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This page makes mention of prominent individuals of Romanichal descent.

List of Romanichals[edit]

listed alphabetically by surname
  • Adam Ant (born 1954) – English punk/New Wave musician; of Romanichal descent
  • Augustine Bearce – a Romanichal deported by the British authorities to the colonies in America in 1638; early Plymouth colonist
  • Caleb Botton – English writer and filmmaker
  • Rodney Smith - British evangelist who conducted evangelistic campaigns in the United States and the UK
  • Jake Bowers – journalist and broadcaster
  • Charles Chaplin – actor, director; of 1/4 Romanichal descent
  • Tracey Emin - British artist shortlisted for the Turner Prize, also known as one of the chief Young British Artists of the late 20th century[1]
  • Louise Doughty – English writer
  • David Morley - British poet, critic, anthologist, editor and scientist
  • Jentina - British Hip hop/R&B singer, rapper, songwriter and model
  • Jackie Leven - Scottish songwriter and folk musician
  • Xavier Petulengro - writer and broadcaster, who frequently broadcast on BBC radio in the 1930s and 1940s,
  • Freddy Eastwood – Welsh footballer (Southend United)
  • George Bramwell Evens – English journalist and writer
  • James Squire Farnell – grandson of James Squire and the first Australian-born Premier of New South Wales
  • Johnny Frankham – English light heavyweight boxer who knocked Cassius Clay (Muhammed Ali) to the floor in an exhibition fight
  • Francis Hindes Groome – English writer
  • Ian Hancock – Romani scholar and activist, born in UK, living in USA, Professor at the University of Texas.
  • Bob Hoskins – actor; of 1/4 Romanichal descent
  • Raby Howell – nineteenth century English footballer (Liverpool, Sheffield United and Preston North End)
  • Darren M. Jackson – English mixed martial arts fighter
  • Joe Longthorne (born 1955) – English singer and impressionist
  • Cher Lloyd (born 1993) - English singer and rapper, mother is Romanichal.
  • Róisín Mullins (born 1982) - English & Irish TV presenter, TV talent show judge, professional Irish dancer, stage show owner and choreographer.
  • Billy Joe Saunders – English boxer who won silver and became the first Romani boxer to represent Great Britain at the 2008 Olympic Games
  • Elanor Smith (1902–1945) – English writer of popular novels often romanticized historical and Romani setting; she believed her paternal great-grandmother to have been Romanichal
  • James Squire – on the First Fleet to Australia; founder of the Australian brewing industry in 1798
  • Dennis Troy (born 1983) - 1/2 Romanian, the first of his family, the Lacramioara to be born in the United States after the Cold War. Grew to be a prominent writer and actor. Currently residing along the Mississippi Gulf Coast.
  • Henry Wharton – English middleweight boxing champion

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