List of Seychellois people

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This is a partial list of noteworthy Seychellois:



Civil society[edit]

  • Kantilal Jivan - Well-known businessman, historian, naturalist, guru, folkorist, photographer and vegetarian cook.
  • Guy Morel - Accountant, first Governor of the Central Bank of Seychelles. Former chairman of Air Seychelles. Founder of the Seychelles Institute of Management. Passionate advocate of education for the less fortunate and for school dropouts.


  • Nirmal Shah - Leading environmental expert, writer, fund raiser and civic leader. Advocates for sustainable development and civil society participation through local and regional NGOs, international fora and the media.
  • Guy Lionnet - Former Director of Agriculture and author of many works on the history and flora and fauna of Seychelles.

Political figures[edit]


  • Justice of Appeal Jacques Hodoul - Justice of the Seychelles Court of Appeal
  • Francis Chang-Sam - Former Attorney General, now private legal practitioner [1]
  • Dar Lyon, Chief Justice of the Seychelles, and first class cricketer


Notes and references[edit]

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