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Rhett and Link began releasing an online morning talk show on their second YouTube channel, "rhettandlink2", in January 2011. The first 40 episodes were called Good Morning Chia Lincoln, after which the title became Good Mythical Morning (commonly abbreviated as GMM). There have been five complete seasons of Good Mythical Morning; the sixth season premiered on July 14, 2014. Episodes are released daily, Monday through Friday, at 6:00 AM Eastern Time.

In January 2013, the "Good Mythical Morning" series won Best Variety Series at the International Academy of Web Television Awards.[1]

Series overview
Season Episodes Season premiere Season finale
Good Morning Chia Lincoln 40 January 3, 2011 February 28, 2011
GMM Season 1 129 January 9, 2012 July 6, 2012
GMM Season 2 84 August 6, 2012 November 30, 2012
GMM Season 3 59 January 14, 2013 April 5, 2013
GMM Season 4 78 September 3, 2013 December 20, 2013
GMM Season 5 127 January 8, 2014 July 4, 2014
GMM Season 6 TBA July 14, 2014 TBA

Good Morning Chia Lincoln[edit]

On January 3, 2011, Rhett and Link launched a morning talk show, "Good Morning Chia Lincoln", on their YouTube channel, "rhettandlink2". Released every weekday morning from January 3 to February 28, 2011, it consisted of 40 unique episodes in which Rhett and Link would sit at a table with an Abraham Lincoln Chia Pet as a center piece and pick a topic, usually a personal experience or news story, and state their opinions on it. The series ended when half the chia pet was dead.

Good Morning Chia Lincoln Episodes
Episode Title Length Upload Date Summary Notes
1 Chemtrails Kill Birds? 6:57 January 3, 2011 This is the first episode in which we discuss why thousands of birds are dead in Arkansas.
2 Horn Blowing Controversy 8:09 January 4, 2011 We discuss horn blowing and beeping.
3 16:9 Manhood 7:27 January 5, 2011 We discuss the true meaning of manhood.
4 Rhett's Bizarre Dream 8:27 January 6, 2011 Rhett tells of his extremely bizarre dream.
5 Homeless Radio Voice 6:13 January 7, 2011 We discuss the homeless man with a voice for radio. Also, Rhett is proud of his own radio voice.
6 The "You Suck" League 9:04 January 10, 2011 Rhett coaches boys' basketball in unfashionable coaching attire. Link misses t-ball.
7 Snow-proof Bread! 7:47 January 11, 2011 Rhett and Link brave a winter storm to bring you reflections on garage gloating and weathermen interruptions.
8 Embarrassing Encounters 10:29 January 12, 2011 Link meets Paula Abdul. Rhett calls out to Reggie Bush.
9 Bite Your Tongue! 8:32 January 13, 2011 Link bites his tongue.
10 Pet Mammoth 8:34 January 14, 2011 Rhett and Link get new pets.
11 Vegan Ain't Easy 9:24 January 17, 2011 Rhett goes Vegan.
12 Owl Attacks Chihuahua 9:08 January 18, 2011 Rhett and Link discuss some interesting news.
13 Tree Killers!! 9:38 January 19, 2011 Rhett and Link discuss their horticultural experiences.
14 Nosebleed Confessions 9:59 January 20, 2011 Rhett and Link discuss bloody noses...and laughter.
15 Link Gets Fined! 9:14 January 21, 2011 We get traffic tickets.
16 15 Month Dirty Jeans 9:44 January 24, 2011 We discuss jean washing.
17 Wrasslin' vs. Super Heroes 9:47 January 25, 2011 We talk about our childhood heroes.
18 Miami Burglar 7:45 January 26, 2011 Rhett & Link arrive in Miami. Link forgets his toothpaste and steals drinks from the Speaker Ready Room. Filmed in Miami, Florida
19 Miami Island Piano 7:18 January 27, 2011 A mysterious piano appears on a Miami Island. Filmed in Miami, Florida
20 My Shower Accident 10:52 January 28, 2011 Link has an the shower!
21 Sick and Tired of It! 8:12 January 31, 2011 Rhett is ill...and not happy about it.
22 How to Fall Asleep in Class 9:44 February 1, 2011 Rhett and Link share how they successfully fall asleep in class. Link speaks French.
23 Neti Pot Madness!! 9:02 February 2, 2011 Rhett makes a private video!
24 We Almost Died!! (Snowpocalypse 2011) 10:42 February 3, 2011 We nearly die!
25 HELP I'm CHOKING!! 9:55 February 4, 2011 Rhett and Link get choked up.
26 Super Bowl 2011 Top 10 Ads 10:55 February 5, 2011 COMMENT: Weigh in on the half-time show and your favorite ads.
27 WE LOOK LIKE WHO?! 10:00 February 8, 2011 We discuss our celebrity look-a-likes.
28 GHOST Burglar! 11:57 February 9, 2011 None provided.
29 GRUESOME OWL Attacks! 9:37 February 10, 2011 None provided.
30 AMAZING ASTEROID SOLUTIONS 101 9:52 February 11, 2011 None provided.
31 Super V-Day Pouch!! 9:58 February 14, 2011 Rhett and Link discuss grade school valentine's!
32 RHETT'S MOST EMBARRASSING MOMENT 9:20 February 15, 2011 Rhett shares his most embarrassing story!
33 LINKS MOST EMBARRASSING MOMENT 10:00 February 16, 2011 Link shares his most embarrassing story!
34 Our Freaky Flight 9:53 February 17, 2011 We have flight troubles.
35 Two BROKEN Femurs! 9:51 February 18, 2011 None provided.
36 Dog-Breath Test! 10:55 February 21, 2011 A canine tests for halitosis.
37 SAFARI TIME! 9:55 February 22, 2011 None provided.
38 THE OMEGA STORY 10:57 February 23, 2011 Rhett and Link discuss the Olds Omega.
39 OUR STUPID NEAR DEATH EXPERIENCE 11:41 February 25, 2011 None provided.
40 THE END OF CHIA LINCOLN 11:22 February 28, 2011 Rhett and Link say goodbye to Chia Lincoln

Good Mythical Morning, Season 1[edit]

On January 9, 2012, Rhett and Link launched "Good Mythical Morning" on their second channel. This show was very similar to "Good Morning Chia Lincoln" in most respects, but Chia Lincoln himself was replaced with a wheel called the "Wheel of Mythicality", which was spun (almost always by Link) at the end of each show and contained suggestions from fans for how they would end the show, usually with a brief improvised scene. GMM Season 1 ran for 129 episodes and aired its last episode on July 6, 2012.

Good Mythical Morning, Season 1 Episodes
Episode Title Length Upload Date Summary Mythical Wheel Ending Notes
1 Extremely OCD Morning Routine 11:10 January 9, 2012 Rhett & Link discuss morning routines. Rhett Impersonate Link
2 Strangest Name in History 10:54 January 10, 2012 Rhett & Link discuss the strangest name ever. Rhett and Link Howl Like Wolves

The name is "Beezow Doo-Doo Zopittybop-Bop-Bop"

3 Dog-Eating Plants 11:26 January 11, 2012 Rhett predicts the future of plants, towels, and big toes. Halftime Speech from Rhett
4 Chinese Hornets for Breakfast 11:35 January 12, 2012 Wild China, Granny on a zipline, eating hornets. Shoutout to Monaco
5 Best Candy Bar Ever 11:45 January 13, 2012 Best Candy Bar Ever! Soap Opera: Rhett Slap Link
6 Our Nasty Secret 12:14 January 16, 2012 Tonsil stones. Surgery. Link's Nana! Link Calls His Nana
7 How to Talk to Girls 13:35 January 17, 2012 Rhett & Link discuss their experience with "Miss Perfect." No ending (discussion of Stop Online Piracy Act blackout instead)
8 How to Choose a Ringtone 11:35 January 19, 2012 Rhett & Link discuss how to choose your ringtone. Rhett Beatbox, Link Dance
9 Best Animal Ever 11:04 January 20, 2012 Best Animal Ever! Eat Your Own Hair
10 Sleeping in Public 8:36 January 23, 2012 Link wakes up a sleeping dude in the park. Rhett Frog Link
11 Guy Robs Store with Infection 11:53 January 24, 2012 Put em up! I have a virus. Improv Ending Song
12 Killer Robots 10:28 January 25, 2012 Hand Gestures of the Future, Killer robots, and the Happy Birthday song. Red Face
13 Extreme Impulse Buying 11:40 January 26, 2012 None provided. Rhett and Link Act Like Cowboys
14 Best Facial Hair Ever 12:20 January 27, 2012 Best Facial Hair Ever! Link Interviews Rhett for a Job
15 Near-Death Experiences Every Day 10:33 January 30, 2012 Mountain climbing. Cavemen flying. Toddler punching. Link Frog Rhett
16 I Wear Women's Deodorant 11:35 January 31, 2012 Are you immune to your deodorant? Rhett Leaves Angry
17 How to Get the Girl this Valentine's Day 12:51 February 1, 2012 Link's Valentine's Day Advice for single guys. Rhett Thanks Teresa for Watching in a Radio Voice
18 Crisis! Multitasking Tweens 12:32 February 2, 2012 The Multitasking Tween Crisis! Zero Gravity
19 Best Cereal Ever 12:01 February 3, 2012 Best Cereal Ever! Alternating Words
20 The Dog Curse 12:43 February 6, 2012 Rhett is cursed around dogs. Shoutout to Librarians
21 Woman Robs Store w/ Curling Iron 11:43 February 7, 2012 Gimmie your tax money! I have a curling iron! Link Messes Up Rhett's Hair
22 My Epic Fail at Target 13:37 February 8, 2012 Accidents happen when hicks are amazed by anything! Hypnotist Link
23 Door-to-Door Danger 11:13 February 9, 2012 What happened when Rhett answered his door. Evil Laughs
24 Best Superhero Ever 14:12 February 10, 2012 Best Superhero Ever! Rhett is Hard of Hearing
25 Our Kids Gone Wild 12:54 February 13, 2012 Our wives put us in charge of the kids for the weekend. Rhett Ventriloquises Link
26 Our Romantic Exploits 14:16 February 14, 2012 How we won our wives on Valentine's Day. Motivational Speech
27 Never Make These Faces 13:04 February 15, 2012 Rhett saw a girl with a horrible facial expression. Interpretive Dance (Rhett)
28 My Crazy Massage Experience 13:31 February 16, 2012 It's time to talk about Rhett's massage experience. Tell Kids to do Homework and Chores
29 Best Board Game Ever 13:33 February 17, 2012 What is the Best Board Game Ever? Rhett Old Man Lawn Speech
30 Pregnant Woman Tackled on Beach 12:31 February 20, 2012 Link's pregnant wife got into an accident on the beach Link Slaps Rhett Silly
31 How to Buy Anything 12:59 February 21, 2012 How much research do you need to do before going to Bed Bath & Beyond? Award Show Acceptance Speech
32 Man Opens Plane Hatch for Baby 13:28 February 22, 2012 A man opens a plane hatch because of a baby! Induce Laugh Attack with Each Other
33 Birthday Fails 12:33 February 23, 2012 Link is still trying to forget his 9th birthday. Motivational Speech
34 Best Action Hero Ever 13:36 February 24, 2012 Who is the Best Action Hero Ever? Link Dies
35 My Jacket Got a Waiter Fired 13:39 February 27, 2012 Rhett's jacket made a waiter probably lose his job. Rhett and Link Are Cowboys
36 Link's Tricycle Accident 12:35 February 28, 2012 Link was in a tricycle accident at work. Sportscaster Ending
37 Idiot on a Construction Site 12:58 February 29, 2012 There's an idiot on a construction site, and this time it's Rhett. Link Tells Rhett a Bedtime Story
38 Experience Binaural Beats with Us 12:45 March 1, 2012 What are binaural beats? Shipwrecked on a Desert Island
39 Best Chips Ever 12:04 March 2, 2012 What are the best chips ever? Rhett Dies
40 How to Prepare for an Earthquake 12:56 March 5, 2012 Are you prepared for an earthquake? Teacher (Link) and Student (Rhett)
41 Man Caught Peeing on Google Street View 12:19 March 6, 2012 A man was caught on Google Street View, and so was Rhett! Link Leaves Sad
42 Weird People at the Farmer's Market 12:51 March 7, 2012 All the weird people hang out at the Hollywood Farmer's Market. Rhett Apologize to Link in Advance for Something
43 Bunny Wreaks Havoc at Kid's Park 11:55 March 8, 2012 Watch out for bunnies and pole dancers at the park. Interpretive Dance (Link)
44 Windshield Lasers and Ketchup Water 12:35 March 9, 2012 Mythical Perspectives 1 Link Impersonate Rhett
45 Dangerous Do-It-Yourself Restaurants 11:08 March 12, 2012 Any restaurant where you have to cook your own food is dangerous. Silent Movie
46 My Hair Song - Behind the Scenes 11:13 March 13, 2012 My Hair Song Behind the Scenes! Only Ask Questions
47 Our Bad Hairstyles 12:50 March 14, 2012 R & L share photos of all the hairstyles they've had. Famous Actor (Rhett) and Fan (Link)
48 Trust and Self Barbering 12:31 March 15, 2012 We practice self barbering because we have trust issues. Switch Places
49 Tarzan and the Milkman 13:38 March 16, 2012 Mythical Perspectives 2 Slow Motion Fight
50 Gun Range Mayhem 11:33 March 19, 2012 Rhett & Link went to the gun range! Rhett is Gandalf and Link is Frodo
51 The Secret Words of Happiness 12:15 March 20, 2012 Certain words can make you happy,and certain ones don't. High Note (Link) Low Note (Rhett)
52 Taxi Driver Finds $450,000 11:07 March 21, 2012 A Taxi Driver finds a nice surprise in his cab! Link is a Zombie
53 Making Sense of March Madness 13:16 March 22, 2012 Does being a fan of something make any sense?? Hero's Goodbye from Link
54 Toothpaste is Poisonous 12:18 March 23, 2012 Mythical Perspectives 3 Sad Face Happy Ending
55 Power Rangers Heal Boy 11:44 March 26, 2012 Power Rangers can heal and soothe kids. Sign Off as Sock Puppets
56 James Cameron Takes a Dive 13:00 March 27, 2012 James Cameron explores the bottom of the ocean! Rhett From the Future Has No Time to Explain
57 Squirrel Makes Woman Call 911 13:14 March 28, 2012 Animals inside our houses! Sing a Beatles Song While Holding Each Other's Noses
58 Bugs in Your Frappuccino 11:26 March 29, 2012 Rhett eats spiders. Link eats worms. Link Throws a Temper Tantrum
59 Side Effects of Reading Rainbow 13:46 March 31, 2012 Can reading too many books make you unfunny? Presidential Debate
60 Mr T and the Awesomeness of VHS 11:54 April 2, 2012 Remember the glory days of VHS and Mr. T? We do! Link Falls Asleep
61 Secret Tapes of Rhett & Link 12:42 April 3, 2012 Listen to cassette recordings of Rhett & Link when they were ten years old. Awkward Silence
62 My Hot Yoga Experience 13:01 April 4, 2012 Rhett tried Hot Yoga. Arm Wrestle
63 Miniature Horse Sighting 12:57 April 5, 2012 It's a mythical coincidence when you see a miniature horse and talk about a girl's boots. Police Interrogation (Rhett is the cop)
64 Fistbump vs Handshake 12:55 April 6, 2012 Fistbump vs Handshake? Which is better? Everything is Fascinating
65 How to Sleep Less and Do More 12:34 April 9, 2012 You can sleep less and do more! Link is James Bond, Rhett is a Villain
66 Snake on a Plane in Real Life 12:06 April 10, 2012 When you're flying a plane, watch out for snakes! Trapped
67 Our Dream House Explodes 12:11 April 11, 2012 Explosions can happen when you live in a small town. Rhett Gives Birth to a Baby Hippo
68 40 Crazy Brand Names 10:15 April 12, 2012 Did you know that a Band Aid is actually an adhesive strip? Meet Jason
69 Clowns: Good or Bad? 12:12 April 13, 2012 We settle the argument of Clowns: Good or Bad. Thumb Wrestle
70 Epic Sibling Rivalries with the Gregory Brothers 12:17 April 16, 2012 Special Guests: The Gregory Brothers. News Reporter (Rhett)
71 How the Tupac Hologram Works 12:27 April 17, 2012 How Tupac Shakur and other holograms perform at concerts! Call 911
72 25 Unforgettable Movie Quotes 13:01 April 18, 2012 Time to play the Greatest Movie Quotes of All Time Game. Voicemail Greeting
73 Our Funny Car Accidents 12:54 April 19, 2012 Rhett and Link once got a truck stuck on its side in a ditch. Blooper Reel
74 14 YRS Old and Legal to Drive?! 12:36 April 20, 2012 What should the legal driving age be? Rhett Does Dead Move on Link
75 Bottled Water is Bad 12:33 April 23, 2012 Find out why you shouldn't buy bottled water. Rhett Gives Link a Fatherly Lecture
76 How Brain Freeze Works 11:26 April 24, 2012 The mystery of how brain freeze works is solved! 7th Grade English Teacher Shoutout
77 One Direction Exposed 12:17 April 25, 2012 We know One Direction's weaknesses. Gibberish Translator
78 Awakened by Screams 12:07 April 26, 2012 Rhett finds a screaming woman outside his house at 4 AM. Telepathic Ending
79 Sunburn vs Poison Ivy 13:43 April 27, 2012 Which is worse? Sunburn vs Poison Ivy? Link Performs Brain Surgery
80 14 Shocking Hollywood Sign Facts 12:40 April 30, 2012 Did you know that the Hollywood sign didn't always say Hollywood? Link Smells Awful
81 Concert Fail Stories 12:00 May 1, 2012 Rhett & Link's epic concert fail stories. Rhett and Link at the Club
82 How to Get a Job or Date Without Speaking 12:17 May 2, 2012 Your body posture can determine whether you get hired or even get a date. Breath Hold Contest
83 Strange Street Dancing Woman 10:55 May 3, 2012 Rhett and Link danced with a woman in the street. Out-Compliment Each Other
84 Ice Cream vs Frozen Yogurt 12:45 May 4, 2012 Which is better? Ice Cream vs Frozen Yogurt? Rhett and Link Quit
85 Why Couples Look Alike 11:59 May 7, 2012 Why do couples look like they are brother and sister? Interpretive Dance (Rhett)
86 Squirrel Attacks My Son 12:32 May 8, 2012 Rhett's son was bitten by a squirrel! Uncomfortable Close-Up
87 Laugh Attack Workout 12:48 May 9, 2012 If you don't laugh when exercising, you're doing it wrong. Speech to Warriors
88 Epic Drawings from Grade School 12:25 May 10, 2012 Rhett's drawings on his iPad look like Link's art from elementary school. Explaining Eating (Link)
89 Best Video Game Ever? 11:34 May 11, 2012 What is the best video game ever? Shoutout to the Principality of Sealand
90 If I Were a Hermit . . . 12:38 May 14, 2012 Rhett thinks great things will happen if he lived alone like a hermit. Knights Fighting a Dragon
91 Avengers - Stuff You Didn't Know 11:33 May 15, 2012 No Spoilers! Test your knowledge of Avengers trivia with Rhett & Link. Summiting Mount Everest
92 How to Find Your Lost Phone 12:07 May 16, 2012 Link dropped his phone off a rollercoaster. Link is Godzilla
93 How to Survive Bear Attacks & Quicksand 13:21 May 17, 2012 Learn how to survive bears, quicksand, sharks and more! Rhett Shrinks and Link Grows
94 Best TV Theme Song Ever? 12:49 May 18, 2012 What is the best TV theme song ever? Dramatic Death Scene
95 Training Wheels Are Evil 10:07 May 21, 2012 Did you know that you're not supposed to use training wheels when learning to ride a bike? Trip to the Barber
96 2 Dudes Vandalize McDonalds Over Onions 13:01 May 22, 2012 2 Guys Throw Bricks at a McDonald's because they didn't get enough onions! Link Does Dead Move on Rhett
97 Dope Zebra: The Full Story 12:57 May 23, 2012 Learn the full story behind the Dope Zebra and LMFAO! Link is in Rhett's Airplane Seat
98 Embarrassing Teen Photos 10:43 May 24, 2012 We took some very strange and embarrassing pictures when we were 16. Prepare to Fight the Death Star
99 Best Superpower Ever? 13:02 May 25, 2012 What is the best superpower ever? Forget that We're Still Recording
100 The GMM Song - 100th Episode 14:23 May 28, 2012 A song to say thank you for 100 episodes. Meet Link's Imaginary Friend
101 Why Your Memories Are Wrong 13:11 May 29, 2012 Rhett performs yogurt therapy on Link. Cellmates
102 Secrets of Rub Some Bacon On It 11:31 May 30, 2012 Behind the Scenes of Rub Some Bacon On It! The Floor is Lava
103 Robot Fails 11:09 May 31, 2012 The robots of 2012 can't walk up stairs, and they have scary faces. FAIL. Rhett Defends Himself from a Black Bear (Link)
104 Best Toy Ever? 12:34 June 1, 2012 What is the best toy ever? Rhett is Caught in Quicksand
105 Confessions: Stuff We've Stolen 12:02 June 4, 2012 A man who steals Lego prompts us to reveal what we have stolen. Old West Gunfight
106 Gettin' Queasy 12:45 June 5, 2012 Link gets queasy very easily unless he is dreaming. Power Outage
107 Bigfoot: New Evidence 13:14 June 6, 2012 Shocking new evidence on Bigfoot! Rhett Gives Motivational Speech to Link's Adam's Apple
108 Best BBQ in Texas 13:37 June 7, 2012 We discuss BBQ in front of our first live studio audience! No Wheel, but live audience conducting Kreuz Market, Lockhart, Texas
109 20 Worst Tattoos Ever 12:57 June 8, 2012 People get a lot of stupid tattoos! We have pictures of them. (Imaginary Wheel) Show the Audience Your Tattoos True Blue Tattoo, Austin, Texas
110 Link's Fishing Accident (Rhett & Link Back Home) 12:40 June 11, 2012 We return home to North Carolina, and Link has already had a fishing accident! (Imaginary Wheel) Riding a Rollercoaster Harnett Central High School, Angier, North Carolina
111 High School Pranks 12:44 June 12, 2012 We pulled a lot pranks in school, including two speeches our high school will never forget. (Imaginary Wheel) Cheerleaders for the World's Worst Team Harnett Central High School, Angier, North Carolina
112 High School Sports Records 13:43 June 13, 2012 We still hold sports records at our high school! (Imaginary Wheel) Link Gets Amnesia Harnett Central High School, Angier, North Carolina
113 The Awkward Double Date 12:51 June 14, 2012 In high school, we went on the most awkward double date of all time. (Imaginary Wheel) Motorcyclists Terrorize a Small Town Harnett Central High School, Angier, North Carolina
114 Tipping Cows, Riding Pigs 12:56 June 15, 2012 We used to do a lot of strange things when we were bored in high school. (Imaginary Wheel) Pose for a Family Portrait Harnett Central High School, Angier, North Carolina
115 Panic Attack on a Plane 12:33 June 18, 2012 We encountered a panic attack on our plane ride back to LA. Two News Reporters in a Hurricane
116 How to Not Be Weird 10:56 June 19, 2012 Are you weird? We think we are. Speak Like Yoda
117 6 Crazy Thoughts 13:35 June 20, 2012 This is how we come up with our crazy thoughts, and how we wrote the Thoughtful Guy RAP. Shoutout to Uruguay
118 Don't Touch the Art! 12:41 June 21, 2012 Possessed Guards are everywhere at art museums. Teen with Headphones (Rhett) and Old Man (Link)
119 Best Music Video Ever? 13:18 June 22, 2012 What is the best music video ever? Dance Like You're Inside the Dope Zebra
120 Screwed Over on Craigslist 12:29 June 25, 2012 Link tried to buy something on Craigslist, but was screwed over! Become Siamese Twins
121 Adventures in Public Transportation 12:25 June 26, 2012 Rhett took his family on a bus ride . . . for fun. Plot to Kill the Cameraman
122 Bronies: The Controversy 13:14 June 27, 2012 Do you know what a Brony is? Is it a good idea for Link to become one? Turn into Mimes
123 Learning to Lucid Dream 13:28 June 28, 2012 Rhett tries lucid dreaming again, and he meets Michael Jordan. Sarcastic Ending
124 Best Cartoon Character Ever? 13:01 June 29, 2012 Who is the best cartoon character ever? Long Lost Relatives
125 How To Share a Hotel Bed 13:55 July 2, 2012 Live from Vidcon, we discuss all the times we had to share a hotel room. End the Episode at the Back of the Room VidCon 2012
126 Embarrassing Swimming Fail 12:30 July 3, 2012 Rhett went to the adult swim class and he was embarrassed. Strike Gold
127 Live Forever Online 13:04 July 4, 2012 You can make a virtual avatar of yourself online that will never die! North Carolina Representatives Ratify and Sign the Declaration of Independence
128 How to Wrangle Crazy Kids 12:03 July 5, 2012 When you babysit five kids at once, you have to become very creative to occupy their time. Backwards ABC Slap Hands
129 Best of GMM Season One 12:18 July 6, 2012 The best of Good Mythical Morning Season One! No ending (endless spin)

Longest Season to Date.

Good Mythical Morning, Season 2[edit]

The second season of Good Mythical Morning launched on August 6, 2012, again on the rhettandlink2 channel. The main differences between Season 1 and Season 2 were a different introduction and a few minor changes to the Mythical Wheel, which now had colored spots (red, blue, and black) under which were potential endings unknown to Rhett and Link but known to their cameraman, Jason Inman. GMM Season 2 ran for 83 episodes and aired its last episode on November 30, 2012.

Good Mythical Morning, Season 2 Episodes
Episode Title Length Upload Date Summary Mythical Wheel Ending Notes
130 Good Mythical Morning- Ep. 1 Season 2 13:46 August 6, 2012 We're back, it's season two, and we've been watching a lot of the Olympics. Link Fires Rhett
131 Freaky Shared Nightmare 12:19 August 7, 2012 Rhett and his wife had the same woman haunt their dreams. Intense Eyebrow Workout
132 200 YR Old Person? 13:19 August 8, 2012 Science says humans can now live over 200 years. So Rhett and Link make their 200 year plans. Rhett Arrests Link
133 Becoming a Crazy Parent 12:38 August 9, 2012 Rhett is really getting into watching his son's sporting events. Try to Get the Last Word
134 Why Bald is Better 11:48 August 10, 2012 A new study makes us question our hairstyles. Looking for Our Lost Cat Chocolate
135 How to Make Yourself Burp 11:36 August 13, 2012 Rhett teaches Link how to burp! Kung Fu Dubbing
136 Adventures in Running Out of Gas 11:23 August 14, 2012 We aren't very good at filling the car up with gas. How long till we run out? Rhett's Abrupt Exit
137 Rhett & Link's Musical History 13:04 August 15, 2012 The story of how we started playing music. Link Falls in a Very Deep Hole
138 Internet Crisis! 13:56 August 16, 2012 Link embarrassed himself in front of his children. GMM's 30-Year Anniversary
139 Gutless Wonders - A Rhett & Link Screenplay 12:20 August 17, 2012 We wrote this screenplay when we were 14. Enjoy a dramatic reading. Play Mercy Gutless Wonders Part 1
140 Hilarious Bowling Commercial 12:18 August 20, 2012 The strangest bowling commercial ever. Rhett Ignores Link
141 Staring Contest World Record 12:48 August 21, 2012 You will not believe how long one guy went without blinking. Attacked by a Hawk (while having a staring contest)
142 How Men Tip Waitresses 13:23 August 22, 2012 There's a secret thing that waitresses can do to get bigger tips from men. Stake the Same Claim
143 Top 27 Mispronounced Words 13:35 August 23, 2012 How many common words are you mispronouncing? Find out! Rewind through This Episode of GMM
144 Dog Dresses Himself - Gutless Wonders Part 2 12:10 August 24, 2012 There's a dog that can dress himself!?! We continue to read the screenplay we wrote when we were kids. 2 Romans Posing for Statues Gutless Wonders Part 2
145 How to Cure TMJ Disorder 13:23 August 27, 2012 Link recently woke up with incredible pain in his jaw. Learn how he cured it. Link Turns Rhett into Frankenstein
146 Pervasive Party Problem 12:10 August 28, 2012 There's a pervasive people party problem that Rhett wants to fix! Link is an Alien
147 Weird Mountain Biking Encounter 14:02 August 29, 2012 Link met an interesting and strange person while mountain biking. Attacked by an Eagle
148 Discrimination at Legoland 12:19 August 30, 2012 Rhett was discriminated on a ride at Legoland! UFO Landing
149 Moss Man Lives! - Gutless Wonders Part 3 12:21 August 31, 2012 There's a man made of moss that lives in our dreams! Animal Documentary (Link is the animal) Gutless Wonders Part 3
150 Heroic Traffic Rescue 12:26 September 3, 2012 Link rushed through traffic to save a man! Talk Shakespeare
151 Motorcycle Gang Fight with Chuck Testa 12:09 September 4, 2012 Chuck Testa has had a recurring dream for over 20 years. (Imaginary Wheel) Chuck and Rhett are Terrified of Link Every Time He Takes His Glasses Off Chuck Testa's Showroom, Ojai Valley, California
152 Tracking Down a Credit Card Thief 13:29 September 5, 2012 Someone stole Link's credit card! Treat Jason Like a Monster
153 How to Get Out of a Traffic Ticket 13:08 September 6, 2012 Learn the secret of getting out of a traffic ticket from Rhett. Link Accidentally Reveals He Is a Spy
154 High School Teacher Builds a Rocket! - Gutless Wonders Part 4 11:45 September 7, 2012 Our old high school teacher is building a rocket in his closet! Rhett Tries to Cheat Off Link's Tests Gutless Wonders Part 4
155 Here Comes Honey Boo Boo 13:02 September 10, 2012 Rhett was almost on Here Comes Honey Boo Boo. Learn his secret connection to the show. Crash-Land an Airplane
156 Guy Calls 911 About His Dreams 13:39 September 11, 2012 A man calls 911 because his dreams were becoming real. Scoutmaster Link Teaches Fire
157 Always Thinking About Girls 13:29 September 12, 2012 How often do you think about girls? Link Sneezes Uncontrollably
158 What Makes a Manly Man 12:24 September 13, 2012 How do we decide if a man is manly? Negate Each Other
159 Dog Stealing Hicks - Gutless Wonders Finale 10:03 September 14, 2012 Learn why Link's dog, Tucker disappeared! Link Lost His Phone Gutless Wonders Part 5 (Finale)
160 Leslie: Our First Girlfriend 13:08 September 17, 2012 Rhett and Link had the same first girlfriend. Her name was Leslie. Switch Bodies
161 Google's Bacon Number Controversy 12:22 September 18, 2012 Google's new Kevin Bacon Number algorithm is creating a controversy on the internet. Replaced as the Hosts of GMM
162 98 Year Old Message in a Bottle Found 12:57 September 19, 2012 A Scottish man holds the world record for finding the oldest message in a bottle. But what does it say? Fire Jason
163 Time Traveling Puppets!! 10:16 September 20, 2012 Puppet Rhett and Puppet Link embark on their first time traveling adventure. Blue Spot: Play at the Playground Time Rangerers Episode 1
164 How We Sang All Night Long 12:13 September 21, 2012 Learn every detail behind the making of our Singing All Night Long Literally video! Black Spot: Water Gun Fight
165 Calling My First Girlfriend 13:57 September 24, 2012 Link had a tough time calling his girlfriend in middle school. Blue Spot: Hug a Stranger
166 How to Make Someone Sound Like an Idiot 11:52 September 25, 2012 Learn the scientific secret to make someone talk like an idiot. Rhett Realizes He's Dreaming
167 Psychopath Smell Test 12:53 September 26, 2012 A new study proves that if you can't smell well, you're a psychopath. Rhett is an Overprotective Parent
168 iPhone of the Future 9:59 September 27, 2012 The iPhone of the future is discovered by Puppet Rhett & Link. Earthquake Time Rangerers Episode 2
169 Middle Schoolers Should Not Date 12:58 September 28, 2012 Weigh in on this heated discussion. Win the Lottery
170 Team Mythical Beast! (Supernote 2012) 11:48 October 1, 2012 Join the quest to sing the internet's longest continuous note! Link Vanishes
171 3 Horrible Pranks 13:42 October 2, 2012 When we prank someone, we go too far. Indecisive Burglars
172 Cute Kittens Make You Smarter 12:46 October 3, 2012 Looking at cute pictures of baby animals can improve your life! Act Like Cats
173 Gladiators VS Puppets 11:49 October 4, 2012 Puppet Rhett and Puppet Link fight the gladiators of ancient Rome! Dance Gangnam Style Time Rangerers Episode 3
174 Spanking a 14 Year Old 12:57 October 5, 2012 When Rhett was 14, he got spanked by his father. Drill Sergeant Rhett Yells at Private Link
175 Camping Trip Disaster 13:58 October 8, 2012 A 1992 Ford Bronco caused Rhett & Link's camping trip to be a disaster. More Interpretive Dancing (Link)
176 Are You Addicted to Your Cell Phone? 13:25 October 9, 2012 How long can you go without touching your cell phone? Pro Wrestler Rant
177 How Not to Buy a Car on Craigslist 12:51 October 10, 2012 Rhett had a crazy time trying to buy a car on Craigslist. Black Spot: Taser Each Other
178 Puppet-Eating Dinosaurs 12:16 October 11, 2012 Puppet Rhett & Link fight dinosaurs! Rhett is Sure He Can Fly Time Rangerers Episode 4
179 Embarrassing Security Blankets 12:45 October 12, 2012 Rhett & Link reveal their secret childhood security blankets. Rhett Confesses Items Stolen from Link
180 How to Catch a Fly in Your Hand 12:18 October 15, 2012 Rhett teaches the secret method to grabbing a fly in midair. Rhett First Learns About the Internet
181 What Age is Too Young to be Left Alone? 13:20 October 16, 2012 How old should a kid be before you can leave him home alone? Rhett Takes Link's Seat
182 Worst Prank Call Ever 13:17 October 17, 2012 Rhett & Link made the worst prank call of all time when they were kids. Sentimental Slow Zoom
183 Best Birthday Card Ever 13:31 October 18, 2012 Rhett got the greatest birthday card ever in the mail. Link Gets a Call about the Zombie Apocalypse Time Rangerers Episode 5
184 Unsolved Cat Mystery 12:59 October 19, 2012 Rhett tries to solve a mystery involving a cat. Link is Moving into the Studio
185 Why You Hate the Sound of Your Own Voice 12:26 October 22, 2012 Why do we all hate the way our voice sounds on recordings? Shoutout to Denmark
186 Batman Arrested 10:49 October 23, 2012 Batman was arrested by the police! Rhett is an Amateur Dentist
187 25 Worst Halloween Costumes Ever! 11:05 October 24, 2012 Want to see the worst Halloween costumes ever? Interpretive Dance (Rhett)
188 Bacon Outlawed! 11:20 October 25, 2012 Puppet Rhett & Link can't find bacon after they screwed up the past! A Wild Monkey is Loose in the Studio Time Rangerers Episode 6
189 15 Prison Slang Words You Must Know 11:16 October 26, 2012 If you want to sound tough in prison, you have to know the prison slang. Rhett and Link are Glued to Chairs
190 Mobile Home Dorm Room 11:57 October 29, 2012 A high school kid built his own dorm room, and its on wheels! Link Knows Something Rhett Doesn't
191 Craigslist Paranoia 12:54 October 30, 2012 Rhett thought he was going to be murdered the last time he bought something off Craigslist. Link Picks Rhett's Pocket
192 The Spookiest Story Ever Told 13:04 October 31, 2012 Are you ready for the spookiest story you will ever hear in your life? Rhett and Link Exchange Gifts Sleep Tight monster costume
193 Bacon Bandages 11:11 November 1, 2012 Did you know there were bacon bandages? Lamest Ending Ever Time Rangerers Episode 7
194 Top Ten Moustaches of All Time 12:40 November 2, 2012 What are the best moustaches of all time? Become Overly Emotional About Everything
195 Supernote 2012 WINNERS! 11:37 November 5, 2012 Supernote 2012 Winner Announced! No Wheel (because there is no Link) Link's parts were pre-filmed
196 How to Survive the Apocalypse with Chuck Testa 12:58 November 6, 2012 Chuck Testa helps Rhett plan for the apocalypse. Foiled Birthday Surprise Chuck Testa guest hosts in place of Link
197 I Hate Vomiting with Joe Bereta 12:00 November 7, 2012 Joe Bereta and Rhett reveal their hatred of vomiting. Abrupt Ending Joe Bereta guest hosts in place of Link
198 Rhett's Kids Open Mail 14:37 November 8, 2012 Rhett's kids join him for a very special edition of Thursday Means Mail. Plus Time Rangerers! Link (Locke and Shepherd) Wakes Up After One Million Years Locke and Shepherd guest host. Time Rangerers Episode 8
199 James Bond 007 - Stuff You Didn't Know 13:04 November 9, 2012 15 fun facts about James Bond. Black Spot: Pushup Contest
200 Best YouTube Comments Ever - GMM 200! 12:49 November 12, 2012 We read the greatest YouTube comments we have ever received in GMM History. Realize that the Camera Wasn't Turned On
201 Thermostat Wars 12:20 November 13, 2012 Link is fighting with his family over what temperature the thermostat should be set on. Rhett is the New GMM Intern
202 Crazy Sleep Devices 11:47 November 14, 2012 The craziest devices ever invented to help you sleep. If Link Stops Talking He Will Explode
203 Mona Lisa Vandalized! 12:47 November 15, 2012 The Time Rangerers changed the Mona Lisa and Leonardo Da Vinci is mad! Rhett Gets Short-Term Memory Loss Time Rangerers Episode 9
204 THIS is Chicken?!? 13:01 November 16, 2012 A restaurant in Hollywood serves fried chicken that actually isn't chicken. Blue Spot: Write Letters to Each Other
205 Public Restroom Hotel Room 11:10 November 19, 2012 There's a hotel room in Japan that's inside a public bathroom. Rhett Loses His Mind
206 The Last Twinkie on Earth 12:09 November 20, 2012 Link has never eaten a Twinkie, and now that Hostess is bankrupt, he never will. Rhett is a Bull, Link is a Toreador
207 Does Turkey Make You Sleepy? 12:45 November 21, 2012 Will turkey make you sleepy and more fun Thanksgiving facts. Link Knows Something Rhett Doesn't
208 The First Thanksgiving 12:56 November 22, 2012 Travel through time to the very first Thanksgiving! Link Reveals His Biggest Secret Time Rangerers Episode 10
209 Why is Black Friday Called Black Friday? 12:27 November 23, 2012 When did Black Friday start, and why do we dislike it so much? Interpretive Dance (Link)
210 Do Furbies Really Learn? 13:35 November 26, 2012 Furbies are back! But can they really learn and record what you say? Camera Tilts Up, Stay in Frame
211 Why Fire Ants are Amazing 12:16 November 27, 2012 Fire Ants can survive almost anything, and that's why they should die! Link Turns Into a Cow
212 Preparing for The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey 12:45 November 28, 2012 Are you ready for The Hobbit? Smell Each Other's Shoes
213 The Big Bang 12:58 November 29, 2012 Puppet Rhett and Puppet Link travel to the beginning of time!! Plus, we open mail! Rhett is Afraid of Heights Whilst Standing Time Rangerers Episode 11
214 Precious Moments (of GMM Season 2) 13:37 November 30, 2012 The funniest moments of Rhett & Link in Season 2. Red Spot: Get Yogurt

Good Mythical Morning, Season 3[edit]

The third season of Good Mythical Morning aired its first episode January 14, 2013 with a Mythical Wheel that now had spots for "Rhett's Choice" and "Link's Choice" as well as a black spot similar to Season 2. GMM Season 3 ran for 60 episodes and aired its last episode on April 5, 2013.

Good Mythical Morning, Season 3 Episodes
Episode Title Length Upload Date Summary Mythical Wheel Ending Notes
215 Beards and Vests (GMM Season 3!) 13:55 January 14, 2013 Rhett's beard is out of control, and Link is obsessed with his vest! It's GMM Season 3! Link Starts Rumors About Rhett
216 How to Turn Your Furby Evil 12:15 January 15, 2013 Learn the secret of how to make your Furby evil and rude! Plus see other gifts Rhett & Link have gotten recently. Ants in Link's Pants
217 Link's Boneheaded Car Accident 17:15 January 16, 2013 Link damaged his father-in-law's car in the stupidest way possible. Just Finished a Marathon
218 Waffles are Better than Pancakes 13:17 January 17, 2013 We settle the waffle/pancake argument! Record a Voicemail Greeting
219 Name These Celebrities Game 12:11 January 18, 2013 If you can recognize all these pictures of celebrities as kids, you might be a super recognizer! Rhett Discovers Jason for the First Time
220 The Greatest Place on Earth . . . 12:52 January 21, 2013 It's a land of no stop signs, ice cream, and musical trash trucks. Talk Only in Third Person
221 Top Ten Workout Songs (2 Guys 2 Weights) 10:21 January 22, 2013 What has been chosen as the best workout songs? Rhett has Acquired a Pet Link
222 14 Words the English Language Needs 14:29 January 23, 2013 We won't tartle before we cafune you! Just let us introduce some words you need to know. Discover You Are the Last 2 People on Earth
223 Are Eyebrows Facial Hair? 13:41 January 24, 2013 We see what we look like without eyebrows, and settle the White or Black iPhone argument. Link's Choice: Rhett Cleans Link's Ears
224 10 Weird Ways to Live Longer Game 12:10 January 25, 2013 10 unexpected things that will extend your life. Link Discovers Rhett is a Falcon
225 4 Year Old Walks Into a Bar 13:41 January 28, 2013 Rhett's four year old son walked into a bar and ordered a drink! Teenagers Who Only Talk While Texting Link wears a bow tie
226 Dining with William Shatner and Predicting the Future 12:21 January 29, 2013 Rhett's dinner with William Shatner inspires him to discuss the technology of the future. Rhett Color Commentates Link
227 Pizza Thief: The Musical 13:17 January 30, 2013 Rhett & Link reenact the robbery of a Papa Johns as a musical. Shoutout to Florida First Newsical
228 Peanut Butter VS Nutella 13:50 January 31, 2013 Rhett and Link settle the Nutella versus Peanut Butter debate with a taste test plus respond to your Facebook and Twitter posts. Rhett Copies Link
229 What is Groundhog Day? 14:45 February 1, 2013 What's the story behind Groundhog Day? Is it more than a Bill Murray movie? Link Disciplines Rhett Like a Child
230 15 Top Super Bowl Commercials of 2013 13:32 February 4, 2013 Watch the Top 15 Commercials of Super Bowl 2013! Rhett's Choice: Link Gives Rhett a Piggyback Ride
231 Killing Rhett's Beard 13:04 February 5, 2013 Watch Rhett say goodbye to his big, bushy beard. Black Spot: Slap Each Other in the Face Rhett's beard reaches peak bushiness
232 Killer Cats 13:15 February 6, 2013 Cats have caused billions of deaths according to a new study. Rhett Can't Stand Link's Haircut
233 The Rhett and Link Pinball Machine 13:44 February 7, 2013 Someone made a Rhett and Link pinball machine, a rubber band gun fight, and the mythical mail boulder grows! Link Reads Rhett's Eulogy when Rhett Shows Up Alive
234 Walmart Taste Test: The Game 13:36 February 8, 2013 Rhett & Link battle to see whose taste buds can identify the name brand food versus the Wal-Mart brand. Interpretive Dance (Link)
235 The Burger King Funeral 12:09 February 11, 2013 Rhett and Link make sure their funerals have R. Kelly singing and plenty of cardboard cutouts. Rhett Asks Link to Help Build a Moat
236 Food Court Nightmare 13:01 February 12, 2013 Rhett had a horrible experience in a mall food court. Rhett Announces He's Leaving GMM for a New Career
237 How to Pick the Perfect Valentine's Day Card 12:00 February 13, 2013 Rhett and Link have a winning strategy for picking the perfect card for your special someone. Link Forgets What He's Saying Every Time He Blinks
238 Bacon Soda?!? 12:28 February 14, 2013 Did you know you could drink bacon in a liquid form? Plus other things we got in the mail! Rhett Discovers Link is an Android and Must Disassemble Him
239 Eating a Pizza in Less Than 60 Seconds 12:18 February 15, 2013 Link challenges Rhett to eat a pizza in less than 60 seconds. Can Rhett do it? Groom Each Other Like Monkeys
240 Unbelievable Facts About Every US President 12:01 February 18, 2013 Rhett challenges Link to a US Presidents trivia challenge to determine who will be sworn in as President of Good Mythical Morning. Shoutout to South Korea
241 Unisex Bathroom Experience 12:33 February 19, 2013 Rhett & Link experienced a bathroom with women in it. Dramatic Death Scene (Link kills Rhett)
242 Harlem Shake Roundup 12:01 February 20, 2013 What started the Harlem Shake, and should it stop? No Spin (Harlem Shake)
243 Rhett & Link Eat Insects 12:15 February 21, 2013 Rhett & Link dine on worms and crickets as they open mail. Link Thinks the Microphone is Alive
244 10 Brainteasers to Test Your Mental Sharpness 10:45 February 22, 2013 These ten questions will determine whether or not Rhett can be called "smart." You're In a Photobooth
245 Rhett & Link are Moving 12:18 February 25, 2013 We're moving! Want to know where we are going? Rhett's Choice: Link Talking on the Phone with a Cable Provider so We Can Get Internet
246 Our New Studio 12:43 February 26, 2013 Get a tour of our new studio and all it's toilets! Argue For No Reason New studio
247 Curse Words for Kids 11:44 February 27, 2013 What curse words should kids be allowed to say? Pretend You Are Amazing Bodybuilders
248 IKEA Horse Meatballs 14:34 February 28, 2013 Would you eat a horse meatball from IKEA? Link's Choice: Sing a Song About How Awesome I Am
249 Best Movie Theme Songs Ever (Game) 12:46 March 1, 2013 Link hums the greatest film theme songs of all time, and Rhett has to guess what they are. Play at home! Silent Movie
250 Driving Too Slow Should Be Illegal 12:27 March 4, 2013 A new law could make it illegal to drive slow in the left lane! Rhett Performs Surgery on Link
251 Impersonating a Deputy For Months To Impress Your Girlfriend 11:37 March 5, 2013 A man pretended for months to be a Sheriff's Deputy to impress his girlfriend. Why? Rhett Faints and Link Freaks Out About It
252 Awesome Bird Magician 12:26 March 6, 2013 Last night, a magician split a bird into two birds right before our eyes! Rhett is a Werewolf
253 Best Smell in the World 13:12 March 7, 2013 What is the best smell in the world? Waiting for Someone Who Never Shows
254 The Super Word Game of Abbreviations 12:32 March 8, 2013 Rhett tests Link on his knowledge of words that are short for something. Play along at home. Dinosaurs at the End of Your Life
255 Rhett's Remarkable Dream 10:27 March 11, 2013 Rhett describes the most amazing dream he's ever had as an adult. Plus a nightmare involving The Price Is Right and Bob Barker. Rhett is Link's Coach for a Marathon
256 Addicted to GPS 11:31 March 12, 2013 Link almost got stranded somewhere because he didn't know where he was. Could he be addicted to using his GPS? Shoutout to Oregon
257 Could We Survive an Alien Invasion? 13:42 March 13, 2013 Are there aliens out there and what should we do if they show up? Serious Ending
258 Worst Feeling Ever 12:49 March 14, 2013 What is the worst feeling ever? Plus we answer more of your questions from Facebook and Twitter. Rhett Starts Talking to His Beard
259 12 Weird Headlines from KY 11:08 March 15, 2013 Is Kentucky the weirdest state ever or the most awesome? Link Thinks He's Invisible
260 The Most Amazing Optical Illusions on the Internet 10:56 March 18, 2013 Your mind will explode when we show you all the best optical illusions on the internet. Serious Discussion about Butterflies
261 Weird Celebrities's Kids' Names 12:32 March 19, 2013 Did you know there is a celebrity that named their kid Moon Base? Black Spot: Hug a Stranger
262 How to Spend a Million Dollars 12:40 March 20, 2013 If someone gave you one million dollars, how would you spend it? Thumb War
263 Best Year to Time Travel To 14:24 March 21, 2013 If you had a time machine, what year would you go to? Plus we open more of your mail! Blue Spot: Have Milk and Cookies
264 Rhett's Severe Injury 12:34 March 22, 2013 Rhett is undergoing some extreme suffering. How did it happen? Link's Choice: Rhett Massages Link
265 Matching Music to Your Mood 13:17 March 25, 2013 A pair of headphones can now match your music to your mood. We think we can do better. Angry Customers at a Restaurant
266 Man Never Has to Eat Food Again 11:53 March 26, 2013 An Atlanta man has figured out the secret to never eating food ever again. Link Invents the Pancake
267 Amazing Kickstarter: The Drutter 14:15 March 27, 2013 We found the most startling and amazing campaign on Kickstarter, The Drutter. Yell Random Words at Each Other
268 Link's Crotch is on Fire 13:11 March 28, 2013 Link likes to set his crotch on fire with his new friends. Plus other secrets and mail! Rhett Takes Link's Lunch Order and Keeps Getting it Wrong
269 Best Cartoon Theme Songs Ever (Game) 13:14 March 29, 2013 Rhett hums the greatest cartoon theme songs of all time, and Link has to guess what they are. Play at home! Rhett Gradually Pushes Link Out of Frame
270 10 Greatest April Fools Pranks of all Time 12:19 April 1, 2013 Rhett tries to guess what were the greatest April Fools tricks of all time. Or will he? April Fools! Rock Paper Scissors to the Death
271 Big Announcement: Our New Show 14:35 April 2, 2013 Rhett and Link have an important announcement that will change the internet forever! Meet at Your High School Reunion and Don't Remember Each Other
272 10 Most Awesome World Records 12:53 April 3, 2013 What does a 4 foot tall dog and a man who throws appliances have in common? They're both world record holders. Rhett and Link Get Superpowers
273 The Barry White Microphone 13:23 April 4, 2013 Rhett and Link discover the greatest microphone ever. Link Becomes Allergic to His Glasses
274 Good Mythical Morning Trivia Game 13:45 April 5, 2013 Rhett and Link answer trivia questions about their own show! The loser gets a pie in the face. Play at home! Tell Rhett His Pet Ran Away

Good Mythical Morning, Season 4[edit]

The fourth season of Good Mythical Morning aired its first episode on September 3, 2013, and its last episode on December 20, 2013, for a total of 80 episodes. For GMM Season 4, the episodes on YouTube were slightly shorter than previous seasons and each episode had a bonus "Good Mythical More" video that was posted on the duo's website that contained a few more minutes of more casual content. The ending was now determined by the "Mega Wheel of Mythicality", initially introduced on "The Mythical Show", which was larger than the previous wheel, had improved weight distribution, fewer spaces, and no colored or hidden slots.

Good Mythical Morning, Season 4 Episodes
Episode Title Length Upload Date Summary Mythical Wheel Ending Notes
275 Back to School 8:29 September 3, 2013 "First day of school" pictures! Soap Opera Ending
276 NASA Sends Poetry to Martians 9:32 September 4, 2013 We read the Top 5 Haiku for Mars. Hug Each Other to Death
277 5 Tips for Freshmen 9:02 September 5, 2013 5 tips to survive college! Shoutout to Japan
278 The Spicy Food Challenge 9:59 September 6, 2013 Watch us eat a habanero pepper! Only Talk in Hashtags
279 9 Fictional Pets That Should Be Real 9:17 September 9, 2013 We want Scooby Doo to be real! Plan a Fancy Dinner Party
280 Why Are Things Funny? 9:28 September 10, 2013 Learn the theories of why we laugh! Rhett's Left Hand is Trying to Kill Link
281 Spitting in Someone's Mouth 9:27 September 11, 2013 Has someone's spit flown into your mouth? The Longest Handshake Ever
282 How to Stop Procrastinating 9:30 September 12, 2013 Learn the secrets of being productive! Rhett and Link Become Helicopters
283 Ultimate Noodle Showdown 10:37 September 12, 2013 It is time to determine the best noodle in the world! Bug Loose in the Studio
284 Link's Epic Mountain Bike FAIL 9:57 September 16, 2013 See footage of Link's mountain bike FAIL. Rhett Mirrors Link
285 The Perfect Crime 9:53 September 17, 2013 Hear about some incredibly smart criminals. Game Show Hosts
286 3 Easy Eye Exercises 10:11 September 18, 2013 Forget biceps, its time to exercise your eyes! Shoutout to North Dakota
287 How to Stop Hitting the Snooze Button 10:34 September 19, 2013 We have a solution to keep you awake! Shark Attack
288 8 Groups You Won't Believe Exist 10:12 September 20, 2013 Want to join some weird groups with us? Rhett is Paranoid that Link is Going to Get Naked
289 The Best Pencil Ever Made 10:06 September 23, 2013 There is a pencil so amazing that someone was buried with it! A Love Letter to Muffins
290 The Secret of Will Rogers 10:15 September 24, 2013 There's a secret connection between Will Rogers and Beans. You're on the Titanic
291 Is This Art? 9:57 September 25, 2013 You will not believe these pictures of what passes for art now. Link Has Extreme Mood Swings
292 How to Save Money 9:56 September 26, 2013 Sticks and stones can help you save money. Link Forgets How to Speak English
293 Name That Siren Game 9:59 September 27, 2013 Can you tell the difference between a police car or a firetruck siren? let's find out. Going Through a Carwash and Your Windows Won't Roll Up
294 How To Implant False Memories 9:40 September 30, 2013 Scientists have figured out a way to create false memories in the brain. Rhett Got a Gig on Another Morning Show
295 Hot Coffee Lawsuit 9:57 October 1, 2013 Sometimes lawsuits are about coffee and pants. Link Draws a Portrait of Rhett
296 The Butt Touch 10:03 October 2, 2013 Let's discuss the controversial "butt touch" technique. Rhett Runs Away
297 When You Run Out of Toilet Paper 9:48 October 3, 2013 What do you do if you run out of toilet paper in a strangers bathroom?!? Silent Treatment
298 NERD vs GEEK: How to Tell the Difference 10:11 October 4, 2013 Do you know the difference between a Nerd and a Geek? Rhett is Shrinking and Link is Growing
299 5 Jobs That Will Exist in the Future 10:14 October 7, 2013 These jobs don't exist yet. But they will . . . in the FUTURE! Awkward Elevator Situation
300 Taste Tripping Pill Test 10:24 October 8, 2013 There's a pill that can change the way you taste things! Discover You Are Long-Lost Twins
301 6 Legal Things That Should Be Illegal 10:19 October 9, 2013 We've decided that if you do any of these things, you should be arrested! Rhett is Link's Pillow and It Becomes Alive
302 Overcoming Shyness 10:13 October 10, 2013 We can help you overcome your shyness! Let's get you out of your house and order a pizza. Link Loses His Mind and Thinks Rhett's Name is Johnny
303 Happy Birthday Rhett! 10:55 October 11, 2013 It's time for Rhett to open his birthday gifts. Link is Rhett's Fairy Godmother
304 Real Life Buried Treasure 10:57 October 14, 2013 There's 5 million dollars buried in the Rocky Mountains, and we're going to find it. Evil Villain Monologue
305 Rhett's Amazing Dream 10:52 October 15, 2013 You won't believe the dream Rhett had last night. Talk in Third Person
306 My Surfing Accident 10:30 October 16, 2013 Rhett had an accident while surfing. Can you guess what he injured? Caught in Sharknado
307 How to Stay Awake in Class 10:14 October 17, 2013 Learn the secret to staying awake in school. Rhett Gets a Great Idea and Link Tries to Take It AXE Challenge 1
308 Awkward Photos on Cereal Boxes 10:28 October 18, 2013 Have you seen the cereal box where awkward people stare at you? We have. Link is a Lifeguard, Rhett Can't Swim
309 Introducing the Big Mac & Cheese 10:56 October 21, 2013 We've invented two amazing Fast Food hacks. Interpretive Dance (Link)
310 We Declare a #HASHTAG WAR! 12:58 October 22, 2013 Time for WAR as we fight for exclusive rights to the hashtag #GMM! Debate Apples Versus Oranges
311 #HASHTAG War Goes Nuclear 10:35 October 23, 2013 The fight heats up as Good Morning Memphis and Good Morning Maryland respond! The #HASHTAG War continues! Late for School
312 Making a Dog Yawn 10:29 October 24, 2013 What will it take to make a dog yawn? Greatest Bedtime Story Ever Told AXE Challenge 2
313 What is ASMR? 10:49 October 25, 2013 Have you ever experienced an ASMR video? Well, get ready! Link Tells Rhett He Has Six Months to Live
314 Living in a Real Haunted House 10:40 October 28, 2013 Could you live in a house that you knew people were murdered in? RHETT
315 The Ghost Pepper Challenge 10:42 October 29, 2013 You won't believe how much two men squirm after eating a ghost pepper. Rhett and Link Suddenly Hate Air
316 Redneck Theme Park 11:31 October 30, 2013 Would you visit a theme park based on Rabbit Lightning? Rhett Turns Into a Werewolf Rabbit Lightning Guest Hosts
317 The Scariest Story Ever Told 10:05 October 31, 2013 Happy Halloween! Let us tell you the scariest story of all time! Rhett Tries to Put Link in a Trashcan Sleep Tight Monster Costume, AXE Challenge 3
318 #HASHTAG War Victory!! 10:56 November 1, 2013 We forced Memphis and Maryland to surrender! Hear the details! The Greatest Ending Ever
319 News Musical: Wedding Fail 10:25 November 4, 2013 It's time for a NEWSICAL about a forgetful groom and his wedding. Rhett and Link Dine and Dash
320 5 Weirdest Sites on the Internet 10:19 November 5, 2013 Join us for a tour of the weirdest sites on the internet. Awkward Arm Wrestle
321 The Toilet Restaurant 10:16 November 6, 2013 We went to a restaurant to eat out of their toilets. Rhett and Link are In a Horror Movie
322 Unique Names vs Common Names 10:07 November 7, 2013 How to name a baby! And feet pizza?? Rhett Can't Stop Singing Like a Mariachi AXE Challenge 4
323 Draw Your Mind Map 10:49 November 8, 2013 Let us show you the way to draw a map that will unlock your life and mind! GMM 323! Rhett Teaches Link to Ballroom Dance
324 6 Unbelievable Body Modifications 10:43 November 11, 2013 You won't believe these 6 ways that people modify their bodies. Link Secretly Tries to Eat Rhett
325 The Family Torture Device 11:18 November 12, 2013 Link discovered the worst thing you can ever do with your family. Rhett Thinks He is Hawkman
326 Why Wednesday is the Best Day of the Week 9:37 November 13, 2013 You will believe Wednesday is the best day of the week after watching this. Link is Rhett's Favorite Celebrity
327 Does Blowing Your Nose Make a Cold Worse? 10:35 November 14, 2013 You should never blow your nose! We'll tell you why. Link Discovers the Meaning of Life and then Forgets It AXE Challenge 5
328 6 Ridiculous Broccoli Commercials 10:17 November 15, 2013 You will like broccoli because you watched these ridiculous ads. Link Forgets Rhett's Name
329 5 Sports You've Never Heard Of 9:35 November 18, 2013 We found 5 sports that we bet you've never seen. The Shakespearean Ending
330 The Last Person to See Gravity 14:54 November 19, 2013 Do you ever get tired of people telling you that you have to see the latest movie? Brainstorm Rhett & Link Duo Replacement Names Good Mythical More included in main episode
331 Shipfaced 10:17 November 20, 2013 People on TUMBLR don't ship us. They shipface us! We got pictures. Link Goes to Rhett's Hair Salon
332 Tips for Avoiding Awkward Silences 10:06 November 21, 2013 How to stop letting awkward silences destroy your conversations. Link has to Tell Rhett he has a Booger Without Saying It AXE Challenge 6
333 You Can Start Your Own Country 11:11 November 22, 2013 It's Start Your Own Country Day, so we started one! Rhett & Link Admit They Are Imposters
334 10 Amazing Animal Disguises (w/ video) 10:19 November 25, 2013 The most amazing animal camouflage in the world! Cowboys Eating Beans Around a Campfire
335 Awkward Rock Climber 10:28 November 26, 2013 Rhett had an adventure in rock climbing. Link is a Fancy Chef
336 8 Ways to Spot a Liar 10:59 November 27, 2013 Everybody lies, and we've got 8 tips to help you catch them. Rhett & Link Become Allergic to Each Other
337 Cat Hair Thanksgiving Dinner 11:44 November 28, 2013 Answering advice for your Thanksgiving activities! Happy Thanksgiving! Have a Naming Ceremony for Rhett's Beard AXE Challenge 7
338 The Movie Setting Game 11:36 November 29, 2013 Can you guess the settings of these famous movies? Link Gives Rhett a Speeding Ticket
339 6 Ways the World Could End 12:26 December 2, 2013 The world is going to end, and we're going to tell you how. Rhett Hosts an Infomercial that Link Doesn't Know He's On
340 Essential Items for the Apocalypse 10:42 December 3, 2013 Rhett is going to tell you all the items you need to buy to survive the Apocalypse! Rhett & Link Join the Fashion Police
341 15 Words For Things You Didn't Know Had Names 11:00 December 4, 2013 You see these things everyday, but you don't know what they're actually called. Rhett is Link's Hard of Hearing Grandpa
342 When You Forget to Put on Deodorant... 10:31 December 5, 2013 Here's what to do if you forget to put on deodorant plus other advice! Rhett and Link Switch Bodies AXE Challenge 8
343 Deconstructing the McRib 10:26 December 6, 2013 The McRib is back! But where did it come from? Rhett Finds Buried Treasure and Won't Show Link
344 The 6 Weirdest Christmas Traditions on Earth 10:05 December 9, 2013 You're not celebrating Christmas right unless you're using a Poop Log! Link Thinks Rhett is a Stray Cat Link wears a bow tie
345 When You Meet a Celebrity... 10:40 December 10, 2013 Link saw a celebrity in a burger place. Was he right to do what he did? Rhett Sees Bigfoot in the Studio
346 The Strangest Candy on Earth 9:46 December 11, 2013 We're going to taste test some of the strangest candy in the world. Cavemen Fascinated By Camera
347 Wrapping a Cat for Christmas 10:30 December 12, 2013 How to wrap your kitten for Christmas! Plus a Christmas Smoothie Challenge! You Both Don't Recognize Each Other AXE Challenge 9
348 2 Inappropriate Christmas Carols 11:15 December 13, 2013 Our kids wrote some very inappropriate Christmas Carols. Rhett Plays Link Like a Guitar
349 Why is Santa Fat? 11:05 December 16, 2013 Where did the legend of a fat Santa Claus come from? Lost at Sea
350 "NeverWet" Our Pants 11:43 December 17, 2013 We covered our pants and some strange things in NeverWet. Rhett Teaches Link to Grow a Beard
351 Meeting Our Hero 17:16 December 18, 2013 We finally met our hero from childhood. Rhett Is Old Link From the Future Here to Warn Link Longest Episode to Date
352 The Perfect Free Christmas Gift 13:59 December 19, 2013 Chuck Testa stops by to tell us about the perfect free Xmas gift. Rhett Announces that He Is Running for President AXE Challenge 10
353 Rhett & Link Get Waxed 13:32 December 20, 2013 Who wants to see some grown men screaming while getting their chest's waxed? Endless Spin (end of GMM Season 4)

Good Mythical Morning, Season 5[edit]

The fifth season of Good Mythical Morning premiered on January 8, 2014 and ended July 4, 2014 for a total of 127 episodes. For GMM Season 5, the additional Good Mythical More content is on a separate YouTube channel, rhettandlink3, instead of the duo's website.

Good Mythical Morning, Season 5 Episodes
Episode Title Length Upload Date Summary Mythical Wheel Ending Notes
354 The Battery Powered Gift Card 12:00 January 8, 2014 We figured out the perfect way to make gift cards more fun for adults! Rhett Gets Into Link's Taxi
355 Future You vs. Past You 11:15 January 9, 2014 We tell you how to you can keep your New Years Resolutions. Plus Mail! LINK
356 Pteromerhanophobia 10:08 January 10, 2014 Link's wife recently freaked out because of Pteromerhanophobia. Find out about this common affliction. See a Ghost
357 15 Things You Don't Know About the US 12:09 January 13, 2014 We play a game to see who knows more about the United States. Rhett Keeps Cutting Link Off
358 12 Worst Inventions of All Time 10:45 January 14, 2014 You're not going to believe that these inventions actually exist. Rhett Auctions Off Link's Glasses
359 Facon Bacon Taste Test 10:10 January 15, 2014 We taste different types of bacon so we can survive the upcoming bacon crisis! Thumb Wrestle for Dominance of the Show First appearance of clean-shaven Link in Season 5
360 Weird Ways to Stay Warm 10:30 January 16, 2014 When it's cold outside and your toilet freezes, you'll need our winter advice. Rhett Discovers Link is a Wanted Criminal
361 Mars Audition Videos 11:23 January 17, 2014 We've made our audition tapes to join the mission to Mars. Rhett's Choice Sandman Costumes from Sleep Tight
362 What is Cryptocurrency? 9:48 January 20, 2014 Let's learn about money that only exists digitally and can sometimes make you rich. Abrupt Ending
363 25 Worst Hairstyles Ever 8:16 January 21, 2014 Have you seen these pictures of the worst hairstyles ever? Figure Out How to Save the World
364 Rhett & Link React to Kids React to Rhett & Link 11:16 January 22, 2014 We're going to watch the Kids React to watching us! Link is Rhett's Therapist
365 4 Fashion Tips for You 8:48 January 23, 2014 Need to change your hair or outfit? We have some tips for you. Rhett Develops a Hair Phobia
366 The 9 Weirdest Dinosaurs Ever 9:30 January 24, 2014 Did you know there was a dinosaur named the world's largest chicken? Rhett Fools Link with a Magic Trick
367 Altiooting 11:45 January 27, 2014 In the mountains, we came down with a disease. Link Sees a Bear
368 6 Ways to Make Yourself Cry 12:46 January 28, 2014 If you've ever wanted to cry on command, watch two grown men try to teach you how. Rhett Forgets What the Internet Is
369 8 Crazy Alternative Fuels 11:20 January 29, 2014 Chicken poop, tequila, and lasers will power our cars in the future. 3 Year Olds Who See Themselves on TV
370 Overcoming Elevator Awkwardness 10:39 January 30, 2014 We teach you how to improve your elevator trips. Rhett & Link Drink a Magic Potion
371 Exotic Meat Taste Test 11:47 January 31, 2014 We're gonna taste an assortment of exotic meats, and see if we can guess what animal they came from. Surprise Ending
372 Why "Hawkman: The Movie" Should Be Made 11:39 February 3, 2014 Hawkman is awesome. So why doesn't he have a movie? Lightning Strike
373 NERF Firing Squad (Feat. Our Kids) 10:33 February 4, 2014 We let our kids unload all of their NERF blasters on us. Slow Motion Action Fight Guests: Lily, Lincoln, and Lando Neal; Locke and Shepherd McLaughlin
374 Do You Sleep Too Much? 9:58 February 5, 2014 How much is too much sleep? Rhett Won't Get Off His Phone
375 Breaking Your Bad Habits 10:36 February 6, 2014 Stop biting your fingernails! Take the Ultimate Selfie
376 Teaching a Brit Southern Slang (w/ Sam Pepper) 11:47 February 7, 2014 We teach a British citizen the proper grammar he will need to survive the American South. Pineapples Guest: Sam Pepper
377 The Safest Way to Walk 10:13 February 10, 2014 Let us teach you the safest way to walk so that you will never be mugged. Interview on a Red Carpet
378 7 Weird Facts About Russia 8:57 February 11, 2014 Did you know that cats have a theater and dogs ride the train? Link Tells a Stupid Joke and Can't Stop Laughing
379 Why is the Heart Shaped Like That? 9:44 February 12, 2014 Where did the heart shape come from? We have a theory! 1930's Black and White Gangster Movie
380 8 Things Guys Secretly Want 12:07 February 13, 2014 We tell you the best Valentine's Day gift to get for your boyfriend or husband. Sing Instead of Talking Winter Sports I - Ice Dancing
381 The Sriracha Challenge 13:16 February 14, 2014 Does everything taste better with Sriracha? We do a taste test challenge to find out! The World's Dumbest Handshake
382 Cats Take Over Neighborhood 11:20 February 17, 2014 When something stinks in your car, there's probably a cat to blame. Link Becomes a Gorilla
383 The 7 Craziest Winter Sports Ever 9:10 February 18, 2014 You won't believe that these winter sports actually exist. Link Needs a Bathroom Break
384 Surprise Goes Horribly Wrong 11:20 February 19, 2014 Rhett tried to surprise his wife, but a moron screwed it up. Stuck In the South Pole
385 5 Creative Excuses for Being Late 10:26 February 20, 2014 When you're late, you need a good excuse. Let us help you with that. Link Plays with Rhett's Hair
386 29 Bizarre Banned Names 11:37 February 21, 2014 A Mexican has made this list of names illegal. Break Bad
387 Cat Poop Coffee Taste Test 10:50 February 24, 2014 Does one of the most expensive coffees in the world taste as good as gas station coffee? Rhett Tries to Steal the Wheel
388 4 Real Cases of Time Travel 9:42 February 25, 2014 Time Travel is real, and we have proof! Trapped in an Elevator
389 The Hot or Not Experiment 12:54 February 26, 2014 We made our production assistant Alex search for a girl on Hot or Not. Link Teaches Rhett How to Clap
390 Napping at Your Desk 10:29 February 27, 2014 If you want to quit your job, napping at your desk might be the best way to do it. Rhett & Link Enter the School Spelling Bee
391 The Craziest Things Found by Airport Security 10:31 February 28, 2014 Snakes, bombs, swords, and more. You won't believe what airport security has found. Lights Out
392 The Blind Berry Taste Test 11:01 March 3, 2014 We blind taste tested a bunch of things that scientifically are berries!! Rhett Teaches Link (and Meghan) Jumping Jacks Guest: Meghan Camarena AKA Strawburry17
393 The Kissing Controversy 10:51 March 4, 2014 Is it wrong to kiss a person you don't know? Rhett Lost in the Studio
394 10 Best Movie Posters of All Time 11:15 March 5, 2014 We've picked what we think are the best movie posters of all time! Link Thinks GMM Just Started
395 Accidentally Saying "I Love You" 10:12 March 6, 2014 What should you do if you accidentally tell someone "I love you," and you don't mean it? Silly Ending
396 Determine Your Top 5 Strengths 10:47 March 7, 2014 We took a test to find out our own personal strengths! Rhett Gets Fired from GMM
397 The Science of Selfies 11:10 March 10, 2014 Why do people take selfies? Waking Up from a 30-Year Nap (Rhett)
398 The 26 Craziest Selfies on the Internet 9:27 March 11, 2014 We gathered a list of the craziest selfies on the internet! Link Becomes French
399 Beard Transplants Are Real 10:17 March 12, 2014 Now with one simple operation, anyone can have a beard! Overly Emotional Award Acceptance Speech
400 Cake Facing Ourselves 10:04 March 13, 2014 It's time to celebrate the 400th episode of Good Mythical Morning. End the Show Like an Opera
401 7 Extinct Animals We Wish Were Brought Back to Life 10:47 March 14, 2014 There are a lot of cool animals we wish were still alive. Rhett Fishes Link Out of Water
402 Our Nudist Encounter 11:22 March 17, 2014 We went to Death Valley and encounter some Nudists! Rock Stars Who Realize They're at the Wrong Gig
403 6 Apps that You Won't Believe Exist 10:08 March 18, 2014 Have you ever heard Watching Cute Girl or Poop Log? Rhett Talks to His Imaginary Friend
404 Exploring the Multiverse 11:06 March 19, 2014 Did you know there's an infinite number of you's out there doing an infinite number of things? Awkward Hug
405 Top 3 Phrases That Will Save Your Life 10:48 March 20, 2014 If you're traveling, you need to know these phrases. Tell the Audience a Bedtime Story
406 The 5 Weirdest Conventions 10:11 March 21, 2014 Would ever attend these weird conventions? Link Finds His Most Prized Possession on the Wall
407 Roller Coaster Death 12:15 March 24, 2014 Why do we ride roller coasters when they can cause our death? It's our Playlist Live Episode! Rhett Confesses to Link that the Real Rhett is Hiding in the Audience Shot at Playlist Live. The wheel was absent (as R&L couldn't bring it to Playlist Live) and was replaced in this episode by a bucket.
408 Strange But True Space Jobs 10:26 March 25, 2014 Interested in having a job... IN SPACE? Everything Rhett Says Makes Link Laugh
409 Confronting Jerks 11:10 March 26, 2014 What should you do when you encounter a rude jerk? Rhett Thinks Link is a Clone of Original Link
410 The Secret to Vivid Dreams 10:42 March 27, 2014 Learn the secret to having the most amazing dreams you will ever experience! Only Talk in Words Starting with "S"
411 Eating a Scorpion - Bug War Challenge 14:52 March 28, 2014 We're going to eat grasshoppers, pupae, and a scorpion today while playing a game! Rhett Thinks He's Back in High School Rhett and Link Get a Tarantula, Named Herb
412 The Secret to Never Losing Your Keys 11:45 March 31, 2014 We give you the secret to never losing your keys again! Link Sells Rhett's Hair to Rhett
413 The Best Internet April Fools Pranks 10:54 April 1, 2014 We've gathered the best April Fools pranks of the internet past. Link is a Bagel
414 Top 5 Questions Asked By 5 Year Olds 10:26 April 2, 2014 A recent study reveals the top questions that all kids ask, and we give you the answers! Link Thinks Rhett is a Cup of Coffee
415 Spring Cleaning Tips 10:49 April 3, 2014 Learn the secret origin of the name "Spring." Hand Puppets
416 Blindfolded Pizza Challenge 12:33 April 4, 2014 We are joined by WheezyWaiter to have the ultimate pizza tasting contest. Link is an Awkward Gym Teacher Guest: Craig Benzine AKA WheezyWaiter
417 Unbelievable Cruise Ship 11:37 April 7, 2014 Did you know you can live on a cruise ship 365 days a year? Rhett Takes His First Steps
418 Control Your Car With Gestures 10:53 April 8, 2014 Hand gestures can now control your car! We play a game to figure out the new gestures. Link Gives Rhett a Chemistry Lesson
419 The Ultimate Texting Competition: Rhett vs Link 13:38 April 9, 2014 We go head to head to see who can text faster with their eyes closed. Rhett is a Pushy Waiter
420 We Ask Your Date To Prom 10:34 April 10, 2014 The perfect video to use to ask your date to prom for you! BREAKING NEWS!
421 40 Year Old Ham & Eggs 12:21 April 11, 2014 We crack open a can of 40 year old Ham & Eggs. Helicopter Traffic Reporters
422 Dance Moves to Attract Girls 12:48 April 14, 2014 We show you the moves to impress ladies with the power of dance! Rhett Advertises Mac & Cheese to Link
423 8 Things That Will Disappear in Your Lifetime 10:02 April 15, 2014 We say goodbye to the things that will disappear in the future. Gossip at the Hair Salon
424 Rhett and Link in France 11:18 April 16, 2014 We went to France and we're going to tell you all the things we learned on our trip. Link Talks Using Only Consonants
425 6 Crazy Sports for People Who Don't Like Sports 10:41 April 17, 2014 Here are 6 crazy sports you can play when regular sports just aren't your thing. Launched Into Space
426 Bizarre But Real Mascots 10:42 April 18, 2014 Can you guess which of these sports mascots are real and which ones aren't? Link Hatches from an Egg
427 30 Most Hilarious Prom Photos Ever 6:13 April 21, 2014 Check out these crazy prom photos we found on the internet. Rhett is a Stray Cat Shortest episode of GMM to date
428 5 Strange Facts About Belly Buttons 10:27 April 22, 2014 Stuff you didn't know about that hole in the middle of your stomach. Link is a Weatherman
429 6 Things That Will Happen in Your Lifetime 10:34 April 23, 2014 Are you prepared for these things that will happen in your lifetime? Redo the Episode in 20 Seconds
430 Best Way To Eat Your Lunch 10:17 April 24, 2014 We show you the perfect way to consume your food. Link Puts Rhett Up for Adoption
431 15 Newly Discovered Facial Expressions 12:52 April 25, 2014 We attempt to make some newly discovered facial expressions. Link Catches on Fire and Doesn't Notice
432 Awesome Junk Sculptures 11:08 April 28, 2014 Were giving up YouTube to become sculptors in France. Rhett is Link's Personal Assistant
433 The Google Name Game 10:44 April 29, 2014 We try to guess whose picture shows up when we search for their names on Google Images. Earthquake
434 Who Names Things? 10:57 April 30, 2014 We figure out how things get their names and name some things ourselves. Teenage Girls
435 5 New Music Genres 10:01 May 1, 2014 We invent some new music genres and test them out. Rhett Visits Link in Prison
436 Extreme Animal Invasions 10:13 May 2, 2014 We tell the tales of some crazy real life animal invasions. Rhett Thinks He has the Ability to Read Minds
437 Will It Taco? - Taste Test 11:56 May 5, 2014 **VOMIT ALERT** We test out some interesting taco ingredients. Pro Wrestlers Trash Talking Before the Match
438 Camping Fail 11:28 May 6, 2014 Link tells the tale of his recent camping trip gone awry. Rhett's Hand Gets Stuck to His Beard Title was changed for unknown reasons. Original title: Link's Camping Catastrophe.
439 10 Insane Old Time Remedies 11:40 May 7, 2014 People used to come up with some pretty ridiculous cures for illnesses. Coach Rhett's Halftime Peptalk to QB Link
440 Odd Self-Defense Techniques 11:13 May 8, 2014 The perfect moves for anyone to defend themselves! Rhett Volunteers for Link at the Hunger Games
441 10 Things All Moms Say 11:21 May 9,2014 We play a game guessing what Moms would say in certain situations! (Whoops . . obviously our export of this episode made the scoring a bit of a choose your own adventure. Sorry about that.) Everything Link Says Confuses Rhett
442 Magic Rabbit Prank Call 11:04 May 12, 2014 We make some crank calls to North Carolina. Constant High Fives
443 Locked in a Sensory Deprivation Tank 11:32 May 13, 2014 We spend 60 minutes inside a sensory deprivation tank. Link is Rhett's Marionette Rhett and Link leave the studio to go on a field trip to ifloatSPACE in Eagle Rock, CA.
444 Real Life Minecrafter Digs for 38 Years 10:58 May 14, 2014 Forget Minecraft, one man actually dug a real mine THROUGH A MOUNTAIN! DOGS
445 Never Tweet These 12 Things 10:49 May 15, 2014 We'll teach you to properly use Twitter. Link Is a Statue at an Art Museum
446 Introducing the Unidentified Flying Waffle! 10:51 May 16, 2014 You've got to check out our amazing new breakfast food creations. Tell a Story One Word at a Time
447 Stop Saying These 8 Phrases 11:54 May 19, 2014 Please, stop saying these phrases! Link Gives Rhett a Tour of the Set
448 Dumbest 911 Calls 11:11 May 20, 2014 We created a list of some of the dumbest 911 calls we could find. Rhett is a Man Dictionary
449 Strange Museums You Must Visit 11:13 May 21, 2014 Have you heard of the Museum of Death? Rhett Types a Text on Link, His Giant Phone
450 Workout Techniques for People Who Don't Work Out 11:03 May 22, 2014 We've finally invented some fun ways for people to work out. Rhett is Suspicious that Link has Rigged the Wheel
451 Spotting a Fake Laugh (Slo-Mo Experiment) 10:05 May 23, 2014 We watch our laughs in slow-mo to see if they're real or fake. Rhett has 10 Seconds Until He Explodes
452 Man Hibernates for 25 Years 10:46 May 26, 2014 We try to figure out how a man slept every winter for 25 years! Rhett Hosts a Game Show that Link Doesn't Know He's On
453 10 Things You Didn't Know Were Named After People 11:34 May 27, 2014 Here are 10 things you didn't know were named after people. Link gets easily distracted by shiny objects
454 Do You Have ESP? TEST 13:11 May 28, 2014 We're conducting a test to see if we have ESP. Rhett is a food critic at Link's restaurant
455 Extreme DIY Hair Treatments 10:38 May 29, 2014 We have reveal the secret behind Link's hair. Link thinks he's a transformer Introduction of new weekly segment: Rhett's Dolla Dolla Bill Y'All Subscription Search (sponsored by Gillete) - Trip to a tanning salon
456 Do Pets Kill People? 11:32 May 30, 2014 We explain the reasoning behind some weird graphs. Competing beauty pageant contestants They celebrate Link's birthday, which is on June 1.
457 Amazing Child Geniuses 11:17 June 2, 2014 These kids are so smart it's STUPID! Rhett Narrates Link's Every Move Very Epicly
458 Squeezable Food Test 13:06 June 3, 2014 We test the squeezability of popular household condiments. Rhett & Link Discover America
459 10 Crazy Things Swallowed By People 13:02 June 4, 2014 People sometimes accidentally swallow the weirdest stuff. Link Gives Rhett's Eulogy
460 5 Embarrassing Graduation Fails 8:54 June 5, 2014 Graduation fails and Rhett rents a Grandmother. Doughnuts Rhett's Dolla Dolla Bill Y'All Subscription Search - Rent a Grandma visits the studio
461 All New Yo-Yo Tricks 2014 10:48 June 6, 2014 We invented some new yo-yo tricks for 2014. Link Confesses His Undying Love for Link
462 Unbelievable Niagara Falls Survival Stories 10:01 June 9, 2014 People are going over Niagara Falls and surviving! Rhett Accidentally Ate Laxatives
463 What Your Glasses Say About You 10:23 June 10, 2014 Link got some new glasses. Meet on the Moon for the First Time Link retires his tortoiseshell frames.
464 10 Best Optical Illusions of 2014 10:18 June 11, 2014 We check out the official optical illusions of 2014. Rhett Thinks Link is an Endangered Species and Needs to Protect Him
465 Extreme Gifts for Dads 11:26 June 12, 2014 Here are some gifts for your dad that we're sure he DOESN'T have. Rhett is Jealous of Link's Shirt Rhett's Dolla Dolla Bill Y'All Subscription Search - Trip to a sushi restaurant
466 Friday the 13th Facts 9:47 June 13, 2014 We go over some facts that you might not know about Friday the 13th. Rhett is Terrified of Link's Right Arm
467 Most Amazing Coincidence Ever 10:24 June 16, 2014 We talk about an incredible coincidence involving a golden balloon. Link Teaches Rhett about the Importance of Ribs Rhett & Link go outside and send up their own balloons in search of new friends.
468 8 Weird Ways To Open A Bottle 12:13 June 17, 2014 Today we're poppin' bottles 8 different ways. Link has a Selfie Addiction Problem
469 Do You Have OCD? 13:56 June 18, 2014 We talk about what Obsessive Compulsive Disorder is. Morse Code Tied into the release of the music video "It's My OCD" on the main channel
470 Never Say These 1st Date Phrases 11:17 June 19, 2014 Here are some things you SHOULDN'T SAY on the first date. Sarcastic Wedding Planner Rhett's Dolla Dolla Bill Y'All Subscription Search - Trip to a massage parlor
471 8 Bizarre Assassination Attempts 10:23 June 20, 2014 Death by chocolate? Here are 8 crazy assassination attempts. Buffering Short Story Told by Rhett
472 Who's More Famous? (GAME) 10:29 June 23, 2014 We try to guess who is more famous using the results from the Pantheon Project. 2 Whales
473 Introducing Pool Pants 11:23 June 24, 2014 We've invented some new products to help you stay cool this summer. Creepy Ending
474 World Cup of Cups 13:55 June 25, 2014 We host the first (and last) World Cup of Cups. Rhett is a Time Traveler from the Year 2275 The crew sits in the background to provide vuvuzelas and crowd commentary.
475 Should You Sneak Food Into The Movies? 11:48 June 26, 2014 Is it OK to sneak outside snacks into the movies? Dog Show Judges 1. Rhett's Dolla Dolla Bill Y'All Subscription Search - Trip to a nail salon

2. Rhett and Link announce the end of Season 5 and the beginning of Season 6, as well as the retirement of the Mythical Mail Boulder.

476 Weirdest Messages We've Received w/ Taryn Southern 11:42 June 27, 2014 Our friend Taryn Southern reads some of the weirdest messages we've received. Cop Chase Guest: Taryn Southern
477 5 Crazy Vacation Mishap Stories 10:29 June 30, 2014 Sometimes vacations go terribly wrong. 2 Old Ladies Announcement of VacayGoneCrayCray contest in conjunction with Choice Hotels.
478 4 Coolest Ghost Towns On Earth 10:41 July 1, 2014 Abandoned UFO houses and other ghost town goodness. Forget What the Wheel is Used For
479 The Yodeling Challenge 12:50 July 2, 2014 We see who is the better yodeler. Two T-Rexes Trying To Hug
480 19 Ways To Say Goodbye 12:07 July 3, 2014 Here are some interesting ways to say goodbye. Rhett Is A Famous Movie Star Who Link Fails To Recognize 1. Rhett's Dolla Dolla Bill Y'All Subscription Search - Trip to a tattoo parlor

2. Rhett and Link unveil the bronzed Mythical Mail Boulder (Spray Painted Bronze)
3. First marriage proposal via Good Mythical Morning

481 Greatest Cliffhangers In TV History 11:19 July 4, 2014 Spoiler Alert: We talk about some of the greatest cliffhangers in TV history. Blow Up the Studio No Good Mythical More as the show ended on a cliffhanger based on those discussed in the episode.

Good Mythical Morning, Season 6[edit]

The sixth season of Good Mythical Morning premiered on July 14, 2014 and is currently ongoing. Season 6 has a new introduction sequence with animation by Digital Twigs and music by Pomplamoose.

Good Mythical Morning, Season 6 Episodes
Episode Title Length Upload Date Summary Mythical Wheel Ending Notes
482 Do Plants Have Feelings? 10:58 July 14, 2014 We try to find out if plants have feelings. 1997 Premiere of new introduction sequence with animation by Digital Twigs and music by Pomplamoose
483 The FBI's Internet Slang List 12:42 July 15, 2014 We try and guess what the acronyms mean on the FBI's internet slang list. Rhett is an Unsure Axe Murderer
484 8 Unexpected Vending Machines 12:08 July 16, 2014 We take a look at some of the most unexpected vending machines we could find. Rhett Performs a Heart Operation on Link.
485 When You Lose Your Shorts On The Beach (Previously: Should You Wear A Speedo The Beach?) 12:47 July 17, 2014 We let you know if it's OK to wear a Speedo at the beach. (Previously: We discuss if you should wear a Speedo to the beach.) Carrots vs Peas 1. Premiere of new segment called "Vacay Gone Cray Cray": I Hate Nebraska.

2. First item displayed on the Mythical Mail Susan: Flute of Farts

486 Are You Color Blind? TEST 12:04 July 18, 2014 No description given. Rhett Has to Talk Link Down from a Tree
487 5 Real Life Super Powers 11:05 July 21, 2014 We look at 5 humans who have real super powers. Link Can Only Reply "Surprise Me" or "You Know 'Dat's Right" to Everything Rhett Says
488 The Clothes-Off Game 13:42 July 22, 2014 We invented a new game called Clothes-Off. Rhett Prepares for Y2K
489 The Most Amazing Sand Sculptures On The Internet 12:33 July 23, 2014 We look at some incredible sand sculptures that we found on the internet. Bad Canned Soup Commercial Tie-in to a new music video on the main channel: I'm On Vacation
490 Outrageous Camping Gear You Must Own 11:32 July 24, 2014 We found some crazy cool camping gear. Sports Team Mascots in the Dressing Room Before the Game 1. Vacay Gone Cray Cray: Bears

2. Mail item: Tree trunk slice with 'GMM' on it & a Lando Calrissian action figure.

491 Supervolcano Facts: The Bright Side 11:08 July 25, 2014 There is a supervolcano under Yellowstone National Park. Invisible Food Eating Contest
492 Trapped In A Snake Tank 11:03 July 28, 2014 We go over some techniques to help a friend through a crisis. Also, snakes. Link is Paranoid about Wasps Featuring 2 small corn snakes dubbed "Herb 2" and "Herb 3"
493 Ice Cream Sandwich Challenge 12:36 July 29, 2014 We eat some interesting ice cream sandwiches. Rhett is Obsessed with Using Jazz Hands Tie-in to a new music video on the main channel: I'm On Vacation
494 7 Steps To Stop Mumbling 11:52 July 30, 2014 Here are some tips to help you stop mumbling. Competitive Botanists
495 5 Brand New Pool Games 11:55 July 31, 2014 Here are 5 new pool games to play this summer! Two Pieces of Bread in a Toaster 1. Vacay Gone Cray Cray: Mountain Rescue

2. Mail item: "Demon Babies" or "Devil Bavies".

496 Rules of Sharing Food 11:19 August 1, 2014 We discuss the unspoken rules of sharing food. Link Gets Incredibly Hungry
497 13 Unbelievable Phobias (GAME) 13:29 August 4, 2014 Play our Guess That Phobia Game! Rhett & Link Play the Blinking Game
498 The What If? Game Ft. Daniel Radcliffe 13:31 August 5, 2014 We play the What If? Game with Daniel Radcliffe DJ at a Middle School Dance Guest: Daniel Radcliffe
499 Taking a Dust Bath - Experiment 10:51 August 6, 2014 I learn from the animals and take a dust bath. Deep Talk About Cereal Featuring a Chinchilla named AJ
500 500 Bouncy Balls (Slo-Mo) 13:26 August 7, 2014 We celebrate the 500th episode of GMM in some weird ways. Link Discovers He Can Use His Hair Wings To Fly 1. Vacay Gone Cray Cray: Fly-Away Boy

2. Mail item: A Dream Catcher with 'GMM', a Randler, & a Cockatrice hanging from it & Crispy Anchovy Fish Snack.

501 The World’s Biggest Liar 10:43 August 8, 2014/ August 9, 2014 We find out who is the better liar on Good Mythical Morning. Link Thinks Rhett is a Jukebox 1. They thought the Wheel said "Link Thinks Rhett is a Juicebox"

2.This episode was deleted from Youtube the day it was uploaded but was re-uploaded the next day on August 9, 2014

502 5 People Who Only Eat 1 Thing 10:52 August 11, 2014 What if you only ate 1 thing for the rest of your life? About to Skydive
503 The Slowest Animals on Earth 12:46 August 12, 2014 Watch as we walk at the speed of some of the slowest animals. Trying Things On In The Fitting Room With Your Mother 1. The wheel got stuck between the ending chosen and 'Link Gives Rhett an Imaginary Pet'.
504 6 Strangest Things Swallowed by a Shark 10:21 August 13, 2014 We look at some crazy things that sharks have swallowed. Link Is Scared of His Own Voice
505 4 Weirdest Parties On Earth 11:50 August 14, 2014 Check out these really weird parties all over the planet. Rhett Realizes That He's On Camera And Gets Nervous 1. The Mail Item is a creepy dog toy with human teeth from a dentist

2. Vacay Gone Cray Cray: When Nature Calls

506 What's Your Love Language? (TEST) 11:34 August 15, 2014 Find out what your love language is. Port-o-Potty Bathroom Inspectors
507 Did We Really Land On The Moon? 12:38 August 18, 2014 We look at some interesting theories about the moon landing. Link is An Astronaut on Rhett's Home Planet The ending was very convenient since this episode is about space.
508 5 Trust Exercises to Test Your Friendship 11:05 August 19, 2014 We go to the Trust Park and test our friendship. Professional Mosquito Trainers A stranger named Kevin saw Rhett and Link performing Trust Exercise #4, and then participated in #5 instead of Link.
509 5 Strange Ways To Make It Rain 10:14 August 20, 2014 We take a look at some strange ways to make it rain. Fish in A Bowl
510 5 Tips To Survive High School 10:39 August 21, 2014 We've got some tips to help you survive high school. Link Gives Rhett An Imaginary Pet 1. Vacay Gone Cray Cray: Jet Ski-Asco

2. Mail item: A diorama of Link dressed as the Merlion spitting water onto Rhett and snacks from Singapore

511 10 Places with the Weirdest Names 10:40 August 22, 2014 Link tries to guess if these places with unusual names are real. Rhett's Siri And Link Is Searching Something
512 The Unspoken Rules of Personal Space 12:33 August 25, 2014 We discuss the rules of personal space. Two Blades Of Grass Hear The Lawnmower Start
513 The Smell-Tasting Experiment 11:47 August 26, 2014 We taste one thing while smelling another. Link Can't Pronounce Rhetts Name
514 Learn to Speak Cat 12:56 August 27, 2014 Meow, Purr, Chirp Chirp. Rhett Tries To Explain The Color Green To Link
515 How to Talk to Your Crush 12:51 August 28, 2014 Here are some ways to get your crush's attention. Link Is A Shy Cheese Salesman Mail Item 1. the Mythical Memory Machine
516 10 Vintage Curse Words to Bring Back 10:04 August 29, 2014 Here are some old curse words for you to start using again. Two-Person Answering Machine