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This is a list of episodes from the 1967 and 1997 Mach GoGoGo TV shows. Both were released in the U.S. as Speed Racer while the latter was Speed Racer X.

1967 TV series[edit]

# Title Original airdate[1]
1 "Dash! Mach 5 (Part one)" / "The Great Plan: Part 1"
"Tobase! Mahha Gō (Zenpen)" (飛ばせ!マッハ号(前編)) 
April 2, 1967
Aspiring race driver Speed Racer learns that his father, Pops, has quit his job at a major automotive factory because the factory rejected his proposed design of a new engine, so he enters a dangerous mountain race to earn money needed to build the engine, unaware that a rival of Pops has hired Ace Deucy, a hitman, to steal the engine design and it has been drawn in invisible ink into Speed's windshield. At the same time, Speed must deal with an extremely aggressive racer named Skull Duggery. 
2 "Dash! Mach 5 (Part two)" / "The Great Plan: Part 2"
"Tobase! Mahha Gō (Kōhen)" (飛ばせ!マッハ号(後編)) 
April 9, 1967
Backed by his gang, Ace Deucy pursues Speed and a rival driver who runs afoul of the gang. 
3 "The Mysterious Masked Racer (Part one)" / "Challenge of the Masked Racer: Part 1"
"Nazo no Fukumen Rēsā (Zenpen)" (謎の覆面レーサー(前編)) 
April 16, 1967
When The Masked Racer, a mysterious race driver considered a dangerous jinx because of fatal crashes in past races, enters a major race, Speed becomes determined to face off against him, a determination that increases when The Masked Racer tries to dissuade Speed from entering – brought on because of the secret that the Masked Racer is in fact Speed's exiled eldest brother, Rex. 
4 "The Mysterious Masked Racer (Part two)" / "Challenge of the Masked Racer: Part 2"
"Nazo no Fukumen Rēsā (Kōhen)" (謎の覆面レーサー(後編)) 
April 23, 1967
Speed foolishly challenges The Masked Racer to a dangerous pursuit in a driving rainstorm and when a crash ensues he is injured and taken to the mysterious racer's home to regain consciousness. When he awakens he notices an array of white roses, known to be the favorite flowers of his mother (the first hint of suspicion of The Masked Racer's identity by Speed). Trying on the man's mask, he is mistaken for The Masked Racer by gunmen for a rival team and kidnapped. 
5 "The Secret of Classic Car (Part one)" / "The Secret Engine: Part 1"
"Kurashikku Kā no Himitsu (Zenpen)" (クラシックカーの秘密(前編)) 
April 30, 1967
The elderly son of a deceased gangster drives a Model T that contains a code for a missing haul of stolen money, a haul that Tongue Blackguard, a brutal gang leader, is determined to find. 
6 "The Secret of Classic Car (Part two)" / "The Secret Engine: Part 2"
"Kurashikku Kā no Himitsu (Kōhen)" (クラシックカーの秘密(後編)) 
May 7, 1967
Tongue Blaggard captures Speed and also Pops and Speed's girlfriend Michi Shimura and they find the missing loot, but Blackguard's gang is assaulted by The Masked Racer. 
7 "The Challenge of the Mammoth Car (Part one)" / "The Race Against the Mammoth Car: Part 1"
"Manmosu Kā no Chōsen (Zenpen)" (マンモスカーの挑戦(前編)) 
May 14, 1967
A 600-foot-long train-like monstrosity is entered in a dangerous open competition race through a mountain area, cover for international gangster Cruncher Bloch to smuggle out $50 million in gold, and when Speed and Trixie run afoul of Bloch's plan in their effort to win the race, the Mammoth Car pursues them and blasts them into a deep lake. 
8 "The Challenge of the Mammoth Car (Part two)" / "The Race Against the Mammoth Car: Part 2"
"Manmosu Kā no Chōsen (Kōhen)" (マンモスカーの挑戦(後編)) 
May 21, 1967
Speed's pursuit of the Mammoth Car takes him to a vast harbor where the machine is hijacked and disaster ensues. 
9 "The Evil Acrobat Clan (Part one)" / "The Most Dangerous Race: Part 1"
"Ma no Akurobatto-zoku (Zenpen)" (魔のアクロバット族(前編)) 
May 28, 1967
Speed enters The Great Alpine Race, a brutally dangerous mountain contest, after being challenged by a belligerent racer and stunt driver, Snake Oiler, a part of a dangerous cult-like racing team, The Car Acrobatic Team. The race's danger is such that Speed's crew chief, Wilson Sparkolemew, warns him against it, and infuriates Speed to where their relationship nearly ends, and even Racer X – aka The Masked Racer – warns Speed against it. 
10 "Evil Acrobat Clan (Part two)" / "The Most Dangerous Race: Part 2"
"Ma no Akurobatto-zoku (Chūhen)" (魔のアクロバット族(中編)) 
June 4, 1967
Sparky and Trixie rescue Speed when his brakes prove ineffective in a lethal mountainside curve, and after he rejoins the race he and others run into brutal rains that wash out overhangs, forcing them to have to jump the dangerous chasms. Snake Oiler and Racer X succeed, but when Speed makes the jumps his car crashes into a canyon, and amid the wreckage and loss of life the only sign of Speed in the fatal storm is a small doll given him by his baby brother, Spritle. 
11 "Evil Acrobat Clan (Part three)" / "The Most Dangerous Race: Part 3"
"Ma no Akurobatto-zoku (Kōhen)" (魔のアクロバット族(後編)) 
June 11, 1967
By a miracle Speed has survived but has suffered a concussion and hysterical blindness, but his determination to win the race against literally all odds touches Racer X to the point he deliberately fakes injury to help navigate Speed to safety – and to warn Oiler when a leakage of oil from his car leads to a near-fatal explosion short of the finish. 
12 "Revenge of Marengo (Part one)" / "Race for Revenge: Part 1"
"Marengo no Fukushū (Zenpen)" (マレンゴの復讐(前編)) 
June 18, 1967
During a test session Speed is overtaken by a mysterious car numbered X3, whose distinctive engine hum is familiar to a vicious gang of racers known as The Three Roses Club because the engine is from a car whose driver they killed years earlier in a mountain race. When the mysterious driver turns out to be a robot who repeats a prerecorded warning, "Melange still races," it turns out to be the work of "Flash" Marker, the son of the deceased racer who has vowed to destroy the Three Roses Club at the same mountain course where his father was killed. 
13 "Revenge of Marengo (Part two)" / "Race for Revenge: Part 2"
"Marengo no Fukushū (Kōhen)" (マレンゴの復讐(後編)) 
June 25, 1967
Lilly, the sister of the vengeful Flash Marker, is dragooned into driving the rebuilt Melange to destroy the present members of the Three Roses Club, but disaster strikes when Speed thwarts Marker's plan for vengeance. 
14 "The Deadly Desert Race (Part one)" / "The Desperate Desert Race: Part 1"
"Shi no Sabaku Rēsu (Zenpen)" (死の砂漠レース(前編)) 
July 2, 1967
Speed and another racer, Kim, are airlifted, along with their cars, to Flat Hill Country for a desert race. When a mysterious time-bomb destroys Kim's race car, the Black Tiger, after it is unloaded from the plane, Spritle is blamed. However, Spritle, while hiding, witnessed the saboteur. Now, Speed must convince Kim, who are sworn enemies to each other, that Spritle is innocent. 
15 "The Deadly Desert Race (Part two)" / "The Desperate Desert Race: Part 2"
"Shi no Sabaku Rēsu (Kōhen)" (死の砂漠レース(後編)) 
July 9, 1967
Kim, who is a leader in the Flat Hill Rebel Army, learns that his car was actually blown up by one of his own in order to ensure he would stay with the army and not enter the desert race. Kim believes the Flat Hill government is corrupt and that his rebel cause is just. To determine who is the better racer, Speed and Kim decide to race each other. While they are out racing, members of the Rebel Army kidnap Trixie. We learn that it was all a hoax and that their intention was to rule Flat Hill Country for their own selfish purposes. We also learn that they planted a scorpion in Speed and Kim's cars to get rid of them permanently. The government of Flat Hill Country comes to the aid of Kim and Speed, who by now discovered the trick and decide to join forces to fight the Rebels and rescue Trixie. In the end, they succeed and Speed alone enters the Desert Race, easily winning, with Kim on the sidelines cheering. 
16 "The Underground Inca Race (Part one)" / "The Fire Race: Part 1"
"Inka Chitei Rēsu (Zenpen)" (インカ地底レース(前編)) 
July 16, 1967
To get the country of Kapetapek to open its borders the world has agreed to a race with Kabala, a racer who is rumored to cause accidents. The leader of Kapetapek adds that the winner will get to marry his daughter. The race must be completed through a volcano in 5 hours. Adding to the problem a group of racers want to steal the treasure of Kapetapek. In defending the treasure Speed finds out that Racer X has imitated Kabala to repay Kabala for his kindness in teaching him mountain racing skills {the real Kabala was killed in a landslide}. The race ends in a tie with Speed and Racer X the only survivors out of a group of 96 racers. Kapetapek agrees to partly open its boarders. 
17 "The Underground Inca Race (Part two)" / "The Fire Race: Part 2"
"Inka Chitei Rēsu (Kōhen)" (インカ地底レース(後編)) 
July 23, 1967
18 "Treasure of Niagara (Part one)" / "Girl Daredevil: Part 1"
"Naiagara no Hihō (Zenpen)" (ナイアガラの秘宝(前編)) 
July 30, 1967
A car stunt-driver named Twinkle tries to cross Niagara Falls on two rope cables and gets into trouble and Speed naturally drives out to save her. They both fall in and discover a hidden cave where some gangsters lead by a infamous art thief, Brotch, are searching for treasure. Speed and his friends follow Brotch to his hideout in Mount Rushmore, defeat him and rescue Twinkle's father. 
19 "Treasure of Niagara (Part two)" / "Girl Daredevil: Part 2"
"Naiagara no Hihō (Kōhen)" (ナイアガラの秘宝(後編)) 
August 6, 1967
20 "The Evil Race Car (Part one)" / "The Fastest Car on Earth (Part 1)"
"Akuma no Rēsu Kā (Zenpen)" (悪魔のレースカー(前編)) 
August 13, 1967
A woman named Oriena Flux and her henchmen uncover a powerful and dangerous high speed engine called the GRX in order to ensure that they win the Oriental Grand Prix. When they test it on the track, Pops recognizes the sound of the engine and warns Speed not to go near it. Out of suspicion, Pops takes Spritle and Chim-Chim to the cemetery where the engine was buried. They go to Oriena's house afterwards, where Pops demands the engine so he can destroy it like he should've 10 years ago when it was first built. Speed decides that he wants to learn more about the car so he can find a way to beat it in the race, and ends up driving it. The high speed was thrilling to him at first, but they soon overpowered him and he fell unconscious while driving. 
21 "The Evil Race Car (Part two)" / "The Fastest Car on Earth (Part 2)"
"Akuma no Rēsu Kā (Kōhen)" (悪魔のレースカー(後編)) 
August 20, 1967
Pops, Spritle and Chim-Chim manage to catch up to the car with the GRX's engine and, thanks to Chim-Chim, stop it before it crashes into the ocean. After getting into a fight with Oriena's henchmen, Pops takes Speed home. Speed later wakes up, and after Pops splashes water in his face, is back to normal. During the trial, Oriena and her Henchmen spray the driver of the GRX with a special gas in order to make him able to tolerate the high velocity. However, while he is driving, he drinks water out of desperation and ends up wrecking. Since the old driver is unable to race, Oriena persuades Speed to drive the GRX. They repair it, and spray Speed with the special gas so he can take it out for a test run. During the practice, Pops, Trixie and Spritle find him, and take him away despite his protests. On the drive home, Trixie lets him have water, which makes him terrified of going fast at all. Pops helps him to overcome his fears, and he finally gets over it during the big race. 
22 "Mach 5 Crisis (Part one)" / "Mach 5 vs. Mach 5 (Part 1)"
"Mahha Gō Kiki Ippatsu (Zenpen)" (マッハ号危機一髪(前編)) 
August 27, 1967

Dr. Nightcall and his daughter trick Speed and use the Mach Five to steal a device called the Mizmo beam and build another Mach Five for their boss Cumulus. In addition to the Mizmo beam, the duplicate Mach Five can sprout small wings allowing it to fly and contains an atom bomb.

In this episode Mach Five vs. Mach Five Spritle and Chim Chim make their own Mach Five with A: auto jacks and B: grip tires. Needless to say these features fail so badly that a police officer comments that he should arrest them for such a pathetic display. 
23 "Mach 5 Crisis (Part two)" / "Mach 5 vs. Mach 5 (Part 2)"
"Mahha Gō Kiki Ippatsu (Kōhen)" (マッハ号危機一髪(後編)) 
September 3, 1967
Speed chases Cumulus to his undersea base where he learns that Cumulus plans to destroy all the military bases in the world. Dr. Nightcall's daughter is killed trying to stop Cumulus. Cumulus himself is killed when Speed throws him from the duplicate Mach Five. Dr. Nightcall promises to devote his live and the base to undersea research in memory of his daughter. 
24 "Little Grand Prix (Part one)" / "The Royal Racer (Part 1)"
"Chibikko Guran Puri (Zenpen)" (チビッコ・グランプリ(前編)) 
September 10, 1967
A race for 8 to 13 year olds. Spritle complains about being allowed in the race, but Pops reminds him that he will not turn 8 until two days after the race. In escaping from a kidnap plot to put Prince Sugarin on the throne, Prince Jam and Spritle collide into each other and are mistaken for each other. During the race, the plotters try to take out 'Prince Jam'. Later there is a rush to find the real prince and finally Prince Jam is crowned. The race is rerun the next day and Spritle is allowed in because they crossed the International Date line flying to Saccharin making it one day later than they thought it was. 
25 "Little Grand Prix (Part two)" / "The Royal Racer (Part 2)"
"Chibikko Guran Puri (Kōhen)" (チビッコ・グランプリ(後編)) 
September 17, 1967
26 "Extinguishing Speed!" / "The Car Hater"
"Supīdo wo Kese!" (スピードを消せ!) 
September 24, 1967
27 "The Curse of Cleopatra (Part one)" / "The Terrifying Gambler"
"Noroi no Kureopatora (Zenpen)" (呪いのクレオパトラ(前編)) 
October 1, 1967
A criminal hijacks the Mach Five during the Monte Carlo Rally. Speed later identifies the man, who is a famous gambler, Mr. Fastbucks, but can't prove it. When he confronts Mr. Fastbucks, Speed is told his master plan: Mr. Fastbucks has bought up coal and train companies and by blowing up the world's gas supplies, he will become fabulously rich. Instead it is Mr. Fastbucks who gets blown up. 
28 "The Curse of Cleopatra (Part two)" / "The Race against Time (Part 1)"
"Noroi no Kureopatora (Kōhen)" (呪いのクレオパトラ(後編)) 
October 8, 1967
Speed Racer meets a scientist named Digger O. Bone who asks him with his dying breath to take care of his daughter Calcia. Unfortunately for Speed, Calcia has hit her head and thinks she is Cleopatra. Under the evil influence of Splint Femur, Calcia has kidnapped Trixie threatening her with death. Speed must survive lions and guards while racing the clock to save Trixie. 
29 "The Golden Arm" / "The Race against Time (Part 2)"
"Kogane no Ude" (黄金の腕) 
October 15, 1967
30 "Dam Side Showdown" / "The Snake Track"
"Damu Saido no Taiketsu" (ダムサイドの対決) 
October 22, 1967

Speed is training for the Super Car Race on the Snack Track which is a new course that has seven curves. After a day of training Speed meets Rock Force who outmaneuvers some gangsters by driving his car on two wheels. While talking to Rock Force Speed notices that the car has a special automatic transmission. After the gangsters wreck his car Mr. Force comes to Pops Racer to have it fixed. Speed and Mr. Force get into a fight and Mr. Force reveals that he cannot use his right arm and wears a metal brace on it. Mr. Force tells how he accepted money to throw a race but won it anyhow. The gangsters then crippled his right arm to prevent him from racing and have now wrecked his car. While Pops fixes the car Speed challenges him to drive the Mach Five with its manual transmission to help 'wake up' his right arm. The next day Mr. Force wins the Snake Track race but the gangsters come forward and reveal that he cannot use his right arm. Mr. Force proceeds to punch out the gangsters and Speed grabs his arm. They then both realize that he punched out the men with his right arm; his arm has completely healed. The racing official then chastises the gangsters for lying to him. Speed then tells his friend Rock that he will beat him the next time they meet.

Given the bad puns that seem to abound in Speed Racer it should be obvious that Dr. Digger O. Bone and Splint Femur are both archeologists. 
31 "Fresh Breeze! Ninja Car (Part one)" / "The Man on the Lam"
"Hayate! Ninja Kā (Zenpen)" (疾風!忍者カー(前編)) 
October 29, 1967
32 "Fresh Breeze! Ninja Car (Part two)" / "Gang of Assassins (Part 1)"
"Hayate! Ninja Kā (Kōhen)" (疾風!忍者カー(後編)) 
November 5, 1967
Ninjas kidnap the worlds diplomats from some peace conference, because they want to start a war. 
33 "Storm Duel" / "Gang of Assassins (Part 2)"
"Arashi no Kettō" (嵐の決闘) 
November 12, 1967
34 "Run Away! Record Car" / "The Race for Life"
"Bōsō! Rekōdo Kā" (暴走!レコードカー) 
November 19, 1967
Speed is in Mexico and must obtain a serum to save the life of a the mayor of a village that is in danger of falling into the hands of the man whom poisoned him. 
35 "Mysterious Tank of the Dense Forest (Part one)" / "The Supersonic Car"
"Mitsurin no Kai Sensha (Zenpen)" (密林の怪戦車(前編)) 
November 26, 1967
Vavoom Motor Co. is trying to build a supersonic car, which Speed is testing. Agents from Forthebird Motor Co. sabotage the car, and blame Speed for the accident. They demand a new test driver, but Speed enters their driving tests, and proves again that he is the best driver. Agents from Forthebird Motors put a bomb on the finish line to destroy the car, but Spritle overhears them, and warns Speed. 
36 "Mysterious Tank of the Dense Forest (Part two)" / "Crash in the Jungle (Part 1)"
"Mitsurin no Kai Sensha (Kōhen)" (密林の怪戦車(後編)) 
December 3, 1967
After a plane crash, Speed is stranded on an island where the exiled General Smasher is creating giant monsters. Speed becomes essentially a ``jungle boy (complete with swinging on vines and clothes ripped to shreds) trying to stop General Smasher. 
37 "Calculation Devil of Hell" / "Crash in the Jungle (Part 2)"
"Jigoku no Keisan Ma" (地獄の計算魔) 
December 10, 1967
38 "Secret Agent No. 9 (Part one)" / "The Secret Invaders (Part 1)"
"Himitsu Jōhō-in Nanbā Nain (Zenpen)" (秘密情報員NO.9(前編)) 
December 17, 1967
39 "Secret Agent No. 9 (Part two)" / "The Secret Invaders (Part 2)"
"Himitsu Jōhō-in Nanbā Nain (Kōhen)" (秘密情報員NO.9(後編)) 
December 24, 1967
An assassin is foiled while trying to kill Princess Gracious of Ambrocia. They know that some racer flashed his mirror, blinding the assassin. It was actually Racer-X, but they assume it was Speed and try and take him out. After Speed saves President Montebank from being blown up the assassins show up and knock out Speed. One of them uses a Speed Racer face mask (al la Mission Impossible) to take Speed to a remote location and push him and the Mach Five over a cliff. Faking his own death Speed then goes and defeats the gang of assassins. {This may have been followed up in 'the Trick Race'}. 
40 "Car Bomb of Fear"  / "Man Behind the Mask"
"Kyōfu no Bakudan Kā" (恐怖の爆弾カー) 
January 7, 1968
Speed is scheduled to compete in the North American Grand Prix and rides on the same plane as Dr. Fantasty. At the same time, Spritle and Chim Chim stow away to see Speed race. While Speed and Trixie are learning of Dr. Fantasty's rocket fuel engine, the plane they are on is hijacked by strange masked men who direct the plane to an uncharted island. Once their, Speed, Trixie, Spritle, Chim Chim, and Dr. Fantasty meet the masked men's masked leader Mark Meglaton who plans to force Speed and Dr. Fantasty to help steal art from around the world followed by a plot for world domination by launching missiles at the Earth's major cities. It's up to Pops and Racer X to come to the rescue and help to defeat Mark Meglaton. 
41 "The Phantom's Iron Castle" / "The Car Destroyer"
"Tetsu no Maboroshi-jō" (鉄のまぼろし城) 
January 14, 1968
A man uses small cars which allow him to control real cars that he then melts down and uses to build a forest complete with robotic animals. He is destroying cars because his son was crippled by a hit and run driver, but it is reveled that his son can really walk and was kept in the wheelchair by his father. 
42 "Pineapple Race" / "The Desperate Racer"
"Painappuru Rēsu" (パイナップル・レース) 
January 21, 1968
Speed has entered the Pineapple Grand-Prix, where each driver has to carry a pineapple in his car. Someone has hidden a diamond in one of the pineapples, so criminals are stealing the fruits from the drivers. 
43 "Witch Number 0" / "Witch No. 0"
"Majo Nanbā Zero" (魔女ナンバー・0) 
January 28, 1967
44 "Murder Car V2"
"Satsujin Kā Bī Tsū-gō" (殺人カー・V2号) 
February 4, 1968
45 "Car Wrestler X" / "Great Car Wrestling Match"
"Kā Resurā Ekkusu" (カーレスラーX) 
February 11, 1968
46 "Attack of the Auto Apache" / "Motorcycle Apaches"
"Ōto Apatchi no Shūgeki" (オート・アパッチの襲撃) 
February 18, 1968
47 "Rebirth of the Monster Car"
"Monsutā Kā no Fukkatsu" (モンスターカーの復活) 
February 25, 1968
48 "Junk Car Grand Prix"
"Ponkotsu Kā Guran Puri" (ポンコツカー・グランプリ) 
March 3, 1968
49 "Desperate Balloon Escape" / "The Car in the Sky"
"Kesshi no Fūsen Dasshutsu" (決死の風船脱出) 
March 10, 1968
50 "Return of the Acrobat Clan" / "The Trick Race"
"Akurobatto-zoku no Gyakushū" (アクロバット族の逆襲) 
March 17, 1968
51 "The Greastest-Ever Race (Part one)" / "The Greatest Race in History (Part 1)"
"Shijō Saidai no Rēsu (Zenpen)" (史上最大のレース(前編)) 
March 24, 1968
52 "The Greastest-Ever Race (Part two)" / "The Greatest Race in History (Part 2)"
"Shijō Saidai no Rēsu (Kōhen)" (史上最大のレース(後編)) 
March 31, 1968

1997 TV series[edit]

# Title Original airdate (Japan) Original airdate (U.S.)
1 "It's Name is Mach 5!!" / "Race to the Start"
"Sono Na wa Mahha-gō!!" (その名はマッハ号!!) 
January 9, 1997 August 25, 2002
2 "Dead Heat Pursue" / "Race to the Finish"
"Tsuigeki no Deddo Hīto" (追撃のデッドヒート) 
January 16, 1997 September 1, 2002
3 "Ghost Lurking in the Highway" / "Silver Phantom"
"Haiuei ni Hisomu Bōrei" (ハイウェイに潜む亡霊) 
January 23, 1997 September 8, 2002
4 "Deep Sea Express Great Rescue Mission" / "Rivals"
"Shinkai Tokkyū Kyūshutsu Dai Sakusen" (深海特急・救出大作戦) 
January 30, 1997 September 15, 2002
5 "A Challenge from the Champion" / "The Mysterious Racer X"
"Chanpion kara no Chōsen-jō" (チャンピオンからの挑戦状) 
February 6, 1997 September 22, 2002
6 "Friend or Foe? The Mysterious Racer X" / "The Terminizer"
"Teki ka Mikata ka? Nazo no Rēsā Ekkusu" (敵か味方か?謎のレーサー・X) 
February 13, 1997 September 29, 2002
7 "Assault! Mephistopheles" / "Crasher Kid"
"Kyōshū! Mefisutoferesu" (強襲!メフィストフェレス) 
February 20, 1997 October 6, 2002
8 "Marriage Dance!? The Boy Racer who Called the Storm" / "Race Against X"
"Mai ga Kekkon!? Arashi wo Yobu Shōnen Rēsā" (舞が結婚!?嵐を呼ぶ少年レーサー) 
February 27, 1997 October 13, 2002
9 "Ninja of Light! Revealing the Secret of the Shadow!!" / "Good Sport"
"Hikari no Ninja! Shadō no Himitsu wo Abake!!" (光の忍者!シャドウの秘密を暴け!!) 
March 6, 1997 October 20, 2002
10 "Showdown! Masked Racer X" / "The Big Test"
"Taiketsu! Fukumen Rēsā Ekkusu" (対決!覆面レーサーX) 
March 13, 1997 October 27, 2002
11 "Revive! Pegsasus' Glory Bet on Ressurecrion" / "Terminal Velocity"
"Yomigaere! Fukkatsu ni Kaketa Eikō no Pegasasu" (蘇れ!復活に賭けた栄光のペガサス) 
March 20, 1997 November 3, 2002
12 "Mysterious Attack!? Jetson Targeted!" / "The Jinx of Racer X"
"Nazo no Shūgeki!? Nerawareta Jettoson!" (謎の襲撃!?狙われたジェットソン!) 
March 27, 1997 November 10, 2002
13 "Enter the Warp 5! Strange Love for the Genius Professor"
"Wāpu-gō Tōjō! Tensai Kyōju no Ijō na Aijō" (ワープ号登場!天才教授の異常な愛情) 
April 3, 1997 -
14 "Runaway Devil! Awakening of Gargoyle"
"Akuma to Bōsō! Gāgoiru no Mezame" (悪魔と暴走!ガーゴイルのめざめ) 
April 10, 1997 -
15 "Who Assaulted the Weathervane Reporter X Dance!?"
"Kazami Mai no Totsugeki Repōto Ekkusu wa Dare da!?" (風見舞の突撃レポートXは誰だ!?) 
April 17, 1997 -
16 "Big City Dread! Continuous Bomb Warning"
"Dai Tokai no Senritsu! Fukushū no Renzoku Bakuha Yokoku" (大都会の戦慄!復讐の連続爆破予告) 
April 24, 1997 -
17 "Shadow of the Mach 5 Albatross"
"Kage no Mahha-gō Arubatorosu" (影のマッハ号・アルバトロス) 
May 1, 1997 -
18 "Amazon Grand Prix: The Akihabara Professor's Trap"
"Amazon Guran Puri-hen: Akihabara Kyōju no Wana" (アマゾングランプリ編 秋葉原教授の罠) 
May 8, 1997 -
19 "Amazon Grand Prix: Sleeping Golden Image"
"Amazon Guran Puri-hen: Nemureru Kogane zō" (アマゾングランプリ編 眠れる黄金像) 
May 15, 1997 -
20 "Fastest Beast Soldier: Cheetah King"
"Saisoku no Yajū Heishi: Chītā Kingu" (最速の野獣兵士 チーターキング) 
May 22, 1997 -
21 "Earth Grand Prix's Desprate Mirage Shoot"
"Āsu Guran Puri Kesshi no Mirāju Shūto" (アースグランプリ決死のミラージュシュート) 
May 29, 1997 -
22 "The Mach 5's New Journey"
"Mahha Gō Arata Naru Tabidachi" (マッハ号新たなる旅立ち) 
June 8, 1997 -
23 "Competition! The Mysterious Disk Sleeping in the West"
"Sōdatsu-sen! Seibu ni Nemuru Nazo no Enban" (争奪戦!西部に眠る謎の円盤) 
June 15, 1997 -
24 "Protect the Lives of the Ancient Dinosaur Paradise!"
"Kyōryū no Rakuen Taiko no Inochi wo Mamore!" (恐竜の楽園太古の命を守れ!) 
June 22, 1997 -
25 "Fierce Fight of the Near Future - Battle Race Betting Life and Death"
"Gekitō no Kin Mirai - Seishi wo Kaketa Batoru Rēsu" (激闘の近未来 生死を賭けたバトルレース) 
June 29, 1997 -
26 "Soul of Middle-Aged knight Franky"
"Chūsei no Kishi Furanke no Tamashī" (中世の騎士フランケの魂) 
July 6, 1997 -
27 "Run to the Mysterious Sun God's Pyramid!"
"Shinpi no Taiyō Shin Piramiddo e Hashire!" (神秘の太陽神ピラミッドへ走れ!) 
July 13, 1997 -
28 "The Legendary Atlantis that Sank to the Ocean Floor"
"Kaitei ni Shizunda Densetsu Atorantisu" (海底に沈んだ伝説アトランティス) 
July 20, 1997 -
29 "X Again! Smash Handler's Ambition"
"Ekkusu Futatabi! Handorā no Yabō wo Kudake" (Xふたたび!ハンドラーの野望を砕け) 
July 27, 1997 -
30 "Chase the Huge Sun Mammoth Hidden in the Glacier!"
"Hyōga ni kakureta Taiyō Kyodai Manmosu wo Oe!" (氷河に隠れた太陽巨大マンモスを追え!) 
August 4, 1997 -
31 "A Mesage to Heaven - Draw the Ground, Mach 5!"
"Ten e no Messēji Mahha-gō, Chijō Ewokaku!" (天へのメッセージマッハ号、地上絵を描く!) 
August 11, 1997 -
32 "Memories Planting Temptating Love from the Underworld"
"Meikai Kara no Yūwaku Ai ni Ueta Omoide-tachi" (冥界からの誘惑愛にうえた思い出たち) 
August 18, 1997 -
33 "The Strongest Rival, Revived by Gathering Friendship"
"Yomigaeru Yūjō Shūketsu, Saikyō no Saibaru" (蘇る友情集結、最強のライバル) 
August 25, 1997 -
34 "Betting the future of the Collapsed Battle, Handler Castle"
"Mirai wo Kaketa Kessen Hōkai, Handorā-jō" (未来を賭けた決戦崩壊、ハンドラー城) 
September 24, 1997 -


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