List of Speakers of the House of Assembly of Dominica

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The Speaker of the House of Assembly of Dominica is responsible for the management and general administration of the House, ensuring that rules of procedure are followed. The Speaker is elected by the House of Assembly at its first sitting after a general election.

A member of the House who is elected as Speaker can only vote to break ties (a casting vote). If someone outside the membership of the House is elected as Speaker, they become a member, but cannot cast an original or casting vote.

Louis Cools-Lartigue, OBE, was Speaker of its predecessor, the Legislative Council.

Name Start End
G. A. Winston
Eustace Francis
Fred Degazon March 1977 December 1978
Pershing Waldron January 21, 1979 June 19, 1979
Eden Bowers June 19, 1979 August 1980
Marie Davies-Pierre August 13, 1980 December 29, 1988
Crispin Sorhaindo September 16, 1989 October 24, 1993
Neva Edwards November 1, 1993 August 2, 1995
F. Osborne G. Symes August 3, 1995 April 16, 2000
Alix Boyd Knights April 17, 2000 Incumbent


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