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There have been many Adelaide and South Australian icons, some of which still exist, but few of which are still South Australian owned.[1]

With the start of the 21st century, and in conjunction with the National Trust (SA), BankSA launched its annual "Heritage Icons List",[2] naming 8 icons per year.[3] The following is a list of some of these and other icons.


  • Container Deposit Legislation (1996)
  • AMSCOL (Adelaide Milk Supply Co-Operative Limited), particularly AMSCOL Vanilla Ice-cream and free school milk in 1/3 pint bottles (~190ml)
  • Balfours - owned by San Remo Macaroni Company since 2008[4]
  • Bickford's lime juice cordial
  • The Christmas Pageant
  • Coopers, particularly Coopers Sparkling Ale and Coopers Pale Ale, still run and tightly held by the 5th generation descendants of the founder
  • Farmers Union, particularly Farmers Union Iced Coffee, owned since the 1991 by National Foods, now a subsidiary of Kirin
  • Golden North, particularly Golden North honeycomb ice cream, once again South Australian owned
  • Haigh's Chocolates
  • Hall's, (Geo. Hall & Sons), particularly "Passiona" and "Stonie" ginger beer (non-alcoholic)
    • Draft "Stonie" was available at the Norwood Pie Cart
    • Like Woodroofe's, Halls were acquired by Cadbury Fry Schweppes. Cadbury is now owned by Kraft (2010); Schweppes Australia is now owned by Asahi (2009)
  • Hills Hoist
  • Kitchener buns
  • Menz, merged into Arnott, Motterham, Menz in the 1960s, since 1997 a subsidiary of Campbell Soup Company
    • Menz "Yo-Yo" biscuits
    • Menz FruChocs
    • "Menz - make - biscuits a treat, Yeah!"
  • Popeye
  • Pie floaters and Pie carts
  • South Australian Brewing Company, purchased by Lion Nathan, now a subsidiary of Kirin
    • West End,[5] West End Draught[6] and Southwark Bitter.[7]
    • The Brewery Chimney at Thebarton[8]
    • The Christmas display on the south bank of the River Torrens at Thebarton
  • Stobie poles - still South Australian
  • Vili's, particularly Vili's Pies and "Cafe De Vili's" - still South Australian
  • Woodroofe's, (W Woodroofe & Sons), particularly "Woodies Lemonade", publicly listed in 1983, purchased by SA Brewing Co, and onsold to Cadbury, Fry, Schweppes. Cadbury plc was acquired by Kraft Foods in 2010; Schweppes Australia is now owned by Asahi (2009)
    • "Woodies Lemonade, the best lemonade made" is still produced in Adelaide


milk bottle c.1960
The Christmas Pageant
Coopers beers
Frog cakes
Hall's "Stonie" ginger beer
Hills Hoist
Pie floater with sauce
Stobie poles

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