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The following is a partial list of people who have spoken or otherwise presented at the TED Conference, or have presented at TED Partner conferences.[1][2][3]

A more complete list of talks can be found in online spreadsheets.[1][2]


Speakers TED areas Topics
Chris Abani Learning the Stories of Africa (2007)
On Humanity (2008)
J. J. Abrams Technology
The Mystery Box (2007)
Chimamanda Adichie Author, writer and novelist The danger of a single story (2009)
José Antonio Abreu Kids Transformed by Music (2009)
Newton Aduaka Entertainment The Story of Ezra, a Child Soldier (2007)
Anand Agarawala Technology
BumpTop Desktop is a Beautiful Mess (2007)
Blaise Aguera y Arcas Technology
Jaw-Dropping Photosynth Demo (2007)
Zeresenay Alemseged Finding the Origins of Humanity (2007)
Isabel Allende Tales of Passion (2007)
Lemon Andersen Entertainment Please don't take my Air Jordans (2012)
Charles Anderson (Marine Biologist) Charles Anderson discovers dragonflies that cross oceans (2009)
Chris Anderson (entrepreneur) A Vision for TED (2002)
Chris Anderson (Wired) Technology Technology's Long Tail (2004)
Paola Antonelli Technology
Treating Design as Art (2007)
Design and the Elastic Mind (2007)
Dan Ariely Are we in Control of our Own Decisions? (2009)
Our Buggy Moral Code (2009)
Karen Armstrong TED Prize: Charter for Compassion (2008)
Let's revive the Golden Rule (2009)
Rachel Armstrong Architecture that repairs itself? (2009)
Kristen Ashburn Heartrending Pictures of AIDS (2003)
Julian Assange Why The World Needs Wikileaks (2010)
Patrick Awuah Educating a New Generation of African Leaders (2007)
George Ayittey Cheetahs vs. Hippos for Africa's Future (2007)


Speakers TED areas Topics
Robert Ballard Exploring the Ocean's Hidden Worlds (2008)
Chris Bangle Technology
Great Cars are Art (2002)
Richard Baraniuk Technology Goodbye, Textbooks; Hello, Open-Source Learning (2006)
Dan Barber Entertainment A Surprising Parable of Foie Gras (2008)
Thomas Barnett Technology The Pentagon's New Map for War and Peace (2005)
Keith Barry Entertainment Brain Magic (2004)
Yves Behar Design Creating Objects That Tell Stories (2008)
Joe Belfiore Entertainment The Game (as "Joole Ferbie") (2004)[4]
Keith Bellows Entertainment Celebrating the Camel (2002)
Arthur T. Benjamin Entertainment Lightning Calculation and Other "Mathemagic" (2005)
Yochai Benkler Open-Source Economics (2005)
Amanda Bennett Technology Journalism and end-of-life care (2013)
Paul Bennett Technology
Design is in the Details (2005)
Janine Benyus Technology
12 Sustainable Design Ideas From Nature (2005)
Biomimicry in action (2009)
Tim Berners-Lee Technology The next Web of open, linked data (2009)
Jeff Bezos Technology After the Gold Rush, There's Innovation Ahead (2003)
Mark Bittman What's Wrong With What We Eat (2007)
Susan Blackmore Technology Memes and "Temes" (2008)
David Blaine Entertainment How I Held My Breath for 17 Minutes (2010)
Becky Blanton The year I was homeless (2009)
Kwabena Boahen Making a Computer that Works Like the Brain (2007)
David Bolinsky Technology
Fantastic Voyage Inside a Cell (2007)
Bono Entertainment TED Prize: Join my Call to Action on Africa (2005)
Shukla Bose Teaching one child at a time (2010)
Alain de Botton A kinder, gentler philosophy of success (2009)
Phil Borges Documenting our Endangered Cultures (2006)
Penelope Boston Technology Life on Mars? Let's Look in the Caves (2006)
Nick Bostrom Technology Humanity's Biggest Problems Aren't What You Think They Are (2005)
Bruno Bowden and
Rufus Cappadocia
Entertainment Origami, Blindfolded and to Music (2008)
Stewart Brand Technology Building a Home for the Clock of the Long Now (2004)
Why Squatter Cities are a Good Thing (2006)
Stewart Brand proclaims 4 environmental 'heresies' (2009)
Richard Branson Technology
Life at 30,000 Feet (2007)
Rory Bremner Rory Bremner's one-man world summit (2009)
Larry Brilliant Technology TED Prize: Help Stop the Next Pandemic (2006)
The Case for Informed Optimism (2007)
Sergey Brin and Larry Page Technology Inside the Google Machine (2004)
Stefana Broadbent Technology How the Internet enables intimacy (2009)
Rodney Brooks Technology
How Robots Will Invade Our Lives (2003)
Tim Brown Design The Powerful Link Between Creativity and Play (2008)
Tim Brown urges designers to think big (2009)
Patricia Burchat Technology The Search for Dark Energy and Dark Matter (2008)
James Balog Time-lapse proof of extreme ice loss (2009)
Gordon Brown Wiring a web for global good (2009)
Gordon Brown on global ethic vs. national interest (2009) (Q&A following initial talk)
Dan Buettner How to live to be 100+ (2009)
James Burchfield Technology
Sound Stylings by a Human Beatbox (2003)
Larry Burns Technology
Reinventing the Car (2005)
Edward Burtynsky Technology TED Prize: Share the Story of Earth's Manufactured Landscapes (2005)
Edward Burtynsky photographs the landscape of oil (2009)


Speakers TED areas Topics
Susan Cain The power of introverts (2012)
James Cameron Curiosity—it's the most powerful thing you own (2010)
David Carson Entertainment
Design, Discovery and Humor (2003)
Majora Carter Greening the Ghetto (2006)
Cameron Carpenter Cameron Carpenter's dizzying improv on the organ (2008)
Jamais Cascio Technology Tools for Building a Better World (2006)
Robin Chase Technology Getting Cars Off the Road and Data into the Skies (2007)
Jan Chipchase Technology
Our Cell Phones, Ourselves (2007)
Nicholas Christakis Technology The Hidden Influence of Social Networks (2010)
Caleb Chung Technology
Come Play with Pleo the Dinosaur (2007)
Ian Cinnamon Enjoying the Game of Life (2013)
Bill Clinton Technology TED Prize: Let's Build a Health Care System in Rwanda (2007)
Paul Collier 4 Ways to Improve the Lives of the "Bottom Billion" (2008)
Billy Collins Everyday moments, caught in time (2012)
Ann Cooper Reinventing the School Lunch (2007)
Steven Cowley Fusion is energy's future (2009)
Brian Cox Technology An Inside Tour of the World's Biggest Supercollider (2008)
What went wrong in the Large Hadron Collider (2009)
Amy Cuddy Your Body Language Shapes Who You Are (2012)
Mihaly Csikszentmihalyi Creativity, Fulfillment and Flow (2004)


Speakers TED areas Topics
Wade Davis Endangered Cultures (2003)
World Wide Web of Belief and Ritual (2008)
Richard Dawkins An atheist's call to arms (2002)
The universe is queerer than we can suppose (2005)
Paul Debevec Paul Debevec animates a photo-real digital face (2009)
Aubrey de Grey Technology Why we age and how we can avoid it (2005)
Christopher deCharms Technology Looking inside the brain in real time (2008)
Carmen Agra Deedy Carmen Agra Deedy spins stories
Daniel Dennett Dan Dennett on dangerous memes (2002)
Dan Dennett on our consciousness (2003)
Dan Dennett's response to Rick Warren (2006)
Cute, sexy, sweet, funny (2009)
Joe DeRisi Technology Hunting the next killer virus (2006)
David Deutsch Technology What is our place in the cosmos? (2005)
A new way to explain explanation (2009)
Peter Diamandis Our Next Giant Leap (2008)
Stephen Hawking in Zero G (2008)
Jared Diamond Why Societies Collapse
John Doerr Salvation and Profit in Greentech (2007)
Thomas Dolby and Rochelle Garnier Entertainment La Vie en Rose (2004)
Eduardo Dolhun The importance of Oral Rehydration Solutions (2012)
Peter Donnelly Technology How juries are fooled by statistics (2005)
Gustavo Dudamel
and the Teresa Carreño Youth Orchestra
Entertainment Gustavo Dudamel leads El Sistema's top youth orchestra (2009)
Ian Dunbar Dog Friendly Dog Training (2007)
Benjamin B. Dunlap Ben Dunlap talks about a passionate life (2007)
Freeman Dyson Technology Let's look for life in the outer solar system (2003)
George Dyson Technology Let's take a nuclear-powered rocket to Saturn (2002)
The birth of the computer (2003)


Speakers TED areas Topics
Sophal Ear Escaping the Khmer Rouge (2009)
Sylvia Earle TED Prize: Wish to Protect our Oceans (2009)
Roger Ebert Remaking my voice (2011)
Kenichi Ebina Entertainment Magic Moves (2007)
Janet Echelman Threads Of Discovery (2011)
Dave Eggers Entertainment
TED Prize: Once Upon a School (2008)
Ron Eglash Technology African fractals, in buildings and braids (2007)
Einstein the Parrot Entertainment Einstein the Parrot talks and squawks (2007)
Shereen El Feki Pop culture in the Arab world (2009)
Charles Elachi Technology The story of the Mars Rovers (2008)
Olafur Eliasson Playing with space and light (2009)
Juan Enriquez Technology Decoding the future with genomics (2003)
Why can't we grow new energy? (2007)
Beyond the crisis, mindboggling science and the arrival of Homo evolutis (2009)
Eve Ensler Happiness in Body and Soul (2004)
Security (2005)
Ethel "Blue Room" (2006)
Paul W. Ewald Technology Can we domesticate germs?(2007)
Corneille Ewango Hero of the Congo Forest (2007)


Speakers TED areas Topics
Jim Fallon Exploring the mind of a killer (2009)
Noah Feldman Technology Politics and Religion are Technologies
Harvey V. Fineberg Technology Are we ready for neo-evolution? (2011)
Robert Fischell Technology
TED Prize: Finding New Cures for Migraine, Depression, Malpractice (2005)
Helen Fisher Studying the Brain in Love (2008)
Why we Love + Cheat (2006)
James A. Forbes Compassion at the dinner table (2009)
Baron Foster my green agend for architecture
Cary Fowler One seed at a time, protecting the future of food (2009)
Jon Francis Walk the 17yr vow of silence.
Ze Frank Entertainment Nerdcore Comedy (2004)
Robert Full Technology How engineers learn from evolution (2002)
Secrets of movement, from geckos and roaches (2005)
Learning from the gecko's tail (2009)


Speakers TED areas Topics
Eleni Gabre-Madhin Eleni Gabre-Madhin on Ethiopian economics (2007)
Peter Gabriel Technology Fighting injustice with a videocamera (2006)
David Gallo Technology The deep oceans: a ribbon of life (1998)
Underwater astonishments (2007)
Jessa Gamble Science Our natural sleep cycle (2010)
Arthur Ganson Design Making a Moving Sculpture
Bill Gates On mosquitos, malaria and education (2009)
On energy: Innovating to zero! (2010)
How state budgets are breaking US schools (2011)
James Geary James Geary, metaphorically speaking (2009)
Frank Gehry Then What? (2002)
Frank Gehry as a Young Rebel (1990)
Murray Gell-Mann Beauty and Truth in Physics (2007)
Do All Languages Have a Common Ancestor? (2007)
John Gerzema The post-crisis consumer (2009)
Neil Gershenfeld Technology The beckoning promise of personal fabrication (2006)
Jess Ghannam Technology Global Mental Health (2012)
Ashraf Ghani Rebuilding Broken States (2005)
Andrea Ghez The hunt for a supermassive black hole (2009)
Daniel Gilbert Dan Gilbert asks, Why are we happy? (2004)
Elizabeth Gilbert Nurturing Creativity (2009)
Eric Giler Eric Giler demos wireless electricity (2009)
Malcolm Gladwell Technology What we can learn from spaghetti sauce (2004)
Milton Glaser Using Design to Make Ideas New (1998)
James B. Glattfelder Who controls the world? (2013)
Evelyn Glennie Showing How to Listen (2003)
Misha Glenny Misha Glenny investigates global crime networks (2009)
Seth Godin Technology Seth Godin on standing out (2003)
The tribes we lead (2009)
Ian Goldin Navigating our global future (2009)
Daniel Goleman Compassion (2007)
Jane Goodall Technology What separates us from the apes? (2002)
Helping humans and animals live together in Africa (2007)
Deborah Gordon Digging Ants (2003)
Al Gore 15 Ways to Avert a Climate Crisis (2006)
New Thinking on the Climate Crisis (2008)
Billy Graham Technology Technology, faith and human shortcomings (1998)
Temple Grandin The world needs all kinds of minds (2010)
Lennart Green Entertainment Close-Up Card Magic
Brian Greene String Theory (2005)
Saul Griffith Technology Hardware solutions to everyday problems (2006)
Bill Gross Technology Great ideas for finding new energy (2003)
Adam Grosser Technology A new vision for refrigeration (2007)


Speakers TED areas Topics
Anne Habiby ALL (2011)
Jonathan Haidt The Moral Roots of Liberals and Conservatives (2008)
Jefferson Han Jeff Han demos his breakthrough touchscreen (2006)
Nick Hanauer Who are the Job Creators? (2012)
Note: TED did not post this talk on, which caused a controversy.
Herbie Hancock Herbie Hancock's all-star set (2009)
David Hanson Robots that "show emotion" (2009)
Jonathan Harris The Web's secret stories (2007)
Sam Harris Science can answer moral questions (2010)
Asher Hasan Asher Hasan's message of peace from Pakistan (2009)
Stephen Hawking the origins of the cosmos, the nature of time and the ultimate fate of universe (2008)
Jeff Hawkins Jeff Hawkins on how brain science will change computing (2003)
Imogen Heap Imogen Heap plays "Wait It Out" (2009)
Andy Hobsbawm Do the green thing
John Hodgman Entertainment A Brief Digression on Matters of Lost Time (2008)
Dennis Hoekstra Ideas under pressure (2012)
David Hoffman what happens when you lose everything
David Holt The joyful tradition of mountain music
Tom Honey Tom Honey on God and the tsunami (2005)
Rob Hopkins Transition to a world without oil (2009)
Carl Honoré Carl Honore praises slowness (2005)
Freeman Hrabowski[5] Education
4 pillars of college success in science (2013)
Sirena Huang Sirena Huang dazzles on violin (2006)
Aaron Huey Native American Prisoners of War (2010)
Allison Hunt Allison Hunt gets (a new) hip (2007)
Hammad Husain Mosque: From a Functional Space to a Symbolic Image (2013)
Mikko Hypponen Technology Fighting Viruses, Defending the Net (2011)


Speakers TED areas Topics
Bjarke Ingels 3 warp-speed architecture tales (2009)
Garik Israelian How spectroscopy could reveal alien life (2009)


Speakers TED areas Topics
Nina Jablonski Nina Jablonski breaks the illusion of skin color (2009)
Alison Jackson An unusual glimpse at celebrity.
Tim Jackson Tim Jackson's economic reality check (2010)
A. J. Jacobs Year of Living Biblically (2007)
Theo Jansen Theo Jansen creates new creatures (2007)
Emmanuel Jal The music of a war child (2009)
Steven Berlin Johnson Steven Johnson tours the Ghost Map (2006)
Chris Jordan Turning powerful stats into art
Bill Joy What I'm Worried about,what excited about
Steve Jurvetson Model rocketry


Speakers TED areas Topics
Brewster Kahle A free digital library
Maira Kalman Maira Kalman, the illustrated woman (2007)
Dean Kamen Dean Kamen on inventing and giving (2002)
Dean Kamen previews a new prosthetic arm
William Kamkwamba William Kamkwamba on building a windmill (2007)
How I harnessed the wind (2009)
Alan Kay A powerful ideas about ideas
Sarah Kay (poet) If I should have a daughter... (2011)
How many lives can you live? (2011)
Doris Kearns Goodwin Learning from past presidents
David Keith (scientist) David Keith's unusual climate change idea (2007)
David Kelley David Kelley on human-centered design (2002)
Kevin Kelly Kevin Kelly on how technology evolves (2005)
Miru Kim My underground art
Scott Kim Scott Kim takes apart the art of puzzles (2008)
Salman Khan Let's use video to reinvent education (2011)
Wadah Khanfar A historic moment in the Arab World (2011)
Parag Khanna Parag Khanna maps the future of countries (2009)
Aaron Koblin Artfully visualizing our humanity (2011)
Nupur Kohli Inspirational Life lessons from our Children (2012)
Marc Koska Marc Koska: The devastating toll of syringe reuse (2009)
Daniel Kraft Daniel Kraft invents a better way to harvest bone marrow (2009)
Sunitha Krishnan Sunitha Krishnan's fight against sex slavery (2009)
James Howard Kunstler Design The Tragedy of Suburbia (2004)
Pamelia Kurstin Therein,the untouchable music.
Raymond Kurzweil Ray Kurzweil on how technology will transform us (2005)
The coming singularity: an Update


Speakers TED areas Topics
Frans Lanting Frans Lanting's lyrical nature photos (2005)
Magnus Larsson Turning dunes into architecture (2009) (using Bacillus pasteurii)
Brenda Laurel Game for girls
Caroline Lavelle Caroline Lavelle casts a spell on cello (2005)
Stephen Lawler Stephen Lawler tours Microsoft Virtual Earth (2007)
Charles Leadbeater Charles Leadbeater on innovation (2005)
Louise Leakey A dig for humanity origins(2009),Digging for humanity origins(2008)
Jennifer 8. Lee The hunt for general Tso
Johnny Lee Free or Cheap Wii remote hacks
Joseph Lekuton A Parable for Kenya.
Mathieu Lehanneur Mathieu Lehanneur demos science-inspired design (2009)
Jaime Lerner Biochar—putting the carbon Genie back into bottle.
Lawrence Lessig We the people and the republic must reclaim
Golan Levin Golan Levin on software (as) art (2007)
Golan Levin makes art that looks back at you (2009)
Daniel Levitin The evolutionary origins of music: The world in six songs (2012)
Steven Levitt Steven Levitt analyzes crack economics (2004)
Eric Lewis paino and jazz that rocks(2009), chaos and harmony on paino (2009), striking chords that rock the jazz world(2010)
Jennifer Lin Jennifer Lin improvs piano magic (2004)
Hod Lipson Hod Lipson builds "self-aware" robots (2007)
Antony Garrett Lisi The theory of everything (2009)
John Lloyd John Lloyd inventories the invisible (2009)
Ryan Lobo Photographing the hidden story (2009)
David Logan David Logan on tribal leadership (2009)
Bjørn Lomborg Our priorities for saving the world (2007)
Beau Lotto Optical illusions show how we see (2009)
Ross Lovegrove Ross Lovegrove shares organic designs (2005)
Amory Lovins Amory Lovins on winning the oil endgame (2005)
Greg Lynn Organic Algorithms in Architecture


Speakers TED areas Topics
David Macaulay An illustrated journey to Rome(2009), All the roads leads to antics
Paul MacCready Paul MacCready flies on solar wings (2003)
Tod Machover and Dan Ellsey Technology Releasing the music in your head (2008)
Natalie MacMaster Natalie MacMaster fiddles in reel time (2002)
John Maeda John Maeda on the simple life (2007)
Pattie Maes The sixth sense (2009)
Vusi Mahlasela Vusi Mahlasela sings "Thula Mama" (2007)
Vusi Mahlasela's encore, "Woza"
John Markoff Presentation on Vimeo (2009), Why newspapers still matter (and why tech news belong in the front page)
Henry Markram Henry Markram builds a brain in a supercomputer (2009)
Christien Meindertsma How pig parts make the world turn (2010)
Sam Martin Sam Martin on manspaces (2009)
Shaffi Mather A new way to fight corruption (2009)
Thom Mayne Thom Mayne on architecture as connection (2005)
Bruce McCall What is faux nostalgia?
Scott McCloud The visual magic of comics(2009), undersatnding comics (2009), presenting new comics in (new media)
William McDonough William McDonough on cradle to cradle design (2005)
Jane McGonigal Technology Gaming can make a better world (2010)
Kelly McGonigal How to make stress your friend (2013)
Nellie McKay Mother of pearl If I had you(2009), The dog song (2009), clonie (2009)
Erin McKean Erin McKean redefines the dictionary (2007)
Natalie Merchant Entertainment Natalie Merchant sings old poems to life (2010)
Danny Mekic' Danny Mekic' about life and making decisions (2011)
Cupid Facebook: from advertisements to singularity (2012)
Why the Facebook riots should not be called the Facebook riots (2013)
Pamela Meyer How to Spot a Liar (2011)
Raul Midón Everybody and peace on earth(2009), All the answers and temberana (2008)
Anupam Mishra The ancient ingenuity of water harvesting (2009)
Pranav Mistry The thrilling potential of SixthSense technology (2009)
Elaine Morgan Did we evolve from aquatic apes? (2009)
Evgeny Morozov Evgeny Morozov: How the Net aids dictatorships (2009)
Geoff Mulgan Post-crash, investing in a better world (2009)
Rodney Mullen Pop an Ollie and innovate! (2012)
Kary Mullis Kary Mullis' next-gen cure for killer infections (2009)
Aimee Mullins Technology
Running on high-tech legs (1998)
How my legs give me super-powers (2009)
The Opportunity of Adversity (2009)
Vik Muniz Vik Muniz makes art with wire, sugar (2003)
Andrew Mwenda Andrew Mwenda takes a new look at Africa (2007)


Speakers TED areas Topics
James Nachtwey TED Prize: Share a Vital Story With the World (2007)
Use My Photographs to Stop the Worldwide XDR-TB Epidemic (2008)
Nandan Nilekani ideas for India's future (2009)
Euvin Naidoo Euvin Naidoo on investing in Africa (2007)
Loretta Napoleoni The intricate economics of terrorism (2009)
Nardwuar the Human Serviette "Do It Yourself" (2011)
Nicholas Negroponte Nicholas Negroponte, in 1984, makes 5 predictions (1984)
Nicholas Negroponte on One Laptop per Child (2006)
Robert Neuwirth Robert Neuwirth on our "shadow cities" (2007)
Don Norman 3 ways good design makes you happy
Woody Norris Hypersonic sound and other inventions
Jehane Noujaim Entertainment TED Prize: Unite the World on Pangea Day, a Global Day of Film (2006)
Jacqueline Novogratz Jacqueline Novogratz invests in ending poverty (2005)
Jacqueline Novogratz on patient capitalism (2007)
Jacqueline Novogratz on escaping poverty (2009)
A third way to think about aid (2009)
Sherwin Nuland Sherwin Nuland on electroshock therapy (Filmed 2001) Ted 2003


Speakers TED areas Topics
Alexis Ohanian How to make a splash in social media (2009)
Ory Okolloh How i became an activist (2009), The making of African activist (2008)
Ngozi Okonjo-Iweala Ngozi Okonjo-Iweala on doing business in Africa (2007)
Ngozi Okonjo-Iweala on aid versus trade (2007)
Jamie Oliver Teach every child about food (2010)
Dean Ornish Dean Ornish on the world's killer diet (2006)
Emily Oster Emily Oster flips our thinking on AIDS in Africa (2007)
Seyi Oyesola A hospital tour to Nigeria (2009)


Speakers TED areas Topics
Marc Pachter The art of the interview (2008)
Amanda Palmer The art of asking (2013)
Eli Pariser Beware online "filter bubbles" (2011)
Devdutt Pattanaik East vs. West—the myths that mystify (2009)
Sheila Patek Sheila Patek clocks the fastest animals (2004)
Nicolas Perony Puppies! Now that I’ve got your attention, complexity theory (2014)
David Perry David Perry: Are games better than life? (2006)
Stephen Petranek Stephen Petranek counts down to Armageddon (2002)
Gregory Petsko The coming Neurological epidemic(2009)
Bertrand Piccard Bertrand Piccard's solar-powered adventure (2009)
Rachel Pike The science behind a climate headline (2009)
Pilobolus Pilobolus perform "Symbiosis" (2005)
Joseph Pine What consumers want?
Dan Pink Dan Pink on the surprising science of motivation (2009)
Steven Pinker Steven Pinker on language and thought (2005)
Steven Pinker on the myth of violence (2007)
Plan B Plan B discusses youth and escape from deprivation and crime through music and arts
David Pogue David Pogue says "Simplicity sells" (2006)
Michael Pollan A plant's eye view (2009)
Christopher Poole The case for anonymity online (2010)
Carolyn Porco Carolyn Porco flies us to Saturn (2007)
Virginia Postrel on Galmour
Samantha Power A complicated hero(2009), shaking hands with devil(2008)
Lakshmi Pratury Lakshmi Pratury on letter-writing (2007)
Richard Preston The mysetrious lives of gaint trees (2009), climbing the world's biggest trees
Joshua Prince-Ramus Joshua Prince-Ramus on Seattle's library (2006)
Michael Pritchard (engineer) Michael Pritchard's water filter turns filthy water drinkable (2009)
Lewis Pugh Lewis Pugh swims the North Pole (2009)
Richard Pyle A dive into reef's Twilight zone (2009), Exploring the reef's Twilight Zone (2010)


Speakers TED areas Topics
Iqbal Quadir Iqbal Quadir says mobiles fight poverty (2005)


Speakers TED areas Topics
Imam Faisal Abdul Rauf Lose your ego, find your compassion (2009)
Vilayanur Ramachandran VS Ramachandran on your mind (2007)
The neurons that shaped civilization (2009)
Raspyni Brothers
Thulasiraj Ravilla How low-cost eye care can be world-class (2009)
Eddi Reader Eddi Reader sings "Kiteflyer's Hill" (2003)
Eddi Reader on "What You've Got" (2003)
Irwin Redlener
Sir Martin Rees Martin Rees asks: Is this our final century? (2005)
Torsten Reil Animate characters evoled by them.
Peter Reinhart The art and craft of bread.
Howard Rheingold The new power of collaboration
Deborah Rhodes Development of Molecular Breast Imaging (2010)
Matthieu Ricard Matthieu Ricard on the habits of happiness (2004)
Tom Rielly Tom Rielly delivers a comic send-up of TED2006 (2006)
John Rives Entertainment
If I Controlled the Internet (2006)
A Mockingbird Remix of TED (2006)
Is 4 a.m. the New Midnight? (2007)
A 3-Minute Story of Mixed Emoticons (2008)
Tony Robbins Tony Robbins asks why we do what we do (2006)
Sir Ken Robinson Do Schools Kill Creativity? (2006)
David Rockwell David Rockwell builds at Ground Zero (2002)
Paul Romer Paul Romer's radical idea: Charter cities (2009)
David S. Rose 10 things you need to know before you pitch a VC
Philip Rosedale Life in a second life where anything is possible
Hans Rosling The Best Stats You've Ever Seen (2006)
New Insight on Poverty (2007)
500th TED Talk: Let my dataset change your mindset (2009)
Asia's rise—how and when (2009)
Paul Rothemund Paul Rothemund casts a spell with DNA (2007)
Mike Rowe Mike Rowe Celebrates Dirty Jobs (2008)
Hector Ruiz The thinking 50X15 (2009), The power to connect the world (2008)
Alan Russell Alan Russell on regenerating our bodies (2006)
Burt Rutan Technology The Future of Space (2006)


Jeff Skoll|| || Making Films that Make Change (2007)

Speakers TED areas Topics
Salaman khan lets use the video to reinvent education (2011)
Sheena Iyengar How to make choosing easier(2012),The art of choosing (2010)
Franco Sacchi Nigeria's Booming Nollywood (2007)
Oliver Sacks What hallucination reveals about our minds (2009)
Moshe Safdie Building Uniqueness (2006)
Stefan Sagmeister Stefan Sagmeister shares happy design (2004)
Stefan Sagmeister on what he has learned
The power of time off (2009)
Swami Dayananda Saraswati The profound journey of compassion (2009)
Sheryl Sandberg Why we have too few women leaders (2010)
Eric Sanderson Eric Sanderson pictures New York—before the City (2009)
Mallika Sarabhai Dance to change the world (2009)
Ben Saunders Skiing to the North Pole (2005)
Marcus du Sautoy Symmetry, reality's riddle (2009)
Adam Savage Adam Savage's Obsessions (2008)
Susan Savage-Rumbaugh Susan Savage-Rumbaugh on apes (2004)
Rebecca Saxe How we read each other's minds (2009)
Keith Schacht Toys from the Future (with Zach Kaplan ) (2005)
Paula Scher Great design is serious (not solemn) (2005)
Cynthia Schneider The surprising spread of "Idol" TV (2009)
Barry Schuler Genomics 101 (2008)
Barry Schwartz The Paradox of Choice (2005)
Our Loss of Wisdom (2009)
Deborah Scranton War Tapes (2007)
Nick Sears Introducing the Orb (2007)
Al Seckel Our Brains are Mis-Wired (2004)
Martin Seligman What Positive Psychology can Help you Become (2004)
Paul Sereno What can Fossils Teach Us? (2005)
Aditi Shankardass A Second Opinion on Learning Disorders (2009)
Michael Shermer Strange Beliefs (2006)
Sxip Shirey Breathing Music and Passion (2008)
Clay Shirky How Social Media can Make History (2005)
Institutions vs. Collaboration (2005)
Josh Silver Josh Silver demos adjustable liquid filled eyeglasses (2009)
Sarah Silverman Sarah Silverman's talk was called "god-awful" by Chris Anderson and has not been put up on the TED website (2010)
Taryn Simon Taryn Simon photographs secret sites (2009)
Cameron Sinclair Design TED Prize: Open-Source Architecture to House the World (2006)
The refugees of boom-and-bust (2009)
Ernesto Sirolli Appropriate Development : Critique of Paternalistic and Patronizing Aid. Titled "Shut up and Listen"(2012)
Amy Smith Design Simple, Lifesaving Design (2006)
Willie Smits Restoring a Rainforest (2009)
Rick Smolan The Story of a Girl (2007)
Lee Smolin Science and Democracy (2003)
George Smoot Design of the Universe (2008)
Kunal Sood Technology Global Mental Health (2012)
Jill Sobule Jill Sobule Sings to Al Gore (2006)
Richard St. John Eight Secrets to Success (2005)
Success is a Continuous Journey (2009)
Paul Stamets 6 Ways Mushrooms can Save the World (2008)
Philippe Starck Design Thinking Deep on Design (2007)
Carolyn Steel How food shapes our cities (2009)
Alex Steffen Alex Steffen sees a Sustainable Future (2005)
Stew Black Men Ski (2006)
Clifford Stoll 18 Minutes with an Agile Mind
Jim Stolze Does the Internet make us happy? (2009)
Bill Stone Exploring the World's Deepest Caves (2007)
Bill Strickland Making Changes with a Slide Show (2002)
Steven Strogatz Sync (2004)
John Styn Gratitude, Gifting and Grandpa (2012) James Surowiecki The Turning Point for Social Media (2005)
Rory Sutherland Life lessons from an ad man (2009)
Perspective is everything (2012)
Adora Svitak What adults can learn from kids(2010)
Julia Sweeney Letting go of God (2007)
Anna Deavere Smith Entertainment American Character (2005)


Speakers TED areas Topics
Jackie Tabick The balancing act of compassion (2009)
Itay Talgam Lead like the great conductors (2009)
Amy Tan Where does Creativity Hide? (2008)
Jill Tarter Technology Jill Tarter's call to join the SETI search (2008)
Jill Bolte Taylor Stroke of Insight (2008)
Shashi Tharoor Why nations should pursue "soft" power (2009)
They Might Be Giants Wake up!
Bob Thurman Bob Thurman says we can be Buddhas (2006)
Expanding your circle of compassion (2009)
Tierney Thys Tierney Thys swims with the giant sunfish (2003)
Rokia Traore "M'Bifo" (2009), "kounandi"(2009)
Julian Treasure The 4 ways sound affects us (2009)
Shh! Sound health in 8 steps (2010)
5 ways to listen better (2011)
Laura Trice Remember to say thankyou (2009),The power of saying thankyou (2010)
Jakob Trollback A new kind of music video(2009), Moonlight in Glory (2010)
Mena Trott Mena Trott on blogs (2006)
Steve Truglia A leap from the edge of space (2009)
Natasha Tsakos Natasha Tsakos multimedia theatrical adventure 2009
Gever Tulley Gever Tulley on 5 dangerous things for kids (2007)
Luca Turin The science of scent (2009)
Neil Turok Technology TED Prize: An African Einstein (2008)


Speakers TED areas Topics
Ed Ulbrich How Benjamin Button got his face? (2009)


Speakers TED areas Topics
Vinay Venkatraman Technology crafts for the digitally underserved (2013)
Dennis van Engelsdorp A plea for bees (2008)
Vishal Vaid Vishal Vaid's hypnotic song (2006)
Jason Vale Jason Vale and Juicing (2010)
Stephan Van Dam Understanding Maps (2002)
Yossi Vardi Yossi Vardi fights local warming (2007)
Nick Veasey Exposing the invisible (2009)
Craig Venter Craig Venter on DNA and the sea (2005)
Eva Vertes Eva Vertes looks to the future of medicine (2005)
Sasa Vucinic Sasa Vucinic invests in free press (2005)
Sadhguru Jaggi Vasudev Sadhguru Jaggi Vasudev meditates on majestic chaos (2009)[6]


Speakers TED areas Topics
Jimmy Wales Technology How a Ragtag Band Created Wikipedia (2005)
John Q. Walker Technology John Walker re-creates great performances (2007)
Jay Walker Jay Walker on the world's English mania (2009)
Benjamin Wallace The price of Happiness(2009)
Peter Ward (paleontologist) A Theory of Earth mass extractions (2009), Carbondioxide and earth mass extractions (2012)
Rick Warren Rick Warren on a life of purpose (2006)
James D. Watson Technology The Double Helix and Today's DNA mysteries (2005)
Libby Weaver The pace of modern life versus our cavewoman biochemistry (2014)[7]
Ursus Wehrli Ursus Wehrli tidies up art
Spencer Wells A family tree for humanity (2009),Building a family tree for all humanity (2008)
Romulus Whitaker The real danger lurking in the water (2009)
Matthew White Matthew White gives the euphonium a new voice (2009)
Fields Wicker-Miurin Learning from leadership's "missing manual" (2009)
Edith Widder Glowing life in an underwater world (2010)
The weird, wonderful world of bioluminescence (2011)
Evan Williams The voices of Twitter users (2009), listenting to Twitter (2010)
Willard Wigan Hold your breath for micro-sculpture (2009)
Edward O. Wilson Technology TED Prize: Help Build the Encyclopedia of Life (2007)
Siegfried Woldhek The true face of Leonardo
Conrad Wolfram Technology Teaching kids real math with computers (2010)
Stephen Wolfram Technology Computing a theory of everything (2010)
Curtis Wong A preview of the worldwide Telescope: The interactive sky on your desktop
Robert Wright Robert Wright on optimism (2005)
The evolution of compassion (2009)
Will Wright Will Wright makes toys that make worlds (2007)
Tom Wujec Tom Wujec on 3 ways the brain creates meaning (2009)
Tom Wujec demos the 13th-century astrolabe
Tom Wujec: Build a tower, build a team (2009)


Speakers TED areas Topics
Anders Ynnerman Visualizing the medical data explosion (2010)
Nora York Nora York sings "What I Want" (2006)


Speakers TED areas Topics
Paul J. Zak The Moral Molecule (2011)
Benjamin Zander Entertainment - Classical Music Benjamin Zander on music and passion (2008)
Eva Zeisel The playful search for beauty(2009)
Philip Zimbardo The power of time (2009)
Jonathan Zittrain The Web as random acts of kindness (2009)


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