List of South Korean regions by GDP

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This is a list of South Korean regions by GDP. All data are sourced from the latest regional statistics published by the South Korean Government[1][2] and the International Monetary Fund (IMF).[3][4] The South Korean won has been converted to the international dollar using the IMF's Purchasing Power Parity conversion rate. Note that the 2008 SNA was applied by the South Korean government when calculating the GDP, which is different from the older methodology used by the IMF.[5]

By GDP per capita (PPP, 2012)[edit]

Rank Region GDP per capita Comparable country[6]
1 Ulsan $79,623  Luxembourg
2 Chungnam $56,133  Norway
3 Jeonnam $45,901   Switzerland
4 Gyeongbuk $39,523  Sweden
5 Seoul $39,448  Germany
6 Gyeongnam $36,974  United Kingdom
7 Chungbuk $35,317  Japan
- National Average $34,576  France
8 Gyeonggi $30,308  Italy
9 Jeju $28,550  Spain
10 Gangwon $28,286  New Zealand
11 Jeonbuk $28,123  United Arab Emirates
12 Incheon $27,960  Czech Republic
13 Daejeon $25,185  Greece
14 Busan $24,783  Slovakia
15 Gwangju $23,980  Portugal
16 Daegu $21,820  Poland

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