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This article lists characters in the various canonical incarnations of Star Trek. This includes fictional major as well as minor characters created for Star Trek, fictional characters not originally created for Star Trek, and real-life persons appearing in a fictional manner, such as holodeck recreations.

Main characters by series

Main characters[edit]

Star Trek: The Original Series[edit]

Original crew of the USS Enterprise NCC-1701 as seen on Star Trek: The Original Series: "The Cage"

Character Rank Actor Position
Christopher Pike Captain Jeffrey Hunter Commanding officer
Number One Lieutenant Commander Majel Barrett First Officer
Spock Lieutenant Leonard Nimoy Science Officer
J. M. Colt Yeoman Laurel Goodwin Yeoman
Phillip Boyce Doctor John Hoyt Doctor
José Tyler Lieutenant Peter Duryea Helmsman
Garrison Chief Petty Officer Adam Roarke Communications Officer

Regular crew of the USS Enterprise NCC-1701

Character Rank Actor Position
James T. Kirk Captain (TOS)
Rear Admiral (ST:I-IV)
Captain (ST:V-VII)
William Shatner Commanding Officer
Spock Commander (TOS-ST:I)
Captain (ST:II-VI)
Leonard Nimoy First Officer (TOS)
Science Officer (TOS)
Federation Ambassador (TNG)
Leonard McCoy Lt. Commander (TOS)
Commander (ST:I-VI)
Admiral (TNG)
DeForest Kelley Chief Medical Officer
Montgomery Scott Lt. Commander (TOS)
Commander (ST:I-II)
Captain (ST:III-VII, TNG)
James Doohan Chief Engineer
Nyota Uhura Lieutenant (TOS)
Lt. Commander (ST:I)
Commander (ST:II)
Nichelle Nichols Communications Officer
Hikaru Sulu Lieutenant
Lt. Commander (ST:I)
Commander (ST:II-V)
Captain (ST:VI)
George Takei Helm Officer (TOS-ST:V)
Commanding Officer, USS Excelsior (ST:VI)
Pavel Chekov Ensign (TOS)
Lieutenant (ST:I)
Commander (ST:II-VII)
Walter Koenig Navigator (TOS)
Weapons Officer (ST:I)
First Officer, USS Reliant (ST:II)
Chief of Security / Weapons (ST:III-VI)
Christine Chapel Crewman (TOS)
Commander (ST:I-IV)
Majel Barrett Nurse (TOS)
Medical Officer (ST:I)
Starfleet Headquarters Emergency Officer (ST:IV)
Janice Rand Yeoman (TOS)
Crewman (ST:I-IV)
Commander (ST:VI)
Grace Lee Whitney Yeoman (TOS)
Transporter Chief (ST:I)
Starfleet Headquarters Staff (ST:III-IV)
Communications and First Officer, USS Excelsior (ST:VI)

Star Trek: The Next Generation[edit]

Regular crew of the USS Enterprise NCC 1701-D as seen on Star Trek: The Next Generation

Character Rank Actor Position
Jean-Luc Picard Captain Patrick Stewart Commanding officer
William Riker Commander
Field Captain (The Best of Both Worlds)
Captain (Nemesis)
Jonathan Frakes First Officer
Deanna Troi Lt. Commander (S1-7)
Commander (S7)
Marina Sirtis Psychologist / Counselor
Beverly Crusher Commander Gates McFadden Chief Medical Officer (S1,3-7)
Chief of Starfleet Medical (S2)
Data Lt. Commander Brent Spiner Chief Operations Officer
Geordi La Forge Lieutenant, Junior Grade
Lieutenant (S2)
Lt. Commander (S3-7)
LeVar Burton Conn Officer (S1)
Chief Engineer (S2-7)
Worf Lt. Junior Grade (S1-2)
Lieutenant (S3-7)
Lt. Commander (Movies)
Michael Dorn Conn Officer (S1)
Chief Security Officer (S2-7)
Katherine Pulaski Commander Diana Muldaur Chief Medical Officer (S2)
Tasha Yar Lieutenant Denise Crosby Chief of Security (S1)
Wesley Crusher Acting Ensign (S1-3)
Ensign (S3-4)
Cadet (S4-7)
Wil Wheaton Conn Officer (S1-4)
Starfleet Cadet (S4-7)

Recurring characters[edit]

Actor Role Appearances
Brian Bonsall Alexander Rozhenko, Worf's son Seasons 4–7
Brent Spiner Lore, Data's brother Seasons 1,4,6 and 7
Jonathan Frakes William Thomas "Tom" Riker, accidentally created duplicate of William T. Riker Season 6, also in DS9 episode "Defiant"
Suzie Plakson K'Ehleyr, Worf's mate Seasons 2 and 4
Patti Yasutake Nurse Alyssa Ogawa Seasons 3–7
Whoopi Goldberg Guinan, El Aurian bartender Seasons 2–6
Rosalind Chao Keiko O'Brien, Botanist, wife of Miles O'Brien, mother of Molly O'Brien Seasons 4–6
Tony Todd Kurn, Worf's brother Seasons 3–7
Majel Barrett
Seasons 1–7
Daniel Davis Professor Moriarty, a sentient holodeck character Seasons 2 and 6
John de Lancie Q, member of the omnipotent Q Continuum Seasons 1–4 and 6–7
Dwight Schultz Lieutenant Reginald Barclay, diagnostic engineer Seasons 3–7
Michelle Forbes Ensign/Lieutenant Ro Laren, helm officer Seasons 5–7
Denise Crosby Sela, a half Romulan, Tasha Yar's daughter Seasons 4 and 5
Eric Menyuk The Traveler Seasons 1, 4, and 7
Mark Lenard Ambassador Sarek, a Vulcan, and Spock's father Seasons 3 and 5
Colm Meaney Miles Edward O'Brien, Navigation and later, Transporter Chief, then transfer to DS9 during season 6 Seasons 1–5 and 7
Robert O'Reilly Gowron, contender for, and eventual officer holder of, the position of Klingon Chancellor Seasons 4-6
Ashley Judd Ensign Robin Lefler, mission specialist Season 5
Jennifer Hetrick Vash, Archaeologist, Picard's principal love interest Seasons 3 and 4
Leonard Nimoy Spock Season 5

Star Trek: Deep Space Nine[edit]

Regular crew and denizens of space station Deep Space Nine as seen on Star Trek: Deep Space Nine

Character Rank Actor Position
Benjamin Sisko Commander (1–3), Captain (3–7) Avery Brooks Commanding Officer of Station, Captain of the USS Defiant, Emissary of the Prophets
Kira Nerys Major (1–6), Commander (briefly) (7), Lt-Colonel (7) Nana Visitor First Officer of Station
Odo Constable (unofficial) René Auberjonois Chief of Station Security
Julian Bashir Lieutenant, junior grade (1–3), Lieutenant (4–7) Alexander Siddig Chief Medical Officer
Jadzia Dax Lieutenant (1–3), Lieutenant Commander (4–6) Terry Farrell Science Officer
Ezri Dax Ensign (7), Lieutenant, junior grade (7) Nicole de Boer Counselor
Worf Lieutenant Commander Michael Dorn Strategic Operations Officer / USS Defiant First Officer (4–7)
Miles O'Brien Senior Chief Petty Officer Colm Meaney Chief Operations Officer
Jake Sisko Civilian Cirroc Lofton Student (1–5), Journalist (5–7)
Quark Civilian Armin Shimerman Bar Owner

Major Recurring Characters of space station Deep Space Nine as seen on Star Trek: Deep Space Nine

Character Rank Actor Position
Elim Garak Former agent of the Obsidian Order Andrew J. Robinson Tailor and Spy
Martok General of the Klingon Empire (4-7) Chancellor of the Klingon Empire (7) J. G. Hertzler
Gowron Chancellor of the Klingon Empire Robert O'Reilly
Rom Civilian Max Grodénchik Bar Employee (1-4), Engineer (4-7)
Nog Civilian (1-4), Cadet (4-5), Ensign (6-7), Lieutenant, junior grade (7) Aron Eisenberg Bar Employee and Student (1-4), Starfleet Member (4-7)
Leeta Civilian Chase Masterson Dabo Girl (3-7)
Gul Dukat Gul (1-7) Marc Alaimo Cardassian Leader (1-4), Freight Ship Commander (4), Vigilante (4-5), Head of Cardassia (5), Religious Figure (6-7)
Weyoun Second in Command Jeffrey Combs Leader of the Dominion forces in the Alpha Quadrant

For Recurring characters, see List of recurring Star Trek: Deep Space Nine characters

Star Trek: Voyager[edit]

Regular crew of the USS Voyager NCC-74656 as seen on Star Trek: Voyager

Character Rank Actor Position
Kathryn Janeway Captain, Nemesis: Vice Admiral Kate Mulgrew Commanding Officer
Chakotay Originally Maquis, Commander Robert Beltran Executive (First) Officer
Tuvok Lieutenant, then Lieutenant Commander Tim Russ Chief of Security/Tactical officer
B'Elanna Torres Originally Maquis, Lieutenant, Junior Grade Roxann Dawson Chief Engineer
Tom Paris Lieutenant, demoted to Ensign, later promoted to Lieutenant, Junior Grade Robert Duncan McNeill Chief Conn Officer (Pilot)
Harry Kim Ensign Garrett Wang Chief Operations Officer
The Doctor No Rank (Computer Program) Robert Picardo Emergency Medical Hologram, Emergency Command Hologram, Chief Medical Officer
Neelix Civilian Ethan Phillips Voyager's Chef, diplomatic adviser and morale officer, close to the end of the series Neelix becomes Ambassador for Starfleet in the Delta Quadrant.
Kes Civilian (1–3, Recurring in 4 & 6) Jennifer Lien Aeroponics gardener, medical aide/student
7 of 9 Tertiary Adjunct of Unimatrix 01 Civilian (4–7) Jeri Ryan Astrometrics

Recurring characters[edit]

Actor Role Appearances
Martha Hackett Ensign Seska, a Cardassian agent Seasons 1–3 and 7
Alexander Enberg Ensign Vorik, a Vulcan engineering officer Seasons 3–5 and 7
Scarlett Pomers Naomi Wildman, daughter of Ensign Samantha Wildman born aboard Voyager Seasons 2–7
Tarik Ergin Lieutenant Ayala Seasons 1–7
John Tempoya Nozawa Kashimuro Seasons 1–4 and 7
Nancy Hower Ensign Samantha Wildman, Naomi's mother Seasons 2–6
Josh Clark Lieutenant Joseph Carey, engineering officer Seasons 1 and 5–7
Simon Billig Lieutenant Hogan, engineering officer Seasons 2 and 3
Christine Delgado Lieutenant Susan Nicoletti Seasons 1–4 and 7
Dwight Schultz Lieutenant Reginald Barclay Seasons 2 and 6–7
Raphael Sbarge Ensign Michael Jonas, engineering officer Season 2
Tom Virtue Lieutenant Walter Baxter Seasons 1 and 2
Manu Intiraymi Icheb, former Borg drone Seasons 6–7
Susanna Thompson / Alice Krige The Borg Queen Seasons 5–7
Marley S. McClean Mezoti, former Borg drone Seasons 6–7
Cody Wetherill Rebi, former Borg drone Seasons 6–7
Kurt Wetherill Azan, former Borg drone Seasons 6–7
Brad Dourif Ensign Lon Suder, Betazoid engineering officer convicted of murder Seasons 2–3
Brian Markinson Lieutenant Peter Durst Season 1
Zoe McLellan Bajoran Crewman Tal Celes Season 6
John de Lancie Q, galactic gadfly Seasons 2–3 and 7
Martin Rayner Doctor Chaotica (Holodeck character) Seasons 5 and 7
Allan G. Royal / Bruce McGill Captain Braxton, Starfleet captain in the 29th century Seasons 3 and 5
Warren Munson / Richard Herd Admiral Owen Paris, father of Tom Paris Seasons 2 and 5–7
John Rhys-Davies Holodeck incarnation of Leonardo da Vinci Seasons 3–4
Marina Sirtis Counselor Deanna Troi Seasons 6 & 7

Star Trek: Enterprise[edit]

Regular crew of the Enterprise NX-01 as seen on Star Trek: Enterprise

Character Rank Actor Position
Jonathan Archer Captain Scott Bakula Captain and commanding officer of the Starship Enterprise.
T'Pol Subcommander (Vulcan High Command), later Commander (Starfleet) Jolene Blalock Executive (First) Officer and Chief Science Officer; sole Vulcan regular crew member.
Charles "Trip" Tucker III Commander Connor Trinneer Chief engineer.
Malcolm Reed Lieutenant Dominic Keating Tactical officer.
Hoshi Sato Ensign Linda Park Communications officer.
Travis Mayweather Ensign Anthony Montgomery Helm officer.
Phlox Civilian (Doctor) John Billingsley Chief Medical Officer

Recurring characters[edit]

Actor Role Appearances
Pranda/ Brezzy/ Windy Porthos, Captain Archer's pet dog Seasons 1–4
Vaughn Armstrong Vice-Admiral Maxwell Forrest, Captain Archer's superior officer Seasons 1–4
Ada Maris Captain Erika Hernandez, Captain of the Columbia Season 4
Gary Graham Soval, Vulcan ambassador Seasons 1–4
John Fleck Silik, Suliban antagonist Seasons 1–4
Kellie Waymire Crewman Elizabeth Cutler, entomologist aboard the Enterprise Season 1
Randy Oglesby Degra, a Xindi primate Season 3
Steven Culp Major J. Hayes, leader of the MACO team Season 3
Jeffrey Combs Thy'lek Shran, Commander in the Andorian Imperial Guard Seasons 1–4
Matt Winston Crewman Daniels, temporal agent from the 31st century Seasons 1–4
Joseph Will Michael Rostov, engineering crewman Seasons 1–2
None credited Chef, who heads Enterprise's kitchen, and is only ever seen from the waist down, if not merely mentioned. Seasons 1–4

Reboot series[edit]

Regular crew of the Enterprise NCC-1701 as seen in Star Trek and Star Trek Into Darkness

Character Rank Actor Position
James T. Kirk ST: Cadet, Lieutenant; ST & STID: Captain Chris Pine First Officer (ST), Commanding Officer (through STID)
Spock ST: Instructor, Commander Zachary Quinto Starfleet Academy Instructor (ST) Acting Captain (ST), Executive (First) Officer and Science Officer (through STID)
Leonard "Bones" McCoy ST: Cadet, Lt. Commander Karl Urban Medical Officer (ST & STID), Chief Medical Officer
Montgomery "Scotty" Scott ST: Lt. Commander Simon Pegg Chief Engineer, Second Officer
Hikaru Sulu ST: Lieutenant John Cho Helm Officer
Nyota Uhura ST: Lieutenant Zoe Saldana Communications Officer
Pavel Chekov ST: Ensign Anton Yelchin Navigator
Christopher Pike ST: Captain, Admiral Bruce Greenwood Commanding officer
Spock Prime ST: Ambassodor Leonard Nimoy Mentor of Spock and Kirk

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