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This is a list of episodes for The Colbert Report in 2014.[1]

Archived episodes[edit]



Episode # "The Wørd" Guest Introductory phrase Original Airdate Production
1288 Kenneth Roth It is really cold. January 6 9196
America endures a polar vortex, the FDA targets antibiotics in livestock, recreational weed goes on sale in Colorado, and Ken Roth discusses Human Rights Watch.
1289 John Seigenthaler January 7 9197
Donald Trump takes on global warming, Pope Francis criticizes wealth disparity, scientists look for time travelers online, and John Seigenthaler discusses Al Jazeera America.
1290 Ishmael Beah Happy Birthday to North Korea's Kim Jong-un. Please accept our gift of Dennis Rodman. No returns. January 8 9198
Scandal engulfs Chris Christie, the media explains the concept of cold weather, and Ishmael Beah talks being a child soldier and his book, Radiance of Tomorrow.
1291 Jeffrey Skoll January 9 9199
Chris Christie's bridge scandal deepens, Robert Gates's Duty has harsh words for Obama, and Jeff Skoll discusses his film company, Participant Media.
1292 "Never-Ender's Game" David Fanning The new Ford F-150 is made of 97% aluminum. Which means it's lighter, but you can't put it in the microwave. January 13 9200
A chemical spill threatens West Virginia's water supply, Obama's Iraq policy comes under fire, a company provides retroactive advertising, and David Fanning talks Frontline.
1293 Deborah Solomon January 14 9201
A-Rod is suspended for drug use, Pat Buchanan supports Russia's anti-gay laws, Billie Jean King is a U.S. Olympic delegate, and Deborah Solomon talks American Mirror.
1294 Gabriel Sherman January 15 9202
America gets its own commercial, college athletes struggle with literacy, a sex scandal rocks France, and Gabriel Sherman talks The Loudest Voice In The Room.
1295 Naquasia LeGrand January 16 9203
The NSA infects personal computers, a jewelry company sells diamond pacifiers, Carol Burnett gets sarcastic, and Naquasia LeGrand talks "Fast Food Forward."
1296 "Thrift Justice" Scott Stossel Kraft has recalled over 1.7 million pounds of Velveeta products for mislabeled ingredients. They accidentally called it cheese. January 20 9204
Peyton Manning chants for Omaha, a drug shortage threatens the death penalty, Pope Francis encourages breastfeeding in church, and Scott Stossel talks My Age of Anxiety.
1297 Michael Chabon & Mariel Hemingway January 21 9205
cOlbert's Book Club begins with a primer on Ernest Hemingway, Michael Chabon talks A Farewell To Arms, and Mariel Hemingway discusses her grandfather's romantic side.
1298 Charles Duhigg The recent blizzard cracked a giant glass panel at New York's Apple Store. They can get it fixed for free if they don't tell Apple it got wet. January 22 9206
NASA discovers a Martian doughnut, U.S. nuclear officers cheat on proficiency tests, the Westminster Dog Show allows mutts, and Charles Duhigg talks The Power of Habit.
1299 Patricia Churchland January 23 9207
Riots break out in the Ukraine, Tim Wu weighs in on net neutrality, China bootlegs The Report, and Patricia Churchland discusses Touching A Nerve.
1300 Nate Silver January 27 9208
The NFL prohibits mention of the Super Bowl, Richard Sherman unleashes a post-game rant, the Grammys embrace gay marriage, and FiveThirtyEight's Nate Silver discusses sports.
1301 Justin Tuck January 28 9209
The NFL cracks down on extra points, Stephen trains to be a quarterback, spotted owls fight for survival, and Justin Tuck describes the thrill of football.
1302 Cris Carter January 29 9210
Stephen trains for Super Bowl greatness, the Puppy Bowl gets a new player, Joe Biden distracts at the State of the Union, and Cris Carter discusses football and Going Deep.
1303 Drew Brees January 30 9211
The NFL rethinks their marijuana policy, football might cause brain damage, the mayors of Denver and Seattle root for their home team, and Drew Brees talks "Playoff Face Off."


Episode # "The Wørd" Guest Introductory phrase Original Airdate Production
1304 Jennifer Senior February 3 9212
Coca-Cola's Super Bowl ad sparks outrage, cheerleaders sue the Oakland Raiders, J.K. Rowling regrets pairing Hermione and Ron, and Jennifer Senior talks All Joy and No Fun.
1305 Maria Alyokhina & Nadezhda Tolokonnikova of Pussy Riot February 4 9213
Black History Month coincides with Children's Dental Health Month, Chris Christie's bridge scandal worsens, and Pussy Riot discusses human rights and the Putin regime.
1306 Lake Street Dive New York City is running low on road salt, no wonder my commute was so bland. February 5 9214
Critics argue that Obamacare will destroy jobs, Mort Zuckerman weighs in on Tom Perkins' Nazi analogy, and Lake Street Dive performs a song from Bad Self Portraits.
1307 Paul Krugman February 6 9215
Obama faces pressure to approve the Keystone Pipeline, Olympic journalists share Sochi horror stories, TSA agents gawk at body scan images, and Paul Krugman talks Obamacare.
1308 Patrick Kennedy February 10 9216
The Sochi Olympics open with a technical glitch, Buddy Cole investigates Russia's anti-gay laws, the Taliban captures a spy dog, and Patrick Kennedy discusses Project SAM.
1309 Charlie Crist According to the Department of Agriculture, one in six men eat pizza every day. The other five eat yesterday's pizza. February 11 9217
Stephen launches a fundraiser for the U.S. speed skating team, Buddy Cole helps athletes appear straight, Michael Sam comes out, and Charlie Crist discusses The Party's Over.
1310 Godfrey Reggio February 12 9218
Stephen attends the White House State Dinner, Bill O'Reilly gloats over his Obama interview, Shepard Smith recites the White House menu, and Godfrey Reggio talks Visitors.
1311 Brian Greene Employers in Spain are getting rid of daytime naps. Meanwhile, employers in America are getting rid of nighttime sleep. February 18 9219
Stephen welcomes Jimmy Fallon to The Tonight Show, Piers Morgan offends the trans community, Janet Mock explores gender identity, and Brian Greene discusses World Science U.
1312 Alexander Payne Georgia is offering a license plate featuring The Confederate Flag. Well I certainly hope State Troopers don't use it to racially profile white people. February 19 9220
U.S. ice dancers nab a gold medal, Buddy Cole investigates gay propaganda in Sochi, Al-Qaeda members accidentally kill themselves, and Alexander Payne talks "Nebraska."
1313 Stanley McChrystal February 20 9221
Bill O'Reilly accuses Stephen of mockery, Bode Miller discusses his Olympic win, Buddy Cole goes undercover in Sochi, and Stanley McChrystal talks "My Share of the Task."
1314 Darlene Love Major League Baseball is eliminating Home Plate collisions. Apparently they violate baseball's long standing ban on action. February 24 9222
A Dutch Olympics coach slams the U.S. speedskating team, protesters oust the Ukrainian president, and Darlene Love talks 20 Feet From Stardom.
1315 "Jobsolete" St. Vincent February 25 9223
Huffington Post asks parents if their kid is Hitler, critics fume over military budget cuts, a lobby fights for paper, and St. Vincent performs "Digital Witness."
1316 Meryl Davis & Charlie White February 26 9224
Michelle Obama tackles child obesity, a Gumby thief terrorizes a small town, critics target Hillary Clinton's age, and Meryl Davis & Charlie White bask in Olympic glory.
1317 Jeff Goldblum The Oscar's are on Sunday! Damn! I had Tuesday in our office pool. February 27 9225
Jan Brewer vetoes anti-gay legislation, a study suggests that race is subjective, the KKK embraces sci-fi technology, and Jeff Goldblum discusses "The Grand Budapest Hotel."


Episode # "The Wørd" Guest Introductory phrase Original Airdate Production
1318 Caitlin Flanagan March 3 9226
Slavery makes history at the Oscars, an anti-Obamacare ad spreads falsehoods, Barbie poses for Sports Illustrated, and Caitlin Flanagan talks "The Dark Power of Fraternities."
1319 Jaron Lanier Singapore is now the world's most expensive place to live. For the world's cheapest place, check your clothing label. March 4 9227
Stephen gives a primer on Crimea, Republicans blame Obama for the Ukraine crisis, Steve King defends Arizona's anti-gay bill, and Jaron Lanier talks "Who Owns the Future?"
1320 Beau Willimon Vladimir Putin has been nominated for a Nobel Peace Prize. Nice try Norway, he’s still going to invade. March 5 9228
Bill O'Reilly cites the "downside" of woman presidents, Chevron delivers pizza, Headline News targets the social media generation, and Beau Willimon talks "House of Cards."
1321 Theaster Gates Staples is closing 225 stores, great, now where will I not find the ink cartridges that I need. March 6 9229
Massachusetts allows upskirt photography, teens pursue the "thigh gap," Warner Music holds "Happy Birthday" hostage, and Theaster Gates uses art to revitalize urban spaces.
1322 "Pew! Pew! Pew!" Neil deGrasse Tyson Daylight Savings Time started this weekend and I finally won the four month battle with my oven clock. March 10 9230
Atheists protest a cross displayed at the 9/11 memorial, a Kentucky church group hosts a gun giveaway, and Neil deGrasse Tyson discusses his Fox series, "Cosmos."
1323 Ronan Farrow The E.U. wants to ban American cheese makers from using the name “Parmesan”. Fine, then they can’t use the name “Whiz”. March 11 9231
The Pope gets his own magazine, the Huffington Post investigates anal sex, the government sues Sprint over wiretapping fees, and Ronan Farrow discusses "Ronan Farrow Daily."
1324 Maria Shriver March 12 9232
Obama appears on Between Two Ferns, Liz Wahl discusses her resignation from Russia Today, the NSA hires an advice columnist, and Maria Shriver talks "Paycheck to Paycheck."
1325 Simon Schama March 13 9233
Recreational marijuana sales skyrocket in Colorado, Obama expands overtime pay for millions of Americans, and Simon Schama talks The Story of the Jews.
1326 Bryan Cranston March 24 9234
G.K. Butterfield gives a primer on North Carolina, cable news pundits embrace wild theories about Malaysia's missing plane, and Bryan Cranston discusses All The Way.
1327 Jimmy Carter March 25 9235
Former president Jimmy Carter visits The Report to discuss his lifelong passion for human rights and his book A Call to Action.
1328 Errol Morris March 26 9236
Secret Service agents go on a bender, a Belgian baby gets a soccer contract, the Washington Redskins reach out to Native Americans, and Errol Morris talks "The Unknown Known."
1329 Darren Aronofsky Idaho has raised its speed limit to 80 MPH. Now we can get out of there even faster. March 27 9237
Russia seizes Ukraine's dolphin army, morning news shows pander to millennials, Hawaii's cops lose the right to have sex with prostitutes, and Darren Aronofsky talks Noah.
1330 Biz Stone March 31 9238
Apple announces ethnically diverse emoticons, Stephen responds to the #CancelColbert Twitter fiasco, and Biz Stone discusses his Jelly app and "Things A Little Bird Told Me."


Episode # "The Wørd" Guest Introductory phrase Original Airdate Production
1331 John Malkovich April 1 9239
Obamacare enrollment hits a major milestone, college athletes seek union rights, and John Malkovich chats about his movie Cesar Chavez.
1332 "Silent But Deadly" Dan Harris April 2 9240
A U.N. report warns of devastating climate change, Tennessee seeks new death penalty drugs, aging tech workers resort to plastic surgery, and Dan Harris talks 10% Happier.
1333 Mark Mazzetti April 3 9241
Experts claim to have found the Holy Grail, Emily Bazelon weighs in on money in politics, Bill O'Reilly embraces inequality, and Mark Mazzetti talks The Way of The Knife.
1334 Edward Frenkel April 7 9242
Jeb Bush defends illegal immigrants, Alaska outlaws drone-assisted hunting, a GOP candidate speaks at a cockfighting rally, and Edward Frenkel talks Love And Math.
1335 Jane Goodall Newly released FBI documents allege that Al Sharpton was a mob informant. He must have joined MSNBC as part of the witness protection program. April 8 9243
A Senate report reveals that the CIA made false claims about enhanced interrogation, Common Core math tests create mass confusion, and Jane Goodall talks Seeds of Hope.
1336 Sheryl Sandberg Hillary Clinton announced that she may run for President. I have not been this shocked since Mitt Romney announced he ran for President. April 9 9244
An Internet bug causes panic, Andrew Sullivan weighs in on Brendan Eich's resignation from Mozilla, Obama pushes for equal pay, and Sheryl Sandberg talks Lean In.
1337 Sting April 10 9245
David Letterman announces his retirement, Botox helps treat depression, Bill O'Reilly fights the grievance-industrial complex, and Sting performs The Last Ship.
1338 Ken Burns Oscar Mayer is recalling ninety-six thousand pounds of hot dogs for containing cheese. Uggg... A hot dog being made with an identifiable food? Gross! April 21 9246
An Al Qaeda video tips off U.S. forces, critics advance conspiracy theories about Hillary Clinton, a church embraces mixed martial arts, and Ken Burns talks The Address (see Gettysburg Address)
1339 George Will The Vatican Library is digitizing it's archives. So that the next Dan Brown novel will just be Robert Langdon alone with an iPad. April 22 9247
The U.S. Postal Service honors gay activist Harvey Milk, Stephen examines California's 29th district, and George Will talks A Nice Little Place On The North Side.
1340 John Calipari Market analysts say that iPad fever is cooling, meanwhile Kindle dysentery still runs rampant. April 23 9248
Canada's middle class surges past that of the United States', college athletes get unlimited snacks, a senator defends cockfighting, America faces a lime shortage due to disease, and John Calipari talks "Players First".
1341 George Saunders April 24 9249
The Supreme Court upholds a ban on affirmative action, a cattle rancher battles the federal government, and author George Saunders discusses Congratulations, By The Way.
1342 Michael McFaul April 28 9250
Pope Francis grants sainthood to his predecessors, Paul Offit makes the case for vaccination, and Michael McFaul expands on Russia's complicated relationship with the U.S.
1343 Robert Rodriguez There's a critical security flaw in Internet Explorer, which is terrible news for anyone living in 1995. April 29 9251
Donald Sterling lands in hot water over his racist remarks, Congress names a mountain after Reagan, Obama pushes for prisoner clemency, and Robert Rodriguez talks El Rey.
1344 Audra McDonald A new project will give each MIT undergrad student 100 dollars worth of Bitcoin... wait 60 dollars worth of bit coin... no, wait 800 dollars worth of bit coin. April 30 9252
Syria's president runs for reelection, Clay Aiken discusses his bid for Congress, a lesbian trio gets married, and Audra McDonald talks Lady Day At Emerson's Bar & Grill.


Episode # "The Wørd" Guest Introductory phrase Original Airdate Production
1345 Saul Williams May 1 9253
Jesse Watters mocks America's youth, CNN waits endlessly for news on Flight 370, and poet and musician Saul Williams talks about his role in Broadway's Holler If Ya Hear Me.
1346 Edward O. Wilson Sony has developed a 185 terabyte cassette. Finally, your mix tape can include two Phish songs. May 5 9254
Stephen examines Virginia's 3rd District, Kareem Abdul-Jabbar weighs in on racism in America, and renowned biologist Edward O. Wilson talks A Window On Eternity.
1347 Bette Midler Skidmore College is offering a course on Miley Cyrus. It's not that easy. There's a lot of hometwerk. (Gives high-five to hand from under desk.) May 6 9255
Rand Paul courts Rupert Murdoch at the Kentucky Derby, Georgia allows guns in public, Satanists build a statue in Oklahoma, and Bette Midler talks A View From A Broad.
1348 David Remnick 17% of Americans say they'd have sex with a robot. The other 83% are liars. May 7 9256
A vibrating pill fights constipation, scientists discover the world's first female penis, violence escalates in Ukraine, and The New Yorker's David Remnick talks The 40s.
1349 Ellen Page May 8 9257
Stephen interviews a vampire running for Congress, Fox Business anchor Stu Varney gushes about his popular appeal, and Ellen Page talks X-Men: Days of Future Past.
1350 Glenn Greenwald May 12 9258
Michael Sam becomes the NFL's first openly gay draft pick, conspiracy theories swirl around Monica Lewinsky's Vanity Fair essay, and Glenn Greenwald talks No Place To Hide.
1351 The Black Keys May 13 9259
Pope Francis embraces socialism, Rosemary Nyirumbe talks #BringBackOurGirls, the Koch brothers target the Columbus Zoo, and The Black Keys perform a song from Turn Blue.
1352 "F**k It" Keri Russell The CDC says half of Americans take prescription drugs. The other half are too drunk to open the child proof cap. May 14 9260
The pope declares that he would baptize Martians, climate change (global warming) reaches the point of no return, Amazon secures a questionable patent, and Keri Russell talks The Americans.
1353 Thomas Friedman May 15 9261
Russia kicks the U.S. out of the International Space Station, robots get lessons in morality, and Thomas Friedman talks Years of Living Dangerously.
1354 Elizabeth Warren A man in Tennessee was arrested for attempting to have sex with an ATM. Even worse, he had to pay a penalty for early withdrawal. May 19 9262
Scientists embrace gender equality for lab rats, a product revolutionizes beef jerky, and Elizabeth Warren discusses the financial industry and her memoir, A Fighting Chance.
1355 Matthew Weiner May 20 9263
The U.S. accuses China of cyber spying, Republicans take ferocious aim at Hillary Clinton, the E.U. offers people a clean slate on Google, and Matthew Weiner talks "Mad Men."
1356 Patrick Stewart May 21 9264
Eccentric candidates dominate Idaho's gubernatorial debate, a Middle Eastern virus migrates to the U.S., and Patrick Stewart chats about X-Men: Days of Future Past.
1357 Ray Mabus The restaurant industry says that fast food workers could soon be replaced by robots. Unfortunately, even robots can't live on minimum wage. May 22 9265
Paul Rieckhoff weighs in on a growing Veterans Affairs scandal, Marco Rubio dodges a question about his marijuana use, and Ray Mabus sheds light on the U.S. Navy.


Episode # "The Wørd" Guest Introductory phrase Original Airdate Production
1358 Thomas Piketty June 2 9266
Obama negotiates a prisoner swap with the Taliban, a Florida man installs a firing range in his yard, and Thomas Piketty discusses Capital in the Twenty-First Century.
1359 Morgan Freeman This week marks the 25th Anniversary of Tiananmen Square. Or as they call it in China, Tank Man Happy Day. June 3 9267
Open-carry gun advocates make the NRA uncomfortable, Dan Esty weighs in on Obama's climate change initiative, and Morgan Freeman talks Through The Wormhole.
1360 Jonah Hill June 4 9268
Female hurricanes cause more deaths than male ones, Sherman Alexie discusses the Amazon-Hachette feud, The Report educates the public, and Jonah Hill talks 22 Jump Street.
1361 Chrissie Hynde A study found smoking marijuana can make men infertile. So remember, it you're going to have unprotected sex, get high first. June 5 9269
Conservatives scrutinize Sgt. Bowe Bergdahl, North Korea invents a mushroom sports drink, football players sue the NFL, and Chrissie Hynde performs songs from Stockholm.
1362 Esther Perel June 9 9270
A GOP candidate changes his name in order to win Hispanic votes, Vincent van Gogh's ear finds new life at an art museum, and Esther Perel talks "Mating in Captivity."
1363 John Waters June 10 9271
A computer passes for a human being, a robot demands civil rights, the Jacksonville Jaguars install swimming pools in their stadium, and John Waters talks Carsick.
1364 "Debt or Prison" Rob Rhinehart Police in Arizona arrested a man who was trying to shoot the moon with a handgun. What an idiot, you gotta wait until it's full. June 11 9272
Tea Party challenger David Brat defeats Eric Cantor, debtors' prison makes a comeback in the U.S., and Rob Rhinehart discusses his food substitute Soylent.
1365 James Webb June 12 9273
Ted Cruz drops his Canadian citizenship, Led Zeppelin faces a plagiarism lawsuit, Hans Beinholtz discusses the World Cup, and James Webb talks I Heard My Country Calling.
1366 Ta-Nehisi Coates June 16 9274
Ben Van Heuvelen discusses the ISIS threat in Iraq, a study finds that financial hardship can lead to racist attitudes, and Ta-Nehisi Coates talks The Case for Reparations.
1367 "A Darker Shade of Pale" David Boies & Theodore B. Olson June 17 9275
Team USA defeats Ghana at the World Cup, Hispanics prove that being white is a choice, and David Boies and Theodore B. Olson discuss Redeeming the Dream.
1368 Katty Kay & Claire Shipman Police in Fresno California busted a meth lab in a retirement community. They got suspicious when no one there had any teeth. June 18 9276
The RNC sends a giant squirrel after Hillary Clinton, Thad Cochran reminisces about indecent acts with animals, and Katty Kay and Claire Shipman talk The Confidence Code.
1369 Jay Carney June 19 9277
Dick Cheney slams Obama over Iraq, Doritos unveils experimental flavors, an app reduces all messages to "yo," and Jay Carney chats about being White House press secretary.
1370 John Green June 23 9278
Team USA ties Portugal in the World Cup, Mark Mazzetti discusses U.S. military advisers in Iraq, a handsome mug shot goes viral, and John Green talks The Fault In Our Stars.
1371 Edie Falco A new study says casual sex may be good for you. Well... it was good for me... June 24 9279
ISIS militants invade the Twittersphere, Ben & Jerry's becomes GMO-free, New York lawmakers ban tiger selfies, and Edie Falco talks about Showtime's Nurse Jackie.
1372 Eleanor Holmes Norton June 25 9280
Obama raises eyebrows at a Chipotle, John Burnett discusses America's child immigrant crisis, and Eleanor Holmes Norton reflects on Mississippi's Freedom Summer.
1373 Paul Rudd June 26 9281
Fox News's Keith Ablow floats a conspiracy theory about the World Cup, North Carolina upholds a possum-dropping tradition, and Paul Rudd chats about They Came Together.


Episode # "The Wørd" Guest Introductory phrase Original Airdate Production
1374 Jad Abumrad & Robert Krulwich My show was nominated for six Emmys and it had nothing to do with all my lesbian prison sex. July 14 9282
The World Cup draws to an end, John Boehner sues Obama, a company invents a beverage-identifying cup, and Jad Abumrad and Robert Krulwich talk Radiolab.
1375 Vint Cerf July 15 9283
Obama develops a case of senioritis, bears continue to threaten America, and Google's Vint Cerf describes his role in co-creating the Internet.
1376 Bill de Blasio July 16 9284
Rick Perry faces criticism over his fashion choices, Joe Quesada discusses Captain America's replacement, and Bill de Blasio weighs in on the challenges facing New Yorkers.
1377 Steven M. Wise July 17 9285
A Malaysia Airlines plane crashes in Ukraine, conservatives react to the child immigrant crisis, coal rollers embrace pollution, and Steven M. Wise talks Rattling the Cage.
1378 Nancy Pelosi The world's second richest man says we should have a three day work week. Now you know why he's only the second richest man. July 21 9286
Tensions rise over the downing of Malaysia Airlines Flight 17, Edan Lepucki's "California" becomes a best seller, and Nancy Pelosi discusses the "Middle Class Jumpstart" plan.
1379 Julia Ioffe July 22 9287
Rep. Steve Pearce investigates the child immigrant problem, P.K. Winsome offers advice on impeaching Obama, and Julia Ioffe discusses the Russia-Ukraine conflict.
1380 Mary Mazzio & Oscar Vazquez July 23 9288
Tim Draper discusses his "Six Californias" initiative, Lowe's employees deliver top-notch health care for veterans, and Mary Mazzio and Oscar Vazquez talk "Underwater Dreams."
1381 Elon Musk July 24 9289
Darth Vader polls higher than all 2016 presidential candidates, True Blood slams conservatives, a typo threatens Obamacare, and Elon Musk shares his visionary technology.
1382 "See No Equal" Beck July 28 9290
Stephen hosts The Hobbit panel at Comic-Con, a luxury apartment complex includes a "poor door", and Beck performs a song off his album Morning Phase.
1383 Jon Batiste and Stay Human July 29 9291
A week's worth of horrible news weighs on Stephen, Sarah Palin launches her own TV channel, and Jon Batiste and Stay Human perform a song off their album "Social Music."
1384 James Franco July 30 9292
Orlando Bloom throws a punch at Justin Bieber, Allan Sloan discusses corporate tax dodgers, nudity becomes a big hit on reality TV, and James Franco talks "Child of God."
1385 Campbell Brown July 31 9293
Obama supports putting women on U.S. currency, controversy swirls around coverage of the Gaza crisis, Satan sends text messages, and Campbell Brown talks education reform.


Episode # "The Wørd" Guest Introductory phrase Original Airdate Production
1386 Pat Buchanan & John W. Dean August 4 9294
Stephen commemorates the 40th anniversary of President Nixon's resignation, Pat Buchanan discusses The Greatest Comeback, and John Dean talks The Nixon Defense.
1387 James Cameron August 5 9295
Open-carry gun supporters publish a children's book, Hillary Clinton discusses Hard Choices, and James Cameron talks about DeepSea Challenge 3D.
1388 Michael Fassbender August 6 9296
Kim Jong-un tours a lube factory, Rand Paul runs away from immigration activists, a five-year-old gives a stellar TV interview, and Michael Fassbender chats about Frank.
1389 Brian Chesky Hawaii is facing back-to-back hurricanes. So just when they're saying aloha to one, they'll be saying aloha to another. August 7 9297
The Ebola panic spreads across America, Vladimir Putin bans food from the West, Stephen takes sides in a sandwich showdown, and Brian Chesky chats about his company, Airbnb.
1390 Jeff Bridges & Lois Lowry August 26 9298
The Report wins the Emmy for Outstanding Variety Series, Stephen chats with Rep. Marcia Fudge about Ohio's 11th District, and Jeff Bridges and Lois Lowry talk "The Giver."
1391 Michael Sheen A new study says breakfast is no longer the most important meal of the day. It has fallen to eighth place. August 27 9299
Protests erupt over the shooting of an unarmed black teenager, Scrabble adds thousands of trendy words to its dictionary, and Michael Sheen talks about Masters of Sex.
1392 JR August 28 9300
Critics blast Obama as ISIS advances in Syria, a company provides a convenient way to inhale alcohol, and JR shares his award-winning street art.


Episode # "The Wørd" Guest Introductory phrase Original Airdate Production
1393 Mandy Patinkin September 2 9301
Hackers post nude photos of female celebrities, Norm Stamper discusses the implications of militarizing the police, and Mandy Patinkin talks Homeland.
1394 Randall Munroe Former House Majority Leader Eric Cantor has taken a new job at a Wall Street investment bank. Now he can finally have some influence in Congress. September 3 9302
Critics demand that Obama go to war with ISIS, Frank Underwood from House of Cards offers leadership advice, and Randall Munroe discusses his book What If?.
1395 Doris Kearns Goodwin Authorities in California are searching for a dangerous escaped albino cobra. Though to be safe, police have arrested seven black cobras. September 4 9303
New York City's St. Patrick's Day Parade welcomes gays, Cosmopolitan covers the midterms, Al Qaeda expands into India, and Doris Kearns Goodwin discusses "The Bully Pulpit."
1396 John Lithgow Olive Garden is introducing a $100, all-you-can-eat "Pasta Pass" that lasts seven weeks. Though technically the last two weeks are for your next of kin. September 8 9304
Pundits rejoice over a royal pregnancy, immigration reform remains in limbo, a fitness bracelet shocks people into exercising, and John Lithgow discusses "Love Is Strange."
1397 Jason Segel September 9 9305
Apple unveils its smartwatch, Detroit firefighters manage to innovate despite a lack of resources, and Jason Segel discusses his children's book, "Nightmares!"
1398 Henry Kissinger September 10 9306
President Obama plans to destroy ISIS, Donald Trump tries to protect his name, the BuyPartisan app helps people shop politically, and Henry Kissinger discusses "World Order."
1399 Lonn Taylor September 11 9307
President Obama declares military action against ISIS, global warming threatens birds, and Lonn Taylor discusses "The Star-Spangled Banner: The Making of an American Icon."
1400 Mindy Kaling September 15 9308
A new Miss America is crowned, The Guardian editor Matt Wells weighs in on Scottish independence, think tanks accept foreign money, and Mindy Kaling talks "The Mindy Project."
1401 Unlocking the Truth September 16 9309
1402 Viggo Mortensen September 17 9310
1403 Terry Gilliam September 18 9311

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