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This is a list of current and former SportsCenter anchors and reporters since that show debuted on September 7, 1979.

SportsCenter anchors[edit]

Current SportsCenter anchors[edit]

  • John Anderson: (1999–present), weekdays 6-7 ET on ESPN & 7-8 ET on ESPNEWS
  • Jorge Andres: (2011–present)Weekdays 3-6PM or 8-11PM on ESPNNEWS
  • Matt Barrie: (2013–present)Weekdays 3-6PM or 8-11PM on ESPNNEWS
  • Max Bretos: (2010–present)Weekdays 3-6PM or 8-11PM on ESPNEWS
  • John Buccigross: (1996–present), Weekdays and Weekends 11:00pm ET-1:00am ET
  • Jonathan Coachman: (February 21, 2009–present),only on ESPN
  • Linda Cohn: (1992–present), weekdays 11:00pm–1:00PM
  • Kevin Connors: (2008–present), primarily on weekend evenings and Monday-Friday 6-7 ET and 11 ET on ESPN
  • Jay Crawford: (July 9, 2012 – present), weekdays 11:00am–1:00pm ET
  • Lindsay Czarniak: (2011–present), weekdays 6-7 ET on ESPN & 7-8 ET on ESPNEWS
  • Neil Everett: (2000–present), weekdays 1:00am–3:00am ET (Los Angeles)
  • Robert Flores: (2007–present)Weekdays and Weekends 11.PM-1AM

Chris Berman 1979-? Now Hosting ESPN Monday Night Football Former SportsCenter Anchors John Barr: (2003–present) Philadelphia-based bureau reporter

Former SportsCenter reporters[edit]

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