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The following is a list of Thanksgiving television specials in the United States and Canada. Unless otherwise stated, these are episodes of established television series or one-off specials that are rerun annually.

Events not specifically made for television (e.g. parades, theatrical films, sporting events) are not included in this list.



Looney Tunes/Warner Bros. Animation[edit]

Peanuts (Charlie Brown)[edit]

Winnie the Pooh[edit]

Action/adventure series[edit]

American drama series[edit]

7th Heaven[edit]

Ally McBeal[edit]

American Dreams[edit]

Desperate Housewives[edit]

Dirty Sexy Money[edit]

Doogie Howser, M.D.[edit]

Dr. Quinn, Medicine Woman[edit]


  • Ed: "Something Old, Something New" (2000)
  • Ed: "The New World" (2001)
  • Ed: "The Proposal" (2003)


  • ER: "ER Confidential" (1994)
  • ER: "Great Expectations" (1999)
  • ER: "Rescue Me" (2000)
  • ER: "Freefall" (2003)
  • ER: "Scoop and Run" (2006)



  • Family: "A Tale Out of Season" (1977)
  • Family: "Generations" (1978)
  • Family: "Thanksgiving" (1979)


Gilmore Girls[edit]

Grey's Anatomy[edit]

Mad Men[edit]

Melrose Place[edit]


  • NCIS: "Child's Play" (2009)
  • NCIS: "Sins of the Father" (2011)
  • NCIS: "Shell Shock (Part II)" (2012)

Once and Again[edit]

Promised Land[edit]


Touched by an Angel[edit]

The Waltons[edit]

  • The Waltons: "The Thanksgiving Story" (1973)
  • The Waltons: "The Waiting" (1979)
  • A Day for Thanks on Walton's Mountain (1982) - TV movie
  • A Walton Thanksgiving Reunion (1993) - TV movie

The West Wing[edit]

Teen dramas[edit]

Beverly Hills, 90210[edit]

Gilmore Girls[edit]

Gossip Girl[edit]

The O.C.[edit]

Party of Five[edit]

Supernatural/Sci-fi series[edit]


  • Charmed: "The Truth Is Out There... And It Hurts" (1998)
  • Charmed: "There's Something About Leo" (2004)



8 Simple Rules[edit]

According to Jim[edit]

All of Us[edit]

The Bernie Mac Show[edit]

The Beverly Hillbillies[edit]

The Big Bang Theory[edit]

The Bob Newhart Show[edit]

Boy Meets World[edit]



  • Cheers: "Thanksgiving Orphans" (1986)
  • Cheers: "Ill-Gotten Gaines" (1992)

The Cosby Show[edit]

  • The Cosby Show: "Bon Jour, Sondra" (1984) (season 1)
  • The Cosby Show: "Cliff's Wet Adventure" also known as "Thanksgiving At The Huxtables" (1989) (season 6)

Cougar Town[edit]

Dharma & Greg[edit]

Everybody Loves Raymond[edit]


  • Frasier: "A Lilith Thanksgiving" (1996)
  • Frasier: "The Apparent Trap" (1999)

The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air[edit]


Gary Unmarried[edit]

George Lopez[edit]

  • George Lopez: "Guess Who's Coming to Dinner, Honey" (2002)
  • George Lopez: "Would You Like a Drumstick or a Kidney?" (2003)

Grace Under Fire[edit]

Half & Half[edit]

  • Half & Half: "The Big Thanks for Forgiving Episode" (2002)
  • Half & Half: "The Big Thanks for Nothing Episode" (2004)


  • Hazel: "Everybody's Thankful But Us Turkeys" (1961)
  • Hazel: "A Lesson in Diplomacy" (1964)

Home Improvement[edit]

Hope & Faith[edit]

How I Met Your Mother[edit]

The Hughleys[edit]

The King of Queens[edit]

Living Single[edit]

The Love Boat[edit]

  • The Love Boat: "Man of the Cloth/Her Own Two Feet/Tony's Family" (1978)
  • The Love Boat: "The Best of Friends/Too Many Dads/Love Will Find a Way" (1982)

Mad About You[edit]


  • Martin: "Thanks for Nothing" (1993)
  • Martin: "Feast or Famine" (1994)

The Middle[edit]

Mike & Molly[edit]


  • Moesha: "Road Trip" (1996)
  • Moesha: "Thanksgiving" (1999)
  • Moesha: "All This and Turkey, Too" (2000)

My Three Sons[edit]

The Neighbors[edit]

New Girl[edit]


  • Newhart: "Don't Rain on My Parade" (1983)
  • Newhart: "Thanksgiving for the Memories" (1986)

Night Court[edit]

One on One[edit]

  • One on One: "Thanksgiving It to Me, Baby" (2001)
  • One on One: "Who Brought the Jive Turkey?" (2004)

The Parkers[edit]

Raising Hope[edit]


  • Reba: "Thanksgiving" (2004)
  • Reba: "Invasion" (2005)


  • Roseanne: "We Gather Together" (1989) (season 2)
  • Roseanne: "Thanksgiving '91" (1991) (season 4)
  • Roseanne: "Thanksgiving '93" (1993) (season 6)
  • Roseanne: "Thanksgiving '94" (1994) (season 7)
  • Roseanne: "The Last Thursday in November" (1995) (season 8)
  • Roseanne: "Home Is Where the Afghan Is" (1996) (season 9)

The Single Guy[edit]

Spin City[edit]

  • Spin City: "The Competition" (1996)
  • Spin City: "Gobble the Wonder Turkey Saves the Day" (1998)
  • Spin City: "The Thanksgiving Show" (1999)
  • Spin City: "Balloons Over Broadway" (2000)


That '70s Show[edit]

Too Close for Comfort[edit]

Two Guys and a Girl[edit]


  • Webster: "Thanksgiving Show" (1984)
  • Webster: "Thanksgiving with the Four Tops" (1989)

What I Like About You[edit]

Will & Grace[edit]

Animated sitcoms[edit]

American Dad![edit]

Bob's Burgers[edit]

The Cleveland Show[edit]

Family Guy[edit]

King of the Hill[edit]

The Simpsons[edit]

South Park[edit]

Canadian series[edit]


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