List of Royal Air Force aircraft independent flights

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This is a list of Royal Air Force independent Flights. An independent Flight is a military administrative structure which is used to command flying units where the number of aircraft is not large enough to warrant a fully fledged squadron.

RAF Coastal based numbered Flights 1918-1929[edit]

Royal Air Force Numbered Flights 1923-36[edit]

later Fleet Air Arm of the RAF numbered Flights

Fleet Air Arm of the RAF numbered catapult Flights 1936-1939[edit]

Royal Air Force numbered Flights from 1940[edit]

With the formation of Commonwealth and Dominion squadrons in the 400 series, existing 400 series flights where renumbered in the 1400 series

Air Experience Flights[edit]

Air Sea Rescue Flights[edit]

Aircraft Delivery Flights[edit]

Anti-Aircraft Co-operation/Calibration Flights[edit]

Blind Approach Training Flights[edit]

Calibration Flights[edit]

Coast Defence / Co-operation Flights[edit]

Communication Flights[edit]

Conversion Flights[edit]

Meteorological flights[edit]

Seaplane Training Flights[edit]

Miscellaneous Flights[edit]

Target Towing Flights[edit]

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