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Greater London is split by the River Thames. The London region has a population of 7,512,400 within an area of 1,579 km², making it the second-largest populated region in the United Kingdom.[1] However, even though it is one of the largest urban conglomerations in Europe, almost two-thirds of London is made up of greenspace and wetlands, consisting primarily of extensive areas of green belt, large parks and the Thames basin.[2] As of 2014, there are 37 sites designated within this Area of Search, 30 of which have been designated for their biological interest and 7 for their geological interest.[3][4]

In England, the body responsible for designating Sites of Special Scientific Interests is Natural England, which chooses sites because of their fauna, flora, geological or physiographical features.[5] Natural England took over the role of designating and managing SSSIs from English Nature in October 2006 when it was formed from the amalgamation of English Nature, parts of the Countryside Agency and the Rural Development Service. The data in the table is taken from Natural England's website in the form of citation sheets for each SSSI.[6]

For other counties, see List of Sites of Special Scientific Interest by Area of Search.



  • YES = free public access to all or most of the site
  • PP = free public access to part of the site
  • PL = public access at limited times
  • NO = no public access
Site name Photograph Biol.
Ha[A] Acres Grid ref[B][C] Year
Map[E] Access Borough[F]
Abbey Wood Abbey Wood 'Fossil Bed'.JPG   Green tickY 6.3 15.7 TQ481786 1975  Map  YES Bexley
Barn Elms Wetland Centre Perch at the WWT London Wetland Centre - - 1446536.jpg Green tickY   29.9 73.8 TQ228770 2002  Map  YES Richmond upon Thames
Bentley Priory Bentley Priory Summerhouse Lake 1.jpg Green tickY   55.1 136.2 TQ156297 1990  Map  YES Harrow
Brent Reservoir Welsh Harp Nature Reserve, London Borough of Barnet, NW9 (2050775047).jpg Green tickY   68.6 169.6 TQ217873 1985  Map  YES Barnet
Bushy Park and Home Park BushyParkAutumn.jpg Green tickY   541.0 1,337.5 TQ159692 3014  Map  YES Richmond upon Thames
Chingford Reservoirs King George V Reservoir.jpg Green tickY   316.3 781.7 TQ371953 1986  Map  NO Enfield
Waltham Forest
Epping Forest
Crofton Woods Crofton Wood, Kyd Brook.JPG Green tickY   76.6 198.8 TQ437665 1989  Map  YES Bromley
Croham Hurst Croham Hurst view.jpg Green tickY   33.6 83.0 TQ338632 1984  Map  YES Croydon
Denham Lock Wood Denham Lock Wood path.jpg Green tickY   6.3 15.5 TQ05863 1986  Map  YES Hillingdon
Downe Bank and High Elms High Elms pond.jpg Green tickY   86.8 214.6 TQ438610
1981  Map  YES Bromley
Elmstead Pit   Green tickY <0.1 0.13 TQ42327066 1985  Map  NO Bromley
Epping Forest Epping Forest, Strawberry Hill Pond - - 548653.jpg Green tickY   1,728.0 4,270.0 TL475035
1990  Map  YES Waltham Forest
Epping Forest
Farthing Downs and Happy Valley Farthing Downs grassland.JPG Green tickY   120.5 297.8 TQ303572 1987  Map  YES Croydon
Frays Farm Meadows Frays Farm Meadows horses.jpg Green tickY   28.2 69.8 TQ057861 1984  Map  YES Hillingdon
Gilbert's Pit Gilberts Pit, London Borough of Greenwich, SE7 (2252315297).jpg   Green tickY 5.2 12.8 TQ418786 1985  Map  PP Greenwich
Hainault Forest Sheep Water Pond, Hainault Forest - - 280577.jpg Green tickY   136.0 336.0 TQ477938 1986  Map  YES Redbridge
Epping Forest
Hampstead Heath Woods Ken Wood, Hampstead Heath 3.JPG Green tickY   16.6 41.1 TQ270875
1990  Map  YES Camden
Harefield Pit   Green tickY 1.8 4.5 TQ049898 1990  Map  NO Hillingdon
Harrow Weald Harrow Weald SSSI.JPG   Green tickY 3.7 9.1 TQ147929 1987  Map  NO Harrow
Hornchurch Cutting Hornchurch Cutting SSSI.JPG   Green tickY 0.8 2.0 TQ547874 1988  Map  YES Havering
Ingrebourne Marshes Ingrebourne Marshes, Berwick Pond.JPG Green tickY   74.8 184.8 TQ532835 1988  Map  YES Havering
Inner Thames Marshes Rainham Marshes 30dec08.jpg Green tickY   479.3 1,184.4 TQ531800 1986  Map  YES Havering
Kempton Park Reservoirs Kempton Nature Reserve.JPG Green tickY   25.6 63.3 TQ118707 1999  Map  NO Hounslow
Keston And Hayes Commons Keston Common middle lake.JPG Green tickY   26.6 65.8 TQ417643 1987  Map  YES Bromley
Mid Colne Valley Mid Colne Valley Long Pond.jpg Green tickY   132.0 326.1 TQ043896 1985  Map  YES Hillingdon
South Bucks
Old Park Wood Old Park Wood path.jpg Green tickY   16.7 41.3 TQ046913 1984  Map  YES Hillingdon
Oxleas Woodlands Oxleas Wood path 1.JPG Green tickY   72.7 179.7 TQ442760 1984  Map  YES Greenwich
Richmond Park Richmond Park Pen Ponds.jpg Green tickY   856.0 2,115.1 TQ200730 1992  Map  YES Richmond upon Thames
Kingston upon Thames
Riddlesdown Riddlesdown view.JPG Green tickY   32.0 79.1 TQ330600 1988  Map  YES Croydon
Ruislip Woods Ruislip Woods 2.JPG Green tickY   305.4 754.6 TQ081892 1990  Map  YES Hillingdon
Ruxley Gravel Pits Ruxley Gravel Pits.JPG Green tickY   18.7 46.2 TQ474700 1985  Map  NO Bromley
Saltbox Hill Saltbox Hill view.JPG Green tickY   22.2 54.8 TQ402604
1985  Map  YES Bromley
Syon Park Syon Park SSSI from the Thames Path 12.JPG Green tickY   21.5 53.2 TQ176766 1984  Map  PL Hounslow
Walthamstow Marshes Walthamstow Marshes - - 93325.jpg Green tickY   36.7 90.7 TQ352875 1985  Map  YES Waltham Forest
Walthamstow Reservoirs Walthamstow Reservoirs.jpg Green tickY   178.3 440.6 TQ351892 1986  Map  NO Hackney
Waltham Forest
Wansunt Pit Wansunt Pit.JPG   Green tickY 1.9 4.7 TQ514736
1990  Map  PP Bexley
Wimbledon Common Footpath on Wimbledon Common - - 879675.jpg Green tickY   346.5 856.2 TQ227720 1986  Map  YES Wandsworth

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A Number of hectares rounded to one decimal place.
B Grid reference is based on the British national grid reference system, also known as OSGB36, and is the system used by the Ordnance Survey.[7]
C Those SSSIs with more than one OS grid reference are composed of multiple sections, separated by non-SSSI land.[7]
D This list uses the date notified under Section 28 of the Wildlife and Countryside Act 1981.
E Link to maps using the Magic Map service provided by the Department for Environment, Food and Rural Affairs.
F Some sites are partly in boroughs outside Greater London.


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