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The Secret World of Alex Mack book series is a collection of original stories based on the Nickelodeon TV series of the same name. During the course of the show's run, 34 books were written. The book series ran from 1995 to 1998 and is no longer in print, although at some book stalls they can be found.

Books released in 1995[edit]

Title Author Series Number Summary
Alex, You're Glowing! Diana G. Gallagher 1 A novelization of the first episode, recounting Alex Mack's initial experience with the GC-161 mutagen. The book takes the action through two days, whereas the television episode took place within one day.
Bet You Can't! Diana G. Gallagher 2 Annie makes a bet with Alex: to see if she can go a full 24 hours without using her powers at all. Bad timing for Alex, as she has to deal with a thief and a pair of bullies during her mom's garage sale.
Bad News Babysitting! Ken Lipman 3 Alex is put in charge of taking care of a pair of troublesome twins, and must rely on her wits and her powers when they run off during a trip to an amusement park.
Witch Hunt! Diana G. Gallagher 4 Danielle Atron is holding a monster movie showing, and she's got Vince and Dave on guard for the accident victim as well. And that's just the start of Alex's troubles when one of the movie-goers catch her using her powers and starts thinking she's a witch.
Mistaken Identity! Diana G. Gallagher 5 While bickering with Robyn, Alex accidentally uses her powers while Vince is in the area, leading him to believe that Robyn is the accident victim.

Books released in 1996[edit]

Title Author Series Number Summary
Cleanup Catastrophe! Cathy East Dubowski 6 Alex and Kelly compete with each other over who can come up with the best "Pick Up Paradise" environmental campaign.
Take a Hike! Cathy East Dubowski 7 Alex, Ray, Kelly, and the rest of the gang get lost while on a school-sponsored nature hike, where Alex's abilities prove quite useful in compensation to her less-than-stellar survival skills.
Go for the Gold! Diana G. Gallagher 8 Alex uses her powers to win a place on the Junior High Olympics, and all eyes are now on her... including Danielle Atron.
Poison in Paradise! Diana G. Gallagher 9 The Plant has taken to illegal dumping in a local lake, putting a nearby Indian reservation at risk. Unable to stop the dumping through legal means, Alex is forced to resort to using her powers to scare them off.
Zappy Holidays! Diana G. Gallagher 10 The Christmas spirit is dead in Paradise Valley, and Alex is desperate to get a bit of holiday joy back to the people. Double length special
Junkyard Jitters! Patricia Barnes-Svarney 11 An odd man in the local junkyard has taken an interest in Alex for reasons that has her sweating in fear. Could he have found out about her powers?

Books released in 1997[edit]

Title Author Series Number Summary
Frozen Stiff! Diana G. Gallagher 12 Due to a strange case of events involving an ice cream cake, Alex is forced to morph while in a supermarket freezer, only for her liquid form to completely freeze up. Worse, the Plant has several frozen specimens in that freezer, and now they're all heading for the Plant.
I Spy! John Peel 13 Vince has managed to talk his niece into helping him find the accident victim. Disguised as a foreign-exchange student from France, she intends to catch Alex from within her own home.
High Flyer! Patricia Barnes-Svarney 14 There are plans to open up a new school for flying in Paradise Valley, but someone wants to keep the project grounded. It's up to Alex to ferret out the saboteur.
Milady Alex! Diana G. Gallagher 15 Alex dresses up and goes with her friends to the medieval festival. But a strange accident causes her to lose her memory. Who is she, and why does she have these strange powers?
Father-Daughter Disaster! Clayton Emery 16 Not only must Alex attend "Drag Your Daughter to Work Day" with her "boring" dad, she also has to dance with Dad at the Father-Daughter Dance. But Alex learns a few things in a long day as punks crash the dance and her father gets into a fight!
Bonjour, Alex! Cathy East Dubowski 17 Alex and her family goes to Paris to witness George's scientific presentation. In the process, they get caught up in an art theft.
Close Encounters! Bobbi J. G. Weiss and David Cody Weiss 18 The Macks have gone camping in the desert, and Annie takes to opportunity to test the limits of Alex's powers. However, the FBI's out looking for UFO's, and Alex could very easily be mistaken for one.
Hocus Pocus! Joseph Locke 19 Ray has taken up magic tricks, having bought some from a local man. But when Ray later finds out that he's been ripped off, it's up to Alex to demonstrate some real magic on the con.
Halloween Invaders! John Vornholt 20 Paradise Valley is currently in a UFO scare, which is bad timing for Alex when her body gets stuck in mid-morph, leaving her as a walking slimebeing.
Truth Trap! Cathy East Dubowski 21 Alex is suddenly helpless to blurt out nothing but the truth whenever asked a question, including the truth that she is the GC-161 accident victim. Can she escape this truth trap before it gets her into disaster?
New Year's Revolution! Diana G. Gallagher 22 As part of a PR campaign to end Danielle Atron's domination over Paradise Valley, Alex has plans to throw a "classy" New Year's party in hopes of impressing the daughter of an influential CEO, but everything just keeps going wrong. Double-length special

Books released in 1998[edit]

Title Author Series Number Summary
Lost in Vegas! John Peel 23 The Macks vacation in Las Vegas so George can test a probability formula. Naturally, Alex gets into her own misadventures, especially when both Lars and a Vegas crime boss take interest in the formula.
Computer Crunch! Patricia Barnes-Svarney 24 Alex and her classmates are competing on a computer project. However, Alex's team seems to be struggling compared to her rivals, and it's suspected that there's a traitor in her group.
In Hot Pursuit! Mel Odom 25 A local TV gossip show is in town looking for the next big scoop. If Alex isn't careful, though, her and her powers will end up being on national TV.
Canine Caper! Diana G. Gallagher 26 Robyn's dog-walking business is in trouble due to a recent string of pet kidnappings. Among the abducted animals is Oscar, Dave's GC-161-enhanced pet chimpanzee, and Alex must rescue him before the kidnappers can figure out his secret... or hers!
Civil War in Paradise! Bonnie D. Stone 27 Alex and her friends fight to save a Civil War landmark from demolition.
Pool Party Panic! V. E. Mitchell 28 It a hot, hot day in Paradise Valley, and it's about to get hotter: a wildfire has broken out!
Sink or Swim! Cathy East Dubowski and Mark Dubowski 29 Alex's adventuring has discovered an actual shipwrecked treasure. Of course, where there's treasure, there's also pirates, and Alex has to defend her discovery.
Gold Rush Fever! Diana G. Gallagher 30 Scary stories of a ghostly troublemaker isn't enough to deter Alex when she heads out hoping to pan for gold.
New York Nightmare! Erica Pass 31 Alex's visit to New York with Robyn is nothing short of chaotic, as her powers are going out of control. So why is no one noticing?!
Haunted House Hijinks! John Vornholt 32 Alex wants to create the greatest haunted house ever imagined, with scary lights, floating objects, and even a ghost... a real one, at that.
Lights, Camera, Action! Ray Garton 33 A famous movie actor has come to Paradise Valley for a shoot, and EVERYONE wants to get in on the act.
Paradise Lost, Paradise Regained! Diana G. Gallagher 34 A novelization of the two-part series finale. As Danielle Atron's plans finally come to fruition, she can't afford any sort of mistake from anybody. When Alex Mack is officially ID'd as the accident victim from four years ago, Danielle prepares to tie up the final loose end... permanently. Double length special

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