List of Sites of Special Scientific Interest in Hertfordshire

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A map of Hertfordshire, and its location within England also shown

This is a list of the Sites of Special Scientific Interest (SSSIs) in Hertfordshire, a county in the East of England region. In terms of size, the region extends from Norfolk, in the north, to the Thames estuary, in the extreme south,[1] and almost two-thirds of the county is rural.[2] Hertfordshire itself, however, has a population of 1,058,600 within an area of 1,634 km2 (403,770.2 acres), making it the 16th largest ceremonial county in the United Kingdom.[3] As of 2009, there are 43 sites designated within this Area of Search, 30 of which have been designated for their biological interest, 6 for their geological interest, and 7 for both biological and geological interest.[4] In England, the body responsible for designating SSSIs is Natural England, which chooses sites because of their flora, fauna, geological or physiographical features.[5] Natural England took over the role of designating and managing SSSIs from English Nature in October 2006 when it was formed from the amalgamation of English Nature, parts of the Countryside Agency and the Rural Development Service. The data in the table is taken from English Nature's website in the form of citation sheets for each SSSI.[6]

For other counties, see List of Sites of Special Scientific Interest by Area of Search.


In the foreground is a large reservoir, with several swans visible. Trees can be seen in the distance. There are clouds in the sky. The sun is shining brightly. Its yellow light reflects across the water.
The same scene, but from a different angle and time of day. The sun illuminates the sky and water in red.
Tring Reservoirs, at sunrise and sunset
An unobstructed view of landscape. Many green, yellow and brown fields are visible. Three earth mounds are visible, to the rear of the field in the immediate foreground. The sky is light blue, with a few white clouds.
Therfield Heath, located in the northeast of Hertfordshire near Royston.
In the foreground is a small slope with a steep gradient. In the background are lots of tall, thin trees, packed so densely that the sky is not visible beyond them. Most of the trees do not have visible leaves.
Ashridge Woods in early spring
Tall grass partially obscures the view of marshland in the foreground. Beyond it is woodland. Most of the trees have green leaves; on one tree, the leaves are an orange-brown colour.
Patmore Heath, East Hertfordshire.
Site name Biological Interest[a] Geological Interest[a] Area (hectares)[b] Area (acres)[b] Grid reference[c] Year in which notified[d] Map[e]
Aldbury Nowers Green tickY 19.7 48.7 SP951135 1990  Map 
Alpine Meadow Green tickY 0.4 1.0 SP989103 1986  Map 
Amwell Quarry Green tickY 39.9 91.3 TL377129 1999  Map 
Ashridge Commons & Woods Green tickY 640.1 1,581.7 SP975135 1987  Map 
Ashwell Springs Green tickY 0.3 0.6 TL270398 1986  Map 
Benington High Wood Green tickY 20.7 57.1 TL285235 1984  Map 
Blagrove Common Green tickY 4.0 9.9 TL326338 1985  Map 
Bricket Wood Common Green tickY 70.0 172.4 TL130010 1984  Map 
Castle Lime Works Quarry Green tickY 1.6 3.9 TL229026 1986  Map 
Croxley Common Moor Green tickY 39.5 97.6 TQ083949 1986  Map 
Downfield Pit, Westmill Green tickY 3.6 8.9 TL349165 1989  Map 
Frogmore Meadows Green tickY 4.6 11.4 TQ021989 1986  Map 
Great Hormead Park Green tickY 15.0 37.1 TL418292 1985  Map 
Hertford Heath Green tickY 28.0 69.2 TL355110 & TL350106 1985  Map 
Hillcollins Pit Green tickY 0.2 0.5 TL442268 1988  Map 
Hunsdon Mead Green tickY 34.0 84.0 TL418110 1984  Map 
Knebworth Woods Green tickY 120.8 298.5 TL228223 1985  Map 
Little Heath Pit Green tickY 0.3 0.7 TL017082 1986  Map 
Moor Hall Meadows Green tickY 24.4 60.3 TL330265 1986  Map 
Moor Mill Quarry, West Green tickY 0.2 0.4 TL141027 1992  Map 
Northaw Great Wood Green tickY 223.6 552.6 TL280043 1985  Map 
Oddy Hill and Tring Park Green tickY 35.6 87.8 SP934109 & SP928103 1986  Map 
Oughtonhead Lane Green tickY Green tickY 0.9 2.2 TL172299 1989  Map 
Patmore Heath Green tickY 7.6 18.8 TL443258 1985  Map 
Plashes Wood Green tickY 71.9 117.6 TL382206 1984  Map 
Redwell Wood Green tickY 52.8 130.4 TL213025 1985  Map 
Roughdown Common Green tickY Green tickY 3.6 8.9 TL047577 1985  Map 
Rye Meads Green tickY 58.5 114.5 TL385105 1989  Map 
Sarratt Bottom Green tickY 3.2 7.9 TQ031989 1984  Map 
Sawbridgeworth Marsh Green tickY 6.3 15.5 TL492158 1986  Map 
Sherrardspark Wood Green tickY 74.9 185.1 TL230139 1986  Map 
Tewinbury Green tickY 7.5 18.5 TL264139 1984  Map 
Therfield Heath Green tickY 143.3 354.1 TL335400 1984  Map 
Thorley Flood Pound Green tickY 17.4 42.7 TL490183 1986  Map 
Tring Reservoirs Green tickY Green tickY 106.5 263.2 SP919136 & SP905131 1987  Map 
Tring Woodlands Green tickY 23.8 58.8 SP917100 1985  Map 
Turnford & Cheshunt Pits Green tickY Green tickY 173.3 428.2 TL370030 1995  Map 
Wain Wood Green tickY 19.2 47.4 TL180255 1986  Map 
Water End Swallow Holes Green tickY Green tickY 11.3 27.9 TL230043 1986  Map 
Westwood Quarry Green tickY <0.1 0.18 TQ071993 1987  Map 
Whippendell Wood Green tickY 66.9 165.3 TQ076978 1986  Map 
Wormley-Hoddesdonpark Wood North Green tickY Green tickY 146.3 361.5 TL325075 & TL352085 1986  Map 
Wormley-Hoddesdonpark Wood South Green tickY Green tickY 192.5 475.6 TL331068 1984  Map 


  1. ^ a b Reason for designation; either for the site's biological or geological interest.
  2. ^ a b Data rounded to one decimal place.
  3. ^ Grid reference is based on the British national grid reference system, also known as OSGB36, and is the system used by the Ordnance Survey. Those SSSIs with more than one OS grid reference are composed of multiple sections, separated by non-SSSI land.[7]
  4. ^ Site notification consists of designating a site as an SSSI and consulting with the owner(s). This list uses the date notified under Section 28 of the Wildlife and Countryside Act 1981.
  5. ^ Link to maps using the Nature on the Map service provided by Natural England.


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