List of The Daily Show episodes (2000)

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The Daily Show 2000 episodes
Country of origin United States
No. of episodes 167
Original channel Comedy Central
Season chronology
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1999 episodes
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2001 episodes
List of The Daily Show episodes

This is a list of episodes for The Daily Show with Jon Stewart in 2000.[1][2][3][4]



Date Guest Promotion
January 4 Cynthia Nixon Sex and the City
January 5 Robbie Williams The Ego Has Landed
January 6 Richard Belzer Law & Order: Special Victims Unit
January 10 Joe Montana Red Zone
January 11 Will Ferrell Saturday Night Live
January 12 Ice Cube Next Friday
January 13 Michael Stipe Man on the Moon
January 17 Penelope Ann Miller All-American Girl
January 18 Frankie Muniz Malcolm in the Middle
January 19 Freddie Prinze Jr. Down to You
January 20 Jerry Springer The Jerry Springer Show
January 24 Selma Blair Down to You
January 25 Peter Krause Sports Night
January 26 Jenny McCarthy Scream 3
January 27 David Arquette Scream 3


Date Guest Promotion
February 1 Jeff Bridges Simpatico
February 2 Focus on New Hampshire Special, special
guest Bob Dole
(via satellite) 1-hour special
February 3 Jason Priestly Eye of the Beholder
February 14 Moby Play
February 15 Dennis Farina Reindeer Games
February 16 Matthew Perry The Whole Nine Yards
February 17 Ed McMahon American Family Publishers
February 22 Snoop Dogg Tha Eastsidaz
February 23 Charlize Theron Reindeer Games
February 24 Rachael Leigh Cook FHM Magazine: US edition
February 28 Forest Whitaker Ghost Dog
February 29 Vin Diesel Boiler Room


Date Guest Promotion
March 1 Tobey Maguire Wonder Boys
March 2 Ellen DeGeneres If These Walls Could Talk 2
March 6 Neil Patrick Harris Stark Raving Mad
March 7 Kevin Pollak Deterrence
March 8 Bob Dole Super Tuesday
March 9 Garry Shandling What Planet Are You From?
March 13 Eddie Izzard Circle
March 14 Kim Delaney Mission to Mars
March 15 Wolf Blitzer Late Edition with Wolf Blitzer
March 16 George Wallace 3 Strikes
March 20 Chris Meloni Law & Order: Special Victims Unit
March 21 Marla Sokoloff Whatever It Takes
March 22 Eric Idle Eric Idle Exploits Monty Python
March 23 Leelee Sobieski Here on Earth
March 27 John Lydon The Filth and the Fury
March 28 Joshua Jackson The Skulls
March 29 Sam Donaldson ABC News
March 30 Jimmy Smits Price of Glory


Date Guest Promotion
April 10 Roger Daltrey Blues to the Bush
April 11 Ben Stein Win Ben Stein's Money and Turn Ben Stein On
April 12 Patrick Stewart The Ride Down Mt. Morgan
April 13 David Alan Grier Return to Me
April 17 Stanley Tucci Joe Gould's Secret
April 18 Samantha Mathis American Psycho
April 19 Diamond Dallas Page WCW Monday Nitro, WCW Thunder, Ready To Rumble
April 20 Arlen Specter
April 24 Hugh Hefner and Bentley twins Playboy
April 25 Kirsten Dunst The Virgin Suicides
April 26 Jeanne Tripplehorn Timecode
April 27 Stephen Baldwin The Flintstones in Viva Rock Vegas


Date Guest Promotion
May 1 S. Epatha Merkerson Law & Order
May 2 Luke Wilson Committed
May 3 Julie Warner Family Law
May 4 Eric Close Now and Again
May 8 Wendie Malick Just Shoot Me
May 9 Jesse L. Martin Law & Order
May 10 Andy Richter (departure from) Late Night with Conan O'Brien
May 11 Betty White Ladies Man
May 15 Tracey Ullman Small Time Crooks
May 16 Kyle MacLachlan Hamlet
May 17 Jane Leeves Frasier
May 18 Michael Rapaport Small Time Crooks
May 30 Laura Kightlinger Quick Shots of False Hope
May 31 Thandie Newton Mission: Impossible II


Date Guest Promotion
June 1 Sonja Christopher Survivor: Borneo
June 5 Penn and Teller Penn and Teller stage show
June 6 Kelli Williams The Practice
June 7 Michael Moore The Awful Truth
June 13 Mark Curry vegas stage show
June 14 Jimmy Kimmel & Adam Carolla The Man Show
June 15 Julie Brown Strip Mall
June 19 Heather Donahue The Blair Witch Project
June 20 Joe Lockhart none
June 21 Freddie Prinze Jr. Boys and Girls
June 22 Alicia Silverstone Love's Labour's Lost
June 26 Cheri Oteri Scary Movie
June 27 Jeff Probst Survivor: Borneo
June 28 Richie Sambora Bon Jovi
June 29 John C. Reilly The Perfect Storm


Date Guest Promotion
July 10 Anna Paquin X-Men
July 11 J. K. Simmons Oz
July 12 Famke Janssen X-Men
July 13 Billy Crudup Jesus' Son
July 17 Shawn Wayans & Marlon Wayans Scary Movie
July 18 Halle Berry X-Men
July 19 Fourth Anniversary Special
July 20 Al Roker Don't Make Me Stop This Car!
July 24 Peter Fonda Thomas and the Magic Railroad
July 25 Joe Eszterhas American Rhapsody
July 26 Jennifer Beals A House Divided
July 31 Campaign Trail to the
Road to the White House
Mo Rocca, Vance DeGeneres


Date Guest Promotion
August 1 Bob Dole Republican National
Convention coverage
August 2 Mary Bono RNC coverage
August 3 Bob Dole RNC coverage
August 4 Robert Reich and
Ben Stein
RNC coverage
August 15 Bob Kerrey Democratic National
Convention coverage
August 16 William Baldwin DNC coverage
August 17 DNC coverage
August 18 Bob Dole DNC coverage
August 22 Jeremy Piven The Crew
August 23 Slash Ain't Life Grand
August 24 Vincent D'Onofrio The Cell


Date Guest Promotion
September 5 Donal Logue The Tao of Steve
September 6 Greg Kinnear Nurse Betty
September 7 Spinal Tap This Is Spinal Tap rerelease
September 11 Joe Mantegna Thin Air
September 12 Eugene Levy Best in Show
September 13 Lennox Lewis Lewis Vs. Tua
September 14 Joe Lieberman 2000 Election
September 18 Ryan Phillippe The Way of the Gun
September 19 Jamie Lee Curtis Where Do Balloons Go?
September 20 Barenaked Ladies Barenaked in America
September 21 Jamie Foxx The Jamie Foxx Show
September 25 Jonathan Katz To-Do Lists of the Dead
September 26 Bill Goldberg Halloween Havoc
September 27 Sylvester Stallone Get Carter
September 28 Tony Danza Family Law


Date Guest Promotion
October 2 Dean Cain The Broken Hearts Club
October 3 Ashton Kutcher That '70s Show
October 4 Jewel Chasing Down the Dawn
October 5 Ralph Nader 2000 Election
October 16 Alice Cooper Brutal Planet
October 17 Christian Slater The Contender
October 18 Joshua Jackson Dawson's Creek
October 19 Brendan Fraser Bedazzled
October 23 Kevin James The King of Queens
October 24 Jeff Garlin Curb Your Enthusiasm
October 25 Posh Spice & Baby Spice Forever
October 26 Steven Weber Cursed
October 30 Brett Butler Comedy Central Roast of Rob Reiner
October 31 David Frost


Date Guest Promotion
November 1 Phil Donahue Ralph Nader
November 2 Michael Richards The Michael Richards Show
November 6 Arlen Specter Passion for Truth
November 7 Bob Dole Indecision 2000: Choose and Lose
November 8 Richard Belzer Law & Order: Special Victims Unit
November 9 Michael Moore The Awful Truth
November 13 Adam Sandler Little Nicky
November 14 Patricia Arquette Little Nicky
November 15 Adam Sandler Little Nicky
November 16 Rhys Ifans Little Nicky
November 20 Tales of Survival
with Vance DeGeneres
November 27 John Goodman Normal, Ohio
November 28 Laura San Giacomo Just Shoot Me!'s 100th episode
November 29 Billy Campbell Once and Again
November 30 Anthony Clark Yes, Dear


Date Guest Promotion
December 4 Thomas Gibson Stardom
December 5 Faith Ford The Norm Show
December 6 Chris O'Donnell Vertical Limit
December 7 Marlon Wayans Dungeons & Dragons
December 11 Ira Glass This American Life
December 12 Greta Van Susteren 2000 Election coverage
December 13 no guest Indecision 2000 Special
December 14 Wolf Blitzer Wolf Blitzer Reports
December 18 Marla Sokoloff Dude, Where's My Car?
December 19 Marisa Tomei What Women Want
December 20 Jeri Ryan Dracula 2000
December 21 Gillian Anderson The House of Mirth


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