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The State University of New York at Stony Brook is one of the four university centers in the State University of New York System and has over a hundred buildings in its main campus in Stony Brook, New York and several in Southampton, New York. The University was founded in 1957 in Oyster Bay and transferred to Stony Brook in 1962. Since the 1960s the campus has enjoyed rapid growth employing different architectural styles: Brutalist and Modern being among the widely used.

Facilities in planning or under construction[edit]

  • New Computer Science building (ongoing)
  • Stony Brook Union overhaul (2015)

Buildings and historic photos[edit]

Note: This list is currently under construction. Many facilities are missing in this list. Residential buildings not included

Image Building Architect Completed[1] Last Major Renovation Current usage Gross area.
StonyBrookUnion-StateUnivNewYorkatStonyBrook.jpg Stony Brook Union 1970 2015 (projected) Dining hall, Deli, Campus Dining, Classrooms and Club rooms
MelvilleLibraryStonyBrookUniversity.jpg Frank Melville Jr. Memorial Library 1962 1971 Studying, Bookstore, Academic Advising, Printing, Classrooms, Commuter Lounge
StallerCenterStonyBrookUniversity.jpg Staller Center for the Arts 1975 (Phase I), 1979 (Phase II) Classrooms, Practice rooms, Stage
01052013AdministrationStonyBrookU.jpg Administration Building 1970 Registrar, Cashier, Busar, Parking Services, Financial Aid Services
StonyBrookCampusRecreationCenter.jpg Campus Recreation Center 2012 Working out, Using track, Playing basketball
Chemisty1.jpg Chemistry Building 1973 2011
04272013StonyBrookPhysics.jpg Physics Building 1973
LifeScienceIBuilding.jpg Life Science 1974
Stony Brook University Arena.jpg Stony Brook University Arena 1990 2014
Pitchard Gymnasium 1969 2008
DubinFamilyAthleticPerformanceCenterSBU.jpg Dubin Family Athletic Performance Center 2012
Kenneth P LaValle Stadium.jpg Kenneth P. LaValle Stadium 2002
01052013CharlesBWangCenterStonyBrookU.jpg Charles B. Wang Center 2002
04272013SimonsCenterStonyBrookU.jpg Simons Center for Geometry and Physics 2010
FreyHall-OldChemistry-StonyBrookU.jpg Frey Hall (formerly Old Chemistry) 1962 2013
042713-ESS-StonyBrookU.jpg Earth and Space Sciences 1968
SBUStudentActivityCenter.jpg Student Activity Center 1962 1997 (phase I of Student Activity Center), 2002 (phase II), 2011
SBUWardMelvilleSBS.jpg Ward Melville Social Behavioral Sciences 1977
JacobKJavitsCenterStonyBrookUniversity.jpg Jacob K. Javits Lecture Center c. 1969
04272013NewCompScienceSBU.jpg Computer Science Complex Projected 2014
04272013HarrimanHallStonyBrookU.jpg Harriman Hall 1963 Business
04272013Mathematics.jpg Mathematics Tower 1973
04272013LightEngineering.jpg Light Engineering
04272013UniversityHospitalStonyBrook.jpg Stony Brook University Hospital 1978 (opened 1980)
04272013HealthScienceCenterSBU.jpg Health Science Center 1976 2012
04272013CancerCenter.jpg Cancer Center 1987
04272013StonyBrookGreenhouse.jpg Life Sciences Greenhouse
01052013Humanities.jpg Humanities 1959 2005
010502013PsychologyA.jpg Psychology A 1967
01052013PsychologyB.jpg Psychology B 1967
04272013ComputingCenter.jpg Computing Center 1968
04272013ComputerScienceStonyBrook.jpg Computer Science
04272013Engineering.jpg Engineering 1963
04272013HeavyEngineeringSBU.jpg Heavy Engineering 1960's 2005
04272013LauferCenterforPhysicsQBStonyBrook.jpg Laufer Center for Physics and Quantitative Biology 2010
Centers for Molecular Medicine and Biology 1999
Bioengineering 2008


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