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This is a list of characters from The Fast and the Furious film series, consisting of The Fast and the Furious (2001), 2 Fast 2 Furious (2003), The Fast and the Furious: Tokyo Drift (2006), Fast & Furious (2009), Fast Five (2011), Fast & Furious 6 (2013) and Furious 7 (2015).



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Character Film
The Fast
and the
Turbo-Charged Prelude
(Short film)
2 Fast
2 Furious
The Fast
and the Furious:

Tokyo Drift
Los Bandoleros (Short film) Fast &
Fast Five Fast &
Furious 6
Furious 7
Principal Characters
Dominic Toretto Vin
Vin Diesel
Vin Diesel
Brian O'Conner Paul Walker Paul Walker
Leticia "Letty" Ortiz Michelle
Michelle Rodriguez (p)
Mia Toretto Jordana
Jordana Brewster
Roman Pearce Tyrese Gibson
(as Tyrese)
Tyrese Gibson
Tej Parker Chris
Chris 'Ludacris' Bridges
Han Seoul-Oh Sung Kang Sung
(f) (p)
Sean Boswell Lucas
Unseen cameo
Lucas Black
Gisele Yashar Gal Gadot Gal Gadot
(f) (p)
Additional Major Characters
Vince Matt Schulze Matt Schulze mentioned
Jesse Chad Lindberg
Leon Johnny Strong
Monica Fuentes Eva Mendes Eva Mendes
Neela Nathalie Kelley
Unseen cameo
Nathalie Kelley (f)
Twinkie Bow Wow Bow Wow (f)
Tego Leo Tego Calderón mentioned Tego Calderón (f)
Rico Santos Don Omar mentioned Don Omar (f)
Luke Hobbs Dwayne Johnson
Elena Neves Elsa Pataky
Supporting Characters
Hector Noel
Noel Gugliemi
Agent Bilkins Thom Barry Thom Barry
Sgt. Tanner Ted Levine
Agent Markham James Remar
Suki Devon Aoki
Orange Julius
Unseen cameo
Amaury Nolasco
Slap Jack
Unseen cameo
Michael Ealy
Jimmy Jin Au-Yeung
Major Boswell Brian Goodman
Mrs. Boswell Lynda Boyd
Earl Jason Tobin
Reiko Keiko Kitagawa
Agent Michael Stasiak Shea Whigham Shea Whigham
Penning Jack Conley
Trinh Liza Lapira
Cara Mirtha Mirtha Michelle
Wilkes Fernando Chien
Fusco Alimi Ballard
Chato Yorgo Constantine
Macroy Geoff Meed
Rosa Jeirmarie Osorio
Racer Rita Ora
Mr. Nobody Kurt Russell
Jack O' Conner Max William Crane Charlie & Miller Kimsey
Mando Romeo Santos
Zafar Ali Fazal
Ramsey Nathalie Emmanuel
Sheppard John Brotherton
Primary Antagonists
Johnny Tran Rick Yune
Carter Verone Cole Hauser
D.K./Takashi Brian Tee
Unseen cameo
Arturo Braga John Ortiz John Ortiz
Hernan Reyes Joaquim de Almeida
Owen Shaw Luke Evans Luke Evans
Riley Hicks Gina Carano
Deckard Shaw
Unseen Cameo
Jason Statham Jason Statham
Secondary Antagonists
Lance Nguyen Reggie Lee
Enrique Mo Gallini
Roberto Roberto Sanchez
Morimoto Leonardo Nam
Uncle Kamata Shin'ichi Chiba
Fenix Laz Alonso Laz Alonso
Zizi Michael Irby
Jah Joe Taslim
Klaus Kim Kold
Adolfson Benjamin Davies
Vegh Clara Paget
Kiet Tony Jaa
Kara Ronda Rousey
Mose Jakande Djimon Hounsou

Main characters[edit]

Dominic Toretto[edit]

Main article: Dominic Toretto

Dominic "Dom" Toretto appears in all of the films in the series except for 2 Fast 2 Furious, in which he was mentioned. An elite street racer, auto mechanic, and ex-convict, Dominic is the brother of Mia and husband of Letty Ortiz.

In the first film, Dominic's crew has perpetrated many high-speed truck hijackings, stealing millions of dollars in merchandise. When he is finally apprehended by Brian, Brian lets him go free. He has spent most of his life running from the law, settling elsewhere, in Mexico, Panama, Ecuador, and Dominican Republic, where he abandoned Letty to protect her.

In The Fast and the Furious: Tokyo Drift he makes a cameo appearance at the end of the film as an old friend of the now deceased Han.

In Fast & Furious, Dominic and Brian reunite in the wake of Letty's death to stop drug lord Arturo Braga.

In Fast Five, Dominic and Brian make a plot to steal all of Hernan Reyes' money in an attempt to buy their freedom. During a talk with Brian, Dominic recalls his happy childhood with his father and Mia. Dominic, Brian, and Mia recruit many of their allies for the heist, while at the same time trying to evade capture by the DSS agent Luke Hobbs and Rio police officer Elena Neves. Hobbs and Elena become allies to Dominic after his team saves them from Reyes's men. With the help of his team, Dominic's heist is successful, and goes into hiding with Mia and Brian and starts a relationship with Elena.

In Fast & Furious 6, Dominic resides in Spain with Brian and Mia, who had given birth to her and Brian's child. He is approached by Hobbs, who asks him to help take down Owen Shaw, whose second-in-command is revealed to be an amnesiac but still-alive Letty. With Elena's support, Dominic regroups with his team and tries to talk to Letty to remember him and her former friends. Through numerous actions, he eventually gains Letty's trust, and defeats Shaw. His group is given full pardons from their crimes, and they return to the United States. Elena becomes Hobbs's new partner so that Dominic can be with Letty and start anew. In a post credit scene, he would later get a call with a threatening message from a man related to Owen Shaw.

In Furious 7 he is seeking revenge on Owen Shaw's brother Deckard, who is revealed to have deliberately caused the crash that had killed Han in Tokyo Drift (thus leading to Dom's cameo in the third film) and also destroyed Dom's home. While he peruses Shaw he is recruited by mysterious government agent 'Mr Nobody' to rescue Ramsey, a hacker with a device known as 'God's Eye' able to locate anyone on Earth, who has been captured by Mose Jakande with the promise of help in finding Shaw after Ramsey is Safe. Dom and his crew save Ramsey - who is revealed to be female much to the surprise of her rescuers. Shaw and Jakande ultimately team up to kill Dom and the crew but they are defeated after a lengthy and violent battle. After this Dom bids an emotional farewell to Brian, who is retiring from the fast-paced, dangerous life to be with his son and the pregnant again Mia.

Dominic is tough and street smart. Although he owned a red Mazda RX-7 and a fleet of black Honda Civic (fifth generation) for his heists in the first film, he is more interested in the American muscle cars, owning a 900 hp Dodge Charger R/T he built with his father, on which he is especially proud of. He also owned a Buick GNX, Pontiac Bonneville Convertible, Plymouth Road Runner, Dodge Challenger SRT8 and a Chevrolet Chevelle SS. Dominic Toretto is portrayed by Vin Diesel.

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Brian O'Conner[edit]

Brian O'Conner appears in all of the films in the series except for Tokyo Drift. Brian is Mia's husband.

During the events of the first film, Brian O'Conner is working as an undercover detective with an LAPD-FBI joint task force, who assigns him to solve a series of semi-trailer truck hijackings around L.A. While investigating the street race scene, he meets Dominic Toretto and infiltrates his crew while getting involved in a relationship with Toretto's sister, Mia. He allows Toretto to escape arrest at the end of the first film and leaves Los Angeles after to avoid his own arrest.

In the second film, he is shown living in Miami as a street racer, and after winning a race, O'Conner is caught by U.S. Customs agents and offered a deal to take part in a joint Customs/FBI operation in exchange for his criminal record being wiped clean. He teams up with childhood friend Roman Pearce, and the two go undercover as street racers, eventually apprehending the ruthless drug lord, Carter Verone.

In the fourth film, after having his crimes pardoned, O'Conner becomes an FBI agent and is given the task of bringing down Arturo Braga (Ramon Campos), a known drug trafficker. O'Conner, as well as Toretto, both infiltrate Braga's crew. While Braga is eventually apprehended, Toretto is arrested and sentenced to prison as well, resulting in O'Conner, Mia, and members of Toretto's crew intercepting the prison bus to free Dominic from custody.

In the fifth film, O'Conner and Toretto get caught in a crossfire with corrupt businessman and ruthless drug lord Hernan Reyes in Rio de Janeiro and plot to steal all of Reyes' money to buy their freedom. It is revealed in Fast Five that O'Conner's father was not there for him and O'Conner does not know anything about him, unlike the close bond that Toretto's father had with both his children. He is often worried that he will behave in the manner that his father did, but Toretto reassured him that he won't because he will keep an eye on him if he does. O'Conner had been in juvenile detention with Roman before he became a cop. O'Conner has also rekindled his relationship with Mia, and she becomes pregnant with his child.

In the sixth film, O'Conner, Toretto, and Mia live peacefully in the Canary Islands in Spain, where Mia gives birth to their son. O'Conner joins Toretto's team in complying with the request of Agent Hobbs to take down rival gang leader Owen Shaw. When the team realizes that Braga worked for Shaw, O'Conner decides to enter the United States to interrogate him about Shaw. After successfully questioning Braga and returning to London, O'Conner starts to feel guilty for letting Letty go undercover, which led to her amnesia and subsequent work for Shaw. The group captures Shaw and convinces Letty to side with them. O'Conner apologizes to Letty, who says that she might not remember him, but if she did work for him, she would have done of her own free will. Shaw reveals that he had captured Mia, leading to a high-speed chase after Shaw's airplane, where Mia is rescued and Shaw is crippled and put into a coma. Hobbs then grants the group's amnesty, and the entire crew move back to America, where Mia, Toretto and O'Conner have decided to reside in the old Toretto home.

In the seventh and final film as a main character, Brian and the rest of the crew return to the U.S. and live normal lives again. Brian begins to accustom himself to life as a father, but misses the old life he once enjoyed. Meanwhile, Dom learn from his sister, Mia, that she is pregnant again, but fears to tell Brian because of his longing for missing the bullets. However, their house is destroyed by Deckard Shaw, brother to Owen Shaw, who has come out of hiding for vengeance, which forces Brian, Roman, Tej, Letty and Dom to go after him. Before leaving, Brian makes a promise to Mia that after Shaw is dealt with, he will dedicate himself to his family. To rescue Ramsey, a hacker who has a device known as 'God's Eye' that can locate anyone on Earth, the team airdrops their cars over the Caucasus Mountains and ambush Jakande's convoy and rescue Ramsey, finding out that she is a young woman. They then head to Abu Dhabi, where a billionaire has acquired the flash drive containing God's Eye. The team break into his penthouse and manage to steal the flash drive. On the both occasions, the team is pursued by Shaw, who engages in combat with Dom, with the team barely managing to escape. With God's Eye, the team manages to track down Shaw, who is waiting at a remote factory. Dom, Brian and Mr. Nobody, along with a covert ops unit, attempt to capture Shaw but are ambushed by Jakande and Jakande's militants, who have allied with Deckard. After the ambush, Nobody's men are killed and Nobody is injured, though he manages to escape with Toretto and Brian, while Jakande obtains God's Eye. Nobody warns Brian and Dom that Jakande will use God's Eye to hunt down Ramsey, who is the only one who can destroy it. They drive off, leaving Nobody behind to be evacuated by one of his 'stand-by' helicopters. Left with no other choice, the team return to Los Angeles to fight Shaw, Jakande and his men on their home turf. Dom plans to confront Shaw alone while Brian and the rest of the crew prepare to deal with Jakande. Just as they are preparing, Brian calls Mia and professes his love, fearing he may not survive, and learns that she is pregnant with a baby girl, motivating him to come back alive. While Jakande pursues Brian and the rest of the crew with a stealth attack helicopter and a UAV, using God's Eye to track down Ramsey, they barely survive and manage to shut down God's Eye with Brian's help to establish a connection for Ramsey to hack it. In the aftermath, Hobbs kills Jakande by shooting the bag of grenades that Dom managed to throw inside the helicopter, while also taking out the UAV. Deckard is defeated by Dom and imprisoned. Finally at peace, the team celebrate at the beach. While Brian and Mia play with their son, Dom, Letty, Ramsey, Roman and Tej observe, appreciating their happiness and acknowledging that Brian is better off retired with his family. Dom silently leaves, not wanting to disturb the happy moment and drives off. Brian notices and manages to catch up to him, asking Dom "You thought you could leave without saying goodbye?" As he pulls up beside Dom's car in his white Toyota Supra (A reference of how the first movie ended). They look at each other and smile as Dom remembers the times that they have had together and how Brian will always be his brother no matter what, they then bid each other farewell as they drive off in separate directions.

O'Conner was first unknown with the car tuning (he owned a tuned Mitsubishi Eclipse in the first film, but its hinted this was paid for by the LAPD-FBI task force he had gone undercover for), but after with meeting Toretto, he became more positive, active in racing scene, becoming a skilled mechanic. He is very interested in tuners, especially Nissan Skyline models. He owned two Nissan Skyline GT-R R34's (one in the second movie and one in the fourth), Nissan C10 Skyline and finally a Nissan GT-R.

Paul Walker's death 

O'Conner was portrayed by actor Paul Walker. Due to Walker's death on November 30, 2013 - with Furious 7 being incomplete, filming was put on hold to allow the cast and crew of the film to grieve.[4] The writers took this time to determine how to handle the fate of O'Conner in the film and decided that Walker's character will be retired from the franchise rather than killed. The film used some voice clips and cut scenes from previous installments, his look-alike brothers Caleb and Cody plus his CGI generated face to complete filming. The film ends with a tribute to Walker including highlights of Walker's time in the Fast and Furious franchise and Walkers co-star and close friend Vin Diesel giving an in-character voice over of how he will always be his brother, before the words 'For Paul' are displayed on screen.

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Letty Ortiz-Toretto[edit]

Leticia "Letty" Ortiz is Dominic's wife. She is also a highly skilled street racer and mechanic.

In The Fast and the Furious, Letty expresses some concern about Dominic's carjacking scheme, but goes along to back him up despite her concerns. In the end, during a botched highway robbery, she rolls her car and is injured, but survives.

During the events of Fast & Furious, she is on Dominic's crew in his heists of fuel tankers in the Dominican Republic, but when the local law enforcement starts closing in, he leaves her behind to protect her from harm. Several weeks later, Mia calls Dominic to tell him Letty has been apparently murdered by Fenix. It is later revealed that after she could not find Dominic, Letty contacted FBI agent Brian O'Conner and became a double agent for Braga's crime ring in order to clear Dominic's charges and allow him to come home.

In the post-credits scene of Fast Five, Luke Hobbs receives a file regarding a robbery, in which Letty's photograph is attached, revealing that she is still alive; Fenix did not, in fact, kill her, and instead involved her in the robbery of a German military convoy.

In the sixth film, it is revealed that she has amnesia, and is part of a lethally skilled mercenary organization led by Owen Shaw, a criminal mastermind. Dominic makes several attempts to try and reach out to her. It was revealed that Brian felt guilty for having Letty be an informant for the FBI to help him to take down Arturo Braga and having this lead to her being presumed dead. She is also described as a tough street woman by Riley, which is true during their first encounter. Shaw orders Letty to detach a cable line to Roman's car that was holding the tank from escaping. While attempting to do so, she is rescued by Dominic, gaining her full trust in him. Brian attempts to apologize to her, but Letty tells him that she doesn't remember much for being an informant and if she did, no one forces her to do something she doesn't want to do. She assists Hobbs, Dom and the others in stopping both Owen and Riley. Despite not being able to remember her previous life with Dom, she returns home with him stating that "it feels like home".

In the seventh film, Letty temporarily leaves Dom to sort through her amnesia and find out who she is on her own. However, after Deckard Shaw blows up Dom's house, Letty rejoins the team. During the course of the mission, Letty's memories come back, including that she and Dom were married some point before Fast & Furious. Letty is last seen with her husband and friends on the beach, commenting on how different things will be now that Brian O'Connor is retiring. Letty Ortiz-Toretto is portrayed by Michelle Rodriguez.

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Mia Toretto[edit]

Mia Toretto is Dominic's sister and Brian's girlfriend. Mia knows of her brother's crimes, but disapproves and does not involve herself in them. Dominic's friend, Vince, is shown to be attracted to her. Mia is also shown to be a proficient driver as she also grew up with Dominic under their race car driver father.

In her second film appearance, Mia has a lesser role, being a person mostly under surveillance by the FBI. She is seen at Letty's funeral and is mostly seen afterwards either persuading Dominic not to get in danger, or talking to FBI Agent Brian O'Conner about their past together. When Dominic gets injured, Brian calls her to help him. It is implied in the film that they eventually renew their relationship.

In the fifth film, she is happily living with Brian and revealed to be pregnant with his baby. Throughout the film, she assists Dominic's crew in the heist by driving and staying back at base with surveillance.

In the sixth film, she and Brian now have a son named Jack. After Elena helps rescue Jack, Mia is taken hostage by Shaw's henchmen Vegh and Klaus. She is rescued by Brian and returns to the US with Dom and the others.

In the seventh film, Mia does not get involved in the teams mission for revenge on Deckard Shaw, who has murdered their close friend Han and blown up the family home, as she stays to look after Jack and is pregnant with her second child. Mia is extremely worried that Brian will be killed but also confesses to her brother she fears the quiet life may not be for Brian due to him telling her he 'misses the bullets'. She is last seen on the beach playing with her family as the rest of the team look on.

Mia Toretto is portrayed by Jordana Brewster.

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Roman Pearce[edit]

Roman Pearce is a childhood friend of Brian O'Conner. Originating from Barstow, California, Roman grew up alongside O'Conner. In 2 Fast 2 Furious, Brian says that he and Roman had met in juvenile detention. Two months after Brian finished Police Academy, Roman was arrested when he was found in a garage with eight stolen cars and sent to prison for three years, and after release, was prohibited to go more than a hundred yards from his home. Although O'Conner had no prior information for Roman's arrest, Roman overall blamed O'Conner for the simple fact that he was a cop. Roman and O'Conner later mended their ways when Roman agreed to participate in a sting operation on Miami drug lord Carter Verone and later talked about opening their own high performance garage using pocketed amounts of Verone's drug money. However, when O'Conner became an FBI agent, Roman started spending time and money gambling in Las Vegas, according to his Fast Five profile. Roman appears again in Fast Five as part of Dominic and Brian's team as a "fast-talker" (someone who can talk their way through anything) in their attempt to steal a vault from a corrupt Brazilian businessman. He is reluctant at first, thinking the mission is personal and not being good business until Dominic utters the vault is filled with one hundred million dollars in cash which is enough to change his mind. With his cut of the money he buys a Koenigsegg CCXR Edition sports car and travels around the world in his own private jet. He helps Dominic take down Owen Shaw and returns to the U.S in the sixth film and again helps Dom take down Owens brother Deckard Shaw in the seventh film. He is portrayed by Tyrese Gibson.

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Tej Parker[edit]

Tej Parker is an old friend of Brian's who allows him to participate in races hosted by him near his garage in Miami. Tej does not race anymore, preferring to referee and make money off selling parts out of his garage and also due to what he claims to have stopped him from racing, an injured leg. He has an off-on relationship with Suki. When Brian needs a place to stay, he allows Brian and Roman to stay in his garage rooms for a while. Later, when Brian needs to orchestrate a "scramble" to escape detection by the FBI, Tej shows him another large car garage owned by him, which they use for the scramble. Tej and Suki drive Brian and Roman's Mitsubishis out to be intercepted by the FBI, allowing them to continue their mission which shows that he still can drive as well. Tej also appeared in Fast Five, Fast & Furious 6, Furious 7 as part of Dominic and Brian's crew, brought on as their technician expert. Tej Parker is portrayed by Chris "Ludacris" Bridges.

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Han Seoul-Oh[edit]

Han Seoul-Oh is an aloof former gang member and street racer, a supporting character to Dominic Toretto in Fast & Furious, Fast Five and Fast & Furious 6 and to Sean Boswell in The Fast and the Furious: Tokyo Drift.

Before appearing on the Fast and Furious franchise, Han was originally introduced in Justin Lin's Better Luck Tomorrow (2002).[6][7]

Chronologically, in Fast & Furious he steals fuel tankers with Dominic, while in Fast Five he joins Dom and Brian's heist team as a precision driver and a "chameleon". While planning the heist in Fast Five, it is Gisele Yashar, who attributes Han's constant need to occupy his hands to him being a former smoker. After the heist, Han and Gisele start a relationship and travel together through Europe, starting with Berlin. They assist Dom in his crew against Owen Shaw.

In Tokyo Drift, Han hires Sean Boswell as a delivery driver and teaches him how to race against Takashi. He dies during a climatic getaway, when a white Mercedes crashes into his car. In the post-credits scene of Fast & Furious 6, Deckard Shaw (portrayed by Jason Statham) is revealed to have driven the Mercedes after tracking the street racers on a police radio.

Han is portrayed by Sung Kang.

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Gisele Yashar[edit]

Gisele Yashar was the liaison for Braga who developed feelings for Dominic, who does not reciprocate. She warns him of potential danger that awaits him after delivering Braga's heroin across the border. Dominic saves her life in the chaos surrounding the heroin exchange meant as a trap for Braga. She returns the favor by giving the location of Braga's hideout in Mexico. Gisele re-appears alongside Dominic's crew assisting him and Brian in their heist as their weapons expert, where it is revealed that she is a former Mossad agent. She and Han Seoul-Oh eventually start a relationship and take off to Europe together after the heist in Rio de Janeiro.

Gisele reappears in Fast & Furious 6, along with Han, and helps Dominic and the gang take on a rival gang of hijacking, car criminals. In a running gag, she takes pride in her ability to accomplish objectives on her own where men would fail, that is, using her attractiveness to infiltrate Herman Reyes's bodyguards and Owen Shaw's security. She falls from the roof of an airborne car to her death while shooting the man who would attack Han. She is portrayed by Gal Gadot.

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Luke Hobbs[edit]

Lucas "Luke" Hobbs is a government bounty hunter and DSS (Diplomatic Security Service) agent.

In Fast Five, he is trying to bring down Toretto's crew which is his number one priority. When his team is killed in an ambush by Hernan Reyes, he joins Toretto's team to steal Reyes' money, and personally kills a badly-injured Reyes, avenging his team.

In Fast & Furious 6, he comes to Toretto for help to bring down Owen Shaw, the leader of an international crime syndicate.

In Furious 7, Shaw's older brother, Deckard, breaks into Hobb's DSS office to extract profiles of Dom's crew. After revealing his identity, Shaw engages Hobbs in a fight and later escapes by detonating a bomb that sends Hobbs and his partner Elena, flying out of a window and onto a car parked below. He is injured by the fall, and rushed to the hospital by Elena. Dom later visits Hobbs in the hospital, where he learns that Shaw is a rogue British Special Forces assassin seeking to avenge his brother, Owen. During the final climactic scene, Hobbs, seeing that the team is being hunted by a Predator UAV drone, leaves the hospital and destroys the UAV drone by ramming it with an ambulance. Later, Hobbs plays a part in taking down Jakande when he shoots a belt of grenades that was slung onto Jakande's chopper by Toretto destroying the helicopter and killing Jakande. He is portrayed by Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson.

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Sean Boswell appears in The Fast and the Furious: Tokyo Drift. He is a 17-year-old loner in school during the events of the film. After having three strikes of street racing in the United States, Sean's mother sent him to Tokyo, Japan, to live with his father and avoid jail time. In Japan he was introduced to the drift racing scene and made good friends with Han, a former member of Dominic Toretto's crew and Sean's supporter throughout the film. He eventually met Dominic at the end of the film and raced him through a parking garage. Aside from Han and Dominic, Sean has no connection to any other major characters in the series. He isn't seen in the post credits scene of Fast & Furious 6, but his car could be seen. He appears in Furious 7 when he talks with Dominic after their unseen race (from Tokyo Drift) and gives him some of Han's things that were found after the crash. Sean Boswell is portrayed by Lucas Black.[8][9]

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Supporting characters[edit]

The Fast and the Furious[edit]


Vince is a childhood friend and street racer under Dominic Toretto. He opposed O'Conner's inclusion into Dominic's crew especially since his sister favored O'Conner over him. Vince was said to be around 29 years of age around the time of The Fast and the Furious in 2001 and was in the same third grade class as Dominic, putting his birth date around 1972, and his birth date is revealed to be in 7/3/1972, making him 39 years old at the time of Fast Five. During Race Wars, Johnny Tran blames Dominic for the SWAT forces that came into his house, disrespecting his whole family for being narced out by someone and they get into a fight. Vince then leads Dominic away telling him to chill out. Near the end of the first film, Vince is seriously injured when he is shot by a trucker whose shipments he attempted to hijack. He is not present or mentioned in Fast & Furious, but can be seen in a picture with Letty and Dominic at Letty's funeral, although his face is not clear. Vince re-appears in Fast Five living in the favelas of Rio de Janeiro with his wife, Rosa and infant son, Nico (who is named after Dominic). He tries to steal one of three cars on a train he attempted to hijack in an earlier mission, but it goes awry. Dominic's trust in his longtime friend is strained for a time when he was caught hiding information from the team, but ultimately regains that trust after saving Mia from being killed and joins Dominic's heist team. Before the crew could perform their heist on Reyes, he is later captured by Hobbs along with Dominic, Brian and Mia, but is fatally wounded while saving the cop from Zizi's ambush on the convoy. Before he dies, Dominic promises Vince that he will watch over Rosa and Nico. After the successful heist on Reyes, Dominic gives Vince's share to Rosa and Nico, promising to visit soon. Vince is portrayed by Matt Schulze.

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Leon is a friend and street racer under Dominic Toretto. Leon acts as a dispatcher during the street race at the beginning of the film alerting everyone of police presence, and is a participant in the truck heist gone bad. His whereabouts after the first film are unknown and is presumed to be devastated over the death of Jesse by Johnny Tran and Lance and as well Vince by Herman Reyes and his men. Leon is portrayed by Johnny Strong.

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Jesse is a street racer and the brains of Dominic's operations, and he is a wheelman in the heists. Jesse admits to having ADD and is shown often stuttering in his speeches and acting very nervous. Despite this setback, he is the computer nerd of the group as he is responsible for creating the designs, doing background checks on people, and hacking the engine characteristics of Toretto's race vehicles with precise calculations (a potential characteristic of those with ADD as they may at times have high IQs). He is somewhat irresponsible as he later raced Johnny Tran for pink slips against the wishes of both Brian who warned him that Tran had over $100,000 under the hood of his vehicle. This proved to be true as Jesse lost to Tran, later driving off and escaping his loss. An enraged Tran and an accomplice later pull a drive-by shooting at Toretto's house missing everyone but Jesse, who gets hit, killing him instantly. Jesse is portrayed by Chad Lindberg.

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Hector is a former street racer and organizer. He is a friend to both Dominic and Brian. In the first movie, Hector organizes and attends the original race in which Dominic and Brian participate, which is later interrupted by the police; he has a last name, but claims he "can't pronounce it". Brian begins investigating Hector and Tran's activities and is convinced that Tran is behind the hijackings, believing his suspicions are founded when he discovers an unusual purchase made by Hector in The Racer's Edge (the parts shop where Brian works). Hector later throws a party at El Gato Negro, but his whereabouts after this party are unknown. Hector returns in Furious 7, where he takes an accidental punch from Letty at the Race Wars after she has a traumatic flashback, but Hector is not angry; Dominic jokes that he "never could take a punch". Hector is portrayed by Noel Gugliemi.

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2 Fast 2 Furious[edit]


Suki is a friend of Brian and sometimes girlfriend of Tej Parker. She is shown to have a highly competitive nature but she is also an excellent driver by handling losses easily. Despite that Brian has won against her numerous times, they remain good friends, and she later helps Brian and Pearce out by driving Pearce's Mitsubishi along with Tej to allow the pair to escape custody. Suki is portrayed by Devon Aoki.

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Jimmy is a mechanic who works for Tej and is a close friend of Brian. He makes a few appearances in 2 Fast 2 Furious, including one which he freestyle raps during a poker game at Tej's garage. He is portrayed by Jin Au-Yeung.

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Slap Jack[edit]

Slap Jack is one of the street racers in the first race of the movie. While trying to beat Brian O'Conner's Skyline using nitrous, Brian outsmarts him also using the nitrous and jumping first off the bridge. After jumping the draw bridge, his Supra gets severely damaged, crash lands and crashes into a Pepsi billboard while Brian wins the race. Although his Supra is rebuilt during the scramble scene. He is portrayed by Michael Ealy.

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Orange Julius[edit]

Orange Julius is another street racer during the first race of the film. He wears an orange cap and an orange suit to hint his name. When racing, he would often swear at Suki when she bumps his RX-7. He tries to reach the bridge jump, but just stopped instead, possibly to fear he would be afraid of water. It is unknown if he finished the race or not if the bridge closed or opened. He is also seen during the scramble sequence in the end of the movie. His name has nothing to do with the Dairy Queen's joint bevarage drink restaurant. His RX-7 is similar to Dominic Torreto's RX-7 from the first film minus the spoiler. He is portrayed by Amaury Nolasco.

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The Fast and the Furious: Tokyo Drift[edit]


Twinkie is Sean's first friend he meets in Tokyo. He takes and introduces him to the world of drifting where Sean wrecks Han's favorite car. He is one of Han's crew who helps Sean in the movie. He is a mechanic more than a street racer and also sells pre-owned goods. Twinkie is portrayed by Bow Wow.

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Neela is the love interest of Sean Boswell. When Sean arrives in Japan and goes to school, he meets Neela in class. When Sean goes to the drifting world with Twinkie, he sees Neela and begins talking to her then he realizes that she is with Takashi when confronted by him. Later, Neela claims that she grew up with Takashi after her mother died. As the movies goes on, she starts to like Sean even more. Eventually in the end, she ends up with Sean after he defeats Takashi on a final race down a mountain. Neela is portrayed by Nathalie Kelley.

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Earl is one of Han's friends and crew member who tunes for racers, using stand-alone fuel management systems to control fuel and timing. Earl is portrayed by Jason Tobin.

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Reiko is the other friend and crew member of Han's. She is a data-log analyzer that helps Earl tune by checking the driving habits and various engine telemetry stored in data-logs. Reiko is portrayed by Keiko Kitagawa.

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Fast & Furious[edit]

Rico Santos[edit]

Rico Santos was a member of Toretto's crew in the beginning of the film and then in the end when they are busting Dominic out of the prison bus. He is in Dominic's crew assisting with the heist in Rio de Janeiro. Rico does not join Dom and his crew in capturing Owen Shaw in Fast & Furious 6, his absence explained as him having been last seen at a casino with Tego in Monte Carlo. Rico Santos is portrayed by Don Omar.

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Tego Leo[edit]

Tego Leo is a member of Toretto's crew in the beginning of the film. Drives the car at the end of the film with Santos when they go with Brian and Mia to get Dominic out of the prison bus. He is in Dominic's crew assisting with the heist in Rio de Janeiro. Afterward, Tego and his friend Rico were last seen in a casino in Monte Carlo and do not join Dom and his crew in their mission to capture Owen Shaw. Leo Tego is portrayed by Tego Calderón.

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Cara Mirtha[edit]

Cara Mirtha is Han's girlfriend and member of Toretto's crew in the beginning of the film and she stays with Han during the heist. She presumably breaks up with Han afterward, since Han is single in Fast Five and begins a relationship with Gisele at the end of the film. Cara Mirtha is portrayed by Mirtha Michelle.

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Fast Five[edit]

Elena Neves[edit]

Elena Neves is a member of the Rio military police assigned to Hobbs' DSS team to track down Dom and Brian for killing three DEA agents. She is chosen because of her knowledge of the favelas and the fact that she is the only incorruptible officer on the basis of her police officer husband's death motivated her to join the force. When Dom saves her from a shootout in the favelas, she starts to believe they are innocent of killing the DEA agents. Elena later assists Hobbs in aiding Dom and Brian in stealing Hernan Reyes cash supply and starts a relationship with Dom after the job is done. Upon discovering that Dom's wife, Letty, is still alive and currently working for Owen Shaw, Elena encourages Dom to find her by joining Hobbs. She assists Mia when Shaw's crew attacks them and takes care of Jack during Mia's kidnapping. After Letty is successfully convinced to rejoin Dom, Elena joins the DSS as Hobbs' new partner to let the couple live together. Elena is present at the DSS HQ to check on Hobbs, and as she heads home, Hobbs gives her a letter of recommendation for her request to join Interpol. When Deckard Shaw breaks into the HQ to hack Hobbs computer to find out who crippled his bother, she assist Hobbs in attempt to bring him down which leaves Hobbs injured and informs Dom to visit him as she takes care of Hobbs's daughter, Samantha. Elena is portrayed by Elsa Pataky.

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Furious 7[edit]


Ramsey is a British computer hacker and the creator of God's Eye, a program capable of tracking a specific person through digital services and coveted by mercenary Mose Jakande. Ramsey was a prisoner of Jakande, until Dom and his crew rescue her. Subsequently, she assists Dom and his crew in collecting the God's Eye, which had been sold away to a Jordanian prince by her associate Safar despite her previous warning to keep it safe. When they lose the program to Jakande, Ramsey helps the crew to hack and regain control of it, then shuts it down. Ramsey is portrayed by Nathalie Emmanuel.

Films appeared 


Zafar is an Emirati mechanic and Ramsey's associate in Abu Dhabi. He was given by Ramsey a flash drive containing the God's Eye program, but, not knowing its importance, sold it to a Jordanian prince. To make amends, Zafar tips on Dom and his crew on where the drive is located. Zafar is portrayed by Ali Fazal.

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Mando is Dom's friend who lives in the Dominican Republic. He invites Brian, Mia and Jack to his place to hide from Deckard Shaw. While Dom, Brian and their crew are going after Shaw, he watches over Mia. While Brian and Mia were staying at his place, Brian built a surveillance hub in Mando's garage. Mando is portrayed by Romeo Santos

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The Fast and the Furious[edit]

Johnny Tran[edit]

Johnny Tran is the head of an opposing race crew to Dominic Toretto's, and implied to be involved in some form of organized crime. He is first seen blowing up Brian O'Conner's car, originally owned by Sgt. Tanner, with his gang's machine guns near the beginning of the film. It is soon revealed that their business deal went sour when Johnny found his sister sleeping with Dominic. Later, as O'Conner and Dominic spy on Tran at his garage, he is seen with his accomplice (and cousin) Lance interrogating a man named Ted Gassner regarding engines in his vehicles, which is also where they spot several boxes of merchandise in his garage (the kind being robbed in the film from truckers). This leads Brian O'Conner to organize a large SWAT assault team to invade Tran's house, only to find a few minor weapons charges and other minor issues. After being bailed out, Tran is later seen at the Race Wars, racing Jesse for pink slips. Both Dominic and Brian warn Jesse about Tran's vehicle having over $100,000 worth of upgrades, but Jesse ignores them and races Tran anyway. After Tran wins, he then confronts Dominic, accusing him of the SWAT team invasion of his home, which disrespected him in front of his entire family (unaware that the man responsible, Brian O'Conner, is right there in front of him; he soon becomes aware of this near the end). Dominic then delivers a right hook to Tran's face, and the two men scuffle on the ground before being broken up by the crowd. After Tran and Lance kill Jesse, Brian and Dominic chase after the two, ending with Brian shooting Tran in the side while Tran is fleeing on his motorcycle, sending Tran head-first into a curbside, breaking his neck. Johnny Tran is portrayed by Rick Yune.

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Lance Nguyen[edit]

Lance Nguyen is Johnny's cousin and henchman, who is known for his love of Snakeskin pants. he also destroyed Brian O'Conner's car owned by Sgt Tanner. He is arrested by Sgt. Tanner the owner of the car he and his cousin destroyed and later released from jail. Tran and his accomplice Lance later pull a drive by at Dominic's house narrowly missing everyone except Jesse who was killed in the process. Dominic drives his 70 Dodge Charger into his dirt bike. Lance was injured in a motorcycle accident. Lance is portrayed by Reggie Lee.

2 Fast 2 Furious[edit]

Carter Verone[edit]

Carter Verone is a drug dealer in Miami in 2 Fast 2 Furious who puts out the word that he needs drivers to deliver a "package", leading Customs and the FBI to place Brian O'Conner and Roman Pearce undercover as drivers in order to land charges on him. When O'Conner and Pearce learn that Verone plans to execute the two of them after his package is delivered, they hatch a plot to thwart him. O'Conner and Pearce successfully capture Verone at the end of the film. Carter Verone is portrayed by Cole Hauser.

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Enrique is Verone's henchman. Enrique is portrayed by Matt Gallini.


Roberto is Verone's other henchman. Roberto is portrayed by Roberto Sanchez.

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The Fast and the Furious: Tokyo Drift[edit]


Takashi is a street racer who was acknowledged as the best drift racer in Tokyo given the title "DK" (Drift King) in The Fast and the Furious: Tokyo Drift. He first confronts Sean at the drift race when Sean is talking to Neela. In the first race between them he easily beats Sean while Sean demolishes Han's favorite car. Then when Takashi's uncle Kamata comes to town he realizes that Han has been skimming money from their business. He goes to confront and chase Han and Sean down. During the chase, Han is killed and he takes Neela back. At the end he is beaten by Sean going down the mountain. Takashi is portrayed by Brian Tee.

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Morimoto was Takashi's close friend. Morimoto confronts Sean with Han and Takashi when Sean is talking to Neela at the drifting site. He also confronts and beats up Twinkie when he believes Twinkie sold him a broken iPod until Sean breaks up the fight who gives Morimoto his own iPod to replace the broken one. When Takashi goes to confront Han about skimming money from Takashi's business, Morimito accompanies him. While chasing Han and Sean he crashes into another car and presumably dies instantly on impact. Morimoto is portrayed by Leonardo Nam.

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Kamata is Takashi's uncle and the head of the Yakuza crime syndicate in Tokyo. He alerts Takashi that Han has been stealing money from him. After Han is killed, Sean visits him with some money that is owed to him from Han, and Kamata accepts his proposition to have Sean and Takashi race, of which the loser will leave Tokyo for good. After Sean wins, he lets Sean and Neela go free. Kamata is portrayed by Sonny Chiba.


Clay appears at the beginning of the film when he agrees to race Sean after witnessing Sean talking to his girlfriend. He crashes during the race but manages to escape punishment with the help of his parents. Clay is portrayed by Zachery Ty Bryan.

Fast & Furious[edit]

Arturo Braga[edit]

Arturo Braga is a drug trafficker that first appears as "Ramon Campos" and the main antagonist in Fast & Furious. During a botched sting operation, it is revealed that "Campos" is Arturo Braga himself and he escapes to Mexico. Brian and Dominic capture him and bring him back to the USA. Arturo Braga is portrayed by John Ortiz. He returns making a cameo appearance in the sixth film being in jail having a connection with Shaw and O'Conner returns in the U.S. as a prisoner to gain access to Braga, who discloses how Letty survived the explosion that was thought to have killed her.

Fenix Calderon[edit]

Fenix Calderon was one of Braga's henchmen who was responsible for murdering Letty and the secondary antagonist in Fast & Furious. However Letty is shown alive in Fast & Furious 6 it means Fenix failed to kill her. In the climatic chase through the tunnels, he T-bones Brian's car, causing him to crash. When Brian crawls out of the car, Fenix kicks him a few times and is about to shoot when Dominic comes out of the tunnel and impales him with a car, killing him. Fenix Calderon is portrayed by Laz Alonso.

Cars driven 

Ramon Campos[edit]

Ramon Campos was Braga's double and a recruiter for drivers in the shipment of drugs in and out of Los Angeles. Ramon Campos is portrayed by Robert Miano.

Fast Five[edit]

Hernan Reyes[edit]

Hernan Reyes is a corrupt businessman and ruthless Brazilian drug lord who provides resources to the favelas in Rio de Janeiro to gain control over them. He also has most of the Rio civil and military police and local division of the Brazilian federal police on his payroll, which allows him to hide his money inside a vault in their evidence room. He wants Toretto and O'Conner dead when they plot to steal his money. He has Hobbs' team killed on his orders, forcing a vengeful Hobbs to join Toretto. After, Dom crashed with the vault to Reyes in a car accident, leaving Hernan badly injured, and was subsequently shot and killed by Hobbs in revenge for murdering Hobbs' team. Hernan Reyes is portrayed by Joaquim de Almeida.


Zizi is Hernan Reyes' lead henchman in the fifth film. He first enlists Dominic, Brian, Mia and Vince to help him steal three confiscated cars off a moving train, but turns on them when Dominic suspects foul play. He kills the DEA agents responsible for the cars, which Dominic, Brian and Mia,Tej and Roman are later accused for. He also leads the attack on Hobbs' convoy. He is shot and killed by Brian when he tries to kill Dominic. Zizi is portrayed by Michael Irby.

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Fast & Furious 6[edit]

Owen Shaw[edit]

Owen Shaw is both an arrogant convicted dishonorably discharged spec ops mercenary major of the Special Air Service, younger brother of Deckard and the mastermind of the international crime syndicate who competed against Brian, Dominic, Hobbs, their entire crew, the City of London Police, and the Metropolitan Police, which makes him the main antagonist of the 6th film. He is shown to be a very powerful underworld figure. In the film's climactic ending aboard Shaw's cargo plane, he is thrown from the plane during the crashing and was injured to the point of being put into a coma. In Furious 7, Shaw's older brother, Deckard, appears by his bedside in a hospital in London, who promises to avenge him. Shaw appears in the seventh film. Shaw is portrayed by Luke Evans.[10]

Cars driven 

Riley Hicks[edit]

Riley Hicks was a member of Hobbs' team, presumably helping him and Dom's team try to take down Shaw and his team of mercenaries. However unbeknownst to them, she is actually a double agent that secretly helps Shaw and the others escape custody. Near the end of the film, Dominic's team and Hobbs discover Riley's true allegiance to Shaw as his second-in-command and lover. She engages in a second fight with Letty aboard the cargo plane and is eventually killed after Letty shoots her out of the plane using a harpoon gun given to her by Hobbs himself. Riley is portrayed by Gina Carano.


Vegh is a female assassin in Shaw's team. She and Klaus both play an important role in kidnapping Mia. Vegh is killed by Brian by having her crash her car into an airline bumper. She is portrayed by Clara Paget.

Cars driven 


Adolfson is a member of Shaw's team, acting as sniper and infiltrator. He dies after Han throws him into one of the cargo plane's jet engines, after Giselle sacrifices herself to stop him from hurting Han. Adolfson is portrayed by Benjamin Davies.

Cars driven 

2007 Range Rover


Jah is a cold blooded killer in Shaw's team who uses his martial arts and parkour to battle both Han and Roman, beating them up with ease. He is killed along with Denlinger when their vehicle is caught by the cargo plane's crosswind. Jah is portrayed by Joe Taslim.[11]

Cars driven 


Klaus is a body builder and the strongman in Shaw's team, but also a hacker with ease. He is the one who kidnapped Mia as a leverage so Shaw could be freed. He is knocked out by Dom and Hobbs during a fight aboard the cargo plane and is killed in the plane's fiery crash. Klaus is portrayed by Kim Kold.


Ivory is a member of Shaw's team. During a shootout at one of Shaw's hideouts, Ivory attempts to flee on motorcycle, but is shot dead by Gisele. Ivory is portrayed by David Ajala.


Denlinger is a member of Shaw's crew, acting mainly as driver and he is a jeep support during the tank heist. He is killed along with Jah when their vehicle is caught by the cargo plane's crosswind. Denlinger is portrayed by Samuel M. Stewart.


Oakes is a former member of Shaw's team, who is captured by Interpol. Hobbs came to confront him in the Interpol interrogation room. Oakes defiantly refuses to cooperate, which results in him getting badly beaten up and left in a trashed out interrogation room by Hobbs. He is killed by Shaw in London for betraying him. Oakes is portrayed by Matthew Stirling.


Firuz is a mechanic in London, who provides Shaw's team with the flips cars and the harpoon guns. He is killed when Ivory and Jah shoot up his garage in an attempt to kill Gisele and Riley. Firuz is portrayed by Thure Lindhardt.

Furious 7[edit]

Deckard Shaw[edit]

Deckard Shaw is an assassin trained by the Special Forces and the older brother of Owen Shaw, who was injured and put into a critical condition by Dominic in Fast & Furious 6. Seeking to avenge his brother, Shaw sends a message to Dominic by killing Han during a car chase in Tokyo and blowing up Dominic's old house in Los Angeles, which makes him the main antagonist of the seventh film, Furious 7. By the climactic ending, Deckard is captured and put into a CIA black site prison, promising to escape and continue his revenge though Hobbs express doubts about it. Deckard Shaw is portrayed by Jason Statham.[12]

Cars driven 

Mose Jakande[edit]

Mose Jakande is portrayed by Djimon Hounsou and one of the two main antagonists of the seventh film, who wants the hacker known as Ramsey, who has created a device called God's Eye, which can find anyone on Earth. He teams up with Deckard Shaw in order to take on Dominic and his team after they rescue Ramsey from his henchmen. He is killed in the ending climatic after Dom plants a bag of grenades on his helicopter, which Hobbs shoots, destroying the helicopter with Jakande still inside.


Kiet is a powerful martial artist who is the henchman of Mose Jakande. He duels with Brian twice, the first time managing to escape while leaving Brian almost falling from a steep cliff in the process. The second time, he is killed when Brian knocks a reeling piece attached to a rope wrapped on his feet, which pulls him down a shaft to his death. Kiet is portrayed by Tony Jaa.


Kara is the leader of an all-female bodyguard team protecting a Jordanian prince. She oversees the prince while he attends a party at Abu Dhabi. After the rest of her team have been defeated by Letty, Kara fights with her one-by-one, but is knocked out long enough for Letty to escape with Roman. Kara is portrayed by UFC fighter Ronda Rousey.

Law enforcement officials and federal agents[edit]

Agent Bilkins[edit]

Bilkins is an FBI agent who was seen in The Fast and the Furious and 2 Fast 2 Furious. He is Brian's former boss while he was in the LAPD. Bilkins is shown to have doubts about Brian in The Fast and the Furious, but showed more sympathy towards him in the second film. When he came to Barstow with Brian, Bilkins manages to convince Roman to help Customs catch Verone in exchange of their criminal record being cleaned. He is portrayed by Thom Barry.

Films appeared 
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Sergeant Tanner[edit]

Tanner is an LAPD officer in charge of the undercover operation in The Fast and the Furious, which Brian is assigned to solve. He serves as a father figure to Brian during the operation. He also financed $80,000 to buy Brian's car, which was destroyed by Johnny Tran and Lance Nguyen. Tanner is portrayed by Ted Levine.

Films appeared 

Agent Markham[edit]

Markham is a U.S. Customs agent responsible for taking down drug kingpin Carter Verone in 2 Fast 2 Furious. Markham initially opposes the inclusion of Brian and his partner Roman Pearce in the undercover sting operation. During the film, Markham shows no trust in Brian and Roman to the point of nearly blowing their cover during the first part of their mission. However, the duo gain his trust after stopping Verone from fleeing the country. Markham is portrayed by James Remar.

Films appeared 

Monica Fuentes[edit]

Monica Fuentes is a U.S. Customs (U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement or ICE in Fast Five) federal agent. Monica has been working undercover as an assistant for drug kingpin Carter Verone for nearly a year when Brian and Roman are brought in. She falls in love with Brian, but earns Roman's mistrust. Monica later warns Brian that after the mission Verone has assigned them, he intends to kill them. She blows her cover by telling Brian about the airstrip, being the only person Verone notified about it. She is then taken captive aboard his private yacht, but Brian and Roman jump their Camaro onto the boat, saving Monica and capturing Verone. In the post-credits scene of Fast Five, Hobbs receives a file from Monica regarding a robbery, in which Letty's photograph is attached, revealing that she is involved with the military convoy robbery in Berlin, and is still alive. Monica Fuentes is portrayed by Eva Mendes.

Films appeared 

Agent Penning[edit]

Penning is a Supervisory Special Agent (SSA) for the FBI field office in Los Angeles, California. He is Brian's supervisor and one of the leaders of the team of federal agents looking to take down drug lord Arturo Braga. Penning is portrayed Jack Conley.

Films appeared 

Agent Sophie Trinh[edit]

Sophie Trinh is an FBI agent who assists Brian in tracking down Braga. She also helps him acquire a Nissan Skyline GT-R R34 SpecV from a local impound for his mission. Sophie is portrayed by Liza Lapira.

Films appeared 

Agent Michael Stasiak[edit]

Michael Stasiak is an FBI agent who is at odds with Brian. During an altercation over Brian interrupting Stasiak's interrogation of Mia, Brian shoves Stasiak's face against the wall, breaking his nose. He returns in Fast & Furious 6, where he covertly helps Brian enter a prison to obtain information from convicted drug lord Arturo Braga. As a means to get himself locked in solitary to get closer to Braga, Brian once again breaks Stasiak's nose. Stasiak is portrayed by Shea Whigham.

Films appeared 
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Mr. Nobody[edit]

Mr. Nobody is a government agent and the leader of a covert ops team wanting to capture Mose Jakande, a mercenary coveting the God's Eye, a program capable of tracking a specific individual through digital service. Through Hobbs, Nobody approaches and convinces Dom to assist him in collecting the God's Eye and rescuing its creator, Ramsey, in return for using the program to locate Deckard Shaw. He assembles Dom's crew upon the latter's agreement on the deal. While fighting Deckard and Jakande, Nobody is shot in the back but tells Dom to move on without him and stop Jakande while he is evacuated for medical treatment. Mr. Nobody is portrayed by Kurt Russell.

Films appeared 


Sheppard is Mr. Nobody's assistant and a member of his ops team. He helps plan out Dom and his crew for their rescue of Ramsey and also participates in the infiltration to capture Deckard Shaw. Sheppard is killed during a shootout by one of Jakande's men, leaving the God's Eye to be taken by Jakande and Nobody avenges his death by killing several of Jakande's men. Sheppard is portrayed by John Brotherton.

Films appeared 


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