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This is a list of Notable Sri Lankan American citizens, including both original immigrants who obtained American citizenship and their American descendants, but does not include Sri Lankan nationals living or working in the U.S. The list includes a brief description of the reason for their notability.




  • Thushari Jayasekera – actress, writer, emcee, and performance artist; creator of "Jelly Noose[5] South Asian minizine Apsara[6] and with role of Pinky on NBC Outsourced 2010-2011, she is the first female American actress of Sri Lankan origin to play a principal role in a primetime show on a major American TV network.
  • Chandran Rutnam - Film director, producer, screenwriter.
  • Bernard White - actor, screen writer, film director
  • Gina Zamparelli - Los Angeles-based concert promoter and daughter of Maureen Hingert



  • Clarence Jey - US Billboard and Grammy credited Record Producer and Songwriter.[7][8]
  • DeLon – rapper and record producer; first Sri Lankan-American to get on the Billboard charts[9][10]
  • Ruwanga Samath - record producer and the president of The Bird Call Productions.


  • Visvanathan Rudrakumaran - Chairman of Provisional Transnational Government of Tamil Eelam, a Pro LTTE (Liberation Tigers of Tamil Ealam) front organization. (LTTE has been prescribed as a Terrorist organization by USA , European Union and many other countries)






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