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Romeo's Blue Skies is a 1995 Japanese anime television adaptation by Nippon Animation of the 1941 Swiss novel Die Schwarzen Brüder (The Black Brothers) by German-born Swiss author Lisa Tetzner. It aired on Sundays from 19:00 to 19:30 on the Fuji Television network from 15 January 1995 to 17 December 1995 as part of the World Masterpiece Theater series. The series was directed by Kōzō Kusuba and produced by Yoshihiro Suzuki, Sen'ya Suzuki, and Akio Yogo. Yoshiharu Satō was both the character designer and the animation director.[1]

Series music[edit]

Theme songs[edit]

Title Lyrics Composer Arranger Performer Notes
To the Sky...
(空へ… Sora e...?)
Alice Satō
Taku Iwasaki Megumi Wakakusa Hiroko Kasahara Opening theme
Yes Yes Goodbye: At the Romana Hills
(Si Si Ciao 〜ロマナの丘で〜 Shi Shi Chao: Romana no Oka de?)
Ending theme

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Insert songs[edit]

Title Lyricist Composer Arranger Performer
To the Sky... Alice Satō
Taku Iwasaki Megumi Wakakusa Ai Orikasa
Shunji Nakanishi
Hiroko Asakawa
Ken'ichirō Suehiro
Yūko Gotō
Taku Iwasaki Asami Imai
To the Sky... (Acoustic version) Hiroko Kasahara
Yes Yes Goodbye: At the Romana Hills Shunji Nakanishi
Hiroko Asakawa
To the Sky... (Milan street version) Megumi Wakakusa Hiroko Kasahara
Yes Yes Goodbye: At the Romana Hills (Album version)
To the Sky... (Live version) Taku Iwasaki
Tell Us Your Story
(あなたの話を聞かせて Anata no Hanashi o Kikasete?)
Kōichirō Maeda
Megumi Wakakusa Maria Kawamura
March of Heroes
(英雄のマーチ Eiyū no Māchi?)
Michiru Shimada Ai Orikasa
Toshiko Fujita
Tetsuya Iwanaga
Kōsuke Okano
Only Truth Alice Satō Ai Orikasa
Akemi Okamura
Beyond the Tears
(涙の向こうへ Namida no Mukō e?)
Taro Iwashiro Ai Orikasa
Because You Are
(君がいるから Kimi ga Iru Kara?)
Kiyooka Megumi Wakakusa Toshiko Fujita

Sources: [2]


# Episode title Premiere Air Date
1 "In the Alps! A Crisis of a Small Village"
"Arupusu! Chiisana Mura no Daijiken" (アルプス! 小さな村の大事件) 
15 January 1995
The story begins with the foreword about the extreme poverty that defined the childhood of many kids all around the world tempered only by the bravery and friendship in their hearts before converging in upon the Swiss village our hero Romeo calls home with his mother Jessica who has prepared a lunch that he is to deliver . . . once Romeo bootstraps himself into action after recovering himself from a spill onto the floor as a result of the failed attempts of his pet weasel Piccolo, that is. Romeo's route takes him to a church at which he is charged with ringing the bells every morning; the interim between ringing the bells to just before he races off again with his compensation makes it evident that a festival is to take place in town later on during the day whose central event Hero's Tree Climb is quite a point of contention with Romeo's childhood friend Anita who fears for his safety. The town festival obfuscates the reality that things are not going well in Romeo's village because of the long-standing drought that threatens the town's crops along with the micro-economy of Romeo's father Roberto; further inflaming matters is the arrival of Death God Luini looking for an opportunity to buy at least one of the local children. Galvanized by the carelessly discussed data about Roberto's outstanding debt to Mr. Scara, Death God Luini literally ignites his plan to arrogate the choice away from Roberto; even though as Romeo is the last man on the tree during the Hero's Tree Climb in spite of Embellino's treachery, he ultimately finds that the inferno is the least of his worries when it becomes apparent that the parched cornfields hide an arcane prologue about his origins that is the genesis of an epic adventure!!! 
2 "Destiny's Beginnings: The Family Within the Flames"
"Unmei no Hajimari: Honō no Naka no Kazoku" (運命のはじまり・炎の中の家族) 
22 January 1995
What greets Romeo and Roberto upon tracing the smoke to its source is a colossal and truculent inferno; upon detecting a pair of goats at a loss for sanctuary, the question is not so much what to do but how to do it -- Roberto's reply being to race head-on into the conflagration with Romeo defiantly following his lead. Much to the relief of Jessica and the other townspeople, Romeo successfully evacuates himself with the baby goat but not from inevitability of a dysphoric session of male bonding with Roberto whose cerebral hardware has taken significant damage from his leap of faith through the flames which died down after three days and nights; the cornfield now a field of ashes, it looks like it is a matter of time before Death God Luini will have Romeo in his possession. Unfortunately, Roberto is not keen on Romeo's attempts to bust a move when he finds that his twin sons Pedro and Carlo are eagerly but clumsily clearing away cinders while Romeo tries to catch some fish -- the frustration of which ignites a vituperation of destructive criticism that prompts Romeo to fire back at him before fleeing in anguish; while her concern for his safety accumulates to where Jessica decides to go search for him, Romeo decides to seek out his childhood friend Anita whose unrealistic perspective of him as a lover becomes the preamble for learning the social consensus that Roberto will sell Romeo. The ensuing mad dash and Anita's insight become the preamble of Jessica ultimately divulging the data of Romeo's early origins while Roberto squarely repulses Death God Luini's exhortation complete with a broken vessel of liquor; just as everything appears to be hunky-dory, the scope of Roberto's cerebral hardware damage manifests its true extent!!! 
3 "Farewell, My Village"
"Sayonara Boku no Mura" (さよなら・ぼくの村) 
29 January 1995
Given the abrupt nature of Roberto's brown out, it is no surprise that the deviant diagnostic is quite serious and requires imported medical assistance from Dr. Baregi who will ask at least twenty francs for his time; galvanized by this data, the question now becomes how to raise that sum in a hurry. Romeo answers that question by freely offering his labor only to find that the villagers cannot compensate him with anything other than sympathy for Roberto's plight while Carlo and Pedro decide to pray for a euphoric epilogue before proudly showing off the centi-franc they found; galvanized by the prospect of finding more, the twins race off out of the church. Death God Luini reads this as his signal to again assert his volition of commerce by offering a dangerous opportunity: 25 francs for Roberto's life at high noon; upon seeing Jessica's unsuccessful entreaty for some kind of financial assistance, Romeo sets course for the Shop where Mr. Scara shows his true colors as he prosecutes a collaborative coercion operation with Death God Luini. What follows is the ultimate exercise of discarding the baby with the bathwater as Mr. Scara delivers Dr. Baregi to do his medical thing with Roberto; still, even with Roberto's life now out of danger, Romeo finds that his pact with Death God Luini has some very messy consequences within his home village and ignites the demonstration of several dynamics endemic to that time of history!!![3] 
4 "The Boy on the Poster"
"Nigaoe no Shōnen" (似顔絵の少年) 
5 February 1995
No sooner has his home village Sononio[4] disappeared from direct sight that Romeo finds that the journey to Milan is not going to be the straightforward one-on-one carriage ride that he thinks when Death God Luini harshly orders him off the carriage to prosecute a solo journey on foot to a shop known as The Wildcat in the town of Locarno by nightfall while he prosecutes some commerce elsewhere; after a rainy-day layover in a cave where he discovers that Piccolo has stowed away, Romeo walks right into a scenario of falsely being accused of being an apple thief. Fortunately, a fallen aristocrat named Alfredo is quick-minded enough to point out the signs that Romeo filling his stomach is not even on the radar before Piccolo roots out a boy named Barchelo as the true thief complete with the stolen payload; frustrated that Barchelo has given him the slip and left him with egg on his face, the shopkeeper gives Romeo two apples as an apology that becomes the catalyst for Alfredo to realize that he should be traveling together with Romeo to Locarno where the whole town is one big open-air shopping district for the two boys to explore at leisure . . . that is, if one ignores that there is a news reporter interested in capitalizing the price on Alfredo’s head and a greedy opportunistic thief that steals Alfredo’s duffel bag!!! The whole chase sequence is exactly what the doctor ordered for Romeo and Alfredo to ultimately become fast friends along with a destitute but honest street urchin named Dante that demonstrates in a big way that God absolutely HATES ugly; the thief swiftly nullified complete with a successful high-water rescue of Alfredo’s duffel bag courtesy of Romeo is of little comfort when Alfredo and Romeo find themselves thrown into the cellar like garbage with several other boys -- including a beaten-up Dante!!! 
5 "A Night in the Tavern"
"Sakaba de no Ichiya" (酒場での一夜) 
12 February 1995
Low on sustenance and their survival probability dwindling along with the night, Romeo and Alfredo are shocked to find several other boys trapped in a cellar divided between anguish and frustration that tomorrow morning has as its central feature a downstream journey towards Luino which is near Milan; a brief tutorial about the mechanics of Death God Luini's micro-economy gives way to the fact that Dante is not going to calmly accept utilization in economic interchange any more than he did with the thief cheating him as he searches for a structural flaw to exploit for his escape before a frightened boy named Michaello detects the smell of the chicken wings the overseer is snacking on. Even as they realize what this means and are not slow in demonstrating this insight, Death God Luini is not clueless about the boys' plans and decides to amuse himself by seeing how much progress they make on their own; in spite of Dante initially having a bit of trouble rallying the other boys behind him and a few small mistakes during the escape, Dante-tachi (Dante and the four boys in convoy with him) makes considerable progress while Romeo and Alfredo successfully stall the overseer. A young newslady wanting to try her fortunes at capitalizing the price on Alfredo's head proves to be the ultimate double-edged sword that forces Death God Luini to abandon his bid to recapture Dante-tachi prior to Romeo and Alfredo's rescue; unfortunately, this very incursion also panics Death God Luini into forcing the boys to undertake a rainy-day voyage in order to evade the bad publicity of his commerce . . . right into the trough of a wave that swamps the boat!!! 
6 "The Ship Sinks: Friendship Within the Storm"
"Fune ga Shizumu!! Arashi no Naka no Yūjō" (舟が沈む!! 嵐の中の友情) 
19 February 1995
Fortunately, a dangerous bullet has been dodged; the most that now has to take place is to bail the water out of the boat and get to shore until the storm passes. The overseer and Death God Luini get into an adversarial divergent concourse over whether to advance towards Luino or return to Locarno which soon becomes a moot point when another wave sweeps across the boat and capsizes it; upon retrieving Alfredo's duffel bag and seeing Alfredo clinging to a plank with Piccolo, Romeo joins him in wondering about the other ten boys. Piccolo detects Death God Luini floating nearby; after a period of ethical computation, Romeo swims out to retrieve Death God Luini before combining efforts with Alfredo to paddle for dry land where there is a cave that becomes the locale for the two boys to exchange prologues and analyze each other's cerebral computation protocols in regards to deciding perdition or exoneration for Death God Luini and their contract with him. The ultimate feature presentation of this whole misadventure revolves around Death God Luini recovering himself the next morning just in time for Alfredo to explain him Romeo's good deed which transcends his data about the mechanics of the world that he has already had demonstrated as he goes to steal a carriage from a nearby town; fortunately, Alfredo's intercession for Romeo provides the extra nudge for Death God Luini to undergo a change of heart as he foregoes his gambling bounty to compensate for the carriage that he then uses to take the two boys to Milan. 
7 "An Angel's Abode"
"Tenshi no Sumu Ie" (天使の住む家) 
26 February 1995
Even with Death God Luini refraining from his domineering behavior, Romeo and Alfredo find that the carriage ride to Milan is the deceptive preamble to a coarse tomboy named Nikita who gives them an abrasive syllabus about the swarm of overseers that is arriving at the bar to buy them -- a dynamic that Death God Luini utilizes to his advantage to nearly cause a knifing when a man named Citron takes a violent interest in Alfredo after he intercedes for Romeo; when the dust settles, a man named Rossi has claimed Romeo for almost 90 lira as Citron has done with Alfredo. Pleased with the aftermath, Death God Luini takes his leave while Romeo and Alfredo realize that they will soon be separated and prepare themselves to exchange an oath of friendship that Citron and Rossi read as the ideal opportunity to prosecute the home commute; Romeo's emphatic disagreement with that sentiment through chasing after Alfredo to finish that oath before the Cathedral lands him in hot water in the form of a very poor first impression of his character as a fugitive slacker and scapegoat -- the former getting him locked up with an empty belly and the latter which causes Rossi's harridan wife Edda to take an instant dislike to him that is read as license for a boy named Anzelmo to initiate a campaign of dirty pool against him!!! Romeo soon has demonstrated that Rossi is a uxorious sycophant to his wife and is ultimately of no utility in securing the dexterous maintenance that will enable him to do his job for a long time to come; the sole silver lining of that night is the dulcet singing of an infirm girl named Angeletta that has taken a sympathetic interest in him. 
8 "A Gift from an Angel"
"Tenshi kara no Okurimono" (天使からの贈り物) 
5 March 1995
Anzelmo reads the beautiful sunny morning as the ideal opportunity to declare war on Romeo with a prank involving water and the key to his cell that prompts Edda to charge him a comprehensive cleaning of the house before forcing her husband to get right to work cleaning chimneys; after recalling a moment where Alfredo explained him a snapshot of his prologue with his sister Bianca encouraging him, Romeo picks up his spirits with such vigor that Angeletta is inspired to do some euphoric artwork while Rossi leads Romeo through a tutorial of how chimney-sweeps solicit work and how to conduct a chimney-sweeping job along with a possible hint about why he has the economic troubles that he does. Romeo's second job that day involves ascending an insufficiently-cooled chimney to find an aerial perspective into which no adult could intrude complete with a demonstration of Rossi's penchant for thorough inebriation which ultimately nullifies his utility in advocating the hefty meal Romeo has more than earned; as if to encourage Romeo to keep his spirits up, Piccolo shows Romeo the sole silver lining of that night which comes in the form of some bread and cheese that Angeletta isolated from her meal. 
9 "A Love Letter, By Moonlight"
"Tsukiyo no Rabu Retā" (月夜のラブレター) 
12 March 1995
Lost in the shuffle of Romeo's struggles with Edda's cruel hatred and Rossi's inebriated negligence tempered by Angeletta's benevolence is Piccolo's troubles with Anzelmo's cat Palmo chasing him all over the place; fortunately, Piccolo is agile and quick-minded enough to outrun Edda's wrath at the collateral damage catalyzed by a bit of Angeletta's intercession. Edda's aversion for being the subject of crass comedy as is the case for her husband's scatterbrained mistakes becomes the preamble of the chimney-sweeping workday which affords Romeo a new ally in Professor Casela who gives him his first lesson in building literacy while Piccolo explains Romeo the lesson of TLC he has undergone with Angeletta; later that evening, Romeo decides for trying to reply Angeletta but finds that the necessary smuggling operation quite an adventure when Palmo suspects subterfuge of Romeo and decides to investigate. Catalyzed by Piccolo's guidance in wielding the circumstances to his advantage, Romeo enlists Anzelmo's assistance with Palmo to ultimately make the smuggling operation a roaring success; a chance rainy-day encounter with Professor Casela later, Romeo smuggles himself into his first nocturnal encounter with Angeletta!!! 
10 "The Blue-Sky Sketchbook"
"Aozora no Suketchibukku" (青空のスケッチブック) 
19 March 1995
Romeo's reverie at having met Angeletta gives way to having it pointed out that the open door could give him away; the door now closed and the lamp ignited, Romeo struggles to decide what to make of Angeletta who has composed her own method of breaking the ice by showing him her sketches of him. Piccolo deciding for a better perspective of Angeletta's artwork steers the infirm girl's inquiries toward Romeo's home village about which the two kids prosecute a nocturnal daydream sequence that gives way to Romeo's first assignment: capturing the blue sky; the next morning, Romeo is in such seventh heaven that Anzelmo and Edda are compelled to take notice. Romeo prosecuting the diurnal housekeeping and the preparations for the chimney-sweeping workday obfuscates the threat that Anzelmo poses to him as the playwright puppeteer of the Wolf Pack; while Romeo divides his energies between his two assignments, Anzelmo tries to ameliorate his poor political position in the Wolf Pack by entreating Nikita's assistance in stealing Angeletta's sketchbook. The ensuing chase sequence becomes the ultimate forum for Anzelmo and Nikita to introduce themselves as members of the Wolf Pack along with Romeo decisively demonstrating that he can give the two gangsters a run for their money; as a consolation prize for Anzelmo scattering Angeletta's artwork all over the place, Romeo catches a feather from a flock of pigeons much to Angeletta's delight that evening. 
11 "Let's Be Friends"
"Tomodachi ni Narō" (友だちになろう!) 
23 April 1995
After an arduous ascent up the chimney of a customer's house, Romeo's intermission to recover his energies while gazing at the sunset is brought to a screeching halt when the Wolf Pack raids a marketplace plaza; from his rooftop vantage point, Romeo watches Nikita outrun some shop boys only to charge right into an ambush set up by gangsters from a rival gang excited by what they assume is an easy mark. After Nikita's teammates introduce themselves, the Wolf Pack soon demonstrates why the word assume is spelled the way it is when they turn the tables on the rival gangsters; even with their leader Giovanni disabling the two gangsters that tried to attack him, the Wolf Pack soon finds that it has a weak link within its ranks when Anzelmo belately joins the others. The award ceremony that night becomes the forum for it to be demonstrated that Giovanni is not ignorant about Anzelmo's hypocrisy and has decided to have a bit of fun; while Anzelmo divides his energies between fuming at Giovanni charging him an extremely outlandish stewardship and computing how to comply it, Romeo explains Angeletta his observations from that day but stumbles over an intricate prologue that complicates his perspective of how he should behave toward Anzelmo who has decided to pervert to his advantage Palmo's nocturnal discovery. Despite her perspective of him as a good person that does bad things, Angeletta's personal diary ultimately instigates Anzelmo's undoing as the portfolio of Anzelmo's treachery is laid bare before the Wolf Pack; unfortunately for Romeo, the unanimous conviction by a jury of his peers has taught Anzelmo not to come above-ground into the light but to stay below-ground and go big or go home!!! 
12 "To Vanish into the City of Mists"
"Kiri no Machi ni Kieru" (霧の街に消える) 
30 April 1995
Even with the heavy damage sustained from the Wolf Pack's collaborative assault, Anzelmo has already computed the perfect curriculum which poses a significant threat to Romeo as there are few skeptical people that will take his lies with a grain of salt; the first attempt is to lure Romeo into fighting Tachioni so that he can wield the police to kill two birds with one stone. In spite of Anzelmo having enough time to forewarn the police, the only thing that happens is a huge mess and the Wolf Pack furious even though Nikita questions whether Romeo would really do something like that and wonders what he hopes to accomplish by that subterfuge. Upon seeing the major damage Anzelmo has sustained along with Edda's reaction thereof, Angeletta realizes that Romeo is walking right into Anzelmo's trap but cannot do a thing to interfere by either forewarning Romeo or outing Anzelmo who has emptied his mother's stash of coins into Romeo's satchel; Angeletta's illness deteriorating to the point where medical assistance is required all but guarantees the success of Anzelmo's subterfuge!!! Realizing too late that Anzelmo has set this trap for him, Romeo is ultimately faced with the choice of definitely being incarcerated by the police or being hunted down like a fox if he flees; even as Romeo successfully evades the police, the Wolf Pack decides for the worst possible time to converse about his earlier fight with Tachioni!!! 
13 "Reunion in the Sewer"
"Chikasuidō de no Saikai" (地下水道での再会) 
7 May 1995
As can be predicted, the five Wolf Pack gangsters are not interested in Romeo's attempts to explain his side of the story or even to explain Romeo why they are unhappy with him; while Piccolo acts as a skeleton key to help Romeo make his getaway, the weasel makes the mistake of leading Romeo into a negative through access where the gangsters are not slow with attempting to finish him off and would have if not for a dramatically swift intercession on Dante's part. Upon evading both the police and the Wolf Pack, Romeo comes to the realization -- along with Angeletta who emphatically but naïvely draws on her childhood prologue with Anzelmo to entreat the same thing -- that Anzelmo is no friend of his and that he has no intention of coming clean; having already been through turbulence with adults that jump to conclusions, Dante tells Romeo to forget about trying to clear his name and instead focus on leaving Milan before initiating his home commute. Upon Nikita opting to sit out the hunt for Romeo, the convoluted vacate or vindicate cerebral conundrum ultimately begins to solve itself when Dante's smuggling assistance -- whose utility was demonstrated in Locarno -- lands Romeo in the company of saboteurs intent upon destroying the police station; regardless of whether Romeo escapes or defeats the saboteurs, the epilogue of this crazy circus depends not on whether Marchelo Rossi hears out Angeletta but whether Edda Rossi is able to snap out of denial that she has undergone the gestation and accouchement of an absolute psychopath!!! 
14 "Escape, Quickly!"
"Nigerunda!! Hayaku" (逃げるんだ!! 早く) 
14 May 1995
Upon having it harshly explained what a huge error he has just made, Dante races off after the saboteurs with Nikita hot on his heels; while Dante and Nikita race off on a wild-goose chase before realizing that they took a wrong turn, Romeo finds several signs that he has leapt out of the frying pan and into the fire when he finds that the stopover is right at the station house and discovers himself surrounded by gunpowder. None too pleased at discovering that Romeo has stowed away, the saboteurs visit unto him a lesson about how curiosity killed the cat before resuming their operation; while Romeo divides his energies between trying to save himself and how to use the data he has about the saboteurs' plans, Marchelo recounts his recent divergent concourse with Edda along with the data Angeletta has given him as his conscience begins to gnaw at him for not realizing that Anzelmo has been a bit too eager to get rid of Romeo who has decided to exclaim evacuation instead of voting with his feet. In spite of taking some cranial damage from the explosion, Romeo wakes up to find that Marchelo has seen the light and has found the gonads to ultimately do the right thing for once; not only is he going to deliver Anzelmo a dose of turbulent family government, Marchelo gives his blessing for Romeo to freely visit Angeletta who is only too eager to welcome him home!!! 
15 "Strike a Light! The Oath of the Eleven"
"Hi o Tomose!! Jūichinin no Chikai" (火をともせ!! 11人の誓い) 
21 May 1995
Romeo and Angeletta happily making up for lost time occurs right in conjunction with Marchelo Rossi demonstrating a profound change of heart as he dramatically modifies Romeo's room well away from its previous incarnation as a prison complete with a bed; as compensation for the lengthy ETA, Marchelo also gives Romeo a holiday -- a contentious matter about which he is neither shy nor soft-spoken as he repulses Edda's objections thereof. Romeo races off galvanized by Dante's account of Alfredo having recently spent some time on Ceruba Ioko Street where he finds that his search is only getting started upon finding two boys that happily expound upon how Alfredo has a significant following as a guardian angel among all the chimney sweeps in Milan; upon having it explained that the Wolf Pack has been demonstrating xenophobic hostility of the imported chimney sweeps as evidenced by Alfredo's recent intercession for Augusto, Romeo adjusts his course toward San Babila Church which is where he ends up after making use of his kill-on-sight black mark to lure away a trio of Wolf Pack gangsters. The ecstasy of Romeo finding Alfredo with his nose in a book at the Church along with a euphoric epilogue for all the boys they met in Locarno quickly gives way to the urgency of nullifying the Wolf Pack's xenophobic curriculum; pulling out a map he drew, Alfredo explains Romeo his plan to fight fire with fire with the help of every chimney sweep in Milan. Zero hour ultimately dawns with an abundant turnout in spite of the scant data about what exactly Alfredo plans to do; a brief lesson of European history about their meeting place later, Alfredo gets right down to business as he prosecutes several pep rallies in which the boys' interdependence is affirmed and cohesive bonds are formed. 
16 "Alfredo is My Rival!"
"Raibaru wa Arufuredo!" (ライバルはアルフレド!) 
28 May 1995
Romeo finding that Alfredo has merely been taken to another part of Milan instead of to another city altogether is a significant milestone; still, the stark reality is that each incidence of being accosted by the Wolf Pack is definitely by design and shows no signs of spontaneously petering out as a repeat occurrence anytime soon -- hence the divergent concourse Romeo is prosecuting with Augusto. Alfredo explains that the Wolf Pack gangsters' convergence on an isolated Black Brother such as Michaello is how they deal the hefty damage that they do -- and is also how the other Black Brothers will nullify that curriculum; as Alfredo expounds upon his alternate contingency plans, Romeo is forced to face his intellectual deficiency as he is swept up into the moment. A session of nocturnal computation after a stopover to visit Professor Casela gives rise to Romeo's resolution to exert more of an effort to build up his intellect which earns him some playful derision from Dante along with a prediction about the ending from Michaello; while Romeo divides his energies between fuming at the good-natured derision and continuing to build up his literacy, what is lost in the shuffle is that Romeo's padrone Marchelo Rossi is far more supportive. What Angeletta fails to realize is that Romeo has ultimately learned that he has to pull himself up by his bootstraps if he is to build up his literacy; while Alfredo demonstrates his comprehension by writing the words from two pages of Professor Casela's book, Romeo successfully reads through his first book in spite of literally running on fumes!!! 
17 "Showdown at San Babila Church"
"Seinto Babira Kyōkai no Kettō" (聖バビラ教会の決闘) 
4 June 1995
Under Alfredo's leadership, the Black Brothers have become a living example of how beneficial it is to have close friends that know how it is with being a chimney sweep that has to contend with cruel employers that either cannot or will not properly maintain them; while those hazards are ever-present and inevitable, the Wolf Pack's curriculum of xenophobic aggression has assumed a scope of which the Black Brothers have no choice but to nullify it. Alfredo is not slow in combing through the data to discern an exploitable pattern while leading the other Black Brothers through a curriculum of his own; as if having sensed the Black Brothers' declaration of zero hour, Nikita begins to have second thoughts as she questions why the others feel the need to persecute the Black Brothers when there are much worthier adversaries such as the Scorpion gang which with whom Giovanni heads out to prosecute a duel. The Wolf Pack is shocked to learn how heavily it has overplayed its hand when Leo the Louse is sent packing from attempting to hijack Michaelo's payload by himself and when it rushes right into an ambush the Black Brothers prepared for them at San Babila Church; as if having somehow sensed the Black Brothers' victory, Giovanni is busy gathering reinforcements for a retaliatory counterstrike while Alfredo sees a bit of his sister Bianca in Nikita who is struck rather close to home. Galvanized by Nikita's insight as to Alfredo rallying the other Black Brothers behind him, Giovanni is not slow in ultimately demonstrating that guerrilla warfare is a game that two can play when he leads the Wolf Pack in capturing Michaelo and demanding Alfredo in exchange, what happens next depends entirely upon how well Romeo assumes the role of second-in-command to lead the other Black Brothers in Alfredo's absence!!! 
18 "Sing our Song of Unity on into the Dawn!"
"Asahi ni Todoke! Danketsu no Uta" (朝日にとどけ! 団結の歌) 
11 June 1995
Romeo is understandably quite upset as he delivers Alfredo the Wolf Pack's message and races off to mobilize the other Black Brothers for battle before Alfredo objects that an unwise gesture for which Michaelo could end up paying dearly; in spite of his initial reservations about the wisdom thereof, Romeo cooperating with Alfredo capitulating to the Wolf Pack's demands sets the stage for it to be demonstrated that Giovanni is a fierce but honorable hoodlum as he orders Michaelo's release upon landing a punch. Galvanized by Giovanni's challenge to a daybreak battle at Sempyone Park, Romeo races back to rally the other Black Brothers for battle but finds it easier said than done because Giovanni has assimilated a rival gang into the Wolf Pack; after a rousing speech, Romeo turns his steps homeward to allow the other Black Brothers to figure out why a crisis is written to denote the idea »dangerous opportunity« in the Chinese language. Knowing that Romeo is contending with quite a cumbersome deviant diagnostic that most likely has to do with the Wolf Pack, Angeletta tries to lend what moral support she can -- a shiny metal cross -- before Romeo sets out the next morning in spite of knowing that he could very well ultimately be walking to his execution; once it becomes clear that an all-out street brawl will not solve anything, Tachioni jumps at the opportunity to get revenge on Romeo for Anzelmo's earlier deception -- complete with a switchblade in spite of Giovanni explicitly declaring weapons as a big no-no!!! 
19 "Grandma's a Witch"
"Obā-chan wa Mahōtsukai" (おばあちゃんは魔法使い) 
18 June 1995
The rumble with the Wolf Pack to rescue Alfredo is no doubt a significant victory for the Black Brothers; still, it soon becomes apparent that the Wolf Pack licking its wounds while computing its next move does not change the reality that the Black Brothers continue to be under the same chimney-sweeping indentureship as before. Romeo remembering how Angeletta's cross helped him turn the tables on Tachioni prompts him to deliver Angeletta a flower in gratitude; upon arriving upstairs and inquiring about Edda's maternal gesture, Romeo is taken by surprise when Angeletta promptly inquires him the nature of his mother Jessica; just as Romeo recounts an incidence of Jessica imparting a dose of family government to emphasize that chores are to be completed immediately much to Angeletta's delight, Marchelo chimes in that he has had similar childhood experiences with his mother before turning his attention back toward soliciting labor. As if to respond to the ill-considered joke about her as a witch, Marchelo receives a letter from his mother signalling her intention to pay a visit and bearing a treasure as a gift -- an ivory chess set with a value in excess of eight hecto-lira; what actually happens is something that Edda could have never planned for when Granny Rossi sees right through her hypocrisy and swiftly becomes fond of Romeo!!! Granny Rossi's ultimate objective is to bring to a close Marchelo running away from his childhood prologue which comes in the form of the knitted hat she wears after recovering it from the trash; while Edda and Anzelmo fume over their greed being nullified, Marchelo and Granny Rossi have a much more cohesive relationship after having reconciled their differences. 
20 "Grandpa Theo's Puppet Show"
"Teo-jīsan no Ningyōgeki" (テオじいさんの人形劇) 
2 July 1995
Angeletta Montovani has been instrumental in counterbalancing the detrimental effects of Edda's persecution and Marchelo's negligence unto Romeo -- especially with Anzelmo's curriculum of vindictive subterfuge in full swing; nevertheless, Romeo is in for quite a lesson about the copious scope of Angeletta's prologue at Rossi-ke overlooking Bolgo Alley when he helps break up a lover's quarrel over a missing bracelet and acts as the emissary of joyous birthday wishes to a little girl named Nana whose grandfather Theo runs a puppet show. Marchelo's friend Matteo accidentally lets slip a sliver of Angeletta's true prologue before Marchelo harshly orders labor of both Romeo and Dante who make a note to further investigate the matter; a dynamic diurnal puppet show in the Alley gives way to some signs that Grandpa Theo has a secret with which he really wants to come above-ground. Galvanized by the insight at the illegal computation epilogue both Grandpa Theo and his son Leon have both visited unto Nana from an adversarial divergent concourse one night, Angeletta exhorts Romeo a euphoric epilogue; as evidenced by the reaction of the other Black Brothers, locating Leon with the limited available data that is applicable all over the place is an exercise of insanity -- especially when a pair of inebriated spouses tries to put the move on Romeo and Alfredo!!! The ultimate resolution of this whole citywide scavenger hunt is Romeo recalling the deviant diagnostic of Professor Casela's chimney; an impromptu round trip and a sentimental reunion later, Romeo basks in the moment with Angeletta unaware that Marchelo has had the choice taken away from him about keeping Angeletta's aristocratic prologue below-ground. 
21 "Angeletta's Secret"
"Anjeretta no Himitsu" (アンジェレッタの秘密) 
9 July 1995
Detecting that Angeletta has completed her first life decade, Romeo and Marchelo seek to celebrate the milestone; while Edda and Anzelmo depart on a shopping run to secure some provisions, Romeo leads Alfredo-tachi (Alfredo with Dante and Michaelo in convoy) to Angeletta who surprises him by revealing her knowledge of his identity. Upon discovering that Marchelo has no intention of really lowering the boom on them, the four boys initiate their impromptu concert before racing off to prosecute a repair job for Dante's padrone Matteo where Dante has added up all the data and concluded Angeletta's true prologue along with Matteo's knowledge thereof; galvanized by this data, Romeo decides to confront Marchelo but first decides to eavesdrop where he learns that Angeletta has figured things out and would love nothing more than to meet her grandmother Countess Isabella Montovani. Having Marchelo lead him to Montovani-ke is a walk in the park for Romeo; still, actually accessing the mansion is a horse of a different color!!! Romeo dividing his energies between admiring the opulence of the mansion and prosecuting a solo chimney-sweeping job becomes the backdrop for Isabella's side of the story to be illuminated along with the rationale for her frigidity towards her granddaughter Angeletta: Isabella's suspicion of Angeletta coveting her estate!!! As if to explain Piccolo's whereabouts and to ultimately howl foul about his mistress's behavior toward Angeletta, Isabella's dog Bacchus ushers Romeo into a room where Isabella gives Marchelo the allowance to help maintain Angeletta; disgusted by Isabella's frigidity, Romeo loudly cries foul -- right into the barrel of a loaded pistol!!! 
22 "I Met Grandmother!"
"Obā-sama ni Aeta!" (おばあさまに会えた!) 
6 August 1995
Be it because she is a lousy shot or to really test him, Romeo's venturesome brinksmanship has paid off handsomely when Isabella merely admonishes Marchelo to discipline Romeo; the dust settled and the paternal scolding resolved, Marchelo confirms his knowledge of Angeletta's true prologue -- Isabella's son Adolf having fallen in love with a plebeian girl named Giovanna with which he bore Angeletta -- before affirming his intention to begin the home commute and walking away. What Romeo does not realize as he fumes over Marchelo's apparent callousness about Angeletta paying the price for Isabella's behavior is that Isabella is starting to rethink things; upon finishing his home commute, Romeo pays Angeletta a visit to find her fast asleep after writing a diary entry about how she is prepared for her trip to heaven. Just as Romeo decides that he is in the wrong to deprive Angeletta of the choice about whether to share what she wrote, Angeletta wakes up to further explain Romeo the origin of her music box and that she would like to meet her grandmother before the illness finishes her off; while Marchelo and Edda prosecute an analytical concourse about how to interpret the doctor's counsel, Romeo exhorts the Black Brothers' assistance to catalyze him transporting Angeletta to Montovani-ke which is a very hazardous enterprise since both Rossi-ke and the Wolf Pack could intercept the boys at any point in the whole operation which goes surprisingly well until they arrive at the mansion where a sentry bars their entry. Upon Dante availing a side entrance which gets him in hot water, it ultimately falls on Romeo to smuggle in Angeletta while Alfredo leads the others through prosecuting a diversion; despite all of Angeletta's sentimentality along with the slightly antagonistic collaborative efforts of both Piccolo and Bacchus, Isabella is too enveloped in her loneliness to embrace Angeletta!!! 
23 "Farewell, My Angel"
"Sayonara...Boku no Tenshi" (さよなら…ぼくの天使) 
13 August 1995
In spite of Bacchus warmly welcoming her, Isabella makes it very clear that she has no intention of welcoming Angeletta as relative nor estate heiress and cares nothing about her granddaughter's terminal illness; during a layover at a church, Romeo inquires Angeletta the rationale for delivering Isabella the music box. This sets the stage for a retrospective analytical concourse in which Angeletta explains Romeo that she is very happy with everything that happened along with her perspective that the music box will go a long way in helping Isabella to resolve the immense anguish over her son Adolf and drive home the point that Angeletta is also mourning her parents. Unfortunately for Romeo, Rossi-ke is not very understanding when he and the Black Brothers smuggle back in the comatose Angeletta; a mad dash into the night later, Dr. Casela swiftly repairs as much of the damage that he can but makes note of Angeletta's peaceful facial expression as he explains Rossi-ke the presence of a cardiologist in Paris that can effect more permanent repairs -- that is, after a bit of housekeeping in Milan to which Marchelo promptly applies himself. Be it lack of confidence in Marchelo or hostility to Isabella's frigid reliance on money to solve everything, Alfredo leads the Black Brothers through prosecuting a coercive operation that calls for intentionally clogging every chimney of the Montovani-ke to insist upon explaining Isabella that she herself is the skeleton key to ultimately awaken Angeletta from her dormancy and honor her late son; while Isabella awakening from her frigid estivation is the euphoric epilogue that has been a long time coming; it does mean that Romeo and Angeletta will have to say goodbye and face the fact that they might not ever meet again. 
24 "The Hunted Siblings"
"Nerawareta Keimai" (ねらわれた兄妹) 
20 August 1995
Marchelo finally seeing the light about Romeo's character as a person, Edda's fuel-for-labor volition for Romeo nullified, Anzelmo's treachery exposed, the Black Brothers' cohesive interdependence affirmed and reinforced enough to hold the Wolf Pack at stalemate, Isabella realizing that she is not the only person grieving her son's death, and Angeletta finally able to begin the journey to redeem her poor health ... winter's arrival in Milan is exactly what the doctor ordered to cool down from all that excitement; still, Romeo finding himself facing the barrel of a gun in the course of composing a euphoric epilogue to the anguish endemic to the Montovani-ke succession rites makes it quite clear that even casual acquaintance with aristocracy is more than enough to extinguish all prospects for a return trip back home to Sononio -- if the Wolf Pack does not first decide to extinguish Romeo as Tachioni once came dangerously close to doing!!! A playful shove from Nikita sets in motion the genesis of Romeo's next adventure when a blue-eyed blond aristocratic girl pauses briefly before resuming her entry into the opera theater; while Nikita computes the many parallels to Alfredo, Romeo comes upon Dr. Casella with a book for Alfredo whose padrone Citron has not been kind to him. An abrupt fit of consumptive coughing makes it clear that the days Alfredo has to realize his dream are quite limited; galvanized by the encouragement that passion and strategy can overcome destructive circumstances, Romeo resumes his workday with Marchelo -- this time, the trouble spot is the hotel room occupied by Mauricio Martini whose wife Grazela is quite annoyed at Bianca's cacophonous piano playing. Things come to a head when Bianca decides that possibly fatal deceleration damage in the process of a high-altitude escape is ultimately the least of two evils; after recovering himself from being knocked on his caboose by a not-exactly-grateful Bianca prior to Romeo explaining himself a chimney sweep, Romeo races off in search of Bianca galvanized by Alfredo's full prologue in the hope that his intercession as a gentleman will make a difference when it counts ... 
25 "Alfredo and Bianca Reunited"
"Saikai! Bianka to Arufuredo" (再会! ビアンカとアルフレド) 
27 August 1995
As is usually the case with competitive quarry-predator relationships, the predator only has to get lucky once as Bianca is astonished to learn when Mauricio takes her prisoner and is in the process of preparing her for transport when Nikita happens upon the whole scene; now summarily repulsed by the sentries who are ignorant of Mauricio's crimes, Romeo and Alfredo are forced to retreat and regroup in spite of the coercion with which Grazela is threatening Bianca. Having had plenty of practice with the Wolf Pack and Isabella Montovani, the Black Brothers are only too glad to devise a plan in order to assist Alfredo's rescue of Bianca; while it is no big challenge to distract the sentries, Romeo makes the mistake of zealously letting the cat out of the bag which endangers Alfredo and is the perfect vehicle for Grazela to swiftly turn the tables on him. Dante-tachi (Dante with Michaelo and Antonio) ultimately comes in quite handy with his timely intercession much to Grazela's comical but emphatic displeasure as he and Romeo divide their energies between rushing to Alfredo's rescue and evacuating Bianca to safety; thanks to Nikita being in the neighborhood along with a travel caravan carrying the King of Italy, Alfredo and Bianca are reunited at long last in spite of Mauricio's best efforts complete with a gun. 
26 "Proud Souls"
"Hokoritakaki Tama" (誇り高き魂) 
3 September 1995
The Black Brothers' plan to effect Alfredo's reunion with Bianca -- albeit with a bit more drama than is reasonably expected because of covert deviant diagnostics -- has turned out quite well; still, the excitement has placed Alfredo under contention that has not-at-all-insignificant medical consequences whose accommodation requirements leave very little breathing room under the current circumstances. It soon becomes evident that Alfredo has realized that he is on borrowed time and the skewed record about how he was made an orphan will persist even in the unlikely event that he does fully recuperate; an entreaty for Dr. Casella to house Bianca and a little subterfuge later, Alfredo smuggles himself out with Bianca in tow -- an event that really livens up the concourse -- prior calling the meeting to order and explaining the other Black Brothers his volition to expose Mauricio and Grazela as the criminals they are. A prank of swiping a few apples backfiring makes it clear that a diversion of much greater scope is needed to fool the sentries; while the preparations for the Black Brothers' operation are of completion enough to where the boys could act at that moment, there are a few aspects that require some polish. Bianca not being blind to how Alfredo's emphatic affection for Romeo consumes her brother's computations -- or Nikita accurately detecting that Alfredo has not made a full recovery in spite of all demonstration to the contrary -- are not things that cannot ultimately be cured through an honest explanation complete with some playful teasing; still, Alfredo's operation for exoneration is neither flawless nor foolproof ... not against Giovanni having an axe to grind -- for which a stalemate is absolutely not enough!!! 
27 "The Start of a Long Day"
"Nagai Ichinichi no Hajimari" (長い一日のはじまり) 
10 September 1995
The silver lining of the ensuing scuffle between Alfredo and Giovanni is that a Wolf Pack-Black Brothers peace pact is of a very encouraging proximity and that Giovanni has a clue that Alfredo is on borrowed time that is not to be wasted; still, Leo the Louse reads Giovanni's unease -- and subsequent outburst when inquired the epilogue -- as a signal to prosecute one final operation that interferes the Black Brothers' plans the next morning. An inebriated Marchello Rossi serves as the skeleton key for Romeo to figure out that the Wolf Pack has exploited the flaws in Alfredo's cerebral software to trap him below-ground; a frenzied chase sequence later, Romeo locates Alfredo but is forced to stay behind when Tachinoi bursts into the room intent upon settling the score from their earlier fight in Sempyone Park. Giovanni and Nikita's arrival to clarify that subterfuge against the Black Brothers is a no-no becomes the backdrop against which Romeo explains Giovanni that honey is ultimately of greater utility in catching flies than the vinegar he uses; upon Nikita piping up about how tuberculosis will eventually kill Alfredo the way it killed Giovanni's father, Giovanni realizes that Alfredo is really going for broke with the limited time that he has and decides to mobilize the Wolf Pack to assist the Black Brothers. 
28 "Lord Alfredo"
"Kikōshi Arufuredo" (貴公子アルフレド) 
17 September 1995
Even with Alfredo's safe return catalyzed by Romeo backstopping the Wolf Pack, the Black Brothers really have their work cut out for them if Michaelo's chance encounter with Mauricio is anything to go by; while the first batch of sentries is nothing that a few childish pranks cannot handle, some of Mauricio's bodyguards have their own personal grudge against the Martini siblings that goes far beyond simply being part of the job!!! Romeo's timely intercession with the Wolf Pack as reinforcements does a lot to turn the tide as does Nikita discovering an access route through the royal crypt; amid the hullabaloo of spelunking and backstopping sentries until it becomes apparent that firearms loaded with live ammunition have become the rule of the evening, Michaelo has another chance encounter -- this time with Isabella Montovani to explain her Alfredo's desperate bid for redemption. As has been demonstrated to be the case for most villains, Mauricio is none too pleased at his sentries' best efforts being of null utility driving it home that he will have to do the dirty work himself -- the prowess thereof immense and ignoble when he kidnaps Bianca in a bid to scare capitulation of Alfredo; upon declaring that the medal is no longer necessary, Mauricio prepares to finish off Alfredo when Nikita rushes in on the evil aristocrat. Upon it being confirmed that Romeo and Alfredo have not taken much deceleration damage, it now comes time to ultimately finish the journey to the Great Hall where the King of Italy awaits; thanks to Michaelo importing Isabella's assistance, the last of Mauricio's sentries are tossed out like refuse. 
29 "Forever Alfredo"
"Eien no Arufuredo" (永遠のアルフレド) 
22 October 1995
Romeo and Nikita recovering themselves from a sentry tossing them out on their ear while the Black Brothers and the Wolf Pack ponder whether their efforts have made any difference quickly gives way to Mauricio challenging Alfredo's piping up with the real medal in spite of how his sentries have failed; a session of storytelling of how Alfredo's parents Vittorio and Fatricia died in the fire along with Alfredo's recent prologue as a chimney sweep later, the King examines Mauricio's medal and notices that it lacks a crucial feature to defeat its emulation that is enough to decisively exonerate Alfredo quod erat demonstrandum. The lengthy turnaround time after Mauricio and Grazela are sent packing like rats soon begs the question of what to do next since neither Alfredo nor Bianca has any reason to hide among the Black Brothers -- Alfredo because he is dying and Bianca ... well, she pretty much has the whole world before her; much to the delight of all involved parties, Alfredo decides to pay a final visit to the Black Brothers to commend them on a job well done before they all prosecute the home commute. Bianca signals an interest in spending time with Alfredo but ultimately yields with a little teasing about her promise to reside with Dr. Casella; Bianca now dropped off, Alfredo sets course to the church where he prosecutes a trip down memory lane about his relationship with Romeo and how he will not be able to be much longer before he expires in Romeo's anguished arms. 
30 "The Last Promise"
"Saigo no Chikai" (最後の誓い) 
29 October 1995
The carcass that was once Alfredo Martini will eventually cool down and start to decompose; still, the question of the day is how the compost can fertilize a euphoric epilogue for both the Black Brothers and the Wolf Pack to utilize their lives in a productive fashion. Marchelo has been quite handy in backstopping his wife Edda and his son Anzelmo from persecuting Romeo; still, there will come a point where Romeo will have to write a new chapter as the leader of the Black Brothers who are dividing their energy between their own grief and remembering that Alfredo's spirit lives on in all of them just as Dr. Casella is telling Bianca. Frustrated that Romeo is so caught up in his own grief, Dante races off into an encounter with Nikita who reciprocates his feelings prior to jumping into a frigid waterway; secure in his conviction that hypothermia is better than stagnation, Dante organizes the other Black Brothers to prosecute a structured intervention regarding the example Alfredo demonstrated in spite of being on borrowed time. Much to the delight of all involved parties, a couple of punches from Dante along with an emphatic entreaty from Bianca ultimately bring to the forefront what Romeo already knows from witnessing Alfredo's final moments; a vigorous fundraising drive later, a solemn funeral is had for Alfredo complete with a rousing chorus to celebrate Romeo's matriculation from second-in-command to leader. 
31 "The Real Treasure"
"Hontō no Takaramono" (本当の宝物) 
3 December 1995
The difficulty of Romeo doing the necessary work to matriculate from second-in-command to leader after having borne the trauma of Alfredo Martini dying in his arms mirrors in many ways that of having to organize a rag-tag group of chimney-sweeps into an alliance capable of nullifying the Wolf Pack's curriculum of xenophobic aggression; as if to congratulate the Black Brothers' decision to honor their fallen leader by leading the best lives they can, the circus arrives in Milan. The ringmaster is not slow or shy about welcoming in anyone walking by on the street . . . that is, after he pays the admittance fee of two lira/person; an emphatic divergent concourse between Marchelo and Edda about fiscal responsibility later, Romeo-tachi (Romeo with Michaelo and Dante in convoy) has to compute an apparatus for raising the necessary capital. Michaelo's prosecution of a childish ritual using his mother's locket causes a collision with Bianca whose payload of two lira makes it possible for one person to visit the circus; an androgen-driven feeding frenzy later, Bianca vituperates Romeo to be the bigger man with the plan . . . only to find that Romeo's plan is the comprehensive refurbishment of a neglected guesthouse!!! Romeo setting right to work much to Dante-tachi's (Dante with Bianca and Michaelo in convoy) dusty displeasure demonstrates that the best way to lead is by demonstrating a good example; as the refurbishment begins to increasingly appear like its completion by Tuesday morning is a viable prospect, the other Black Brothers decide to join in when they can. The only thing that ultimately countervails the twenty lira that Romeo has earned from the extensive effort that he has exerted is Michaelo being shoved into an expensive vase whose merchant angrily confiscates his mother's pendant; upon encountering the despondent Michaelo and then rendezvousing with the other Black Brothers galvanized by the data of the situation, Romeo is forced to determine whether the needs of the many outweigh those of the few or if there are localized exceptions. 
32 "A Lovely Christmas Eve"
"Suteki na Kurisumasu Ibu" (素敵なクリスマスイブ) 
10 December 1995
Interceding for Michaelo, securing the Martini-ke inheritance alongside the seething Wolf Pack, matriculating to leader after Alfredo's death . . . these three things exponentially augment the immense euphoria endemic to successfully ascending a newly-cleared chimney that sweeps over Romeo with much greater potency than usual because Big Day Yule has a not-at-all small proximity evidenced by the family festivities around him before his padrone Marchelo Rossi bellows the necessity of getting back to work; however sincere his intention to promptly make his way earthward, the deceleration damage Romeo ends up sustaining requires significant downtime to fully recuperate much to Bianca's delight as she zealously plays the role of nurse when dressing Romeo's wounds. The other Black Brothers are not slow in coming to confirm Romeo's newfound nirvana as evidenced by Dante and Michaelo's playful derision; while Romeo executes his decision to step up his game by attempting to read »Moby Dick«, Dr. Casella delivers Bianca a letter from her aunt exhorting her return home complete with a paternal affirmation that he will support whatever decision Bianca makes. In the days ahead, Romeo has demonstrated before him what a erudite and altruistic man Dr. Casella is to avail one of the rooms in his house as a classroom where an insightful adventure of education awaits and to practice pro-bono proactive medical maintenance to the kids in a local orphanage; having had explained the immense latent potential, Romeo broaches the question of what the future would have been if not for Dr. Casella -- a sentiment that resonates with Bianca since Dr. Casella had no obligation to house her. Romeo and Bianca ultimately decide for demonstrating their gratitude through a puppet show whose story hits them both a bit close to home for comfort's sake; still, the greatest gift is that both Romeo and Bianca have decided how to utilize their adult lives!!! 
33 "To the Sky! On the Wings of Freedom"
"Sora e! Jiyū no Tsubasa ni Notte" (空へ! 自由の翼にのって) 
17 December 1995
The only thing better than the Yule season at thawing out the deep freeze that is known as winter is the arrival of spring which heralds the end of Romeo-tachi's contracts (Romeo with Dante, Michaelo, and Antonio in convoy) -- a fact that Edda seems to overlook as she bellows labor of Romeo only to find that Marchelo is equally ready to stalemate her; prior to seeing him off onto the homebound caravan, Marchelo recounts how Romeo has been the best assistant he has ever had and expresses his regret about not doing more to shield him from Edda's persecution while Romeo remarks how Marchelo has been like a father to him. Coming upon Death God Luini ushering in some more boys drives it home to Romeo-tachi who has vivid memories of being in that boat that there are two items of crucial housekeeping to address before he leaves Milan; the first is to pay respects to Alfredo at his grave where Nikita is trying to compute her perspective on having a flower in her hair. Seeing the Wolf Pack gangsters reminds Romeo of the other item of housekeeping: the new boys involuntarily brought to Milan to work as chimney sweeps have things tough enough as it is without the Wolf Pack's xenophobic persecution; to this end, Romeo forges a peace pact with Giovanni prior to Dr. Casella coming around with the carriage. Edda anguished to find that she can no longer bellow interference of Romeo against Marchelo's drinking quickly gives way to Romeo-tachi making a quick stopover to take one final look at Milan before setting course for the boys' home villages; first up are Antonio and Michaelo. Dante having raced off toward Locarno, it ultimately becomes Romeo's turn to head back to Sononio; a decade later, Romeo completes the necessary tertiary education to establish a career as a teacher that has married Bianca with a young son named in his late uncle's honor. 


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