List of The Andy Griffith Show guest stars

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This is a list of guest stars on The Andy Griffith Show.

Movie actors[edit]

Andy Griffith and Jean Hagen.
Griffith and Everett Sloane.
Andy Griffith and Sterling Holloway.

From other television series[edit]

Gomer Pyle, U.S.M.C.[edit]

  • Allan Melvin played different characters in eight episodes of The Andy Griffith Show. On the spin-off, Gomer Pyle, he was Sgt. Carter's rival, Sgt. Hacker, the mess cook. Melvin is also noted for his roles as Sam Franklin on The Brady Bunch and Barney Hefner on All in the Family. In addition, Melvin directed some episodes of Andy Griffith, including Don Knotts' return appearance in 1966, "The Return of Barney Fife".
  • Larry Hovis played Gilly Walker in "Goober Takes a Car Apart" and "The Case of the Punch in the Nose." Hovis played Pvt. Larry Gotschalk on Gomer Pyle as well as Sgt. Andrew Carter on Hogan's Heroes.

Green Acres[edit]

  • Frank Cady played a drunk inmate named Luke in "The Rehabilitation of Otis" and Farley Upchurch in "The Legend of Barney Fife." Cady is best known for playing Sam Drucker on Green Acres. He also played the town drunk in the episode of Make Room for Daddy which was the pilot episode of The Andy Griffith Show.
  • Hank Patterson played a hobo in "If I Had a Quarter Million Dollars." Patterson is best known for playing farmer Fred Ziffel.
  • Mary Grace Canfield played Mary Grace Gossage in "A Date for Gomer." She portrayed Ralph Monroe.
  • Alvy Moore played a kitchenware salesman in "A Baby in the House." Moore was Hank Kimball.
  • Sid Melton played Pat Michaels in "The Hollywood Party." Melton was "Uncle Charley" Halper on The Danny Thomas Show and Alf Monroe on Green Acres.

I Dream of Jeannie[edit]

Griffith and Barbara Eden.
  • Barbara Eden played Ellen Brown, the title character of "The Manicurist". Eden starred in I Dream of Jeannie.
  • Hayden Rorke played A.J. Considine in "Taylors in Hollywood." Rorke is best known for his portrayal of Col. Alfred E. Bellows, M.D.

Little House on the Prairie[edit]

  • Richard Bull played Bill Lindsay in "Goober Makes History" and Mr. Jackson in "Opie's Piano Lesson." Bull is best known for playing Nelson "Nels" Oleson.
  • Dabbs Greer played Councilman Dobbs in "Sheriff Barney." Greer also portrayed Reverend Robert Alden.
  • Karl Swenson played Mr. McBeevee in "Mr. McBeevee." Swenson had the role of Lars Hanson.


  • Jamie Farr played a gypsy con man named Sylvio in "The Gypsies", Season 6. Farr's most famous role is Max Klinger.
  • William Christopher played Dr. Peterson in "A New Doctor in Town" and an IRS agent Mr. Heathcoat in the episode "Aunt Bee on TV" Christopher is best known for his role as Father Mulcahy. He also played Private Lester Hummel on Gomer Pyle: U.S.M.C.

Petticoat Junction[edit]

  • Edgar Buchanan played Henry Wheeler in "Aunt Bee's Brief Encounter". Buchanan is best known for playing Joseph "Uncle Joe" Carson.
  • Charles Lane played Mr. Frisby in "Aunt Bee the Crusader." Lane portrayed J. Homer Bedloe.

Gilligan's Island[edit]

  • Bob Denver appeared in "Divorce, Mountain Style", as Dudley "Dud" Wash, the "future intended" husband of Charlene Darling. Dud is jealous of Charlene's open and obvious attraction to Andy.
  • Alan Hale Jr. played "Big Jeff" Pruitt, the farmer who falls in love with Thelma Lou, much to Barney's dismay, in "The Farmer Takes a Wife".

Other series[edit]

Andy Griffith and James Best.



  • Don Rickles played traveling salesman Newton Monroe in "The Luck of Newton Monroe".
  • Laurie Main played assistant publisher Robling Flask in "Helen, the Authoress." Main is best known for hosting and narrating for Welcome to Pooh Corner, as well as narrating for many "Disney Read-Along" records and cassettes.
  • Doodles Weaver played George Bricker in "Aunt Bee's Brief Encounter." Weaver is the brother of former NBC president Pat Weaver and the uncle of actress Sigourney Weaver.
  • Joyce Van Patten played Laura Hollander in "Opie Steps Up in Class." Van Patten is the sister of actor Dick Van Patten.
  • John Dehner played Colonel Harvey in "Aunt Bee's Medicine Man". Before becoming an actor, he worked as an animator at Walt Disney Studios.