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This article is about characters from the comic book series. For characters from the TV series, see List of The Walking Dead (TV series) characters.

The following is a list of characters from The Walking Dead comic book series, created by Robert Kirkman. Plot structure and characterization between comic and TV show can be similar, derivative or in many cases, almost entirely irrelevant.


Grimes family[edit]

Carl Grimes[edit]

Carl Grimes is Rick and Lori's son and Judith's elder brother. He is the second protagonist of the series. Carl begins as a normal and innocent child, but as the events of the new world order force him to grow up, he becomes colder and competently makes sometimes brash decisions for the good of his group of friends. When the group arrives at the prison, Carl starts dating Carol's daughter Sophia. They are currently still dating at the hilltop colony.
Status: Alive
Series Lifespan: #2[1]–Present

Judith "Judy" Grimes[edit]

Judy Grimes is Rick and Lori's newborn daughter (though it is strongly implied that Shane could be her actual father) and Carl's sister. In the Governor's second attack on the prison, Lori is shot while holding Judith, and Lori falls, crushing Judith.[2]
Status: Deceased[2]
Series Lifespan:#39–48[2]

Lori Grimes[edit]

Lori Grimes is Rick's wife and Carl and Judith Grimes' mother. During the Governor's attack on the prison, she is shot by Lilly while holding Judith, with whom she crushes after falling.
Status: Deceased[2]
Series Lifespan: #2[1]–48[2]

Rick Grimes[edit]

Rick Grimes is the main series protagonist and the group's de facto leader. He is Lori's husband and Carl and Judith's father. Before the zombie apocalypse, Rick was a sheriff's deputy in the small town of Cynthiana, Kentucky. While in a shootout against an escaped convict with his partner and best friend, Shane Walsh, Rick is wounded and subsequently awakens from a coma some time later. After finding his family in Atlanta camp, Rick quickly assumes the role of the leader of the survivor community. As the story progresses, Rick adopts a more dark and assertive nature. He lost his wife and daughter during the fall of the prison. Lori's death leaves Rick in emotional wreck. Rick suffers frightening hallucinations of her, and for a while seems to hear conversations with her on an old phone. For the heavy loss of lives occurred, Rick constantly blames himself. At the same time, he never backs away from a difficult decision affecting his community. Rick is very protective of Carl, while at the same time feels detached from Carl's now bleak outlook of the world. Eventually Rick begins a romantic relationship with Andrea in Alexandria. Rick is currently the leader of the Alexandria survivors community. As the war with Negan escalates, Negan forces Dwight to shoot Rick with a bolt (possibly with walker blood on it to infect Rick with the walker-virus), but as Rick does not turn, Dwight is proved a trustworthy ally and not a surreptitious foe.
Status: Alive
Series Lifespan: #1[3]–Present

Atlanta survivors[edit]


Allen was Donna's husband and the father of twins Billy and Ben. After Donna was killed by walkers he went into a downward emotional spiral but began to recover. He was bitten on the leg by a walker, and Rick amputated the limb to save his life. However, he soon died of blood loss from the wound.
Status: Deceased
Series Lifespan: #2[1]–23


Amy was Andrea's younger sister. They joined the survivor group on the outskirts of Atlanta. Amy was bitten by a zombie in the opening stages of a zombie attack on their exposed camp. She died of the bite and Andrea shot her in the head to prevent reanimation and buried her in the nearby forest.
Status: Deceased
Series Lifespan: #3[4]–5[5]

Andrea Harrison[edit]

Andrea is one of the comic's longest-living survivors, alongside Rick, Carl, Maggie and Sophia Peletier. Andrea worked as a clerk for a Law firm before the zombie apocalypse, a job which she said she hated. She is shown to be one of the greatest rifle shooters in the Walking Dead universe, known for sniping at foes of the group whether they are human or zombies.
Status: Alive
Series Lifespan: #2[1]–Present


Donna was the wife of Allen and mother of twins Billy and Ben. Strong-willed, loving and caring to her family, Donna made all the big decisions in her relationship with her husband, while leaving the financial responsibilities with Allen. After the dead rose, Donna and her family joined the group of survivors encamped on the outer limits of Atlanta, where she made a point of resenting that the women of the group (herself, Carol and Lori) had to take care of most of the group's domestic chores (e.g. laundry). Shortly after, when the group attempted to settle at Wiltshire Estates, Donna is killed by a zombie and her body devoured by more of the undead, leaving Allen permanently devastated.
Status: Deceased
Series Lifespan: #3[4]–9[6]


Ben was Allen and Donna's twin son. He is unofficially adopted by Dale and Andrea after their parents die. He does not seem to understand what is happening in the world as it is. On the road to D.C., Ben brutally slaughters Billy, convinced that he will come back. The group debates killing Ben to protect themselves, but takes no immediate action. In the night, Carl sneaks into the van where Ben is locked up, and executes him. Billy and Ben are buried side by side.
Status: Deceased
Series Lifespan: #3[4]–61[7]


Billy was Allen and Donna's twin son. He is unofficially adopted by Dale and Andrea after their parents die. He does not seem to understand what is happening in the world as it is. On the road to D.C., Billy is brutally slaughtered by Ben, who is convinced that Billy will come back.
Status: Deceased
Series Lifespan: #3[4]–61[7]

Dale Horvath[edit]

Dale is shown to be the wisest member of the survivor group. Without telling the group he had been bitten, Dale goes off to die but is knocked out by The Hunters who then cook and eat his leg. After Rick's group finds and kills the hunters, they take Dale back to the church. After he dies, he is shot by Andrea to prevent reanimation and his body is burned. Andrea keeps and wears Dale's fishing hat which she uses to talk to him.
Status: Deceased
Series Lifespan: #3[4]–66[8]


Jim joined the survivor group after his entire family was killed by zombies. During a zombie attack on the group, Jim, failing to kill one with his gun, grapples with a zombie and violently smashes its head in, his rage over his family's death driving him momentarily insane. After coming to his senses, he, and the rest of the group realized that he had been bitten on the lower arm. Jim was left under a tree on the outskirts of Atlanta, in the hopes that, upon reanimating, he could be reunited with the undead members of his family that may still exist.
Status: Undead
Series Lifespan: #2[1]–6[9]

Carol Peletier[edit]

Carol is portrayed as a fragile woman, relying on others for emotional and physical support. She is Tyreese's girlfriend until he cheats on her with Michonne, which contributes to her continuing psychological breakdown. She dies in the prison after feeding herself to a walker tied up for medical observation after convincing herself that the walker wanted to be her friend. This came after Tyreese's infidelity and the rejection by Rick and Lori of a polyamorous relationship.[10]
Status: Deceased[10]
Lifespan: #3[4]–42[10]

Sophia Peletier[edit]

Sophia is the daughter of Carol. Currently adopted by Maggie.
Status: Alive
Series Lifespan: #2[1] - Present

Glenn Rhee[edit]

Glenn was Maggie's boyfriend/husband. He is beaten to death with a baseball bat by Negan.[11]
Status: Deceased[11]
Series Lifespan: #2[1]–100[11]

Shane Walsh[edit]

Shane is a longtime friend and fellow police officer of series protagonist Rick Grimes. After Rick is shot and put into a coma, and the zombie outbreak occurs, he rescues Rick's family and leads a group of survivors, becoming romantically involved with Rick's wife, Lori. When Rick returns to his family alive, Shane grows increasingly jealous of their relationship, as well as Rick's role in the group. He was shot in the neck by Carl and was later put down by Rick.
Status: Deceased
Series Lifespan: #1[3]–6, #7,[12] #15 (as a zombie),[13] #37[14]

Greene family and friends[edit]

Arnold Greene[edit]

Arnold Greene was Hershel's second son. He is shown as loyal and reliable to his father. He was bitten by his brother, Shawn, who had become a zombie and was kept locked inside the family's barn. He was shot by a distraught Hershel to prevent reanimation.
Status: Deceased
Series Lifespan: #10[15]–11[16]

Billy Greene[edit]

Billy Greene is Hershel's youngest son. Depicted as in his teens, brash and rebellious, he played little part in the earlier issues but is revealed to be helpful around the prison, and mindful of all the "good-looking ones" (women) being spoke for. Billy ends up having a one-night stand with Carol before she commits suicide, feeling guilt after seeing Carol kill herself. Billy was killed in the final stages of the assault on the prison by the Woodbury Army; his death leading his father to allow himself to die as well.[2]
Status: Deceased[2]
Series Lifespan: #10[15]–48[2]

Hershel Greene[edit]

Hershel is the patriarch of the Greene family and owner of the farm where Rick's group are invited to stay after Carl is shot. He later joins up with Rick's group at the prison after the farm becomes too unsafe only to be killed during The Governor's second attack on the prison.
Status: Deceased[2]
Series Lifespan: #10[15]–48[2]

Lacey Greene[edit]

Lacey was Hershel's second oldest daughter. She is shown as sarcastic and weary of her father. Lacey shared her love of reading with Carol. She is killed by the zombies that were kept in the family's barn while attempting to save Arnold.
Status: Deceased
Series Lifespan: #10[15]–11[16]

Maggie Greene[edit]

Maggie is Hershel Greene's tomboyish eldest daughter and Glenn's lover. She eventually becomes Glenn's wife and later widow, and takes the role of being a surrogate mother to Sophia Peletier following the suicide of the girl's biological mother. After Glenn's death she moves with Sofia to Hilltop, and eventually becomes interim leader of the community.
Status: Alive
Series Lifespan: #10[15]–Present

Rachel and Susie Greene[edit]

Rachel and Susie Greene are Hershel's youngest twin daughters. They were Thomas's victims, being decapitated when alone in the prison barbershop.
Status: Deceased
Series Lifespan: #10[15]–15,[13] #16 (as zombies)

Shawn Greene[edit]

Shawn was Hershel's oldest son and the first member of the Greene family to be killed by zombies. He is reanimated and locked in Hershel's barn until a cure for the epidemic can be discovered. He eventually escapes the barn and kills his brother Arnold. He is shot by Hershel when he realizes that his son will never again be normal. You can see Shawn's death by walkers by playing the video game The Walking Dead also set in the same universe as the comics.
Status: Deceased
Series Lifespan: #11 (as a zombie)[16]


Otis, is the boyfriend of Patricia and a neighbor of Hershel Greene. He accidentally shoots and almost killed Carl while out hunting for a deer. Otis remained at the farm while the Greenes left to join Rick at the prison. Otis would later follow, and was saved from zombies by the newly arrived Michonne. He rejoins the group (though ended his relationship with Patricia after learning of her part in Dexter's attempted coup). Later, the prison was (temporarily) overrun by zombies while rescuing Tyreese following his return from searching for Rick, Michonne, and Glenn. Otis was attacked by zombies and killed. When Rick and his group returned from Woodbury Otis had turned into a walker. Rick shoots him in the head.
Status: Deceased
Series Lifespan: #9[6]–35


Patricia was Otis' Incredibly naive and overly trusting girlfriend. After Thomas killed Hershel's twin daughters, Patricia attempted to free him so the other survivors would not kill him. Thomas almost killed her soon afterward, but Patricia managed to fight him off until Maggie arrived and shot him. Rick was wary of allowing Patricia to stay with the group but decided she was ultimately harmless. Her naivety allowed the inmates of the prison to convince her to help them take back the prison from Rick, though their plan was thwarted after Dexter was killed. Patricia then became an outcast amongst the survivors, but regained acceptance by saving Rick's life via a blood transfusion, before the attack on the prison. She was shot and killed by a member of Woodbury during the final assault on the prison.
Status: Deceased[2]
Series Lifespan: #10[15]–48[2]

Prison inmates[edit]


Andrew was a dread-locked former drug user who believes God sent the zombie apocalypse to help him "get clean". He is of African-American background. He had a relationship with Dexter, probably due to the amount of time spent locked up with him alone and the two other convicts. He is apparently in love with him. When Dexter is accused of murder, he organizes Andrew to find a way into the previously unexplored Block A and gather up the guards riot gear to take over the prison. After Dexter's death, he is extremely distraught; he subsequently fled the prison during the time Michonne and Otis arrive. His fate remains unclear. Later on, the writer stated that Andrew is probably deceased.
Status: Presumed deceased
Series Lifespan: #13[17]–19


Axel was described as a grizzled old white biker imprisoned for armed robbery. When Dexter tries to force the survivors out of the prison, Axel stands up for them. Being the only of the four convicts to remain with the survivors over the majority of the story, he eventually found their trust through hard work and earnest commitment. He had a brief relationship with Patricia after being shot in the arm during the first prison assault. After helping the survivors set up defenses, he was shot in the head, an early casualty of the second prison assault.
Status: Deceased
Series Lifespan: #13[17]–47,[18] #75


Dexter is a towering, physically intimidating African-American inmate at the prison where the group takes residence. Convicted of murdering his wife and her lover, whom he states, "were the last". He ironically trusts the other survivors far less than they trust him. He has a covert relationship with Andrew, but is purely in said relationship for sex. After the murders of the Greene twins, Lori leads the group to wrongly lock him up on account of being the only convict known to murder. After Thomas is revealed to be responsible and not receiving any apology, he loses his patience and orders Andrew to scavenge the prison's riot gear. Amidst the confusion with Thomas, Dexter gathers Andrew and a defecting Patricia with their new riot gear to force out the survivors. He is soon after killed discreetly in a skirmish against zombies by Rick, who covers it up as a friendly fire mistake.
Status: Deceased
Series Lifespan: #13[17]–19

Thomas Richards[edit]

Thomas Richards was a nerdy Caucasian man who claims to be in federal prison for tax evasion (Which he says is not his fault). He is actually a homicidal lunatic who murders two of Hershel's daughters by decapitation and attempts to murder Andrea before he is beaten senseless by an enraged Rick. He is later shot repeatedly by Maggie Greene after his attempted escape. Patricia attempted to free him so the other survivors would not hang him, nearly killing Patricia in the process. His deceased body was thrown to the zombie hordes outside of the prison.
Status: Deceased
Series Lifespan: #13[17]–18

Miscellaneous survivors[edit]


Chris is the disturbed, sixteen-year-old boyfriend of Julie, living with her and her father, Tyreese before the zombie crisis begins. The three eventually join Rick's group in Atlanta's outskirts, and move with them from Wiltshire Estates to the prison. Unbeknownst to the others, Chris exhorts Julie into a youthfully-idealistic suicide pact, and haphazardly executes it one night, in the prison, shooting her. Julie reanimates in her father's arms and Chris shoots her a second time. Tyreese, in furious rage chokes Chris to death, then beats his reanimated corps until he is nothing but pulverized pieces, which he then burns. Tyreese later confesses his enraged manslaughter to Rick.
Status: Deceased
Series Lifespan: #7[12]–15[13]

Derek's group[edit]

Derek is the leader of a small group of scavengers in DC. After following gunshots the group finds the Alexandria community. They demand to be let in and threaten Rick at gunpoint. A shootout ensues and Derek's group are all killed. These gunshots attract the attention of the large DC herd which eventually rips through the walls of the community.
Status: All deceased
Series Lifespan: #75–78

Rosita Espinosa[edit]

Rosita Espinosa is a woman who joins up with Sgt. Ford and Eugene in their mission to reach Washington D.C. She remains one of the more under-developed characters to date. She is a bit of a foil to Abraham's potential brutality; kind, gentle, and understanding, capable of neutralizing and abating Abraham's emotional instabilities or inhumane talk and urges.

Status: Alive
Series Lifespan: #53[19]–Present

Sgt. Abraham Ford[edit]

Abraham Ford is a Sergeant in the U.S. Army. Sometime after the zombie crisis began, Ford came into contact with Eugene, who claimed he had information that Washington D.C. is the only potential sanctuary from the zombie hordes. Teaming up with Rosita and Eugene, Ford is now on a mission to get there, intending to solve the zombie crisis after Eugene reveals he has crucial information about the zombie's origins. He was murdered by Negan's Saviors.
Status: Deceased
Series Lifespan: #53[19]–98

The Hunters[edit]

Chris, Theresa, David, Greg, Charlie & Albert are members of a group of people who have been tracking down Rick and his group of survivors. The Hunters led by Chris, started out as a regular group of survivors but, as food became scarce, they resorted to cannibalism. Chris reasoned that hunting animals was a waste of time and that humans would be much easier to hunt and kill. They normally hunted down small groups of survivors and isolated ones, and avoided larger groups. Soon after, they had no luck tracking down small groups of survivors, and they resorted to hunting down Rick's group because they were getting desperate and needed food. Chris and The Hunters successfully captured Dale in the middle of the night as he was leaving to die due to a zombie bite he received earlier in the day. After learning the fact that Dale was "tainted meat" because of his wound, Chris and the Hunters beat him and decided to leave Dale in front of the Church that Rick's group was staying at. As Rick's group carried Dale away, The Hunters resorted to shooting Glenn in the leg, believing that the survivors would be easier targets if they were scared. Rick's group eventually discovered Chris and the other hunters in an abandoned neighborhood. Negotiations were attempted by Rick in order to get the Hunters to stop targeting their group. Rick also found out the Hunters had eaten their own children. This was the only time Chris showed signs of remorse (hinting that it was his own children they ate), but justified it by saying it was to survive, as animals in the wild (bears in this instance) would eat their own young if they would otherwise starve to death. After getting his finger shot off by Andrea, Chris and the Hunters forcefully had their weapons taken away by Abraham. After surrendering to Rick and begging for his life, Chris and the other Hunters were mutilated and beaten to death by Rick and the others to avenge what they had done to Dale and all of their previous victims. Then, his body was later burned, along with the rest of his group.
Status: All deceased
Series Lifespan: #61[7]–66[8]

Duane Jones[edit]

Duane Jones was a young boy hiding out with his father, Morgan, in various houses in Rick's neighborhood, attempting to ride out the zombie apocalypse. After meeting Rick and being provided with weapons from the police station, he and Duane part ways with Rick, potentially to meet again some day. Much later, at Christmas, Morgan and Duane are seen alive and well, living in a cabin on a snowy mountain. Later still, Rick encounters the two, but while Morgan is alive, Duane has turned. Morgan now joins Rick, but leaves his reanimated son to roam freely within the house. The name "Duane Jones" was the author's homage to the American actor of the same name who was the main protagonist in Night of the Living Dead.
Status: Undead
Series Lifespan: #1[3]–59[20]

Morgan Jones[edit]

Morgan is the devoted father of Duane Jones struggling to get over the recent death of his wife. He and his son seek refuge in Rick's hometown after the outbreak occurs. He was the first living person Rick encountered after waking up. He detailed Rick of the outbreak and what has been happening within the world the past couple months. Sometime within the following weeks/months, Duane falls prey to the walkers and gets turned. Morgan, unable to cope with the death of his son, resorts to locking Duane in the house with chains. Later Rick takes him in as one of his community. He develops an attraction and consequently a complicated relationship with Michonne. While helping fight off zombies with Michonne, Rick, and the others, he is caught off guard and bitten on the arm by a walker. Michonne chops his arm off, and from there he is left bedridden. He is shortly thereafter put down by her before he has the chance to re-animate.
Status: Deceased
Series Lifespan: #1[3]–83[21]


Julie is Tyreese's sixteen-year-old teenage daughter. She is shown to be affectionate to both her father and boyfriend. The end of the world has not stopped her from seeking independence where she can find it. During the initial stages of clearing out the penitentiary, she and Chris act as babysitters. Once settled, after having sex for the first time with Chris, she carries out an ill-fated suicide pact with her boyfriend. She soon reanimates in Tyreese's arms, and almost kills her father before being fatally shot by Chris again.
Status: Deceased
Series Lifespan: #7[12]–14


Michonne is a woman armed with a katana towing two pacified zombies in shackles. After The Governor rapes and tortures her, she remains behind to sadistically torture the Governor before making her way back to the prison with the rest of the group. When the Governor retaliates, Michonne and Tyreese go on the offensive, attempting guerrilla warfare in order to buy the prison time to prepare for the next attack. However, this battle at the prison results in Michonne's fleeing after nearly being captured, and Tyreese's being captured and used as a bargaining tool in order to get into the prison. When this fails, the Governor kills Tyreese with Michonne's katana.

After the events at the prison she puts Tyreese's reanimated remains to peace. After finding Rick and his son. Michonne protects Carl as a mother would, and she goes to great lengths to protect Rick due to her respect for him. Later, they rejoin the other surviving members of the group at Hershel's farm. When the survivors locate the town of Alexandria, it appears that Michonne and her friends are finally given an opportunity to rest but, Michonne has a difficult time relinquishing her sword. Shortly thereafter, Michonne settles into her new "home" and even hangs a mantle for her sword. She recalls all of the horrific ways she has used that sword to survive, and finally proclaims, "I am through with you."

Douglas makes her a constable to uphold the law in Alexandria with Rick. She trusts Rick's judgment. She remains a vital member in the survivor group.
Status: Unknown
Series Lifespan: #19–Present

Dr. Eugene Porter[edit]

Dr. Eugene Porter is a high school science teacher who has lied about being a scientist working on a cure for the outbreak disease in order to receive protection from others. He is known for his intelligence, as he knows how to make bullets, and he contributes to the group by suggesting ideas to Rick.
Status: Alive
Series Lifespan: #53[19]–Present

Fr. Gabriel Stokes[edit]

Gabriel Stokes is an African-American preacher who comes across the group after leaving his church, where he had been hiding from the undead. The group is very suspicious of his story, and does not trust him. It was revealed that he had survived over several months alone in the church by turning away his followers and any other civilians when the zombie attacks started, saving him from internal conflict. As a consequential result, however, he now feels remorse. Since arriving at the Safe-Zone, he believes that God's plan for him has been to meet the survivors so that he could eventually preach at the Safe-Zone's church.
Status: Alive
Series Lifespan: #61[7]–Present


Tyreese is shown to be a devoted father as well as an able-bodied fighter and leadership figure to those around him. However, he is also a very flawed individual, suffering from emotional fragility.
Status: Deceased
Series Lifespan: #7[12]–46, #49 (as a zombie),[22] #72,[23] #75

Woodbury survivors[edit]

Alice Warren[edit]

Previously an interior design student, Alice is a fast learner and, while living in Woodbury, was Dr. Stevens' assistant. She chooses to leave Woodbury with Rick and thereafter becomes the de facto physician of Rick's group and helps deliver Lori's baby. While attempting to cover Rick and Lori in their escape, she is personally killed by a vengeful Governor during the assault on the prison.
Status: Deceased[2]
Series Lifespan: #29[24]–48[2]

Bob Stookey[edit]

Bob Stookey is the local town drunk of Woodbury. Forty years prior to the series, he was supposedly an army medic. His minor role expands significantly when he saves the Governor's life. He was called upon by Gabe and Bruce to save the Governor when Alice and Dr. Stevens, the only town medics have fled and Michonne almost tortures the Governor to death. After a slow recovery, the Governor personally asked him to watch over his zombie daughter until the Woodbury army returned from killing the prison survivors. In The Walking Dead: The Fall of the Governor, it is revealed that Bob is alive and continues to live in Woodbury along with Lilly Caul and the group of refugees she has taken in.
Status: Alive
Series Lifespan: #29[24]–43[25]

Lilly Caul[edit]

Lilly Caul is an angry brunette woman from Woodbury who participated in the prison assault. Before Woodbury, she was a survivor with her father, who sacrificed himself to save her. Lilly's back story is told in the novel The Walking Dead: The Road to Woodbury. She is ordered by The Governor to kill Lori who was protecting baby Judith. After shooting them, she discovers that The Governor forced her to kill a baby, and she becomes extremely distraught. When a large crowd of zombies breaks through into the prison yard, Lilly kills The Governor while he gathers them up and throws his body to the hordes while she attempts to lead the remnant of the Woodbury survivors into the prison. The prison becomes overrun with zombies, but it is ultimately unknown what becomes of any of them. Robert Kirkman announced that Lilly Caul is not the same character as the Lilly from the Walking Dead video game. Lilly's fate is revealed in "The Walking Dead: The Fall of the Governor," where she escapes the prison, leading a small group of surviving Woodbury soldiers back to the safety of the town. She becomes the de facto leader of Woodbury, and takes in a new group of refugees to live in the town with the original residents.
Status: Alive
Series Lifespan: #46–48[2]

Bruce Allan Cooper[edit]

Bruce Cooper is The Governor's right-hand man and one of his best friends. An intimidating, muscular figure, Bruce is tall and bald, but has a short goatee. He is shown as trusting of The Governor to do whatever is necessary for the survival and prosperity of Woodbury, whether it means violence and brutality against those who disagree or run the wrong way with them. He is extremely loyal to The Governor, displaying this trait when he nearly killed Glenn without any hesitancy under orders from The Governor. When Rick's group ventured out to loot Woodbury's Wal-Mart in preparation for an attack, Bruce led a small team to confront them; he is then shot in the neck by Andrea and left for dead. The Governor later discovers him alive, barely, choking on his own blood but managing to give his boss info on the survivor's actions before Phillip shoots him, to prevent reanimation.
Status: Deceased
Series Lifespan: #27–43[25]

Gabriel "Gabe" Harris[edit]

Gabriel Harris or Gabe is the other enforcer most loyal to The Governor and another one of his closest friends. Gabe is described as a short, stocky man and seems extremely obedient toward The Governor, albeit hesitant and doubtful of some of the Governor's actions. He becomes The Governor's chief confidant after Bruce's death, organising Woodbury against the prison community. He accompanies The Governor almost everywhere. He leads the scout parties and is responsible for discovering the prison's location, as well as the capture and torture of Tyreese, handing him over to The Governor to use as leverage. Gabe is second in command at the latter prison assaults. At the end he becomes weary of the battle, and is shot by Andrea when she returns with the RV.
Status: Deceased
Series Lifespan: #27–47[18]

The Governor[edit]

The Governor or Philip Blake or Brian Blake is the leader of Woodbury. He turns on Ricks group and imprisons them. Attempting to find the location of the prison where Rick's group have found shelter he cuts off Rick's hand, mentally tortures Glenn, and has Michonne restrained, stripped and repeatedly raped[24] To learn the location of the prison, the Governor allows the survivors to escape the premises with the help of one of his guards. However, Michonne stays behind and finds her way to his apartment, where she manages to tie him up and torture him with various implements, dismembering and disfiguring him. He loses his right arm, his fingernails, his right ear, his testicles, and his left eye.[26]

The Governor survives and eventually finds the prison. When the first attack on the prison fails leading to retreat. After a failed later attempt to gain his way into the prison by use of a hostage, the Governor crushes the fences with a tank. A bloody massacre ensues killing most of Ricks group forcing the remaining members to flee. After the battle tensions rise within his group, as the ammunition they have remaining is limited and a handful of their own moral consciences come into play. The governor forces Lilly to kill Judith and Lori, and Lilly, who sees an opportunity to end the Governor's reign, shoots him in the head and kicks him into a group of roamers.[2]
Status: Deceased
Series Lifespan: #27–48,[2] #72,[23] #75

Caesar Ramon Martinez[edit]

Caesar Ramon Martinez is the man who conducted Rick, Glenn, and Michonne's entry to Woodbury. He later helped Rick's party escape and fight their way back to the prison. After assisting Rick's party in escaping, Martinez betrays them by sneaking out of the prison to go tell the Governor its location so that he may capture and kill everyone inside. During his run back to Woodbury, Rick runs him down in the RV and then strangles him to death. Caesar's reanimated body is discovered by a Woodbury scouting party, and his head is brought back to Woodbury, to manipulate people to turn them against the people of the prison. He is put down by Lilly Caul upon the latter's return to Woodbury.
Status: Deceased
Series Lifespan: #27–36,[27] #43 (as a zombie),[25] #75

Dr. Stevens[edit]

Dr. Stevens is Woodbury's primary doctor. While he resents working for The Governor, he understands that he would be killed if he did not cooperate. He tends to Rick's severed hand, being responsible for his recovery. While fleeing with the others, he is bitten and eventually killed while escaping Woodbury.
Status: Deceased
Series Lifespan: #28–32[28]

Marianne Dolan Williams[edit]

Marianne Dolan Williams is a resident of Woodbury, and the mother of Matthew Williams. She approaches Dr. Stevens as the former is attempting to escape from Woodbury with Rick's party, hoping to schedule an appointment with him for Matthew, who has recently taken ill. Dr. Stevens tells her to reschedule, even though he knows he will never return to Woodbury. It is revealed in The Walking Dead: The Fall of the Governor that Marianne Dolan Williams is still alive and continues to live in Woodbury under the leadership of Lilly Caul.
Status: Alive
Series Lifespan: #32[28]

Hap Abernathy[edit]

Hap Abernathy is a member of the Woodbury Army, who participated in the assault on the prison. After the prison becomes overrun by Walkers, he and a small group of surviving soldiers are led safely back to Woodbury by Lilly Caul.
Status: Alive
Series Lifespan: #48[2]

Gloria Pyne[edit]

Gloria Pyne is a member of the Woodbury Army. She looks for Tyreese and Michonne after they escaped. In The Walking Dead: The Fall of the Governor, it is revealed that Gloria and a small group of surviving Woodbury soldiers had been led safely back to Woodbury by Lilly Caul, who has now assumed leadership of the town.
Status: Alive
Series Lifespan: #45[29]

Alexandria safe-zone community[edit]


Aaron is a recruiter for the Alexandria Safe-Zone Community who came into contact with Rick's group shortly after they met Abraham, Rosita, and Eugene. He watched over the group until he found them suitable for the community. Although the survivors were suspicious of Aaron's motives, they went along with him and joined the Alexandria Safe-Zone. Aaron's romantic partner is Eric, who also accompanies him on his recruiting missions. After the zombie attack on the community, Aaron trained with Rick and Andrea in order to defend against the undead. Aaron, along with Eric, joined Rick's group as they traveled in search of food. He is devastated when Eric is killed in an attack on the Saviors' base, but uses his rage constructively to increase his drive to fight the Saviors.
Status: Alive
Series Lifespan: #67[30]–Present

Jessie, Pete, and Ron Anderson[edit]

Pete Anderson was a hard-boiled man who was physically abusive toward his wife Jessie and son Ron. After Rick separates him from his family, Pete flies into a rage and kills Douglas's wife Regina while trying to kill Rick. He's shot by Rick shortly afterward. Following his death, Jessie and Ron find peace for a while, with Jessie quickly striking up a romantic relationship with Rick. She and her son are devoured by zombies while the group tries to get through a crowd of them outside.
Status: All Deceased
Series Lifespan, Pete: #72[23]–77, Jessie: #72[23]–83,[21] #85 (as a zombie), Ron: #70–83[21]


Bruce served as second-in-command in charge of the Exploration team that goes to D.C for supplies and the construction workers that explain the community and repairs the walls. He had a friendship with Abraham and Robert where they worked together. He was one of the first victims of the zombie outbreak in the Safe-Zone. He was part of the party that tried to clear the zombie herd that was attracted in the wake of the deadly firefight with the Scavengers. While the party tried to get back inside the gate, Bruce was severely bitten on the neck, being the last one to make it through. Once inside of the gate, he fell to the floor and gasped for breath, screaming "I don't want to die!" He was quickly killed by Abraham out of mercy, who bashed the front of his skull in with a single blow from his weapon.
Status: Deceased
Series Lifespan: #69–80

Dr. Denise Cloyd[edit]

Denise Cloyd is the doctor of the Alexandria Safe-Zone. She has taken care of many of the characters, such as Morgan and Carl, after they sustained injuries. When the walkers attacked the safe-zone, Denise was trapped in Rick's house with the group. However, she ran back to her house to take care of any civilians that needed her. Rick brought Carl to Denise to take care of him, and she was able to patch him up. When Rick left to get food for the community, he asked Denise to watch over Carl. Denise is also romantically involved with Heath. After Negan returns Holly to Alexandria, Denise takes the sack off of her head, and she is revealed to be undead. Before Denise has time to react, Holly bites her arm (only to be put down by Rick seconds later). She refuses Rick's pleas to amputate her arm instead of tending to an injured Heath. She saves his life, and displays willingness to risk her own for him. Denise spends her final hours laid up in bed, with Heath by her side. After speaking her last words to Heath, Denise later passes away. Michonne offers to put her down before she reanimates. She is buried with the other fallen Alexandria residents afterwards.
Status: Deceased
Series Lifespan: #71[31]–121


Eric is Aaron's boyfriend and partner who served as Aaron's "insurance policy" with the duty to kill anyone who might harm Aaron or the community. During an attempt to recruit a young woman, Eric was stabbed after discovering the woman trying to steal Maggie's horse. Aaron immediately brought Eric back to the safe-zone. Doctor Cloyd treats Eric, and he recovered quickly. Later, during the zombie attack on the safe zone, Eric hid with Aaron, though they later joined in the fight against the zombies. Eric, along with Aaron, joined Rick's group as they left the community in search of food. Eric is not seen interacting with the Saviors much, he is seen on the wall of the Alexandria Safe-Zone alongside Carl and Rosita. He tells Carl not to try and shoot Negan, however, Carl shoots anyway and hits Negan's bat, Lucille. This causes the Saviors to open fire on his and Carl's position. When Negan asks the people of Alexandria to throw Carl over the wall, Eric tells him to "go fuck himself". Later, as Rick's squad storms the Savior outpost, Eric is one of several to be killed during the siege with a shot to the head. Aaron, who runs up behind him, catches him as he collapses and mourns his fallen partner as bullets fly by. Rick tells Aaron to take cover to which Aaron collects his rifle and tells Rick to lead the way. A vengeful Aaron is seen one of the first to breach the outpost as they make their way inside. Rick and his troops return with Eric's body where it is presumed he is set to be buried there. Aaron is found standing in his home by Heath where he continues to mourn him. Heath consoles his depressed friend and they embrace, remembering the better times of Eric when he was alive.
Status: Deceased
Series Lifespan: #68–118


Heath is a young African American man who goes on scouting missions for the community. He is primarily a supply runner and is well-experienced with navigating the backstreets of Washington. He also began a relationship with Denise Cloyd. After his partner Scott dies from an infection, Glenn becomes his new partner. He and Glenn share a strong bond. He was initially very distrustful of Glenn's group, seeing Rick as another "Davidson", though he grows to trust them. He defends Rick and his group against Nicholas when Nicholas shows signs of an uprising. Heath has seemed to integrate into Rick's inner circle. Participating in most meetings and being picked to go to The Kingdom. Overall, Heath has proven to be a loyal member of Rick's group.
Status: Alive
Series Lifespan: #69–Present


Holly is Abraham's girlfriend. She works alongside the construction crew, planning and building new walls for the community. Upon having her life saved by Abraham, the two gradually fall in love with each other and initiate a secret relationship behind Rosita's back. She is frequently shown to be behind his back with various interpersonal issues, and at one point urges Abraham to attempt to take charge of the group (though that never truly comes to fruition). Holly is later devastated by Abraham's death. Holly, along with Rick, Heath and Nicholas run after the The Saviors in order to kill Negan and his men once and for all. Andrea takes out the driver of Negan's truck and Rick order's Negan and his men not to move. Suddenly the guns are shot out of everyone's hands and it is revealed Negan had men hidden outside the walls. Carl tries to shoot Negan but he misses and hits Lucille instead. This angers Negan who demands that Carl be thrown over the wall, or he will execute Holly and the others. Holly is seen as one of the people who volunteers to travel with Rick, Paul and Ezekiel to The Sanctuary, the Saviors' main base. After luring walkers to converge at their location, Holly gets on one of the buses and notices that Rick isn't with them. Paul tries to keep her aboard, but Holly escapes and finds Rick. He orders her to get back on the bus before the Saviors begin shooting again, but Holly refuses. She claims it's too risky for him to sacrifice himself like this and volunteers to do it herself. Rick once again tells her to leave but Holly stands her ground again, saying the man who killed Abraham is in there. After again being told to leave, Holly knees Rick in the groin, steals the truck and drives it through the fence. Holly is wounded from the impact and falls out from the drivers side. She's attacked by a walker but Negan saves her, telling Holly that she "isn't getting off that easy." Holly is then taken captive by the Saviors. Negan mistakes Holly for Andrea and admires how quickly she had healed after the fight with Connor. Holly corrects Negan that she is not her, and she was with Abraham. Holly looks over at Dwight and reminds him of who Abraham was. Negan doesn't believe Holly and has her taken away. Holly is almost raped by David, until Negan steps in and kills him. He apologizes to Holly, and assures her that the Saviors aren't monsters. After Holly had been captured and unmentioned throughout the war Negan attacks Alexandria confronting Rick, offering to return Holly in exchange for a talk. Unknown to Rick, Holly is now a walker which is hidden by the bag over her head. When unmasked by Denise, she proceeds to bite her arm. She is then shot in the head by Rick.
Status: Deceased
Series Lifespan: #73[32]–119, #120 (as a zombie)

Douglas Monroe[edit]

Douglas Monroe was a former Democratic Ohio U.S. congressman who became the leader of the Alexandria Safe-Zone. He is the husband of Regina and the father of Spencer. He welcomed Rick and company with open arms, though he demanded that they follow the rules that he had set in place. He became distraught over his wife's death and holed himself up in his house for long stretches of time. During the zombie attack, Douglas was surrounded by zombies. As he tries to shoot the zombies, he accidentally hits Carl Grimes. He is then devoured by the undead.
Status: Deceased
Series Lifespan: #70–83[21]

Regina Monroe[edit]

Regina Monroe is the wife of Douglas Monroe, and the mother of Spencer Monroe. She is often seen walking around Alexandria with Douglas. She is attending Fr. Gabriel Stokes' church and is demandent at sometimes. She is killed by Pete Anderson, after telling him to put a knife away. Her death allows Douglas to let Rick kill Pete. Douglas is suicidal after his wife's death.
Status: Deceased
Series Lifespan: #70-77

Spencer Monroe[edit]

Spencer Monroe is the son of deceased Douglas and Regina Monroe. He and Andrea take a liking toward one another and almost strike up a relationship, but Andrea is disgusted by him when he exhibits signs of extreme selfishness. He later participates in a coup against Rick led by Nicholas, blaming Rick for the death of both of his parents. During the Savior's sojourn in Alexandria, he approaches Negan to tell him that it would be better if he leads Alexandria, and tells Negan that Rick cannot be trusted. He asks if Negan can kill Rick to put him, Spencer, in charge of the Community; disgusted by Spencer's attempted backstabbing of his leader, Negan tells him he is a coward for asking someone else to do his dirty work and promptly disembowels him.
Status: Deceased
Series Lifespan: #72[23]–#111


Nicholas is a resident of the Alexandria Safe-Zone community, as well as a family man. He is shown to be an aggressive yet timid man. When Rick and the survivor group first arrived in the community, Nicholas was one of the most wary, especially after discovering that Rick was allowing Carl to carry a gun. He wasted no time picking arguments with the survivors. He became increasingly frustrated as Rick's sense of leadership dominated the community, and it came to a boiling point once the man murdered his close friend in the community, Pete Anderson. Nicholas quickly attempted to form a coup with his fellow Alexandria citizens and viciously beat Glenn when he witnessed it. The coup was quickly dissolved by Rick, and he apologized. Since then, he has become more accepting of Rick and his group and since then, he becomes Rick's most trusted ally and participates in his plans. During one of The Savior supply trips to Alexandria, Nicholas alongside Rick, Heath, and Holly attempt to kill Negan. He is shot in the arm by the hidden Saviors and is lined up by Negan to be executed by his bat, unless the remaining citizens of Alexandria throw Carl over the wall. The citizens refuse his demands and he turns his attention to Rick. Nicholas interrupts and attempts to plead for his life. This only angers Negan, who says that if either Rick, Holly or Heath tell him to kill Nicholas he will do so and spare their lives. In response Heath tells him Nicholas is just scared. Negan proceeds with the execution and starts singing to select his victim, he and the others are rescued by Jesus. After the Saviors attack of Alexandria, he later expresses a desire to leave Alexandria with his family, for their safety, to Rick, who announces matter-of-factually that the entire town will be relocating to the Hilltop Colony. Soon after this, Negan attacks the Hilltop with the Saviors. Nicholas participates in the battle and defends the Hilltop. Later, Rick takes him and Aaron to help corner the saviors. After Rick is shot by Dwight's arrow, Nicholas helps carry Rick back into Gregory's mansion. However he is attacked by a Savior with an infected knife and slashed in the back. He is later seen with Paula, suffering from a severe fever and succumbing to the effects of the wound. He later dies from his wounds with Paula by his side.
Status: Deceased
Series Lifespan: #71[31]–#125

Nicholas' Family[edit]

Nicholas' Family consists of Nicholas himself, his wife Paula, and their son Mikey. Nicholas loves them deeply, often expressing concern for their well-being. While little has been revealed about Paula, it is seen that Mikey had initially had a rough relationship with Carl Grimes, though they eventually learn to get along with one another.
Status: All alive
Series Lifespan: #71[31]–Present


Olivia is a cheerful young woman in charge of the weapons storage at the Alexandria Safe-Zone. Olivia persuaded Douglas to let Michonne keep her weapons after Rick's group joined the community, and also cut Rick's hair for him. A bit of a gossip, Olivia was the first to tell Rick about Davidson. After the zombie attack, Andrea trained Olivia and the others on how to use weapons, though Olivia had difficulty killing the walkers. Later, Olivia told Rick that food rations were running low, leading Rick to form a group to find food outside of the community. When Rick and the others left, Olivia joined Nicholas and Spencer in conspiring against him, though it is unclear what her feelings are on ousting Rick. She does not receive any blame for her part in the conspiracy after it is absolved, and her opinion of Rick seems to have improved. Olivia later admits Maggie Greene and many other residents of the Hilltop Community into Alexandria after the Saviors' second attack on the town.
Status: Alive
Series Lifespan: #70–Present


Tobin headed the construction team. His cowardice in the face of an attack had led to the death of many workers in the past. After taking on Abraham, the team is attacked once again, and Tobin leaves Holly for dead. Abraham saves Holly and kills the walkers much to the amazement of the other workers. This gains Tobin's respect, and he willingly allows Abraham to take over. Tobin is killed defending the community from zombies after a herd breaks through one of the walls.
Status: Deceased
Series Lifespan: #69–81[33]


Robert is a worker for the construction team. His exact status is currently unknown, as much of Alexandria was destroyed in the Saviors' second attack on the town.
Status: Unknown
Series Lifespan: #69[34]–Present

Dr. Nathan Jennings[edit]

Dr. Nathan Jennings is an Alexandria Safe-Zone doctor who was seen when The Savior brought back a zombified Holly. His exact status is currently unknown, as much of Alexandria was destroyed in the Saviors' second attack on the town.
Status: Unknown
Series Lifespan: #119[35]–Present


Mark is an Alexandria Safe-Zone survivor who was one of the soldiers that killed multiple Saviors in Issue 120. He with Paul and others saw Dwight kill four of his men. His exact status is currently unknown, as much of Alexandria was destroyed in the Saviors' second attack on the town.
Status: Unknown
Series Lifespan: #120[36]–Present


Roy is an Alexandria Safe-Zone survivor who was one of the soldiers that killed multiple Saviors in Issue 120. He with Paul and others saw Dwight kill four of his men. His exact status is currently unknown, as much of Alexandria was destroyed in the Saviors' second attack on the town.
Status: Unknown
Series Lifespan: #120[36]–Present

The Hilltop Colony[edit]


Ethan is a member of the Hilltop sent as an emissary (along with Andy, Crystal and David) to Negan's settlement. Unhappy with the Hilltop, Negan kills Andy and David, and keeps Crystal hostage. Ethan is sent back to assassinate Gregory in exchange for her life. After stabbing him Rick tackles Ethan to the ground before cutting his throat.
Status: Deceased
Series Lifespan: #95


Gregory is a somewhat self-important member of the Hilltop described as "keeping the trains running on time", though he hosts a number of flaws (including hitting on female newcomers of the Hilltop, forgetting names, and putting himself before others). He is stabbed by Ethan in exchange for Crystal's life, who had been taken hostage by Negan, but fortunately recovers. Like his fellow survivors, he is helpless against The Saviors and relies on Rick to help rid them of the gang. His inability to rule becomes increasingly apparent throughout his time in the comics. He is apparently overthrown by Maggie Greene as the Hilltop's leader in Issue 120.
Status: Alive
Series Lifespan: #95–Present


Kal is a resident living in the Hilltop Colony who patrols the metal walls protecting Hilltop. He seems to be good friends with Paul Monroe and trusts him. After getting Ezekiel to help their fight against the Saviors, Paul informs Kal of the plan to take Negan down. And asks him to give him an estimate on how many soldiers the Hilltop can spare. Later when Paul was supposed to meet him again, he is told by Earl Sutton that Kal had gone out "patrolling" in which Paul realizes that Kal has gone to inform the Saviors of the attack. Paul catches up with Kal who is hiding in the woods. Paul notices a disturbance, and Kal throws a spear at Paul. Paul catches the spear and breaks it in half before Kal reveals himself, he then tells Paul he believes his action will put the Hilltop in danger with his plan to go against the Saviors, Jesus eventually convinces him that the Saviors need to be defeated if they want to live in peace, Kal agrees to help Jesus. While the two were talking, they forget about the group of Saviors who had received the flare message that Kal set off before Jesus caught up with him, the two nervously make up a new story, which ends up with Paul receiving a punch to the gut from the Savior member Connor. Kal leaves with Paul, asking if he can keep his betrayal a secret from everyone else. Since then, he joined Jesus's fight against the Saviors. He was the first casualty of the Saviors' onslaught on The Hilltop, he was able to alert the others of the incoming Savior attack on the Hilltop, he then attempted to stop the Savior's attack, verbally warning Negan. Negan ignored his warning and ordered him to be shot, he was then shot in the head by an unnamed savior, killing him instantly.
Status: Deceased
Series Lifespan: #95–123

Paul "Jesus" Monroe[edit]

Jesus is a bearded man with impressive physical skills, who acts as ambassador for the colony and frequently searches for new recruits. He spies on the Alexandria Safe-Zone community to see if they're safe to bring in, after a pretty tense and unexpected introduction, Paul is attacked by Michonne and Abraham where he easily immobilized them. After instructing to meet Rick, he is knocked out and tied up by him. After the interrogations, Rick eventually decides to let Paul take him to Hilltop, On the way, Paul reveals that he could have escaped anytime but remained there to see if Rick could be trusted. The two make up and continue their way. After reaching Hilltop, he reveals to Rick and his group that he and the rest of his people, for months, have been under siege by The Saviors. He attempted to track them back to their base, but was caught and chased back to the colony. After the death of Glenn, he decides to join Rick in his fight against the Saviors and participates in Rick's plans. After Rick decided to let go of a captive Dwight, Rick tells Paul to follow him and see what they are up against, but to tell no one of their plans. After gearing up, Paul begins to follow Dwight, hoping to discover The Saviors base of operations, as he follows Dwight, he is later ambushed by three Saviors, as he tries to fight off The Savior trio, he is subdued by one of the members. After being knocked to the floor, Paul is almost killed by The Saviors, however, he is saved by Dwight and another Savior, who tell Paul's attackers to stand down, as they have some "important" questions for Paul. Dwight and the other Savior tie Paul up and load him onto a jeep. They drive to Sanctuary, allowing Paul to get a good look at the area and he bails out of the jeep at the very last second, narrowly avoiding capture and reports it back to Rick. He introduces Rick to Ezekiel, the leader of the Kingdom, in the hopes of forming the three communities into standing against the Saviors. As he sneaks into the Hilltop to tell Maggie of Rick's plan, he learns that Kal betrayed him and ran off to inform the Saviors of their plan in which Jesus catches upto him and convinces him to change his mind. He continues to recruit members of the Hilltop, much to Gregory's dismay. Later, As Negan holds Rick, Nicholas, Heath & Holly hostage for attempting to kill him, Jesus arrives at the Safe-Zone, hidden away from Negan and his men. He then grabs a Savior by his foot and trips him over. The Saviors open fire, but instead of hitting Paul they kill the Savior. Negan tells them to hold fire and at that moment Paul throws himself at the nearest Savior and orders Rick, Heath, Holly, and Nicholas into a trench. He proceeds to fight The Saviors until he works his way to Negan, who he disarms and captures. Negan frantically tells The Saviors to hold fire and Paul issues an order to let the survivors go and threatens to kill Negan. He tells Paul that even if he were to succeed, the Saviors would still open fire and kill Paul. However it was revealed that Paul's intentions were to stall the Saviors until Ezekiel and his soldiers arrive. Jesus continues to aid Rick and Ezekiel in their fight against the Saviors until Negan is defeated. Two years after Negan's incarceration, Jesus resides in Alexandria and becomes Rick's right hand-man after Abraham's death.
Status: Alive
Series Lifespan: #91[37]–Present

Earl Sutton[edit]

Earl Sutton is a resident living in the Hilltop Colony, who also created weapons for the colony's survivors. He is the blacksmith who is in charge of making spears, door hinges, knives and many other metal objects needed by the Hilltop. He is also Jesus's good friend.
Status: Alive
Series Lifespan: #95–Present


Brianna is a resident living in the Hilltop Colony, who saw Maggie crying at Glenn's grave and tried cheering her up. She'd lost people in the apocalypse too, her husband, parents, siblings, what passed for a boyfriend, and even her daughter. She helped Maggie understand death, although sad and terrible, is a part of life and is natural, it isn't something we need to be uncomfortable to talk about. Maggie and she are becoming good friends.
Status: Alive
Series Lifespan: #109–Present

Dr. Harlan Carson[edit]

Harlan Carson is a Doctor in the Hilltop Colony, who has treated Maggie, checking out on her baby, making sure everything's okay. Maggie was stressed out about delivering a baby, Doctor Harlan Carson assured Maggie that her baby would be the third baby he'd deliver on the Hilltop. Harlan has been called a miracle worker. Harlan Carson has worked on many people in the Hilltop Colony including their leader, Gregory who had a knife wound, brought him back from the brink of death.
Status: Alive
Series Lifespan: #95–Present

The Saviors[edit]


Carson is Negan's man of trust inside the main base. Carson is seen asking Negan about the recent gunfire from Carl, asking if everything's alright and if they need to worry about it, he is also the one who informs Negan that the iron is ready for Mark's punishment. He is later seen in the Sanctuary when Rick's forces have trapped him and the rest of The Saviors inside, by using noise to draw a huge herd to the Sanctuary. He asks Negan if he should set up a meeting, Negan tells him no as there are more "pressing" matters to attend with. Carson is seen along with Negan and Dwight after capturing Eugene. After Negan leaves to have sex with his wives, Carson and Dwight stay behind with Eugene. Dwight explains to Eugene that he is secretly on Rick's side. Carson overhears the conversation, and says as good as his life in the Sanctuary is, he'd much rather be able to see his brother again and live freely. He tells Dwight he'll help him rebel against Negan.
Status: Alive
Series Lifespan: #105–Present


Connor is a high-ranking member of The Saviors. Connor spotted Rick and his small group's departure to the Hilltop Colony following Abraham's death, and soon after called for the rest of The Saviors in the area for an attack on the Alexandria Safe-Zone at dawn. Connor's rally is heeded as Andrea reports The Saviors' attack on the community when Rick returns from his confrontation with Negan, though they were repelled and the majority of the attackers were killed. Soon after Kal left the Hilltop Colony, he sent a flare to contact the Saviors. Connor is the Savior that leads the group that answered the call. Paul stopped the revelation of the plan by telling Connor their next payment of supplies might be a little low. This infuriated Connor, who subsequently punched Paul in the gut and left with his group. Later on, Connor volunteers to be part of the back-up team sent by Negan to surround Alexandria's walls while Negan and his team go in to wait for Rick's group to return. After Seth and another Savior were killed by Rick and Andrea, it is presumed that Connor either saw Andrea or the flash coming from the rifle she used because he is later seen inside the bell tower sneaking up on her. He ambushes Andrea by surprise with a knife and proceeds to beat her. As Connor begins to choke her to death, he laments that he feels bad for having to kill her after she's gone through so much more pain and loss than other survivors he's met. The two started to fight, Connor gave Andrea some cuts, bruises and black eyes. Andrea tried to kill Connor who had her by the window, trying to force her out. Andrea then pushed Connor out of the window, falling to his death, after having his arm slashed.
Status: Deceased
Series Lifespan: #99–113


Dwight is a member of The Saviors who has a half burnt face due to Negan, the leader of The Saviors. Dwight wields a crossbow which he uses to kill zombies and Abraham Ford. During an attack on Alexandria, Dwight is captured and is at first interrogated by Andrea, though after the deaths of Glenn and Abraham and realizing that Negan's group is too strong, he is released by Rick. The release is a ploy from Rick to have Jesus follow Dwight back to the Saviors headquarters. Dwight has a tense relationship with Negan and has since pledged allegiance to Ezekiel's plans to defeat The Saviors.
Status: Alive
Series Lifespan: #98–Present


Negan is the leader of The Saviors and primary antagonist to the comic series starting with issue #100.[11] He gathered together strong men and led them in terrorizing nearby survivor communities in exchange for food and supplies. Negan sets out for revenge against Rick's group after they kill some members of his gang. Negan orders Abraham's murder. He has some trackers find the Safe Zone while he and the rest of his gang follow and ambush the group during their trip to the Hilltop. After Rick refuses a deal that would give Negan access to the Safe-Zone's supplies, Negan brutally murders Glenn with a baseball bat wrapped in barbed-wire he calls "Lucille".[11] After that the safe-zone community gives him half the supplies to prevent him from killing any more of their members. Negan is notable for using excessive profanity when he speaks, even to his own men.
Status: Alive
Series Lifespan: #100[11]–Present


Sherry is one of Negan's five wives. She was also the wife of Dwight before the apocalypse, although they were married, Sherry decided to become one of Negan's wives in order to make both her life and Dwight's easier. Dwight reveals that one night, he and Sherry met behind Negan's back and slept together, resulting in Dwight getting caught and having his face ironed by Negan as he enlisted the rule where none of the Saviors are allowed to have sexual intercourse with his wives unless they earned enough points. Though Negan does give his wives the option of not ironing the faces of the members that did not earn enough points but still slept with which would mean they would not have the luxurious life he gives them, for this reason, Dwight harbor some bitterness towards her as he blames her for his condition.
Status: Alive
Series Lifespan: #105–Present

The Kingdom[edit]


Ezekiel (referred to as "King Ezekiel" by his fellow citizens) is the leader of a community known as The Kingdom. At some point, Ezekiel met and formed a friendship with Paul Monroe who invited his community to join a trading network that includes the Hilltop community Paul belongs to. He later discovered the Saviors were threatening and harassing the other communities in the trade network in exchange for supplies and possibly saw how vicious their leader, Negan really was (despite the truce offered by the Saviors.) He bided his time and waited for the opportune moment to strike back against "this tyrant." The opportunity Ezekiel was waiting for finally came when Paul brought Rick Grimes to meet him and passed on the information that they had regarding the Saviors' strength and the location of their main base of operations. Ezekiel was a zookeeper and he knew Shiva since she was born.
Status: Alive
Series Lifespan: #108–Present


Shiva is the pet tiger of Ezekiel, who currently resides with him at The Kingdom. Ezekiel knew her since she was born. She presumably had a normal life as a zoo tiger. Ezekiel had saved Shiva's life by neglecting to report her attacking him when she was a cub, eventually leading to a bond with her that continued into the outbreak. She is mostly seen sitting with Ezekiel at his side while he sits on his throne, Ezekiel keeps Shiva on a chain. Shiva sleeps in a cage inside Ezekiel's room. It is stated by Ezekiel that Shiva hates violence as she reacted angrily to Rick punching Dwight. Shiva aides Ezekiel in battle against The Saviors, even killing a Savior. It is due to her and Paul "Jesus" Monroe that The Saviors retreated from Alexandria Safe-Zone. Along with Ezekiel, she sleeps in Michonne's house. Specifically the bathroom. In the morning, Ezekiel mentions that Shiva defecated in the bathtub. Later, after the battle of the sanctuary, Shiva is seen with Ezekiel and Michonne, eating a dead zombie. Ezekiel tells Michonne that Shiva is able to eat zombies without getting sick. When Ezekiel is cornered by a large group of zombies, Shiva comes to his rescue, and while Ezekiel runs away, Shiva is shown being devoured by the horde, saving her master's life.
Status: Deceased
Series Lifespan: #108–118

Richmond Survivors[edit]


Bernie was a part of Magna's group of survivors traveling through the D.C. area. When Paul Monroe, along with the rest of the Alexandria herd-crew are steering the herd away from the Kingdom, they come across his group. The herd began to surround the group and despite Jesus' best efforts, Bernie was unable to escape the large group of zombies that surrounded them. Bernie was killed when a horde of zombies approached the group and surrounded them, resulting in him being grabbed and eaten alive by a large group of them.
Status: Deceased
Series Lifespan: #127


Connie is part of Magna's group who joins the Alexandria safe zone community two years after the Savior war ended. Along with the rest of the group, she is interviewed by Andrea and later debates about what the group's move against Alexandria will be.
Status: Alive
Series Lifespan: #127–Present


Kelly is part of Magna's group who joins the Alexandria safe zone community two years after the Savior war ended. After they came across the herd being led by Jesus, Kelly and his group return to Alexandria with him to meet with Rick. He argues with Magna and says they should not trust the Alexandria safe zone group and blames them for Bernie's death in which Magna defends them. Later on after being interviewed by Andrea, Kelly debates with his group and believes the Alexandria safe zone community is hiding something.
Status: Alive
Series Lifespan: #127–Present


Luke is part of Magna's group who joins the Alexandria safe zone community two years after the Savior war ended. Luke is shown to be very supportive of Magna being the leader of their group when Rick asks Magna who the leader of the group is, Magna tries to tell him that there was no leader and surviving was a team effort, but Luke interrupts her and tells Rick that Magna is the leader of the group.
Status: Alive
Series Lifespan: #127–Present


Magna is the leader of the Richmond survivors who joins the Alexandria safe zone community two years after the Savior war ended. At the beginning of the apocalypse, Magna is one of many survivors who arrive at a nursing home near Washington D.C. Seeing it as a potential safe haven, she decided to stay. After awhile, the home became too crowded. It is not explicitly said what happened, but Magna and a group of others left and set off on their own. During the next seven months, several of her group mates were killed. One day, Magna and her group were attacked by a herd of zombies, and Magna herself is almost bitten on the arm, however, a timely rescue by Paul Monroe saves her life. Paul quickly dismounts from his horse and starts helping Magna and her group fend off the zombies, Paul then tells Magna to cut the horses free from the toppled train-cart and get to safety, saying he and other members of the Alexandria Safe-Zone scout group will rid the zombie herd from the area. After escaping from the herd on horseback, Magna and her group manage to get to a safe zone and after a few minutes of hiding, she, Paul, and the rest of his scout group manage to begin leading the zombie herd away. Shortly after, Paul arrives on horseback to meet her and invites her to join Alexandria's community as long as she agrees to give her weapons over to him. Magna is hesitant to do so at first, but when Paul tells her Alexandria has plenty of food, she accepts wholeheartedly. After she arrives at Alexandria, Paul takes her the community's great hall, where Rick Grimes is waiting to interview her group. Magna introduces him to all the members of her group, Kelly, Luke, Connie, and Yumiko. Rick then tells them to rest up for the day, as he would like to interview each member of the group the next day, saying it is best they get to know each other, Magna agreeing with him before she walks off. After Magna is interviewed by Andre, Magna is in a house with her group. The group debates about what they will do. Magna says that Alexandria is too good to be true and that they're hiding something and that they will find out what it is that they are hiding. When Rick is absent from Alexandria, Magna and her group discover the prison. They find Negan, who tells them that Rick and his people are animals that torture him and he begs them to release him. Magna does not believe him, saying she knows how a tortured person looks like and they leave him. Later, when Andrea goes back to her home, Magna and her people ambush her, demanding answers.
Status: Alive
Series Lifespan: #127–Present


Yumiko is part of Magna's group who joins the Alexandria safe zone community two years after the Savior war ended. After her group arrive at Alexandria after a herd attack, she is quick to praise the effort the community is doing.
Status: Alive
Series Lifespan: #127–Present


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