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The following is a list of episodes for the situation comedy, Step by Step. The series premiered on September 20, 1991 on ABC, then moving to CBS ending on June 26, 1998. A total of 160 episodes were produced spanning 7 seasons.

Series overview[edit]

Season Episodes Originally aired
First aired Last aired Network
1 22 September 20, 1991 April 24, 1992 ABC
2 24 September 18, 1992 May 21, 1993
3 23 September 24, 1993 May 20, 1994
4 24 September 23, 1994 May 19, 1995
5 24 September 22, 1995 May 17, 1996
6 24 March 7, 1997 August 15, 1997
7 19 September 19, 1997 June 26, 1998 CBS


Season 1: 1991–92[edit]

No. in
No. in
Title Directed by Written by Original air date Production
1 1 "Pilot" Richard Correll William Bickley & Michael Warren September 20, 1991 475049
We meet the Lamberts - divorced contractor Frank and his three children: athletic J.T., tomboy Alicia (aka Al), and carefree Brendan - and the Fosters - widowed beautician Carol and her children: arrogant Dana, glamourpuss Karen, and brainy Mark - each living in their separate homes. Carol and Frank devise a plan to date and then get married, so the kids don't find out about them getting married in Jamaica. They plan a barbecue at the Fosters' home. Carol's sister, Penny, does not know about the plan, however, and ends up blurting out that Frank and Carol are married. The Lamberts pack up everything, and move into the Fosters' home. The two formerly-separate families try their best to deal with the uncomfortable situation, but can't get along. The next day, Al tells her dad that her stomach hurts, thinking it is a ploy to skip school, Frank tell her she has to go to school, but Carol believes Al and takes her to the doctor -- a good thing, as it turns out her appendix was about to burst.
2 2 "The Dance" Richard Correll John B. Collins September 27, 1991 447004

Steve Urkel crash-lands in the Foster-Lamberts' yard as they are picnicking. He turns out to be Mark's science-fair partner. After the science fair, he talks to Al, who has been dumped by a boy she likes for the school dance. Frank had told Al that everyone gets dumped at some point in their life, and to move on. Steve reinforces that point, and convinces Al to ask him to the dance, where she tells off her originally-planned date and learns to "Do the Urkel".

Note: In its original airing on ABC, this episode was part of a crossover with the Family Matters episode "Brains Over Brawn".

Guest Star: Jaleel White as Steve Urkel
3 3 "Rules of the House" Richard Correll Alan Eisenstock & Larry Mintz October 4, 1991 447001
Carol's household management style drives the Lamberts crazy - particularly that rule about having to cash in special tokens to watch only 30 minutes of TV, and a six-hour-a-week restriction. Frank and his children make their opinions clear, but when Carol won't listen, Al decides her new stepmother might get the message when she threatens to move to Milwaukee to live with her grandmother.
4 4 "First Anniversary" Richard Correll Julia Newton October 11, 1991 447003

Frank's nephew, Cody, comes to live with the family. Cody's oddball ways infuriate Dana, something that delights J.T. So J.T. decides to make a bet with Cody - successfully ask Dana out, and earn $20. Dana finds out, and agrees to shun her pride and go out with Cody. Meanwhile, Al and Brendan try to trap Mark with baseball questions and Frank has trouble with Carol because of their first month's anniversary.

Note: This episode marks the first appearance of Sasha Mitchell as Cody.
5 5 "Frank & Son" Richard Correll Robert Griffard & Howard Adler October 18, 1991 447002
J.T. goes to work for Frank's company, but things don't work out very well. Still in need of extra cash, J.T. turns to Carol, who makes him her "shampoo boy", a job J.T. really enjoys since he gets to be around pretty girls. Meanwhile, Dana and Al each become frustrated with their school assignments; Dana needs to build a birdhouse for shop class, while Al needs to write a book report on Tom Sawyer. The two agree to switch assignments, but Brendan prods their consciences.
6 6 "Pulling Together" John Tracy Ross Brown & Joe Fisch October 25, 1991 447006

Frank and Carol decide to enter the new blended family into the "Port Washington Games". But J.T., Al, and Brendan object since their new step-siblings aren't very athletic. Meanwhile, the more civilized Dana, Karen, and Mark see the games as too barbaric. Eventually, the Fosters decide to participate, with predictable results, but even so, they keep the Lamberts close, and Karen ties things up in the pie-eating contest because her competition cannot eat around her. Eventually, Cody provides the family some much-needed help in the final tug-of-war event making the Fosters and the Lamberts victorious.

Note: Cody becomes a recurring character until the end of the first season.
7 7 "Yo-Yo's Wedding" John Tracy Meredith Siler November 1, 1991 447005
So that their marriage is declared legal, Frank and Carol agree to have a ceremony at their house on the day of Brendan's birthday party. But then the clown that Frank hired to entertain cancels, forcing Frank to hastily play the role. He doesn't have time to get out of costume before the wedding. Meanwhile, Cody enjoys the clown because he saw him several years ago.
8 8 "Just for Kicks" Larry Mintz Alan Eisenstock & Larry Mintz November 8, 1991 447009
Dana and her friend, Bernice, go to a seedy nightclub to hear a folk singer perform. But when some of the bar's regulars get a little too rough with Dana and Bernice, they don't know what to do. Bernice ditches Dana, but luckily Cody shows up, and protects Dana until Frank (who forbade Dana to go in the first place) and Carol arrive to help.
9 9 "Into the Woods" Richard Correll Ross Brown & Joe Fisch November 15, 1991 447008
The Fosters and Lamberts go camping in the woods. The attempt at family bonding doesn't go so well at first, but eventually everyone gains an appreciation for each other. Meanwhile, Cody, Penny and Ivy wait the family with little patience.
10 10 "Mixed Messages" James O'Keefe Seth Weisbond November 22, 1991 447010
Carol buys an answering machine, and instructs the children to write down any messages since the machine erases them upon playback. Karen gets a call from a potential boyfriend, and neglects to hear the remaining message - one stating that Frank need not show up for a re-modeling assignment at work, since they are demolishing the building instead. Frank doesn't get the message, and barely escapes the building with his life. Frank finds out that his boss did leave a message, and arrives home very angry. Carol is upset, and grounds Karen. In the sub-plot, Cody takes a job filling coin machines for children, but loses it because he was only supplying the machine with the good toys.
11 11 "A Day in the Life" John Tracy Robert Griffard & Howard Adler November 29, 1991 447007
A crew from the TV series America Up Close does a documentary on the new Foster-Lambert blended family. However, all the camera crew can capture is the usual friction between the Foster and Lambert children. While Frank and Carol struggle to salvage the documentary, Dana decides her siblings and step-siblings need to put aside their hostility for once until the crew finishes taping. They attempt to get along during a game of Monopoly, but it doesn't take long until the hostilities are unleashed again, and paper money is flying everywhere. Also, Cody and Penny both try to become superstars.
12 12 "The New Car" John Tracy Julia Newton December 6, 1991 447011
Carol buys a new car, which an unlicensed J.T. promptly borrows for a date. When he goes to leave the car is gone, and J.T. worries that it has been stolen. He asks Cody to help him find it, but Cody did not know about the new car, so he brings back their old one. It turns out Frank had seen J.T. driving it, and had taken it to teach him a lesson. Dana also gets in trouble, though, because she knew J.T. was going to take the car, and didn't say anything. Meanwhile, Penny has finally found a boyfriend but he is actually very special.
13 13 "Getting Organized" John Tracy Robert Griffard & Howard Adler December 13, 1991 447012
Frank reluctantly enlists Carol's help in organizing his messy office. Carol decides to transfer some of Frank's files to a computer database, which is fine until she accidentally erases the information on the computer. She failed to make a back-up copy, and what's worse, she told Frank to throw away the hard copies of his files. Frank and Carol scramble to retrieve the information from the dumpster before the garbage men come for it. They find the files, but not in time. They are loaded into the back of the truck, and come home covered in Chinese food (a Chinese family had gotten rid of their trash right on top of Carol and Frank), and laughing. Meanwhile, J.T. and Cody become obsessed with UFOs, which annoys Dana and Karen. Eventually, the two Foster sisters decide to play a trick on the gullible Lambert duo, but Cody and J.T. get the last laugh.
14 14 "Home Alone" John Tracy John B. Collins January 3, 1992 447013

Frank and Carol leave for a lover's retreat. Dana is in charge, with a "no guests allowed" rule in effect. But Dana says since she invited two friends over, so could the rest of the kids (even Mark whose only guest is Cody) , and eventually a huge party breaks out. Frank throws out his back, so they cut their trip short and head home, just in time to find J.T. trapped in the chimney flue.

Note: Neither Patrika Darbo nor Peggy Rea appear in this episode.
15 15 "Drive, He Said" Richard Correll Joe Fisch January 17, 1992 447014

Dana and Frank each take driving tests - hers to get her first license, his as a condition for renewal. Frank is humbled when he flunks his, and Dana passes hers. Eventually, Frank is no longer able to drive without his license until he manages to reassure Dana who suffers from "drive fear". Also, Al learns to play drummer and Cody makes an ice-sandwich for Brendan.

Note: Cody Lambert has only one scene in this episode.
16 16 "Bully for Mark" James O'Keefe Story: Diane Ayers & Susan Sebastian
Teleplay: Julia Newton
February 7, 1992 447016

Mark is forced with violence to do homework for a bully named Max. Much to everyone's surprise, the bully is a girl. Al eventually comes to Mark's rescue. Meanwhile, school newspaper editor Dana writes a negative article on J.T., but J.T. finds out and convinces one of the girls on the staff to replace it with an article that makes him sound good. Also, Cody buys a new perfume for Dana.

Note: Cody Lambert has only one scene in this episode.
17 17 "The Boys in the Band" Richard Correll Joe Fisch February 14, 1992 447018
Al forms a rock band, Chicks With Attitude, with some of her friends. They hire J.T. as their manager, who gets them a gig at a bowling alley that Frank has been renovating. However, on the night of their debut, all four bandmates become ill, forcing Al to scramble to find replacements. Eventually, Dana and Karen agree to fill in. This would not be the last time Dana, Karen, or Al would sing together, although J.T. and Cody (who dress in drag) would not remain part of the act. Meanwhile, Frank tries to catch a mouse.
18 18 "School Daze" Richard Correll Meredith Siler February 21, 1992 447015

Carol goes back to school because she feels embarrassed about leaving school four classes short of earning a degree. She soon realizes as well as a student she's also a committed mother, wife, and beautician, and soon everyone's ready to be committed when Frank takes over the housework. Nobody can seem to remember to pick up Brendan either. All the kids decide to chip in so Carol can realize her dream, and the house can run smoothly. Also, Cody tries to scare Brendan and Mark with horror stories.

Note: Peggy Rea is not in this episode.
19 19 "Country Club" John Tracy Alan Eisenstock & Larry Mintz February 28, 1992 447019
Carol is invited to a country club with the family. At the beginning, Frank is reluctant to go, until developer John Patterson invites him to join his golf team for a tournament, with the promise of a job as contractor for a large office complex Patterson is building. Dana, who is trying to win the eye of Patterson's handsome teen-aged son, Greg (David Lascher), becomes frustrated with Frank's oafish ways and tells Frank in no uncertain terms how she feels. Meanwhile, Frank is instrumental in helping Patterson's team win the golf tournament. Later, Dana overhears Patterson talking to his friends saying that he had no intention of giving Frank the job, he was just using him to get him to help with the tournament. Dana defends Frank, and then blows off Greg Patterson, thinking he is just like his father. Greg later comes to Dana's house to apologize for his father, and to give Frank the trophy. Also, Mark, Brendan, Al , Karen and JT have fun in the club while Cody enjoys his own visit club.
20 20 "Daddy's Girl" Richard Correll Robert Griffard & Howard Adler March 6, 1992 447017

Grandpa comes to visit with his younger fiance. Frank recognizes her as a stripper from a bachelor party he went to a year ago. When Frank tells his father, he storms off and does not believe Frank. He finds out later that she is an ex-stripper, and they postpone the wedding. J.T. wants Dana to set up a date for him with a pretty friend of hers (played by Tiffani-Amber Thiessen), so she makes him run errands for her all week. J.T does not get along with her, but to show Dana there are no hard feelings, he buys her spaghetti and meatballs. Amazingly, she does not enjoy it that much. Also, Cody celebrates his 19th birthday.

Note: Cody Lambert has only one scene in this episode.
21 21 "He Wanted Wings" John Tracy Joe Fisch March 27, 1992 447021
As Frank gets close to turning forty, Carol begins to worry that he will have a mid-life crisis, and run off with a younger girl. She starts prodding him about dreams he may have missed out on, and when he mentions that he used to want to get his pilot's license, she gets him flying lessons. The instructor is going through a rough time, though, and almost crashes the plane in an effort to end it all. Carol knocks him out, and Frank has to take control of the plane. They end up getting down safely, and apologizes to Frank for trying to give him a mid-life crisis, when he didn't have one. Also, Cody and J.T try to settle a knob of shower for Frank.
22 22 "Beauty Contest" John Tracy Sally Lapiduss & Pamela Eells April 24, 1992 447020

Carol and Karen enter a mother-daughter beauty contest. They are both improperly hit on by judges, and Karen learns that it is more important to have pride and self-worth than to win. Also, Cody tries to join a hunt club in which Frank is by making a duck-cheese work but Al's pig eats the duck's head.

Note: This is the final appearance of Patrika Darbo and Peggy Rea in the series, although they also appear in a flashback episode.

Season 2: 1992–93[edit]

No. in
No. in
Title Directed by Written by Original air date Production
23 1 "S.A.T. Blues" Joel Zwick Matt Ember September 18, 1992 447901

When Dana goes to take her SATs, Cody joins her. He explains that every month he does something new and this week he is taking the SATs. Dana does very well - 91st percentile, but Cody does better. Dana cannot accept this and insists that they both take it again. Dana improves her score, but Cody still beats her - she is infuriated. Cody is not happy with his impressive results because he worries he will be expected to become a brain surgeon. Cody and Dana later decide that their lives may take them on unexpected paths. Meanwhile, the others kids borrow Frank 's clothes, forcing him to find a solution in order to prevent this.

Note: Kathy Kinney, who is famously known to play as Mimi Bobeck from The Drew Carey Show, guest stars as the S.A.T. proctor.
24 2 "To B or Not to Be" Joel Zwick Meredith Siler September 25, 1992 447902
J.T. has a test coming up at school on Shakespeare. So Carol convinces Frank to help J.T. study. Frank and J.T. first try a tape but that gets lost. They soon discover it's all about sex and violence, and stay up all night studying. In the morning, J.T. is sure the test will be easy, because of his studying; however, J.T. receives a bad grade. Carol and Frank talk to the teacher and discover that she gave J.T. a bad grade because she thought he would not know the material because he is a jock. Carol is infuriated, and makes the teacher sit down and regrade his test. He gets a B+. Mark and Al don't appreciate their new materials subjects.
25 3 "Stuck on You" Richard Correll Robert Griffard & Howard Adler October 2, 1992 447904
JT wants to date a girl way out of his league and goes to Karen for help. When, Al becomes friends with a girl her age and the girl's father, Frank gets jealous because he feels like he is losing his daughter. Also, Cody joins an human fly competition.
26 4 "J.T.'s World" Richard Correll Julia Newton October 9, 1992 447903
In a nod to Wayne's World, J.T. starts his own local Public-access television show, J.T.'s World, where he hires Cody as his sidekick. J.T. gets more than he bargained for when he invites a pretty classmate, Lisa (Elizabeth Berkley) onto his show, but she falls for Cody instead. Also, Frank and Carol let differing answers on a compatibility test get to them.
27 5 "It's a Dog's Life" John Tracy Matt Ember October 16, 1992 447905

Al and Brendan agree to take care of a neighbor's oversized St. Bernard for the weekend, but the job quickly becomes more than they can handle. They get further annoyed when they learn the neighbors have decided to move away and no longer want the dog; however, Carol is overjoyed because she has fallen in love with the dog. Eventually, Frank puts his foot down and tells Carol to take it to a kennel.

Note: Patrick Duffy's previous series is referenced. When Frank's doing a crossword puzzle, he can't figure out a Texas city with 6 letters. Carol tells him the answer; Dallas.
28 6 "The Boss" James O'Keefe Robert Griffard & Howard Adler October 23, 1992 447908

Dana learns a humbling lesson about being the boss and overseeing a group of employees when she is given a managerial job at a 1950s style restaurant. She was too bossy and controlling, so Karen and J.T. quit; and, so do the two cooks, who only wanted the job so they could see Karen. Frank and Carol decide to take over their jobs, but Dana quickly resumes her condescending demeanor. The parents set her straight, and Dana corrects her attitude. Also, Mark invents a machine which can detect if you lie or not.

Note: Carol told Frank the restaurant reminded her the 1973 movie American Graffiti directed by George Lucas. Frank added that he was still looking for the Blonde in the T-bird, who was actually portrayed by Suzanne Somers herself.
29 7 "Model Daughter" Richard Correll Chuck Tately October 30, 1992 447906
A modeling job in Chicago may be Karen's dream come true — and the worst possible news for overbearing mother Carol. So, Carol tags along on Karen's photo shoot and meddles at every possible turn. Karen makes many new friends during her new job, which is cut short after one of the other models (who had also taken a modeling job as a teenager but never got to enjoy the other things in life) convinces her to stay in school and be a teen. At home, Dana — then all the other kids — come down with the flu, and they quickly make Frank their butler. At the end, Frank is the only one who suffers from flu.
30 8 "Someone to Watch Over Me" Jeffrey Ganz Bob Rosenfarb November 6, 1992 447909

Dana's new boyfriend is Mike Walters, whom — through the rumor mill — Frank suspects is out for nothing more than sex. Despite his misgivings, he allows Dana to go out on a date with "Mike the Mover". Still feeling uneasy about Mike, Frank gets Cody to drive him to Make-Out Point (where the two have gone to enjoy the moonlight and kiss). Frank — having passed up Cody's ridiculous idea of dressing up in a beaver costume to spy on the two — decides to climb into a tree to get a closer look, but the branch breaks under his weight and he literally drops in on them. Dana is embarrassed, but when Mike shows up the next day, and tries to get her to go upstairs with him, she is infuriated, and Frank immediately kicks him out. Also, J.T. asks Brendan to wash Frank's car.

Note: Suzanne Somers has only one scene in this episode.
31 9 "The Making of the President" Richard Correll Ernest Banks November 13, 1992 447907

Annoyed that only dorks and geeks — in particular, Dana — are running for class president, J.T. announces he is running for class president. The campaign divides the Foster-Lambert home, and things are made worse when J.T. (having run on a campaign where it is suggested that regular students' needs aren't met) actually wins. J.T. at first puts up his bravado, but eventually wilts under the pressure and, having a new appreciation for the responsibilities that being class president brings, decides to turn over responsibilities to Dana.

Note: John Mallory (Asher from Weird Science) appears in this episode.
32 10 "Virgin Territory" Judy Pioli Julia Newton November 20, 1992 447910
J.T. and Cody get dates with two girls that have "easy" reputations. The girls invite them back to their house, and Cody, who wants to hold onto his virginity until he meets the right girl, leaves. This upsets both girls, and J.T., who eventually realizes that Cody is right. Meanwhile, Frank is driven crazy when he is put on a low-cholesterol diet.
33 11 "Back to Basics" Judy Pioli Joe Fisch December 4, 1992 447911
When a long-overdue video is found under Brendan's bed, Carol takes things to the extreme and imposes a severe crackdown on family spending. The children refuse to cooperate, so Carol goes tit for tat and takes everything away. Brendan is unfairly blamed, and when his siblings' alternating silent treatment and verbal abuse become too much, he decides to run away. Naturally, he doesn't go too far — he stays in Cody's van. Cody eventually exposes Brendan's whereabouts, and Frank and Carol help their youngest child realize that he wasn't to blame for anything.
34 12 "Boys Will Be Boys" Patrick Duffy Matt Ember December 11, 1992 447913

Frank deals with a high school classmate named Scooter (Philip Charles MacKenzie), who still hasn't grown up after nearly 25 years after graduation. Meanwhile, Cody wins a turkey — a live turkey — in a supermarket raffle, and deals with his conscience when he is asked to have it butchered.

Note: This episode marks Patrick Duffy's Step by Step directorial debut.
35 13 "If I Were a Rich Man" Richard Correll Julia Newton January 8, 1993 447917
Cody learns that a recently deceased elderly resident of the local nursing home had bequeathed to him $250,000. When the Lambert and Foster children begin pestering Cody for a share of the inheritance (to spend extravagantly), Cody decides to give all but $500 of it to the nursing home. Cody spends the other $500 on a new video camera for the family (after the cheap one Frank purchased breaks down in spectacular fashion).
36 14 "Happy Birthday, Baby" Judy Pioli Meredith Siler January 15, 1993 447912
Dana wants to celebrate her 17th birthday with a no-adults-allowed bash. When Frank and Carol say no, Dana decides to rent a hotel room for her fun. It turns out Frank and Carol decide to spend a romantic weekend in the same hotel — in a room directly across from Dana's suite. This naturally leads to conflicts. Also, Karen and Al get into a huge fight when Al screws up trying to wash Karen's blouse for a big date. In a parody of The People's Court, Judge Cody listens to the evidence ... and determines everything worked out well, as Karen's date loved the new look of the blouse.
37 15 "One of the Guys" Mark Linn-Baker Richard P. Halke January 22, 1993 447916

Frank is looking for a replacement on his contracting crew... and may have to hire a woman. Meanwhile, Mark and the others play the stock market.

Note: This is the first of three episodes in the series in which Melanie Wilson guest starred in. In this episode she plays the character of Aggie.
38 16 "No Business Like Show Business" Richard Correll Matt Ember February 5, 1993 447920
J.T.'s World becomes a huge local hit, drawing the attention of a national television syndicator. J.T., sensing a huge windfall about to come his way, agrees to go along with the new producer's suggestions (including firing his siblings), and begins neglecting his schoolwork and speaking freely to his parents. In the end, J.T.'s dreams of success are ruined when the producers hire actors to play both J.T. and sidekick Cody. A humbled J.T. starts focusing on his school work, and apologizes to his dad. Also, Frank and Carol begin to draw nude models, which annoys Frank.
39 17 "Love, Port Washington Style" Richard Correll Scott Spencer Gordon February 12, 1993 447918
Dana gets in a foul mood after her boyfriend dumps her right before Valentine's Day. So, she works a double shift at the 50s cafe and soon meets up with a boy that is the splitting image of her. Meanwhile, Carol recruits Frank to be a hair stylist during a busy stretch.
40 18 "Aloha (Part 1)" Richard Correll Robert Griffard & Howard Adler February 19, 1993 447914
The Lamberts and Fosters travel to Hawaii, where a number of adventures take place: Carol wants to go on a whirlwind tour of the islands, the younger children enter a sand-castle building contest and Cody goes searching for lost treasure. Dana meets the man of her dreams, and a quick courtship may soon have the 17-year-old Foster girl walking to the altar when he presents her with a 6 carats (1,200 mg) solataire in a Tiffany setting.
41 19 "Aloha (Part 2)" Richard Correll Robert Griffard & Howard Adler February 26, 1993 447915
Dana considers eloping with her rich boyfriend from Hawaii when Carol objects to her plan to get married. They get into a huge quarrel, where it is brought out that Carol married when she was just 17 and that quickie romances rarely work out in the end (Dana reminds her mother that she married Frank and that they are still together). In the end, Dana and her boyfriend realize that they aren't right for each other and sadly part ways. Meanwhile, Cody and J.T. discover the real treasure (which in part was tied to a pretty Hawaiian girl J.T. was trying to pursue), while Al, Brendan and Mark win a helicopter tour of Hawaii, the result of their victory in the sand castle building contest.
42 20 "No Way to Treat a Lady" Richard Correll Bob Rosenfarb March 12, 1993 447919
J.T.'s new girlfriend, a brash biker babe, enlists Mark for advice on how to be more "lady-like." Meanwhile, Carol takes Al shopping for the 13-year-old's first bra, but Frank shows up uninvited and proceeds to embarrass his daughter. Al pulls him aside, and tells him that he is a great dad, but some things she is better off doing with Carol.
43 21 "The Un-Natural" Patrick Duffy Bob Rosenfarb April 2, 1993 447923
Al's Pony League baseball team reaches the championship game, when tragic news hits; One of the players suffers a season-ending injury. Coach Frank is forced to ask Mark — who is "not even good enough to be bad" — to join the team, and considers sitting him until the game is decided. However, the game is tight all the way and comes down to the final out. Out of substitutions, Frank has to allow Mark an at-bat. Mark is very nervous at first, and the crowd is furious that Frank put in Mark. He wants to go back to the bench, but Al threatens him with bodily harm if he doesn't go back to the bat. He gets two strikes, but he ends up getting a home-run, and wins the game. Also, Cody and JT bet that they can stay more awake than Karen and Dana.
44 22 "The Psychic" Joel Zwick Julia Newton April 30, 1993 447924

J.T. publishes an unflattering baby photo of Karen in the high school yearbook. Hell hath no fury like a Foster scorned, and she takes full advantage of J.T.'s worry that a brunette will stab him to death at the stroke of midnight. J.T. hadn't believed the news when the psychic had warned him, but Cody reinforces it by pointing out that everything the psychic said would happen before he died was happening. Meanwhile, Frank and Carol's new massaging bed provides them anything but a good night's sleep.

Absent: Staci Keanan as Dana Foster
45 23 "This Old House" Richard Correll Robert Griffard & Howard Adler May 7, 1993 447922
When Frank hires Cody to demolish a house to make way for a new multi-million dollar office complex, Cody realizes he can't complete the assignment because the homeowners — unemployed parents of three children, who are unable to afford new housing or obtain new jobs — are still living inside. Frank is further thrown into a dilemma when Carol joins Cody in protesting the home's demolition ... and the financer of the office project threatens to sue Frank for breach of contract if the house demolition is not completed on deadline. Also, J.T becomes Al, Brendan and Mark's manager and forces them to lick envelopes.
46 24 "Double Date" Richard Correll Meredith Siler May 21, 1993 447921
Carol sets up Karen with Freddy, who is a 142 on Karen's grading scale. Karen, however, prefers Jeffrey (a 195). Despite disappointing Carol, Karen accepts a date with Jeffrey and dumps Freddy by lying to him. She sneaks out of the house to go with Jeff and they win Perfect Couple right after Freddy confronts Karen. She refuses the award and finishes the evening with Freddy. Meanwhile, Carol does not like the way Frank organizes his money. She tries to make him use a male purse, but he refuses. He concentrates his efforts on putting an alarm on Lucille because Cody had his stereo stolen out of it. The alarm was so good Frank got stuck in the van demonstrating it.

Season 3: 1993–94[edit]

No. in
No. in
Title Directed by Written by Original air date Production
47 1 "Way-Off Broadway" Richard Correll Bob Rosenfarb September 24, 1993 455453
Cody and Dana are cast as Romeo and Juliet in a community play. Also, Frank believes he has lost his wedding ring.
48 2 "The Apartment" Richard Correll Julia Newton October 1, 1993 455451
Dana moves into an apartment down the street to gain independence, but soon realizes she is very lonely and misses the family. Also, Frank buys a new TV but becomes addict to it.
49 3 "Never on Sunday" Richard Correll Brian Bird & John Wierick October 8, 1993 455452
Carol invites the new pastor and his wife for lunch after church one Sunday. Frank worries because he feels like he is being watched by a messenger to God. He nervously promises the pastor that he will go to church next Sunday; the Lambert children are upset because there is a big Packer game on that Sunday. Frank drags them all to church, but J.T. sneaks up to the attic to watch the game with the Pastor's son after the sermon starts. When Al and Brendan attempt to follow J.T.'s lead, Frank realizes something is wrong, and makes them tell him where J.T. is. Frank goes upstairs to find his son, but gets into the game, and ends up falling through the old floorboards, landing right behind the Pastor. Also, Cody and his friends create a new song.
50 4 "Paper Chase" Richard Correll Richard P. Halke October 15, 1993 455454

Carol and Frank discuss having a baby; J.T. sells essays to the team. Also, Cody cares for Slasher's son which gives Carol a strange idea : have another child.

Note: This episode marks the first appearance of Jason Marsden, who would later appear in the series as J.T.'s best friend Richie. In this episode, he plays a character named Doug.
51 5 "Trading Places" Patrick Duffy Meredith Siler October 22, 1993 455455
It's the old "Whose job is easier? game," played Foster and Lambert style. This time, parents Frank and Carol swap roles with J.T. and Dana when the comment is made that parenting is easier than being a teenager. Also, Cody wants to find true love and writes an announce in a biker magazine.
52 6 "Video Mania" Richard Correll Howard Adler & Robert Griffard October 29, 1993 455456
Mark becomes addicted to video games. He had started playing the games to relieve stress (from receiving an A instead of an A-plus on a test), but then his whole attitude changes. Mark is eventually sent to a support group to work out his addiction. Meanwhile, Dana is annoyed at Cody's way of relieving his cold.
53 7 "Hog Wild" James O'Keefe Julia Newton November 5, 1993 455457
Frank and Carol go crazy in searching for anniversary gifts. J.T creates an enterprise for Cody, but he does not like this.
54 8 "Down and Out in Port Washington" Patrick Duffy Maria A. Brown November 12, 1993 455458
When Cody's van, Lucille (which doubles as his home and mode of transportation), breaks down and needs major repairs, he moves into the house. Naturally, he drives everyone crazy, annoying the family with his ant farm (which gets loose from their enclosure) and hanging laundry in the kitchen. Things come to a boil when Cody gets a call stating that there is no way to fix his van. Carol, thinking that Cody will become a permanent houseguest, threatens to move out. In the end, Cody decides that he will still live in Lucille even if she can't be driven. Karen falls in love with one of Dana's co-workers only to find that he has a girlfriend.
55 9 "The Marrying Dude" Richard Correll Howard Adler & Robert Griffard November 19, 1993 455460
Cody meets a blind date through a biker magazine dating advertisement. The woman, Bonnie, is a single mother who is looking for the perfect father for her 8-year-old son. When Cody and Riley hit it off, Bonnie sees that Cody is the right man for the job and asks if they can get married. Cody at first accepts, but then realizes things are moving too fast. Cody and Bonnie decide that they should take things slow, and see what happens, instead of rushing into marriage. Al is concerned about not getting asked out because of her small breasts and Frank and Carol want to redecorate the living-room.
56 10 "Sister Act" Patrick Duffy R.J. Colleary November 26, 1993 455461
Karen desires to date a 21-year-old man named Michael, and enlists Dana to help set up the date. However, it is Dana who hooks up with Michael. Later, Dana is talking with a friend on the phone; however, she is unaware that J.T. is secretly taping her phone conversation (wherein Dana reaffirms that Michael is not Karen's boyfriend). J.T., wanting to cause dissention between the normally close Karen and Dana, plays back the phone conversation to Karen, who becomes very angry and plots revenge (by calling Michael and telling him that Dana is 14 years old); at the 50s Diner, Michael breaks up with Dana, citing their "age difference". That night, Karen accuses Dana of stealing her boyfriend, but the argument quickly dies out when Karen admits she is jealous of Dana's virtues. The two make up, and J.T.'s hope that his two step sisters would kill each other never comes to pass. Also, Frank learns (thanks to Cody) how to dance.
57 11 "Christmas Story" Patrick Duffy Brian Bird & John Wierick December 10, 1993 455463

Frank and Carol wind up in jail on Christmas Eve when they are caught inside a toy store by a know-it-all deputy sheriff (Don Knotts). Frank had recently remodeled the store and was given a discount on the store's merchandise. They had gone there after hours because he and Carol had forgot to purchase a toy train set for Brendan, and stocking stuffers for the kids. Meanwhile, the kids do not know that their parents are in jail, and rip through all of their presents. Cody sets them straight, and when they learn that Frank and Carol are in jail, they all go down there to celebrate Christmas with them.

Note:: Knotts' character and actions are a direct reference and link to his character on the Andy Griffith Show. He and Suzanne Summers co-starred on Three's Company.
58 12 "Close Encounters of the Marital Kind" Richard Correll Bob Rosenfarb December 17, 1993 455459

Frank's hesitant after Carol purchases a marriage-improvement book. With all of them now drivers, Dana, J.T., and Karen scrounge up money to buy an old Volkswagen Bug, which is so dangerous it has to be sold for parts to get their money back.

Note: The song playing on the eight-track player Cody salvages from J.T.'s car is "I Got You Babe", which later becomes Dana and Rich's song after they become a couple later in the series.
59 13 "Bad Girls" Richard Correll Maria A. Brown January 7, 1994 455462
Al, in a funk with making friends, falls into a bad group of girls. They dress in military fatigues, skip school and stay out late at night, among other things. Al's new attitude angers Frank, and the two get into a huge argument. But what hurts Al even more is her losing Cody's trust when she tries to take his air guitar without permission. Al finally realizes she needs to be herself and take her time in choosing friends (and wisely, at that). Also, Carol tries to make family time when the TV is broken.
60 14 "Read All About It" Richard Correll Howard Adler & Robert Griffard January 14, 1994 455465
When Frank learns that Carol makes more money than he does, he gets a job at a chicken restaurant. He ends up passing out fliers dressed as a chicken. Cody gets a temporary job as a storyteller in the children's section of the public library. He learns that one of Brendan's friends can't read, so he teaches him how to read for the next storytime session.
61 15 "Thirteen With a Bullet" Patrick Duffy Patrick Duffy & Bob Rosenfarb January 28, 1994 455466
Mark, who is celebrating his 13th birthday develops a huge crush on a pretty classmate, he dances with her, gets his first kiss during a game of spin the bottle, and is later rejected when he sent her flowers. Also, J.T obtains an excellent note in his mechanic exams and forces Dana to repair a car in order to prove her that he can beat her at manual work.
62 16 "My Bodyguard" Patrick Duffy Meredith Siler February 4, 1994 455468
Cody annoys the family with his recollections of weird dreams. First, he pictures Al "behind bars" and "wearing a striped shirt," but she's just wearing a striped soccer jersey and showing off her hamster cage. But Dana gets beyond annoyed when Cody tells her about a dream where a man dressed in a suit is attacking her. He tags along and intrudes on her college interview in Chicago, and winds up assaulting the dean of admissions, thinking him to be Dana's assailant (he was bracing her as they were leaning out the window to look at the Chicago skyline). Dana angrily tells Cody she wants nothing more to do with him; however, Cody can't seem to shake his seemingly ridiculous bad vibes. That night at a bus station, a man dressed in a suit corners Dana when the two are alone. Before the man can sexually assault her, Cody shows up and runs him off. Dana breaks down in Cody's arms and thanks him. Also, Frank and the kids are concerned about Carol's snoring problem.
63 17 "Pretty Woman" William Bickley Richard P. Halke February 18, 1994 455467
Karen loses out on a coveted modeling job for a jeans advertising campaign, but her disappointment is nothing compared to learning who does get the job: Al, whom the nationally renowned photographer says has the look they were searching for. A vengeful Karen bitterly tries to upstage her stepsister by destroying her self-assurance, but in the end realizes that Al deserves support. Meanwhile, Cody struggles with his good luck "curse". He also shows Dana, Brendan and JT the true values of karate.
64 18 "Nightmare Weekend" Patrick Duffy Maria A. Brown February 25, 1994 455469
After Mark ruins a scary movie for J.T., Brendan, and Al, they decide to scare Mark. Frank takes Carol out to a cabin where he had brought an old girlfriend.
65 19 "Birth of a Salesman" Patrick Duffy Julia Newton March 11, 1994 455464
Carol is worried when J.T. gets a job at a used-car lot, and says he is going to do that rather than go to college. However, when she shows up at the lot, and sees him in action, she concedes that maybe he is doing what is best for him, after all. Dana uses Cody as a subject for an essay in her psychology class.
66 20 "Feeling Forty" Richard Correll R.J. Colleary March 25, 1994 445471
Carol is feeling every bit her age as the big 4-0 approaches, so she decides to invest in some diet pills to improve her appearance. It only makes matters worse, as she quickly becomes hooked on the amphetamines. Meanwhile, Cody tries helping Al with a research project about Abraham Lincoln. Instead of going to the library and looking up the information, Cody suggests consulting a psychic who supposedly has connections with the 16th president. When Al sees Cody talking with "Honest Abe" as though he were right there in the room, she realizes she needs to do the work herself.
67 21 "The Case of the Missing Diary" Richard Correll Howard Adler & Robert Griffard April 29, 1994 455473
Cody gets some inspiration for a class writing project when Karen can't find her diary. He uses her plight to spin a 1940s-style detective yarn about who took it, with the Fosters and Lamberts filling the roles of Cody's characters.
68 22 "Great Expectations" Patrick Duffy Brian Bird & John Wierick May 6, 1994 455470

Cody's father pressures him into a job as executive vice president of his real estate company. With a little help from Frank, Cody tells his father he's simply not interested and would rather continue working in demolition. Meanwhile, Carol (as a favor for a customer) sets up Dana and Karen on blind dates, against their expressed wishes. The guys turn out to be living images of Beavis and Butt-head. After Frank gets rid of them, he helps his stepdaughters set up a "get even" prank on Carol.

Absent: Josh Byrne as Brendan Lambert
69 23 "Prom Night" Patrick Duffy Julia Newton May 20, 1994 455472
On prom night, J.T. is set up with a 13-year-old girl as a joke. Meanwhile, Dana's date with the school hunk also doesn't go very well (he got back together with his ex-girlfriend). The two step-siblings – who are constantly at odds – are left to share a dance... and gain gruding respect and appreciation for one another. Also, Frank and Carol invite a classmate of Brendan's after the two fought in school only to discover that the son is like his parents.

Season 4: 1994–95[edit]

No. in
No. in
Title Directed by Written by Original air date Production
70 1 "Karate Kid" Richard Correll Bob Rosenfarb September 23, 1994 456352

Mark - trying to improve his self-esteem - enrolls in a karate class, but is constantly belittled by the jock-like instructor for his "wimpy" attitude. He wants to drop out, but Cody helps him stand up to the "class pet" Tommy, who is the best in the class. During a challenge match, Tommy quickly gets the upper hand early, but Cody - who happens to be a black belt in karate - helps Mark exploit Tommy's weakness and rally to force sudden death. Even though Tommy eventually wins, Mark wins Tommy's respect... which is more than can be said for the coach, who keeps taunting Mark and then Cody. Cody tries to leave, but the instructor presses his luck too far and Cody is easily able to subdue the loud-mouthed coach. Frank is fed-up with his children who loud every time so he settles an intercom.

Note: This is the first episode to feature the new opening credit shots for Staci Keanan, Brandon Call, Angela Watson, Christine Lakin, Christopher Castile and Josh Byrne.
71 2 "College Bound" Richard Correll Julia Newton September 30, 1994 456351

Dana learns a tough lesson in humility when a tough English professor gives her a D on her first term paper for using too many "big words" and not focusing enough on the paper's content. Already enduring humiliation from her Lambert step-siblings, Dana complains to her teacher but gets no sympathy. She vows to improve her "intellectual" attitude ... then learns that Cody has enrolled in her college. Also, J.T. learns a hard lesson about how credit cards work when he his somehow able to obtain one and quickly goes on a shopping spree.

Note: This is the first episode to use a shorter theme than the seasons 2 through 3 version, and the sequence now starts with the shot of the roller coaster coming down the track.
72 3 "Animal House" Patrick Duffy Brian Bird & John Wierick October 7, 1994 456355
Wanting to be cool, Cody decides to join a college fraternity. He re-examines his desire to fit in when his frat brothers decide to go a little too far with Karen. Also, Brendan joins the school band, playing the trumpet, but his musicianship skills are lacking.
73 4 "Spoiled Sport" William Bickley Howard Adler & Robert Griffard October 14, 1994 456354
Frank auditions to become a part-time sports broadcaster for the local radio station, but Carol wins the job. Frank is disappointed, but soon realizes that he is a star in Carol's eyes. The kids try to eat junk food but refuse to share with others and start a food fight, even attacking Cody.
74 5 "Revenge of the Nerd" Patrick Duffy Bob Rosenfarb October 21, 1994 456358
Karen is desperate to be voted homecoming queen. When she learns that the deciding vote is from a nerd named Irwin Bird, she tries to convince him to vote for her. He blackmails her into going out with him, but at the end of the night, she refuses to kiss him so he votes for Tiffany Rogers. Meanwhile, after being struck by lightning while trying to install an antenna on his van, Cody gets amnesia. Until he finally remembers who he is thanks to time and decides not to install the antenna and instead wants to get a cable subscription.
75 6 "Something Wild" Richard Correll Julia Newton October 28, 1994 456357
On Halloween, a girl Mark has a crush on, who is named JJ Jenkins (Michelle Williams), encourages him to dress as a punk rocker — then commit vandalism by throwing eggs at a house. Cody wants to create the biggest lantern in the world.
76 7 "Growing Up Is Hard to Do" Richard Correll Maria A. Brown November 4, 1994 456353
Al sets up a date with class hunk Kevin Phillips, and seeks dating advice from her stepsisters. Dana and Karen wind up giving her conflicting advice, forcing Al to decide whose advice to heed. Al - instead of just simply being herself - accepts Karen's advice of agreeing with everything Kevin says, and the date goes as one would expect. Also, Cody and Dana try to compete with each other. Carol learns that she is pregnant.
77 8 "Beyond Therapy" Richard Correll Meredith Siler November 11, 1994 456356
Carol has the Fosters & Lamberts visit a psychiatrist, each family member discussed what their feelings of having a new baby in the house, and Cody thinks he is turning into a werewolf.
78 9 "The Ice Cream Man Cometh" Patrick Duffy Howard Adler & Robert Griffard November 18, 1994 456360
Cody's friend (John Astin) wants to commit suicide after his wife, Marge, dies. Meanwhile, the kids kick up a fuss about the baby's room.
79 10 "Letting Go" Patrick Duffy Larry Kase & Joel Ronkin November 25, 1994 456361
Cody brings Dana home from school because she is sneezing all the time. Mark finds out she is only sneezing when Cody is around, so they think she is allergic to him. Cody gets very upset and wants to leave, but Dana doesn't want him to do that and begs him to stay. Finally Dana finds out that she is allergic to his shampoo and not to him. Also, Frank does not like Al's new boyfriend.
80 11 "Make Room for Daddy" John Tracy Maria A. Brown December 9, 1994 456359

Frank takes Carol away for a romantic weekend, while Karen, Al and Dana have a girls' night. Meanwhile, Mark dates a genius.

Josh Byrne is not in this episode.
81 12 "I'll Be Home For Christmas" Joel Zwick Brian Bird & John Wierick December 16, 1994 456362

J.T. decides he has grown out of celebrating Christmas with the family and decides to go on a skiing trip with his friends. He eventually misses Frank when he realises that his friends have not at all Christmas spirit. Also, the family receives Carol's aunt, but she is actually very angry and grumpy. Mark misses his girlfriend.

Note: The two living images of Beavis and Butt-head from the previous episode "great expectations" re-appear in this episode at J.T.'s ski cabin with a pornographic film, much to J.T.'s dismay.
82 13 "Can't Buy Me Love" Patrick Duffy Julia Newton January 6, 1995 456364

While borrowing his boss' luxury car, J.T. meets a pretty girl named Shelly, and decides to impress her by claiming the car is his. He later claims that he is rich by flashing large dollar bills at Shelly, but she realizes the money belongs to her father. Also, Frank and Carol go to the gynecologist.

Note: This is the first of two episodes in the series entitled "Can't Buy Me Love". The second episode with this title is from season 7.
83 14 "Thirtysomething" William Bickley R.J. Colleary January 20, 1995 456363
Carol starts binging on odd combinations of food as her pregnancy continues. Meanwhile, Cody makes a film about a goldfish, while Dana comes to terms with her older boyfriend.
84 15 "The Honeymoon Is Over" Patrick Duffy Maria A. Brown February 3, 1995 456366
When Mark's girlfriend Gabrielle comes over to stay with the family, she tries to make Mark eat more vegetables and a battle of the sexes fight breaks out, Frank doesn't like his birthday present given to him by Carol - Red French Cut Bikini Briefs.
85 16 "One Truck, Al Dente" Richard Correll Howard Adler & Robert Griffard February 10, 1995 456367
Al pressures J.T. to teach her how to drive. The two borrow Frank's new truck for the driving lesson, but in the process, Al is involved in a minor accident. They try to plaster the truck side to cover up their activities, but Frank soon learns that the truck was damaged. After Dana takes painkillers after the removal of her wisdom teeth, she gets loopy (allegedly, medicine has this effect on her) to the point of driving Cody crazy. She keeps annoying Cody with eating his ice cream, singing blues with his guitar and dancing limbo. Also, Frank and Carol follow parental lessons.
86 17 "Head of the Class" John Tracy Bob Rosenfarb February 17, 1995 456365

Cody and Dana have conflicting teaching styles when they are recruited to teach a remedial history class. Their unlikely efforts result in their students upsetting a team of academic intellectuals on a TV quiz bowl. Also, Carol makes everybody crazy with her obsessions.

Note: Two of the students are played by Seth Green and Walter Emanuel Jones, who are of Family Guy and Mighty Morphin Power Rangers fame respectively.
87 18 "Back to School" Richard Correll Meredith Siler March 3, 1995 456368
J.T. realizes he needs a college education if he is ever to land a decent paying job. After struggling on an early test, his academics soon overwhelm him, but it is a tipoff that he may have dyslexia. Meanwhile, Carol (and Frank, to a much lesser degree) invite the administrators of an upper-class preschool over in an attempt to try to get the Lamberts' unborn child pre-enrolled; however, the selectors obnoxiously sneer at the Lamberts' lifestyle, and it quickly becomes apparent to Carol that she'd rather enroll the child somewhere else.
88 19 "She Came in Through the Bedroom Window" William Bickley Brian Bird & John Wierick March 17, 1995 456370
When Cody's professor becomes fed up with his constant use of the word "dude", he agrees to be shocked every time he says the word. Dana agrees to deliver the shock therapy... and takes full advantage of her situation. Meanwhile, a very pregnant Carol worries about her appearance, especially after Frank begins working with his very attractive ex-girlfriend.
89 20 "Indecent Proposal" Richard Correll Bob Rosenfarb March 31, 1995 456371
J.T. gets a higher grade than Dana on an assignment in ethics class. But J.T. is shocked to learn the reason why... that his teacher has feelings for him. J.T. becomes very angry when Dana tries to tell him about the teacher's motives, but decides to ask her anyway. When she begins to make her move, J.T. realizes Dana was right. Also, Cody annoys the family with his sleepwalking and Frank buys a master 5000 which finally explodes.
90 21 "Where Have You Gone, Joe DiMaggio?" Richard Correll Julia Newton April 28, 1995 456373

Cody takes Brendan to a baseball game, featuring his favorite player, Kenny Barton. After the game, Brendan meets his hero and asks him to autograph his baseball; however, Barton is nothing short of rude to Brendan and demands a $50 fee for an autograph. Cody, after consoling Brendan, then confronts the egotistical Barton during a TV interview and exposes his demeanor. The interviewer, Hall of Fame player and broadcaster Harmon Killebrew, is equally outraged and offers to sign Brendan's baseball at no charge. Brendan gladly accepts the offer. Also: Carol and Dana make a bet with Frank and J.T. that they can't handle how it feels to be pregnant. So they had their bodies stuffed with melons and cantaloupes to make them look like pregnant women!

Note: There is an overt reference to Suzanne Somers' previous series Three's Company; in the scene, Carol in the living room watching Three's Company, and remarks how she likes Chrissy.
91 22 "Adventures in Babysitting" Patrick Duffy Maria A. Brown May 5, 1995 456372
To help Al earn money to go on a trip with her friends, J.T. helps his sister run a baby-sitting service. But the two quickly learn there is no such thing as easy money when they are overwhelmed by the number of kids they must babysit. Also, Carol tries to help Karen to find a dress for the prom while Frank temporary hires Cody as a foreman.
92 23 "Big Girl on Campus" Patrick Duffy Larry Kase & Joel Ronkin May 12, 1995 456369
Karen and Al convince Dana to take them to a college party. Karen has her eye on a cute guy named Jeremy, but Jeremy decides to dance with Al instead. Karen is fuming, even though she had caught the eye of others at the party ... until Dana learns that Jeremy is a wolf in sheep's clothing. Just before Jeremy can back the petite Lambert girl into a corner she can't get out of, Dana and Karen rescue Al. Frank tries to sell his old objects without success.
93 24 "A Foster/Lambert Production" John Tracy Howard Adler & Robert Griffard May 19, 1995 456374
Carol goes into labor and gives birth to a baby girl, whom she names Lily Foster-Lambert. At the hospital, the Lambert and Foster children continue their petty squabbling, especially after J.T. forgot to bring the Fosters to the hospital. Through the use of flashbacks, Cody reminds them they have been happier in the times when they got along. And now, they have something they all can share, a little sister.

Season 5: 1995–96[edit]

  • Jason Marsden becomes a recurring cast member and appears in nine episodes.
  • Kristen Lauren Meyering plays Lilly's role in season 5.
  • Sasha Mitchell is absent for 5 episodes.
  • Angela Watson is absent for 1 episode.
No. in
No. in
Title Directed by Written by Original air date Production
94 1 "Little Sister Don't Cha" Joel Zwick Brian Bird & John Wierick September 22, 1995 457152

J.T. and Rich go on a double date to the drive-in. But J.T. thinks twice after he finds out who Rich wants to take, Al. After a while it's clear J.T. can't handle it, so he and Al have a talk. Where she tells J.T. she no longer needs him to protect her. Cody sets up Dana with Brad Pitt from Legends of the Fall, but it turns out to be the Brad Pit that played dead body #2. Mark and his friends are depressed about their controlling mothers. They try to prove their manhood by smoking stogies, and Mark gets sick. So Frank offers to take him and his friends camping to do some manly things.

Note: This is the first appearance of Jason Marsden as Rich Halke, who would become a regular starting with season six.

Absent: Angela Watson as Karen Foster
95 2 "Three Girls and a Baby" Joel Zwick Julia Newton September 29, 1995 457151
Stressed by caring for the new baby, Lilly. Frank and Carol go out for a romantic evening by themselves, leaving the baby home with the girls for the first time. Dana is convinced that childcare will be simple, until Lily accidentally gets locked in her room and the girls have to call the Port Washington Fire Department to break down the door. Cody is convinced that he will die after he read his name in death's announces.
96 3 "Party Animal" Patrick Duffy Bob Rosenfarb October 13, 1995 457154
Dana has the opportunity to move into a house with her friends. When her friends throw a party, Dana goes wild with her new freedom. She gets drunk - starts to dance, kiss random boys and act wild. Karen and Al take photos of Dana throughout the evening. When Carol shows Dana the picture of her swinging topless from the chandelier, even Dana is surprised. She then decides living at home is not that bad. Cody mistakes a toupee creator for a jewel's thief while Frank argue with Carol that Lilly can have her own room.
97 4 "Midnight Caller" Patrick Duffy Larry Kase & Joel Ronkin October 20, 1995 457153
J.T. and Dana are stuck doing a community project together for a class. They must work at a Suicide Help Line. A boy named Todd calls saying he is about to commit suicide because he is beginning to enter a step-family situation. Also, Cody seems to be the only one who can reassure Lilly.
98 5 "Maid to Order" Patrick Duffy Howard Adler & Robert Griffard October 27, 1995 457155
Frank decides to hire a new housekeeper for Carol. So he and J.T. set about interviewing potential employees. After having no luck what so ever, Frank leaves to run an errand and tells J.T. to do the last interview himself. It turns out to Carrie a former swimsuit model. J.T. hires her on the spot. As it turns out she knows even less about housekeeping than J.T. did about modeling. Karen is encouraged bu her mother in a pom-pom girl competition while Cody teaches old women aerobic's lessons.
99 6 "Don't Ask" Joel Zwick Casey Maxwell Clair November 3, 1995 457156

Frank and Carol become frustrated with their children constantly asking them to run their errands and small favors. Eventually, they lose their patience and implement a rule where the children must do everything for themselves and not to bother them. The rule is put to the test when Brendan — wanting to go on a trip with his soccer team to watch a Green Bay Packers game — decides not to "bother" his parents to have them sign a permission slip allowing him to go. Meanwhile, aspiring country singer Karen is approached by a man claiming to be a record producer, who promises to take her demo tape to a major studio in exchange for a $500 fee. However, the naïve Karen later realizes she was ripped off and that she will probably never recover her money ... much less, become a big star. Dana gives her sister some solace by getting her song played on a local radio station. Also, Cody wishes a kalashnikov but ends with a Russian bride instead.

Note: Angela Watson covers the Patty Loveless song "Blame It on Your Heart".

Note: This would be the last storyline for the character of Brendan Lambert. Josh Byrne's character would be reduced to 30-second, one-liner-type appearances before being dropped entirely during the 1997-1998 season.
100 7 "Hello, Mister Chips" Patrick Duffy Bob Rosenfarb November 10, 1995 457160
Al has just lost another job and Frank encourages her to be a "team player." Karen tells Al of a job at the mall. Al gets the job at a cookie store called Mr. Chips, named for a monkey. She ends up having to take Mr. Chips home, creating some interesting situations. Carol wants Frank to play Tarzan for a little show while J.T. and Rich bet than Mark can beat a great pool champion.
101 8 "Roadie" Patrick Duffy Larry Kase & Joel Ronkin November 17, 1995 457161
Mark's favorite singer, Christi Rose (Debbie Gibson) is coming to town. Cody gets a job as her Roadie and introduces her to Mark who promptly passes out. Christi falls for Cody and offers him a full time job as her bodyguard. Frank finally buys a car for the teenagers but refuses to let them use it.
102 9 "The Wall" Patrick Duffy Julia Newton November 24, 1995 457159
Being fearful of ending up on the "loser wall" is enough to get Mark Foster to work out. However, working out is not enough to keep Mark Foster off the "loser wall." Despite being on the wall, Mark is asked to a dance by Tawny Spencer (Julie Benz), the prettiest girl in the school. When the girl's bullying, ex-date threatens Mark, Mark stands up to him. Meanwhile, Carol and (begrudgingly) Frank go to a free trip to the spa, where Frank encounters Inga, the Swedish "strong-arm" masseuse. Dana discovers that her feminist group has success thanks Cody.
103 10 "Baby Come Back" Joel Zwick Cary Okmin December 1, 1995 457158
J.T. and Al baby-sit for Lilly and impulsively take Lilly to an audition to represent a baby food company in Milwaukee. When changing a diaper, Al and J.T. notice that they returned with the incorrect baby. Also, Carol and Frank try to spend more time with each other while Cody and Dana get trapped in a magic box.
104 11 "The Fight Before Christmas" Joel Zwick Howard Adler & Robert Griffard December 15, 1995 457162
Franks old friend Mitch Crawford (David Graf) is coming to town Carol and Frank set up a date for Al with Mitch's son, Matt (Andrew Keegan). Both Matt and Al come in with a bad attitude, but they soon discover they have a lot more in common than they think and start having fun. They're having so much fun they end up making out in the driveway as the car is being covered in snow. When Frank discovers them, he kicks Matt and his family out of their house. Al goes with them because she thinks her father is being unreasonable. Also, George (Cody's friend) teaches J.T. true values of Christmas. Cody has an accident while creating a new invention for his van.
105 12 "What's Wrong with This Picture?" Joel Zwick Brian Bird & John Wierick January 5, 1996 457163

Dana admires an abstract, feminist artist, Jayne McNeil (Melanie Wilson) and is honored to be chose to pose for her. Knowing she will be a part of what be a great work, she agrees to pose nude. Since Dana is convinced that the work will be abstract, and she will not be recognizable, she proudly invites Frank, Carol, Karen and Al to a charity auction where it will be unveiled. Unfortunately, the painter decided to change styles to Photo-realism, and the painting is obviously Dana. Carol is determined to outbid the "perverts," but Frank does not allow her to top $100,000. Also, Frank tries to kill a rat (but Cody's advice don't help him) while J.T. dates a mafia man's daughter.

Note: This is the second of three episodes in the series in which Melanie Wilson guest starred in.
106 13 "Beautiful Ladies of Wrestling" Patrick Duffy Casey Maxwell Clair January 12, 1996 457164
J.T. and Frank will do anything for Super Bowl tickets. They dress up like women and wrestle Assault and Battery for 10 rounds to claim them. Meanwhile, Mark is placed in a school for the gifted. On his first day at the new school, Mark gets a "C" on a pop quiz. He neglects his friends and stays up all weekend studying. Cody invents food clothes in order to survive in woods.
107 14 "Torn Between Two Mothers" Joel Zwick Howard Adler & Robert Griffard January 26, 1996 457157
Frank's mom comes to town to see Lilly. She tells Carol how to do everything. While everyone else is enjoying "Nana", Carol grows more and more frustrated with her as her advice becomes more and more personal. Finally because of some advice from Carol (and Cody), Frank stands up to his mother. J.T. becomes a target in girls self-defense lessons while Cody takes a job at brain experiments.
108 15 "Snow Bunnies" Patrick Duffy Bob Rosenfarb February 2, 1996 457168
Al's boyfriend, Matt, Al, and some other friends plan a ski trip, But Frank refuses to let Al go. So Stephanie "Love Boat", takes her place and after talking to J.T. Al gets worried. J.T. and Al go up to check on Matt and the "Love Boat", but Matt proves he only cares for Al. Cody suffers from a bad hiccups while Carol has nightmares after reading horror books.
109 16 "Secret Admirer" Patrick Duffy Julia Newton February 9, 1996 457166
Frank buys Carol a fake Swiss Rolex watch for Valentine's Day and pretends it is the real thing. Carol feels so bad about Frank spending too much money that she tries to return it, and gets thrown in jail. Cody writes love letters for Dana, in order to prove her that love is real.
110 17 "Forever Young" Joel Zwick Brian Bird & John Wierick February 16, 1996 457167
Frank and Carol go to a class with Lilly for parents of young kids. In this class they begin to feel they are too old for Lilly. They try to be "young" like some of the other parents. They go to a grunge club with the parents of another kid and they realize that they don't need to change their entire lifestyle for Lilly's sake. Also, JT and Rich bet with Dana that they can't argue for a girl, while Cody invents wishcards for ordinary days.
111 18 "Guess Who's Coming to Dinner?" Patrick Duffy Cary Okmin February 23, 1996 457169
Cody's cheese hat gives him the ability to predict the winning lottery numbers. Karen, Mark, and Brendan try to take advantage of that and get the numbers from him. Cody didn't think it was fair to keep it all to himself so he put the numbers up on the big billboard at the Packers game and it made the ESPN Play of the Day — making a lot of winners and the prize basically worthless. Also, J.T meets a girl who believes that he is Lilly's father while Dana introduces Frank and Carol to her new boyfriend who is very rude and insensitive.
112 19 "Do the Right Thing" Joel Zwick Meredith Siler March 8, 1996 457165

J.T. has a huge test coming up in one of his classes, and his friend is able to get a copy of the test. J.T. decides not to cheat on the test, but rather to study for it. J.T. ends up getting a B on the test, and when he and his friend get their books mixed up, Frank sees the cheat sheet and tells J.T. he is both disappointed and he will no longer pay for J.T.'s schooling. Later, Frank overhears J.T.'s friend returning for the book and he apologizes and they make up. Carol tries to prevent Al to make a tattoo. Also, Cody buys some cookies from girl scouts.

Note: This episode marks Sasha Mitchell's final appearance in the series, until he makes a guest appearance in the seventh season.
113 20 "The Bodyguard Formerly Known as Prince" Patrick Duffy Larry Kase & Joel Ronkin March 15, 1996 457170

Dana, Karen, and Al go to a ski lodge for a weekend and meet 3 good looking guys one of whom is the prince of Calderone. The prince (Karen's) wants people to like him for who he is, and henceforth makes his bodyguard (Dana's) claim to be the prince. Also, Rich implies the family with a luck chain letter while Carol gives shampoo to everybody. At the end, Rich and Brendan were the only one who respected the chain and didn't use the shampoo while the rest of the family end with orange hair.

Note: Beginning with this episode, Sasha Mitchell is no longer on the show, although his picture continues to appear in the opening credits.
114 21 "Major Pain" Patrick Duffy Bob Rosenfarb April 26, 1996 457171

Dana cannot determine what to do and JT and Rich are not able to major in "Nude Volleyball," therefore they all end up taking a career placement test together. The results of the placement test say JT and Rich should become doctors and Dana should become a guard at a women's prison. Dana, livid from the results, demands a re-test and ends up discovering the testing center is a fraud. Also, Frank hires an handy man whose name is Flash, but he is too hyperactive.

Notes: This episode marks the first of four appearances of Jeff Juday as Flash. The character was intended to be a replacement for Sasha Mitchell's Cody.
115 22 "We're Going to Disney World (Part 1)" Richard Correll Brian Bird & John Wierick May 3, 1996 457173
Frank's mother offers the entire family a trip to the Walt Disney World Resort on the weekend of Frank and Carol's anniversary. Flash shows up to return Frank's hammer and ends up staying the weekend, and over the weekend he sets out to visit more rides than anyone in the history of Walt Disney World. J.T. and Rich dip into their apartment fund to get Rich to come. J.T. poses as J.T. Disney (Walt Disney's nephew) and ends up spending the whole fund trying to attract to beautiful girls. Karen enters a country music contest with Dana and Al as backup singers but gets rid of them because they aren't dedicated enough.
116 23 "We're Going to Disney World (Part 2)" Richard Correll Casey Maxwell Clair May 10, 1996 457174
After her argument with her sisters, Karen tries to sing alone but finally renounces because of her stage fright until Dana and Al defend her. Frank and Carol can finally have their private moment thanks to Carol's mother. Flash wins his challenge with Mark's and Brendan's help (even if instead to break his record as quick as possible he accepted to play Indiana Jones in order to make a little boy's happiness). J.T. and Rich want to stop their friendship but realize they act as dumb persons and finally reconcile.
117 24 "Men at Work" Joel Zwick Scott Spencer Gordon May 17, 1996 457172

J.T. and Rich eagerly apply and are hired at a restaurant (which Dana and her feminist friends had planned to protest against) with sexy waitress. They learn how bad harassment really is in those places, but they get in one final night of not caring. Frank converts part of the basement into a lounge using items he bought from a closed tavern. While the men love it, Carol has a serious accident with one of the lounge's "toys". The closer shows interesting riding on the toy by everybody, especially Dana. Flash sleeps on the Lamberts' couch while his apartment is being fumigated. He brings a lot of energy to the house and the lounge.

Notes: This is the last appearance of Jeff Juday as Flash, even though Carol and Frank invited him to move into their house to avoid driving eight hours back and forth from Kansas City to Washington Point. This was also Flash's first time seeing the Lambert-Foster house. This is the last episode until the season 7 premiere to feature the theme song "Second Time Around", performed by Theresa James and Jesse Frederick.

Season 6: 1997[edit]

No. in
No. in
Title Directed by Written by Original air date Production
118 1 "Crazy Love" Joel Zwick Brian Bird & John Wierick March 7, 1997 465352

Dana is told she must tutor another student. As she goes on about what "moron jock" she will to tutor this time, she discovers it's Rich, whom she loathes. But the first thing they learn is that opposites attract, and soon, to everyone's shock, sparks begin to fly. Meanwhile, Carol and Frank, eager to be alone and away from the ever-present Jean-Luc, escape for a much needed romantic weekend, but find an unwelcome surprise awaiting them: Jean-Luc. It's his birthday, and he ends up spending it alone after Carol and Frank explain to him they need some time alone themselves.

Note: This episode marks the first appearances of Bronson Pinchot (as Jean-Luc) and Emily Mae Young (as Lily Foster-Lambert, who was age advanced to 5 years old). Young is credited only for the episodes she appears in, while Pinchot is credited for all episodes, regardless of whether or not he appears in the episode. Starting with this episode, Josh Byrne will also be credited only for the episodes he appears in. For this season, the cast and some producers' names are now shown during the teaser scene at the beginning of the show.
119 2 "Road Trip" Joel Zwick Casey Maxwell Clair March 14, 1997 465357
J.T. and Rich convince Frank that they're mature enough to drive down to Mexico. After traveling almost the whole way, they finally discover that Dana has stowed away in the backseat. After reaching the border town of Tejada, they end up in jail, with Rich giving all his money to Dana, leaving the guys unable to pay for the burritos they just ate. Dana's mouthing off to the officer over what she sees as him trying to take advantage of her only makes things worse. In the meantime, Carol has a bright idea: Frank should teach Jean-Luc how to drive. But, for once, he refuses, and Carol takes her life in her own hands when she attempts to teach Jean-Luc herself.
120 3 "Sex, Lies and Videotape" Joel Zwick Adam Markowitz March 21, 1997 465354
J.T. accepts a hasty marriage proposal made by Michelle, a sexy French woman ten years his senior, but Jean-Luc discovers that there are some serious hidden strings attached. Michelle, as it turns out, is about to lose her visa, and must return to France. So she tries to get J.T. to marry her so she can stay in America. Meanwhile, after Frank refuses to let him go and see Showgirls, Mark and his friends go the video store and discover Naughty Nurses in a video case of The Little Mermaid. After they get caught watching it in the garage, Frank has a long talk with Mark.
121 4 "Just Say Maybe" Patrick Duffy Brian Bird & John Wierick March 28, 1997 465360
The kids all head off to Rockfest '97, causing Carol (as usual) to worry they might misbehave. Just as she had feared, they are tested when Al's morals are put to the test when she's tempted to try marijuana. Meanwhile, when Patti (Karen Austin), Carol's friend from high school, finds herself being ignored by her husband, she develops a crush on Jean-Luc.
122 5 "The "L" Word" Joel Zwick Shelly Landau April 4, 1997 465361
Frank and Jean-Luc go camping to do a little "male-bonding". Frank tells Jean-Luc not to tell anyone he's a contractor because he doesn't want everyone asking him to fix everything that breaks down. So Jean-Luc tells the couple next door that "we're certainly not hairstylists, but brain surgeons". Turns out the lady is pregnant, and she goes into labor, just as her husband goes fishing. So Frank and Jean-Luc have to deliver the baby. Meanwhile, back at home, Dana begins to question her relationship with Rich when an old friend of hers from high school, now attending Harvard University, tries to woo her away. Rich gets jealous and forbids her to see him, which only makes Dana laugh. She then accepts an invitation to go with her friend for the weekend to visit the Harvard campus. Rich unexpectedly (to Dana) shows up, and things go crazy.
123 6 "She's the One" Joel Zwick Bob Rosenfarb April 11, 1997 465358
J.T. finally meets the girl of his dreams in Sam (Alexandra Adi), a tow-truck driver. They have everything in common, and after some urging from his brothers and sisters, J.T. asks her out. They end up going to a Green Bay Packers game, and from then on its love. J.T. is initially confused about his feelings for Sam until he has a conversation with Jean-Luc, and it all becomes clear. He is in love with Sam. Also, Karen's big music break finally comes when she is selected to appear in a video with one of country music's biggest stars, Jimmy Ray Johnston. So Frank, Carol, and Karen all travel to Chicago for the big shoot. But it turns out that Jimmy Ray only wants Karen to look good, and not actually sing. So she quits.
124 7 "Independence Day" Joel Zwick Adam Markowitz April 18, 1997 465365

J.T. asserts his independence by moving out of his parents' house to a not-so-joyful Jean-Luc's. But after some problems there, he then moves into his own apartment, which is totally run-down. Meanwhile, Carol wants to spend more quality time with the girls - they decide they have better things to do. Carol ends up tricking them into "girls night out", and takes them to a karaoke bar where they perform "I'm So Excited".

Note: Frank and Carol do not share a single scene in this episode.
125 8 "Reality Bites" Patrick Duffy Jill Cagerman April 25, 1997 465364
When J.T. and Rich squander their money and can't pay the rent on their new apartment, they are evicted by their landlord, Frank a.k.a. Mr. Lambert, Sir. Meanwhile, because his daughter, Danielle, is in France and her birthday is drawing near, Jean-Luc spoils Lilly with an abundance of gifts to ease his pain over not being able to be with his own daughter. In the end, Carol works it out so Danielle can come state-side and see her father.
126 9 "Locket Man" Patrick Duffy Cary Okmin May 2, 1997 465368

A clueless Rich gives Dana a piece of recycled jewelry for her birthday, but finds the party's over when the gift turns out be a locket—with a picture of him and his ex-flame inside. Meanwhile, Carol and the kids must endure the rite of passage that all men face when Frank goes through a mid-life crisis.

Note: Jean-Luc Rieupeyroux (Bronson Pinchot) has only one scene in this episode.
127 10 "How the West Was Won" Richard Correll Larry Kase & Joel Ronkin May 9, 1997 465374
Frank's disappointment over the kids not cleaning up the house leads him to dream he's in the "Wild West" (circa 1880). Here, it's up to the inebriated Sheriff Frank to clean up and rid the town of the vile, French gun-slinger, Black Bart (aka Jean-Luc), who has a mind for trouble, and his eyes on the Sheriff's girl—the lovely Miss Kitty (aka Carol).
128 11 "Absolutely Fabio" Joel Zwick Meredith Siler May 16, 1997 465366
Jean-Luc keeps the kids in suspense when he tells them he's cutting the hair of a famous celebrity: Fabio. Meanwhile, Rich and Dana try to control, unsuccessfully, Lilly's birthday party.
129 12 "Loose Lips" Patrick Duffy Adam Markowitz May 23, 1997 465370

When Mark's date overhears him bragging to his friends about the so-called "special moment" they shared, she calls his bluff in front of his schoolmates, branding him a wimp. Meanwhile, after being dumped by her own date, Karen feels that her "imperfect" body is the culprit, and takes drastic measures to improve it.

Absent: Bronson Pinchot as Jean-Luc Rieupeyroux.
130 13 "The Big Date" Patrick Duffy Shelly Landau May 30, 1997 465371

Al's in for a disappointment when she discovers that her blind date is overweight and carrying an even heavier chip on his shoulder. Meanwhile, Carol's "worry-meter" jumps off the scale when Dana, Rich, J.T., and Sam check into a Chicago Hotel unsupervised.

Note: Jean-Luc Rieupeyroux (Bronson Pinchot) has only one scene in this episode.
131 14 "Future Shock" Patrick Duffy Casey Maxwell Clair June 6, 1997 465369
Rich and Dana go to a wedding with J.T. and Sam. They are teased and told that someday soon, they will be married. Dana, furthermore, does not even go up to try to catch the bouquet, but it lands on her lap anyway. She and Rich each have terrible visions about what that might entail, and become very scared. They agree, no more weddings for a while. Meanwhile, Frank and Jean-Luc work to build Lilly's new jungle-gym, despite Frank's terrible cold. Jean-Luc suggests some homemade cold medicine made by a customer "from all-natural juniper berries". The two men overdose on it... and end up completely intoxicated.
132 15 "Show Me the Money" Patrick Duffy Brian Bird & John Wierick June 13, 1997 465372

When J.T. and Rich take a job as sports agents for an up-and-coming college hockey player, they find themselves becoming his personal servants—and dating service—with Karen serving as the main course. Meanwhile, the battle between the hairdressers and the contractors begins when Carol and Jean-Luc challenge an overly-macho Frank and his pal, Moose (Donald Gibb), to a game of bowling.

Note: Moose was previously Slasher in season 3.
133 16 "It Didn't Happen One Night" Joel Zwick Cary Okmin June 20, 1997 465359
Frank orders a new sports channel, and he and Rich spend so much time watching it that they ignore Carol and Dana. Jean-Luc gives the girls makeovers, and helps the guys plan a romantic evening. A guy named Kyle, the school hunk, goes on a date with Al, and the date goes well. They seal it with a kiss... but Kyle wants to take things one step further, and tries to sexually assault Al. The petite Al fights him off, and tells him it is over. The next morning, Karen is complaining when Al keeps getting calls from guys, but Al finds out she has a new reputation she doesn't want. Al is harassed at school by guys, who begin overtly suggesting they get romantic afterward, but when Karen refuses to stick up for her step-sister, she runs off in tears. Karen then realizes she owes it to Al to ask some questions, find out what happened and expose Kyle as a liar.
134 17 "Macho Man" Joel Zwick Larry Kase & Joel Ronkin June 27, 1997 465362
J.T., Sam, Rich, Dana, and Al play miniature golf, and Sam wins. She also wins at Ping-Pong, in the video arcade, batting cage, and at billiards. Then, Sam runs to J.T.'s aid when he is threatened by a pool-house bully. He begins to feel inadequate, and his dream about marrying Sam turns into a strange nightmare—with Sam's machismo — and Rich's ribbing — getting the best of J.T. Meanwhile, Jean-Luc escorts a fearful Lilly to the doctor for a tetanus shot. Jean-Luc promises to be there with her, and hold her hand during the shot, and that she will get a lollipop afterward. But Jean-Luc has a cut on his hand, and also needs a shot. Jean-Luc and Lilly help each other be brave.
135 18 "Ain't Misbehavin'" William Bickley Liz Sage July 4, 1997 465373
Sam's hours and wages are cut at work, and she loses her roommate. She, much to J.T.'s dismay, chooses a male co-worker, Jamie, to be her new roommate. J.T. is hesitant to trust them. Also, Jean-Luc borrows some money from Carol but refuses to return it.
136 19 "The Facts of Life" Patrick Duffy Bob Rosenfarb July 11, 1997 465367
Lilly sees Dana and Rich kissing, and proudly announces to Frank and Carol that Rich and Dana are going to have a baby. It becomes necessary that Lilly's parents tell her "The Facts of Life". Lilly then shares her new wisdom during "show and tell" at school, which causes a conflict between Frank, Carol, and the parents of Lilly's best friend. They agree to overlook their differences for their children. After Jean-Luc tutors Al in French, he notices that J.T. and Rich are into horse-racing, and helps them win some money. But when J.T. and Rich want to empty their college fund, Jean-Luc is forced to teach them an invaluable lesson about gambling.
137 20 "Talking Trash" Joel Zwick Liz Sage July 18, 1997 465363

Frank buys Carol a birthday present that stresses security, rather than romance. J.T. warns him, but he doesn't listen. Carol does not appear to be all that thrilled about it after getting jewelry and cashmere from Jean-Luc and the kids, respectively. Frank tries to make it up to her, but Carol believes the fact that he loves her and gave her the gift with that love was enough. Dana chooses a "brain" to team up with for the recycling contest, rather than Rich. Rich, in order to get her back, picked a "bimbo" cheerleader as his teammate. Rich really wants to show Dana he is not a "flyweight intellectual." He proves to Dana that creativity is just as important as book smarts (and wins!!).

Absent: Christine Lakin as Al Lambert.
138 21 "Walk Like a Man" Patrick Duffy Liz Sage July 25, 1997 465353
Mark's basketball team has made it to the championship. Frank, who is the coach, and Mark ban Carol from coming to the game. Carol takes it personally, and with the help of Jean-Luc, disguises herself so she can go. She gives herself away, though, when she starts a fight with a fan who insults Mark. J.T. tells Rich that he lets Dana control the relationship, so Rich and J.T. go to a weekend party. Karen and Al coincidentally drag Dana to the same party.
139 22 "Shear Madness" Patrick Duffy Larry Kase & Joel Ronkin August 1, 1997 465355
Jean-Luc is asked to cut Hillary Clinton's hair, and is so nervous he wants to decline the opportunity. He is finally able to decipher (through a conversation with Carol) that it all stems from his depression from his divorce. Frank disapproves of yet another of Al's dates. He then meets a guy just like him, who he goes shopping with, and sets up with Al. Al goes on a date with him, but then makes Frank agree to not interfere with her dates. She does, however, let him chase off a particularly bad date.
140 23 "The Kissing Game" Patrick Duffy Shelly Landau August 8, 1997 465356
J.T., Al, and Dana are having problems finding some privacy when J.T. comes up with the idea to use Carol's new salon as a place for privacy. He also sells the key to some friends for the same purpose. They all want the salon at once though, so they end up just having a party. Carol tries to set up Jean-Luc with her friend, Julie.
141 24 "Bonjour Jean-Luc" Joel Zwick Ross Brown August 15, 1997 465351

Carol comes back from Hair Spectacular '96 with Jean-Luc, who is to become her new business partner. As they start a new business, Frank has to do all the chores. He is happy to do them, but becomes very picky about his cookies. Jean-Luc does help J.T. by teaching him how to dance, but J.T.'s date is a disaster anyway. Jean-Luc tells Karen, Al, and Dana (on separate occasions) that he thinks they are beautiful. Also, Lilly learns to write her name, and Cody calls from his new job—in Russia.

Note: This is where the audience finally finds out Cody is in Russia for a new job he acquired. This episode, like several in this season, is aired out of order. This was intended to be the season opener, but ABC never aired it until late summer as the last new episode of the season as well the last episode to air on the network. This explains why we are suddenly introduced to Jean-Luc while Rich asks several girls number phones (although he was with Dana in the beginning of this season.) This is the final episode to air on ABC before (just like Family Matters) it moved to CBS for its Seven and Final Season

Season 7: 1997–98[edit]

No. in
No. in
Title Directed by Written by Original air date Production
142 1 "Making the Grade" Patrick Duffy Adam Markowitz September 19, 1997 466501

It is the first day of school for all the kids, and Karen is off to college. Carol, on the other hand, is feeling like she has nothing to do, so she registers for college, signing up for all of Karen's classes, and following her around and embarrassing her daughter. Carol then tells a story in class about when Karen was a baby. Carol finally realizes that she is ruining Karen's life. Meanwhile, Rich is happy about getting a "C" on his pop quiz, and Dana tells Rich that if he doesn't start taking something seriously, they don't have much of a future together. So, after talking to J.T., Rich stays up all night studying (instead of watching Xena: Warrior Princess with J.T.), and gets an "A", while Dana only gets a "B".

Note: This was the first episode to air on CBS. A new opening sequence is used starting with this episode, featuring photo booth-style photos of the individual cast members as each one is introduced. The chorus of the theme song is used.

Absent: Christopher Castile as Mark Foster
143 2 "A Star is Born" Patrick Duffy Mindy Schneider September 26, 1997 466502

After explaining to the guys the various virtues of getting the role in the next 'Jeremy Beck' movie; Karen, Dana, and Al audition for the part. Karen and Dana are not quite what the producers want, but Al is just what they are looking for. Al also has great acting talent, and does a fantastic job. She does so well that they re-write the script to include her in another scene. Al loves it, and decides to quit school and move to Hollywood. She and Frank agree that she can join the drama club and, if necessary, move to Hollywood afterward.

Note: Jaleel White makes his second appearance as Steve Urkel. Although his previous appearance in season 1, was not mentioned in this episode.

Absent: Christopher Castile as Mark Foster
144 3 "Your Cheatin' Heart" Richard Correll Howard Adler & Robert Griffard October 3, 1997 466503
Rich begins making stupid excuses for skipping out on Dana. Karen and Al convince Dana that he is cheating on her after they follow him to some girl's house. The three of them see Rich dancing with another woman. Dana barges in, but realizes that he is taking dance lessons to impress her. Frank and Carol are having trouble with distractions in their love life. Finally, they are able to get together for a distraction-free evening, but are too sick to make it enjoyable.
145 4 "Take This Job and ..." Patrick Duffy Brain Bird October 10, 1997 466504

J.T. loses his fourth job of the month, and cannot even afford a date with Sam. J.T. convinces Sam to get her boss to hire him as an apprentice mechanic at the garage where she works. J.T. is terrible, and Sam is forced to fire him on the second day, after he nearly kills the boss - twice. J.T. is frustrated and angry, but the only sympathy he gets is from the people who lost the pool (of how many days he would last at the job). Frank becomes obsessed with a boat.

Absent: Christopher Castile as Mark Foster
146 5 "Poetic Justice" Patrick Duffy Fred Rubin October 17, 1997 466505

Karen has a professor (actually a teaching assistant) try to date her by influencing her with good grades. Karen tells Dana about her predicament. Dana has the perfect plan to catch him in his own deceitful web. Also, Mark dates a thrash girl.

Note: It seems that Mark has now his own room, as J.T. and Rich have their apartment while Brendan has mysteriously left the show.
147 6 "Can't Buy Me Love" William Bickley Robin J. Stein October 24, 1997 466507

Frank, who is seeking work, is hired by one of Carol's old high school classmates as contractor for a new complex. However, the contractor crosses the line when he tries to make unwanted advances on Carol, forcing Frank to decide between his job or his family. Meanwhile, Karen and Dana are invited to pledge to a sorority known for its vanity and airheadedness, attributes that describe Karen perfectly. However, the sorority leader really wants Dana instead ... and Dana is less than interested in joining an organization that Karen pines to be part of.

Note: This is the second episode in the series entitled "Can't Buy Me Love". The first episode with this title is from season 4.
148 7 "Dream Lover" Joel Zwick Adam Markowitz October 31, 1997 466506

On Halloween, J.T. and his sisters host a costume party at a decrepit old mansion. During the party, it becomes obvious that J.T. and Sam aren't getting along, and, after a mix-up involving their costumes (they are forced to go tandem as a horse), she decides to dance with someone else. J.T. fumes about his predicament, and he later meets Abby, the ghostly 19-year-old inhabitant of the mansion, who committed suicide after a bad break-up many years back. Abby convinces J.T. that his relationship with Sam may have reached its end, and that it is nobody's fault. In the end, he and Sam decide that it is best if they went their separate ways. Lilly organizes her own Halloween fest.

Absent: Christopher Castile as Mark Foster
149 8 "Girls Just Wanna Have Fun" Patrick Duffy Mindy Schneider November 7, 1997 466508

When Rich's old friend, Cassie Evans (Linda Cardellini), moves back to town, they enjoy playing billiards and video games together. So Dana asks J.T. to teach her how she can have fun like that with Rich. Meanwhile, Frank's con-man cousin, Bert (Fred Willard), shows up.

Absent: Christopher Castile is not in this episode.
150 9 "Goodbye, Mr. Chip" Richard Correll Howard Adler & Robert Griffard December 5, 1997 466509

Karen's boyfriend, Chip, takes Carol's advice "to get a backbone", and stand up to Karen, but he surprises everyone by breaking up with her. Karen is furious with her mother for interfering. In the meantime, Dana has better luck helping J.T. and Rich with a relationship problem of their own, with the use of her "A" in psychology - and sock puppets.

Absent: Christopher Castile as Mark Foster
151 10 "Too Many Santas" Joel Zwick Robin J. Stein December 19, 1997 466512
To earn extra money, Rich and J.T. take jobs as Santa Clauses at a local department store. Lilly instantly recognizes her brother as Santa, and concludes that Santa, doesn't exist. To re-assure his 5-year-old daughter, Frank - and just about everyone else, without consulting each other - dress as jolly ol' St. Nick. and visit Lilly. Meanwhile, J.T. pines for his former girlfriend, Sam, after finding a Christmas present that he bought for her when they were still dating. When J.T. goes to her apartment to surprise her, he sees a guy going inside making J.T. think that she has a new boyfriend when they hugged and she kissed him on the cheek. This makes J.T.'s Christmas terrible or does it?
152 11 "Phoney Business" Joel Zwick Brian Bird January 9, 1998 466510
Al takes a job as a model in a commercial she thinks is for suntan lotion. She is outraged when she sees the commercial airing on TV... and its for a phone sex hotline. Al and J.T. pay a visit to the corrupt producer to make him admit the truth but get nowhere with him. However, Frank — who had seen the commercial and gets Rich to explain — shows up and makes the producer see things "from his point of view." Meanwhile, Carol and Dana try to force healthy food on the family after taking a nutrition class.
153 12 "Goin' to the Chapel" Joel Zwick Fred Rubin January 16, 1998 466511

Dana wants to take her relationship with Rich one step further, and gets into a big argument with Carol when she fears that Dana is planning to have sex. Carol forbids Dana from having sexual intercourse. So she asks Rich if they can elope. Meanwhile, J.T. hopes to catch the eye of an aerobics instructor, so he pretends to be a fitness fanatic to impress her. However, he later learns that being himself is a much better idea. Dana and Rich later cancel their plans to elope and Carol and Dana have a heart to heart where Carol admits that she needs to accept that Dana is no longer a little girl but a young woman and that she should be able to make her own decisions when it comes to sex or any other issues in her life.

Absent: Christopher Castile as Mark Foster
154 13 "Feet of Clay" Patrick Duffy Garrett Donovan & Neil Goldman January 23, 1998 466514

Rich and Dana enroll in a pottery class, but Dana has no talent - and Rich does. Meanwhile, Carol and Frank's sexual role-playing make J.T. and Karen think Carol is dating another man - and cheating on Frank.

Absent: Christopher Castile as Mark Foster
155 14 "Pain in the Class" Patrick Duffy Adam Markowitz January 30, 1998 466515

Frank worries about going to his upcoming 25th class reunion, which he knows old nemesis, Roy Tucker Edward Edwards, will be attending. Sure enough, Roy brags about his own successes in owning a chain of tire stores, shows off his date for the evening and...of course, humiliates Frank. However, Carol eventually learns that Roy's bravado is the cover for his lack of success — he's the assistant manager at one of the stores, and that he paid an attractive cashier to be his date. Meanwhile, J.T. is focused on watching a pay-per-view bikini contest (with Rich and a bunch of their friends) on a night that he is supposed to be babysitting Lilly. When he grows tired of her whining, J.T. tells his sister to go outside and play, which she does...and doesn't come home.

Absent: Christopher Castile as Mark Foster
156 15 "The Half Monty" Joel Zwick Liz Sage February 27, 1998 466513

J.T. and Rich want to go on a skiing trip with Sam and Dana, but the guys are broke. So they decide to take jobs as male strippers at a local nightclub. Meanwhile, Frank and Carol counsel young couples by sharing their secrets, but may need counseling themselves when they reveal too much.

Note: With this episode, CBS decided to cancel Step by Step. The series was then put on a three-month hiatus, returning to burn off episodes beginning June 5, 1998.

Absent: Christopher Castile as Mark Foster
157 16 "And Justice for Some" Patrick Duffy Shelly Landau June 5, 1998 466519

Frank and J.T. attend a Milwaukee Bucks-Chicago Bulls game. When the two switch seats (a man, who had sat in front of J.T., had refused to remove his tall cowboy hat), a drawing is held for a new truck ... and J.T. wins. J.T.'s good fortune sparks a father-son feud that grows bitter ... until Carol invites a judge over to settle matters. Just before the judge makes his ruling, Carol makes an impassioned speech about father-son relationships; Frank and J.T. realize they need to settle matters, so they decide to sell the truck and split the profits evenly. Meanwhile, Al and Karen have little interest in Dana's self-defense class ... until they see their handsome instructor.

Absent: Christopher Castile as Mark Foster
158 17 "The Understudy" William Bickley Larry Kase & Joel Ronkin June 12, 1998 466517
When she gets only an understudy role after auditioning for the lead in a local theatre production, Al refuses to learn her part, and ends up in hot water when the star falls ill on opening night. Meanwhile, after Lilly gets an exceptional score on an aptitude test, Dana tries to help her fulfill her destiny "as a genius".
159 18 "We're in the Money" Richard Correll Brian Bird June 19, 1998 466516
Cody returns, bringing strange gifts for Karen and J.T , and a rather large check for Frank and Carol, who argue over the best way to spend the money.
160 19 "Movin' On Up" Steve Witting Meredith Siler June 26, 1998 466518

When a yuppie couple, The Adlers (Dan Gilvezan and Melanie Wilson) tour the house, they make an offer that Frank and Carol can't pass up. Everyone is excited, particularly since they'll finally be able to move from their undersized home. But Lilly likes her house, and makes it clear to her folks that she is not moving. Frank and Carol's attempts to reason with Lilly fail. Later, the yuppies return, and show their true colors, disgusting the Lamberts so much that they decide to cancel the sale, much to the relief of Lilly (and everyone else).

Notes: This is the series finale. This is also the last of three episodes in the series in which Melanie Wilson guest starred.

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