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The following is a list of characters that appear in the 2005 film Robots.

Rodney Copperbottom[edit]

Rodney Copperbottom is the protagonist of the film.

Ever since he was a young "bot", Rodney dreamed of becoming an inventor and meeting his childhood hero Bigweld. When his father's boss becomes angered by one of his inventions, Rodney decides to leave Rivet Town, to go to Robot City and sell his idea to Bigweld. He finds that Bigweld has been replaced by Ratchet, a smooth-talking but sinister robot who thinks all elder robots (i.e. those who still require individual parts) to be inferior. After being evicted from the boardroom, Rodney meets the Rusties, a group of "outmodes" (outdated bots with worn out or broken parts). The outmodes befriend Rodney after he is able to fix most of them. He extends this favor to all the broken or crumbling robots in the City. Rodney and Fender eventually discover that Ratchet and his mother Madame Gasket are the ones who stopped the production of replacement parts, in order to force all robots to receive regular upgrades. Ratchet also forced Bigweld into hiding, to keep his plan a secret. Rodney and the other robots then unite to save Bigweld and defeat both Ratchet and Madame Gasket, awaken Robot City, and the outmodes finally receive their much-needed replacement parts. In the end, Bigweld names Rodney as his successor.


Fender first appears when he takes some pictures of Rodney Copperbottom's first moments in Robot City, whereupon he tries to scam Rodney by saying that he must buy the photo for $50. He later meets Rodney again in Robot City and the two become friends. Throughout his role, Fender is whimsical and sometimes melodramatic. Fender has a sister named "Piper", with whom he has a sometimes one-sided sibling rivalry. At the Bigweld Ball later in the film, he meets a female robot named Loretta Geargrinder and he has a crush on her. During a moment of carelessness, Fender is taken to the chop shop, where he loses his legs. He puts on a replacement, only to find out his new waist once belonged to a female robot. With no time to find another replacement, he uses the new legs to escape the chop shop. At the end of the film, Fender, along with Rodney, Bigweld and the rest of the Rusties, joins the fight against Ratchet and Madame Gasket. Fender is last seen dancing in the streets of Rivet Town in the film's finale, whereupon he encounters Loretta again. He reaches out for her but both of his arms fall off, causing him to drop her.


Phineas T. Ratchet is one of two antagonists in the film (the primary antagonist in fact being Madame Gasket) and Rodney's nemesis. He is a ruthless corporate social climber, who takes charge of Bigweld Industries when Bigweld himself "mysteriously" vanishes. His name is mentioned once in the dialogue, when he takes Bigweld's place at an annual dance extravaganza.

After reducing Bigweld to a retired figurehead, Ratchet rises to head of Bigweld Industries, stopping the sale of spare parts in order to push expensive upgrades (and changing the company slogan to "Why be you, when you can be new?"). When Rodney gets inside of Bigweld Industries, he and the Wonderbot are booted out by him. Rodney recruited the Rusties and Aunt Fanny to defeat Ratchet and his mother in the climax of the film.

Ratchet is the cruelest helper and right-hand man of his mother, Madame Gasket. He hires bots to his unlawful dirty work.

Moments after his mother is destroyed, Ratchet is launched into the ceiling, losing his upgrades and coming to rest hanging alongside his father, Monsieur Gasket.


Cappy is a young robot, living and working in Robot City as Bigweld Industries' only female co-executive. Unlike Ratchet and his sycophants, she sympathizes with the outmodes as their parts are cut off to make way for Ratchet's new plan. Upon meeting Rodney, she quickly begins to develop a crush on him and wants to keep him and Bigweld out of trouble, especially from Ratchet. She becomes Rodney's ally and companion, serving to help him and his friends when they are in danger. In the final battle Cappy and Piper became battle partners.


Bigweld is the head of Bigweld Industries. He is also the host and producer of a television series detailing the work going on behind-the-scenes at Bigweld Industries; when Rodney is a young boy he and his father are shown to be regular viewers of the series. This is also where Rodney first gets the inspiration to become an inventor.

Bigweld has two main catchphrases heard in the movie:

  • "See a need, fill a need."
  • "You can shine no matter what you're made of!"

Although Bigweld is not seen (outside of television appearances) until the later part of the film, Rodney and Cappy eventually find out that Ratchet forced him into hiding and that he has become something of a hermit, his only interest being trying out different domino setups. Upon being found by Rodney, Bigweld tells him he should concede defeat, convinced that Ratchet will do to Rodney exactly what he did to him. However, having seen reason, he eventually returns to help Rodney and the Rusties fight Ratchet and Gasket. After the final showdown in the chop shop, Bigweld visits Rivet Town in person, to tell the Copperbottoms that he has named Rodney as his eventual successor who will someday take over Bigweld Industries.


The Wonderbot is a sentient invention with a nervous disposition that does not have a speaking part and uses body language, and different pitched noises to communicate.

The Wonderbot was designed by Rodney to help complete the task of cleaning dishes for Rodney's father, Herb Copperbottom. However, the Wonderbot was frightened by Herb Copperbottom's boss, who was then dirtied as a result of being startled by the Wonderbot, fired Rodney from his job as a server at the restaurant. Thereafter Rodney traveled to Robot City, where he intended to sell the Wonderbot to Bigweld. There, the Wonderbot was discarded by Ratchet and later discovered by Piper. He later became instrumental in several incidents, such as pointing out possible opportunities to meet the absent Bigweld and his duel with the evil Madame Gasket. In the film's final scene, he is shown throwing Bigweld Industries' obnoxious gatekeeper Tim out of the audience's field of vision.

The Wonderbot possesses three long, wire-like limbs that he uses variously as hands or as means of creating pictures for visual communication.

Herb Copperbottom[edit]

Herb Copperbottom is Rodney's father and Lydia Copperbottom's husband.

Herb first appears at the beginning of the movie, wherein he announces enthusiastically that he is to be a father (this being the day of Rodney's creation). It is said that he had wanted to be a musician and he played pretty well to but his father was worried that Herb would not make a living so he got re-modeled to be a Dishwasher, however he became a musician the end of the film, wherein Rodney gives him a brass wind instrument resembling a French horn. In the interim years, Herb was a dishwashing machine at a restaurant owned by a cranky robot called Mr. Gunk. Mr Gunk bosses Herb around until at the end of the film when Herb has had enough of him and quits his job. Herb begins to disintegrate during Rodney's adulthood, ultimately to be repaired at Bigweld Industries later on. His musical career begins with an off-key song that transmutes into an enjoyable dance number that combines, according to Fender, "jazz and funk". The resulting music is called "junk".

Herb wears a white dishwashing machine on his chest until the final scenes, below which is a metal panel resembling an apron. He is optimistic, but less prone to lie than his wife. All herb wants is for his son 'Rodney Copperbottom' to succeed in life and 'never give up'.

Piper Pinwheeler[edit]

Piper Pinwheeler is the sister of Fender. Two pigtail-like devices on her head can extend on command to lengths greater than her own height, making them effective semi projectile weapons. She also uses them to play music, which the lines act as strums of a Bass guitar, as seen in the end. Piper is friendly, outgoing, and generally a happy character, but often having sibling rivalry with Fender, though they really are good "siblings". She also has a crush on Rodney and wants to help him when he is in danger.

Aunt Fanny[edit]

Aunt Fanny is a motherly figure to the Rusties, whom she adopted as her nephews and niece (or adoptive sons and daughter possibly) when they were homeless. Her name appears to be derived from her gigantic rump, which resembles a snail's shell and is used as a storage compartment. She is known as being "a little artsy-fartsy" as stated by Piper. The artsy being OK, but not so much when she gets fartsy (hinting at how flatulent she is). Aunt Fanny appears to have a sentimental crush on Bigweld, who also seems to have a crush on her, allegedly because both have enormous posteriors. In the UK, her name is changed to "Aunt Fan", because "Fanny" is slang for female genitals. In a contest among the Rusties wherein they made flatulence-like noises (she believed they actually passed wind, not just making the noises with their arms) she showed her gassiness, as she actually farted, killing a nearby street lamp.


Tim is gatekeeper of Bigweld Industries. He resembles a miniature, hand-puppet-like officer of some sort, clad in black. Tim is sarcastic and naughty-spirited in life, in contrast to his comical benevolence in Bigweld's television program, and may become servile when intimidated. When Rodney asks to meet Bigweld, Tim slams the door before his face multiple times. Rodney later tricks Tim into closing the gates as Rodney escapes Ratchet's minions, locking them away from their quarry. At the end of the film, Tim is (presumably) invited to Rivet Town for the protagonists' celebration of their victory, only to be thrown from a great height by the Wonderbot as punishment for his previous mistreatment of Rodney.

Crank Casey[edit]

Crank Casey is an orange robot with wheels for feet.

Staying true to his name, he is constantly complaining about various problems. He prefers the easy course of action, which to him involves sitting around waiting for the worst to happen, and complaining when it does.

Crank is one of the many robots Rodney meets on his journey to Robot City. He lives with Aunt Fanny, Fender, Piper, Lug, and Diesel. He helps find voice/sound chips for Diesel. In the final battle, wherein he temporarily gives up his pessimism in favor of determination against the common threat, replacing his old wheels with monster truck wheels and obtains headlights.


Lug is a large, green robot whose main problem with scavenging for parts is that he can never find them in his size. Later in the movie, he is converted into a professional-wrestler robot in order to fight evil robots.

Lug is one of the many robots Rodney Copperbottom meets on his journey to Robot City. He takes care of Aunt Fanny, Fender, Piper, Crank, and Diesel. He helps find voice/sound chips for Diesel.


Diesel is a robot who needs voice boxes to communicate or make noises from his mouth. His personality changes to suit the voice box he is currently using. Some of the personalities he uses include those of a Spanish-speaking football commentator, a dog, a singer, a cowboy, and Darth Vader.

He and his friends often look for voice boxes that he can use. A running gag throughout the movie involves him finding and trying to use different voice boxes, then acting out a pop culture reference for each one. For example, when hearing about Rodney's talent, he assumes a voice box and says "The Force is strong in this one" in Darth Vader's voice. In the end, Diesel receives a brand-new voice box from Bigweld, and starts singing like James Brown. He also wears shoes. This was one of Brown's final voice roles before his death in 2006.

Lydia Copperbottom[edit]

Lydia Copperbottom is the mother of Rodney Copperbottom and wife of Herb Copperbottom. She is a housewife and very kindhearted, but can be melodramatic and sometimes plays fast and loose with truth. Early in the movie, she tried preventing Rodney from going to Robot City, but his father stepped in, ignoring Lydia's ranting.

Mr. Gunk[edit]

Mr. Gunk is the boss of the diner where Herb Copperbottom works. He is strict, mean-spirited, and bossy. He is a cash register with a clock for a nose, hinting at miserliness and insistence on a tight schedule. During the beginning of the film, as Rodney presents out his new creation 'Wonderbot', who helps Herb with the dishes, Mr. Gunk rudely arrives to the scene, accidentally scaring Wonderbot to break some of the dishes. Mr. Gunk angrily orders Herb to clean up the mess and for Rodney to leave, saying to the latter that he's nothing more than a 'hand-me-down son of a dishwasher' and that's all he'll ever be. This motivated Rodney to head over to Robot City to meet Bigweld. At the ending of the film, Herb is informed by Lydia of Rodney's new job in Bigweld Industries and attempts to go out to see what's going on, but Mr. Gunk forbids him to see his son, demanding to finish up with the dishes. Finally fed up with his boss after years of being bossed around, Herb angrily shoves his dishwasher machine onto Mr. Gunk's head and quits before leaving with Lydia. Mr. Gunk attempts to call him back, saying that he'll never wash in Rivet Town again, but he ends up being hit by the doors that close on him, much to his dismay.

Loretta Geargrinder[edit]

Loretta Geargrinder is the love interest of Fender.

Loretta is a good-looking, pink female robot that believes that Fender is "an eccentric billionaire" for his clothes at the Bigweld Ball, and becomes his dance partner. After the party, they continue to court one another. She is shown working as a receptionist at Bigweld Industries and later as Fender's partner in the final scene's dance sequence. She presumably does not really care about Fender's new lower half, but that he loves her as she does him, even if he is apparently gender-bent.

Madame Gasket[edit]

Madame Gasket is one of two main antagonists in this film, Ratchet's mother and the head of the Chop Shop. She is the mother of Ratchet and the true mastermind behind Ratchet's plot to take over Robot City. She owns a underground chop shop for the outmodes collected by her sweepers. Oblivious to this herself, she is also made out of "outmode" material.

Despite not appearing much in the film, it is suggested that she is the controlling force that directs an otherwise weak and dim-witted Ratchet, whom she inspires with her own power-hungry ideas and whom she uses as a tool. During the film's climax she is overconfident about her army's power Ratchet has created; she is about to order her armies of chop shop workers, (including one named "Forge") and huge sweepers/choppers to attack on the protagonists when Piper comes to the rescue, along with all the outmodes that Rodney repaired. During the battle when Madame Gasket attempts to finish Bigweld off, she is outfought by the Wonderbot and it throws her into her own Chop Shop furnace, destroying her.

She is voiced by Jim Broadbent. It is presumably because of this, as well as her hideous appearance, that Fender (as well as presumably the other robots) mistakes her as a male upon first sight.

Other characters[edit]

The other characters include Jack Hammer, Mr. Nuts, Jeffery, Auntie Freeze, Zinc, who is planned for the film, but never released, and many others.