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This is a list of characters from Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, an American animated series based on the eponymous franchise that premiered on September 29, 2012 on Nickelodeon in the United States[1] and that premiered on YTV in Canada.[2]

Main characters[edit]

Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles[edit]

A team of humanoid mutant red-eared slider turtles who are kept a secret from the world by usually going to the surface only in the night time.

  • Leonardo / "Leo" (voiced by Jason Biggs in season 1 and most appearances in season 2, Dominic Catrambone in various episodes of season 2, Seth Green in season 3) - Leonardo is an enthusiastic ninjutsu student, learning how to be an effective leader for his three often unruly brothers. He wears a blue mask and fights with two katana swords called Niten Ryu. Aside from his sensei, he takes leadership references from his favorite sci-fi cartoon series Space Heroes which annoys his brothers to no end, but also gives vital plot points to an episode. In this incarnation, his skin seems darker than his brothers'. Leo drives the Shellraiser. In "Fungus Humungous," Leo's biggest fear is losing his team and getting blamed for failure. In "The Invasion," Shredder says that Leo is overconfident. Despite this, he is able to defeat multiple Foot Bots as well as Tiger Claw, Rahzar, and Fishface before Shredder knocks him out with one hit leaving him with many cracks in his shell, many bruises, and leaving him unconscious. At the end, his brothers, April, and Casey try to heal him as they travel upstate in the Party Wagon. In "Within the Woods," Leo finally regains conscious in the bathtub at the O'Neil family house, but the reason his voice souds different is because he sustained damage to his throat from his previous fight with the Foot Clan. He is able to recover from some of his injuries and help the Turtles, April, and Casey defeat Creep. He is still recuperating from his remaining injures as he is seen using a crutch in later episodes.
  • Donatello / "Donnie" (voiced by Rob Paulsen) - Donatello is in charge of the design and manufacture of all of the tools and weapons in the Turtles' arsenal. He is also a gifted hacker. He wears a purple mask and fights with a rokushakubo which converts to a naginata via a blade inside one end of the staff. He also has a crush on April, which his brothers all tease him about. This incarnation of Donatello is depicted with gap teeth. Rob Paulsen had previously voiced Raphael in the original 1987 TV series. Donnie is in charge of maintaining the Shellraiser's systems, and using its on-board laboratory. In the second season, he and Casey Jones are in a rivalry due to them both having a crush on April. In "Fungus Humungous," Donnie's worst fear is April hating him. In "Into Dimension X," Donnie struggles to find a power source for the Turtle Mech. In "The Invasion," he argues with Leo and must take charge as leader when Leo is separated from the team. He tries to tell April how he really feels about her until she stops him. At the end of "A Foot Too Big," he tells April he will leave her alone but changes his mind when she kisses him. In "Race with the Demon," his rivalry with Casey is put to an end when they work together to stop the Demon Racer.
  • Raphael / "Raph" (voiced by Sean Astin) - Raphael often lets his impulsiveness get in the way of rational thought. He wears a red mask and fights with two sai. While hot-headed, he has a soft side, as demonstrated by his interactions with his pet turtle Spike. But when Spike is mutated into Slash, Raph loses the only thing he could share his "deep thoughts" with. This incarnation of Raphael is depicted with a lightning bolt-shaped crack in his upper left plastron. Raph is in charge of the Shellraiser's weapons systems. In "Cockroach Terminator," it is revealed that Raph is afraid of cockroaches until he managed to defeat the mutant cockroach Spyroach. However in "Fungus Humungous," Raph is still afraid of the Spyroach. In "The Invasion," Raph brings a photo of Spike as the one thing to save from the lair before it is destroyed and hopes that Slash survives the invasion of the Kraang.
  • Michelangelo / "Mikey" (voiced by Greg Cipes) - Michelangelo is a lover of video games, skateboarding, pranks and pizza.[3] He wears an orange mask and fights with two nunchaku which convert into kusarigama via a blade inside of one of the sticks of each nunchaku and extra lengths of chain stored in the other. Mikey has a great skill of water balloon launching which could have defeated the Shredder if Karai did not interfere. Mikey's lack of intelligence is constantly used by his brothers. He was used as bait for mutant Kirby in a costume which he named "Tur-fly-tle". Despite possessing a childlike innocence, he always brings his best game to a fight. Mikey is in charge of navigating the Shellraiser and is also the one that discovered the anime Super Robo Mecha Force Five. In "Fungus Humungous," Mikey's worst fear is Squirrelanoids. In "Into Dimension X," Mikey runs into a portal leading into Dimension X to save Leatherhead. He is seen hours later with a Kraang skull on his head, and exploding rocks on his belt. Mikey somehow gains all the needed intelligence to survive in Dimension X and manages to save Donnie a power cell for his Turtle Mech. In "The Invasion," Mikey brings Ice Cream Kitty and stores her in between frozen pizza boxes to keep her cold.


  • Hamato Yoshi / Splinter (voiced by Hoon Lee) - Hamato Yoshi was the son and heir of the leader of the Hamato Clan, whose rivalry with the Foot Clan came to an end when he was a child. It was this victory that brought into his family Oroku Saki (Shredder), the child of the Foot Clan's leader, who Yoshi welcomed into his clan as a brother, maintaining an intense but healthy competition with him in their ninja training. As they grew older, their brotherhood was tested (and failed) when both they fell in love with the same woman, Tang Shen, who ultimately chose Yoshi over Saki. As a result, ultimately because of Saki's own jealousy and hatred, their brotherhood ended bitterly, and Yoshi and Shen married and had a daughter named Miwa. Unfortunately, when Shredder learned of his Foot Clan heritage, he attacked Yoshi in the Hamato Clan monastery, seeking to avenge his clan's extinction. During their struggle, a blow meant for Yoshi took the life of Shen, and Shredder, blaming Yoshi for his own error, burned down the monastery and left Yoshi for dead. In disgrace at the loss of both his wife and child, Yoshi left Japan to start a new life in America as "Splinter". After moving to New York City, he had just purchased the Turtles, who were four baby non-mutated red-eared sliders back then, from a pet shop when he was bumped by a strange man in the street. According to Splinter, something felt 'off'" about the man, so he followed him and witnessed a suspicious conversation between two human-disguised Kraangdroids, but the Kraang spotted Splinter and attacked him to keep him quiet. During the fight, the canister the Kraang were carrying broke open and splashed the Turtles and Splinter with mutagen. As the result of stepping on a brown rat while entering the ally, Splinter mutated into a humanoid mutant brown rat. Realizing he could no longer live a normal life on the surface, he retreated to the sewers where he raised his pets as his sons for fifteen years and taught them the ancient Japanese fighting art of ninjutsu. He is very protective of his sons and can sometimes be overprotective. Being a master of ninjutsu, he is capable of defeating a powerful opponent like Leatherhead in "It Came From the Depths." However, given part of his DNA is that of a rat, he proves susceptible to the mind manipulations of the rodent-controlling Rat King, who forces him to battle his own sons in "I, Monster." It takes Leo reminding him of his humanity that enables Splinter to break Rat King's hold over him and defeat his would-be controller. In "Showdown" Pt. 2, Splinter finds out from Shredder that his daughter Miwa is still alive. When he is about to end his former friend, Karai comes to Shredder's rescue. Splinter recognizes her as his daughter and immediately withdraws from the fight and retreats back to the lair. Splinter only hints at learning more from Shredder to his sons, who had just saved New York from the Kraang invasion, rather than make their victory feel hollow. Eventually in "Follow The Leader," Splinter chooses to tell Leo the truth first. In "Of Rats and Men," Splinter's rivalry with Rat King in again tests his limits as a human-rodent hybrid. Using Rat King's own handicap (sight only through the eyes of his rodent subjects to compensate for his blindness), Splinter blindfolds himself and does battle with Rat King until he accidentally falls off a cliff to his certain death. Splinter is again brought face to face with both Shredder and Karai in "Wormquake," where he is defeated and abducted by Shredder's new lieutenant, Tiger Claw. Drugged, he tries once more in vain to convince Karai of the truth, and is forced into an unfair battle with Shredder until the Turtles return to rescue him. It is only when he meditates and shakes off the effects of the drugs do the tables turn and a victory is secured over Tiger Claw. In "The Lonely Mutation of Baxter Stockman," Donnie's discovery of retro-mutagen offers Splinter a return to human form, but given the supply is so little, he willingly sacrifices that chance so that his sons can restore April's father to normal. In "The Wrath of Tiger Claw," Karai becomes unsure of who to believe and feigns a defection to the Turtles' side while planning an attack on the lair with Tiger Claw. Splinter shows Karai a completed copy of the photo she carries around with her of her mother (the completed image being of both Yoshi and Shen), and makes her believe him finally. But their reunion is short-lived as Tiger Claw overpowers her and delivers her back to Shredder, who locks her away. In "Vengeance is Mine," Splinter is once more reunited with Karai after the Turtles' successful rescue attempt. However, he makes the mistake of confiding the entire story of how her mother died to Karai, prompting her to return to Shredder's stronghold to exact vengeance. This results in her again being captured and used as bait to lure the Turtles into a vat of mutagen tainted with serpent DNA (a rat's natural predator). In the course of the rescue attempt, Leo tries to free Karai (suspended over the vat), but Shredder's swipe of his gauntlet meant for Leo cuts the chain instead. Both Shredder and Splinter watch in horror as Karai is mutated into a serpent creature with snakes for hands. Again, Shredder blames his own mistake on Spliter, and Splinter barely manages to get through to his daughter before she escapes the fire that her struggle starts in the lab. Leo tries to apologize to Splinter for allowing Karai to escape the lair, but Splinter is too overcome with grief to acknowledge it. In "Into Dimension X," Splinter is seen meditating for days. Leo believes he is "healing his spirit". In "The Invasion," Splinter fights Shredder and witnesses him seemingly kill Leatherhead. Thinking he is dead, Splinter continues to fight Shredder for "killing" his partner. Splinter and Shredder's fight continues through the sewers even when the Turtles arrive. Splinter is then dumped into a sewage disposal similar to where Mikey trapped the Squirrelanoids. Later on, Karai saves him from drowning and places him on dry land.
  • April O'Neil (voiced by Mae Whitman) - The 16 year-old daughter of Dr. Kirby O'Neil who befriends the Turtles after the Kraang kidnap her and her father. After the Kraang get away with her father, April's aunt takes her in and the Turtles promise to help her find her father and take down the Kraang. In "Monkey Brains," Splinter learns April has a special spiritual sensitivity and offers to train her to be a kunoichi, which she accepts. As the series progresses, her training starts to pay off. In "TCRI," it is revealed that her father's abduction had nothing to do with his area of expertise but because of the Kraang's unknown plans for April. In "Baxter's Gambit," April learns about Splinter's family and compliments his daughter saying she's beautiful, he shows her the weapon that he was going to give to her, a Japanese war fan, Splinter decides to give it to April. In "Karai's Vendetta," April fights Karai and narrowly beats the better kunoichi. Afterwards, April is forced to stay in the sewers with the Turtles now that the Foot Clan and the Kraang are after her. In "Showdown" Pt. 1, the Kraang mind-controls Kirby to hand April over to Karai so that she can be given to the Kraang. In "Showdown" Pt. 2, April awakens in the Technodrome in the presence of Kraang Prime, who states that her mental energy is what is needed to transform Earth so that the Kraang can live on it. Kraang Prime then begins to siphon the mental energy from April, but she is successfully rescued by the Turtles. In "The Mutation Situation," April's friendship with the Turtles is strained after she learns that one of their attacks on the Kraang was responsible for transforming Kirby. In "Mutagen Man Unleashed," April decides to resume her normal teenage life without remendering the Turtles and befriends Casey Jones upon becoming his tutor. She ends up stalked by Mutagen Man who has developed a crush on her. When the Turtles are fighting Mutagen Man, April works to keep Casey from seeing them. In "Target: April O'Neil," April tries a lot harder to restart her normal life, convincing herself that she doesn't need mutants and ninjas like her father, the Turtles or the Foot Clan and aliens like the Kraang in it anymore, but she realizes that she may have put her human friends, such as Casey, in jeopardy when Karai tries to hunt her down again, only to be held back by the Kraang through the new Foot Bot, Chrome Dome. April's friendship with the Turtles is rekindled after they rescue her from both Foot Soldiers. In "The Kraang Conspiracy," the Kraang are shown to have made clones of April, including a "derp" one. When Raph is attacked by the Kraang while trying to save the real April from the DNA extraction machine, she suddenly releases a psychic blast. Afterwards, Donnie studies April's DNA and finds traces of Dimension X alien DNA in it, predicting that she is a half-human, half-Kraang mutant. The news of this leaves April shocked. In "Fungus Humungous," It is revealed that April's worst fear is bats and the loss of her father. In "The Lonely Mutation of Baxter Stockman," Stockman-Fly captures April in a plot to merge with her in mutagen and become one. During a fight between Leo, Donnie, Casey, and Stockman-Fly, the rope holding her breaks and she falls into the mutagen despite Donnie's attempts to catch her. However, it is revealed that April's body is immune to the mutagen's effects due to her alien DNA. In "The Invasion," April is horrified to learn that her friend Irma is a disguised Kraangdroid. She also stops Donnie from sharing his true feelings to her, knowing that it might cause problems. Later, she witnesses her father mutating again, horrifying her. At the end, she mentions her family owns a summer home upstate. Her summer home is then the Turtles, April, and Casey's new base. In "A Foot Too Big," Donnie tells her that he will stop following her but he changes his mind when she kisses him.
  • Kirby O'Neil (voiced by Keith Silverstein) - The psychologist father of April O'Neil, who meets the Turtles when he and April are captured by the Kraang. Although April is rescued by the Turtles, the Kraang take off with Kirby. In "The Gauntlet," the Turtles learn from Kirby that the Kraang have been abducting scientists so that they can help modify the unstable mutagen. The Turtles are unable to rescue Kirby as he is recaptured, buying the Turtles time to escape. In "TCRI," it is revealed that since Kirby is a psychologist, his abduction has nothing to do with the mutagen....the Kraang's real target is April. In "Operation: Breakout," Kirby is officially rescued by the Turtles and reunited with April. However, he has fallen under the Kraang's control. In "Showdown" Pt. 1, the Kraang control Kirby into handing April over to Karai and the Foot Ninjas. In "Showdown" Pt. 2, the Turtles discover the mind-control device on the back of Kirby's neck and free him. In "The Mutation Situation," Kirby is having recurring nightmares about the Kraang. Kirby ends up helping the Turtles track down a Kraang stealth ship carrying a shipment of mutagen. When a mutagen canister falls towards April, Kirby protects his daughter from the canister and falls off the roof, taking the mutagen himself. As the result of falling past a flock of vampire bats, Kirby mutates into a humanoid mutant vampire bat with a large head, wings on its back, ears shaped like bat wings, a small right arm, and the retaining of his red hair and beard that Mikey, against Donnie's wishes, dubs "Kirby-Bat" (which is what the action figure of his mutated form is referred to, and was confirmed to be a new mutant by Brandon Auman) and "Wingnut" (a classic character although the Wingnut reference was just a joke). Kirby-Bat chases after April and flies off with her. When April awakens on another roof, Kirby-Bat arrives and regurgitates what he would consider food, such as rats and garbage. With Mikey dressed up as a butterfly which he names "Tur-fly-tle" as part of a plan to get Kirby-Bat, the Turtles use Mikey as bait to trap him in a warehouse by drawing Kirby-Bat towards them. The Turtles struggle to get through to Kirby-Bat's side as they work to trap him in the warehouse. Once inside the warehouse, the Turtles trap him in a cage as April catches up to them. As Donnie vows to find a way to cure Kirby-Bat, he breaks free and ends up flying off. The mutation of Kirby had temporarily put a strain in April's friendship with the Turtles. In "Fungus Humungous," he appears as hallucination as one of April's fears, which are bats. In "Metalhead Rewired," Kirby-Bat is among the mutants captured by Kraang in order for them to control them. He is first discovered by the Turtles in his cell. Then he, Cockroach Terminator, a Parasitic Wasp and a Squirrelanoid discover that Metalhead has opened their cells. He is then attacked by two Kraang, but Donnie kills the two aliens with his bo staff. He then tells Kirby-Bat to head to the portal for April. With help from Metalhead, the Turtles free the captive mutants and they escape through the portal, leaving Kirby-Bat's location a mystery. In "The Lonely Mutation of Baxter Stockman," Kirby-Bat assists the Turtles into fighting Stockman-Fly over retro-mutagen. When the retro-mutagen canister hits a street light, April steers Kirby-Bat under one of the falling drops which is enough to mutate him back into Kirby O'Neil. In "The Wrath of Tiger Claw," Kirby is seen trying to call his daughter, but is unable to and he says that his daughter always answers the phone. In "The Invasion," he feels sad about the Kraang's invasion on humanity and reveals his old Party Wagon to his daughter and her friends. Unfortunately for Kirby, Kraang Prime peers around the corner from behind and sprays him with the perfected mutagen before he can leave with them. This ends up mutating him into a half-Kraang monstrosity much to April's horror. He is mentioned in "Buried Secrets" when April's mom asked where he was. When Casey was tells her that he got mutated into a Kraang, Raph stops him. Leo says that Casey was kidding, and lies by saying that Kirby was on a safari in Puerto Rico.
  • Spike / Slash (voiced by Corey Feldman) - Spike was a radiated tortoise that was raised as a pet turtle by Raph when he was flushed down the bathroom toilet of his original owner's home. Raph has a soft spot for him, and often talks to him about his feelings in private. This is important for Raph because he needs Spike as a sounding board for his inner thoughts and feelings. He can't reveal his feelings to his brothers so he shares them with Spike, who can't speak, but is an excellent listener. His brothers tease him about this sometimes. Spike's favorite food is lettuce leaves, which he is often seen eating, and rides around more often on Raph's shoulder. In "Slash and Destroy," Spike mutates into a large humanoid mutant radiated tortoise with a spiked shell, a tough horned head, extending bony nails used as makeshift weapons, powerful superhuman strength, excellent vocal mimicry and amazing agility by drinking some mutagen that spills in Raph's room after he confiscates it following an incident that nearly kills him. Upon understanding about what Raph has to go through, Spike renames himself "Slash", obtains a mace for a weapon, puts on a black mask, and states to Raph that they need to lose some dead weight when they head out to find a mutagen container. During the mission, Slash starts attacking Donnie and Mikey where Raph claims that the mutation has warped Slash's mind. As Slash plans to dispose of Mikey and Donnie, Raph states that he didn't want this happening to his brothers. However, Slash states that there is no turning back now, so Raph ends up working to prevent him from disposing of Donnie or Mikey, only to learn from him that he has spent years watching Raph train and knows what he can do. Raph comments that he doesn't know all of his moves. Their fight wrecks the area where Leo is having tea time with a girl who was using the "mutagen" to pass as tea. Leo ends up showing up to help Raph only to knock him down. During the fight, Raph hits a vulnerable part on Slash's arm and falls off the building. When Raph looks over the building, Slash's body is gone as the Turtles suspect that Slash had gotten away. In "Metalhead Rewired," Slash is among the mutants captured by Kraang in order for them to control them. He is first discovered in his cell, while yelling at the Kraang. He is then released by Metalhead as he begins to destroy the Kraang for capturing him. Slash does help Raph defeat some Kraangdroids and then escapes with Pete and Spider Bytez. With help from Metalhead, the Turtles free the captive mutants and they escape through the portal. In "Newtralized," Slash gets captured by the Kraang again but this time, he is freed by Newtralizer and the two of them start working together to stop the Kraang's plots. Of course Slash gets concerned over Newtralizer's motives involving the humans getting in the crossfire. During the fight at the docks, he goes against Newtralizer's plot to annihilate the Kraang and the city at the same time, causing Raph to help him out. After Newtralizer and the Kraang Walker it is piloting are defeated, Raph states that there is a room back in the Turtles' lair for him, but Slash declines stating that he is walking his own path and leaves Raph on equal terms. He appears as a photo of his normal form in "The Invasion". Raph is hoping that Slash has escaped the invasion.
  • Pete (voiced by A.J. Buckley) - A wood pigeon living in New York that was mutated by the Kraang into humanoid mutant wood pidgeon with large sharp talons and strange mutagenic growths all over his body, learning to talk and befriending Kirby O'Neil, who uses him to send a message to his daughter in "The Gaunlet." Pete has a strange yet large craving for bread and will do anything to get some, telling the Turtles the location of where Kirby is in exchange for it. In "Metalhead Rewired," Pete is among the mutants captured by Kraang in order for them to control them. He is seen shortly with a Squirrelanoid and a Parasitic Wasp, then he makes for the portal with Slash and Spider Bytez. With help from Metalhead, the Turtles free the captive mutants and they escape through the portal.
  • Leatherhead (voiced by Peter Lurie) - An American alligator that was originally owned by a young boy until his parents found out and flushed him down their bathroom toilet into the sewer. The Kraang found him, took him back to Dimension X, and experimented on him, mutating him into an extremely large mutant alligator with a tough hide, uncontrollable force in his spirit, keen senses and superhuman strength. But since the Kraang were unable to break his spirit, he easily escaped from them, stole the cell that powers their portal between Dimension X and Earth, and retreated back to the sewers, vowing to keep them from getting it back so that they can start their invasion. He first appears in "It Came From The Depths," where the Kraang locate and attack him, demanding the return of the power cell. The Turtles witness this event and Mikey urges his brothers to help intervene. Soon after the Turtles protect Leatherhead, restore his health, and learn of his origin, they help him keep the power cell away from the Kraang. In "TCRI," Leatherhead tells the Turtles where the Kraang's base is by drawing the shape of the TCRI building. He helps them by attacking the Kraang while they make their way to the top of TCRI and dragging Traag back into the portal to Dimension X. In the "Mazes & Mutants," the Turtles encounter a fire-breathing dragon who resembles Leatherhead, but bigger. Mikey, believing it to be his long gone friend, refuses to fight because of their friendship, only to find out that it isn't the real Leatherhead. The illusion is seen again when Sir Malachi leaves. In "Into Dimension X," the real Leatherhead is seen with more scars and gray skin due to being stranded in Dimension X for decades (this was due to the time difference between Earth and Dimension X). He sends a message to the Turtles in a Kraang Communication Orb to tell them that the Kraang have perfected the mutagen, but is recaptured by the Kraang. Later, after the Turtles receive the message (much to Mikey's joy that his best friend is still alive), they quickly head into a Kraang portal (which Donnie opens) and into Dimension X. When they find and free Leatherhead, they are surprised to discover that he's become an old mutant. Together, all five of them fight the Kraang and close all the portals. During the fight, Leatherhead helps Leo just by simply grabbing his face to fling him to fight off one of the Kraang's robots. After they make it back to Earth, he and the Turtles give each other a high three and get ready for the next invasion that the Kraang are planning. In "The Invasion," Leatherhead helps Splinter fight off the Kraang. When Splinter thanks him and asks him if he'll help him find his sons, Leatherhead agrees as they both head to the surface. Later, just as the Shredder is about to kill a trapped Splinter, Leatherhead reappears and attacks him, but is unable to crush him due to his old age. He rushes to free Splinter, but Shredder takes him down and seemingly kills him, but it is not confirmed as his body falls through the icy water. Now full of high anger, Splinter breaks free and then continues to fight Shredder for "killing" his partner. But after the invasion, Leatherhead's body is never found, leading to the belief that he may be still alive.
  • Hamato Miwa / Karai (voiced by Kelly Hu) - Hamato Miwa was the daughter of Hamato Yoshi (Splinter) who, as a baby, was taken away from Splinter by Oroku Saki (Shredder) after a fight between the two men that burned down the Hamato Clan monastery and killed her mother, Tang Shen, and raised as a member of the Foot Clan and expert kunoichi under the name Karai. She first appears in "New Girl in Town" during a duel with Leo, while the other Turtles are out looking for Snakeweed. Karai tries to encourage Leo to break the rules for a change, daring him to help her steal a sword once owned by swordsman Miyamoto Musashi. When Leo's life is threatened by Snakeweed and he asks for her help, Karai throws a knife toward him, (which helps him break free), which Leo interprets as an act of friendship but which Raph considers malicious. In "The Alien Agenda," she attacks the Turtles at the Kraang's World Wide Genome Project and pushes a button which causes all the animal and plant DNA to be dumped into the mutagen resulting in the creation of a composite beast, Justin. Karai escapes with the Kraang robot body and presents it to Shredder. As Baxter Stockman gets to work studying the technology, Shredder assigns Karai to learn more about the Kraang so that he can use whatever information is gathered about them in his war against the Turtles. In "Karai's Vendetta," Shredder interrogates a captured Kraang (even when Karai informs them on how they work their exo-skeletons) on why they have been hunting the Turtles and learns that they are protecting April O'Neil. Shredder ends up sending Karai to capture April in order to draw the Turtles to him. After a chase throughout the city, April manages to trick Karai into letting her guard down by mentioning that her mother is dead (which is the same with Karai) and throws Karai down the subway stairs. In "Showdown" Pt. 2, Karai comes to Shredder's aid as Splinter is about to deliver the finishing blow. He immediately recognizes her as his long-lost daughter, but Karai reveals she believes Splinter killed her mother Tang Shen, a lie fed to her by Shredder as a child. Upon learning this, Splinter evades Karai's attacks and retreats in sadness. In "Follow the Leader," Karai is seen training with the Foot Bots until Shredder arrives and tells her not to do any actions towards the Turtles while he is in Japan dealing with an urgent matter. She goes against Shredder's orders and decides to test the Foot Bots on the Turtles. When Leo gets captured, Karai has the Foot Bots attack him as part of their training at the Bradford Dojo, where they manage to defeat them. Upon the other Turtles arriving, Karai has the Foot Bots restrain them so that she can draw Splinter to her. When the Turtles make a tactical retreat, she orders the Foot Bots to pursue them and engages Leo to a sword fight where Leo tries to convince her that Splinter did not take the life of her mother. In "Target: April O'Neil," Karai leads the Foot Bots in an attack on April at one of her tutoring sessions with Casey Jones at an ice rink, which fails when Donnie rescues her and the new Foot Bot leader, Chrome Dome, arrives (followed by the other three Turtles) and intervenes with both sides intentions for the Kraang. In "Wormquake," Leo tells her that Splinter is her real father, but she does not believe him. After the defeat of Tiger Claw, Raph then wonders where Karai is now while April still cannot believe that she is Splinter's very daughter. Splinter states that one day Karai may indeed accept the truth, but that is her decision to make and hers alone. Unbeknownst to all of them, Karai is secretly hiding behind another billboard not too far away from them, hearing every single thing that they say. Judging by her several facial expressions, not only does she find herself in a difficult dilemma, but finally seems to start questioning herself. In "The Wrath of Tiger Claw," she begins to doubt that Shredder is her real father. When she looks at a picture of her mother, she hears the words Leo said to her from "Wormquake." When Shredder arrives, he asks her what is troubling her. Then, Karai asks him to know more about the truth about her mother and him, but Shredder claims she already knows the "truth". When Tiger Claw returns, Shredder sends him and Karai to go after the Turtles again. Together, they break into Mr. Murakami's restaurant to ask him where the Turtles are. When Karai catches April, she doesn't insist to fight her and wants to tell something about her. When Leo and Donnie see Karai with April, they both head to the girls. Karai tells Leo that she believes him about telling her that Splinter is her real father. Leo takes her to their lair to see Splinter, but Donnie knows Raph isn't going to believe this. As soon as they arrive (with Casey knocked out after Tiger Claw threw him off a building), Raph is furious that they brought her to the lair. She tells him that she didn't know that Shredder lied to her, but Raph still remains unconvinced and threatens to hurt her with his sai. While Leo and Raph continue arguing, Karai secretly uses a tracking device to have Tiger Claw locate where the Turtles are. She then encounters Splinter, who shows her to the training room and reveals a picture of himself as a human with Tang Shen and with Karai as a baby. Karai, feeling guilty, apologizes to him and the Turtles, but doesn't plan to stay because she signaled Tiger Claw, getting Raph to angrily claim that he was right about her. Before she leaves, Splinter tells her that she is who she chooses to be, not what others make her. At a meat factory called "Patty Man's" (which was Mikey's idea), Tiger Claw fights the Turtles and lets Karai finish off Leo, but she turns on him. Tiger Claw then kidnaps her to take her to Shredder's lair with Leo watching in horror, but Raph still doesn't insist on helping her and Mikey is badly bruised. Then, Tiger Claw tells Shredder that Karai has betrayed him and was fighting alongside the Turtles. When Karai angrily asked Shredder if Splinter is her father, Shredder says yes, which makes Karai shocked that she was lied to by Shredder her whole life. Shredder orders Tiger Claw to take her away. Karai is locked in a dungeon cell as Tiger Claw and Shredder leave, screaming in horror. In "The Legend of the Kuro Kabuto," she tries to escape from her cell while covering it up in front of a visiting Shredder. In "Vengeance is Mine," the Turtles succeed in rescuing Karai from the Shredder. When with Splinter, Karai learns from Splinter about the rivalries between the Hamato Clan and the Foot Clan. When Karai goes after Shredder herself, she ends up fighting him but gets overwhelmed. When in Stockman-Fly's lab, Tiger Claw gags Karai with tape, then a Foot-Bot hangs her in a cage above the mutagen, which reveals that Shredder plans to use her as bait so that the Turtles can fall into the trap and be thrown into Stockman-Fly's mutagen tank where they would be made into snakes after Stockman-Fly pours albino horned viper DNA into it. During the Turtles and Splinter's mission, Leo tries to rescue Karai until Shredder interferes. Because of this, Karai falls into the mutagen and emerges as a gigantic mutant albino horned viper with a pair of extra heads for hands (referred to in the toyline as Serpent Karai) (similar to Scale Tail from the 1987 toyline), much to the shock of Splinter and Shredder. Karai's mutated form ends up causing a fire in Stockman-Fly's lab which causes both sides to retreat. In a twist ending, it is shown that Karai can change at will between her human and mutant form yet still has some snake traits in her eyes, fangs and tongue. There is no doubt that the extra chemical Stockman-Fly accidentally adds into the mutagen allows Karai to transform between her human and mutant form at will. At the beginning of "The Invasion," Karai is spotted by Raph, who is searching for her just as the Kraang begin their invasion. She later rescues Splinter from drowning and places him on dry land, giving him a kiss on the cheek before leaving. Despite being one of the good guys, she still appears in the list of villains during the opening sequence of Season 3.
  • Timothy / Pulverizer / Mutagen Man (voiced by Roger Craig Smith) - Timothy was an ineffective teenage ice-cream truck vendor who eyewitnesses the Turtle's first battle with Baxter Stockman from his apartment window and, ever since then, dedicates himself with fighting crime as a costumed vigilante calling himself the Pulverizer and models his appearance after the Turtles. He first appears in "The Pulverizer," where the Turtles rescue him from a bungled attempt to stop the Purple Dragons from looting a warehouse. Pulverizer winds up back at the Turtles' lair after he accidentally gets stuck to the Shellraiser. Taking pity on the would-be hero, Donnie attempts to train Pulverizer in basic self-defense, but Pulverizer shows little capacity to learn. In a failed attempt to stop the Kraang from fleeing with their power cell, Pulverizer winds up in need of help, and Donnie chooses to save him instead of getting the power cell back. Pulverizer vows to train on his own in order to be better the next time he meets the Turtles. In "The Pulverizer Returns," Pulverizer is recruited into the Foot Clan (mainly to serve as a "cannon fodder") and agrees to gather info on Shredder's plans for the Turtles, only to later volunteer to be the test subject for a supply of stolen mutagen. During the Turtles' rescue attempt, he attempts to activate the mutagen machine, but is stopped multiple times by Donnie. However, he is successful on one attempt causing the mutation to occur. As the result of not coming in contact with any living thing, Pulverizer mutates into a huge mutant blob of mutagen with floating organs and a disintegrating touch that Mikey later on dubs "Mutagen Man" (becoming this series' interpretation of Mutagen Man).[4] Mutagen Man is rescued from the explosion his mutation causes by the Turtles, who work together to place him in an empty mutagen container, and Donnie vows to find a way to restore him back to normal. In "The Mutation Situation," Donnie and Metalhead are seen testing his organs. Again, he is seen briefly in "Invasion of the Squirrelanoids." In "Mutagen Man Unleashed," Donnie develops a voice box so that Mutagen Man can speak easily. Mutagen Man drinks some of the mutagen samples and gains the ability to form new arms and legs outside of his container. In this form, Mutagen Man goes after April upon developing a crush on her. When Mutagen Man finds April, he ends up attacking Casey Jones who tries to fight back. April helps Casey to fight Mutagen Man as they escape on Casey's bicycle. As April and Casey get away, Mutagen Man is confronted by the Turtles where he is officially named by Michelangelo. Mutagen Man then starts to power down upon running out of mutagen. During the ride back to the lair, Mutagen Man drinks from a mutagen container and escapes from the Shellraiser and goes after April again. The Turtles manage to catch up to Mutagen Man near April's apartment. Using camouflage and misdirection that involves mutagen, the Turtles fool Mutagen Man where they end up freezing him with a retro-mutagen prototype that had similar affects of liquid nitrogen. Mutagen Man's frozen body is taken back to the lair as Donnie vows to continue finding a cure for him. He is seen numerous times frozen in Donnie's lab in some episodes. In "The Invasion," Mutagen Man's frozen body is seen when the Kraang storm the lair. While packing his stuff, Donnie says good-bye to Timothy, rather than taking him with them. He tells him that they'll be back, but if they don't, he should defrost in about 70 years or so. Donnie hopes the world will be a better place by then.
  • Casey Jones (voiced by Josh Peck[5]) - A hockey-player student at April's school who April is hired to tutor for an extra credit assignment. When they first meet, he shows April his courtesy and the two quickly become friends, much to Donnie's jealousy. He shows admirable fighting skills, especially when he helps April fight Mutagen Man and an entire Foot Bot squad in "Mutagen Man Unleashed" and "Target: April O'Neil". Casey also remindes April of Donnie by repeating his quotes and stating that pizza is his favorite food. In "The Good, the Bad, and the Casey Jones," Casey takes up a crime-fighting hobby following these recent incidents, arming himself with hockey sticks, baseball bats, and a stunner in one of his hockey gloves. He ends up being introduced by April to the Turtles and Splinter when he follows Raph into their home, and helps the Turtles when two Foot Bots invade their lair. In "Of Rats and Men," Casey seems to be extremely terrified of rats. In "The Invasion," Casey drives Kirby's old hipster vehicle, the Party Wagon, for him to get his family and friends out of the city. However, his unable to find his family and predicts that they were mutated as he, April, and the Turtles flee the city. In "Race with the Demon," his rivalry with Donnie is put to an end when they work together to stop the Demon Racer.
  • Jack J. Kurtzman (voiced by Robert Forster) - A private investigator and journalist investigating the disappearance of Kirby O'Neil and other missing scientists, leading to him discovering the Kraang and investigating them on his own. Displaying a book full of notes, he insists that the Kraang presence on Earth is "ancient" and actually goes back thousands of years. He first appears in "The Kraang Conspiracy," where he is taking pictures of the Turtles while they and April are out on a mission. The Turtles follow Kurtzman to his apartment and he introduces himself to them, explaining that he has been investigating the Kraang. He shows them a picture of April as a baby and tells her and the Turtles that the Kraang have been attempting to terraform the Earth for thousands of years, but needed a "specific chain of human DNA", so they kidnapped April's mother before April was born and used her in their experiments. He explains that with April's DNA, the Kraang could perfect the mutagen in this dimension. Eventually, the Kraang manage to find them. Kurtzman, the Turtles and April retreat, but the Kraang follow them so they get away in the Shellraiser. Afterwards, Kurtzman tells them that they need to infiltrate TCRI in order to erase all of April's DNA codes. The Turtles succeed after the fight with the Kraang and the April clones and get away with in Kurtzman's van. Kurtzman states that he'll be in touch. In "Wormquake," April and Donnie meet him about the Kraathatrogons. Lucky for them, Kurtzman shows photos of the Kraathatrogons and calls the Kraang's scheme the "Manhattan Project". He reveals that the Kraathatrogons are only children, while the adults are huge, and some are hundreds of feet long and shows that the Kraang brought them from Dimension X to take them to their machines in order to collect their mutagen, which is kind of like milking a giant cow, much to the two's disgust (mostly April's). Kurtzman also explains that there isn't a clue to stop them, but he knows that the Kraang ride on them and to control the worms is by pulling the antennas like the reins on a horse (which April finds gross).
  • Ice Cream Kitty (voiced by Kevin Eastman) - A stray tabby cat that April finds in an alley and, deciding to find it a home, asks Mikey to raise as his pet. Upon unknowingly eating mutagen that was accidentally poured onto a bowl of Neapolitan ice cream on Donnie's lab table, the cat mutates into a small mutant tabby cat made of a small mountain of Neapolitan ice cream that Mikey dubs "Ice Cream Kitty" and hides in the freezer while trying to keep the others from learning of it. Mikey later used Ice Cream Kitty to help fight The Rat King where Ice Cream Kitty broke Rat King's control over Splinter. Donnie tells Mikey that they will have a talk about the incident that caused Ice Cream Kitty's transformation later. In the episode "Mazes & Mutants," Ice Cream Kitty seems to be friends with Splinter, considering giving him a cheesesicle (a frozen treat, which consists of a slice of Swiss cheese on a popsicle stick). In "Newtralized!," Ice Cream Kitty makes another appearance when she gives Raph an ice pack for Casey's head. In "Pizza Face," she gives Mikey a cheesesicle so he can make pizza. She supposedly attacked one of Pizza Face's minions when Mikey locked him in the freezer, but it's not confirmed as she just freaks it out with a haunting turn. In "The Invasion," she helps Mikey knock out a Kraang with the freezer's door. When the Turtles pack their stuff, Ice Cream Kitty refuses to leave, but finally accepts it as she fits in the cooler between two frozen pizza boxes. She returns in "A Foot Too Big", where she meets Bigfoot who opened the freezer. They both screamed when they saw each other before Bigfoot threw the fridge out of the cabin. In "Buried Secrets", it shows she actually understands Michelangelo suspecting April's mom as a fake. While listening to him, Mikey sprays some whipped cream on her head and placing a cherry on top. Ice Cream Kitty then senses something and begins to hiss furiously, revealing April's mom with a canister of mutagen. She lets Mikey go after her.
  • Bigfoot (voiced by Diedrich Bader) - The legendary cryptid. She first appears in "A Foot Too Big," where she is being hunted by a collector named The Finger. Donnie and Mikey encounter her while doing a "Turtle Hunt" with Raph. When Raph arrives, he helps them in an attempt to fight Bigfoot, Donnie finds a wound on Bigfoot's arm and, thinking that she's hurt, decides to take her back to the barn to get the wound cleaned. Upon getting Bigfoot into the house, April bandages up her arm and gives her a makeover while mentioning about Finger being after her. Bigfoot then gets affectionate with Donnie. While Raph cleans out the bathtub after Bigfoot makes waste in it, Bigfoot shows the other Turtles some forest stealth, but is nearly attacked by Finger along with Donnie and Mikey. After overhearing Leo and Casey making jokes about her, she runs off crying with Donnie and Mikey apologizing after her. Bigfoot falls into Finger's pit trap. Donnie and Mikey attempt to rescue her, but get captured by Finger as well. While distracting Finger by insulting his shrunken-head mama, the two Turtles free themselves and fight him. Realizing his defeat fighting the Turtles, Finger threatens to kill Bigfoot. Emerging from the trap's netting, the makeover April gave Bigfoot earlier causes Finger to realize that she's a lady who he is unable to harm. As Finger apologizes to his shrunken-head mama for unknowingly trying to hurt a lady, Bigfoot comforts Finger and soon grows affectionate for him. Bigfoot then leaves with Finger in her arms.
  • Punk Frogs - A group of humanoid mutant frogs that are the results of mutagen being dumped near their pond during Mikey's fight with Mom-Thing in "Buried Secrets". In "The Croaking," the Frogs are seen robbing camp sites until Mikey meets them at the Frog Fortress in their tree. After capturing April and Casey, the Frogs plot to use their Frog Soldiers to invade the cities in order to get revenge on the humans for destroying their environment. The other Turtles arrive and fight the army until the tree is set fire. After understanding that not all humans are bad after being rescued by April and Casey, the Frogs leave to Louisiana to live with the frogs that reside in the bayou.
    • Attila the Frog (voiced by Maurice LaMarche) - The leader of the Punk Frogs. He first appears in "The Croaking," where, upon meeting Mikey and learning about his brothers at the O'Neil family house, he sends Genghis Frog to "liberate" the Turtles from the humans, stating that the humans are the reason behind the loss of their environment and planning to use the mutagen that Rasputin studies to invade the cities to get revenge on the humans. When the rest of the Turtles arrive, Attila fights against Leo. After being rescued from the fire by April and Casey, Attila sees that not all the humans are evil and promotes Napoleon to general upon seeing the wisdom in him.
    • Genghis Frog (voiced by Kevin Michael Richardson) - A member of the Punk Frogs who leads the Frog Soldiers. He first appears in "The Croaking," where he leads the Frog Soldiers into "liberating" the Turtles from April and Casey. When Leo states that they are friends with the humans, Genghis Frogs orders the Frog Soldiers to attack the Turtles, April, and Casey which ends with the two humans being captured. After April and Casey prove that not all humans are evil, Attila makes Napoleon the new general of the Frog Soldiers, much to Genghis's dismay.
    • Rasputin the Mad Frog (voiced by Maurice LaMarche) - A member of the Punk Frogs. He first appears in "The Croaking," where he discovers the truth behind the mutagen. When the rest of the Turtles arrive, he tries to stop Napoleon from freeing the captives, only to be knocked out. After April and Casey prove that not all humans are evil, Rasputin is present when Napoleon is made the new general of the Frog Soldiers.
    • Napoleon Bonafrog (voiced by Jon Heder) - A member of the Punk Frogs. He first appears in "The Croaking," where Mikey encounters him in the woods and they have a brief fight. After clearing things up, Napoleon becomes impressed with Mikey's ninjitsu and takes him to the Frog Fortress to meet his fellow frogs. Napoleon is considered to be the clumsiest of the group by Genghis, but is impressed with the information about Mikey's brothers while stating that his brothers pick on him. When Napoleon disagrees with Attila's plans, Rasputin tells him that siding with humans is treason. During the Turtles' fight against the Frog army, Napoleon frees Mikey. Later, the other Frogs see that not all humans are bad when saved by April and Casey from the fire and promotes Napoleon as the new general of the Frog Soldiers upon seeing the wisdom in him. Napoleon Bonafrog's mannerism is based on Jon Heder's character from Napoleon Dynamite.
    • Frog Soldiers (voiced by Rob Paulsen, Josh Peck, and Kevin Michael Richardson) - a group of mutant frogs led by Genghis Frog and later by Napoleon Bonafrog.
  • Bernie (voiced by Bill Moseley) - A physicist who discovered the Dream Beavers forty years ago and has been awake since then to keep them from infiltrating his dreams. He first appears in "In Dreams," where he has become the shopkeeper of a local store. Upon learning about the Dream Beavers attacking the Turtles, he gives Casey advice on how to defeat them. After Casey destroys the Dream Plug that keeps the Dream Beavers in the dream world, sending them back to their dimension, Bernie falls asleep as Casey and Donnie take him home.
  • Dr. Cluckingsworth, M.D. - an ordinary chicken at the O'Neil family summer house that develops a large brain-shaped cranium at the top of his head after ingesting the mutagen sample taken from Donnie after it leaked from Speed Demon. The resulting mutation makes him super-smart and enables him to lay mutagen eggs. He plays a key part in helping Casey and Donnie defeat Speed Demon.
  • Muckman - A mutant garbage-looking humanoid.
    • Joe Eyeball - A mutant with a large eyeball.
  • Renet (voiced by Ashley Johnson) - A young-time sorceress and the object of Mikey's amorous affections.


Foot Clan[edit]

The Foot Clan is a ninja organization that was founded 1,500 years ago in Japan by an unequaled ninja named Koga Takuza, who also forged an alloy stronger than steel from the stolen sacred totems of defeated adversaries to fashion a helmet known as the Kuro Kabuto. Though wiped out after an attack on the Foot Clan monastery made by the Hamato Clan in modern times, the clan itself was restored by Takuza's last remaining descendant, Oroku Saki, as he takes the Kuro Kabuto for himself and rechristens himself as "The Shredder". Originally populated by only human members, the Foot had become a global network of ninja assassins. Members were trained and inducted from all forms of life, such as wealthy martial arts star Chris Bradford (Shredder's prized student) and Brazilian street thug Xever. Under Shredder's guidance, the clan is recently focusing only on the blood feud between him and his adopted brother Hamato Yoshi, the last Hamato Clan leader, once Saki learned that he's alive in New York, training the Turtles and their Kraang-parented friend, April O'Neil, as his new ninja clan. That feud has the consequence of both Bradford and Xever getting mutated as Shredder later allies himself with the Kraang to establish an army of mutants while having former TCRI inventor Baxter Stockman, who later becomes one of these mutants, fortify his New York army with the Foot Bots.

  • Oroku Saki / Shredder (voiced by Kevin Michael Richardson) - One of the series's main antagonists, Oroku Saki was the son and heir of the leader of the Foot Clan who was orphaned as a baby when his clan went extinct after their long conflict with the Hamato Clan. However, when the Hamoto Clan's leader, the father of Hamato Yoshi (Splinter), found Saki in what was left of the Foot Clan monastery, he took the poor infant into his family and raised him alongside Yoshi as another son. As they both grew older, Saki's rivalry with Yoshi intensified when they both fell in love with the same woman, Tang Shen. Fueled by jealously after Shen decided to marry Yoshi, Saki learned of his true heritage and rebuilt the Foot Clan as "The Shredder" after inheriting the Foot Clan's signature artifact, a helmet called the Kuro Kabuto. One year after the birth of Yoshi and Shen's daughter Miwa, Shredder attacked the family in the Hamato Clan monastery, unintentionally killing Shen and furiously setting the residence in a blaze that burned his head bald and scarred. Projecting blame on Yoshi for Shen's death, he then spirited away Miwa, who he raised in the Foot Clan under the name Karai, while leaving her father for dead. Fifteen years later, in "Rise of the Turtles" Pt. 2, Shredder learns that Splinter is alive and in New York after noticing the Hamato Clan logo imprinted on a shuriken during a television news report. Seeking to finish his business with Splinter, he relocates to New York and sends the Foot Clan, under the command of Chris Bradford (Dogpound / Rahzar) and Xever (Fisface), after the Turtles before presently facing them in person in "The Gauntlet". Luckily, overpowered by the more experienced opponent, the Turtles escape after Shredder is distracted by the newly mutated Xever and Bradford. In "The Alien Agenda," Shredder doesn't believe in the Kraang until Karai brings him a Kraangdroid. As Baxter Stockman (Stockman-Fly) gets to work on studying the technology, Shredder assigns Karai to learn more about the Kraang so that he can use whatever information is gathered about them in his war against the Turtles. In "Karai's Vendetta," Shredder interrogates a captured Kraang (even when Karai informs them on how they work their exo-skeletons) on why they have been hunting the Turtles and learns that they are protecting April O'Neil. He then sends Karai to capture April in order to draw the Turtles to him. In "The Pulverizer Returns," he decides to obtain mutagen from the Kraang so that he can transform some of the Foot Soldiers into mutants, though warned by the captive Kraang operative of unpredictable results. After the Turtles thwart the plot, the captive Kraang operative tells Shredder that they have a common enemy in the Turtles. In "Showdown," Shredder abducts April to lure Splinter to his base, delighting in the irony of his former friend's current state while revealing he handed the girl over to the Kraang. During the course of the battle, Shredder reveals the truth of Miwa's survival and that he raised her as Karai for the purpose of completing his revenge by turning her against Splinter. In "The Mutation Situation," Shredder orders some mutagen from the Kraang. After the mutagen canisters are scattered throughout the city, he plans to build his army on his own. In "Follow the Leader," Shredder leaves for Japan to take care of an urgent matter and tells Karai not to do any action towards the Turtles while he is away, which she ignores. In "Wormquake," he returns and brings Tiger Claw onto his team as his second-in-command. In "The Wrath of Tiger Claw," he sends Karai with Tiger Claw in order to find the Turtles. After Karai interferes with the mission, she is brought to Shredder by Tiger Claw to explain her treachery as she asks Splinter if he is her real father. Shredder answers yes and has Tiger Claw lock her up. In "The Legend of the Kuro Kabuto," he visits Karai in her jail cell explaining why he kept her real father a secret and hopes that she will one day understand what he had to do. After the Kuro Kabuto is stolen by Anton Zeck (Bebop) on behalf of Ivan Steranko (Rocksteady), Shredder finds Zeck's calling card on a glued-down Rahzar and orders him to get everyone. After explaining the Kabuto's history, Shredder orders his minions to hunt for Zeck, sending Fishface with Stockman-Fly and Rahzar with Tiger Claw. When Leo confronts Shredder for a trade, he keeps him busy long enough for the others to get to Karai. Shredder manages to get the Kuro Kabuto back upon the Turtles' retreat. The "Karai" he trades the helmet later turns out to be a bomb as the Turtles evade it. In "Vengeance is Mine," Shredder intervenes with Tiger Claw's attempt to kill the real Karai when she tries to escape. When he tells Karai that he wants her to understand what he had to do, she furiously tells him that he is not her father. After the Turtles free her, Shredder states to Tiger Claw that her will want to have her revenge on him. When Karai returns to confront him, he manages to overwhelm and defeat her. He then plans to use her as bait so that he can have the Turtles fall into the mutagen vat filled with snake DNA that Stockman-Fly had placed in there. During Shredder's fight with Splinter, Shredder tries to stop Leo from freeing Karai only to cause her to fall into the mutagen vat and emerge as a snake-like mutant much to the dismay of Shredder and Splinter. Just as he had with Shen's death, Shredder blames Splinter for Karai's mutation as the resulting battle ends up destroying Stockman-Fly's lab. In "The Invasion," Shredder tells Kraang Prime that he will help in the Kraang's invasion in exchange that they find Karai and mutate her back to normal. After defeating Leatherhead, Shredder's fight with Splinter continues through the sewers. When Shredder takes down Splinter, he throws Splinter into the sewer dispoal pipes in front of April and the Turtles and leaves the area with a broken arm. When the Turtles and April vow to avenge Splinter, they make it to his lair in the Turtle Mech but are forced to fight Kraang Prime and escape after being defeated.
  • Hachiko - Shredder's pet Akita who only appears in "The Gauntlet," where he bites Chris Bradford's right hand when he tries to pet him. Shredder claims that the Akita is even angrier at him for his recent failures. Hachinko's bite is what mutates Bradford into Dogpound after being exposed to mutagen.
  • Chris Bradford / Dogpound / Rahzar (voiced by Clancy Brown) - Chris Bradford was a world-famous martial artist who is secretly a prized member of the Foot Clan, owning a chain of dojos across the country for the purpose of recruiting Foot Soldiers. He first appears in "New Friend, Old Enemy," where he is sent by Shredder to pair up with Xever (Fishface) to find Splinter. After his first encounter with the Turtles, he befriends Mikey on a social media website in an attempt to entrap the Turtles, going so far as to teach Mikey his secret kata "The Death Dragon", which he learned from Shredder. Bradford later captures Mikey and baits the Turtles to rescue him and lead the Foot to Splinter. However, the plan fails after Splinter recognizes the 'Death Dragon' move during the Turtles' sparring. Bradford is defeated by Mikey's use of the 'Death Dragon' before he and Xever are flushed down the sewers. In "The Gauntlet," Bradford goes after the Turtles with Xever again, but fails when they are both exposed to mutagen from the Kraang's mutagen bomb on top of the Wolf Hotel. As the result of previously being bitten on the hand by Shredder's pet Akita Hachinko, Bradford mutates into a truck-size mutant Akita with a spiked back, a large left arm, heightened senses and superhuman strength that Mikey dubs "Dogpound". In "Showdown" Pt. 1, Dogpound reveals his own twisted knowledge of the Shredder-Splinter rivalry to Fishface, implicating Yoshi as the true instigator. Both he and Fishface are easily defeated by Splinter when he arrives to rescue April. In "Mikey Gets Shellacne," Dogpound becomes disillusioned with his mutated state and uses Karai's order to get Baxter Stockman as an excuse to force the scientist in finding a means to restore his humanity. However, a fight with Mikey in Stockman's lab causes Dogpound falls into Stockman's mutagen tank, mutating him into a near-skeletal werewolf variation of his previous form that Mikey dubs "Rahzar", enabling him to fight at his full potential again. But Mikey tricks Rahzar into attacking the electric system as the sprinklers go off, electrifying himself along with Fishface and Stockman. In "Wormquake," Shredder sees Bradford in new form where he states that he looks terrible. Rahzar demonstrates the ability to eject his bony parts at his opponents. In "The Lonely Mutation of Baxter Stockman," he and Shredder confront Stockman of his miserable failure, and has his mutagen collar explode, turning him into Stockman-Fly. When Rahzar returns with a squadron of Foot Bots to see Stockman-Fly, the mutant fly quickly destroys the Foot Bots and escapes. Later, when Shredder tells Stockman-Fly to make one last mutant, Rahzar tosses a chocolate bar for Stockman-Fly to eat. In "The Legend of the Kuro Kabuto," he teams up with Tiger Claw to get the Shredder's helmet, the Kuro Kabuto. In "Vengeance is Mine," he and Fishface are distracted by Mikey's shadow puppet skills. During their fight, when Rahzar scratches Mikey on his left arm and in slow motion, Mikey shouts "TO...KKA!" before he pushes Rahzar off the building into a pile of trash. In "The Invasion," he is about to attack the Turtles in front of April's apartment when Mikey pushes a couch off the second-story balcony that falls on top of him and crushes him.
  • Xever / Fishface (voiced by Christian Lanz) - Xever was a Brazilian street urchin who was left an orphan by his parents and to teach himself how to survive on his own by pick-pocketing. As he grew older, he began breaking easily into other people's homes for their valuable property, but was finally caught by the authorities while burglarizing what was later revealed to be Foot Clan property and put in prison. However, this was until he was bailed out and indoctrinated into the Foot Clan by Shredder, who trained him as his crime expert and a cut-throat killer armed with a pair of butterfly knives. He first appears in "New Friend, Old Enemy," where he is sent by Shredder to assist Chris Bradford (Dogpound / Rahzar) in finding Splinter since he is familiar with the criminal underworld of Manhattan, but the plan to trick the Turtles into leading them to Splinter fails when they flush him and Bradford down the sewers. In "The Gauntlet," Xever is exposed to mutagen from the Kraang's mutagen bomb on top of the Wolf Hotel while going after the Turtles with Bradford again. As the result of previously holding a snakehead at a Chinatown Market stall, Xever mutates into an enormous mutant snakehead with powerful stick-like arms and fangs releasing a venom that produces fever, nausea and hallucinations that Mikey later dubs "Fishface". Shortly after the mutation, Fishface is forced to reside in the pool at the Foot Clan's lair since he has a hard time breathing out of water. In "The Alien Agenda," Baxter Stockman (Stockman-Fly) creates a water-breathing rig and a pair of mechanical legs for Fishface that he tries to get working. In "The Pulverizer," Fisface finally gains control over his new legs when they are reversed engineered from a Kraangdroid and bites Raph in the shoulder. In "Baxter's Gambit," Raph learns more about Fishface's origin. In "Showdown" Pt. 1, Dogpound and Fishface fight Splinter when he arrives to rescue April. He is defeated by Splinter and gets knocked into the water when Shredder arrives to fight Splinter. In "Mikey Gets Shellacne," while following Karai's order to get her Stockman, Fishface witnesses Dogpound's transformation into Rahzar before they and Stockman are knocked out from electric shock. In "Wormquake!," Fishface seems to be a little scared when Tiger Claw shows up (presumably because a tiger's diet includes fish) and offers him some refreshments. When he faces Raph again, he reveals his new weapon is a larger butterfly knife called a switch saber. In "The Legend of the Kuro Kabuto," he teams up with Stockman-Fly to retrieve Shredder's helmet, the Kuro Kabuto. In "Vengeance is Mine," he is seen giving Karai awful prison food, which Tiger Claw orders him to give her. Later, he and Rahzar are distracted by Michelangelo's shadow puppet skills. Then he, Tiger Claw and some Foot-Bots chase the Turtles and Karai, but Fishface is unable to catch up after Donnie pours pizza grease on the street, making his motorcycle slip.
  • Baxter Stockman / Stockman-Fly (voiced by Phil LaMarr) - Baxter Stockman was a child prodigy who tried proving his brilliance at a science fair at school while presenting a volcano with real lava, which ended up burning down the gym and getting him expelled. As he grew older, he went a lot further into his dark knowledge by getting a job as an inventor at TCRI, but was fired for spilling copier toner and ever since, he vowed revenge against those who turned his "brilliance" down. He first appears in "I Think His Name is Baxter Stockman," where he attempts to break into a building in a rudimentary battle suit. The Turtles stop him, but Stockman obtains Donnie's T-Pod, which contains a military-grade artificial intelligence chip, and incorporates it into his armor. This results in Stockman's battle armor upgrading itself until it transforms into a Stockman-made robotic being, which Mikey dubs "The StockmanPod". StockmanPod defeats the Turtles, causing them to flee. Using wisdom from Splinter about "fighting the person inside the armor", the Turtles engage the StockmanPod again, and make use of a beehive to cause the StockmanPod to fall off a building. The Turtles deactivate the T-Pod and throw Stockman in the dumpster again. In "MOUSERS Attack," Stockman is brought by Dogpound before Shredder following an incident with the MOUSERS that interferes with the Foot Clan's new plan to kill the Turtles, and Shredder spares him in return for his services that include a water-breathing rig and mechanical legs reverse engineered from a Kraangdroid for Fishface. In "Baxter's Gambit," Stockman convinces Shredder to let him execute a full-proof plan to kill the Turtles with his Maze of Doom. However, this plan is also revealed to be an attempt on the lives of Dogpound and Fishface for their abuse. Though the two groups have a ceasefire to deal with their common enemy, Stockman uses his helicopter hat to escape. In "Mikey Gets Shellacne," Stockman goes through the remains of TCRI with the intent to start his own mutant army. However, the Turtles find him looking for a molecular centrifuge and Stockman is captured by Dogpound under Karai's orders. After claiming that he can restore Dogpound's humanity at his captor's insistence prior to his transformation into Rahzar, Stockman is outfitted with a mutagen collar to make sure he does not attempt another betrayal. In "The Lonely Mutation of Baxter Stockman," Shredder becomes tired of Stockman's failure to make a mutant army with his 74th attempt being a duck that can swim and do karate. When Stockman states that he has plan to make an army of pigs and rhinos, Shredder activates the mutagen collar on him and leaves. As the result of a housefly landing on his nose before the collar explodes, Stockman mutates into a humanoid mutant housefly with a lobster-like black claw for a right hand, a vertical mouth that spits a slime strong enough to dissolve metal, heightened hearing and superhuman speed and flight that dubs himself "Stockman-Fly", collecting cravings for sugary products. After planning to make himself normal by obtaining human DNA and shutting off the power to his lab, Stockman-Fly evades Rahzar and escapes. He later interferes with the Turtles' plan to test retro-mutagen on Kirby-Bat. After the retro-mutagen falls on to a car, Stockman-Fly captures April in order to get more retro-mutagen or else April will be mutated at his lab. He brings April to his lab where she tries to fight him to no avail, but Stockman-Fly suspends her over the mutagen as a way to combine with her and become one. Leo, Donnie, and Casey Jones interfere and work to fight Stockman-Fly and free April. Rahzar joins the battle in order to claim the retro-mutagen, so Stockman-Fly competes with the Foot Bots sent by Rahzar in order to get to the retro-mutagen first. He swipes the retro-mutagen canister from the Turtles causing them to go after him while competing with the Foot-Bots. With help from Kirby-Bat, April pursues him and manages to restore her father to normal. Stockman-Fly is brought to Shredder, who wants him to make one more mutant for him as Rahzar tosses a chocolate bar to him. Stockman-Fly sarcastically thanks Shredder for his generosity before proceeding to eat the bar. In "The Legend of the Kuro Kabuto," he partners with Fishface to retrieve Shredder's helmet, the Kuro Kabuto. During the chase, his accidental interference prompts Fishface to remark that he is such a buzz-kill, and Michelangelo decides that "Buzzkill" should have been a perfect mutant name for Stockman. In "Vengeance is Mine," Stockman-Fly assists Shredder in using Karai has bait so that Shredder can have the Turtles fall into the mutagen vat filled with albino horned viper DNA. This doesn't go as planned for not only did Stockman-Fly (who is startled by Shredder) allow two chemicals to accidentally mix together (which he still adds to the vat), but Karai herself falls into the mutagen vat as well. The resulting fight ends up setting Stockman-Fly's lab on fire leaving Stockman-Fly horrified as Shredder pushes him out of the way to confront Splinter.
    • MOUSERS - An acronym for Mobile Offensive Underground Search Excavation and Retrieval Sentries, the MOUSERS are small robots that were created by Baxter Stockman to steal on his behalf. Stockman programs them to attack anything tagged with his radioisotope spray. The MOUSERS will attack anyone, including Baxter Stockman himself. In "Showdown" Pt. 1, two them are used by Shredder and Karai as the messengers of Shredder's message for Splinter to come out and challenge him.
    • Monster of Doom - An upgraded version of the StockmanPod created by Baxter Stockman. It is first used by Stockman in "Baxter's Gambit" for his revenge on the Turtles, Dogpound, and Fishface. It took the combined strategies of both groups to defeat it.
  • Tiger Claw (voiced by Eric Bauza) - Tiger Claw was a Japanese circus performer who was mutated as a child into a very tall humanoid mutant Bengal tiger with heightened smell and hearing, superhuman strength and razor-sharp fangs and claws. As he grew older, he eventually became part of the criminal underworld where he was indoctrinated into the Foot Clan by Shredder, who trained him as his bounty hunter and a master of all weapons, collecting them from most warriors he defeats. He lost his tail in battle against a rival and searches for the person who is responsible so that he can take his revenge. He first appears in "Wormquake," where he is made Shredder's second-in-command and sent with Karai to attack the Turtles in order to draw out Splinter. After Tiger Claw defeats Raph and Mikey, Leo ends up calling Splinter on the Cheese Phone for help. Splinter arrives and fights Tiger Claw. During the fight, Karai hits Splinter with a dart with a weakening poison on it, enabling Tiger Claw to knock Splinter down and capture him. When Shredder plans to finish off Splinter, Tiger Claw shows his sense of honor by granting Splinter a final showdown with Shredder, but Leo, Raph, and Mikey are able to rescue Splinter and get him to a safe spot. While Leo, Raph, and Mikey are fighting Tiger Claw, Karai, Rahzar, and Fishface, Splinter recovers from the poison and joins the fight. During the battle, April and Casey emerge on a Kraathatrogon where it swallows Tiger Claw upon his jet pack malfunctioning. In "The Wrath of Tiger Claw," Tiger Claw returns with a torn right ear and an eyepatch on his left eye after escaping the Kraathatrogon and fighting his way through different dimensions back to Earth. Soon after he reunites with Shredder, he is sent with Karai to destroy the Turtles. During their mission, Tiger Claw states that Karai was assigned to this mission because she knows where the Turtles hang out. Together, they attack Mr. Murakami's restaurant where they get info on where to find April and Casey. While Karai goes after April, Tiger Claw goes after Casey. Casey works to evade Tiger Claw's attack, thinking that he is still mad about "the worm thing", but ends up getting thrown off the building. Tiger Claw later traces Karai to the Turtles' sewer lair and starts to head there, but she and the Turtles end up luring him to the meat locker of a factory, where the Turtles end up fighting him. When Karai arrives, she attacks Tiger Claw, but he knocks her out. He then leaves with her and informs Shredder of her actions. After Shredder confirms to Karai that Splinter is her true father, he has Tiger Claw lock her up. In "The Legend of the Kuro Kabuto," he teams up with Rahzar to get Shredder's helmet, the Kuro Kabuto. In "Vengeance is Mine," he stops Karai from escaping and has her shackled and locked up in another cell. When Leo and Raph rescue her, Tiger Claw attacks them, only to be temporarily stunned by the dog whistle that Donnie sets up. He chasees them to capture Karai, only to get knocked out by the Shellraiser. Later, Shredder has him get in touch with Stockman-Fly. Once Karai is recaptured, Tiger Claw gags her with tape and they hang her above Stockman-Fly's mutagen tank to lure the Turtles and Splinter. However, everything goes wrong when Karai gets mutated and Stockman-Fly's lab catches fire. Tiger Claw then tells Shredder to retreat with him or the whole lab will go down with him and that he won, though Shredder feels that he hasn't won with Karai as a mutant.
  • Ivan Steranko / Rocksteady (voiced by Fred Tatasciore) - Ivan Steranko was a Russian arms dealer and artifact collector with a diamond right eye, which was the result of an accident caused by Anton Zeck (Bebop), who is an old friend and business partner of Shredder's, known with Excalibur, the Spear of Destiny, Alexander the Great's armor, a polar bear hunting trophy, and a taxidermy rhinoceros in his collection and the ability to tell the difference between a fake artifact and a real one. He first appears in "Enemy of My Enemy," where he meets with Shredder for a weapons deal. Shredder has the cargo searched just in case Steranko is pulling any tricks. During the Turtles' fight with Shredder, Steranko is knocked out by the weapon that is being sold to the Foot Clan. In "The Legend of the Kuro Kabuto," he sends Zeck to steal Shredder's helmet, the Kuro Kabuto, to add to the collection. When Zeck meets up with Steranko in his helicopter, they discover that Leo has swapped it out with dirty diapers. As a result, Steranko vows to hurt Zeck for it. In "A Chinatown Ghost Story," it is mentioned that Steranko would pay the Purple Dragons through the roof for the Mystic Dagger. In a later episode, both he and Zeck are captured by Fishface and Rahzar. Shredder is furious at his old friend for sending Zeck to steal his helmet while Steranko pleads him to forgive him since they've known each other for 10 years. After Zeck is mutated, Steranko still tries to convince Shredder to spare him and would be much better as a human to work for him instead of a mutant. However, Rahzar strikes him, making him lose his Ushanka and fall into the second batch of mutagen within the mutagen vat. As the result of Stockman-Fly pouring black rhinoceros DNA into the vat, Steranko mutates into a large mutant black rhinoceros with his shoulder pads and knuckle dusters fused to his body.
  • Anton Zeck / Bebop (voiced by J.B. Smoove) - Anton Zeck was a professional thief in a high-tech suit with an energy mohawk armed with high tech gadgets who once caused an accident that cost Ivan Steranko (Rocksteady) his right eye. He first appears in "The Legend of Kuro Kabuto," where he is sent by Steranko to steal Shredder's helmet, the Kuro Kabuto. Following his theft, where he leaves his calling card on a glued-down Rahzar, Zeck runs into the Turtles, who steal the Kuro Kabuto from him. The Turtles, Rahzar, Fishface, Tiger Claw, and Stockman-Fly fight Zeck over the helmet, but he manages to evade them. When Zeck meets up with Steranko in his helicopter, they discover that Leo has swapped it out with dirty diapers at the last minute. As a result, Steranko vows to hurt Zeck for it. In a later episode, they are captured by Fishface and Rahzar. Zeck is terrified and tells Steranko that he doesn't want to be a mutant because he's too handsome. When Shredder arrives, he is furious at them both stealing his helmet and has Fishface shove Zeck into the first batch of mutagen within the mutagen vat. As the result of Stockman-Fly pouring warthog DNA into the vat, Zeck mutates into a tall humanoid mutant warthog with a broken left tusk and the high-tech suit and energy mohawk fused to his body.
  • Foot Soldiers - An army of ninjas loyal to Shredder, making up the soldiers of the Foot Clan. They wear black suits and masks with bug-like eyes and red bandannas with the Foot Clan logo on them (similar to the outfits worn by the Foot Ninjas from the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles films). The Foot Soldiers seem to never talk. Each of the Foot Soldiers fight with staffs, shurikens, katanas, Naginata, Tonfa, and nunchucks. The Foot Soldiers recruits are trained at Chris Bradford's dojos. At the time when Shredder is in Japan, the Foot Soldiers haven't been seen since the Foot Bots came into view.
  • Foot Bots - An army of robotic Foot Soldiers that were created by the Kraang to strengthen the Foot Clan. The Foot Bots can adapt to every ninja moves and skills. During the Turtles' first fight with the them in "Follow the Leader," the Turtles had to do unpredictable moves and skills to defeat them. In "Target: April O'Neil," the Foot Bots are upgraded with two extra retractable arms with weapons protruding from where the hands would be. They learn how to ice skate among other things as seen when they face off against Casey Jones at the ice skating rink. In "The Lonely Mutation of Baxter Stockman," the Foot Bots are shown to have gliding abilities with retractable fabric wings.


The Kraang (voiced by Nolan North) are a race of brain-shaped aliens from Dimension X piloting robotic bodies called Kraangdroids that are responsible for bringing mutagen to Earth a thousand years ago. They have not mastered English and communicate in redundant speech. In "The Gauntlet," the Turtles learn that the Kraang have been abducting scientists so that they can help modify the mutagen's properties. In "The Alien Agenda," the Kraang establish the World Wide Genome Project as a front while they were collecting the DNA of every animal and plant species on Earth. In "The Pulverizer," the Kraang reclaim the power cell that Leatherhead stole from them. In "TCRI," it is revealed that the Kraang have their headquarters in the higher parts of the TCRI building. It is also revealed that the Kraang can also survive in poisonous gas. While inside the TCRI building, the Turtles discover the Kraang's invasion plan: to mutate the whole planet so that their kind can live here, which will wipe out everyone else in the process. When the Turtles manage to get away when their explosives are unable to destroy the Kraang's portal, Mikey manages to obtain a Kraang data storage device which reveals that the Kraang are also after April. In "Cockroach Terminator," the Kraang steal a special lens as part of a plot to use their laser drill to burrow to the Earth's core as part of the Kraang's invasion plan. This plot is thwarted by Raph. In "Enemy of My Enemy," two Kraang operatives pilot a spacecraft when hunting the Turtles up to the point where they end up crashing a weapons trade involving the Shredder. The spacecraft is repelled by Leo and crashes into the ocean. After he and Karai emerge from the water, Shredder is shown to have captured one of the Kraang pilots. In "Karai's Vendetta," the captured Kraang is interrogated by Shredder on why they hunt the Turtles and learns on how they've been targeting April. The Kraang set up a base in the East River where they start a plot to turn Earth's water into Kraang water and have brought a large unnamed sea monster from Dimension X to help guard the base. The Turtles managed to destroy the base and escape from the sea monster. In "The Pulverizer Returns," the captive Kraang agent tells Shredder that the mutagen that had mutated Chris Bradford and Xever into Dogpound and Fishface has unpredictable results on Earth. After Shredder's mutagen plot is thwarted by the Turtles, the captive Kraang tells Shredder that they have a common enemy in the Turtles which leads to an alliance between the Foot Clan and the Kraang. In "Showdown" Pt. 1, the Kraang begin their invasion by bringing the Technodrome to Earth. Even though the Turtles destroyed the portal, the Technodrome and Kraang Prime have already arrived. In "Showdown" Pt. 2, the Kraang start to collect human specimens for Kraang while Kraang Prime begins to siphon the mental energy from April. This plot was thwarted by the Turtles. In "Plan 10," the Kraang develop a mind-swapping device in order to swap the minds of anyone which results in Raph and a Kraang getting their minds switch. After the mind-swap is undone, the Turtles destroy the device. It is also revealed that the Kraang are going to invade Earth with a lot of Kraang soldiers. In "Buried Secrets," it is revealed that the Kraang were awakened at the site of the O'Neil Family's summer house by April's great-grandfather which explained why the Kraang have been targeting April ever since they abducted her mother. They also created a failed infiltration creation using the DNA of a Kraang and April's mom which was too dangerous for them.

  • Kraang Prime (voiced by Roseanne Barr) - A god-size brain-shaped alien who is the leader of the Kraang and one of the series's main antagonists. When he speaks to other Kraang, he uses redundant speech, but when speaking to anyone else, he uses normal speech. He first appears in "Showdown" Pt. 1 where he tells the rest of the Kraang that the invasion of Earth should begin now as the Technodrome will appear in six hours. Kraang Prime arrives on Earth in the Technodrome. In "Showdown" Pt. 2, he confronts April O'Neil after is captured and states that she has the mental energy needed to transform the Earth so that the Kraang can live on it. Kraang Prime then proceeds to begin siphoning the mental energy from April. As soon as Kraang Prime obtains enough of the mental energy, he begins his plot to mutate the Earth. However, the Turtles arrive to fight Kraang Prime and thwart his Earth mutation plot. Kraang Prime then emerges in a giant robotic body and chases after them. Leo manages to hold him off while the others get away. Luckily, Leo manages to escape with the captive humans as the Technodrome falls into the ocean. In "The Kraang Conspiracy," Kraang Prime is seen in a hologram without his robotic suit, telling the Kraang about his plan with the mutagen and catching April spying on him. In "Plan 10," he is telling two Kraang about swapping minds with humans and invasion, but becomes suspicious about one of the Kraang (which has Raph's mind swapped into it) being a little strange. Kraang Prime also states to the Kraang operatives that he has a lot of Kraang soldiers ready for the next invasion. In "The Invasion," he makes a deal with Shredder that he will deliver the Turtles and Splinter to him, and return Karai to her normal form. In repayment, he wants Shredder to help him invade the Earth. He and his army mutate several humans into Kraang-like creatures (including Kirby) and then chases the Turtles in their Party Wagon. Later, he fights the Turtles and April in the Turtle Mech, but is defeated when he gets electrocuted with power syphoned from the city's power grid that results in it going down. Kraang Prime then comes out of his robotic body and proceeds to pursue them, but fails when the Turtles and April get away in the Party Van driven by Casey.
  • Mrs. Campbell (voiced by Cassandra Peterson) - A research scientist from the World Wide Genome Project who takes an interest in April O'Neil.[6] She is actually an android created by the Kraang who used the World Wide Genome Project as their front. When she was pursuing April, she ends up fighting the Turtles until her face is sliced off and is then shorted out by water from a nearby water fountain. Another robot of Mrs. Campbell was seen as the receptionist at TCRI. This time, she and the Kraang operatives were taken out by Leatherhead. The same Mrs. Campbell makes an appearance in "Showdown" Pt. 1 where she and the Kraang are taken out by Metalhead at TCRI. Another Mrs. Campbell has an appearance in "The Kraang Conspiracy," where she attacked the Turtles and allowing one of the Kraangdroids to capture April. She was defeated when Raphael threw one of his sais at one of her missile-launching elbows, causing her to explode.
  • Irma Langinstein / Kraang Subprime (voiced by Kate Micucci as Irma, Gilbert Gottfried as Kraang Subprime) - A Kraang spy with a robotic left eye, a huge scar, a blue tattoo across his right eye and a robotic claw on his left front tentacle who poses as Irma Langinstein, April O'Neil's best friend in high school. She seems to be a lot more serious than her 1987 incarnation; though she retains the glasses from her previous incarnation, she is more gothic than nerdy. In "Mousers Attack," she calls April when her phone is stolen by the Purple Dragons. In "Mutagen Man Unleashed," she is shown as a background character, but her face is not seen. In "The Good, The Bad and Casey Jones," she makes her first introduction appearance when she and April both discover the bruises on Casey's face. When Irma ask Casey how he got them, she makes a suspicious "Hmm?", though Casey seems annoyed and angrily asks her if she's his interrogator. This makes Irma upset and she tells April to leave for the exam and not be late. In "Of Rats and Men," she has pizza with Casey and April. She seems disappointed that the people claim that pizza was gluten-free, but she claims to have definitely tasted gluten. Casey thanks her for hanging with them on their "date", since they really need a chaperon. When Casey gets spooked by a rat, Irma laughs about someone as big as him for being scared of a little rat. April then spots a stray cat (which would later become Ice Cream Kitty) and decides to find it a home. Irma states that rats are relatively harmless, and explained that they also share many human similarities, which is why they are used in scientific experiments. She doesn't intend to keep the cat, because she's more of a "rat person". She then hears a strange noise behind her, but doesn't seem to see anything watching. When April and Casey leave with the cat, Irma is disappointed that they ditched her again. She says to herself that she'll one day find out where the two are always running off to, which possibly hints that she may encounter the Turtles in a future episode. Suddenly, a strange mutant (later revealed to be a giant rat), that has been spying on her, appears and roars, then Irma turns around and screams in horror as it seemingly attacks her. Later, it is discovered that Irma is captured (along with Casey and several other people) by The Rat King's army of giant rats. The Rat King decides to test his new serum on Irma after the previous mutagen serum is not perfected. However, the Turtles, Splinter and April (even Ice Cream Kitty) find him and April manages to release Casey, Irma and the citizens. When they head to the surface, one of the giant rats attacks April, Irma, and Casey; but the rat is taken out by Casey. In "Pizza Face," she insist that April should watch a scary movie with her, but April lies to her that she has a date with Casey, though Irma doesn't believe the "dating with Casey" excuse. She is also suspicious and wandering about her "secret friends" that she won't let her know, which may be a clue that she'll know the Turtles. Then, she and April accidentally get bumped into a pizza delivery guy, who exclaims that he's being attacked. April leaves with a box of pizza the guy drops, which makes Irma sad that April left with no honest reason. In "The Wrath of Tiger Claw," Irma watches a movie with April and Casey. When April senses that they're being followed, they intend to split up. Once again, they leave Irma, who gets confused about what April was talking about. She is frustrated at them for leaving her again. In "A Chinatown Ghost Story," she and April are captured by the Purple Dragons under Ho Chan's orders. Irma is seen without her glasses when Ho Chan removes them, claiming that she has some sort of power within her. After Ho Chan is defeated, Irma arrives and instead of letting her know who they are, the Turtles leave the scene. In "The Invasion," April decides to let Irma know who her friends are. They are then attacked by Foot-Bots, but they managed to hide in the sewers. However, once they arrive, Irma begins to act strange. Her face starts twitching, her neck expands to reveal a robotic neck, and her eyes glow red while repeatedly saying, "Turtles!" She expands her body to reveal that she's been a robot the whole time. Then, Kraang Subprime peers out from inside the robot as he laughs evilly, horrifying everyone (especially April). Kraang Subprime reveals that the discovery of the lair was the only component needed to launch a full scale invasion as several portals open to allow several Kraang-droids to enter. He tells the Kraang to wipe out the lair, but says that Splinter comes with them. During the fight, Kraang Subprime pursues the Turtles and fights Splinter. Later, he is defeated by Splinter, who destroys his robotic suit and knocks him off. Kraang Subprime vows that the Kraang will dominate the Earth and tells Splinter that he and his children will be destroyed. Before he could say anything else, the stairs fall and crush Kraang Subprime, presumably killing him. His tentacle limps before laying motionless. Since then, it is unknown if there is a real Irma in the series.
  • Biotroid - A Yeti-type bio-mechanical suit with powerful arms, blades on its nipples and butt cannons, making it a very awkward villain. It is first used by the Kraang in "The Mutation Situation" on the Kraang stealth ship to protect the shipment of mutagen from the Turtles, with the resulting battle causing the mutagen canisters to fall onto the streets, one of which causes Kirby to mutate into Kirby-Bat when he tries to protect April from the mutagen. It is defeated by the Turtles and the stealth ship is redirected towards the moon. More Biotroids appear in "Wormquake," where two of them are piloted by the Kraang to attack Donnie, April, and Casey during their investigation on a portal to Dimension X.
  • Kraang Cops (Various Voices) - Two recurring minor characters where they were Kraang operatives posing as police officers. In "The Invasion," it is revealed that they were Kraang spies.

Dimension X creatures[edit]

The Kraang have used various creatures that come from Dimension X to help them in their plots. Among the Dimension X creatures are:

  • Traag - A 20-foot-tall lava-spewing rock monster from Dimension X with regenerating abilities who is in service to the Kraang. He first appears in "TCRI," where he is brought by the Kraang through the portal inside the TCRI building that connects Earth to Dimension X. He proves a challenge to the Turtles when even their bombs could only blast him apart, but Leatherhead ends up dragging him through the portal back to Dimension X. In "Showdown," Traag is seen guarding the portal again after it is upgraded with a force field. When the Turtles try to destroy it, they draw the attention of Traag and the Kraang, so Leo uses the laser to defeat Traag. In "Into Dimension X," he somehow goes back to Dimension X and partners with Granitor to attack the Turtles. However, they are defeated by Mikey in his "savage" outfit where he uses his voice to break the part of the cliff that they are on.
  • Dimension X Sea Monster - An unnamed alien sea creature from Dimension X resembling the Loch Ness Monster that acts as an underwater guardian for the Kraang. It first appears in "Karai's Vendetta," where it is brought by the Kraang from Dimension X according to Donnie. The sea monster is seen guarding the Kraang's underwater base where they turn earth's water into "Kraang water". When the Turtles (in the Turtle Sub) encounter it, they are able to outsmart it and get in the underwater base. It later attacks the Turtles in the underwater base and Mikey seemingly defeats it, while Donnie uses a Kraang laser gun to set an explosion to destroy the base. However, when all four Turtles got in their sub, the sea monster somehow manages to survive the explosion and chases the Turtle Sub. It then hits the sub to make it stop as the Turtles watch in horror when they believe they're about to meet their demise as the beast grabs their sub. However, the sea monster begins to make happy whale sounds where it thinks the Turtles Sub is a female of its own kind and has fallen in love with it. The Turtles are really disturbed and disgusted by this latching on the sub, causing Mikey to comment on it and Leo (with a disturbed face) pulls a lever and sets some explosive charges on the sea monster to force it to release them. As the Turtle Sub leaves, the sea monster is left heartbroken. In "Plan 10," it is seen guarding the wreckage of the Technadrome when the Turtles, April and Casey (including a Kraang that is trapped in Raph's body) encounter it again. The monster again recognizes the Turtle Sub as a female of its own kind. It wants to give trash for the sub to 'eat'. When the Turtle Sub passes, the sea monster becomes sad again and follows. When the Turtle Sub launches a torpedo to distract it, it accidentally hits the sea monster, angering it and causing it to attack the sub. Donnie gets its tongue caught in one of the engines, causing the sea monster to pull its tongue out and swim away with sadness.
  • Kraathatrogons - A race of alien worms from Dimension X with antennae used as riding reins that the Kraang "milk" for mutagen. They first appear in "Wormquake," where they are brought by the Kraang through an underground portal connecting Earth to Dimension X. However, Donnie reverse-engineers the portal in order to get rid of them. During the fight with the Kraang, one of the Kraathatrogons makes it to the surface and swallows Tiger Claw. When Leo reverse engineers the portal, the Kraathatrogons are sucked in, with one of them ending up in the 80s' Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles dimension. The Kraathatrogon that swallows Tiger Claw reappears in a flashback in "The Wrath of Tiger Claw," where it is killed when Tiger Claw cuts it open in order to escape easily. In "Into Dimension X," dozens of Kraathatrogons are seen in 'the wild' of Dimension X. Three are seen roaming on a small platform. A mother Kraathatrogon is seen feeding her babies mutagen. Another is seen flying, much like a flying snake.
  • Granitor - A 20-foot-tall blue fire-spewing rock monster from Dimension X with regenerating abilities who resembles Traag, but is more of a pale pink, and is in service to the Kraang. He first appears in "Into Dimension X," where he partners with Traag to attack the Turtles. However, they are defeated by Mikey in his "savage" outfit where he uses his voice to break the part of the cliff that they are on.
  • Rocktopus - A giant octopus/insect-like alien from Dimension X that sports a small creature-like attachment to draw in its prey. It first appears in "Into Dimension X," where it attacks the Turtles until they are saved by Mikey. It came back, but only to be forced away by some responding sounds by Mikey. Later, the Rocktopus's attachment poked out from one of the portals, distracting a Kraang before Mikey shoved them both back into the portal. In "The Invasion", two pigeons were sprayed by the perfected mutagen and it caused them to turn into the small creature-like attachments that resembled the exact one on Rocktopus.
  • Living Atoms - A group of sentient large atoms from Dimension X that shoot a bolt of electricity. They first appear in "Into Dimension X," where they attack the Turtles until they finally manage to outrun them.
  • Bio-Electrical Eyeball - A gigantic sun-size eyeball from Dimension X that shoots electricity at its enemies. It first appears in "Into Dimension X," where it blows up a nearby ship with electricity.

Minor Villains[edit]

  • Purple Dragons - A street gang that has been extorting shop owners for protection money in the Lower East Side. Most of theme are Chinese-Americans who secretly became allies with the Foot Clan and are commanded by Rahzar and Fishface. In "A Chinatown Ghost Story," they rob a museum to obtain specific artifacts for Steranko only to be thwarted by Donatello, April, and Casey. The Purple Dragons do manage to get away with a dagger that contains Ho Chan's ghost as he temporarily makes them his servants.
    • Hun (voiced by Eric Bauza) - The new leader of the Purple Dragons who debuts in Season 3. Unlike previous incarnations of the character, Hun is a Chinese-American man and has a slender shape.
    • Fong (voiced by Andrew Kishino) - The skinny and young Chinese-American man who is the unofficial leader of the Purple Dragons in Season 1 and 2 (unless Rahzar and/or Fishface is present) who is sometimes armed with a butcher knife. In "A Chinatown Ghost Story," Ho Chan's ghost briefly gives him lightning-based abilities. Staff writer Kenny Byerly named Fong after Benson Fong, an Asian actor from the '60s who appeared in such films as The Love Bug and Flower Drum Song.[citation needed]
    • Sid (voiced by Andrew Kishino) - A large Chinese-American member of the Purple Dragons who is sometimes armed with an axe. In "A Chinatown Ghost Story," Ho Chan's ghost briefly gives him thunder-based abilities. Sid was named by show writer Jeremy Shipp.[citation needed]
    • Tsoi (voiced by James Sie) - A moustached Chinese-American member of the Purple Dragons who is sometimes armed with a sledgehammer. In "A Chinatown Ghost Story," Ho Chan's ghost briefly gives him wind-based abilities. He is named after Andrea Tsoi, a friend of show writer Kenny Byerly's.[citation needed]
  • Snake / Snakeweed (voiced by Danny Jacobs) - Snake was a thug working for the Kraang as their getaway driver, who the Turtles catch and interrogate to find out where the Kraang are holding April and Kirby O'Neil. After getting away from the Turtles upon answering them, Snake meets up with the Kraang at their hideout and warns them that the Turtles are coming. During their mission to rescue the O'Neils, the Turtles crash a truck full of mutagen into the Kraang base where the mutagen heads straight towards him. As the result of falling off balance into a field of ivy weeds, Snake mutates into a gigantic regenerating mutant ivy weed with a hundred leaf-handed vines for arms, a hole in its neck showing the heart and a stem that splits in half to use as legs that Mikey dubs "Snakeweed". While the rest of the Turtles fight Snakeweed, Leo lures him into a power core where he is electrocuted and blown up. After the Turtles leave, Snakeweed's heart starts beating again. In "New Girl In Town," he returns and is abducting people to use them as fertilizer. At the end of the episode, the Turtles fight him again. He is eventually frozen and shattered into pieces, but his heart starts beating once again. In "Metalhead Rewired," Snakeweed was among the mutants captured by Kraang in order for them to control them. He was first discovered in his cell by the Turtles, then he and Spider Bytez were released by the Kraang to attack the Turtles. Luckily, Metalhead freed them from the Kraang's control, attacking the Kraang, but having no intentions of harming the Turtles. Snakeweed then briefly aided the Turtles before making his way to escape. With help from Metalhead, the Turtles freed the captive mutants and they escape through the portal.
  • Vic / Spider Bytez (voiced by Lewis Black) - Vic was a crabby New Yorker in his 40s who videotapes the Turtles on his cell phone during a rooftop battle with the Kraang after one of the Turtles accidentally knocks down his satellite dish. Calling the Turtles "Kung Fu Frogs", Vic also insults Raph, causing him to lose his temper. When Vic attempts to sell his video to the Kraang, they kidnap him. Leo, Mikey and Donnie attempt to rescue him as Vic tries to get to his cell phone where a brown spider crawls into it and bites him. During the fight, Vic gets splashed with mutagen. As the result of being bitten in the finger by a black widow spider that crawls onto his phone, Vic mutates into a humongous mutant black widow spider with a round body, short arms and legs, agile arachnid legs for hair, and a huge fanged mouth that spits digestive acid that Mikey dubs "Spider Bytez". Spider Bytez blames the Turtles for his mutation and attacks them. During the battle, his cell phone is destroyed. Just when Spider Bytez has the advantage, Raph shows up and gains control over his temper. Spider Bytez escapes, vowing to get revenge on the Turtles later. In "Metalhead Rewired," Spider Bytez was among the mutants captured by Kraang in order for them to control them. He was first seen in the sewers, being chased by the Kraang, and begging for the Turtles to help him. The Kraang managed to capture him, then they lock him in a chamber and brainwash him. Then, Spider Bytez and Snakeweed were released to destroy the Turtles, but Metalhead freed them. Spider Bytez was last seen with Pete and Slash as they head for the portal. With help from Metalhead, the Turtles freed the captive mutants and they escape through the portal.
  • Dr. Victor Falco / Rat King (voiced by Jeffrey Combs) - Dr. Victor Falco was a scientist presumably working for the Kraang on an experiment involving mutagen and chimpanzee DNA. Believing that he was close to developing a neurochemical that could make him psychic, Falco tests the chemical on his colleague Dr. Tyler Rockwell, transforming him into a humanoid mutant chimpanzee that can read emotions. After the Turtles figure out that Falco was lying about Rockwell's involvement in the research, they confront him. Falco injects himself with the chemical, which gives him the ability to predict the Turtles' every move. Donatello figures out how to close off his mind from Falco to defeat him. Falco escapes before the Turtles can interrogate him about the Kraang's plot. In "I, Monster," he is destitute but has salvaged some mutagen and has recreated the psychic chemical in his rat-infested lab. An accident with the chemical makes his body into a corpse-like state as well as gives him psychic control over rats, who help him out of the rubble caused by the explosion. While taking over all the rats in the city including Splinter, Falco dubs himself "The Rat King" and attempts to take over New York with his legion of rats. He manipulates Splinter into fighting the Turtles, but Splinter frees himself from the mind control and defeats him. The rats then swarm over Rat King's unconscious body to get him away from the Turtles. In "Of Rats and Men," the Rat King resurfaces and has his giant rats attack Manhattan while trying to control Splinter again. The Rat King does peer into Splinter's mind to get what he needs. The Turtles end up fighting the Giant Rats as they are abducting humans with one of them being Irma. In The Rat King's lair, Rat King tells the captives that he created the Giant Rats from the Mutagenic Growth Serum so that he can use the mutagen to turn the captive humans into Rat People. Though Rat King has had some failed experiments in the past. When The Rat King plans to make Irma his first subject, the Turtles and Splinter fight The Rat King while April tries to free the captive humans. Michelangelo throws Ice Cream Kitty at Rat King breaking his control over Splinter. While Splinter faces The Rat King, the Turtles face the giant rats. Splinter engages The Rat King further underground where he knocks Aristotle off of The Rat King's shoulder and then kicks The Rat King into the pit. In "Mazes & Mutants," there is a skeleton (or more) that has decaying looking teeth and messy hair which resembles The Rat King's skeleton in Sir Malachi's illusions.
    • Aristotle - The Rat King's pet white rat. At the end of "Of Rats and Men," Splinter manages to knock him off of Rat King's shoulder as the rat falls into a chasm. It is unknown if he survived, but it is likely (depending on how high he was), since a rat can fall as far as 50 feet and land uninjured. He was named after the Greek philosopher.
    • Caligula - A giant rat who serves as Rat King's mode of transportation.
    • Rat Man Freak (voiced by Jason Biggs) - A humanoid mutant rat who just appears in "Of Rats and Men." When the Rat King is planning to turn the humans into rat people with his Mutagenic Growth Serum, Aristotle tells him that the serum's not perfected. Then, both the Rat King and Aristotle witnesses the man he tests the serum on mutates into a hideous, disabled monstrosity. His only line was "Cheese! Please give me CHEESE!" His name is not mentioned in the show, but comes from the credits.
    • Claudius, Nero, and Commodus - The other three giant rats that are named.
  • Justin - After Karai pushes a control button on a machine at the World Wide Genome Project, a variety of animal DNA samples (examples being the DNA of a jellyfish, an isopoda, an octopus, a cobra, and a cat) gathered by the Kraang are dumped into the mutagen resulting in the creation of a composite monster that Mikey simply dubs "Justin" (he was originally going to call him "Octo-Eyeball-Jelly-Bug"). After Karai leaves, Justin attacks the Kraang until only the Turtles are left, but Leo manages to use his katanas as a conductor of electricity to destroy it. In "Metalhead Rewired," Justin turns up alive and among the mutants captured by the Kraang in order for them to control them. It is seen briefly with Spyroach when he escapes his chamber. He is shot down by a Kraangdroid as he falls several feet, but he managed to survive and escape. With help from Metalhead, the Turtles free the captive mutants and they escape through the portal.
  • Spy-Roach / Cockroach Terminator - Spy-Roach was a cockroach that was trained by Donnie in to spy on the Kraang with special micro-equipment in "Cockroach Terminator," where Raph's fear of cockroaches is revealed. An accident on Donnie's part that happens while it was spying on the Kraang causes Spy-Roach to fall into a vat of mutagen and mutate into the Cockroach Terminator, a humanoid mutant cockroach with the equipment fused to its body. After escaping from the Kraang base, Cockroach Terminator runs into the Turtles and attacks them. Raph is able to use the Shellraiser's cannon to knock it out, yet Cockroach Terminator manages to sneak away behind the Turtles's back. When the Turtles thwart the Kraang's robbery of the special lens, Cockroach Terminator catches up to the group and defeats the Kraang. Then it attacks Raph until Leo saves him. The Turtles use bug spray in order to get Cockroach Terminator out into the street where it gets hit by a truck and collides into the wall. Yet it survives and goes after them. Leo discovers that Cockroach Terminator is targeting Raph and chases him until it gets caught in the wet cement, but Cockroach Terminator molts its skin and emerges in a second form which it can now fly. It then chases after Raph while the Turtles are trying to get to the Kraang. When Cockroach Terminator grabs Mikey, Raph ends up having to overcome his fear to rescue Mikey, piloting his vehicle to lure Cockroach Terminator away so that the other Turtles can stop the Kraang. Raph's fight with it ends up disrupting the Kraang's laser drill. Raph then turns the laser drill on Cockroach Terminator, blasting it apart. Although a new Cockroach Terminator starts to form from one of the fragments of the old Cockroach Terminator or it could be the head of the original Cockroach Terminator that has signs of life. In "Fungus Humungous," he appears as a hallucination (as a larger version of his normal form) as Raph's fear, which are, of course, cockroaches. In "Metalhead Rewired," Cockroach Terminator is among the mutants captured by the Kraang in order for them to control them. It is seen briefly with Justin as they both escape their chambers, and then, in its final form, flies out during its escape. With help from Metalhead, the Turtles free the captive mutants and escape through the portal.
  • Parasitica Wasp - A giant mutant parasitoid wasp that hypnotizes the Turtles into protecting its egg by stinging them (the hypnotized victims infect their enemies by biting them). They nearly possessed the Turtles until they were broken free by Mikey and destroyed by the Turtles. Also, it showed that when the wasp stung Leo, it died after having lost its stinger, however, real wasps do not die after stinging their enemies, and therefore they do not lose their stingers since they're not barbed. In "Metalhead Rewired," at least two Parasitica Wasps are among the mutants captured by Kraang in order for them to control them. The first one is seen with a Squirrelanoid, Kirby Bat and Cockroach Terminator when they discover that Metalhead has opened their cells and the portal. Another wasp is seen shortly with a Squirrelanoid and Pete as it flies to the portal. The other wasp is not able to escape as it got knocked out of the air when the portal closes and crashes on the ground. With help from Metalhead, the Turtles free the captive mutants and they escape through the portal.
  • Newtralizer (voiced by Danny Trejo) - A tall mutant/alien fire-belly newt in a weapon-upgraded suit of high-tech armor with a huge mouth that he uses to eat the Kraang that was the result of one of the Kraang's experiments with mutagen where he was considered dangerous to them. He first appears in "Operation: Breakout," where he is accidentally released by Donnie from a Kraang detention cell during the second attempt to rescue Kirby O'Neil. Mikey drives a car on top of him, crushing him and allowing them to escape. Newtralizer is shown to have survived after the Turtles leave. In "Metalhead Rewired," Newtralizer is among one of the mutants captured by the Kraang in order for them to control them. He is seen briefly in a background when Slash punches one of the Kraangdroids as Newtralizer, Rockwell, and a Squirrelanoid escape their chambers. He also doesn't have its gear, though he may have reclaimed it before heading to the portal. With help from Metalhead, the Turtles free the captive mutants and they escape through the portal. In "Newtralized," Newtralizer frees Slash from the Kraang and works with him to stop the Kraang's plots and steal some plutonium for their teleporter devices. It is shown that a part of Newtralizer's armor had a program that enabled him to speak human language. When it comes to Newtralizer's collaboration with Slash, it is shown that Newtralizer doesn't care for the humans when it comes to stopping the Kraang. During a fight with the Kraang at the docks, Newtralizer hijacks the Kraang Walker and uses it to attack the Kraang while planning to attack the city, so Raph and Casey Jones work with Slash to stop it. After the Kraang Walker is destroyed, Newtralizer is defeated. The final scene of the episode shows that Newtralizer survives the Kraang Walker's destruction.
  • Squirrelanoids - a group of humanoid mutant eastern gray squirrels with red skeleton-like skin, glowing green eyes and mouths and retractable tongues with a secondary head at the end that are the results of an eastern gray squirrel drinking from one of the mutagen canisters that fell from the Kraang's stealth-ship during the Kraang's fight with the Turtles in "The Mutation Situation". In "Invasion of the Squirrelanoids," the Turtles find the mutated squirrel and bring it back to the lair, where it begins to multiply and mutate. When the Turtles are being overwhelmed by the Squirrelanoids, Splinter arrives and fends them off, allowing them to escape into the tunnels. The Turtles end up going after them to keep them from reaching the surface and causing havoc. Using some popcorn and his knowledge of comic books, Mikey baits the Squirrelanoids into a grain pipe and flushes them into the septic tanks until Donnie can come up with a retro-mutagen to use on them. However, one of the Squirrelanoids manages to escape and attacks a sewer worker that found the bag of popcorn. In "Fungus Humungous," it appeared as a hallucination as Mikey's worst fear after he was sprayed by one of the mushroom's spawns. In "Metalhead Rewired," at least 3 Squirrelanoids are among the mutants captured by Kraang in order for them to control them. One is first seen with a Parasitic Wasp, Kirby Bat and Cockroach Terminator when they discover Metalhead opening their cells. The second one is seen with Dr. Rockwell and the Newtralizer when Slash punches one of the Kraangdroids. The other is seen with a Parasitic Wasp and Pete before making its way to the portal. One of the Squirrelanoids is seen again in a background when Dr. Rockwell beats up one of the Kraangdroids. With help from Metalhead, the Turtles free the captive mutants and they escape through the portal.
  • Chrome Dome (voiced by Nolan North) - An android in a dark ninja outfit (which resembles Chris Bradford's full ninja outfit) armed with a plasma sword and whip that Karai has the Kraang develop in her plan to kill April O'Neil. During the Foot Clan's fight with the Turtles, Chrome Dome snatches April from her duel with Karai and reveals that the Kraang has programmed it to follow their plan to reserve April, now viewing both sides as its enemy. Mikey is able to defeat it by running it's plasma sword through its chest. In "Vengeance is Mine," another Chrome Dome is used by Shredder as a decoy in order to capture Karai. This Chrome Dome however, is destroyed by Karai.
  • April Derp (voiced by Mae Whitman) - A reject clone of April O'Neil who only appears in "The Kraang Conspiracy". Unlike most of the clones, she is very large, her right leg and left arm are terribly deformed, a large mouth grows on her back, and a small head on the side of her left eye that resembles the real April. The Kraang sends her to attack the Turtles, but she is killed by the real April's psychic powers.
  • Fungus Humungous (voiced by Fred Tatasciore) - A humongous one-eyed mutant mushroom that can grow smaller mushroom spawns and release spores that cause people to see their worst fears. It first appears in "Fungus Humungous," where it is first encountered by a sewer worker who runs by April and Casey ranting about a monstrous squirrel. When April is exposed to the spores, she sees her worst fear of bats including a vision of her mutated dad. The Turtles come with Casey to find April, but when Casey is exposed to the spores, he experiences his fears of being overwhelmed by a swarm of rats. When the Turtles find April, one of Fungus Humungous's mushroom spawns attacks where Raph is exposed to the spores, causing him to see Leo as Spyroach. The Turtles find a lair filled with mushroom spawns causing Leo, Donnie, and Mikey to fight them. Mikey gets exposed to the spores and experiences his fear of the Squirrelanoids. Donnie gets exposed as well, causing him to experience his fear of April hating him. Leo then gets exposed, causing him to experience the fear of losing his team. Leo then falls into the Fungus Humungous's lair, where he finds that the mutagen is responsible for its creation. As Fungus Humungous spreads its spawns, Mikey fights through them while facing his fears. Leo faces his fears and discovers that Fungus Humungous can't stand sunlight. Once Leo lets in a lot of sunlight through the hole in the ceiling, he uses it to defeat Fungus Humungous and neutralize the spores on the others. A twist ending reveales that one of Fungus Humungous' spawns had survived when Mikey finds it on his pizza.
  • Antonio / Pizza Face (voiced by John DiMaggio) - Antonio was an Italian pizza chef who ran Antonio's Pizza until he ingested mutagen thinking that it would be a good pizza topping, mutating himself into a big mutant pepperoni and mushroom pizza with arms, a mouth, and eyes made of pepperoni controlling different pizzas into coming to life by attaching itself to its victims in a zombie-like state. He first appears in "Pizza Face," where Mikey goes to Antonio's Pizza to get his money back and finds the other victims of Pizza Face as he is attacked by them. Upon returning to the lair, Mikey finds that his fellow Turtles and Splinter have become affected as Mikey fights off Pizza Face's pizzas. Mikey ends up interrogating one of these pizzas to find out who he works for. The pizza ends up telling Mikey about his origin and plans to feed off them. After putting the pizza into the freezer with Ice Cream Kitty, Mikey infiltrates Antonio's Pizza restaurant where Pizza Face (who liked the name that Mikey called his appearance as) is starting to make the humans into calzones for him to feed off of. Mikey confronts him and fights the pizza-controlled Turtles until he ends up trapped in Pizza Face's cheese. Upon eating his way out of the cheese, Mikey fights his way past Pizza Face's victims where he ends up swallowed up by Pizza Face only to eat himself up. Mikey threatens Pizza Face to free his victims or else, and Pizza Face does what Mikey does as every one he brainwashed is freed. Even though it seemed like a nightmare to Mikey, it turns out that Pizza Face's slice has survived and is hiding out in one of the pizza boxes.
  • Ho Chan (voiced by James Hong) - Ho Chan was a powerful martial artist during China's Shang Dynasty whose martial arts powers were so incredible that they were mistaken for sorcery. He was cursed without flesh and trapped in an ancient dagger which is stolen by the Purple Dragons (who were stealing artifacts for Steranko) in "A Chinatown Ghost Story". The Purple Dragons release him and he gives them the powers of lightning, thunder and wind, making them his loyal servants and giving him control over their minds. He orders the Dragons to go after April O'Neil, since only with her powers could he be mortal again. Irma is also captured where Ho Chan claims that Irma has some type of power in her. Later, Ho Chan takes the Purple Dragons' powers and gives it to Leo, Raph and Mikey, turning them against Casey and Donnie. April is able to defeat him by stabbing him with the dagger, trapping him inside once again. As Donnie sends the Mystic Dagger to the depths of the ocean, Ho Chan vows to return. Ho Chan is a homage to James Hong's character Lo Pan from Big Trouble in Little China.
  • Creep - A regenerating mutant swamp monster made of mud and moss wearing the clothes of a sun-beaten scarecrow and possessing superhuman strength and vines used as whips growing out of his body. Creep is the result of Leo vomiting a medicine that had mutagen in it onto the shores of a creek in "Within the Woods" causing his birth. Following this, he stalks the Turtles, April, and Casey near the O'Neil Farmhouse, targeting Raph first. He then ambushes Donnie and Mikey near a shack containing the bottle of the mutagen medicine. During the fight that follows, the medicine causes Raph to mutate into a plant mutant. As soon as Creep finds and attacks Casey and April, who try their best to take him down, he ends up taking Casey's mask. Upon seeing April get abducted, Leo traces Creep to his shack and fights him and fails to defeat him. After Leo walks back to the shack with the group, they use the mutagen medicine bottle and play keep away with Creep until the bottle is destroyed by Leo and Creep is chained by April and Casey. Donnie then uses an I.V. vacuum to drain the mutagen out of him in order to restore Raph to his regular form. The rest of Creep ends up back into his goo-like form which starts to glow in a glass jar as it begins to crack.
  • The Finger (voiced by Jesse Ventura) - A hunter and collector wearing a shrunken head around his neck that he refers to as his mother (because it almost looks like that is where his high voice is coming from) whose name is attributed to an extra finger he has on his right hand. He first appears in "A Foot Too Big," where he hunts down Bigfoot and stumbles upon the Turtles as well. After Bigfoot runs into the forest after hearing Leo and Casey making fun of her, she falls into The Finger's trap. When Donnie and Mikey run after her, they are captured by as well. The two Turtles manage to escape and try helping Bigfoot but are overpowered by The Finger's fighting moves. When The Finger is about to kill Bigfoot, he realizes that Bigfoot is a lady (due to April giving her a makeover earlier) which he says he would never harm. After he apologizes to his mother and breaks down in tears, Bigfoot carries him off into the woods.
  • Mom Thing (voiced by Renae Jacobs) - A Kraang/human abomination that was a composite of the thoughts and Kraang DNA of April's mother, Mrs. O'Neil. It first appears in "Buried Secrets," where the Turtles, April, and Casey discover a Kraang ship containing the creature's frozen body in Mrs. O'Neil's form in the basement of the O'Neil family house. After she is unfrozen, the creature acts like Mrs. O'Neil is surprised to see her daughter again. However, Mikey has his suspicions about her, which the rest of the guys don't believe. While following her into the woods, Mikey discovers that he is right, and that Mrs. O'Neil is actually a Kraang in disguise. She overpowers him, however, and places him under mind control. After she does the same to Donnie and Leo, Raph finally realizes that Mikey was telling the truth, but April and Casey still don't believe him. It isn't until Mrs. O'Neil (in her human form) forces April to leave with her that she reveals her true identity, turning into a giant spider-like Kraang that Raph dubs "Mom Thing". After attacking the remaining three in the barn and swallowing Raph and Casey, she convinces April to join her. April defeats her by using her psychic powers to blast her apart and turn everyone back to normal. Donnie reveals that the Mrs. O'Neil they discovered was only a composite of her thoughts and Kraang DNA, assuming that the real Mrs. O'Neil is still dead. April is convinced, however, that her mother is still alive somewhere. In a twist ending, the mutagen that Mom Thing spills plays a part in the origin of the Punk Frogs.
  • Dream Beavers - A family of over-sized mutant/alien North American beavers from the Dream Dimension with dream-infiltrating abilities who sought to take over Earth after they were brought to the dreams of Earth's people when a physicist named Bernie was working on dimension-traveling machine called the Dream Plug. He kept this machine ever since in his Latin book to prevent penetration of the Beavers into the earthly dimension, and has been keeping himself awake for forty years in order to prevent them from getting into his dreams. They first appear in "In Dreams," where they infiltrate the dreams of the Turtles and bring their nightmares to life in order to drain their life-force. April uses her powers to enter their dreams in order to get them to wake up. When the Turtles realize that they are in a dream, the Dream Beavers come together to attack them. Upon learning about them from Bernie, Casey destroys the Dream Plug which not only wakes the Turtles but also frees the Dream Beavers, who convert into a smaller size and return to their dimension as Bernie finally falls asleep.
    • Dark Beaver (voiced by John Kassir) - The red-furred leader of the Dream Beavers with glowing red eyes and a flaming skull symbol tattooed on his stomach who infiltrates Donnie's dream.
    • Dire Beaver (voiced by Robert Englund) - A purple-furred member of the Dream Beavers with glowing red eyes and a bomb symbol tattooed on his stomach who infiltrates Leo's dream.
    • Dread Beaver (voiced by Robert Englund) - An orange-furred member of the Dream Beavers with glowing red eyes and a crying cracked skull symbol tattooed on his stomach who infiltrates Raph's dream.
    • Dave Beaver (voiced by John Kassir) - A blue and pink-furred member of the Dream Beavers with blue eyes and a rainbow-and-starred heart symbol tattooed on his stomach who infiltrates Mikey's dream than the Turtles shared dreams. Dave is the unintelligent member of the group.
  • Speed Demon (voiced by Steven Blum) - A mutant purple muscle car entity capable of turning whoever is driving it into its mutant host with the need for speed that is the result of a car running over a spilled mutagen supply that Rasputin the Mad Frog looses during the Punk Frog's fight with the Turtles in "The Croaking". In "Race with the Demon," it pursues Donnie, April, and Casey in their station wagon and tries to run them off the road. News of the Demon Racer's vehicle causing trouble on the road reaches the local news. In order to get even with the Speed Demon, Casey and Donnie construct a racing vehicle to compete with it. When Casey later encounters Speed Demon's vehicle, he finds out that Speed Demon is actually a mutant. Speed Demon then plans to run an old lady and her vehicle off the road, but Casey repels him just as the rest of the Turtles and April catch up. Mikey finds mutagen that leaked from Speed Demon onto the road as Donnie claims a sample of it. While piloting the new car (which is made from parts of Kraang technology) with Dr. Cluckingsworth, Casey tries to take down Speed Demon by using a smokescreen to slow it down. Donnie then removes the driver (who returns to normal) from the car, but is too late to learn that the car is the actual mutant as Speed Demon possesses him. In order to get Donnie out of Speed Demon, Casey is challenged to a race to Dead Man's Curb. With help from Dr. Cluckingsworth, Casey frees Donnie from Speed Demon as it starts attacking them, only to get knocked off a cliff when the other Turtles and April arrive. As Speed Demon falls into the river below and explodes, it vows to return.

Supporting characters[edit]

  • Tang Shen - The wife of Hamato Yoshi (Splinter) and the mother of Hamato Miwa (Karai), who died 15 years ago when Splinter's adoptive brother and rival suitor, Oroku Saki (Shredder) broke into the Hamato Clan monastery and burned it to the ground, spiriting away Karai. She only appears in flashbacks since her death.
  • Mrs. O'Neil (voiced by Renae Jacobs) - The mother of April and the wife of Kirby. In "Karai's Vendetta," April first mentions her, distracting Karai with the fact that April has lost her mother as well as she manages kick her down a flight of subway stairs and escape. Mrs. O'Neil first appears for the first time in "The Kraang Conspiracy" in an old family photo as Jack Kurtzman reveals the extradimensional Kraang abducted her before April was born. The Kraang wanted for yet unexplained reasons a suitable human host for their plans of conquest for the Earth and finally found it in Mrs. O'Neil, so they kidnapped her and subjected her to experiments in which her human DNA was mixed with the genetic material of the Kraang. As a result, April was born half Kraang, half human. In "Buried Secrets," the turtles find April's long-lost mother frozen in a Kraang ship buried under the O'Neil farmhouse, but the "Mrs. O'Neil" they find turns out to be a Kraang/human hybrid with Mrs. O'Neil's memories that Raph dubs "Mom Thing". After the Mom Thing is destroyed, April believes that her real mother is still alive somewhere.
  • Metalhead - A durable turtle robot armed with many weapons at its disposal such as a flamethrower and a laser cannon that is built by Donnie from salvaged Kraang technology. He first appears in "Metalhead," where he is ironically used by Donnie to thwart the Kraang's plot in dumping mutagen in the city's water supply. In "Metalhead Rewired," he sacrifices himself to save the Turtles and the mutants from the Kraang. The only thing that remains is his head, although Donnie may build another Metalhead one day in the future. Despite Metalhead not appearing on the show any more, he can still be seen walking through Donnie's lab in the opening sequence and his severed head has been seen on the shelf in the background of the lab in some episodes.
  • Dr. Tyler Rockwell (voiced by Frank Welker) - Dr. Tyler Rockwell was a neurochemist who was Victor Falco's science partner and colleague until he was unknowingly used as a subject in Falco's experiment involving mutagen, a neurochemical, and monkey DNA. April and the Turtles learn Rockwell has gone missing and investigate. They discover that Falco had transformed Rockwell into a humanoid mutant monkey (referred to in the toyline as "Monkey Brains") that can sense emotion. So far, it hasn't been shown what Tyler Rockwell's human form looks like. After the Turtles defeated Falco, they released Rockwell, who heads to the window. Before he does, he turns back to look at the Turtles as if he's trying to thank them. In "Metalhead Rewired," Dr. Rockwell's mutated form is among the mutants captured by Kraang in order for them to control them. He is first seen being brainwashed in his chamber when the Turtles discover him. After Metalhead sets him free, he, Newtralizer and a Squirrelanoid escape, then Rockwell beats up one of the Kraangdroids before heading to the portal. With help from Metalhead, the Turtles free the captive mutants and they escape through the portal. In "Mazes & Mutants," the Turtles fight the Monkey Goblins used by Sir Malachi, that all resemble Rockwell. The Turtles find the Monkey Goblins to be someone they know. The illusions were seen again when Sir Malachi leaves.
  • Mr. Murakami (voiced by Sab Shimono) - A blind, but skillful Japanese chef who runs a noodle shop. He becomes a friend to the Turtles after they save him from an extortion attempt by the Purple Dragons. Despite being blind, he knows what the Turtles are, but isn't afraid of them. Murakami rewards the Turtles with a dish called "Pizza Gyoza" (a type of Japanese-style dumpling that is stuffed with pizza ingredients) which the Turtles love. April and The Turtles address Mr. Murakami as "Murakami-san."
  • Joan Grody (voiced by Kari Wahlgren) - The hostess of a TV show called "Grody to the Max."
  • 80's Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles - While in a room full of portals, Donatello, April O'Neil, and Casey Jones look into a portal where they see their 80's counterparts. In the final scene, the 80's Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles see a Kraathatrogon emerge in Manhattan and engage it. The 80's Turtles are also seen in a flashback of "The Wrath of Tiger Claw," where they encounter Tiger Claw in their own dimension when he got out of the Kraathatrogon.
    • 80's Leonardo (voiced by Cam Clarke) - The 80's counterpart of Leonardo.
    • 80's Donatello (voiced by Barry Gordon) - The 80's counterpart of Donatello. An error in the credits shows 80's Donatello is credited as Townsend Coleman.
    • 80's Raphael (voiced by Rob Paulsen) - The 80's counterpart of Raphael.
    • 80's Michelangelo (voiced by Townsend Coleman) - The 80's counterpart of Michelangelo. An error in the credits shows 80's Michelangelo is credited as Barry Gordon.
    • 80's Casey Jones - The 80's counterpart of Casey Jones who is seen in a brief cameo.
    • 80's April O'Neil - The 80's counterpart of April O'Neil who is seen in a brief cameo. Donnie finds her jumpsuit attractive.
  • Martin Milton / Sir Malachi (voiced by Paul Reubens) - Martin Milton was a man who played "Mazes & Mutants" so much that he played it for every hour of every day. One day, he was exposed to a falling mutagen canister while he was feeding a flock of house sparrows some bread that was in his hands. As a result of this, Martin mutates into a dwarf-sized mutant house sparrow in a medieval-style hood and tunic with a left peg leg and carrying a staff with an egg-shaped decoration on top used to perform magic and illusions that dubs himself "Sir Malachi," referring himself as a "sparrow wizard" and doing solo LARP in the sewers. He first appears in "Mazes and Mutants," where he uses his magic to send the Turtles into the "Mazes & Mutants" game where he has them go through the quest in order to defeat a dragon and free Princess April. The Turtles go through Sir Malachi's game where the first riddle involves fighting the Monkey Goblins that resemble Dr. Tyler Rockwell's mutant form. When Raph challenges Sir Malachi, he turns Raph's head into a turkey's head. The next riddle Sir Malachi gives involves the Turtles evading a rolling fireball. When the Turtles find April and end up fighting the dragon, which resembles Leatherhead, Sir Malachi arrives upon the dragon's defeat where he wants the Turtles to play his game until his heart is content. Leo states that Sir Malachi is a mutant who created the maze in their mind. Raph throws Mikey's Ring of Awesomeness towards Sir Malachi. Upon the Turtles not believing in Sir Malachi's illusion, the spell is broken and the Turtles learn Sir Malachi's origin. After being promised not to play the "Mazes & Mutants" his way again, Sir Malachi leaves with the illusions of Leatherhead and the Monkey Goblins right behind him. The creators of this show have said that Malachi's character was inspired by the role-playing games that they all enjoy and they very much wanted a "wizard" character.
  • Long-Tongue Worms - Small alien worms from Dimension X that all appear harmless unlike most creatures from Dimension X. They appear in "Into Dimension X", where Mikey demonstrates that they use these worms as lassos, and the green liquid that comes out of their rear end is edible. He then takes one with him back to Earth.
  • Earth Protection Force - A secret black ops unit created to handle extraterrestrial threats. They first appear in "The Invasion," where they take on Kraang Prime to protect the city.
  • April's Great-Grandfather - The unnamed great-grandfather of April, who built the O'Neil farm many years ago. Unknowingly to him, he didn't realize that a Kraang ship (which crashed on Earth) was under the house. One day, he discovered the Kraang ship and accidentally awoke several Kraang before they experimented on him.

TV show characters[edit]

The following characters appear in the TV shows that are watched by the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles:

Space Heroes characters[edit]

Space Heroes is fictional animated science fiction TV series that is Leonardo's favorite show. It is a parody of Star Trek: The Animated Series.

  • Captain Ryan (voiced by Brian Bloom) - The main hero and leader of a spaceship crew in "Space Heroes." He resembles Captain James T. Kirk.
  • Crankshaw (voiced by Scott Menville) - A young ensign who Captain Ryan slaps every time he panics.
  • Dr. Mindstrong (voiced by Ben Cross) - An alien scientist.
  • Commander Grundch (voiced by Nolan North) - The second-in-command of Captain Ryan.
  • Rodriguez (voiced by Greg Cipes) - A soldier chosen by Captain Ryan for a suicide land mission.
  • "That Other Guy" (voiced by Rob Paulsen) - A human-like alien who was chosen by Captain Ryan for a suicide land mission.
  • Trumplets - Cute, yet annoying creatures.
  • Celestial (voiced by Anna Graves) - A minor character who tried to seduce Captain Ryan into giving her the secret codes only for Ryan to disintegrate her. Captain Ryan keeps her boots as a memento.
  • Hypnotica - An alien that brainwashed Captain Ryan into thinking it was a beautiful woman.
  • Cortexicons - A race of strange mind-controlling aliens. One of them took control of Dr. Mindstrong in one episode.

Super Robo Mecha Force Five characters[edit]

Super Robo Mecha Force Five is a fictional anime show that was discovered by Michelangelo in "Mutagen Man Unleashed" and has very bad acting. It is also called SRMFF! for short. The series is a pastiche of the animated series Voltron and includes elements of the anime Mazinger Z, the American/Japanese animated television series Super Robot Monkey Team Hyperforce Go, and the Power Rangers franchise. Unlike Space Heroes, all four Turtles like the show.

  • Captain Dash Coolstar (voiced by Brian Bloom) - The leader of the Super Robo Mecha Force Five and main character of the "Super Robot Mecha Force Five" anime who controls the torso of Mighty Super Robo Mecha. He represents Leonardo.
  • Dr. Blip (voiced by Scott Menville) - The scientist of the team who controls the right leg. Similar to Crankshaw, Dr. Blip gets slapped by Captain Dash Coolstar every time he panics. He represents Donatello.
  • Squeakums - An alien monkey and animal sidekick of the team who pilots the right arm. He represents Michelangelo.
  • Lunk (voiced by Nolan North) - The member who controls the left arm. He represents Raphael.
  • Princess (voiced by Mae Whitman) - The female member who pilots the left leg. She is the princess of an entire planet and Dr. Blip has a crush on her. She represents April (also voiced by Mae Whitman).
  • Mind Master (voiced by Nolan North) - A villain who once tried to fill Coolstar's mind with madness.
  • Skele-Lord (voiced by Josh Peck) - A skeleton-like villain who was defeated by SRMFF when they stomped on him. He later came back with a giant mecha of his own.
  • Cyberoid X (voiced by Brian Bloom) - A minor villain.
  • Kill Beast Bots - Robotic yellow beasts.
  • Giant Space Squid - An alien squid that was destroyed by SRMFF.
  • Hydra Beast - A three-headed dragon-like alien. It is a parody of King Ghidorah from the Godzilla series.

Crognard the Barbarian[edit]

Crognard the Barbarian is the Turtles' new favorite show since they moved to April's old farm in Season 3. It is obviously a parody of Thundarr the Barbarian.

  • Crognard the Barbarian (voiced by Brian Bloom) - The main character who is a parody of Thundarr, and somewhat resembles He-Man.
  • Wizardess (voiced by Mae Whitman) - The magic-wielding ally of Crognar. She is a parody of Princess Ariel.
  • Spooch (voiced by Scott Menville) - A small floating fish-like creature who is Crognard's ally. He does not appear to resemble a character from Thundarr the Barbarian.
  • Slug People - A race of slug-like creatures who tried to show their kindness to the heroe, but instead, they were beaten up when Wizardess had a bad vibe about them.
    • "Slug Person" (voiced by Nolan North) - The supposed leader of the Slug People who also tries to show kindness to the heroes, but is brutally beaten up by Crognard.
  • Mounts - Various creatures that are used as mounts for the heroes.
    • Go-lek - Crognard's pet lizard steed.
    • Horses - The heroes' first mounts that are parodies of the horses from Thundarr.
    • Reptilian steeds - Three dinosaur-like creatures that the heroes use to chase Muurg.
  • Giant Mountain Demon - A giant demon that swallowed Wizardess, but is defeated by Crognard.
  • Muurg (voiced by Brian Bloom) - An evil horned centaur that stole the Mystic Jewel of Koweewah. He is pursued by Crognard's group and is defeated by Crognard