga Nacional de Fútbol" (National Football League) and made it a separate amateur league. The 2008 season had eighteen teams divided in three groups; the 2009 season had sixteen teams divided in two groups; while the 2010 season had twenty-one teams divided in four groups. For the 2011 season, the LNFPR split into a first division with eight teams and a second division with 14 teams, retaking the promotion/relegation ideas, which is to start in 2013.

Season Champion Score Runner-up
2008 San Juan Sharks (1) 4-1 Maunabo Leones FC
2009 Maunabo Leones FC (1) 2-1 Bayamón FC
2010 Maunabo Leones FC (2) 2-0 Bayamón FC
2011 Bayamón FC (1) By Table Sevilla FC Puerto Rico
2012 Bayamón FC (2) By Table Sevilla FC Puerto Rico
2013 Sevilla FC Puerto Rico (1) 6-0 Bayamón FC
2014 Yabuco Sual FC (1) 2-2
(8-7 pen.)
Guayama FC


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