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The following is a list of candidates from the British reality television series The Apprentice.

Candidates are listed alphabetically by series; individual candidate information is accessed by clicking on their name below.

Table of contents

Series One[1][2]

Lindsay Bogaard • Timothy Campbell • Raj Dhonota • Rachel Groves •
Saira Khan • Ben Leary • Adele Lock • James Max •
Adenike Ogundoyin • Matthew Palmer • Miranda Rose •
Sebastian Schrimpff • Miriam Staley • Paul Torrisi

Series Two[3][4]

Syed Ahmed • Nargis Ara • Ruth Badger • Karen Bremner •
Jo Cameron • Michelle Dewberry • Ansell Henry • Samuel Judah •
Tuan Le • Sharon McAllister • Mani Sandher •
Ben Stanberry • Alexa Tilley • Paul Tulip

Series Three[5][6]

Simon Ambrose • Ghazal Asif • Tre Azam • Gerri Blackwood •
Paul Callaghan • Ifti Chaudhri • Kristina Grimes • Katie Hopkins •
Adam Hosker • Andy Jackson • Jadine Johnson • Sophie Kain •
Lohit Kalburgi • Rory Laing • Naomi Lay • Natalie Wood

Series Four[7][8]

Raef Bjayou • Jenny Celerier • Nicholas de Lacy-Brown • Sara Dhada •
Lucinda Ledgerwood • Jennifer Maguire • Lee McQueen • Lindi Mngaza •
Kevin Shaw • Simon Smith • Michael Sophocles • Helene Speight •
Ian Stringer • Shazia Wahab • Alex Wotherspoon • Claire Young

Series Five[9]

Rocky Andrews • Debra Barr • Noorul Choudhury • Ben Clarke •
Kimberly Davis • Howard Ebison • Adam Freeman • Paula Jones •
Mona Lewis • James McQuillan • Majid Nagra • Anita Shah •
Yasmina Siadatan • Philip Taylor • Lorraine Tighe • Kate Walsh

Series Six[10]

Raleigh Addington • Stuart Baggs • Chris Bates • Melissa Cohen •
Stella English • Alex Epstein • Christopher Farrell • Dan Harris •
Jamie Lester • Elizabeth Locke • Laura Moore • Joanna Riley • Shibby Robati •
Sandeesh Samra • Shibby Robati Joy Stefanicki • Paloma Vivanco

Series Seven[11]

Edna Agbarha • Zoe Beresford • Alex Britez Cabral • Vincent Disneur •
Leon Doyle • Jim Eastwood • Melody Hossaini • Edward Hunter •
Felicity Jackson • Susan Ma • Helen Louise Milligan • Tom Pellereau •
Ellie Reed • Natasha Scribbins • Glenn Ward • Gavin Winstanley

Series Eight[12]

Bilyana Apostolova • Stephen Brady • Duane Bryan • Michael Copp •
Adam Corbally • Tom Gearing • Laura Hogg • Nick Holzherr • Ricky Martin •
Jane McEvoy • Jade Nash • Maria O'Connor • Gabrielle Omar •
Azhar Siddique • Jenna Whittingham • Katie Wright

Series Nine[13]

Jaz Ampaw-Farr • Neil Clough • Sophie Lau • Jason Leech •
Francesca MacDuff-Varley • Alex Mills • Myles Mordaunt • Natalie Panayi •
Jordan Poulton • Zeeshaan Shah • Rebecca Slater • Tim Stillwell •
Leah Totton • Kurt Wilson • Uzma Yakoob • Luisa Zissman


Where a date of birth is not provided, the age given is as of the time the relevant series aired.

Lindsay Bogaard[edit]

Lindsay Bogaard, 1969 (formerly Gill) is an organisational communication consultant and author from London. She is the founder of the UK's first national car-sharing agency and was a communications manager at the time of her appearance on The Apprentice. She holds a BA and postgraduate diplomas in Broadcast Journalism and Internal Communications Management. She says: "You must be honest with yourself about where you're aiming to go and how you are competing with others to get there."[14] Lindsay is the first project manager to be fired on the British edition of The Apprentice. Since appearing on The Apprentice, Bogaard has gone on to found her own company, Bogaard Arena, which specialises in organisational change.[15]

Timothy Campbell[edit]

Timothy "Tim" Campbell was educated at St Bonaventure's Roman Catholic School, a voluntary aided Catholic school in Forest Gate in East London, followed by Middlesex University, from which he graduated with a degree in Psychology. He worked as a project manager for the London Underground. He then applied for and won the £100,000-a-year job on The Apprentice.[16] After his victory he was given a role within the health and beauty division of Sir Alan Sugar's company, Amstrad. Campbell left the company in March 2007 and launched the Bright Ideas Trust, which aims to support young people between 16 - 30 who want to start new businesses.[17]

Raj Dhonota[edit]

Raj Dhonota, aged 30, is an Internet entrepreneur and former estate agency director. He claims to have no hobbies and be totally focussed on business and says of himself "I'm an entrepreneur, not an angel."[16] He was the most successful project manager of the first series, with a 2-0 record. Since appearing in The Apprentice, Dhonota has set up his own company which outsources work from the UK to foreign countries through offshoring.[18]

Rachel Groves[edit]

Rachel Groves, aged 32 from London, is a charity fundraiser and former advertising sales executive. She has a BA in German and a Chartered Institute of Management Advanced Certificate. Groves, who once went spacehopping down Oxford Street dressed as a five (for charity),[14] says: "I have incredible presence and am one of those people who fills a room even when alone. I have an infectious desire to live life to the full."[14] Sir Alan fired her due to her poor performance on the advertising task, despite being qualified as an advertising professional. After appearing on The Apprentice, Groves has spent time writing a novel and now works as the head of fundraising for the Citizens Advice Bureau.[19][20]

Saira Khan[edit]

Main article: Saira Khan

Saira Khan (born 1970, Long Eaton in Derbyshire) was the runner-up on the series. Before applying for the programme, Khan worked as sales manager for an online recruitment company. Her qualifications include a BA in Humanities and an MA in environmental planning.[14] On the programme, she was the least successful project manager of Series 1, with a 0-2 record. She went on to become a TV presenter on BBC's Temper Your Temper and Desi DNA while hosting her own programme Beat the Boss. She is a columnist for the Daily Mirror, a regular panelist for BBC Radio Five Live and has appeared on a number of other stations including BBC Radio 4 and the BBC Asian Network, as well as running her own baby skincare company.[21]

Ben Leary[edit]

Ben Leary, 29, is the owner of a headhunting firm. He was a recipient of the Global Consultant of the Year award prior to appearing on The Apprentice. Leary says "In my career I win all the time, apart from when I lose!"[16] He was the first person in the show to manage a team for two successive weeks, leading his team to victory in a charity auction task in Week 7, but then losing a task to prepare foods and sell them at a market the following week. Sir Alan decided that Leary had not really been a big contributor to the victory the previous week, and had been responsible for failing to control the team's costs in the current week's task, and so fired him.

Adele Lock[edit]

Adele Lock is a 29-year-old salon owner from Mere, Cheshire. She was a general manager in a retail company selling kitchens and bathrooms before auditioning for The Apprentice and has 7 O-levels and 1 A-level. She worked until 8:00 p.m. the night before giving birth and even managed to sell a kitchen to her midwife whilst in labour. Of herself, she says "Some people call me a workaholic, but I just enjoy work with a passion."[14] Adele is the very first person to quit the British edition of The Apprentice. Since appearing on The Apprentice, Lock has set up her own male salon with concessions around the country.[22] She said of her time on the show, "I've learned to listen more, not to be so dictatorial and I've learned that your family is priceless".[23]

James Max[edit]

Main article: James Max

James Max (born 1970) was an investment banker and partner of a private equity firm prior to his appearance on The Apprentice. He was educated at the independent St. Paul's School in Barnes, near Hammersmith in London, and at the University of Reading. He is a Chartered Surveyor and holds a BSc in Land Management. He says, "I seek success as a result of my own achievements."[16] Max was fired in the penultimate show after the intensive interview task. Since leaving the show, Max has featured regularly in the media. He has been a columnist for The Times Online and written for The Sunday Times, presents three weekly shows on London's LBC and presents the business update daily on TalkSPORT alongside footballer Ian Wright and Adrian Durham. He has also presented segments in E4's Get Your Act Together with Harvey Goldsmith as presented by Ian Hyland, and alongside Simon Amstell for T4's The Morning After Show. Like many other candidates, James Max has undertaken numerous public speaking roles around the country.[24]

On The Apprentice, he won six tasks in succession, making him the record holder for winning the highest number of successive tasks (joint with Tre Azam from series 3, and Lee McQueen from Series 4 onwards) until Series 7, when Helen Milligan exceeded this.

Adenike Ogundoyin[edit]

Adenike Ogundoyin, 30, ran large events for corporate clients and owned and managed a restaurant in Nigeria.[25] Her qualifications included a BA in Business Studies, MA in International Business and MBA from Pace University, New York. She said: "I am a entrepreneur by nature and it's all I know." She was the first person to be fired from the show; she was dismissed at the end of the first episode for being disrespectful to project manager Saira Khan.[14] In September 2011, Adenike died after collapsing at a meeting in London, making her the first Apprentice candidate to have died.[26]

Matthew Palmer[edit]

Matthew Palmer, 39, has a BA in Business and Computing and a postgraduate Diploma in Marketing and is from London. His previous jobs include being a self-qualified stockbroker and a computer trainer. A Conservative Party parliamentary candidate in the 2001 general election, he claims "The objective of a business is not to make money. The object of a business is to satisfy customers. The result is to make money."[16] Palmer was fired in the fifth week for being an 'awkward character' and his 'need for confrontation'. Palmer is also known for being the first male candidate to ever be fired in The Apprentice UK franchise.

Palmer was 39 years old at the time of his Apprentice appearance, making him the joint oldest candidate ever on the UK version of the show, with Mani Sandher from Series 2. However, this record was later broken by Jaz Ampaw-Farr of Series 9, who was 41 when she took part in the contest.

Since losing in The Apprentice, Palmer has set up a website for those suffering from fertility-related problems.[27] He was later elected to the Kensington and Chelsea London Borough Council as a Conservative in 2006[28] and reelected in 2010.

Miranda Rose[edit]

Miranda Rose, 26, is from Nottingham. Her career has included being a managing director of an estate agency, owning a successful mail order company and running her own self-funded exhibitions company. She has a BTEC National Diploma and a GNVQ in Leisure and Tourism. Prior to appearing on The Apprentice, Rose was a contestant on Wheel of Fortune and also completed a fire-walk over 25 feet of red hot embers. She says "I've got huge life experience for my age, which is better than anything written on a piece of paper."[14] She was fired in the third week for being disrespectful to project manager Adele Lock.

Sebastian Schrimpff[edit]

Sebastian Schrimpff (born 1975) now runs a number of photography related companies in Colombia. He spent the first 16 years of his life in Colombia. He has a pilot's licence, a BSc in Natural Science and an MBA from INSEAD. He claims his interests are skiing, tennis and flying.[16][29] He is the first candidate in Apprentice UK history to be fired "with regret".

Miriam Staley[edit]

Miriam Staley[30] (born 1978 in Oxford, England) is a former hotel manager from Saint Martin in the French West Indies. She has a BA in French and Spanish and enjoys underwater diving with sharks. She says: "I don't know all the classic business theories or have the 'pat' answers – my experience comes from what I've directly learnt in the field. I bring a unique experience as I've lived in four different countries and am bilingual."[14] Sir Alan said after firing her that he thought he may have made the wrong choice. Since her appearance in The Apprentice, she has moved back to the UK and currently lives with her husband in The Docklands, London.

Paul Torrisi[edit]

Main article: Paul Torrisi

Paolo Roberto Torrisi, known as Paul Torrisi (born 25 April 1970), was a property developer prior to appearing on The Apprentice. His qualifications include O-levels and a systems analysis certificate. Despite being fired in week 11, Torrisi was offered a job by Sir Alan Sugar, working with his son Daniel for his private jet company Amsair. He turned down the job on Sir Alan's advice and has since been focusing on a career in the media.[31] Since leaving the show, Torrisi has gone on to make appearances on Grandstand, BBC Breakfast, Bargain Hunt, Confessions Of An Estate Agent, T4 and Look North, as well as spin-off show The Apprentice: You're Fired! and BBC Radio.[16] He also presents Property Prophets on UKTV Style and UKTV Bright Ideas.[32] He was known for his short temper towards Saira.


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