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This is a list of episodes of the British television medical drama series The Royal.

When the episodes are aired or repeated abroad some tracks have been replaced from the original UK episode/s, this is due to either copyright or clearance issues from the various record companies.

87 episodes of The Royal have aired.

Series overview[edit]

Series Episodes Originally broadcast DVD release dates
Series premiere Series finale Region 1 Region 2 Region 4
1 7 19 January 2003 2 March 2003 TBA 3 October 2011[1] 5 December 2012[2]
2 6 25 May 2003 29 June 2003 TBA 27 February 2012[3] 6 March 2013[4]
3 14 16 November 2003 15 February 2004 TBA TBA TBA
4 12 5 December 2004 6 March 2005 TBA TBA TBA
5 12 12 March 2006 22 October 2006 TBA TBA TBA
6 12 25 March 2007 4 November 2007 TBA TBA TBA
7 12 22 June 2008 5 July 2009 TBA TBA TBA
8 12 12 July 2009 31 July 2011 TBA TBA TBA


Series 1 (2003)[edit]

Title Directed by Written by Original air date UK viewers
(in millions)[5]
1 "First Impressions"[6] Paul Walker[6] John Flanagan and Andrew McCulloch[6] 19 January 2003 (2003-01-19) United Kingdom 11.96
Dr. David Cheriton arrives at St. Aidan's Royal Free Hospital in Elsinby, newly qualified and keen to impress at his job interview – only to discover they are not even expecting him. Meanwhile, Dr. Jill Weatherill's professional competence is called into question during a home visit, and hospital porter Ken Hopkirk's efforts to put up a television aerial end in disaster.

Heartbeat characters: Gina Ward (Briefly) (Tricia Penrose), PC Phil Bellamy (Mark Jordon)

First Aid note: Towards the end of this episode the doctor counts to 15 while giving chest compressions to the truck crash victim, just after 2010 this has been increased from 15 to 30 chest compressions and now you do not start the CPR by breathing in to the mouth and watching the chest rise, you do that after the chest compressions.
2 "Second Time Around"[7] Terry McDonough[7] Deborah Cook[7] 26 January 2003 (2003-01-26) United Kingdom 10.68
A romantic escapade goes horribly wrong when a young couple are involved in a motorbike accident, and the tragic events of the night leave the staff of St Aiden's struggling to heal more than just a broken heart. Dr. Ormerod grows suspicious when one of his patients is uneasy about returning home, but an investigation by Matron soon reveals the reasons for his reluctance. Meanwhile, Ken and Alun face trouble when a plague of rodents looks set to close down the hospital – but is Claude Greengrass really the best person to ask for advice? Heartbeat characters: Claude Greengrass (Bill Maynard)
3 "Coffin Fit"[8] Paul Walker[8] Mark Holloway[8] 2 February 2003 (2003-02-02) United Kingdom 10.09
Claude Greengrass causes a kerfuffle with a coffin containing the remains of his deceased sister and a mysterious phone call only serves to raise suspicions. Jill Weatherill has trouble with a patient who refuses to accept her condition, while Dr. Cheriton panics when he arrives at the scene of an accident bereft of vital medical equipment. Heartbeat characters: Claude Greengrass (Bill Maynard), David as David Lonsdale, PC Phil Bellamy (Mark Jordon)
4 "Sister Of Mercy"[9] Keith Boak[9] Jane Hollowood[9] 9 February 2003 (2003-02-09) United Kingdom 9.77
Sister Bridget discovers a baby on the steps of the hospital. PC Bellamy and Dr. Alway link it to a girls disappearance for a couple of days. Dr. Alway sets out to find the girl and informs her shocked parents that their daughter has had a baby.

Meanwhile Greengrass has another money making scheme, this time he strikes a deal with a Russian captain, who is stranded when one of his crew needs medical attention. Greengrass agrees to buy Beluga Caviar from the captain to sell, the venture seems to be going well, and the captain has promised Greengrass another 100 tins of caviar, but is Greengrass going to make a few bob or is he about to be done up like a kipper?

Heartbeat characters: Claude Greengrass (Bill Maynard), PC Phil Bellamy (Mark Jordon)
5 "Immediate Care"[10] Keith Boak[10] Deborah Cook[10] 16 February 2003 (2003-02-16) United Kingdom 9.03
Dr. Cheriton has the unenviable task of informing a patient she has little time to live, and the situation soon prompts the wedding of the year. Arriving at the scene of an accident at the railway station, Dr. Ormerod is forced to make a drastic decision, but an oncoming train signals disaster. Gambling fever grips the hospital when a champion jockey is admitted and, as always, Greengrass is in the thick of the furore. Heartbeat characters: Claude Greengrass (Bill Maynard), Bernie Scripps (Peter Benson)
6 "Kiss and Tell"[11] Tim Dowd[11] Neil McKay[11] 23 February 2003 (2003-02-23) United Kingdom 9.63
The cause of a schoolboy's illness is found too close to home, while a bit of teamwork brings Ormerod and Weatherill closer than they expect. Cheriton's flatwarming party goes with a bang, and Ventress spots an impostor on the ward. Heartbeat characters: PC Alf Ventress (William Simons)
7 "Crash"[12] Tim Dowd[12] Mark Holloway[12] 2 March 2003 (2003-03-02) United Kingdom 9.71
On Dr. Alway's last day before retirement, a serious coach crash throws the Royal into chaos. For one member of the staff, the incident proves exceptionally traumatic. Cheriton has a bombshell for Nurse Taylor and Greengrass is re-admitted to the hospital. Heartbeat characters: Claude Greengrass (Bill Maynard), PC Phil Bellamy (Mark Jordon)

Series 2 (2003)[edit]

Title Directed by Written by Original air date UK viewers
(in millions)[5]
8 "All At Sea"[13] Keith Boak[13] Sarah Bagshaw[13] 25 May 2003 (2003-05-25) United Kingdom 7.04
Dr Ormerod struggles to cope with the news about his wife and turns to Weatherill for comfort. When an emergency at sea arises, Dr Cheriton and Staff Nurse Taylor are sent to help. Greengrass's is surprised when he learns he has a long-lost daughter. Eve Peterson comes to the hospital after undergoing an illegal abortion. The staff have to perform an urgent hysterectomy. Meanwhile, the hospital morgue is used as temporary storage when a Fish-and-Chip shop fridge breaks down. Heartbeat characters: Claude Greengrass (Bill Maynard), Oscar Blaketon (Derek Fowlds), Constable Philip “Phil” Bellamy (Mark Jordon)
9 "Snakes and Ladders"[14] Paul Duane[14] Michael Russell[14] 1 June 2003 (2003-06-01) United Kingdom 7.32
A teenage boy is brought into the Royal having fallen from a cliff, but it soon emerges that the incident was a suicide attempt. Cheriton contacts the youngster's psychiatrist, but is taken aback when electroshock therapy is suggested as a form of treatment, so ventures to the family home to recommend an alternative – only for tragedy to strike. Meanwhile, a hypochondriac causes chaos at the hospital when she insists her dog be treated following a snake bite, and a heart-to-heart between Weatherill and Ormerod leads to a passionate kiss. Heartbeat characters: Constable Philip “Phil” Bellamy (Mark Jordon)
10 "Thicker Than Water"[15] Paul Walker[15] Jane Hollowood[15] 8 June 2003 (2003-06-08) United Kingdom 7.52
Sister Brigid has a crisis of faith over a mother whose life is in danger. Family secrets are exposed when a hunting trip ends in tragedy, and Ken and Harper clash over the hospital laundry. Heartbeat characters: Constable Philip “Phil” Bellamy (Mark Jordon), David Stockwell (David Lonsdale)
11 "Wishing And Hoping"[16] Michael Russell[16] Judith Dine[16] 15 June 2003 (2003-06-15) United Kingdom 6.75
A frantic mother and father bring their daughter to the Royal for whooping cough treatment, and Cheriton is shocked to hear the girl has not been vaccinated because of her parents' fears of the side-effects. Tragically, the youngster dies – leaving the worried staff to cope with an influx of children in need of immunisation. Mr Rose reveals he intends to operate on himself.
12 "One of Those Days"[17] Terry McDonough[17] John Flanagan and Andrew McCulloch[17] 22 June 2003 (2003-06-22) United Kingdom 7.19
Ormerod rushes to help following a boating accident, but realises he has been sent to the wrong location. When he arrives at the accident, his efforts to save a man's life are in vain. He angrily chastises Lizzie for the misinformation - only to realise he was too hasty in blaming her. Meanwhile, PC Ventress comes to the Royal with two men who had been fighting over a girl, and one promptly collapses due to a brain haemorrhage. Weatherill is tested when she helps deliver a stillborn baby Nurse Meryl believes she is pregnant. Heartbeat characters: Constable Alfred "Alf" Ventress (William Simons)
13 "The Last Waltz"[18] Paul Duane[18] Mark Holloway[18] 29 June 2003 (2003-06-29) United Kingdom 7.16
As preparations get under way for the Royal's charity ball, Ken Hopkirk is forced to rescue the band hired for the evening when their van breaks down en route. Meanwhile, Dr. Weatherill faces a traumatic time as one of her patients discovers she has contracted syphilis and Dr. Ormerod resolves to move on when it emerges that his wife will not recover from her coma. Heartbeat characters: Gina Ward (Tricia Penrose)

Series 3 (2003–04)[edit]

Title Directed by Written by Original air date UK viewers
(in millions)[5]
14 "The Unbreakable Chain"[19] Adrian Bean[19] Sarah Bagshaw[19] 16 November 2003 (2003-11-16) United Kingdom 9.47
A student nurse causes quite a stir when she arrives in the middle of the night, while Ken and Alun contend with a farming family suffering a crisis. Brigid and Jill deliver a Down's syndrome baby whose parents do not want anything to do with it, and Lizzie's crash diet has alarming consequences. Music clips used: Mama Told Me - Eric Burden, Play With Fire - The Rolling Stones, This Little Bird - Marianne Faithful, Dizzy - Tommy Roe, Sunshine of Your Love - Cream and Everybody's Talkin' - Harry Nilsson.
15 "If Not For You"[20] Adrian Bean[20] Deborah Cook[20] 23 November 2003 (2003-11-23) United Kingdom 9.35
Alun is involved in a road accident caused by a man who recently suffered a stroke. Student nurse Samantha Beaumont fails to impress Matron and Sister Brigid when she put pink sheets on the ward's beds. Meanwhile, tragedy strikes at The Royal vs. Ashfordly General rugby match, as Cheriton dives to score a try, only to be pounced on by opponents. His injuries are serious and despite Ormerod's efforts to save him, Cheriton dies. Music clips used: 19th Nervous Breakdown - Rolling Stones, Sunshine Superman - Donovan, A Little Less Conversation - Elvis, Sad Lisa - Cat Stevens.
16 "Doing The Rounds"[21] Tim Dowd[21] Mark Holloway[21] 30 November 2003 (2003-11-30) United Kingdom 8.77
New GP and anaesthetist Dr. Jeffrey Goodwin has a tough first day when he witnesses a car crash, gets attacked by one of the drivers involved and has his own vehicle and possessions stolen. After recovering from his injuries, Goodwin treats local landowner Lord Firminger who collapsed on his estate and he gets off to a bad start with Mr. Rose when he asks him to perform emergency surgery on a cancer patient. Elsewhere, Cheriton's mother Annette arrives to collect her son's things, surprising staff nurse Meryl Taylor by revealing a photo of a fiancée she never knew about. Music clips used: Walking The Dog - Rufus Thomas, Strange Brew - Cream, She Came in Through the Bathroom Window - Beatles, Rescue Me - Aretha Franklin, The Boat That I Row - Lulu, Dedicated Follower of Fashion - The Kinks, Poor Me - Adam Faith.
17 "Consequences"[22] Tim Dowd[22] John Flanagan[22] 7 December 2003 (2003-12-07) United Kingdom 10.54
Ormerod faces a difficult dilemma when Caroline's father Henry suggests they turn off her life-support machine. The guilt-ridden doctor wonders whether he would only be letting Caroline die, so he can be with Weatherill. Meanwhile, Goodwin puts his career on the line when he allows a member of the public to cure a back injury Student nurse Samantha Beaumont is less than impressed by a date with theatre technician Alun Morris and a patient's pet parrot causes chaos in the hospital. Music clips used: 16 Tons - Tennessee Ernie Ford, Seven Little Girls - Paul Evans, How Can I Tell You - Cat Stevens.
18 "Poison"[23] Paul Duane[23] Mark Holloway[23] 14 December 2003 (2003-12-14) United Kingdom 9.14
The Health Authority announce they plan to reorganise management at The Royal, leaving Mr Harper less than keen to re-apply for his job, so Ken and Alun decide to convince him otherwise by moving him into a luxurious new office, but their plans end in disaster after he accidentally spoons cockroach poison into his tea. Meanwhile, Goodwin's medical skills are questioned when he wrongly accuses a cafe of making a local jazz band ill and a dinner party turns murderous for Ormerod and Weatherill when their host reveals he suspects his wife is trying to kill him. Music clips used: Beggin' (Put Your Loving Hand Out) - Frankie Valli, It's over - Roy Orbison, Winchester Cathedral - New Vaudeville Band, Little Bit Me - Monkees, Dear Diary - Moody Blues.
19 "Famous for a Day" Tim Dowd Jane Hollowood 21 December 2003 (2003-12-21) United Kingdom 8.84
A TV film crew comes to the hospital, which excites the staff. Mr Harper is desperate to be caught on camera and his dreams of stardom may come true when Mr Middleditch gives him an important job for the broadcast. Elsewhere, Dr. Ormerod and Meryl are called out to help a boy who has been trapped below the surface of an icy lake for 20 minutes. To make matters worse, the ambulance carrying him to hospital gets caught in a snowdrift. Meanwhile, Ray Piper is brought in with a huge bump on his head – and there's much hilarity when it turns out his wife has hit him with a frozen turkey. Before the day is out, he is not the only member of his family to be admitted. Music clips used: Blue Christmas - Elvis, Rockin Around the Christmas Tree - Brenda Lee, White Christmas, Sleigh Ride - Ronettes, Little Saint Nick - Beach Boys, Santa Claus is Coming To Town - Bing Crosby.
20 "Skin Deep"[24] Paul Duane[24] Sarah Bagshaw[24] 28 December 2003 (2003-12-28) United Kingdom 8.41
Brigid arrives at a decision and Lucy Klein is disturbed by the reappearance of a figure from the past. Mr. Harper rests on his laurels, certain his future is assured, while Ormerod and Weatherill reveal they are about to end their relationship – only to find the news is already common knowledge. Music clips used: Wild Thing - The Trogs, Till The End of The Day - The Kinks, Anyone Who Ever Had a Heart - Dionne Warwick, Tin Soldier - Small Faces, In-A-Gadda-Da-Vida - Iron Butterfly, Somebody to Love - Jefferson Airplane, Sitting By The Dock of The Bay - Otis Redding.
21 "Cliffhanger"[25] John Greening[25] Mark Holloway[25] 4 January 2004 (2004-01-04) United Kingdom 9.39
Goodwin comes to the aid of a man brought in with a leg injury, which his friend claims was sustained in an agricultural accident, but it soon emerges that it is a gunshot wound, prompting his friend to pull a revolver on the hospital staff. As armed police surround the Royal, the doctors strive to persuade him to hand over the gun, but will they be able to prevent further bloodshed? Meanwhile, Ormerod helps fossil collectors hurt in a landslide, Matron tries to convince Sister Brigid to return to work and Samantha is less than impressed at the offer of a date with Alun. Music clips used: Well Respected Man - The Kinks, Hold Tight - Dave Dees, Won't Get Fooled Again - The Who.
22 "All the Fun of the Fair"[26] John Greening[26] Nick Saltrese[26] 11 January 2004 (2004-01-11) United Kingdom 8.93
A fair comes to Elsinby. When the waltzer operator becomes trapped in the ride's mechanism, Jeffrey and Samantha have their work cut out to rescue him. He is rushed to the hospital, where Mr. Rose operates and reveals his father has been suffering dizzy spells recently. A concerned Jeffrey heads back to the fairground, but he is too late to prevent disaster. Meanwhile, Ken hatches a dubious money-making scheme and Jill is forced to confront a patient's wife. Music clips used: Puppet on a String - Sandy Shaw, Look Through Any Window - The Hollies, Just One Look - The Hollies, Evil Ways - Santana, Do Wah Diddy - Manfred Mann, 19th Nervous Breakdown - The Rolling Stones, Magical Mystery Tour - The Beatles.
23 "Holding on Tight"[27] Tim Dowd[27] Patrick Melanaphy[27] 18 January 2004 (2004-01-18) United Kingdom 9.28
A group of drunken mods arrive at the hospital in a shocking state, and Ken Hopkirk soon makes the grim discovery that they have been drinking industrial alcohol supplied by Alun. Meanwhile, a fourth member of the boozing group is brought in and has his stomach pumped immediately – but it soon emerges that the illicit hooch has blinded him. Elsewhere, Mr Rose and his surgical team treat a widow with a gangrenous toe at her farmhouse, and Samantha receives a telling-off for laying out operating instruments in an incorrect order. Music clips used: I'm Only Sleeping - The Beatles, Sunny - Georgie Fame, Wild Thing - The Trogs, Wipeout - Surfari, Air That I Breathe - The Hollies.
24 "For Those In Peril"[28] Tim Dowd[28] Deborah Cook[28] 25 January 2004 (2004-01-25) United Kingdom 9.35
When local tramp Sebastian Fox is found dead, Ken discovers that he was a decorated Navy hero. When a relative is traced, but refuses to help with funeral arrangements, the Royal team decide to give him a fitting send-off by scattering his ashes at sea. Meanwhile, Jeffrey Goodwin is shocked to discover a farmer's cattle herd have contracted a disease, which has passed into cheese that is available in the area, and Jill Weatherill, Matron and Sister Brigid encounter a runaway girl. Music clips used: White Bird - Its a Beautiful Day, When the Day is Done - Nick Drake.
25 "Reckoning"[29] Graeme Harper[29] Sarah Bagshaw[29] 1 February 2004 (2004-02-01) United Kingdom 8.93
Dr. Ormerod is furious to discover the police have launched an investigation into his wife's death, and reveals in a heated outburst that she was planning to leave him at the time of the accident. Bad news strikes a family when it emerges a couple's son has developed a hereditary heart disorder, a mother-to-be suffers kidney failure during childbirth and hospital porter Ken Hopkirk needs an operation after injuring himself while lifting a piano. Romance blossoms for Dr. Goodwin and Samantha Beaumont, while Lizzie's driving lesson ends in disaster when she slams into the back of Mr. Harper's parked car. Music clips played: Baby, You Can Drive My Car, Take Five - Dave Brubeck, I Just Dont Know What To Do With Myself - Dusty Springfield, What a Day For a Daydream - Lovin Spoonful, Something - The Beatles, Flowers in the Rain - The Move, Cast Your Fate To The Wind - Sounds Orchestra, Surf City - Jan and Dean, Judy in the Disguise - John Fred and the Playboy Band.
26 "Doing Time"[30] Graeme Harper[30] Nick Saltrese[30] 8 February 2004 (2004-02-08) United Kingdom 8.89
Ormerod faces a taxing time when a prison van overturns on the moors. The driver is killed, a guard is seriously injured and one of the convicts escapes, while the others are rounded up and taken for treatment at the hospital, where Ken Hopkirk recognises an old friend. Goodwin fails to diagnose a serious case of post-natal depression – an error which almost ends in tragedy when the mother is found standing perilously close to a cliff-edge. Samantha discovers she has an unexpected love rival. Music clips used: Bad Boy - Marty Wilde, I Can See For Miles - The Who, You Can't Always Get What You Want - The Rolling Stones, Happy Together - The Turtles, On the Road Again - Canned Heat, Searchin - Spencer Davis Group, Money - The Searchers, Old Friends - Simon and Garfunkel.
27 "Home To Roost"[31] Tim Dowd[31] John Flanagan and Andrew McCulloch[31] 15 February 2004 (2004-02-15) United Kingdom 9.20
Ormerod's father-in-law arrives demanding to know whether he was seeing Dr. Weatherill, while his late daughter was still alive. It soon emerges that the disgruntled patriarch has hired a private detective to investigate the couple – but the situation only serves to bring them closer together, culminating in a marriage proposal. At the Royal, a painfully thin girl causes concern for Goodwin – whose green-eyed monster emerges when student nurse Samantha Beaumont agrees to a date with a younger man. The hospital is evacuated after a suicide victim's corpse is brought in emitting toxic fumes. Music clips used: Right Said Fred - Bernard Cribbins, Within You Without You - The Beatles, Music to Watch Girls By - Andy Williams, The Lion Sleeps Tonight - The Tokens, Raga Yaman Manj - Ravi Shankar, Fire - Arthur Brown, Hair - Original Cast, Crosstown Traffic - Jimi Hendrix, Moonchild - Iron Maiden.

Series 4 (2004–05)[edit]

Title Directed by Written by Original air date UK viewers
(in millions)[5]
28 "For Better For Worse"[32] Terry McDonough[32] Deborah Cook[32] 5 December 2004 (2004-12-05) United Kingdom 9.43
Jill and Gordon's wedding day finally arrives, but a huge explosion at a nearby care home disrupts proceedings in spectacular fashion. As the Royal staff help pull the elderly residents out of the rubble, the horrifying truth behind the cause of the accident is discovered. Music clips used: Memories Are Made of This - Dean Martin, Reflections - Marmalade, Work Song - Nina Simone, Love is the Sweetest Thing - Ray Noble, Don't Throw Your Love Away - The Searchers, Cupid - Sam Cooke, Only You - John Lennon, The End - The Doors, Let There Be Love - Nat King Cole.
29 "Beggers and Choosers"[33] Terry McDonough[33] Sarah Bagshaw[33] 12 December 2004 (2004-12-12) United Kingdom 9.27
Mr. Harper prepares for the arrival of an important private patient, who proves useful when a badly injured teenager is brought in after an industrial accident after Dr. Goodwin puts his career on the line to fight for justice for the accident victim. Sister Brigid helps a terminally ill alcoholic called Rory, and Lizzie comes to terms with her husband's recent behaviour and looks ahead to the future. Music clips used: But I Might Die Tonight - Cat Stevens, Let It Be - The Beatles, On The Rebound - Floyd Cramer, Three Hours - Nick Drake, Living in the Past - Jethro Tull, Can't Take My Eyes Off Of You - Andy Williams, I'm a Believer - The Monkees, Good Vibrations - The Beach Boys, Heard it Through The Grapevine - Marvin Gaye, It's My Party and I'll Cry If I Want To - Leslie Gore, Out of Time - Chris Farley, Walk On By - Dionne Warwick, Respect - Aretha Franklin, Crying in the Rain - Every Brothers.
30 "No Room for Ravers"[34] Frank W Smith[34] Mark Holloway[34] 19 December 2004 (2004-12-19) United Kingdom 7.80
A routine visit turns into a nightmare for Jill when she is taken hostage by a psychologically damaged ex-prisoner of war, who has barricaded himself into his house and booby-trapped the surrounding land with mines. Meanwhile, Harper is spotted paying frequent visits to a woman in town and Alun is suspended from duty when his noisy band practice causes a woman to slip and break her hip. Music clips used: Mr. Tambourine Man - The Byrds, I Got You (I Feel Good) - James Brown, Downtown - Petula Clark, Hippy Hippy Shake - The Swinging Blue Jeans, The Last Time - The Rolling Stones, You've Lost That Loving Feeling - the Righteous Brothers, Three Steps to Heaven - Eddie Cochran.
31 "The Rose Queen"[35] Frank W Smith[35] John Flanagan and Andrew McCulloch[35] 9 January 2005 (2005-01-09) United Kingdom 7.88
Dr. Weatherill is involved in an air rescue to save an unconscious girl and finds herself braving a cliff abseil to reach the youngster. Dr. Ormerod faces a difficult time when he misdiagnoses a patient who is left fighting for life later in hospital. Sister Brigid has an accident on her bike, while Harper faces a staff revolt. Music clips used: Rag Doll - Tina Turner, River Deep and Mountain High - Tina Turner, The Air That I Breathe - The Hollies, I'm So Tired - The Beatles, Right Said Fred - Bernard Cribbins, Sunny Afternoon - The Kinks, I Only Have Eyes For You - The Flamingos, Frankie - Connie Francis, All You Need Is Love - The Beatles.
32 "It's What's on the Inside That Counts"[36] Ken Grieve[36] Patrick Melanaphy[36] 16 January 2005 (2005-01-16) United Kingdom 8.31
New recruit Thelma Parker catches the eye of Harper, but proves to be less popular with the rest of the team, and an injured boxer causes concern for the staff at the hospital. Dr. Weatherill finds herself caught in an ethical battle when the parents of a dangerously ill baby refuse treatment, while Samantha receives unwanted news. Music clips used: Just One Look - The Hollies, Good Vibrations - The Beach Boys, Mellow Yellow - Donovan, Dancing In The Streets - Martha Reeves, Father and Son - Cat Stevens, Keep On Running - Spencer Davis Group, Nocturne in E Flat - Annabelle Blanche.
33 "Duty Bound"[37] Ken Grieve[37] Robin Mukherjee[37] 23 January 2005 (2005-01-23) United Kingdom 8.53
Samantha struggles to cope with the reality of her recent discovery and takes desperate action which leaves her life hanging in the balance. Frankie and Gordon attempt a daring rescue to help a teenager in danger on the weir, while Ken has something to hide from Harper. Jeff's casual encounter with a friend of Lizzie's suddenly turns serious when he realises his career could be at risk. Music clips used: Daydream - The Lovin Spoonful, Silence is Golden - The Tremeloes, Sad Lisa - Cat Stevens, Drive My Car - The Beatles, Hit The Road, Jack - Ray Charles, Yesterday - The Beatles, Stranger on the Shore -Acker Bilk, Wild World - Cat Stevens.
34 "Sins of the Father"[38] Tim Dowd[38] Sarah Bagshaw[38] 30 January 2005 (2005-01-30) United Kingdom 8.72
Nurse Stella Davenport arrives at the Royal with a less than favourable reputation, and soon causes a stir among the staff and patients as rumours about her circulate the hospital. Matron and Harper discover a new approach to interviewing when they try to fill a ward domestic vacancy, while Dr. Ormerod is left to deal with the dramatic aftermath of a domestic dispute, and Lizzie realises her new scooter might have been an ill-advised purchase. Music clips used: Herman's Hermits - I'm Into Something Good, Itchycoo Park - Small Faces, Sorrow - The Merseys, Anyone Who Had a Heart - Dionne Warwick, Music to Watch Girls By - Andy Williams.
35 "Everybody Needs Somebody"[39] Tim Dowd[39] Patrick Melanaphy[39] 6 February 2005 (2005-02-06) United Kingdom 8.35
When Matron is attacked by a thief, everyone is surprised to discover who was responsible - but there appears to be more to the case than meets the eye. Goodwin is upset when it becomes clear he has acquired a bad reputation around the hospital and the staff worry about the threat of a tuberculosis epidemic. Music clips used: In My Life - The Beatles, Interstellar Overdrive - Pink Floyd, Alone Again - Love, Way To Blue - Nick Drake, Theme For Young Lovers - The Shadows, Little Children - Billy J. Kramer, It's Too Late - The Small Faces, Trouble - Cat Stevens, Too Much Between Us - Procol Harum, Girl From Mill Valley - Jeff Beck Group.
36 "Say a Little Prayer"[40] Graeme Harper[40] Jane Hollowood[40] 13 February 2005 (2005-02-13) United Kingdom 8.06
Sister Brigid faces a struggle as she tries to convince her superior at the convent to seek medical help when it becomes obvious she is seriously ill. Jill discovers the answer to a puzzling medical case in an unlikely source, before receiving news from Samantha about the father of her baby. Frankie tells Lizzie his amorous plans, then finds them thwarted when he sees Staff Nurse Taylor with Dr. Goodwin. Alun gets himself into trouble when he is forced into chopping some branches off Lizzie's old tree. Music clips used: 59th Street Bridge Song - Simon and Garfunkel, Don't Let Me Be Misunderstood - The Animals, Do You Want To Know a Secret - Billy J. Kramer, Blackbird - The Beatles, Tired of Waiting For You - The Kinks, You've Got a Friend - James Taylor, Rescue Me - Fontella Bass, Honey - Bobby Goldsboro, Help - The Beatles, Love is All Around - The Troggs.
37 "The Way We Were"[41] Graeme Harper[41] Deborah Cook[41] 20 February 2005 (2005-02-20) United Kingdom 7.95
Dr. Goodwin faces the pressure as rumours about him frantically circulate the hospital and when Dr. Weatherill passes on some important news, he wastes no time in using it to set the record straight. Nurse Taylor's happiness about her future with Frankie is sensationally shattered as the extent of his dishonesty is revealed, while Matron is shocked to see a familiar face on the ward. Music clips used: 5, 4, 3, 2, 1 - Manfred Mann, The Very Thought of You - Nat King Cole, Don't Let Me Down - The Beatles.
38 "Sinking Feeling"[42] Frank W Smith and Judith Dine[42] John Flanagan and Andrew McCulloch[42] 27 February 2005 (2005-02-27) United Kingdom 8.87
Johnny Lomax's proposal to Matron causes Nigel Harper to worry about the effect her decision will have on the hospital, and Jill comes into conflict with a strict Catholic family. Ormerod and Frankie face a tough rescue operation as they try to save an injured fisherman trapped on board a sinking ship, while Staff Nurse Taylor's plans for the future are once again scuppered. Music clips used: Stormy Weather - Etta James, I Can't Stop Loving You - Ray Charles, The End - The Doors, Games People Play - Joe South, Creeque Alley - Mamas and the Papas, Cast Your Fate to the Wind - Sounds Orchestral, Strange Brew - Cream, I Heard it Through The Grapevine - Marvin Gaye, Let The Heartaches Begin - Long John Baldry, Happy Together - The Turtles, Somebody To Love - Jefferson Airplane, While My Guitar Gently Weeps - George Harrison, Autumn Leaves - Nat King Cole.
39 "While the Cat's Away"[43] Jane Hollowood[43] Judith Dine[43] 6 March 2005 (2005-03-06) United Kingdom 8.77
Matron is forced to change her plans after a tragic turn of events and decides to withdraw her resignation. Nurse Taylor grows closer to Jeff as they tackle an unusual medical emergency, but later finds herself confronted by an angry Frankie. Harper's money-saving schemes backfire in spectacular fashion when the hospital boiler explodes, while an argument over a patient's health sparks off a chain of events which leaves Gordon's life hanging in the balance. Music clips used: She's Not There - The Zombies, Don't Bring Me Down - The Pretty Things, Something in the Air - Thunderclap Newman, What a Wonderful World - Louis Armstrong, Blueberry Hill - Fats Domino, Under the Boardwalk - The Drifters, I'll Have To Say I Love You In a Song - Jim Croce, Fire - Arthur Brown, When a Man Loves a Woman - Percy Sledge, On The Road Again - Canned Heat, Clothes of Sand - Nick Drake.

Series 5 (2006)[edit]

Title Directed by Written by Original air date UK viewers
(in millions)[5]
40 "Loved And Lost"[44] Tim Dowd[44] Sarah Bagshaw[44] 12 March 2006 United Kingdom
8 December 2007 Australia
6 September 2010 Finland
Dr. Ormerod returns to work after his accident, but when his brusque treatment of a hypochondriac schoolgirl ends in tragedy, it's clear he still needs time to recover. New nurse Catherine Deane starts her rounds on the wards, and Mr. Middleditch has a surprise announcement to make. NOTES: This is Zoie Kennedy's (Meryl Taylor's) last ever episode. This is The Royal's 1st episode return after a 53 week break.
41 "Cometh the Hour, Cometh the Man"[45] Tim Dowd[45] Deborah Cook[45] 19 March 2006 United Kingdom
15 December 2007 Australia
7 September 2010 Finland
Mr. Middleditch brings his reign to an end as he hands over the ledgers to the new administrator - having craftily secured the hospital's future. Dr. Ormerod's plaster comes off, Mr. Rose risks his own skin to save a friend during a game of golf, and a trivial accident leads a family to make a major and heartbreaking discovery.
42 "Thinking Too Hard"[46] Tim O'Mara[46] Patrick Melanaphy[46] 26 March 2006 United Kingdom 9.09
A local nightclub owner is admitted with symptoms of poisoning, and his son is quick to point the finger of suspicion at his father's glamorous wife. Frankie is shocked to see Dr. Ormerod doubt himself as they tend to a drunken farmer after a tractor accident, while Dr. Goodwin deals with a case of domestic abuse and a stationery salesman takes a shine to Lizzie.
43 "Seeking Refuge"[47] Tim O'Mara[47] John Flanagan[47] 2 April 2006 United Kingdom
9 September 2010 Finland
Dr. Goodwin is accused of taking sides when he goes too far to help a woman who claims her husband is hitting her, and there is a mystery to solve when a patient is admitted under a false name. Meanwhile, Dr. Ormerod's strange behaviour shows signs of becoming worse - and Frankie fears the surgeon is becoming addicted to his medication.
44 "Fever"[48] Duncan Foster[48] Mark Holloway[48] 9 April 2006 United Kingdom
10 September 2010 Finland
The hospital has its hands full when a typhoid epidemic breaks out in the community. Things get worse as the disease's source is traced back to the wards and staff struggle to locate it. Dr. Weatherill is forced to reprimand Dr. Ormerod after catching him sleeping on the job - but also has a startling piece of news to give him.
45 "Letting Go"[49] Duncan Foster[49] Stephen Bennett[49] 16 April 2006 United Kingdom
9 February 2008 Australia
Frankie's in trouble when someone tries to steal his motorbike. Dr Ormerod and Dr Weatherill uncover a family secret when a woman refuses to be admitted to hospital.
46 "Love Is All You Need"[50] Tim Dowd[50] Jane Hollowood[50] 17 September 2006 United Kingdom
1 March 2008 Australia
When a day at the beach ends in tragedy for a local family, Carnegie questions Weatherill's competence. An outraged Dr Ormerod leaps to Jill's defence, but divulges her condition in doing so. NOTE: This is The Royal's returning episode after a 22 week break.
47 "Waifs And Strays"[51] Tim Dowd[51] Sarah Bagshaw[51] 24 September 2006 United Kingdom
15 September 2010 Finland
While treating a sick baby, Dr Goodwin uncovers some dark secrets that its parents would prefer to keep hidden. Rose and Ormerod have an adventure at a hippy encampment. Catherine gains an admirer.
48 "Winners and Loser"[52] Alan Wareing[52] Ken Blakeson[52] 1 October 2006 United Kingdom
22 March 2008 Australia
The arrival of a new locum ruffles some feathers. A day at the races seems a perfect location for Carnegie and Catherine to enjoy they first date - but only if they can keep out of everyone's way.
49 "Price of Progress"[53] Alan Wareing[53] John Flanagan and Andrew McCulloch[53] 8 October 2006 United Kingdom
29 March 2008 Australia
Dr Makori takes a crash course in dealing with Yorkshire folk. Stella deals with the confessions of a window cleaner. Carnegie has some news.
50 "Keep On Running"[54] Tim Dowd[54] Sarah Bagshaw[54] 15 October 2006 United Kingdom
5 April 2008 Australia
A patient who set fire to his own shop attempts to avoid police questioning by leaping into an ambulance and driving off towards the pier - unaware that Alun and a sick man are in the back of the vehicle. Dr Makori fears for her relationship with Dr Fox when he tells her he has been offered a job in Biafra.
51 "From This Day Forward"[55] Tim Dowd[55] Stephen Bennett[55] 22 October 2006 United Kingdom
12 April 2008 Australia
A wedding reception at Elsinby Pier goes with a bang, when a fishing trawler careers off track. Adam Carnegie is forced to make a difficult choice and the hospital look forward to a new arrival when Dr Weatherill goes into labour.

Series 6 (2007)[edit]

# Title Airdate Overview
52 "Absent Friends" 25 March 2007 United Kingdom

22 September 2010 Finland

17 May 2012 Australia

Weatherill decides to return to work after having a baby. A local family prove a handful for the hospital staff. In Africa, Goodwin faces the horrors of war and makes a promise to a dying woman - but can he keep his word?

NOTE: 8.37 million viewers tuned in to watch this episode.

Some scenes of this episode were filmed in Africa.

This is The Royal's 1st episode after a 22 week break.

53 "Home And Dry" 1 April 2007 United Kingdom

23 September 2010 Finland

24 May 2012 Australia

Goodwin returns to England with Nkeshi, but his plans for her future face some opposition. A singing superstar requires a hospital stay but Frankie almost loses his job when the paparazzi catch them in flagrante.

NOTE: 8.06 million viewers tuned in to watch this episode.

54 "Hoping For The Best" 8 April 2007 United Kingdom

24 September 2010 Finland

31 May 2012 Australia

When a mother falls seriously ill, staff at the hospital are faced with a dilemma.

NOTE: 7.10 million viewers tuned in to watch this episode.

55 "Fear Of The Expected" 15 April 2007 United Kingdom

27 September 2010 Finland

7 June 2012 Australia

Lady Isabella Martindale has had a horse riding accident and is driven to THE ROYAL by her Chauffeur Tom, who Lizzie takes an instant liking to! Whilst Mr Rose diagnoses Lady Isabella with a broken ankle, Adam Carnegie tries to charm her into making a donation to the private wards.

NOTE: 8.05 million viewers tuned in to watch this episode.

56 "Dr Who" 22 April 2007 United Kingdom

28 September 2010 Finland

14 June 2012 Australia

Due to a mix-up over the job offer two new doctors arrive at the hospital to take up the position. Meanwhile, Catherine makes her feelings clear to Carnegie about their relationship and Stella's night out ends badly.

NOTE: 8.08 million viewers tuned in to watch this episode.

57 "Cursed & Blessed" 29 April 2007 United Kingdom

29 September 2010 Finland

21 June 2012 Australia

An expectant mother attends for treatment, but is harassed by her ex-husband. Stella is relieved to find she has not contracted an infection from her attacker, but suffers accusations of lying to save her reputation. Meanwhile, Sister Brigid makes a misguided suggestion, and a surprise visitor from overseas forces Goodwin to reconsider his future plans.

NOTE: 6.78 million viewers tuned in to watch this episode.

This is Paul Fox (Dr Jeff Goodwin) & Kananu Kirimi's (Dr Joan Makori) last ever episode.

58 "Starting Over" 16 September 2007 United Kingdom

30 September 2010 Finland

28 June 2012 Australia

Mr Middleditch makes a surprise return to the hospital in the back of an ambulance, having hurt his ankle while fishing. Stella grudgingly welcomes Marian McKaig as her room-mate, but the new nurse quickly catches Alun's eye. Meanwhile, a frantic mother calls for Mike's help at a hippie commune, where her hostile husband is refusing help from the outside world.

NOTE: 6.62 million viewers tuned in to watch this episode.

This is The Royal's returning episode after a 20 week break.

This is Ian Carmichael's 1st returning episode.

As from this episode till the end of the 6th season, this was sponsored by Farmhouse Fare.

59 "Coming To The Boil" 23 September 2007 United Kingdom

1 October 2010 Finland

5 July 2012 Australia

A patient is admitted with a fever and a swollen arm covered in black lesions, but Mike is nowhere to be seen. Blood tests confirm a case of anthrax, prompting an investigation by the Public Health Officer. Elsewhere, a specialist is summoned when a woman's dizzy spells cause concern, while Alun and Lizzie are intrigued by the mysterious appearance of a young woman.

NOTE: 6.64 million viewers tuned in to watch this episode.

60 "Scabs" 30 September 2007 United Kingdom

4 October 2010 Finland

5 July 2012 Australia

A piano teacher (guest star George Costigan) remains suspiciously secretive about his past when brought in to casualty after collapsing outside the hospital. Matron's revelation about Susie cools Alun's interest in her, and Mike takes pity on a mother while he treats her son. Elsewhere, Jill delivers bad news to an elderly patient and the porters are forced to take industrial action in support of a colleague

NOTE: 6.62 million viewers tuned in to watch this episode.

61 "Laura" 21 October 2007 United Kingdom

5 October 2010 Finland

20 February 2011 Canada

12 July 2012 Australia

A commuter train crash initiates an emergency caesarian operation on a pregnamt woman, unfortunately the baby is transported to ashfordly General, and fate claims the life of the premature infant, making Jill more determined than ever to support Carnegie's plans for a preemy baby unit at the hospital. Meanwhile, local farmer Sam Benson (guest star Jack Deam) causes concern with his erratic behaviour, and Stella's rapist requires life-saving surgery after being attacked by the father of another victim.

NOTE: 6.84 million viewers tuned in to watch this episode.

62 "Can't Buy Me Love" 28 October 2007 United Kingdom

6 October 2010 Finland

19 July 2012 Australia

Suspicion falls on Adam over missing hospital funds and Mike attends a meeting to assess the mental welfare of a 50-year-old man (guest Andrew Dunn) who still lives with his mother. Elsewhere, Gordon's ex-father-in-law pays an unexpected visit with some sobering news and Ken has a confession to make to his colleagues.

NOTE: 6.79 million viewers tuned in to watch this episode.

This is Ian Carmichael's 2nd returning episode.

63 "Love And Loss" 4 November 2007 United Kingdom

7 October 2010 Finland

26 July 2012 Australia

Jill becomes unwell after earlier receiving the results of a pregnancy test. Elsewhere, when a baby goes missing, suspicion falls on the parents of a girl admitted with a broken ankle. Meanwhile, Gordon makes a discovery about a diabetic patient that explains his behaviour and, in a dramatic finale, tragedy looms over the hospital.

NOTE: 7.04 million viewers tuned in to watch this episode.

This was the last episode to be sponsored by Farmhouse Fare.

This is Sam Callis's (Dr Mike Banner) last ever episode.

Series 7 (2008–09)[edit]

# Title Airdate Overview
64 "Against All Odds" 22 June 2008 United Kingdom

10 October 2010 Finland

2 August 2012 Australia

The train on which Marian was travelling crashes, trapping her in the wreckage. Although she cannot escape, she's free to move around the carriage to help those injured, assisted by fellow passenger Dr Nick Burnett - who turns out to be the Royal's new locum. Back at the hospital, a shortage of staff puts the casualty department under pressure when the crash victims begin to arrive.

NOTE: 5.46 million viewers tuned in to watch this episode.

This is The Royal's 1st episode after a 33 week break.

This was sponsored by MFL Mutual and remained until the 9th episode of the 7th season.

65 "On The Road" 29 June 2008 United Kingdom

11 October 2010 Finland

18 March 2011 Canada

9 August 2012 Australia

Carnegie disapproves when Nick admits several homeless people from Elsinby to the hospital. Gordon is reluctant to let Jill take on heavy duties. However his plans fall apart when she is called to attend to road along the coast when a female victim of a car accident goes into labour. Meanwhile, Matron is stunned when she sees who is the new student nurse, and patient who enjoys gossip discloses where Ken is.

NOTE: 4.69 million viewers tuned in to watch this episode.

66 "Blood's Thicker Than Water" 6 July 2008 United Kingdom

12 October 2010 Finland

16 August 2012 Australia

An accident at the harbour leaves a fisherman concerned for the future of his family when Burnett is forced to amputate his hand. Weatherill treats a woman admitted with pneumonia who is deeply concerned about her father's presence around her daughter. Ken bids a final farewell to The Royal, but Lizzie's resolve flounders at the last minute.

NOTE: 4.26 million viewers tuned in to watch this episode.

This is Michael Starke's (Ken Hopkirk) last ever episode.

67 "Sling & Arrows" 13 July 2008 United Kingdom

13 October 2010 Finland

23 August 2012 Australia

Eric Fogle is appointed as new head porter, putting Alun's nose out of joint. The hospital receives a letter of resignation from Dr Banner in Australia and has to appoint a partner to the practice - Weatherill believes she knows just the person, but Dr Ormerod favours Dr Burnett. Elsewhere, when Lucy Bayliss is involved in a horse-riding accident an X-ray reveals a more long-term problem.

NOTE: 5.41 million viewers tuned in to watch this episode.

68 "To Love & To Lose" 20 July 2008 United Kingdom

14 October 2010 Finland

30 August 2012 Australia

Maria Dannini suffers injury when her ice-cream parlour is vandalised, but further revelations lead to a more serious medical situation. Sister Brigid faces a dilemma when her pregnant sister Moira arrives wanting advice on an abortion. Elsewhere, a cunning Susie has a plan to get rid of Eric, and Burnett decides to stay at The Royal.

NOTE: 5.12 million viewers tuned in to watch this episode.

69 "Stolen Dreams" 14 December 2008 United Kingdom

15 October 2010 Finland

6 September 2012 Australia

The hospital staff are pushed to their limits when an amusement arcade collapses. In the search for survivors, a child is found with a suspected blood-clotting disorder and the team must find his mother to obtain his medical history. Stella enters the wreckage to free a girl who is trapped under a fruit machine, but when she becomes blocked in, Frankie tries to save her - and declares his feelings in the process. After another collapse both Frankie and Stella become trapped. The staff work fast to try and free them but after an explosion it is clear there is no survivors.

NOTE: 5.13 million viewers tuned in to watch this episode.

This is The Royal's returning episode after a 21 week break.

This is Natalie Anderson (Stella Davenport) & Scott Taylor's (Frankie Robinson) last ever episode.

70 "Home From the Hill" 21 December 2008 United Kingdom

18 October 2010 Finland

13 September 2012 Australia

As the staff come to terms with the recent tragic events, new ambulance driver Bobby makes a dramatic entrance. Marian finds herself a partner for the gig by Alun's band - but the evening ends in chaos when a fire breaks out at the overcrowded club. Up on the moors, a shooting incident leaves Ormerod and Bobby in danger and the mountain rescue team is called out to an elderly lady lying wounded outside her decaying farmhouse.

NOTE: 4.96 million viewers tuned in to watch this episode.

71 "Pastures New" 28 December 2008 United Kingdom

19 October 2010 Finland

20 September 2012 Australia

Dr Burnett is called out to a dilapidated farmhouse, where a teenager is running a high fever and his family seem to be struggling to cope. As the staff try to diagnose the youngster's illness, his pregnant mother is rushed to the hospital with the same symptoms and is left fighting for her life. Meanwhile, Ormerod and Rose attend to Sir Edward Fawcett, an eccentric explorer who wants to hike around Mexico, despite having a condition that means his days of adventure are over.

NOTE: 4.62 million viewers tuned in to watch this episode.

72 "Busman's Holiday" 4 January 2009 United Kingdom

20 October 2010 Finland

27 September 2012 Australia

Mr Middleditch makes a surprise announcement on his birthday which causes an argument between Weatherill and Ormerod, but the celebrations are interrupted when a bus full of day-trippers crashes down a nearby bank. Susie bets Lizzie she will get Carnegie to ask her out, and Jack is given a fright when a body in the mortuary springs back to life.

NOTE: 5.77 million viewers tuned in to watch this episode.

This is Ian Carmichael's 3rd returning episode.

This was The Royal's last episode to be sponsored by MFL Mutual.

73 "In The Air" 21 June 2009 United Kingdom

21 October 2010 Finland

4 October 2012 Australia

With Susie and Carnegie's relationship the talk of the hospital, Matron reaches the end of her tether when her niece turns up late for work and she decides to suspend her. Mr Rose faces a personal trial when his golfing friend ends up in the operating room and Dr Burnett wrestles with a dilemma. Ormerod and Bobby try to rescue a farmer who is trapped under a combine harvester.

NOTE: 4.30 million viewers tuned in to watch this episode.

This is The Royal's returning episode after a 24 week break.

This is the very first episode to be shown in HD.

This was The Royal's first episode to be sponsored by

74 "The Best Of Intentions" 28 June 2009 United Kingdom

22 October 2010 Finland

11 October 2012 Australia

Dr Burnett races to save two schoolgirls who have fallen unconscious with carbon monoxide poisoning, while Susie has to think fast when Matron collapses during their picnic and ends up in hospital, giving the student nurse the chance to prove herself. Elsewhere, Weatherill gets to the bottom of a family problem involving a man training for the priesthood.

NOTE: 4.59 million viewers tuned in to watch this episode.

75 "Compromising Positions" 5 July 2009 United Kingdom

25 October 2010 Finland

17 January 2013 Australia

Sister Brigid helps secure a future for Moira and her baby, but when events take a shocking turn Weatherill and Ormerod are left to make a heartbreaking decision. Susie tries her best to be a model nurse and breaks off her relationship with Carnegie - who then proposes to her - while Bobby takes matters into his own hands with the violent stepfather of a local thug.

NOTE: The next episode was previewed for next week, as normally, this isn't shown due to this being the last episode of the series.

4.62 million viewers tuned in to watch this episode.

This is Ian Carmichael's 4th returning episode.

This is Robert Cavanah (Adam Carnegie), Kari Corbett (Nurse Marian McKaig), Damian O'Hare (Dr Nick Burnett) & Chris Coghill's (Bobby Sheridan) last ever episode.

Series 8 (2009–11)[edit]

# Title Airdate Overview
76 "Safe As Houses" 12 July 2009 United Kingdom

27 October 2009 Denmark

3 January 2010 Canada

26 October 2010 Finland

24 January 2013 Australia

Dr Ormerod and Dr Weatherill accompany Brigid back to Ireland for Moira's funeral, and uncover shocking family secrets in the process. Meanwhile, a new locum is thrown in at the deep end at the Royal.

NOTE: 4.53 million viewers tuned in to watch this episode, making it the 15th most watched programme for ITV1 in United Kingdom

The first episode of a new series, although without a break from the previous series, at first UK airing.

77 "Counting Chickens" 19 July 2009 United Kingdom

28 October 2009 Denmark

10 January 2010 Canada

27 October 2010 Finland

31 January 2013 Australia

Dr Ellis confronts local prejudice when he discovers one of his patients has contracted a rare disease abroad. Jack and Alun begin a crackpot scheme to raise chickens, Brigid makes a decision about baby Aisling's future, while Jean becomes more frustrated with Lizzie's incompetence.

NOTE: 4.69 million viewers tuned into watch this episode, making it the 12th most watched programme for ITV1 in United Kingdom

78 "These Foolish Things" 26 July 2009 United Kingdom

29 October 2009 Denmark

17 January 2010 Canada

28 October 2010 Finland

7 February 2013 Australia

Weatherill treats a schoolgirl whose crush on a teacher has spiralled out of control, while Ormerod and Ellis launch a daring cliff rescue when a family picnic goes awry. Jack and Alun use an old map to hunt for buried treasure underneath the hospital, and an old friend of Matron is taken ill.

NOTE: 4.94 million viewers tuned into watch this episode, making it the 13th most watched programme for ITV1 in United Kingdom

79 "Any Old Iron" 30 October 2009 Denmark

24 January 2010 Canada

29 October 2010 Finland

5 June 2011 United Kingdom

14 February 2013 Australia

Mr Middleditch (Ian Carmichael) who has come in to St Aidan's hospital, accompanied by his wife, for a routine operation. Noticing that Mrs Middleditch (Susan Hampshire) looks unwell, the hospital decides to give her a blood transfusion. Distracted by the attentions of a rich divorced playboy, who has promised to marry her, Susie Dixon (Sarah Beck Mather) administers the wrong blood, which later results in serious consequences for both her and the patient. Dr Weatherill (Amy Robbins) manages to save Mrs Middleditch’s life, although it’s touch and go for a time.

Dr Ormerod (Robert Daws) is called out by the coastguard to rescue a grieving widow who has got into difficulty on her yacht. Dr Ormerod uncovers some family secrets and persuades his patient that she does have a future to look forward to.

A rag and bone man is collecting some scrap from Jack (Gareth Hale) and Alun (Andy Wear) but is trampled by his horse and admitted to the Royal for surgery. Jack and Alun are left to look after the horse, with comic consequences…

NOTE: At first UK airing, this was the first episode of 2011, and ended a 95 week break in the broadcasting of the series. Unusually, this and following episodes were broadcast overseas many months before being viewed by UK audiences.

This was Ian Carmichael's 5th and final guest appearance. He died after a long illness on 5 February 2010. The episode was dedicated (in the closing credits) 'In loving memory of Ian Carmichael, 18 June 1920 - 5 February 2010.

4.66m (+ 0.271 on ITV+1) tuned in to this episode, making it the 27th most watched programme of the week for ITV1 in United Kingdom

Song Tracks Used In The Episode

Part 1

Time Of The Season - The Zombies
Bullwinkle Part 2 - The Centurions
I Feel Free - Cream
Part 2
Jumping Jack Flash - The Rolling Stones
Out Of Limits - The Marketts
Hold Tight - Dave Dee, Dozy, Beaky, Mick & Titch
Rhythm & Greens - The Shadows
You Never Can Tell - Chuck Berry
Steptoe & Son - TV Theme
Fruit Tree - Nick Drake
Part 3
Rawhide - Frankie Laine
Nutrocker - B. Bumble & The Stingers
Part 4
Cactus Tree - Joni Mitchell
Fairytale - Ludovico Einaudi
If You Go Away - Dusty Springfield
80 "Should I Stay or Should I Go" 2 November 2009 Denmark

31 January 2010 Canada

1 November 2010 Finland

12 June 2011 United Kingdom

21 February 2013 Australia

A new student nurse arrives at the Royal. Lizzie (Michelle Hardwick) falls for a motorcycle stunt rider who is convinced he’s destined to live fast, die young. But Dr Ormerod ( Robert Daws ) comes up with a different diagnosis.

Faye Clarke (Lauren Drummond), the new student nurse arrives. An extremely timid, jumpy young girl, it’s her first time away from home. She’s faced with a trying first day when a beautiful young model collapses after mistakingly eating the Deathcap mushroom, thinking it to be Magic mushrooms, and dies. But Matron (Wendy Craig) can see she has potential.

Motorcycle stunt rider, Jimmy (James Daffern) charms Lizzie (Michelle Hardwick) when he falls off his bike and injures his wrist. Jimmy tells Dr Ormerod (Robert Daws) he has a hereditary medical condition – polycystic kidneys. He knows he hasn’t got long on this earth so he wants to live fast, die young. But tests reveal an altogether different diagnosis. But before Dr Ormerod can give him the good news, Jimmy takes Lizzie for a ride on the Wall of Death. He crashes the bike – has he used up all his nine lives?

NOTE: This episode was filmed in July 2008.

4.84m (+ 0.214 on ITV+1) tuned in to this episode, making it the 17th most watched programme of the week for ITV1 in United Kingdom

Song Tracks Used In The Episode

Part 1
Angel - Jimi Hendrix
Man On The Move - Alan Hawkshaw
Jenny Takes A Ride - Mitch Ryder
Golden Girl - John Martyn
What - Judy Street
Sugar Town - Nancy Sinatra
Part 2
Golden Girl - John Martyn
I'm In Love Again - The Animals
I'm Free - The Who
You Can't Sit Down Parts 1 & 2 - Phil Upchurch Combo

Part 3
Unknown Track - Jill talking with Patient
Black Mountain Side - Led Zeppelin
Revenge - The Kinks
Hidden Charms - Link Way
Part 4
Everybody's Talking -  Harry Neilson
Run Chicken Run - Link Way
Angel Eyes - Alan Price
81 "Please Release Me" 3 November 2009 Denmark

7 February 2010 Canada

2 November 2010 Finland

19 June 2011 United Kingdom

28 February 2013 Australia

Dr Ormerod's career is on the line when a grieving family points the finger of suspicion at him. Dr Ellis deals with a different sort of outbreak at the prison, while Faye has to overcome her fear of needles when Jack requires a tetanus shot.

Note: 4.48m (+ 0.128 on ITV+1) tuned in to this episode, making it the 14th most watched programme of the week for ITV1 in United Kingdom

82 "Tutti Fruity" 4 November 2009 Denmark

14 February 2010 Canada

3 November 2010 Finland

26 June 2011 United Kingdom

7 March 2013 Australia

A secret from Jean's past comes back to haunt her; Dr. Weatherill must break some news to a young couple; Alun may have found true love.

Note: 4.22m (+ 0.229 on ITV+1) tuned in to this episode, making it the 14th most watched programme of the week for ITV1 in United Kingdom

83 "Manourvres" 5 November 2009 Denmark

21 February 2010 Canada

4 November 2010 Finland

3 July 2011 United Kingdom

14 March 2013 Australia

A day at the park ends in disaster for the Ormerod family; Dr. Ellis risks getting too involved with a troubled patient.

Note: 4.20m (+ 0.140 on ITV+1) tuned in to this episode, making it the 13th most watched programme of the week for ITV1 in United Kingdom

84 "Dead Air" 6 November 2009 Denmark

28 February 2010 Canada

5 November 2010 Finland

10 July 2011 United Kingdom

21 March 2013 Australia

A siege takes place during a girls' trip on board a pirate radio ship; a leader recovers from a stroke.

Note: 4.27m (+ 0.140 on ITV+1) tuned in to this episode, making it the 12th most watched programme of the week for ITV1 in United Kingdom

85 "A Hero For Our Time" 9 November 2009 Denmark

7 March 2010 Canada

8 November 2010 Finland

17 July 2011 United Kingdom

28 March 2013 Australia

A builder disconnects the wrong pipes, causing a flood; a car crashes into the lake during Jack's fishing trip. Jean faces an uphill battle with the DHA when the Chairman's daughter is treated at the Royal.

Note: 4.90m (+ 0.178 on ITV+1) tuned in to this episode, making it the 13th most watched programme of the week for ITV1 in United Kingdom

86 "Below The Surface" 10 November 2009 Denmark

14 March 2010 Canada

9 November 2010 Finland

24 July 2011 United Kingdom

4 April 2013 Australia

A 15-year old boy is shot by an intruder with his grandfather's shotgun. Dr. Weatherill risks everything to save a homeless man trapped at a building site. An unexpected donor appears to offer funding for the repair of the casualty department.

NOTE: 3.98 (+ 0.154 on ITV+1) million viewers tuned in to watch this episode, making it the 14th most watched programme for ITV1 in United Kingdom

87 "The Enemy Within" 11 November 2009 Denmark

21 March 2010 Canada

10 November 2010 Finland

31 July 2011 United Kingdom

4 April 2013 Australia

Dr. Ormerod opens a can of worms when he attends to the problems of a local family. When violence spills onto the wards, Ormerod is caught in the crossfire, which leaves his life hanging in the balance.

NOTE: 4.13m (+ 0.202 on ITV+1) million viewers tuned in to the final ever episode, making it the 13th most watched programme for ITV in United Kingdom

The final ever episode. The Royal (with parent series Heartbeat) was suspended in 2009 and formally discontinued in 2010.

This was The Royal's last episode to be sponsored by


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