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This is a list of the characters featured on ABC soap opera Revenge created by Mike Kelley and stars Emily VanCamp and Madeleine Stowe.


Emily (Thorne) Grayson/(Amanda Clarke)[edit]

Emily VanCamp in 2013 (plays Emily Thorne)

The show's protagonist, born Amanda Clarke, returns to the Hamptons under a new identity, Emily Thorne – a wealthy socialite dedicated to charity work – to exact revenge on the people responsible for her father's death and wrongful conviction for terrorism. As a youth, she spent time in a juvenile detention center, unaware of her father's innocence until her release when Nolan Ross approaches her. He tells her that her father was framed and presents her with her father's share of NolCorp, 49% of the closely held stock, a result of her father's funding the company's start-up. After realizing that Nolan is telling the truth, she decides to clear her father's name. She undergoes training with Takeda, during which time she meets and has a relationship with Aiden Mathis. Their relationship ends when he abandons her after agreeing to take her with him. She makes preparations for her return to the Hamptons – trading identities with her former cellmate in juvenile detention, as well as taking notes on Daniel Grayson. After arriving in the Hamptons, Emily Thorne buys her father's former house next door to the Graysons and becomes romantically involved with Daniel in order to get closer to his family. She accepts his marriage proposal but their relationship falters as Daniel grows more like his family. They finally break off the engagement after she kisses Jack. After learning that Charlotte is her half-sister, Emily ultimately chooses to protect her from her revenge against the Graysons.

Victoria Grayson[edit]

The show's main antagonist, she is the wealthy and powerful matriarch of the Grayson family, wife of Conrad Grayson, mother of Daniel and Charlotte. After having an affair with David Clarke, Victoria reluctantly agreed to help Conrad and Frank frame him to cover up their crimes. Victoria and Conrad's marriage deteriorates steadily and the couple begin divorce proceedings. Despite not knowing Emily's true identity, Victoria never entirely trusts her and attempts to sabotage Daniel and Emily's relationship. During difficult times for her family, Victoria will occasionally ask Emily for assistance, promptly severing contact when Emily has fulfilled her usefulness. Victoria also has a habit for slapping people across the face when she is angry with them.

Nolan Ross[edit]

Genius software inventor, computer hacker, and Emily's trusted ally in her plot for revenge. He owes his wealth and success to David Clarke who supported him and invested some of his own money into Nolan's company, NolCorp. Grateful to David, Nolan offers to help his daughter, who is initially reluctant to trust him but over time she accepts his involvement in her revenge activities. While Nolan is very trustworthy and entirely supportive toward Emily, he frequently steps in and offers advice when he believes she is taking things too far. For the most part, Nolan helps Emily whenever she asks, especially when the request involves sending anonymous emails or hacking someone's computer/cell phone. In the season 2 finale he was - like David Clarke - framed by the Initiative (a terrorist organisation) for terrorist attacks and arrested. In season 3, it is revealed that Nolan was able to install a failsafe in the very program that led to his arrest in the first place, enabling the FBI to (off-screen) shut down the Initiative. Emily meets him as he leaves prison and buys him a new house. Nolan is bisexual – he had a relationship with Nolcorp's former CFO, Marco Romero, for many years until 2006, he has a relationship with Tyler Barrol in the first season, with his new CFO, Padma Lahari, in the second season, and with Patrick Osbourne, Victoria's illegitimate son, in the third season.

Conrad Grayson[edit]

The current CEO of Grayson Global, as well as David Clarke's former boss. He is Victoria's husband and father of Daniel and Charlotte (although not Charlotte's biological father). Conrad was involved in laundering money for the Americon Initiative, which used the money in a terrorist attack that brought down a plane. After the disaster, Conrad worked with Frank and a reluctant Victoria to frame her lover, David Clarke. His affair with Victoria's best friend, Lydia, further damages the couple's strained relationship and leads to divorce proceedings. Initially close to his daughter, Conrad is devastated when a DNA test reveals she is not his biological child. He exposes Victoria's past extra marital affair with David Clarke at a family dinner and blackmails her current lover, Dominik, into leaving her. In the first season finale, Conrad warns Victoria not to get on a plane but she appears to disregard him. After the plane is destroyed, he believes Victoria has died but she eventually calls him to ask for help with Murphy. Conrad helps Victoria with a scheme to make it appear she was kidnapped and held hostage by Murphy. He eventually asks Victoria to remarry him, explaining that it will prevent them from having to testify against each other. At their second wedding, Conrad is arrested, wrongly, for the murder of Gordon Murphy. Helen, a member of the Initiative, arranges his release on bail. However, after Daniel takes Conrad's place as CEO of Grayson Global, the Initiative destroys all ties with Conrad, and focus on Daniel. Conrad is also revealed to have had a tryst with his son Daniel's ex-girlfriend, Ashley Davenport.

Charlotte Grayson/Clarke[edit]

The youngest child of David Clarke and only daughter of Victoria Grayson. Named by Victoria after David Clarke's aunt, she is the younger half-sister to Patrick Osbourne, Daniel Grayson and Amanda Clarke (Emily Thorne). She has a perfect academic record (though is often truant) and unlike much of the Grayson clan, possesses a strong moral compass. Believing Conrad to be her father, Charlotte is shocked when he reveals that she is in fact the result of an affair between Victoria and David. Charlotte is the only person to whom Victoria reveals her status after her plane explodes. Charlotte bonds with Emily, completely unaware that she is her half-sister and instead believing Amanda is while unknowingly helping Emily in her revenge. Charlotte also develops romantic relationships with Adam Connor and Declan Porter. Following the turbulent end of her relationship with Declan, they gradually become friends and lovers again. Throughout the second season, Charlotte attempts to destroy ties with her family and live with the Porters, though she still (reluctantly) attends some Grayson parties. Despite Victoria's constant belittling of Amanda, Declan and Emily, Charlotte believes they offer love that she does not find in her family. At the end of the second season, Charlotte discovers she is pregnant with Declan's baby, though her future intentions following Declan's death are unclear. She has indicated sadness at the idea of her baby being born into the Graysons.

By season 3 it is revealed that Charlotte suffered a miscarriage and lost the baby. Charlotte begins to take a disliking to Emily, believing that she is becoming more like a Grayson. She forms a bond with Jack, helping him with the bar. She later discovers that Conrad was responsible for Declan's death, making her leave him. Charlotte tries to break Daniel and Emily apart by secretly arranging Daniel to get back together with his former girlfriend, Sara.

Jack Porter[edit]

  • Played by: Nick Wechsler and Nicholas Stargel (young Jack Porter)

Emily's childhood friend and the brother and legal guardian of Declan Porter following their father's sudden death. He becomes the boyfriend and later husband of the real Emily Thorne (turned Amanda Clarke). He takes over The Stowaway, his father's bar, after his death. Jack is one of the three men for whom Emily has feelings (the others being Daniel and Aiden), and Jack holds feelings for Emily in return. These feelings culminate in them kissing after watching Sammy, the dog owned by both of them at different points in time, die. However, they are unable to get closure from the kiss because of Amanda's return. In Season 2, Jack becomes a father when Amanda gives birth to their son, whom they name Carl David Porter, after Carl, Jack's father, and David Clarke, Amanda's "father". On their honeymoon, they are held hostage by Nate Ryan; though Jack manages to escape, Amanda is killed on their boat by Nate despite Emily's attempt to save her. Amanda's death causes Jack to seek revenge on Conrad for ordering her murder, and he grows distant from Emily and Nolan when he believes they are lying, and when Emily becomes re-engaged to Daniel. To this end, he works together with Ashley to destroy Conrad's gubernatorial campaign, though Conrad soon learns of their deceit and attempts to kill Jack by leading him to Grayson Global, where The Initiative's bomb plot is being set in motion, although Jack escapes before the bombing. Declan, who was in the building when it exploded, dies, further devastating Jack and pushing him to attempt to assassinate Conrad at the election. Before he can shoot, Emily stops him by revealing her true identity.

In season 3 Jack returns to the Hamptons, six months after learning the truth about Emily, and gives Emily an ultimatum to end her revenge by the end of summer or he will expose her secret. Charlotte and Jack form a good friendship during the season. Jack later meets and begins a relationship with Margaux LeMarchal.

Daniel Grayson[edit]

The eldest son of the Grayson family. Formerly a party boy – until a drunk driving accident left a young woman paralyzed – Daniel is a student at Harvard, and later business partner of Conrad. He falls deeply in love with Emily and eventually asks her to marry him. At their engagement party, he is charged with the murder of Tyler Barrol but is eventually exonerated. His engagement with Emily ends in the season 1 finale when he learned she shared a kiss with Jack. After Conrad tells Daniel the real story of David Clarke, Daniel chooses to stand by his father and take over the company, rather than expose the truth. In Season 2, Daniel is in a relationship with Ashley and is slowly distancing himself from his father. He succeeds in taking Conrad's position at Grayson Global, unaware of the existence of the Initiative or the threat it presents. Upon discovering Ashley in a hotel room with an investor, he breaks up with her, threatening the business man with blackmail. It is possible he is falling for Emily again, as well as resenting Aiden for the close relationship he shares with the socialite. Daniel fires Aiden when it is revealed that his father was the one who put the bomb on flight 197. Daniel is the only one Charlotte confides in about her pregnancy.

By season 3 Daniel continues his romance with Emily and even plans their wedding. However, problems arise during the beginning of the season between him and Emily, including the untimely arrival of his old girlfriend, Sara - the girl who was he paralyzed in a car accident. Daniel's feelings for Sara resurfaces and his doubts for Emily worsen. Daniel and Emily marry in episode 10 of season 3 and he overhears Emily and Victoria talking about how Emily faked her pregnancy so he confronts her and then picks up the gun left by Aiden that's for Emily then he shoots her in anger and in shock throws the gun into the sea. In episode 16 he and Emily are now divorcing.

Ashley Davenport[edit]

Grayson family employee and one of Emily's closest friends. Ashley betrays Emily to attempt to gain the trust of Victoria Grayson, but is unsuccessful. Initially working as Victoria's party planner and assistant, Ashley becomes the Grayson family spokesperson during Daniel's murder trial. After Daniel's exoneration, Ashley is employed by Conrad to work at Grayson Global and also serves as Emily and Daniel's wedding planner. After a failed relationship with Tyler Barrol and his murder, Ashley becomes romantically involved with Daniel. During the course of Season 2, Ashley was revealed as a sex slave for money in 2006, only to be saved by Emily Thorne. After Emily sends a scandalous video to Victoria of her tryst with Conrad, Victoria forces Ashley to seduce Salvador Grobet for his vote to Conrad, which leads to Daniel learning of Ashley's double-crossing, and ending their relationship. She has since forced herself back into the Grayson family by blackmailing Conrad in order to work for him during his governor campaign. Ashley later takes part in helping Jack with his revenge plan against Conrad near the end of the season.

In the season premier of season 3, Ashley tries to blackmail Emily into helping her stay in the Hamptons by introducing her to rich men. Emily, seeing Ashley as a threat, frames her for reporting falsely claims against Victoria and is forced to leave the Hamptons by the end of the premier.

Declan Porter[edit]

Jack Porter's younger brother. During the engagement party, he and Charlotte – with whom Declan is romantically involved – witness a blue-hooded man on the beach, whom they believe to be involved in the murder. Declan is shocked when he learns the man's identity – his brother. When the prosecution subpoenas Declan to Daniel's trial, Charlotte tries to seduce him to tell the truth but Declan chooses to protect Jack – he reveals that Charlotte was on painkillers and alcohol the night of Tyler Barrol's murder and says there was no hooded man, effectively ending their relationship. After he befriends a girl named Jaime, Charlotte targets her for reprisal, further estranging the former couple. In Season 2, Declan takes on greater responsibility at the bar and becomes friends again with Charlotte. Declan is the father of Charlotte's unborn baby and dies at the end of Season 2.

Aiden Mathis[edit]

  • Played by: Barry Sloane (Recurring season 2, episodes 1–13, regular episode 14 onwards).[1]

Aiden trained alongside Emily under Takeda. They met when their missions conflicted in their search for a Russian gangster. Aiden believed the man to be responsible for the disappearance of his sister while Emily was under orders from Takeda to apprehend him. After shooting the gangster, Aiden returned to Takeda's training with Emily. Eventually the two became involved in a romantic relationship. Despite promising to take Emily with him, he left without her to find his sister. When Gordon Murphy attempted to kill Emily, Aiden killed him. Emily rejected Aiden's attempts to reconcile, but at the end of "Penance" he came to check on her and they rekindled the spark. Since then, they have shared many tender moments. Daniel, unaware of the plots in which the two conspire, has been working with Aiden to replace his father as CEO of Grayson Global. He also views Aiden as a competitor for Emily's attention.

Later, Daniel finds out that Aiden's father, Trevor Mathis, was a baggage handler suspected of putting a bomb on "Flight 197". Daniel fires Aiden and then they become enemies competing for Emily's heart. This leads to a fight between the two of them in the season finale resulting in what appears to be Aiden's murder. Aiden later returns in season 3, revealing that he survived a gunshot wound from Daniel. He continues to work alongside Emily in her revenge against the Graysons, even pretending to help Victoria for her.

Recurring cast[edit]

  • Margarita Levieva as "Amanda Clarke"/The real Emily Thorne. (season 1-2) Born Emily Thorne, she was befriended by Amanda Clarke in juvenile detention and agreed to switch identities with her. After Frank threatens to reveal the secret, the new Amanda kills him in a panic and calls Emily, who takes her to her home in the Hamptons. Although she considers Emily her "sister", Amanda is uncertain if Emily genuinely cares about her too, and increasingly begins to feel used. After Amanda finds Tyler's body at the beach, Takeda drives her away and trains her to be an asset for Emily. In the season 1 finale, Amanda returns heavily pregnant. Uncertain about her baby's paternity due to a one-night stand after leaving the Hamptons, Amanda asks Emily to ensure the paternity test names Jack as the father. Although the test reveals the father is indeed Jack, Emily claims to Amanda that she was forced to rig the test. Emily later admits the lie and apologizes to Amanda. who apologizes for beginning a relationship with Jack while knowing that Emily had feelings for him. Although often reluctant, Amanda usually agrees to Emily's requests for help. She is injured in a confrontation with Victoria and, not long after, gives birth to a son, Carl. Although Amanda wishes to confess the identity switch to Jack, Emily dissuades her, saying it will only break his heart. Amanda is later killed in an explosion while on her honeymoon with Jack. Emily considers Amanda "one of the only people that I ever loved."
  • James Tupper as David H. Clarke. (season 1-2) The deceased father of Amanda (later Emily Thorne) and Charlotte. He appears only in flashbacks. A successful Grayson Global hedge fund executive and devoted father to Amanda, he has a relationship with the married Victoria Grayson after his marriage to Kara Wallace falls apart. After a terrorist attack brings down a plane, David is framed for the crime by his employer Conrad, along with Frank and a reluctant Victoria, as well as other apparent friends and colleagues he trusted (through bribery or blackmail). He is arrested and imprisoned for life on charges of terrorist conspiracy and mass murder. Gordon Murphy - an operative of the Americon Initiative - stabs and kills Clarke during a prison riot. Clarke is considered by much of the public as the most hated man in America - a viewpoint his eldest daughter is determined to change. Although he never met Charlotte, whom Victoria raised as Conrad's daughter, Clarke suspects she is really his own child because Victoria named the girl after David's aunt.
  • Jennifer Jason Leigh as Kara Clarke-Murphy (née Wallace). (season 2) Emily Thorne's mother. She is also referred to as "Kara Wilkins" in season one. Due to a serious but unspecified mental illness (for which she takes fluphenazine), Kara is responsible for nearly drowning her daughter as a child. Horrified by her own actions, Kara asks David to tell her that she died. They are separated for two decades, during which Kara marries Gordon Murphy, David's killer. Unaware of the identity switch, Kara goes to see the injured Amanda at the hospital, where she also encounters Emily, who introduces herself as Carl's godmother. Saying that Kara may be a danger to Carl, Emily tells Amanda to send her mother away but after Kara breaks down and asks for forgiveness, Amanda agrees. Kara later asks Emily if Amanda truly forgives her – Emily replies that she wants to. Kara is last seen driving to Colorado Springs in a car provided by Emily and Aiden following her attempted execution of the Graysons.
  • Amber Valletta as Lydia Davis (seasons 1, 3), Victoria's best friend and David Clarke's former secretary, as well as Emily's first target for revenge. After her affair with Conrad Grayson is exposed, her relationship with Victoria deteriorates and they become more distant to each other. Lydia owned the house belonging to a young Amanda Clarke; Emily managed to purchase the home when Lydia was forced to put it up for sale. Lydia very nearly discovers Emily's secret in a photograph from a New Year's Eve party at which Emily was a waitress, though after Lydia awakes from her coma Emily doctors the photo and thus wards suspicion off of her. Lydia is presumably killed in a plane explosion in the first season finale; however, her death is revealed to be incorrect, as she appears in the eighth episode of the third season, proving she is alive and well. She has been in hiding since the plane explosion. She contacts Margaux, telling her that she will give her information on Conrad.
  • Ashton Holmes as Tyler Barrol (season 1), Daniel's best friend and college roommate from Harvard, who comes to the Hamptons to gain a position with Grayson Global alongside Daniel. He attempts to network with the business elite in the Hamptons and briefly dates Ashley Davenport, but for several episodes maintains a sexual affair with Nolan. Tyler seems to be infatuated with Daniel and tries to sleep with him at one point, and also attempts to sabotage his relationship with Emily. He and Daniel competed for a job at Grayson Global. Tyler later discovers Emily's secret and the truth about David Clarke. He attempts to murder Daniel so that he can frame Emily for the deed, but is killed by Satoshi Takeda. Tyler's murder and subsequent investigation is a major story arc during season 1.
  • Max Martini as Frank Stevens (season 1), the Graysons' head of security, who worked alongside Conrad to frame David Clarke for funding terrorists and then coercing Victoria into backing their version of events. Frank had romantic feelings for Victoria and ultimately these, combined with his loss of Conrad's trust, results in Conrad firing Frank. Frank ultimately uncovered Emily's secret but was murdered by Amanda before he could alert anyone, leaving Victoria with just one clue: "Emily Thorne is not who she claims to be."
  • Hiroyuki Sanada (season 1) and Cary-Hiroyuki Tagawa (season 2) as Satoshi Takeda. The powerful CEO of Takeda Industries in Japan and the mentor of Emily and Aiden in their respective quests for revenge. In the years following the completion of her training, Emily and Takeda often dispute each other. In season 1, Takeda murders Tyler on the beach during Emily's engagement party and implicates Daniel and Jack in the murder, in an attempt to frame both of them so they would be jailed and Emily would no longer be distracted, although Emily exonerates them both and instead frames Lee Moran. Takeda also takes Amanda away for several months after the murder to train her as an asset to Emily. In season 2, Tagawa took over the role from Sanada, who was unable to continue due to scheduling conflicts. Takeda is killed through stabbing by Aiden in self-defense when Aiden threatened to reveal his separate agenda: avenging his deceased fiancé Mai Aoki, an unrecorded flight attendant on Flight 197.[2]
  • Roger Bart as Leo Mason Treadwell (season 1-2), a famous author who interviewed the Clarkes. While he knew David was innocent, the Graysons paid him off to back their story in his novel, which caused a young Amanda Clarke to believe he was guilty of downing Flight 197. When Treadwell is distracted, Emily sets fire to his home and steals his interview tapes, which reveal Charlotte's true paternity. During Daniel's trial, Mason returns to write a blog, manipulated by Emily into believing Victoria burned his home down, that Amanda killed Tyler and that Charlotte's claim of Jack being on the beach was false. In Season 2, he returns to interview Kara Clarke, only to discover that Amanda is lacking scars from the fire she set in foster care. After stopping Amanda from killing Mason, Emily double-crosses and makes a deal with him: he must confess to the murder of Gordon Murphy, and in return, he will have the rights to Emily's biography and release from prison when her revenge is complete. It is later revealed that he purchased letters authored by David from Meredith Hayward, which were destroyed in the fire, but he remembers a crucial detail: the existence of Patrick Harper.
  • James Morrison as Gordon Murphy (seasons 1–2) (often referred to as the "white-haired man"). An operative of the Americon Initiative as well as an associate of Conrad's, Murphy is responsible for the deaths of David Clarke, Lee Moran and John McGowen. Emily becomes determined to track down Murphy so that she can kill him. After being spared by Emily, he destroys a plane on which Victoria was planning to fly. He helps Victoria fake her death and plans to help her and Charlotte disappear, though when Charlotte is trapped in rehab Victoria double crosses Murphy by having Conrad beat her, and makes it look like Murphy kidnapped and tortured her. He is killed by Aiden Mathis when he tries a second time to kill Emily. Murphy was married to Kara Wallace Clarke, and therefore is Emily's stepfather.
  • Dilshad Vadsaria as Padma Lahari (season 2), an employee at Nolcorp whom Nolan hires to be his new CFO.[3] They begin a romantic relationship, but it becomes strained after she investigates David Clarke's involvement in his company. She is later revealed to be working with Helen Crowley to retrieve Carrion, one of Nolan's early projects, for the Initiative. In exchange, her father, who has been held hostage by the Initiative, will be set free. Nolan discovers her ties to the Initiative, which she admits, but she states that she legitimately loves him. While carrying out a plan with Nolan and Aiden, she hands over Carrion to Trask but is then kidnapped. Six weeks later, she and her father are killed by Trask, but not before they force her to film a video in which she claims Nolan "is Americon Initiative", which they later use to frame him for the destruction of Grayson Global.
  • Michael Nardelli as Trey Chandler (season 2), a rich boy from Collins Prep who appears to be wishing to use Declan.[4]
  • Wendy Crewson as Helen Crowley (season 2),[6] an operative of the Americon Initiative. She intended to use Daniel for another terrorist attack, like Flight 197. When Daniel wins in the CEO election at Grayson Global, Helen warns Victoria and Conrad to not alert Daniel of the plan(s) to use him. When Victoria ignores the threat and warns Daniel, Helen attempts to arrange for his death, although Victoria manages to get the upper hand and kill Helen in her poolhouse. It is later revealed that Daniel was never in any danger as Conrad became part of the Initiative after Helen bailed him from jail when he was framed by Emily for Gordon Murphy's murder.
  • E.J. Bonilla as Marco Romero (season 2), NolCorp's former CFO. Revealed that he had a romantic relationship with Nolan for many years till 2006, when he accused Nolan of embezzling funds that had been set aside for Amanda (the money did in fact reach the real Amanda, which of course Marco was unaware of). Marco's refusal to trust Nolan in this matter led to Nolan ending their relationship and firing him. As NolCorp was about to go public, this turn of events ruined Marco's career. Six year later, Daniel brings him into Grayson Global to dig up secrets in NolCorp. He later returns to work for Nolan, but is later fired when Nolan suspects him of leaking information to Daniel. Marco is the only one of Nolan's known relationships to have ended over mundane issues (in this case, trust): Tyler turned out to be a violent psychopath, Padma was murdered by the Initiative, and Patrick was forced to flee after attempting murder.
  • James McCaffrey as Ryan Huntley (season 1), Victoria's lawyer in her divorce from Conrad, who aided her in several illegal actions to undermine Conrad's position in the settlement. Ultimately, the loss of trust in each other results in Victoria firing him. Huntley was also David Clarke's defense attorney. Initially appearing as a potential target for Emily, it is later revealed they are actually working together, Huntley having believed Clarke was innocent the whole time.[8]
  • Collins Pennie as Eli James, Emily's foster brother from an orphanage that both he and Emily grew up in during most of their childhood.
  • Burn Gorman as "Mr. Trask" (season 2), a member of the Initiative who takes over Helen's duties after her murder at Victoria's hands, and the murderer of Colleen Mathis. He appears at the Graysons' Labor Day party to interrogate them about Helen's disappearance, though they lead him to believe that Amanda murdered her after Victoria handed over her "evidence". Trask does not buy this especially when the news that Amanda was killed on her honeymoon breaks. He sends Padma Lahari her father's finger as proof that he is alive, and continues to demand that she hand over Carrion. Trask kidnaps her in the exchange before Aiden can kill him from afar, and forces her to go on record against her will claiming Nolan is "the Initiative". Six weeks later, he kills the Laharis before Aiden can rescue them. Upon seeing Padma's corpse, Aiden kills Trask by snapping his neck, avenging the Laharis and Colleen. Aiden then mentions that Trask is "at the bottom of the East River."
  • Justin Hartley as Patrick Osbourne (season 3), Victoria's illegitimate son, whom she gave up for adoption when she was sixteen. Patrick is a successful artist. By the time season 3 starts, Patrick has been living in the Hamptons for several months, and has developed a close bond with Victoria, but is reviled by Conrad. Daniel and Charlotte also dislike him, but they grudgingly accept him into their lives as time goes on. Patrick and Victoria open an art gallery together in the Hamptons, in both an effort to bond and a means of securing Victoria's financial independence. Nolan, initially unaware of his connection to Victoria, develops an interest in Patrick and eventually tracks down his ex-wife and pays her to tell him Patrick's dirty secrets, of which there seem to be none. Nolan proceeds to make a move on him, but Patrick, having been warned about Nolan by both Victoria and his ex-wife, rejects him. After Nolan apologizes and Victoria advises him to make decisions that make him happy, however, Patrick and Nolan spend the night together in defiance of Victoria and Emily. He is eventually forced to flee the Hamptons when Jack reveals to Conrad learns that it was Patrick (not Charlotte, as Victoria had led him to believe) who sabotaged his car. Conrad tracks him down to Manhattan and convinces him to return to the Hamptons to persuade Victoria to attend Daniel and Emily's wedding. In order to ensure that Patrick doesn't get on the boat for the after party (which would ruin the endgame of Emily's plan), Nolan reveals that he knows about the sabotage, and tells Patrick that he loves him and is willing to protect him.

Guest cast[edit]

  • Derek Ray as Lee Moran (season 1), a henchman of Victoria's whom she employs to recover Mason Treadwell's tapes from Amanda, for which he assaults Jack Porter. Victoria later employs him to stage an attack on Daniel in prison to convince Judge Hawthorne to reconsider bail, and then to threaten one of the jurors into voting in Daniel's favor. Emily sets him up for Tyler's murder, and he is killed in prison by Gordon Murphy.
  • James Purefoy as Dominik Wright (season 1), a painter and an old lover of Victoria's before her marriage to Conrad. The pair rekindle their relationship during Daniel's trial, where Victoria tells him what she did to David Clarke. While Wright keeps her secret, he is forced by Conrad to leave New York. He leaves behind an unfinished portrait depicting Victoria, which is later auctioned off at the Memorial Day party in the beginning of season 2. Purefoy has stated there are no current plans to return Wright to Revenge.[9]
  • Tess Harper as Carole Lyn Miller (season 1), a former secretary at Grayson Global and Nolan's aunt. Miller investigated Grayson Global for proof that David Clarke was set up, but before they could inform him of their findings, he was killed by Gordon Murphy at Conrad's behest. Following this, Nolan faked her death. At the time of season 1, Miller lived in Lancaster, Pennsylvania under the alias Carole Thomas. Emily learns of Miller through a journal missing from her Infinity Box, and poses as a Homeland Security agent to interrogate her. Miller later confronts Emily about her desire to kill Gordon Murphy, saying that her father would condemn the action. Miller was born in 1950 and is a type 2 diabetic. She also owns a shotgun for defense, which she nearly uses on Emily.
  • Veronica Cartwright as Judge Elizabeth Blackwell/Hawthorne (season 2), the judge of the Tyler Barrol murder case. She initially denies bail to Daniel and forces him to stay at Riker's Island, although she sets bail at ten million dollars following Daniel's attack there. Hawthorne ultimately exonerates Daniel when Emily sets Lee Moran up for the murder.
  • Jamal Duff as Big Ed (season 1), Nolan's bodyguard who is employed whenever Nolan feels threatened by either Frank or Tyler.
  • C. C. H. Pounder as Warden Sharon Stiles, Emily's former warden in juvenile detention. Stiles encouraged Emily, then Amanda, to make friends with the real Emily Thorne so she would have an ally rather than an enemy, and also gave her the phone number of Satoshi Takeda (their connection is unknown). She is revealed to be working with Emily, who is still known to her as Amanda Clarke, and attempts but fails to thwart Frank Stevens' investigation of Emily's past.[10]
  • Christina Chang as Karrie Thurgood, a woman seen attending some of Victoria's social events, such as the Memorial Day party in season 1 and the baby shower thrown for Amanda in season 2 (where she appears well into a pregnancy of her own).
  • Shevaun Cavanaugh Kastl as Ann Woodbury (season 1), the third juror of Daniel's murder trial and the single mother of a young son, Matthew. After Benjamin Brooks notes Woodbury's reaction to the proceedings, Woodbury becomes the unfortunate target of Victoria Grayson, who employs Lee Moran to blackmail her into voting not to convict Daniel using her son.
  • Matthew Glave as Bill Harmon (season 1), a former friend of David Clarke to whom Amanda affectionately referred as "Uncle Bill". He discovered David's affair with Victoria and was the one to tell Conrad about it, and Conrad bribed Harmon to help take David down. Years later, he becomes the wealthy head of Harmon Investments through insider trading and other crimes. Harmon, unaware of Emily's true identity, takes her on as a potential investor. She provides him with a false tip that NolCorp is buying into AllCom Cellular, a Chinese tech company. Harmon pours his investments in AllCom only for Nolan to announce that he is instead investing in AllCom's competitor, Unitech, causing a major stock loss in Harmon's company. Though he attempts to keep the information from leaking to his clients, Emily, one step ahead of them, contacts them all to inform them of the stock loss, effectively ruining Harmon.
  • Yancey Arias as Senator Tom Kingsly (season 1)
  • Amy Landecker as Dr. Michelle Banks (season 1)
  • Courtney B. Vance as Benjamin Brooks
  • Geoff Pierson as Judge Robert Barnes
  • Clare Carey as Patricia Barnes
  • Lindsey Haun and Dendrie Taylor as Meredith Hayward, the abusive foster mother of a young Amanda Clarke and Eli James, who chose to punish them by locking them in a small chamber she called "the bin". She kept letters from David Clarke hidden from Amanda and later sold them to Mason Treadwell, and they were destroyed in the fire Emily set to his home. The letters revealed the existence of Victoria's firstborn son, Patrick Harper.
  • Gemma Massot as Colleen Mathis (season 2), the deceased younger sister of Aiden Mathis who was separated from him when he was 12. Forced into prostitution, the Initiative kills Colleen through an induced heroin overdose in 2006, after Aiden killed her kidnapper, Dmitri Vladof. Six years later, Helen Crowley coerces Aiden into dispatching Victoria with old video footage of Colleen, but when he fails to comply with the demand he receives a video depicting his sister's death. Three days later, Aiden finds the warehouse where she died in Jersey City and learns that, being a Jane Doe, she was buried in a potter's field.
  • Anjul Nigam as Zahir Lahari (season 2), the father of Padma Lahari. He was kidnapped by the Initiative to force Padma to seek a job at NolCorp, where she was to obtain his Carrion program or her father would be killed. Eventually, Nolan discovers this and he along with Emily and Aiden decide to help Padma. After she questions whether her father remains alive, she receives his severed finger. Before Aiden can rescue the Laharis as she hands over Carrion, Padma is abducted and killed along with Zahir six weeks later, by Trask. Zahir's death is offscreen.
  • William Devane as Edward Grayson, Chairman of the Board of Grayson Global, formerly founder and original CEO of the company, Conrad's father. He is dedicated to protecting the reputation and status of the empire and his family name, going so far as to demand that his granddaughter Charlotte not see a therapist to discuss her paternity.
  • Adrienne Barbeau as Marion Harper, Victoria's mother, who apparently taught Victoria how to chase men and whom Victoria begrudges due to getting kicked out of her own home when she was 15. Marion had caught her husband, Maxwell, sneaking into Victoria's room and rather than helping her daughter after a molestation, treats her as a whore and ostracizes her for decades, and has her murder another lover of hers. Victoria pays a man named Benjamin Greevy to seduce Marion and at a Thanksgiving dinner in 2006, tells him about Marion's true self, which disgusts him. Though the penniless Marion begs Victoria to help her or at least give her a room, Victoria spitefully throws her mother out. Amanda Brooks portrays the younger Marion Harper.
  • Brian Goodman as Carl Porter, Jack and Declan's father who dies during first season. He subsequently appears in prequel episodes where it is revealed that he helped in covering up the murder of a man who was threatening him which ends up having future impact on Jack.
  • Rachel Katherine DiPillo as Jamie Cardaci (season 1), a friend and classmate of Declan's who hails from Yonkers and was once a homecoming queen. They work on an economics project together for Collins Prep, but abandon it to look for Sammy. Charlotte, in an attempt to reconcile with Declan, finds Jamie in the Stowaway and immediately assumes he has moved on. Digging on the part of Charlotte reveals that Jamie had an affair with her married history teacher, and photos of the two of them together are posted on a website for all of Collins Prep to see. The incident angers Declan to the point where he refuses to speak to Charlotte, and thus causes her overdose.
  • Susan Park as Edith "the Fa1c0n" Lee (season 2)
  • Falk Hentschel as Gregor Hoffman (season 2)
  • Jessica Tuck as Alison Stoddard (season 2)
  • Dylan Walsh as Jason Prosser (season 2)
  • Joaquim de Almeida as Salvador Grobet (season 2)

Season 3 of Revenge will introduce recurring characters in the form of Victoria's first son Patrick Harper (Justin Hartley) and Margaux LeMarchal (Karine Vanasse), a French businesswoman connected to Daniel. Diogo Morgado and James LeGros will appear in the first two episodes as Dr. Jorge Lopez and Father Paul Whitely, respectively.


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