List of Spanish-language newspapers published in the United States

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This is a list of Spanish language newspapers published in the United States.



Newspaper   State   Town   Year established   Notes  
Boletin Popular [4] New Mexico Santa Fe
El Clamor Publico [5] California Los Angeles 1855 [6]
Comercia [7] Florida Tampa
La Democracia Puerto Rico 1890
El Despertar New York New York 1891 [1]
El Día (Houston) Texas Houston 1982
El Eco del Pacifico [8] California San Francisco
Espana Libre New York New York 1839 [1]
Filipino [4] Washington, D.C.
La Frontera (newspaper) Texas 2004
La Fuerza [9] Texas 1962
La Gaceta Mexicana Texas Houston 1928
El Grito del Norte New Mexico 1968
El Hablador Louisiana New Orleans 1845 [10]
Hacienda [4] New York Buffalo 1905 [1]
Hispano Americano [7] California San Diego
El Imparcial Puerto Rico 1918
Mensajero [4] Arizona Phoenix
El Mensangero Semanal de Nueva York New York New York 1828 [1]
El Mercurio de Nueva York New York New York 1828 [3]
Mexico Illinois Chicago 1922 [11]
El Mississippi Louisiana New Orleans 1808 [3]
El Mulato New York New York 1854 [1]
El Mundo (Puerto Rico) Puerto Rico 1919
Noticioso de Ambos Mundos New York 1836 [12]
Patria New York New York 1892 [1]
Popular [4] California Los Angeles
La Raza Latina [13] New York New York
Revista Agricola [4] Illinois Chicago
Sancho Panza [11] Wisconsin Milwaukee 1930s
El Tecolote [13] California San Francisco
La Verdad New York New York 1848 [1]


El Clamor Publico, Los Angeles, 1855
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Further reading[edit]

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