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This is the complete episode listing for the anime adaptation of Soul Link. The anime soundtrack was composed by Hiroyuki Sawano.

List of episodes[edit]

# Title (Kanji) Title (Romaji) Translation Synopsis
1 出会い Deai Encounter Arrival of the military students and passengers on Aries Station. Commencement of their training.
2 接触 Sesshoku Contact Shuhei, Aki and Aya arrive. Ryota buys time for Sayaka during a training simulation for her to find Aya and tell that she will not be able to see each other.
3 勃発 Boppatsu Outbreak Warning klaxons signal an emergency. Terrorists begin their attack while the crew and passengers attempt to evacuate.
4 休息 Kyūsoku Breathing Space Some are stranded on the station. Shuhei and Cellaria are injured in battle. Flashback to Nao's childhood.
5 分岐点 Bunkiten Watershed Flashback to Aki's childhood. The military students prepare for a counter-assault on the terrorists.
6 別れ Wakare Farewell Cellaria is captured. Shuhei attempts a rescue.
7 流転 Ruten Flux Discovery of a strange virus. Cooperation occurs all over the station for survival. Nao is injured in an attack.
8 願い Negai Desire Nanami is found. The terrorists are double-crossed. Flashback to Yu's childhood.
9 覚醒 Kakusei Rouse Shuhei is being corrupted. Yu is captured but escapes with the help of her childhood friend.
10 迷走 Meisou Stray Cellaria's past is revealed. The military students make plans to leave the station.
10.5 特別回想編 (Special Recap Episode) Cellaria/Nanami Special recapCellaria's background story, and Nanami's background story. This episode is not included in the count of total number of episodes.
11 哀悼 Aitō Mourning Aya manages to escape at the cost of Gale's life who ensures her safety.
12 旅路 Tabiji Journey With the station starting to burn up in the atmosphere of Earth, the rest of the crew commenced the evacuation of the station. The event shifted forward for 1 year, where everyone returned to their normal lives. Most characters' futures were revealed as well.

Theme songs[edit]

  1. "Screaming" by Miyuki Hashimoto
  1. "Dust Trail" by Miyuki Hashimoto