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The following table presents a listing of Sudan's state governors.


State Name Since
Blue Nile Hussein Yassin Hamad 2013
Central Darfur Yousif Tibin 11 January 2012
East Darfur Colonel al-Tayeb Abdul-Karim (acting) December 2013
Al Jazirah El-Zubeir Bashir Taha 14 May 2009
Kassala Mohammad Yousuf Adam Bashir 3 May 2010
Khartoum Abdul-Rahman Al-Khidir 8 May 2009
North Darfur Osman Mohamed Yousif Kibir 2003
North Kurdufan Ahmed Haroun (acting) 14 July 2013
Northern Fathi Mohamed Khalil 3 May 2010
Al Qadarif Karam Allah Abbas 3 May 2010
Red Sea Mohmed Taheir Aila 3 September 2005
River Nile Al Hadi Abdalla 3 May 2010
Sennar Ahmed Abbas Mohamed Saad Al Thoam 3 September 2005
South Darfur Adam Mahmoud Jar al-Nabi (acting) April 2013
South Kurdufan Adam Al-Faki Mohamed al-Tayeb (acting) 14 July 2013
West Kurdufan Ahmed Khamis Bakheet (acting) 14 July 2013
West Darfur Haider Galu Kuma 11 January 2012
White Nile Yousif Al-Shenbali 3 May 2010

Autonomous governments, regional authorities and other areas[edit]

Area Title Name Since
Darfur Regional Authority Executive Chairperson Tijani Sese 20 September 2011
Eastern Sudan States Coordinating Council Chairperson (rotational) ...
Abyei Area Administration Chief administrator Ahmed Hussein Al-Imam (acting) 7 June 2011

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