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The Sekirei manga and anime features an extensive cast of characters. The main character of the series is Minato Sahashi, a student who is trying to retake his college exams, having failed twice already. However, his life changes when he meets Musubi who, unknown to him at the time, is a Sekirei, a superpowered being who must fight with others of her kind.

Izumo Inn (North City)[edit]

The Izumo Inn (出雲荘 Izumo-sō?), also known as Maison Izumo, is a boarding house in which Minato and his Sekirei reside. It was built by Takehito Asama and Kaoru Seo. Miya is the current owner and landlady.

Minato Sahashi[edit]

Minato Sahashi's Sekireis (from left to right): Musubi, Matsu, Homura, Kazehana, Kusano, and Tsukiumi.
Voiced by: Shinnosuke Tachibana (Japanese), Joel McDonald (English)[1]

Minato Sahashi (佐橋 皆人 Sahashi Minato?) is the male protagonist of the series. Minato's known family consists of his mother (Takami), his grandmother (whom Minato stated could live another 100 years), and his younger sister Yukari. Recently it was revealed that Hiroto Minaka, the MBI's director and CEO, is Minato's father.[2] Minato is highly intelligent, yet due to his inability to cope under pressure has failed the college entrance exam twice, and as a result he has been repeatedly insulted. Despite possessing a keen intellect, Minato is usually quite dense and simple-minded.

Minato first meets Musubi after failing his college exam for the second time while she was being attacked by other Sekireis. After her body reacts with his, she kisses him, activating her powers in the process. As a consequence of this meeting, Minato discovers that he is an "Ashikabi", a human with special genes that allows him to activate a Sekirei's powers through a process called "winging".[3] This process also bonds the Sekirei to him and allows them to use their full power in the elimination battle. After becoming an Ashikabi, Minato is forbidden by MBI from leaving the city under the threat of facing MBI's deadly Disciplinary Squad. In the beginning of the story, Minato possesses a passive and somewhat cowardly personality. As time passes, due to the kindness and love of his Sekirei and his desire to protect them, he becomes more confident and "manly". Minato often places himself in the path of danger to spare his Sekirei from harm, and avoids situations that pose a high risk of danger to prevent his Sekirei from engaging in needless fighting. Many consider these actions cowardly, however Minato is aware that his Sekirei will have to fight to survive, and sees no reason for engaging in battle unless absolutely necessary. These actions have greatly endeared him to his Sekirei.

Before the beginning of the "Third Stage", Minato "winged" six Sekirei. The six physically reacted to him prior to winging, with the first five choosing him as their Ashikabi. Musubi, Kusano, and Matsu were winged in the game's "First Stage", and Tsukiumi, Kazehana, and Homura were winged in the "Second Stage", earning him recognition as the strongest Ashikabi in the northern part of the city. As a result, he received the title "Ashikabi of the North" (北の葦牙 Kita no Ashikabi?), with few using his given name as a result of Minato being falsely described as an Ashikabi with a "shady" background. Many individuals think that Minato's role is the key to foiling MBI's ultimate plans for the Sekirei. By the end of the Third Stage, Minato is seen with some advantages against the other remaining contestants as he is the only Ashikabi with two Jinki in his possession, being one stolen by Matsu and other won in battle, and for having winged the most Sekirei among the single numbers being four at total (not including Musubi who inherited the powers of Yume, another single number) while receiving guidance from Miya, who despite not participating in the Sekirei Fight, is known as the strongest Sekirei of all.


Voiced by: Ayako Kawasumi (Drama CD), Saori Hayami (Japanese), Alexis Tipton (English)[1]

Musubi (?, Sekirei #88) is the female protagonist of the series. She met Minato when she literally fell out of the sky while being chased by Hikari and Hibiki. Musubi specializes in hand-to-hand combat which utilizes her greatly enhanced strength, enforced by the heavy combat gloves she always wears. Musubi's outfit consists of a short red skirt and her upper clothes resemble those traditionally worn by mikos. During periods of anger or jealousy, an image of a ferocious bear appears behind her, which is a result of her being Miya's disciple.[4] She is quite naive, often saying things she doesn't understand and is the most "childish" of Minato's Sekireis, even more so than Kusano, yet at times can be insightful. Musubi is the most "competitive" of Minato's Sekirei, often showing great eagerness to fight other Sekirei, but never fails to be polite as she would usually asks for permission first before fighting them. A running gag in the story is how her clothing always ends up in tatters and her sexy curves are revealed after every fight. After hearing Tsukiumi say that she is Minato's wife, she decides that she is going to be his wife too.[5] She eats a lot and is a fairly decent cook, but she can only cook curry in large amounts. Miya's nickname for Musubi is "Natural Big Meals Eater".[6] Musubi's known attacks are the Bear Fist (熊拳 Kuma-ken?)[7] and Bear Meteor (熊拳 Kuma Ryūsei?)[8] and her Norito is "By the fists of the contract, my Ashikabi's perils will be shattered!"


Voiced by: Yukari Tamura (Drama CD), Kana Hanazawa (Japanese), Tia Ballard (English)[1]

Kusano (草野?, Sekirei #108), commonly referred to as "Kuu-chan" or "Ku", is the youngest of Minato's Sekirei, and is also known as the "Green Girl" (緑の少女 Midori no Shōjo?) by other Sekirei. At the beginning of the story, she was hiding in a botanical garden after being traumatized when Mikogami attempted to forcibly wing her. Kusano communicated with Minato telepathically and led him through the garden until he found her. Kusano refers to Minato as Onii-chan (big brother), and is the most attached to him. She does not like fighting or quarreling and she can be seen stopping them when they start. She is also very impressionable and often copies Musubi, Tsukiumi and Kazehana's mannerisms. She is extremely determined to be Minato's wife when she grows up, and is highly possessive of him at times, even biting her fellow sekirei when they start to get too close to him.[9]

Kusano has the power to control plants, making them grow at an accelerated rate and to unnaturally large proportions, and typically uses them to ensnare or disable her opponents without hurting them. Her uses of various plants is highly imaginative and extremely effective. Her MBI adjustments were never completed, which is why whenever she's sad or upset, her powers rage out of control. She has a sibling-like relationship with #107 Shiina despite the fact that his power is the natural opposite of hers. In the manga, when Minato initially brought her to Izumo Inn, Miya drew and pointed a sword at Minato's face, believing that he had kidnapped her. Her name literally means "A Grass Field", and Miya's nickname for Kusano is "Adopted Child".[6]


Voiced by: Yuki Matsuoka (Drama CD), Aya Endo (Japanese), Colleen Clinkenbeard (English)[1]

Matsu (?, Sekirei #02) is a bespectacled Sekirei donning a light peach dress that closely resembles a cheongsam. Matsu has genius-level computer and hacking skills, and utilizes a vast network of satellites and spying devices to gather large amounts of information, once even succeeding in hacking the MBI's mainframe computer.[10][11] Matsu refers to herself as the "Wisdom" Sekirei and addresses everyone using the "-tan" suffix (i.e. Minato→Mina-tan). However, in sharp contrast to her high intellect, Matsu is very perverted, often using her resources to peep on people and often tries to "experiment" (implicit sexual acts) with Minato,[12] with most calling her the "Shameless" Sekirei as a result. One of her favorite hobbies is watching the mayhem Minato and his other Sekireis cause every day. Prior to the beginning of the story, Matsu stole the #8 Jinki, leading her to live in a secret room at Izumo Inn to avoid being captured by the MBI.[13] Matsu was also a member of the first Discipline Squad led by Miya.[14] Matsu's serves as Minato's unofficial strategist, rarely venturing outside of the Inn and using her vast network of information to aid him.

Matsu has the power to access and analyze any electronic device on a telepathic level,[15] but does not have yet the power to control them.[16] Her name literally means "Pine" and Miya's nickname for her is "Hentai-Glasses".[6] Her Jinki (numbered #2) was a prize for the winner of the second match of the Third Stage, and is currently in the hands of the East after the winner was attacked.[17]


Voiced by: Rie Tanaka (Drama CD), Marina Inoue (Japanese), Lydia Mackay (English)[1]

Tsukiumi (月海?, Sekirei #09) is a Sekirei with a tsundere personality and a Western appearance that first appeared to Minato Sahashi in a dream saying that she would kill him.[18] She wears a black and white dress and brown boots over black thigh-high stockings with brown garters. Tsukiumi's initial resentment is a result of her desire to be the strongest without the need to be winged by an Ashikabi. She is also under the false belief that "winging" means having sex with an Ashikabi; this misunderstanding is cleared up after the two finally met, and she decides to become his Sekirei.[19] She refers to herself as Minato's "legitimate wife" and is very possessive of him. The most aggressive of Minato's Sekirei, Tsukiumi has a very short temper and rarely smiles. She does, however, have an honorable side, and is a strong adherent to the fundamental rule that Sekirei combat is one-on-one. She also goes to great lengths to prevent innocent civilians or bystanders from getting caught up in Sekirei fights. Tsukiumi's speech differs from the other Sekirei in Minato's party, as she speaks old-style Japanese; this was mirrored in the English dub of the anime by having her speak Shakespearian English.

In the beginning of the series, Tsukiumi has a one-sided rivalry with Homura stemming from a defeat when they first meet. Homura always refuses a rematch saying that she should concentrate on finding her Ashikabi. Since being winged by Minato, Tsukiumi looks forward to a rematch with Homura.[20] Tsukiumi once confided to Miya that she still wants to be the strongest, but it is so she can be with Minato forever.[21]

Tsukiumi has the ability to control and manipulate water, as well as the ability to gather large quantities of water out of the air. Her name literally means "Moon Sea" (not to be confused with lunar mare (月の海 Tsuki no Umi?)), and Miya's nickname for Tsukiumi is "Walking Tap".[6] Her known attacks are Yamata no Orochi (ヤマタノオロチ?, "Eight-Headed Snake"),[22] Water Arrow (水の矢 Mizu no Ya?),[23] Hydra Blast,[24] Water Blade (水ノ劔 Mizu no Tsurugi?),[25] Water Celebration (水祝 Mizu Iwai?),[26] Water Dragon (水龍 Suiryū?),[27] and Steam Dragon (with Homura).[28] Her Norito is "This water represents my pledge! Purify the evil residing in my Ashikabi!"


Voiced by: Yukana (Japanese), Kelly McHalen (English)[1]

Kazehana (風花?, Sekirei #03) is a tall and extremely buxom Sekirei whose first encounter with Minato was to stumble into his bed in a drunken stupor. She takes an immediate interest in Minato, surmising that he could be Hiroto Minaka's son because Minato possesses the same hand shape and cheek bones, but she keeps this belief to herself. Despite experiencing physical reactions to Minato, Kazehana initially keeps her distance, hoping that Minato will display some "manliness". After witnessing Minato's concern and love for his Sekireis, Kazehana chooses him as her Ashikabi.[29]

Kazehana displays an extremely relaxed personality, preferring to spend most of her time lounging and drinking sake, and often becomes giddy when discussing matters of love. However, when she becomes serious she displays a lot of power and lets nobody (with the exception of Minaka, Miya, and Minato) talk down to her. Kazehana knew about Uzume's secret, and while she didn't condone Uzume's actions, she understood Uzume's motivations (love for her Ashikabi).[30] Along with Matsu, Kazehana was a member of the first Discipline Squad.[31] Prior to meeting Minato, she had an unrequited love with Minaka, but was rejected because he loved someone else.[32]

Kazehana has the ability to control and manipulate wind, which also grants her a limited ability of flight. Her name literally means "Wind Flower", with Miya's nickname for her being "Public Obscenity".[6] Her Jinki (numbered #3) was a prize for the winner of the third match of the Third Stage and is currently in Minato's hands (which is his second Jinki).[33] Her known attacks is the Flower Whirlwind (花旋風 Hana Senpū?),[34] Flower Dance (花の舞 Hana no Mae?), Flower Feast (花宴?), and Cherry Flower (花桜?), and her Norito is "By the Four Winds of the contract, My Ashikabi's dark clouds will be blown away!"


Voiced by: Hiromi Hirata (Drama CD), Yuki Kaida (Japanese), Leah Clark (English)[1]

Homura (?, Sekirei #06) was the self-titled "Sekirei Guardian" who protected unwinged Sekirei during the first two stages (this mission was given to him by Takami), usually from Hikari and Hibiki.[35] Prior to being winged, Homura's power and gender were unstable. A gag in earlier chapters often found Homura about to incinerate himself, only to have Tsukiumi suddenly appear and douse the flames with her water. Even after his body started becoming female (called "feminization" in the manga), Homura continued to think and act as a man.

For a long time, Homura lived under the alias Kagari (?), and worked as a host club entertainer in an effort to find a "female Ashikabi" and few knew his real identity. Homura began reacting to Minato just before Kazehana became his fifth Sekirei, but it becomes more obvious afterward. This caused Homura a great deal of stress over his potential Ashikabi being a male.[36] At the end of the Second Stage, it was revealed that he was the last unwinged Sekirei.[37] Homura left the Inn to go after Minaka in order to bring an end to the Sekirei Plan. However, he was attacked by multiple Sekireis attempting to capture him. Refusing to be a trophy in Minaka's "Game", Homura attempted to commit suicide through self-immolation just before Minato and his Sekireis arrived.[38] Refusing to let Homura sacrifice himself, Minato winged him, saving his life. Afterwards, Minato received the power to determine Homura's gender and mentality, but chooses to let Homura remain who he is for now.[39]

Homura has the ability to control and manipulate fire and has a habit of smoking when anxious (he lights his cigarettes with his own power). He is quite powerful, as Tsukiumi speculates him to be the strongest unwinged Sekirei prior to being winged by Minato. His name literally means "flame", referring to his element, and his known attacks are Fire Dragon (炎龍 Enryū?), Steam Dragon (スチームドラゴン Suchīmu Doragon?, with Tsukiumi),[28] Fire Snake (蛇炎 Jaen?), and Fire Wall (炎の壁 En no Yan?). His Norito is "These are the flames of my pledge! Burn the karma of my Ashikabi!"

Miya Asama[edit]

Voiced by: Sayaka Ohara (Japanese), Monica Rial (English)[1]

Miya Asama (浅間 美哉 Asama Miya?, Sekirei #00, renumbered #01) is the landlady of the Izumo Inn and the oldest Sekirei. Takehito, her husband and supposed Ashikabi, worked at MBI as a researcher, but died. She also stated that she left MBI due to the events that caused his death. She states she never refuses anyone needing shelter. However, she prohibits fighting and obscenity in her house, although she passively does wiretapping using a rubber duck speaker with glasses and a #2 on its forehead that she refers to as "Duck-san" (made by Matsu). As of now, Kusano, Matsu, Kazehana and Homura know of Duck-san, but they are all threatened by her not to tell the others of it. She trains both Musubi and Tsukiumi to help them win Sekirei battles. Whenever she becomes angry, annoyed, or if any person breaks the rules of the house, and when she is giving threats, a demonic visage appears behind her, and is frightening enough to scare even Homura and Tsukiumi into submission. It is possible that she learned it from Takehito doing it first, which made her smile at for the first time. She is the only Sekirei who was never winged because Takehito, the man she loved, never kissed her on the lips and established the bond between Sekirei and Ashikabi. Its shown in a flashback that Kaoru interrupted her just before she was about to kiss Takehito while he was napping, and possibly had interrupted at other times too which would explain why she loathes him. However, because he was Takehito's friend and had taught her how to cook delicious food she allows him to visit and eat free meals. Hiroto Minaka hasn't tried to get her winged like Homura due to honoring a last request by Takehito. Also, he might be too scared to mess around with her or Izumo Inn for fear of her wrath.

It is strongly implied that Miya is the strongest Sekirei, even referred to by #4 Karasuba as "another dimension". Miya was the leader of the first Discipline Squad (known as the "S-Plan Guardians") and displayed the power to sink several large warships. She is a swordswoman of unrivaled skill, with the ability to produce powerful directed shock waves with a swing of her sword. Due to her fearsome reputation, no Ashikabi or Sekirei have dared to attack the Izumo Inn and has earned her the title "Hannya of the North" (北の般若 Kita no Hannya?). She violently conceals her true identity and past from others, with only members of the first Discipline Squad & Homura knowing the truth before she shares her secret with Minato. When Minato asked about Sekirei #01, Miya cryptically responded by saying that "she" died along with Takehito. Her Jinki (numbered #1) was a prize for the winner of the first match of the Third Stage and it is currently in the hands of the South. [40]

Mid Bio Informatics[edit]

Mid Bio Informatics, abbreviated as MBI (M・B・I, エムビーアイ Emu Bī Ai?), is a powerful conglomerate founded by Hiroto Minaka, with their headquarters based in Teito Tower (帝都塔 Teitō-tō?). It is hinted that they are the de facto antagonists of the series given Minaka's plan for the Sekireis to fight each other for their survival.

Hiroto Minaka[edit]

Voiced by: Toshihiko Seki (Japanese), Chuck Huber (English)[1]

Hiroto Minaka (御中 広人 Minaka Hiroto?) is the eccentric chairman and founder of MBI, with his motto being: "Fight & fight until one is left". He, along with Takami, discovered the Sekirei and because of this, he feels that this entitles him to be the "Game Master" of the Sekirei Plan. Takami states that he has always been thought of as a "super genius", but in reality, she thinks that he is insane and his actions throughout the story seem to support this. It is hinted by Seo that he might have had something to do with Takehito's death, or at the very least, did nothing to prevent it. In chapter 100 of the manga, it is revealed that Minaka is the illegitimate father of Minato (and of Yukari in chapter 102), but only because Takami refuses to allow him into her family. In the final stage, Hiroto is revealed to be an Ashikabi too, using his powers to fill the quota of Ashikabi needed to activate the Jinki before all others die, by carrying Minato's second Jinki with him. However, he apparently has not winged any Sekirei.

Takami Sahashi[edit]

Voiced by: Miki Itō (Japanese), Shelley Calene-Black (English)[1]

Takami Sahashi (佐橋 高美 Sahashi Takami?) is the mother of Minato and Yukari, MBI's head researcher, and the person in charge of the Sekirei Plan. Before the beginning of the series, Takami, along with Hiroto, discovers the Sekirei ship and later gives birth to Minato out of wedlock with Minaka due to her refusal to allow Minaka to be part of their family. She later reveals that she lied about working at a pharmaceutical company to Minato after the escape plan when she takes him in temporary custody. Whenever she is angry or making jokes, she makes a demonic facial visage, a trait that is shared with Yukari. She is also the adjuster of Homura (together with Takehito), Musubi, Shiina and Kusano, possibly out of shame as she frequently expresses doubt and disgust at Hiroto for what he is doing. She has a long scar over her left eye, which she received from Yomi while trying to protect Kusano.

Takehito Asama[edit]

Voiced by: Susumu Chiba (Japanese), John Burgmeier (English)

Takehito Asama (浅間 建人 Asama Takehito?) is Miya's late husband who was friends with Seo. A researcher of the MBI, he was the discoverer of the winging system, Norito, and the existence of the Ashikabi. Together with Takami, he was the adjuster of the first Discipline Squad, consisting of Miya, Matsu, Kazehana, Karasuba, and Mutsu. He once confessed to Homura that he believed an Ashikabi's power is the power of fate. He was against Hiroto's idea of the Sekirei Plan. He also designed the Izumo Inn, which he helped Seo build. It is implied by Miya that his death may have something to do with her leaving the MBI. Takehito was the first to use a "Demonic Visage" while talking to Seo over the phone and, after using the visage, it made Miya smile for the first time.

In the manga, it was revealed that Takehito died sacrificing himself to protect all the Sekireis from a failed experiment of the Jenki. Because Karasuba was the one who suggested the method for Takehito to sacrifice himself, Miya blamed Takehito's death partially on Karasuba and thus creating the tension between the two Sekireis.

Natsuo Ichinomi[edit]

Voiced by: Kousuke Toriumi (Japanese), Anthony Bowling (English)[1]

Natsuo Ichinomi (壱ノ宮 夏朗 Ichinomi Natsuo?) is the Ashikabi of all three members of the third Discipline Squad and works as a clerk in MBI's pharmaceutical department. During the start of the escape plan, he was expecting something exciting. Karasuba stated he's never been wrong with his intuitions. He explained to Minato why it is forbidden for Sekirei to attack an Ashikabi and what will happen if an Ashikabi dies (but knows that Haihane and Bentisubasa would attack an Ashikabi regardless of the consequences). He then tells Minato that if he were to kill him, it would eliminate the whole Discipline Squad. Natsuo is a carefree person, and even his Sekirei say so. It is also stated by Haihane that he is homosexual, for the reason his lover, a doctor, volunteered to serve in a war zone and was killed.[41] After the third stage is completed, Minaka presents the last remaining Jinki to him for his services enforcing the Sekirei Plan, thus qualifying him and his Sekirei for the fourth and final stage.

Tsukiumi's Adjuster[edit]

Tsukiumi's Adjuster is the special advisor in the MBI who is more of a mad scientist than Takehito. Tsukiumi lived with her and she referred to her as "baa-san" ("old lady"). She, like Miya and Takehito, can make a demonic facial visage and is very strict, making Tsukiumi tremble with fear every day. She is very young-looking despite her old age (stated to be 70). She made her first appearance in the Special Chapter of Volume 9, in which Minato and his Sekirei asked Tsukiumi about her. It is hinted that she may be Minato's grandmother due to her personality and age.

Discipline Squad[edit]

The members of the 3rd Discipline Squad, as "noted" by Minato. Background, from left to right: Benitsubasa, Karasuba, and Haihane.

The Discipline Squad (懲罰部隊 Chōbatsu Butai?) is an elite group of Sekirei in charge of preventing any Sekirei or Ashikabi to withdraw from the Sekirei Plan. The first Discipline Squad, known as the "S-Plan Guardians", was initially formed by the MBI from the first five awoken Sekirei to protect the Sekirei that have yet to mature and awaken from enemy forces. Miya was the group's leader, with Matsu, Kazehana, Karasuba, and Mutsu following her. After its break-up, the second Discipline Squad was formed, with Yume as the leader and Karasuba with the same goals. After Yume's death, the third (and current) Discipline Squad, consisting of Karasuba, Haihane, and Benitsubasa, was formed.

Current members[edit]

Karasuba (鴉羽?, Sekirei #04)
Voiced by: Romi Park (Japanese), Christine Auten (English)[1]
Known as the "Black Sekirei" (黒い鶺鴒 Kuroi Sekirei?) and "MBI's dog" (M・B・Iの狗 MBI no Inu?), Karasuba is the leader of the third Discipline Squad wielding a nodachi and the oldest active member. In the past, Karasuba was a member of the first Discipline Squad and teamed up with Yume in the second Discipline Squad. It is later revealed that Karasuba wanted to fight and defeat Yume and, as a result, resents Yume for "disappearing" before they could settle their rivalry.[42] This unsettled matter appears to have heavily influenced Karasuba's actions throughout the story. In the past, Karasuba seems to bear a contempt for humans, deeming them an "unnecessary species", evidenced when she killed a numerous amount of soldiers during her mission to rescue Musubi. This continues with the current storyline, though at a much lesser extent. She maintains a "friendly" relationship with Musubi (whom she calls "Mū-chan"), and the two have made a promise to be the last two Sekirei standing. After the escape plan and the failure of Haihane and Benitsubasa, she tried to kill both of them. Karasuba and Miya do not associate well with each other (Miya not allowing her to set foot in Maison Izumo) and tend to come close to fighting each other at the mere appearance of the other. Her name means "Raven Feather".
Haihane (灰翅?, Sekirei #104)
Voiced by: Mitsuki Saiga (Japanese), Clarine Harp (English)[43]
Known as the "Blue Sekirei" (蒼い鶺鴒 Aoi Sekirei?), Haihane is a member of the third Discipline Squad, with her weapons being her gauntlets that have scythe-like claws for fingers. After her fight with Tsukiumi, she develops a hatred for her because she almost drowned. She wears a tattered kimono over her bandaged body, giving her a Grim Reaper-like appearance. She is also prone to laughing to the point that it hurts her stomach, and tends to tease Benitsubasa about her small breasts. She is also forgetful, once forgetting that she had her claws on while trying to block her ears, resulting in her stabbing herself in the face. She attacked Shigi even though the rules say not to attack an Ashikabi. Her name means "Ash Feather" and her attacks are Zankako no Tsume ("Talons of Execution") and Seikei no Tsume ("Claws of Execution").
Benitsubasa (紅翼?, Sekirei #105)
Voiced by: Shizuka Itō (Japanese), Anita Neukar (English)[1]
Known as the "Red Sekirei" (緋い鶺鴒 Akai Sekirei?), Benitsubasa is another member of the third Discipline Squad and the most aggressive and hotheaded of the three. Like Musubi, she is a hand-to-hand fighter, but as stated by Haihane they are complete opposites. After her fight with Musubi and Yume (believing to be Musubi), she keeps a hatred for Musubi after she was almost thrown across the border (which was Yume's doing). She has a habit of sticking her tongue out while fighting and hates stupid people. She wears a kimono-like shirt with one sleeve missing and has pink hair in a side ponytail with two daisy clips. She also has an inferiority complex with her small breasts, which would often be the center of Haihane's jokes. Out of the three Discipline Squad members, she is the only one who "loves" her Ashikabi, as she wants Natsuo to "open his eyes" (make him like women), then kill both Haihane and Karasuba so she can have him all to herself. Although the rules say not to attack Ashikabi, she attacked Minato because she thinks that "it'll be better to get rid of him". Her name means "Crimson Wings" and her attacks are Shock Wave, Pulverizer (粉☆砕?), Gekishin (激☆震?, "Extreme Quake"), and Blood Festival (血☆まつり Chi Matsuri?).

Former members[edit]

Yume (結女?, Sekirei #08)
Voiced by: Saori Hayami (Japanese), Alexis Tipton (English)[1]
Yume was the leader of the second Discipline Squad and teamed up with Karasuba in the past.[44] She rescued Musubi and Kaho when they were children and saved Musubi's life by giving her "Tama", the core which gives the Sekirei life and use their powers. Yume bears an uncanny resemblance to Musubi as seen in Karasuba's memories. Yume refers to herself as the Sekirei of Fate (縁の鶺鴒 Enishi no Sekirei?), and is a "Defender of Love". Yume possessed light-based powers used in conjunction with her super strength and hand-to-hand combat.
When Musubi lost her Sekirei crest fighting Benitsubasa, Yume's soul temporarily took control of her body, beat the Discipline Squad, and was able to restore Musubi's crest. In the anime, she asked Minato to "teach love to these little birds" (a reference to the Sekirei), and said that she was awakened by Minato's warm and gentle spirit. Her Jinki (numbered #8) was stolen by Matsu from the MBI and was handed to Minato later,[45] with Homura currently holding it for him for the time being. When Minato holds her Jinki, he sees what he believes to be Musubi (in reality, Yume) in a revealing pose saying "I will always protect you". After, when Musubi and Minato were alone, Yume took over and explained it was "an ancient memory carved into your genes". Yume then tells Minato that she will always protect him before releasing her control. Her name literally means "Dream", in reference to her dream of freeing all the Sekirei. Yume's Sekirei crest is unique, as it does not appear on her back, rather it appears on her exposed torso with her number on it.

South City[edit]

Hayato Mikogami[edit]

Voiced by: Jun Fukuyama (Japanese), Todd Haberkorn (English)[1]

Hayato Mikogami (御子上 隼人 Mikogami Hayato?) is a 15 year-old Ashikabi controlling the southern part of the city. He has been shown to have no tolerance for failure and is one of the more complex characters, with his personality being fairly different with each of his appearances. In his first appearance, he seemed to be very cruel, only caring about "winging" Kusano and calling Yomi useless, whereas in his second appearance he seemed easygoing and carefree. Like Tsukiumi, Mikogami also strongly follows the rules for the Sekirei Plan. He appeared with his Sekireis and chased off Uzume when she attempted to take the Jinki Minato won in the third match of the Third Stage. He made no attempt to take it from Minato either, stating that he will take it in a fair match. He seems to be a collector of rare items, like getting rare-ability Sekirei and getting all excited when the Jinki were called extremely valuable. He also shows that while he likes collecting Sekirei, he hates losing them, as when they are terminated they leave him, making him lonely, claiming that having Sekirei by his side is far more interesting than other humans. To that purpose, he states that his wish is to bring back #43 and #38, and make all the terminated Sekirei his.


Mutsu (陸奥?, Sekirei #05)
Voiced by: Daisuke Matsubara (Japanese), Robert Howard (English)[1]
One of the few male Sekirei seen other than Shiina and Homura. He was once a member of the First Discipline Squad. Mutsu carries a sword with him as his weapon, but seldom draws it. The few times he has been in action, he has been shown to slam the butt of the scabbard to the ground, creating shockwaves and large fissures, suggesting that he may possess earth-based powers. His only attack shown is Kasaiten (破砕点?, "Smashing Point").
Akitsu (秋津?, numberless Sekirei, former Sekirei #07)
Voiced by: Yu Kobayashi (Japanese), Jenny Jaffe (English)[1]
A "disused" Sekirei with the Sekirei crest appearing on her forehead instead of her back, with Homura referring to her as "Discarded Number". She is possibly a spontaneously-winged Sekirei, and so she can't be winged by an Ashikabi or use the Norito (it is useless from the MBI's point of view). Akitsu's power is very strong, allowing her to fight on par with Sekirei like Homura, whom she have encountered 3 times so far. Despite the fact that she can't be winged, she considers Mikogami her Ashikabi because he took her in and she fears being thrown away again, later showing true loyalty when he asks her to flee and abandon him for her own safety, refusing and staying to protect him instead. She appears to be forgetful; at one point it was noticed she didn't wear any panties. It was first assumed she was ordered to do so by Hayato, but then she revealed it was simply because she forgot to put them on. Like her power, Akitsu has a very cold and melancholic personality. A recent flashback chapter revealed that Akitsu was Sekirei #07, but her MBI tuning failed resulting in her crest appearing on her forehead. Her name means "Autumn Port".
Himeko (日姫子?, Sekirei #15)
A Sekirei dressed in a kimono that made her debut in chapter 76 during the first round of the Third Stage. She is very compassionate, crying at the Thunder Twins' troubled life. She uses a large double-sided blade as a weapon.
Mitsuki (蜜姫?, Sekirei #39)
A Sekirei that made her debut in chapter 76 during the first round of the Third Stage. She bears a striking resemblance to Mitsuha (#38), which even surprised Hikari and Hibiki when they first met. She uses multiple strings made by the MBI to constrict her opponents.
Taki (多姫?, Sekirei #65)
Voiced by: Ao Takahashi (Japanese), Elizabeth Evans (English)
A Sekirei that made her debut in chapter 76 during the first round of the Third Stage. She has the power to create a smoke screen (Mist), causing confusion to her opponents. Her known attack is Kiri no Tobari (氷霧?, "Curtain of Mist")
Yomi (夜見?, Sekirei #43)
Voiced by: Kana Ueda (Japanese), Kristi Kang (English)
A Sekirei who was ordered by Mikogami to kidnap the "Green Girl" (Kusano). She was defeated by Musubi in the fight over Kusano at the arboretum, and lost her Sekirei crest. Homura refers to her as "Pest" (Manga chapter 07) and her Ashikabi called Yomi "a useless one" after her termination. She uses a surprisingly brittle (Musibi easily snapped it during their fight) death scythe as her weapon, and can create a vacuum using a blade even with her scythe broken. She seems to have a rather perverted and sadistic nature, as is demonstrated when she systematically strips Musubi's clothes off before becoming Musubi's first vanquished opponent, and when she mercilessly attacked Takami (Minato's mother) and injured her left eye when she first tried to acquire Kusano for her master (manga, chapter 8).

East City[edit]

Izumi Higa[edit]

Voiced by: Takuma Takewaka (Season 1), Junichi Suwabe (Season 2) (Japanese), Jerry Jewell (English)[1]

Izumi Higa (氷峨 泉 Higa Izumi?) is the manipulative Ashikabi controlling the eastern part of the city. He is shown to be rather amoral, having no qualms about forcing other Sekirei into obeying him and turning them against each other with carefully constructed lies. His motives hint that he may be intending to take over MBI. He apparently doesn't tolerate his Sekirei disobeying him. He appears to be blackmailing Uzume, forcing her to do his bidding by holding Chiho, her Ashikabi, hostage. In addition, there are rumors suggesting that he has a large number of Sekireis at his disposal. Higa also has several Ashikabis (with their own respective Sekirei) that serve under him. Recently, Higa has confronted Yukari and Shiina with several of his Sekirei and Ashikabi. His Sekireis incapacitated Shiina and takes Yukari prisoner, also asking her to marry him. When Yukari berates him for breaking the rules of the Sekirei Plan, Higa simply remarks that he has no interest in being associated with such a "farce".[46] He meets Minato during the third match of the Third Stage and asks him to join forces against the MBI, which he soon declines, with Higa stating that they're both "too stubborn" (referring to both Minato and Yukari). It is later revealed that he is the heir to a powerful rival pharmaceutical company competing against MBI, and that his family owns the hospital where Chiho is staying.


Voiced by: Kenji Takahashi (Japanese), Eric Vale (English)[1]

Kakizaki (柿崎?) is a bespectacled man who serves as Higa's "secretary" and is also an Ashikabi. He attempts to claim Homura so that Higa can wing him and is accompanied by two of his Sekirei. During the battle for Homura, Kakizaki is restrained by Kusano's vines. Kakizaki also serves as Uzume's "handler", relaying orders from Higa and continually reminding her that Chiho's life is at stake if she fails.

Yukari Sahashi[edit]

Voiced by: Kana Asumi (Japanese), Jasmine Mendigo (English)[1]

Yukari Sahashi (佐橋 ユカリ Sahashi Yukari?) is Minato's younger sister and a college student who is enrolled in Shinto Women's University. Yukari has a very strong and confident personality unlike her older brother, and later comes to Tokyo to attend university and to be closer to her mother and brother. She has a strong interest in handsome men, especially bishōnen. This interest, however, is mostly a result of her hidden feelings for Minato, whom she cares for deeply, which she cannot openly express. She is Shiina's Ashikabi and is helping him search for Kusano. Her forceful reputation and merciless attack style as well as a penchant for displaying a demonic facial visage has earned her the title of "Devil Ashikabi" (悪魔の葦牙 Akuma no Ashikabi?). Together with Shiina they are known as the "most evil" pair and are the second-most feared after the Hannya of the North, carrying a bounty of 1,000,000 Yen by an Ashikabi who fought them. Yukari was taken prisoner by Izumi Higa in order to use Shiina's power for himself.[47] She later escaped Higa's clutches by starting a fire in the room where she was held and jumping through the window before being rescued by Shiina, where she confessed her feelings for him. She was unaware of what Shiina did in her absence. During the final match of the third stage, Yukari discovers that Minato is an Ashikabi and Kusano is a Sekirei of his. Curiously, she once wished for such a pairing to occur. With the third stage ended, Yukari leaves the city with Shiina to evade the Disciplinary Squad as by that time they are ordered to terminate all Sekirei not qualified for the final stage.


Uzume (鈿女?, Sekirei #10)
Voiced by: Yu Kobayashi (drama CD), Hitomi Nabatame (Japanese), Jamie Marchi (English)[1]
A Sekirei originally living at Izumo Inn when Minato and Musubi first arrived. Uzume's Ashikabi is a young girl named Chiho Hidaka (日高 千穂 Hidaka Chiho?, Voiced by: Sayori Ishizuka (Japanese), Kara Edwards (English)), who is confined to a hospital due to an unknown illness. Uzume shows deep love towards Chiho. Musubi first encounters her after sharing the same bath with the other Sekirei, with Uzume seeing Musubi's Serkirei crest and revealing to her that she is also a Sekirei. This turned out to be a bad move, since Musubi was taught to immediately challenge another Sekirei as soon as she encounters one, resulting in Musubi attacking first before Uzume managed to escape and finds Minato. The "fight" was eventually broken up by Miya. Uzume has a large collection of costumes at the Inn, which were worn to entertain Chiho. Higa, who is holding Chiho hostage, manipulates her into using her powers to eliminate other Sekirei. She develops a friendly rivalry with Kazehana, whom Uzume refers to as "Nee-san".
Near the end of the Second Stage, Uzume leaves Izumo Inn, realizing she can no longer be a friend with Minato's party. In the anime, she sacrificed herself to save Musubi from one of Higa's Sekirei. Similarly, in the manga, she sacrificed herself in order to save Minato. In the manga, this was made all the more tragic because Minato had just relayed the information that his Sekirei had moved Chiho from Higa's hospital to MBI's hospital, thus freeing Uzume from Higa's power. It is unknown if Uzume is dead or just deactivated like many other Sekirei, but in episode 10 of Pure Engagement, it is briefly shown on Matsu's computer that she is damage level 4, meaning seriously injured, but not dead which is level 5.
Uzume fights using a large veil, which also serves to hide her face and identity, earning her the nickname "The Veiled Sekirei" (比礼の鶺鴒 Hire no Sekirei?). She is very swift in terms of fighting, being able to dodge continuous attacks from the likes of Musubi (though she still wasn't properly trained at the time) along with the other Sekirei she bested on Higa's orders. Uzume primarily uses her veil to increase the range of her attacks, giving her a tremendous advantage over many melee-type fighters, but is fairly useless against Sekirei with abilities of elemental manipulation, like Kazehana and Tsukiumi. Her known attack is Shawl Lance (ショールランス Shōru Ransu?) and her Norito is "The veil of my contract, destroy the nightmare of my Ashikabi!"
Shiina (椎菜?, Sekirei #107)
Voiced by: Sayori Ishizuka (Japanese), Maxey Whitehead (English)[1]
Yukari's Sekirei who is searching for Kusano, whom he has a very close, sibling-like relationship with despite the fact that his power is the natural opposite of hers.[48] His power, while not officially named, allows him to emit an energy wave that instantly disintegrate most forms of matter, including metal, wood, fabric, and even human flesh to a limited degree. He met Yukari after he was attacked and was saved by her with assistance from Homura. He shudders at the idea of almost being Mikogami's Sekirei and thinks of Yukari as a bright shining light in his life. Like Kusano, Shiina dislikes violence and has expressed extreme remorse for hurting Sekirei he has defeated. Due to the overwhelming power of his ability, he is called the "Reaper Sekirei" (死神のセキレイ Shinigami no Sekirei?) and along with Yukari, are ironically considered to be the "most evil pair" in Tokyo upon reaching the Northern part of the city. Shiina and Yukari's reputation and power have become so feared that they have attracted the attention of Izumi Higa, who encountered them shortly after arriving at the North city attempting to find the last unwinged Sekirei, hoping it would turn out to be Kusano (who, of course, already has an Ashikabi in Minato), but was later revealed to be Kagari/Homura. Higa later captured Yukari and uses her to force Shiina to work for him. His only known attack is World's End Garden (ワールド・エンド・ガーデン Wārudo Endo Gādin?) and his Norito is "By the corpse of my pact, may my Ashikabi's perils wither" His name literally means "Death".

Higa's other Sekirei include:

  • Kochou (胡蝶 Kochōu?, Sekirei #22) - In chapter 126, Homura hints that she possesses the same hacking ability as Matsu does.
  • Toyotama (豊玉?, Sekirei #16) - She uses a spear as her weapon.[ch. 81,82] In the anime, she assumes Sai's role of eliminating Uzume from the Sekirei Plan. Toyotama is voiced by Eimi Okada in Japanese and Maeghan Albach in English.
  • Ichiya (壱哉?, Sekirei #18) - [ch. 81,82] Ichiya is voiced by Tomoko Nakamura in Japanese and Anastasia Munoz in English.
  • Katsuragi (葛城?, Sekirei #86) wears a tight-fitting leotard and speaks in a melancholic voice. She fights Musubi when the Sekirei try to acquire Homura for Higa, but is defeated by Musubi's Bear Fist, and loses her Sekirei crest. Katsuragi is voiced by Hisako Kanemoto in Japanese and Luci Christian in English.
  • Kujo (九条 Kujō?, Sekirei #??) appears in the third match of the Third Stage but is terminated by Homura.[ch. 88]
  • Oshino (Sekirei #85) is defeated by Benitsubasa with a single punch.[ch. 88]
  • Oriha (織刃?, Sekirei #101) speaks in a sing-song voice and fights using several bladed diskes. She fights Tsukiumi when her group tries to acquire Homura for Higa. In the Third Stage, she is knocked down by Haihane but appears later to attack Minato.[49] She later faces Tsukiumi but loses to her Norito attack.[50] Her catchphrase is "These flying gears represent my pledge! Cut away the enemies before my Ashikabi!" Oriha is voiced by Yuka Iguchi in Japanese and Katie Caruso in English.
  • Sai (紗緯?, Sekirei #31) and Shitodo (?, Sekirei #40) attack Izumo Inn. Sai defeats and eliminates Uzume.[ch. 106]

West City[edit]

Nishi Sanada[edit]

Voiced by: Kisho Taniyama (Japanese), Charles Baker (English)

Nishi Sanada (真田 西 Sanada Nishi?) is the Ashikabi controlling the western part of the city. His first name literally means "West" and it is his real name, not a nickname.[51] Despite his rough appearance, he is shown to be overly emotional and protective around his Sekirei almost to the point of embarrassment. His appearance and personality are similar to that of Seo's and their similarities resulted in them getting into a comical fist fight during the first match of the Third Stage, after which they gained some respect for each other. He manages to secure one Jinki during the final match of the Third Stage, thus qualifying him and his Sekirei for the Final Stage. He rides a motorcycle.


Kujika (くじか?, Sekirei #48)
Voiced by: Hilary Couch (English)
A dark-skinned Sekirei with white hair wearing a leather swimsuit with two white stars on her bra. She debuts in chapter seventy-four.
Kuzuri (くずり?, Sekirei #??)
Voiced by: Madeleine Broseh (English)
A dark-skinned Sekirei with dark hair. She debuts in chapter seventy-five during the first round of the stage three battle of the Sekirei Plan.
Shijime (しじめ?, Sekirei #106)
Voiced by: Lindsay Seidel (English)
A Sekirei mentioned in chapter 77 as "Anko" by Kujika and Kuzuri and the third Sekirei in Sanada's party.
Chiyo (Sekirei #14)
Wielding a scythe, she is a Sekirei kept concealed by Sanada until the Final Round. She fights with a vicuous and bloody demeanor, much to her Ashikabi's chagrin.
Yuna (Sekirei #17)
Wielding a whip, she is a Sekirei kept concealed by Sanada until the Final Round. Just like Chiyo, her bloodlust is a source of concern for him.
Hatae (Sekirei #20)
Wielding short blades, she is the third of Sanada's secret Sekirei and is just as vicious as the other two.

Other characters[edit]

Kaoru Seo (瀬尾 香 Seo Kaoru?)
Voiced by: Nakai Kazuya (drama CD), Katsuyuki Konishi (Japanese), Ian Sinclair (English)[1]
Seo is the Ashikabi of Hikari and Hibiki. He was Takehito's friend, who appears to be in hostel with him. Miya apparently has a very low opinion of him, easily referring to him as "trash" or "scum" right in front of his face. He works as a freelancer, whose motto is "We solve their problem with a price", and also takes various odd jobs and manual labor. He detests how the MBI works and its CEO (Minaka) and sometimes eats for free at the Izumo Inn when he is low on money (in which his Sekirei apologize). Seo has a gruff, wild look, but he is a very good man to rely on. It has been said that he has an "ability" given to him by Takehito,[52] which is shown to be the cancellation of a Sekirei's abilities by grabbing hold of them, as shown during his brief fight with Tsukiumi and during his meeting with Sanada. While Seo is aware that Minato is an Ashikabi, he makes no aggressive action against him and they usually just have friendly conversations with each other, saying "I liked you from the start" for some reason. He is able to tell the number of Sekirei a person has by his "strong nose". He mentioned that he built the secret room where Matsu hides in for Takehito. Seo is the one who finds the last remaining Jinki thus ending the Third Stage and qualifying him and his Sekirei for the Final Stage. However, Seo and his Sekirei end up against Musubi, Tsukiumi and Matsu in the first match and is thrown away from the island by Minato's Sekirei to a nearby boat, thus disqualified from the Sekirei Fight
Hikari (?, Sekirei #11) and Hibiki (?, Sekirei #12)
Hikari Voiced by: Yuko Kaida (Japanese), Brittney Karbowski (English)[1]
Hibiki Voiced by: Michiko Neya (Japanese), Cherami Leigh (English)[1]
Twin sisters that have power over electricity and Seo's Sekirei. In the First and Second stages, they seek to fight unwinged Sekirei. It is later stated by Homura that, although they are the underdogs, they have more expertise in fighting. In the anime, Hikari is seen wearing violet or blue suits (darker ones in the manga), while Hibiki is seen wearing purple or pink suits (brighter ones in the manga). Hikari is more emotional and has a short temper (and larger breasts) unlike her sister, who is practically the leader of the pair. They are aware that Seo is not the most impressive Ashikabi (which gives them the reputation of being the Sekirei of the "Loser Ashikabi"), but they both like him and are willing to defend him. Ironically, they refuse to let Seo wing any other Sekirei by striking the latter with lighting. They are nicknamed the "Thunder and Lighting twins", in reference to their names (their names can also mean "light and sound" allogerically), and their Norito is "The thunderclap of our oath, destroy the disasters that befall our Ashikabi!" Both are eliminated from the Sekirei Fight when they are thrown away from the island with their Ashikabi by Musubi.
Haruka Shigi (鷸 ハルカ Shigi Haruka?) and Kuno (久能?, Sekirei #95)
Shigi Voiced by: Nobuhiko Okamoto (Japanese), Josh Grelle (English)[1]
Kuno Voiced by: Satomi Akesaka (Japanese), Kate Bristol (English)[1]
Haruka Shigi is a 19 year-old ronin college student who, like Minato, wishes to enroll in Tokyo University. Kuno, his Sekirei, is much of a weak, klutzy crybaby whose main ability is her voice, using it to either confuse their enemy or block their attacks. With her Norito, she can drain the energy from her enemies while putting them to sleep, but it seems to have a weak effect from a long distance. Shigi desires to defend her and wants to withdraw from the Game by leaving Tokyo before MBI's soldiers could capture them, and sought Minato and Kaoru's help to escape Tokyo, which eventually succeeded despite being a bit injured along with Kuno during an encounter with the Discipline Squad. Before the final stage begins, Minato receives a letter from them, learning that they are now living with Shigi's parents in Kyoto and are rooting for him to win the Sekirei Fight. Kuno's Norito is "The vow of my song, light the path of my Ashikabi!".
Kaho (Sekirei #87)
A Sekirei who takes part in the final match of the third stage along her ashikabi Oosumi Orihiko. She survives the final match when the Jinki obtained by Minato rolls over to Kaho and she grabs it, thus making her immune to the special wavelength created by Minaka to terminate all disqualified Sekirei at the place. Kaho is known for being very strong and her weapon of choice is a naginata. She was rescued by Yume along Musubi when they were children. Just like Musubi, she vows to defeat Karasuba by herself, thus she refuses to return the Jinki to Minato, as it qualifies her to confront Karasuba in the Final Stage. In the first match of the Final Stage, Kaho is defeated by Karasuba and entrusts Musubi with their dream of one of them winning the Sekirei Fight and releasing the others.
Narashino (習志野?, Sekirei #74)
Voiced by: Mikako Takahashi (drama CD)
A Sekirei whose Ashikabi is Osamu Tsudanuma (津田沼修 Tsudanuma Osamu?). Her power remains a mystery, since she was blown away by just one attack from Shiina. Her only appearance so far is in an Omake. Later it is revealed that both Narashino and Osamu managed to flee Tokyo just like Shigi and Kuno.
Saki (サキ?, Sekirei #55)[53]
A Sekirei that only appeared in the manga with a one page of profile on her.
Yashima (八嶋?, Sekirei #84)
Voiced by: Yōko Hikasa (Japanese), Lindsay Seidel (English)
A Sekirei who wields a massive hammer as her personal weapon. Her Ashikabi is Junichi Tanigawa (谷川 じゅんいち Tanigawa Jun'ichi?, Voiced by: Shunzo Miyasaka (Japanese), Newton Pittman (English)), who treated her as nothing more than a possession, physically abusing her regardless of what she has done. Despite using a Norito to power up, she was defeated by Shiina's Death Garden and lost her Sekirei crest. Her Norito is "The hammer of my pledge! Shatter the enemy of my Ashikabi!", enabling her to use her Gravity Hammer (グラビティーハンマー Gurabitī Hanmā?) attack.
Natsu (?, Sekirei #72)
The third Sekirei defeated by Uzume on the instructions of Higa.
Ikki (伊岐?, Sekirei #19)
A Sekirei who wielded dual kodachi as weapons. She was defeated and nearly killed by Karasuba with a sword thrust through her chest. She only appears on one page of chapter 53.
Namiji (波路?, Sekirei #73)
Voiced by: Ayumi Fujimura (Japanese), Dana Schultes (English)
A Sekirei wielding a massive halberd. She and her Ashikabi Koji Takano (高野 広次 Takano Kōji?, Voiced by: Atsushi Abe (Japanese), Viktor Walker (English)) were winners of the second match of the Third Stage. She was defeated by Shiina and Uzume on the instructions of Higa.
Nanaha (七葉?, Sekirei #78)
A Sekirei whose Ashikabi, Yoichi Himura (日村 容一 Himura Yōichi?, Voiced by: Kazuyuki Okitsu (Japanese), Brandon Potter (English)), went to Minato for help in escaping the city. After Minato refuses to help them, she is soon defeated by Karasuba.

Video game characters[edit]

Kuruse (来瀬?, Sekirei #54)
Voiced by: Haruka Tomatsu[54][55]
A young Sekirei who is a trident-based fighter. She has the ability to use multiple tridents by conjuring them in order to launch them as projectiles. Eventually becomes an ally of Minato and his Sekirei.
Yahan (夜半?, Sekirei #57)
Voiced by: Ayahi Takagaki[54][55]
A black-haired, dark-skinned Sekirei who uses teleportation to help her fight as her unarmed combat skills are considered to be average.[54] She uses a dagger when fighting in conjunction with her abilities. Her Ashikabi is Reiji Koya (甲屋 玲治 Koya Reiji?, Voiced by Yuichi Nakamura).[54][55]
Aka-chan (赤ちゃん?)
Voiced by: Haruka Tomatsu[54][55]
An abandoned baby found by Minato and his Sekirei, she is the target of the two Sekirei due to an unknown ability.


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