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This is a list of Russian Orthodox churches that are individually notable. This includes churches of the semi-autonomous Russian Orthodox Church Outside Russia and churches in Russia and elsewhere not within ROCOR's system.

















Moscow and region[edit]

Saint Petersburg[edit]

Novgorod and area[edit]


United Arab Emirates[edit]

United States[edit]

In the United States there are numerous notable Russian Orthodox churches, including many that were listed on the U.S. National Register of Historic Places in 1980 as part of one study.[1][2] In Alaska, the Russian America community includes more than 20,000 members of the Russian Orthodox church. Many of the notable churches are current churches within List of Orthodox parishes in Alaska.

Churches include:

in Alaska[edit]

(ordered by city or village)

Church Image Dates Location City, State Description
Nativity of Holy Theotokos Church Nativity of the Holy Theotolokos Church, Afognak Island, Alaska.jpg 1901-05 built
1980 NRHP-listed
58°0′38″N 152°45′46″W / 58.01056°N 152.76278°W / 58.01056; -152.76278 (Nativity of Holy Theolokos Church) Afognak, Alaska [3]
Protection of the Theotokos Chapel Protection of the Holy Theotokos Chapel, Akhiok, Alaska.jpg built
1980 NRHP-listed
56°56′45″N 154°10′6″W / 56.94583°N 154.16833°W / 56.94583; -154.16833 (Protection of the Theotokos Chapel) Akhiok, Alaska
St. Alexander Nevsky Chapel St. Alexander Nevsky Chapel.JPG 1878 founded
1918 built
1980 NRHP-listed
54°8′9″N 165°46′39″W / 54.13583°N 165.77750°W / 54.13583; -165.77750 (St. Alexander Nevsky Chapel) Akutan, Alaska
St. John the Baptist Church (Angoon, Alaska) St. John the Baptist Russian Orthodox Church, Angoon.jpg 1929 built
1980 NRHP-listed
57°30′14″N 134°35′3″W / 57.50389°N 134.58417°W / 57.50389; -134.58417 (St. John the Baptist Church (Angoon, Alaska)) Angoon, Alaska
Holy Resurrection Church (Belkofski, Alaska) 1980 NRHP-listed 55°5′9″N 162°1′9″W / 55.08583°N 162.01917°W / 55.08583; -162.01917 (Holy Resurrection Church) Belkofski, Alaska
St. Sergius Chapel St. Sergius Chapel, Chuathbaluk, Alaska.jpg 1891 built
1980 NRHP-listed
61°34′18″N 159°14′26″W / 61.57167°N 159.24056°W / 61.57167; -159.24056 (St. Sergius Chapel) Chuathbaluk, Alaska On the Kuskokwim River; is also known as the "Little Russian Mission"
St. Michael the Archangel Church (Cordova, Alaska) St. Michael the Archangel Russian Orthodox Church, Cordova.jpg 1925 built
1980 NRHP-listed
60°32′33″N 145°44′16″W / 60.54250°N 145.73778°W / 60.54250; -145.73778 (St. Michael the Archangel Church (Cordova, Alaska)) Cordova, Alaska
Old St. Nicholas Russian Orthodox Church Eklutna Village Cemetery.jpg 1972 NRHP-listed Eklutna Village Rd. Eklutna, Alaska
St. Nicholas Chapel (Ekuk, Alaska) built
1980 NRHP-listed
Ekuk, Alaska
Sts. Sergius and Herman of Valaam Church c.1930 built
1980 NRHP-listed
English Bay, Alaska Nave section once was a dance hall
St. Nicholas Chapel (Igiugig, Alaska) 1930 built
1980 NRHP-listed
59°20′5″N 155°32′27″W / 59.33472°N 155.54083°W / 59.33472; -155.54083 (St. Nicholas Chapel (Igiugig, Alaska)) Igiugig, Alaska
St. Nicholas Russian Orthodox Church (Juneau, Alaska) Saint Nicholas Russian Orthodox Church, Downtown Juneau, Alaska 3.jpg 1893 built
1973 NRHP-listed
326 5th St.
58°18′11.65″N 134°24′32.39″W / 58.3032361°N 134.4089972°W / 58.3032361; -134.4089972 (St. Nicholas Russian Orthodox Church (Juneau, Alaska))
Juneau, Alaska
Ascension of Our Lord Chapel Orthodox church in Karluk.jpg 1888 built
1980 NRHP-listed
57°34′8″N 154°27′19″W / 57.56889°N 154.45528°W / 57.56889; -154.45528 (Ascension of Our Lord Chapel) Karluk, Alaska
Holy Assumption of the Virgin Mary Church Kenai Church.JPG 1895 built
1970 NRHP-listed
Mission and Overland Streets
60°33′10.7″N 151°16′3.4″W / 60.552972°N 151.267611°W / 60.552972; -151.267611 (Holy Assumption of the Virgin Mary Church)
Kenai, Alaska [4]
Holy Resurrection Church (Kodiak, Alaska) Holy Resurrection Church, Kodiak.jpg 1796 founded
1945 built
1977 NRHP-listed
Mission Road and Kashevaroff Street
57°47′18.4″N 152°24′10″W / 57.788444°N 152.40278°W / 57.788444; -152.40278 (Holy Resurrection Church (Kodiak, Alaska))
Kodiak, Alaska
St. Nicholas Russian Orthodox Church (Kwethluk, Alaska) built
1991 NRHP-listed
Lower Kuskokim R. Kwethluk, Alaska
Sts. Constantine and Helen Chapel built
1980 NRHP-listed
Lime Village, Alaska
St. Seraphim Chapel StSeraphimChurch.jpg 1800s built
1980 NRHP-listed
61°30′45″N 160°21′29″W / 61.51250°N 160.35806°W / 61.51250; -160.35806 (St. Seraphim Chapel) Lower Kalskag, Alaska
St. John the Baptist Chapel (Naknek, Alaska) built
1980 NRHP-listed
Naknek, Alaska
St. Jacob's Church (Napaskiak, Alaska) StJacobsChurch.jpg 1980 NRHP-listed 60°42′30″N 161°45′47″W / 60.70833°N 161.76306°W / 60.70833; -161.76306 (St. Jacob's Church (Napaskiak, Alaska)) Napaskiak, Alaska
Presentation of Our Lord Chapel Presentation of Our Lord Chapel.jpg before 1914 founded
1929 built
1980 NRHP-listed
62°58′3″N 154°9′42″W / 62.96750°N 154.16167°W / 62.96750; -154.16167 (Presentation of Our Lord Chapel) Nikolai, Alaska
St. Nicholas Church (Nikolski, Alaska) Nikolski Orthodox Church Alaska HABS1.jpg 1930 built
1980 NRHP-listed
52°56′17″N 168°52′4″W / 52.93806°N 168.86778°W / 52.93806; -168.86778 (St. Nicholas Church (Nikolski, Alaska)) Nikolski, Alaska
Holy Transfiguration of Our Lord Chapel Ninilchik Russian church.jpg 1901 built
1978 NRHP-listed
Sterling Highway
60°3′1″N 151°39′53″W / 60.05028°N 151.66472°W / 60.05028; -151.66472 (Holy Transfiguration of Our Lord Chapel)
Ninilchik, Alaska
St. Nicholas Chapel (Nondalton, Alaska) built
1980 NRHP-listed
Nondalton, Alaska
Transfiguration of Our Lord Chapel built
1980 NRHP-listed
Nushagak, Alaska
Nativity of Our Lord Chapel Nativity of Our Lord Chapel, Ouzinkie.jpg 1906 built
1980 NRHP-listed
57°55′26″N 152°29′54″W / 57.92389°N 152.49833°W / 57.92389; -152.49833 (Nativity of Our Lord Chapel) Ouzinkie, Alaska
Sts. Sergius and Herman of Valaam Chapel Sts. Sergius and Herman of Valaam Chapel.jpg 1898 built
1980 NRHP-listed
Spruce Island, Mok's Lagoon
59°21′22″N 151°55′13″W / 59.35611°N 151.92028°W / 59.35611; -151.92028 (Sts. Sergius and Herman of Valaam Chapel)
Ouzinkie, Alaska
St. Nicholas Chapel (Pedro Bay, Alaska) Saint Nicholas Chapel, Pedro Bay, Alaska.jpg 1890 built
1980 NRHP-listed
59°47′7″N 154°6′9″W / 59.78528°N 154.10250°W / 59.78528; -154.10250 (St. Nicholas Chapel (Pedro Bay, Alaska)) Pedro Bay, Alaska
St. John the Theologian Church Saint John the Theologian Church, Perryville, Alaska.jpg c.1915 built
1980 NRHP-listed
55°54′45″N 159°8′35″W / 55.91250°N 159.14306°W / 55.91250; -159.14306 (St. John the Theologian Church) Perryville, Alaska
St. Nicholas Church (Pilot Point, Alaska) St. Nicholas Church, Pilot Point.jpg 1980 NRHP-listed 56°54′52″N 157°36′5″W / 56.91444°N 157.60139°W / 56.91444; -157.60139 (St. Nicholas Church (Pilot Point, Alaska)) Pilot Point, Alaska
St. George the Great Martyr Orthodox Church St. George Church Pribolof AK HABS1.jpg 1935 built
1980 NRHP-listed
St. George Island56°33′6″N 169°33′5″W / 56.55167°N 169.55139°W / 56.55167; -169.55139 (St. George the Great Martyr Orthodox Church) St. George, Alaska
Sts. Peter and Paul Church (St. Paul Island, Alaska) Sts Peter and Paul Church Saint Paul Island, Alaska.jpg 1907 built
1980 NRHP-listed
57°7′27″N 170°16′57″W / 57.12417°N 170.28250°W / 57.12417; -170.28250 (Sts. Peter and Paul Church (St. Paul Island, Alaska)) St. Paul Island, Alaska
St. Nicholas Chapel (Sand Point, Alaska) 1936 built
1980 NRHP-listed
55°15′16″N 160°29′57″W / 55.25444°N 160.49917°W / 55.25444; -160.49917 (St. Nicholas Chapel (Sand Point, Alaska)) Sand Point, Alaska
St. Nicholas Chapel (Seldovia, Alaska) Orthodox church in Seldovia, Alaska.jpg 1980 NRHP-listed 59°25′49″N 151°42′40″W / 59.43028°N 151.71111°W / 59.43028; -151.71111 (St. Nicholas Chapel (Seldovia, Alaska)) Seldovia, Alaska
St. Michael's Cathedral (Sitka, Alaska) St Michaels Cathedral - Sitka - back.JPG 1848 built
1966 NRHP-listed
Lincoln and Maksoutoff District
57°03′00″N 135°20′06″W / 57.0501°N 135.3351°W / 57.0501; -135.3351 (St. Michael's Cathedral)
Sitka, Alaska Designated a U.S. National Historic Landmark in 1962
Elevation of Holy Cross Church Elevation Of The Holy Cross Church, South Naknek, Alaska.jpg 1980 NRHP-listed 58°42′56″N 157°0′9″W / 58.71556°N 157.00250°W / 58.71556; -157.00250 (Elevation of Holy Cross Church) South Naknek, Alaska
Church of the Holy Ascension Unalaska church.jpg 1826 built
1970 NRHP-listed

53°52′32″N 166°32′10″W / 53.87556°N 166.53611°W / 53.87556; -166.53611 (Church of the Holy Ascension)
Unalaska, Alaska Designated as a U.S. National Historic Landmark

other than in Alaska[edit]

Church Image Dates Location City, State Description
Holy Virgin Cathedral Holy Virgin Cathedral.jpg 1961-65 built 6210 Geary Boulevard
37°46′49″N 122°29′10″W / 37.78041°N 122.48624°W / 37.78041; -122.48624 (Holy Virgin Cathedral)
San Francisco, California
Holy Trinity Russian Orthodox Cathedral and Rectory Holy-Trinity-Chicago.jpg 1903 built
1976 NRHP-listed
1121 N. Leavitt Street
41°54′6.98″N 87°40′54.77″W / 41.9019389°N 87.6818806°W / 41.9019389; -87.6818806 (Holy Trinity Russian Orthodox Cathedral and Rectory)
Chicago, Illinois Louis Sullivan-designed
Holy Trinity Russian Orthodox Church 1919 founded 1723 East Fairmount Avenue
39°17′32″N 76°35′33″W / 39.29232°N 76.59246°W / 39.29232; -76.59246
Baltimore, Maryland
Transfiguration of our Lord Russian Orthodox Church 1963 founded 1723 East Fairmount Avenue
39°17′32″N 76°35′33″W / 39.29232°N 76.59246°W / 39.29232; -76.59246 (Transfiguration of our Lord Russian Orthodox Church)
Baltimore, Maryland
Sts. Peter and Paul Russian Orthodox Church 1915-18 built
1983 NRHP-listed
47°54′18″N 93°9′53″W / 47.90500°N 93.16472°W / 47.90500; -93.16472 (Sts. Peter and Paul Russian Orthodox Church) Bramble, Minnesota
St. Alexander Nevsky Cathedral (Howell, New Jersey) Howell, New Jersey
Church of the Holy Innocents (Albany, New York) Church of the Holy Innocents.jpg 1850 built
1978 NRHP-listed
42°39′31″N 73°44′54″W / 42.65861°N 73.74833°W / 42.65861; -73.74833 (Church of the Holy Innocents) Albany, New York Onion dome was added by the Russian Orthodox church that used this building for a while
Russian Orthodox Cathedral of the Transfiguration of Our Lord RO Transfig Cathedral Greenpoint jeh.JPG 1916-21 built
1980 NRHP-listed
228 N. 12th St.
40°43′10″N 73°57′13″W / 40.71944°N 73.95361°W / 40.71944; -73.95361 (Russian Orthodox Cathedral of the Transfiguration of Our Lord)
Brooklyn, New York
Holy Trinity Monastery (Jordanville, New York) Cathedral of the Holy Trinity in Jordanville NY USA.jpg 1947-51 built
2011 NRHP-listed
1407 Robinson Road
42°55′39″N 74°56′2″W / 42.92750°N 74.93389°W / 42.92750; -74.93389 (Holy Trinity Monastery (Jordanville, New York))
Jordanville, New York
St. Theodosius Russian Orthodox Cathedral StTheodosius.jpg 1896 founded
1912 built
1974 NRHP-listed
733 Starkweather Ave.
41°28′38″N 81°40′54″W / 41.47722°N 81.68167°W / 41.47722; -81.68167 (St. Theodosius Russian Orthodox Cathedral)
Cleveland, Ohio
St. Andrew's Cathedral, Philadelphia 1897 built Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

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