List of Roman villas in England

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A list of Roman villas in England confirmed by archaeology.


Name Location Grid reference PastScape link Notes
Colworth Colworth House SP971603 MONUMENT NO. 346800 Dug by archaeological television programme Time Team 2009[1]
Totternhoe Totternhoe SP98932080 MONUMENT NO. 346563


Name Location Grid reference PastScape link Notes
Aldermaston Wharf Aldermaston Wharf SU605681 ALDERMASTON WHARF Bath house only
Basildon Lower Basildon SU60797929 MONUMENT NO. 241288 Dug by Time Team 2000[2]
Birch Farm Marlston SU529738 MONUMENT NO. 237393
Cox Green Cox Green SU86877979 COX GREEN
Eling Farm Yattendon SU53237523 MONUMENT NO. 237286
Kintbury Kintbury SU39416715 MONUMENT NO. 228668 Bath house only
Maddle Farm Upper Lambourn SU301828 MADDLE FARM
Maidenhatch Pangbourne SU61757378 MONUMENT NO. 241612
Maidenhead Maidenhead SU88068110 MONUMENT NO. 248410
Well House Farm Hermitage SU52347258 MONUMENT NO. 237389


Name Location Grid reference PastScape link Notes
Bancroft Milton Keynes SP82714036 MONUMENT NO. 345174
Foxcote Foscott SP72233530 MONUMENT NO. 342930
Great Linford Stantonbury SP841430 MONUMENT NO. 345100
Hambleden Hambleden SU78398554 MONUMENT NO. 245181
Hambleden Hambleden SU78638483 MONUMENT NO. 245271
High Wycombe High Wycombe SU87409239 MONUMENT NO. 248726
Latimer Latimer SU99779852 MONUMENT NO. 251990
Lavendon Lavendon SP90895409 MONUMENT NO. 346970
Mursley Mursley SP83263038 MONUMENT NO. 344806
Saunderton Saunderton SP79710190 MONUMENT NO. 342603
Thornton Thornton SP75653672 MONUMENT NO. 342881


Name Location Grid reference PastScape link Notes
Barnack Barnack TF08030663 MONUMENT NO. 347802
Bartlow Bartlow TL58724499 MONUMENT NO. 374140
Castor Castor TL12609725 MONUMENT NO. 364439
Comberton Comberton TL38455489 MONUMENT NO. 368941
Croydon Croydon TL324483 MONUMENT NO. 368572
Fordham Fordham TL635684 MONUMENT NO. 377396
Godmanchester Godmanchester TL257713 MONUMENT NO. 366565
Great Wilbraham Great Wilbraham TL55825763 MONUMENT NO. 1095800
Guilden Morden Guilden Morden TL27634054 MONUMENT NO. 365953
Helpston Helpston TF12370408 MONUMENT NO. 350328
Huntingdon Huntingdon TL23667138 MONUMENT NO. 366748
Ickleton Ickleton TL496431 MONUMENT NO. 371050
Itter Crescent Walton, Peterborough TF182020 Excavated in 2014[3]
Linton Linton TL57594615 MONUMENT NO. 374014
Litlington Litlington TL31264247 MONUMENT NO. 368682 Dug by Time Team 2010[4]
Orton Longueville Orton Longueville TL176956 MONUMENT NO. 364221
Pilsgate Barnack TF05670651 MONUMENT NO. 347808
Reach Reach TL57266518 MONUMENT NO. 374665
Rushey Farm Great Staughton TL13466304 MONUMENT NO. 363484
Sacrewell Lodge Thornhaugh TF07630046 MONUMENT NO. 348090
Teversham Teversham TL49965752 MONUMENT NO. 371259
Water Newton Water Newton TL111973 MONUMENT NO. 364448, MONUMENT NO. 364445


Name Location Grid reference PastScape link Notes
Vale Royal Eaton SJ571634 MONUMENT NO. 71430


Name Location Grid reference PastScape link Notes
Magor Illogan SW63674235 MAGOR VILLA


Name Location Grid reference PastScape link Notes
Carsington Carsington Water SK24925166 MONUMENT NO. 607068


Name Location Grid reference PastScape link Notes
Downes Downes, Crediton SX85049920 MONUMENT NO. 918313
Holcombe Holcombe SY31499281 MONUMENT NO. 449785
Honeyditches Seaton SY238909 MONUMENT NO. 449679


Name Location Grid reference PastScape link Notes
Brenscombe Farm Corfe Castle SY97898272 MONUMENT NO. 456839
Bucknowle Farm Corfe Castle SY95368146 MONUMENT NO. 456872
Dewlish Dewlish SY76789720 MONUMENT NO. 454480
Druce Farm Puddletown SY7496 Excavated in 2012[5]
East Creech East Creech SY93478277 MONUMENT NO. 456920
Farnham Farnham ST9615 MONUMENT NO. 209791
Fifehead Neville Fifehead Neville ST77281121 MONUMENT NO. 202262
Frampton Frampton SY61589528 FRAMPTON
Halstock Halstock ST53380757 HALSTOCK ROMAN VILLA
Hemsworth Witchampton ST96320587 MONUMENT NO. 209284
Hinton St Mary Hinton St Mary ST78451602 MONUMENT NO. 202177
Iwerne Iwerne Minster ST85691375 MONUMENT NO. 206061
Lenthay Sherborne ST62451529 MONUMENT NO. 199497
Myncen Farm Gussage St Andrew ST973143 MONUMENT NO. 912528 Dug by Time Team 2003[6]
Preston Preston SY70298270 MONUMENT NO. 454283
Tarrant Hinton Tarrant Hinton ST92591194 TARRANT HINTON
Thornford Thornford ST59451363 MONUMENT NO. 196188
Walls Field Charminster SY66729492 MONUMENT NO. 453248
Wynford Eagle Wynford Eagle SY575952 MONUMENT NO. 450700


Name Location Grid reference PastScape link Notes
Alresford Alresford TM06091993 MONUMENT NO. 385970
Ashdon Ashdon TL57784347 MONUMENT NO. 374158
Brightlingsea Brightlingsea TM05881872 MONUMENT NO. 385972
Chignall Chignal St James TL66251086 MONUMENT NO. 376080
Finchingfield Finchingfield TL668337 MONUMENT NO. 376680
Finchingfield Finchingfield TL69053256 MONUMENT NO. 376691
Fryerning Fryerning TL646018 MONUMENT NO. 375861
Gestingthorpe Gestingthorpe TL827386 MONUMENT NO. 381671
Great Tey Great Tey TL88922546 MONUMENT NO. 381346
Hallingbury Little Hallingbury TL49221638 MONUMENT NO. 369973
Harlow Harlow TL48091255 MONUMENT NO. 1084331
Little Dunmow Little Dunmow TL664212 MONUMENT NO. 376402
Little Oakley Little Oakley TM223290 MONUMENT NO. 389512
Mucking Mucking TQ673804 MONUMENT NO. 1302380
Park Farm Abberton TL994203 MONUMENT NO. 384123
Pleshey Pleshey TL65101435 MONUMENT NO. 376028
Rivenhall Rivenhall TL82971784 MONUMENT NO. 381076
Ridgewell Ridgewell TL73304026 MONUMENT NO. 379420
Stebbing Stebbing TL67692446 MONUMENT NO. 376358
Stebbing Green Stebbing TL68852334 MONUMENT NO. 376366
Wendens Ambo Wendens Ambo TL508360 MONUMENT NO. 373695
West Mersea West Mersea TM00961251 MONUMENT NO. 386129, MONUMENT NO. 386106, MONUMENT NO. 386109


Name Location Grid reference PastScape link Notes
Abbotswood Lower Swell SP18542624 ABBOTSWOOD ROMAN VILLA
Ampney St Peter Ampney St Peter SP08050052 MONUMENT NO. 327315
Barnsley Park Barnsley SP08120617 BARNSLEY PARK VILLA
Barrington Park Barrington SP20411381 BARRINGTON PARK VILLA
Bibury Bibury SP12220652 BIBURY VILLA
Boughspring Boughspring ST55969738 BOUGHSPRING ROMAN VILLA
Brislington Brislington ST61647097 MONUMENT NO. 201401
Broadwell Broadwell SP19922802 MONUMENT NO. 330131
Chedworth Chedworth SP05271347 CHEDWORTH ROMAN VILLA
Cheyney Court Upton Cheyney ST695698 MONUMENT NO. 200843
Cirencester Cirencester SP01630232 MONUMENT NO. 327354
Clear Cupboard Farmington SP13231582 CLEAR CUPBOARD ROMAN VILLA
Cold Harbour Farm Wick ST70667192 MONUMENT NO. 204952
Combend Colesbourne SO98411107 COMBEND ROMAN VILLA
Compton Grove Compton Abdale SP04821624 COMPTON GROVE ROMAN VILLA
Ditches Woodmancote SO99590944 DITCHES HILLFORT, MONUMENT NO. 1517772
Dryhill Crickley Hill SO93161688 DRYHILL VILLA
Eastleach Eastleach SP18900634 MONUMENT NO. 918537
Ebrington Ebrington SP18923999 MONUMENT NO. 330563
Frocester Court Frocester SO78490272 FROCESTER COURT ROMAN VILLA
Great Barrington Barrington SP21711324 GREAT BARRINGTON VILLA
Great Lemhill Lechlade SP21200249 GREAT LEMHILL VILLA
Great Rissington Great Rissington SP18941634 MONUMENT NO. 329866
Great Witcombe Great Witcombe SO89931424 GREAT WITCOMBE ROMAN VILLA
Highfold Painswick SO85761021 HIGHFOLD VILLA
Hocberry Rodmarton ST94439843 HOCBERRY ROMAN VILLA
Hucclecote Hucclecote SO87691755 HUCCLECOTE ROMAN VILLA
Ironmongers Piece Marshfield ST79857602 MONUMENT NO. 204850
Kempsford Kempsford SU16809711 MONUMENT NO. 1010687
Kings Weston Kings Weston ST53397755 MONUMENT NO. 198239
Lechlade Lechlade SP21600087 MONUMENT NO. 332224
Lillyhorn Bournes Green SO91320438 LILLYHORN ROMAN VILLA
Listercombe Bottom Chedworth SP07011174 LISTERCOMBE BOTTOM ROMAN VILLA
Naunton Naunton SP131234 NEW COURT GROUND VILLA
Park Farm Aylburton SO62500187 PARK FARM
Priest Wood Cromhall ST68588974 MONUMENT NO. 201442
Shipton Shipton SP05471825 MONUMENT NO. 1509781
Spoonley Wood Winchcombe SP04502568 SPOONLEY WOOD ROMAN VILLA
St Peters Church Frocester SO77100327 ST PETERS CHURCH
Stancombe North Nibley ST74139702 MONUMENT NO. 205263, MONUMENT NO. 765386
The Chesters Woolaston ST597987 THE CHESTERS
Tockington Park Tockington ST62728565 MONUMENT NO. 201524
Tresham Tresham ST803901 MONUMENT NO. 209247
Turkdean Turkdean SP099190 MONUMENT NO. 1185169 Dug by Time Team 1997[7][8]
Wadfield Farm Winchcombe SP02332604 WADFIELD ROMAN VILLA
Waltham Field Whittington SP00802093 MONUMENT NO. 328021 Dug by Time Team 2000[9]
West Chestle Aldsworth SP143101 WEST CHESTLE VILLA
Whittington Whittington SP01562051 MONUMENT NO. 327977
Willington Court Sandhurst SO83862425 WILLINGTON COURT ROMAN VILLA
Withington Withington SP03111486 MONUMENT NO. 327648 Dug by Time Team 2005[10]
Woodchester Woodchester SO83960311 WOODCHESTER VILLA
Wortley Wortley ST76909184 THATCHED COTTAGE

Greater London[edit]

Name Location Grid reference PastScape link Notes
Crofton Orpington TQ45426583 MONUMENT NO. 407700
Keston Keston TQ41316327 MONUMENT NO. 407834
Poverest Road St Mary Cray TQ46796758 MONUMENT NO. 407594 Bath house only
Wanstead Wanstead TQ41658716 MONUMENT NO. 408132


Name Location Grid reference PastScape link Notes
Abbotts Ann Abbotts Ann SU31434190 MONUMENT NO. 228300
Appleshaw Appleshaw SU30164764 MONUMENT NO. 228060
Balchester Upper Wootton SU58005594 MONUMENT NO. 236499
Binsted Binsted SU786413 MONUMENT NO. 243998
Bramdean Bramdean SU62752813 MONUMENT NO. 239199
Burghclere Burghclere SU48286015 MONUMENT NO. 233302
Clanville Clanville SU31454897 MONUMENT NO. 228030
Crondall Crondall SU79504712 MONUMENT NO. 243750
Eastleigh Eastleigh SU45231628 MONUMENT NO. 230032 Now under Southampton Airport
Fullerton Fullerton SU37494006 MONUMENT NO. 227344, MONUMENT NO. 228231
Fyfield Fyfield SU29525028 MONUMENT NO. 224368
Glade Farm Bentley SU77914582 MONUMENT NO. 243745
Grateley Grateley SU276410 MONUMENT NO. 223994
Hambledon Hambledon SU64431429 MONUMENT NO. 239063
Havant Havant SU69150726 MONUMENT NO. 238381, MONUMENT NO. 238448
Hurstbourne Priors Hurstbourne Priors SU44574982 MONUMENT NO. 232098
Itchen Abbas Itchen Abbas SU52883430 ITCHEN ABBAS ROMAN VILLA
Langstone Langstone SU71730532 MONUMENT NO. 242160
Lippen Wood West Meon SU63212451 MONUMENT NO. 239364
Liss Liss SU7628 Excavated 2004-7[11]
Longstock Longstock SU34193617 MONUMENT NO. 227553
Meonstoke Meonstoke SU61652105 MEONSTOKE
Micheldever Wood Micheldever SU53093820 MONUMENT NO. 235570
Monk Sherborne Monk Sherborne SU60665486 MONUMENT NO. 240586
North Waltham North Waltham SU56994549 MONUMENT NO. 236060
Odiham Odiham SU73615263 MONUMENT NO. 244258
Old Alresford Old Alresford SU58193342 MONUMENT NO. 235723
Rockbourne Rockbourne SU12011702 ROCKBOURNE
Rowlands Castle Rowlands Castle SU73420988 MONUMENT NO. 242847
Rowlands Castle Rowlands Castle SU737114 MONUMENT NO. 242833
Sparsholt Sparsholt SU41493012 MONUMENT NO. 231909
Stanchester Chilton Candover SU58044108 MONUMENT NO. 236285
Stroud Stroud SU72512360 MONUMENT NO. 243069
Tidbury Tidbury Ring SU46284292 TIDBURY RING
Twyford Twyford SU48342439 ROMAN VILLA
Upham Upham SU54422247 MONUMENT NO. 235346
Wyck Wyck SU75873938 MONUMENT NO. 243199 Bath house only


Name Location Grid reference PastScape link Notes
Bishopstone Bishopstone SO41754337 MONUMENT NO. 108082
Credenhill Credenhill SO44654263 MONUMENT NO. 108096
Huntsham Goodrich SO56431768 MONUMENT NO. 109575
New Weir Kenchester SO43674181 MONUMENT NO. 108100
Radlett Radlett TL143011 MONUMENT NO. 362062
Radwell Radwell TL23443535 MONUMENT NO. 365614
Weston Weston TL27273079 MONUMENT NO. 365679


Name Location Grid reference PastScape link Notes
Boxmoor Boxmoor TL03810568 MONUMENT NO. 359304
Dicket Mead Welwyn TL23551601 WELWYN ROMAN BATHS
Gadebridge Park Hemel Hempstead TL05030867 MONUMENT NO. 359278
Gorhambury Gorhambury TL11750793 MONUMENT NO. 361934
Kings Langley Kings Langley TL078022 MONUMENT NO. 359335
Lockleys Welwyn TL23771620 MONUMENT NO. 364820
Moor Park Moor Park TQ08009348 MONUMENT NO. 395289
Northchurch Northchurch SP97300923 MONUMENT NO. 346269
Park Street Park Street TL14690308 MONUMENT NO. 362066
Wymondley Hitchin TL20722924 MONUMENT NO. 365078

Isle of Wight[edit]

Name Location Grid reference PastScape link Notes
Brading Brading SZ60008625 BRADING ROMAN VILLA
Carisbrooke Carisbrooke SZ48508809 MONUMENT NO. 460043
Clatterford Carisbrooke SZ47968747 MONUMENT NO. 460017
Combley Robin Hill SZ53808787 COMBLEY ROMAN VILLA
Gurnard Gurnard SZ47149540 MONUMENT NO. 460615 Has eroded into the sea
Newport Newport SZ50118855 MONUMENT NO. 461238
Rock Brighstone SZ42368415 MONUMENT NO. 460425


Name Location Grid reference PastScape link Notes
Abbey Farm Minster TR31366463 MONUMENT NO. 469621
Ash New Ash Green TQ60846500 MONUMENT NO. 413256
Bax Farm Teynham TQ94806409 MONUMENT NO. 1316061
Blean Blean TR12866062 MONUMENT NO. 1249608
Boxted Upchurch TQ85386626 MONUMENT NO. 418307
Cobham Park Cobham TQ68326932 MONUMENT NO. 413160
Darenth Court Darenth TQ56337064 DARENTH COURT ROMAN VILLA
Dartford Dartford TQ54647345 MONUMENT NO. 411352
Eccles Eccles TQ72106061 MONUMENT NO. 416441
Farningham Farningham TQ54496674 MONUMENT NO. 410069
Franks Farningham TQ55416742 FRANKS ROMAN VILLA
Faversham Faversham TR02086172 MONUMENT NO. 463687
Folkestone Folkestone TR24083699 MONUMENT NO. 465716
Hartlip Hartlip TQ82876403 MONUMENT NO. 418600
Luddenham Luddenham TQ976626 MONUMENT NO. 1316075, MONUMENT NO. 419986, MONUMENT NO. 419991, MONUMENT NO. 419994
Lullingstone Lullingstone TQ53016508 LULLINGSTONE ROMAN VILLA
Maidstone Maidstone TQ75725621 MONUMENT NO. 415105
Maidstone Maidstone TQ76575485 MONUMENT NO. 415680
Newbury Rodmersham TQ92525982 MONUMENT NO. 1316263
Otford Otford TQ53625922 MONUMENT NO. 409588
Plaxtol Plaxtol TQ61485313 MONUMENT NO. 412963
Sandwich Sandwich TR31905730 MONUMENT NO. 468326
Snodland Snodland TQ70756201 MONUMENT NO. 416478
Teston Teston TQ69885316 MONUMENT NO. 412907
Thurnham Thurnham TQ79785715 MONUMENT NO. 415057
Wilmington Wilmington TQ54177299 MONUMENT NO. 410980
Wingham Wingham TR24055724 MONUMENT NO. 466356


Name Location Grid reference PastScape link Notes
Bringhurst Bringhurst SP844921 MONUMENT NO. 964600
Drayton Drayton SP817918 MONUMENT NO. 964689
Claybrooke Magna Claybrooke Magna SP481885 MONUMENT NO. 964656
Glooston Glooston SP75279603 MONUMENT NO. 344021
Hamilton Grounds Barkby Thorpe SK647076 MONUMENT NO. 319193
Lockington Lockington cum Hemington SK480295 MONUMENT NO. 315175
Lowesby Lowesby SK736068 MONUMENT NO. 964659
Medbourne Medbourne SP79829299 MONUMENT NO. 344073
Norfolk Street Leicester SK57530437 MONUMENT NO. 316867
Osbaston Osbaston SK425038 MONUMENT NO. 964895
Ridgeway Rothley SK56901229 MONUMENT NO. 317190
Sapcote Sapcote SP49679312 MONUMENT NO. 338045
Stocking Field Drayton SP83059310 MONUMENT NO. 346249
West Langton West Langton SP71489207 MONUMENT NO. 344132
Wycomb Goadby Marwood SK782255 MONUMENT NO. 964934


Name Location Grid reference PastScape link Notes
Barrs Farm Hemingby TF24157331 MONUMENT NO. 352988
Denton Denton SK87593094 MONUMENT NO. 323786
Glentworth Hall Glentworth SK94378828 MONUMENT NO. 920235
Gravel Pit Farm Kirton in Lindsey SK939966 MONUMENT NO. 1063122
Haceby Haceby TF01953692 MONUMENT NO. 348661
Horkstow Horkstow SE98491914 MONUMENT NO. 63618
Kirmond le Mire Kirmond le Mire TF183930 MONUMENT NO. 893061
Mount Pleasant Farm Kirton in Lindsey SE93940038 MONUMENT NO. 63566
Norton Disney Norton Disney SK85896028 MONUMENT NO. 324486
Roxby Roxby SE92031697 MONUMENT NO. 63684
Scampton Scampton SK95527847 MONUMENT NO. 326410
Stainby Stainby SK921222 MONUMENT NO. 325510
Stoke Rochford Stoke Rochford SK9328 MONUMENT NO. 325445, MONUMENT NO. 325448 Two bath houses only
Sudbrooke Sudbrooke TF037765 Excavated since 2005[12]
Walesby Walesby TF14739262 MONUMENT NO. 351895
Winterton Winterton SE90961799 MONUMENT NO. 63693


Name Location Grid reference PastScape link Notes
Bolwick Hall Bolwick Hall TG205245 MONUMENT NO. 133102
Feltwell Feltwell TL700921 MONUMENT NO. 380605
Feltwell Feltwell TL715909 MONUMENT NO. 380586 Bath house only
Gayton Thorpe Gayton Thorpe TF73541806 GAYTON THORPE
Grimston Grimston TF716216 MONUMENT NO. 357416
Snettisham Snettisham TF68953370 MONUMENT NO. 356701
Tivetshall Tivetshall St Mary TM164843 MONUMENT NO. 389215
Weeting Weeting TL77808784 MONUMENT NO. 380213


Name Location Grid reference PastScape link Notes
Apethorpe Apethorpe TL02639493 MONUMENT NO. 361757
Ashley Ashley SP79409163 MONUMENT NO. 344086
Borough Hill Daventry SP58906321 MONUMENT NO. 339861
Brixworth Brixworth SP74657187 MONUMENT NO. 962749
Byfield Byfield SP506545 MONUMENT NO. 339748
Chipping Warden Chipping Warden SP51094822 MONUMENT NO. 339306
Cosgrove Cosgrove SP79474212 COSGROVE ROMAN VILLA
Cotterstock Cotterstock TL03209101 MONUMENT NO. 361745
Deanshanger Deanshanger SP770396 MONUMENT NO. 342874
Fotheringhay Fotheringhay TL07899446 MONUMENT NO. 361593
Great Weldon Weldon SP92948999 MONUMENT NO. 347512
Harpole Harpole SP68385990 MONUMENT NO. 341461
Harpole Harpole SP68936209 MONUMENT NO. 341732
Meadow Furlong Stanwick SP97147179 MONUMENT NO. 347335
Nether Heyford Nether Heyford SP66675865 MONUMENT NO. 341458
North Lodge Farm Barnwell TL07438368 MONUMENT NO. 361159
Piddington Piddington SP79785414 PIDDINGTON ROMAN VILLA
Quinton Quinton SP775535 MONUMENT NO. 343322
Ringstead Ringstead SP976748 MONUMENT NO. 347389
Stoke Bruerne Stoke Bruerne SP75465003 MONUMENT NO. 343315
Thenford Thenford SP52524158 MONUMENT NO. 339407
Whitehall Farm Nether Heyford SP6458 Excavated 2000–2012[13]
Whittlebury Whittlebury SP73224457 MONUMENT NO. 343177
Wollaston Wollaston SP90096499 MONUMENT NO. 347131
Wollaston Wollaston SP90326254 MONUMENT NO. 347126
Wootton Hunsbury Hill SP737582 HUNSBURY HILL COMPLEX
Yarwell Yarwell TL06189914 MONUMENT NO. 361372
Yarwell Yarwell TL06689789 MONUMENT NO. 361340


Name Location Grid reference PastScape link Notes
Car Colston Car Colston SK71934248 MONUMENT NO. 321937, MONUMENT NO. 321879
Cromwell Cromwell SK802625 MONUMENT NO. 324520
Glebe Farm Barton in Fabis SK52683166 MONUMENT NO. 317772
Northfield Mansfield Woodhouse SK52516455 MONUMENT NO. 318221
Oldcotes Oldcotes SK59098853 MONUMENT NO. 318493
Southwell Southwell SK70285378 MONUMENT NO. 322403
Wood Meadow Thurgarton SK67344945 MONUMENT NO. 319888


Name Location Grid reference PastScape link Notes
Asthall Asthall SP30261120 MONUMENT NO. 334805
Barton Court Farm Abingdon SU510977 MONUMENT NO. 238005
Brize Lodge Ramsden SP33931525 MONUMENT NO. 334723
Callow Hill Stonesfield SP40971943 HILL ROMAN VILLA
Ditchend Little Milton SP62390030 MONUMENT NO. 340827
Ditchley Ditchley SP39932008 NO. 334944
Dropshort Sutton Courtenay SU49429389 SUTTON COURTENAY ROMAN VILLA Dug by Time Team, 2013[14]
Elsfield Elsfield SP54900895 MONUMENT NO. 338425
Fawler Fawler SP37171689 FAWLER ROMAN VILLA
Frilford Frilford SU42289726 MONUMENT NO. 234025
Garford Garford SU43709542 MONUMENT NO. 1516137, MONUMENT NO. 234095
Gatehampton Goring-on-Thames SU60007990 MONUMENT NO. 1401795
Great Tew Great Tew SP40502748 MONUMENT NO. 336845
Hanwell Hanwell SP42864373 MONUMENT NO. 337244
Harpsden Harpsden SU75658047 MONUMENT NO. 245276
Islip Islip SP53251342 MONUMENT NO. 338766
North Leigh North Leigh SP39701541 NORTH LEIGH ROMAN VILLA
Oaklands Farm Fawler SP37931667 OAKLANDS FARM ROMAN VILLA
Stanford in the Vale Stanford in the Vale SU32499510 MONUMENT NO. 662144
Stonesfield Stonesfield SP40031706 MONUMENT NO. 336649
West Challow West Challow SU37578789 MONUMENT NO. 229123
Wheatley Wheatley SP60580441 MONUMENT NO. 340823
Wigginton Wigginton SP39363356 MONUMENT NO. 335107
Widford Widford SP27791185 MONUMENT NO. 332368
Wilcote North Leigh SP374138 MONUMENT NO. 334742
Woolstone Woolstone SU29048777 MONUMENT NO. 225384


Name Location Grid reference PastScape link Notes
Empingham Empingham SK94280765 MONUMENT NO. 325179, MONUMENT NO. 325182
Great Casterton Great Casterton TF00640955 MONUMENT NO. 347942
Thistleton Thistleton SK90951717 MONUMENT NO. 325314
Tixover Tixover SK98150188 MONUMENT NO. 325200


Name Location Grid reference PastScape link Notes
Acton Scott Acton Scott SO45808977 MONUMENT NO. 108871
Ashford Carbonell Ashford Carbonell SO53136932 MONUMENT NO. 912155
Cruckton Cruckton SJ43211017 MONUMENT NO. 68458
Lea Shorthill SJ41760848 MONUMENT NO. 67687
Whitley Grange Bayston Hill SJ45700963 WHITLEY GRANGE
Yarchester Harley SJ60650091 MONUMENT NO. 72091


Name Location Grid reference PastScape link Notes
Banwell Banwell ST39825927 MONUMENT NO. 192470
Birdcombe Wraxall ST47877158 MONUMENT NO. 195364
Blacklands Laverton ST765541 MONUMENT NO. 203138, MONUMENT NO. 203149 Dug by Time Team in 2006[15]
Bratton Seymour Bratton Seymour ST66702990 MONUMENT NO. 199624
Burnett Burnett ST66506454 MONUMENT NO. 201090
Chew Magna Chew Magna ST588610 MONUMENT NO. 198033
Chew Park Chew Valley Lake ST56885934 MONUMENT NO. 197267
East Coker East Coker ST54601377 MONUMENT NO. 196215
Combe Combe Down ST76146219 MONUMENT NO. 204067
Compton Dundon Compton Dundon ST49163104 MONUMENT NO. 194010
Dinnington Dinnington ST404135 MONUMENT NO. 193485 Dug by Time Team 2002 and 2005[16]
Ham Hill Ham Hill Hillfort ST48831649 MONUMENT NO. 193155
High Ham High Ham ST42182952 HIGH HAM ROMAN VILLA
Hurcot Hurcott ST51132972 MONUMENT NO. 196343
Iford Farleigh Hungerford ST79735830 MONUMENT NO. 202980
Ilchester Ilchester ST51222213 MONUMENT NO. 196528
Keynsham Cemetery Keynsham ST64516925 MONUMENT NO. 201036
Lopen Lopen ST427139 MONUMENT NO. 1391028
Low Ham Low Ham ST43552884 MONUMENT NO. 193640
Lufton Lufton ST51511784 MONUMENT NO. 196068
Mells Park Leigh-on-Mendip ST703475 MONUMENT NO. 202840
Newton St Loe Newton St Loe ST71206553 MONUMENT NO. 203682
Paulton Paulton ST67125674 MONUMENT NO. 200482
Pitney Pitney ST45053006 MONUMENT NO. 194019
Priddy Priddy ST53095146 MONUMENT NO. 197734
Shapwick Shapwick ST42473948 MONUMENT NO. 1267212
Somerdale Keynsham ST65636894 MONUMENT NO. 200916, MONUMENT NO. 1480443 In the grounds of the Somerdale Factory
Somerton Somerton ST49712904 MONUMENT NO. 193535
Wadeford Wadeford ST30881049 MONUMENT NO. 191803
Wellow Wellow ST72805799 MONUMENT NO. 203043
Wemberham Yatton ST40526522 MONUMENT NO. 194992
Westland Yeovil ST54881570 MONUMENT NO. 196095 Possibly a small town
West Coker West Coker ST528138 MONUMENT NO. 196297
Whatley Whatley ST74424699 MONUMENT NO. 202781
Whitestaunton Whitestaunton ST28021058 MONUMENT NO. 190400
Wincanton Wincanton ST70212819 MONUMENT NO. 202365


Name Location Grid reference PastScape link Notes
Acton Trussell Acton Trussell SJ937175 MONUMENT NO. 77144
Hales Hales SJ72223371 MONUMENT NO. 74380
Shenstone Shenstone SK11030544 MONUMENT NO. 306513
Engleton Brewood SJ89451023 MONUMENT NO. 75403


Name Location Grid reference PastScape link Notes
Castle Hill Castle Hill, Ipswich TM14744660 CASTLE HILL ROMAN VILLA Dug by Time Team 2003[17]
Exning Exning TL61216759 EXNING ROMAN VILLA
Farnham Farnham TM37125836 MONUMENT NO. 391328 Bath house only
Horselands Icklingham TL78067204 HORSELANDS
Lidgate Lidgate TL73195715 MONUMENT NO. 379484
Pakenham Pakenham TL90126950 MONUMENT NO. 385187
Stanton Chare Stanton TL955742 STANTON CHAIR
Stonham Aspal Stonham Aspal TM13095944 MONUMENT NO. 388631 Bath house only


Name Location Grid reference PastScape link Notes
Abinger Abinger TQ10644746 MONUMENT NO. 396943
Ashtead Ashtead TQ17756017 ASHTEAD ROMAN VILLA
Banstead Banstead TQ22395567 MONUMENT NO. 400125
Chiddingfold Chiddingfold SU97843610 MONUMENT NO. 249940
Cobham Cobham TQ68326932 MONUMENT NO. 413160
Compton Compton SU95734798 MONUMENT NO. 250238
Rapsley Ewhurst TQ08034152 MONUMENT NO. 393954
Titsey Park Titsey Place TQ40485457 MONUMENT NO. 407426
Walton Heath Walton Heath TQ23165365 MONUMENT NO. 400396
Worplesdon Worplesdon SU96895107 MONUMENT NO. 250813


East Sussex[edit]

Name Location Grid reference PastScape link Notes
Barcombe Barcombe TQ417142 MONUMENT NO. 618719
Eastbourne Eastbourne TV618990 MONUMENT NO. 470246
Hartfield Hartfield TQ44373195 MONUMENT NO. 407127
Plumpton Plumpton TQ360147 MONUMENT NO. 974745
Preston Court Beddingham TQ45870734 MONUMENT NO. 973183
Preston Park Preston Park, Brighton TQ30910572 MONUMENT NO. 401953

West Sussex[edit]

Name Location Grid reference PastScape link Notes
Angmering Angmering TQ05310451 MONUMENT NO. 392756
Arundel Arundel TQ01540692 MONUMENT NO. 392697
Batten Hanger Elsted and Treyford SU81801533 MONUMENT NO. 246266
Bignor Bignor SU98841469 MONUMENT NO. 249475
Borough Farm Pulborough TQ06882009 MONUMENT NO. 393391
Chilgrove Chilgrove SU83441244 CHILGROVE 1
Chilgrove Chilgrove SU84121362 CHILGROVE 2
Fishbourne Fishbourne SU83940479 FISHBOURNE ROMAN PALACE
Hurstpierpoint Hurstpierpoint TQ28091505 MONUMENT NO. 398970
Littlehampton Littlehampton TQ03960266 MONUMENT NO. 392824
Northbrook College Worthing TQ105038 MONUMENT NO. 762877
Pitlands Farm Up Marden SU797124 MONUMENT NO. 242752
Sidlesham Sidlesham SZ85479702 MONUMENT NO. 462211
Southwick Southwick TQ24460565 MONUMENT NO. 398675
Walberton Walberton SU978056 Excavated since 2006[18]
West Marden West Marden SU77341264 MONUMENT NO. 242738
Wiggonholt Wiggonholt TQ06471756 MONUMENT NO. 392908 Bath house only


Name Location Grid reference PastScape link Notes
Radford Semele Radford Semele SP34256245 MONUMENT NO. 335629
Snowford Bridge Long Itchington SP39646685 MONUMENT NO. 335483


Name Location Grid reference PastScape link Notes
Allington Allington SU20693833 MONUMENT NO. 223270
Atworth Atworth ST85556640 MONUMENT NO. 207925
Bedwyn Bedwyn SU28356295 COPSE ROMAN VILLA
Box Box ST82326854 MONUMENT NO. 207955
Bradford on Avon Bradford on Avon ST81756135 MONUMENT NO. 867326
Bromham Bromham ST97086620 MONUMENT NO. 211997
Browns Farm Marlborough SU19296785 MONUMENT NO. 969756
Chiseldon Chiseldon SU19428095 MONUMENT NO. 222007
Colerne Colerne ST811718 MONUMENT NO. 208491
Downton Downton SU18142106 MONUMENT NO. 217913
Grimstead Grimstead SU23372748 MONUMENT NO. 223061
Hazelbury Box ST837681 MONUMENT NO. 207977
Hannington Hannington SU18099585 MONUMENT NO. 222138
Lay Wood Devizes SU028629 Discovered in 2013[19]
Littlecote Littlecote Park SU30017055 LITTLECOTE VILLA
Manningford Bruce Manningford SU14025805 MONUMENT NO. 220193
Netheravon Netheravon SU14764815 MONUMENT NO. 218930 Dug by Time Team 1996[20]
Nuthills Farm Sandy Lane ST96936832 MONUMENT NO. 212025
Pit Meads Sutton Veny ST900433 PIT MEADS ROMAN VILLAS
Rudge Froxfield SU27996960 MONUMENT NO. 224670
Sherston Sherston ST85558670 MONUMENT NO. 867348
Stanton Fitzwarren Stanton Fitzwarren SU17329020 MONUMENT NO. 222169
Stanton Park Stanton St Quintin ST89607962 MONUMENT NO. 208219
Starveall Farm Bishopstone SU25928158 MONUMENT NO. 225577
Tockenham Tockenham SU03887971 MONUMENT NO. 887838 Dug by Time Team, 1994[21]
Truckle Hill Ford ST83687609 MONUMENT NO. 208315
West Dean West Dean SU25792710 MONUMENT NO. 222998 On the Hampshire-Wiltshire border


Name Location Grid reference PastScape link Notes
Bays Meadow Droitwich Spa SO897638 SALINAE


East Riding of Yorkshire[edit]

Name Location Grid reference PastScape link Notes
Brantingham Brantingham SE93152880 BRANTINGHAM ROMAN VILLA
Grindale Grindale TA13457122 MONUMENT NO. 81350
Harpham Harpham TA08996360 MONUMENT NO. 79578
Rudston Rudston TA08946671 MONUMENT NO. 79473
South Newbald South Newbald SE90453610 MONUMENT NO. 64117

North Yorkshire[edit]

Name Location Grid reference PastScape link Notes
Beadlam Beadlam SE63428412 MONUMENT NO. 58835
Castle Dikes North Stainley SE29137559 CASTLE DYKES
Chapel House Farm Dalton on Tees NZ30080822 MONUMENT NO. 1230878
Hovingham Hovingham SE66237569 MONUMENT NO. 58446
Kirk Sink Gargrave SD93955351 KIRK SINK
Langton Langton SE81646750 MONUMENT NO. 61982, MONUMENT NO. 61976
Middleham Middleham SE13468722 MONUMENT NO. 50870 Bath suite only
Piercebridge Manfield NZ221152 MONUMENT NO. 23732
Pond Head Farm Oulston SE5674 MONUMENT NO. 56890 or Burton House Farm
Quarry Farm Ingleby Barwick NZ437150 MONUMENT NO. 1314853
Street House Loftus NZ7419 Excavated in 2012[22]
Tadcaster Kirkby Wharfe SE50564094 MONUMENT NO. 56512
Well Well SE26498182 MONUMENT NO. 52235
Wharram Grange Wharram le Street SE847656 MONUMENT NO. 1143533
Wharram le Street Wharram le Street SE868662 MONUMENT NO. 1315010

South Yorkshire[edit]

Name Location Grid reference PastScape link Notes
Stancil Wadworth SK60979604 MONUMENT NO. 320822

West Yorkshire[edit]

Name Location Grid reference PastScape link Notes
Dalton Parlours Collingham SE40274453 DALTON PARLOURS


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