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This is a complete listing of full-length episodes from the Nickelodeon animated television series The Wild Thornberrys.

Series overview[edit]

Season Episodes Originally aired DVD release dates
Season premiere Season finale Region 1 Region 4
1 20 September 1, 1998 (1998-09-01) April 1, 1999 (1999-04-01) May 17, 2011[1] April 3, 2013[2]
2 37 August 16, 1999 (1999-08-16) March 27, 2000 (2000-03-27) November 8, 2011 (Part 1)[3]
April 24, 2012 (Part 2)[4]
January 15, 2013 (Part 3)[5]
April 3, 2013[6]
3 20 September 12, 2000 (2000-09-12) May 14, 2001 (2001-05-14) June 11, 2013[7] April 12, 2013[8]
4 6 August 18, 2001 (2001-08-18) June 1, 2002 (2002-06-01) September 10, 2013[9] April 2, 2014[10]
5 8 February 3, 2003 (2003-02-03) June 11, 2004 (2004-06-11)


Season 1 (1998-99)[edit]

No. in
No. in
Title Original air date Location
0 0 "Pilot" September 1, 1998 Kenya

The Thornberrys get word that the only way to save the funding for their show is to film a segment about the black rhino, but Donnie bites the rhino's tail and causes it to charge.

This episode was not included on the DVD release.
1 1 "Flood Warning" September 1, 1998 Mt Kilimanjaro, Tanzania
The Thornberrys are in Africa near Mt. Kilimanjaro to film lions. Debbie pleads with her mom to let her drive the comvee while she films and Marianne reluctantly consents. Debbie loses control of the comvee and it falls down a muddy river bank. Before they can get it out a storm erupts and the comvee is washed away. That night while camping near the river Debbie goes off on foot in pursuit of the comvee while Eliza goes off in pursuit of her and Darwin and Donnie go off in pursuit of her. Soon all become prey to a lion and two lionesses. Eliza will have to outwit them...
2 2 "Dinner With Darwin" September 3, 1998 Manaus, Brazil
Darwin sets off into the jungle to prove he still has his natural instincts. After a scary night in the jungle, he stumbles upon an empty shack and hides out, but the family who lives in the shack return to find Darwin.
3 3 "Bad Company" September 8, 1998 Manaus, Brazil
A swarm of marmosets overruns the Thornberrys camp, and it's up to Eliza to beat them at their own game. Meanwhile, Nigel and Marianne search for the Bird Eating Spider, and Debbie searches for ingredients to make shampoo.
4 4 "Gold Fever" September 10, 1998 Galapagos Islands
When Eliza and Debbie discover an old treasure map on the Galapagos Islands, they set out to claim their ""riches."" Once the gold is discovered, however, greed sets in and the girls begin an all-out battle of trickery to get the gold away from each other.
5 5 "Matadi or Bust" September 15, 1998 Matadi, Democratic Republic of the Congo
The Thornberrys are in Africa along the banks of the Congo River. They have three days to catch a freighter at Matadi but if they miss it they will be stuck in Matadi for eight weeks. On the barge on the way to Matadi Eliza discovers that Kip and Biederman are also on board and they have a captured hippo with them which they plan to sell to a zoo. While helping the hippo escape Eliza, Darwin and Donnie fall overboard.
6 6 "Temple of Eliza" September 17, 1998 Manaus, Brazil
Eliza comes to be treated as royalty among a pack of jaguars. Meanwhile, Nigel and Marianne attempt a better understanding of Donnie's behavior and ways of communicating.
7 7 "Vacant Lot" September 22, 1998 Brazil
A huge forest eating machine is destroying the Amazon forest. Nigel and Marianne set out to find government help in stopping it while Eliza teams up with the animals to fight it. Debbie's attempt to listen to a radio show are being thwarted by a radio that continually breaks down.
8 8 "Only Child" October 1, 1998 Brazil
The Thornberrys are camping on the banks of the Amazon river so Nigel can perfect his insect repellent formula. Eliza becomes fascinated with a fresh water dolphin that she sees out in the river. Debbie is bored as usual when a teenage girl from the village wanders into camp. She and Debbie begin hanging together while Eliza worries that she could be a legend come true...a dolphin that takes the form of a young girl.
9 9 "Iron Curtain" October 6, 1998 Ngorongoro Crater, Tanzania
When the Thornberrys need some close-up footage of elephants, they travel to the Ngorongoro Game Preserve. At first Eliza believes it to be a prison, and helps a baby elephant escape to find her mom. She quickly changes her mind about the place when they tackle with some poachers out to trap and kill her pachyderm pals. Eliza and the Elephants bust back into the Game Preserve where they are now safe. Meanwhile, Debbie loses Donnie and has to find him before he gets sent off to a university as "the missing link".
10 10 "Valley Girls" October 13, 1998 Uganda
The Thornberrys are in Uganda's Impenetrable Forest to film the rare bird The Great crested grebe. While Marianne and Nigel go off to film the girl's argue over the use of the tape player. In the ensuing argument Debbie releases the commvee's brake and it takes off downhill. It finally comes to rest on a muddy river bank where it is firmly stuck. The girls will have to work together to free it, with help from some local gorillas.
11 11 "Naimina Enkijio" October 22, 1998 Ngorongoro Crater, Tanzania
Challenging an ancient Maasai legend, Eliza marches into a ""haunted"" forest to prove her bravery. Now, with night falling, Eliza must place her trust in the mysterious legends of the Maasai in order to find her way safely through the dark forest.
12 12 "Blood Sisters" October 27, 1998 Andes, Peru
The Thornberrys are driving in the Andes Mountains in Peru on the way to visit Dr. Spinoza, the world's foremost authority on vampire bats. This is a special trip for Marianne who was a student of Dr. Spinoza's twenty years ago. On the way Eliza starts reading about bats and her movie memories about vampires starts spooking her a bit. Dr. Spinoza lives in a remote, big castle and he is not at all like Marianne remembers. Everything about him gets Eliza's imagination going and Debbie sees it as a chance to have some fun at her sister's expense.
13 13 "Eliza-cology" November 5, 1998 Galapagos Islands, Ecuador
The Thornberrys are on the Galapagos Islands to film the return of the sea turtles. While off exploring with Darwin and Donnie, Eliza gives a finch an unfair advantage in getting food and in so doing disrupts the delicate food chain of the island.
14 14 "Flight of the Donnie" November 17, 1998 Peru
Eliza and Debbie must take over Marianne's duties when she is sick. Debbie goes with Nigel to shoot footage of a condor and Eliza must care for Donnie. Covered with feathers from a pillow, Donnie is snatched up by the condor and Eliza and Darwin must rescue him.
15 15 "Lost and Foundation" March 16, 1999 Padang, Sumatra, Indonesia
When the girls discover that their parents have mistakenly taken embarrassing home movies to an awards banquet, they join forces for different reasons in order to save face. Their cross-island trip turns into a race against time in order to beat their parents to the podium.
16 16 "Nigel Knows Best" March 18, 1999 Peru
Eliza and her father set off on foot to scale the Andes. Nigel assures Marianne he will be very careful and keep close tabs on Eliza. Marianne is upset because her mother sent a care package. She thinks her mother doesn't think she's a good mother. While scaling the mountain, Eliza can't stand her father's over protectiveness and wanders off on her own...right when a blizzard strikes.
17 17 "The Great Bangaboo" March 23, 1999 Sambas, Borneo, Indonesia
When Eliza discovers that a local performer claims he can talk to animals she believes she's found a soul mate. Eliza must enlist the help of some very ""urban"" animals to sneak into the sideshow and meet ""The Great Bangaboo."
18 18 "Rumble in the Jungle" March 25, 1999 Borneo, Indonesia
Eliza convinces a group of macaques to stand up to their enemies, Darwin unknowingly helps a different group with the same problem.
19 19 "The Dragon and the Professor" March 30, 1999 Rinca, Indonesia
Eliza will stop at nothing to get a look at the gigantic, fierce Komodo dragon that lives on the Southeast Asian islands. Her plans are halted by the unexpected arrival of her home-schooling teacher who forces her to "hit the books."
20 20 "Born to Be Wild" April 1, 1999 Padang, Sumatra, Indonesia
The Thornberrys are in the jungle of Sumatra where Nigel is in pursuit of his lifelong see a Sumatran Rhino in the wild. Eliza and Darwin set out to help him find it while Debbie and Donnie find some surfing teenagers.

Season 2 (1999-2000)[edit]

No. in
No. in
Title Original air date Location
21 1 "Rebel Without a Trunk" August 16, 1999 Solapur, Maharashtra, India
Marianne attempts to spend time with Eliza while riding elephants to a festival, but Eliza and her mischievous elephant friend get into trouble and end up burning down their campsite. Meanwhile, the rest of the family throws a party.
22 2 "Pal Joey" August 17, 1999 Tasmania, Australia
Eliza convinces a mother kangaroo that she can handle the responsibilities of baby-sitting. She quickly learns that this mischievous joey is more than meets the eye. After a close encounter with Tasmanian devils, Eliza is all too happy to be relieved of her duty. Meanwhile, Marianne organizes a prom for Debbie at the commvee.
23 3 "Rain Dance" August 18, 1999 Namib Desert, Namibia
With the commvee broken down in the desert and no water left to survive, the Thornberrys go through desperate measures to maintain their sanity. However, on the verge of dehydration, Marianne convinces her family to perform the rain ritual pictured in a nearby monolith. Everyone cheers as the rains pour down among them.
24 4 "Darwin Plays the Palace" August 19, 1999 Solapur, Maharashtra, India
The Thornberrys are in India when Eliza and Darwin are seen playing together by Kip and Biederman. They capture Darwin and sell him to a Rajah who is looking for a new chimp act to entertain his court. Eliza frantically searches for the missing Darwin and follows a trail of kumquats Darwin left to the Rajah's palace. Entry to the palace is forbidden and she will have to rely on her wits to sneak inside and rescue Darwin.
25 5 "Stick Your Neck Out" August 23, 1999 Serengeti Plain, Tanzania
Eliza finds a hero in a giraffe who can see distances with his height and warn others of approaching danger. However, to Eliza's dismay, the giraffe leaves the animals for his own needs. Only when Eliza herself is in danger does the giraffe return.
26 6 "No Laughing Matter" August 24, 1999 Serengeti Plain, Tanzania
Eliza frees a spotted hyena from captivity, but having never lived in the wild, it doesn't know how to survive. Eliza attempts to teach it, but it seems hopeless—until a warthog threatens them and the hyena's natural instincts take over.
27 7 "Chimp Off the Old Block" August 25, 1999 Democratic Republic of the Congo
Darwin brings Eliza to his chimpanzee compound, and Eliza, who isn't used to the structure of the chimpanzee way of life, puts Darwin in an uncomfortable situation. After a fire starts, Eliza realizes the hierarchy is necessary for jungle survival.
28 8 "Koality and Kuantity" August 26, 1999 Melbourne, Victoria, Australia
The Thornberrys discover that koalas are missing from their native groves. Eliza decides to unravel the mystery only to discover Kip and Biederman masterminding the evil plot. It is now up to her to stop the culprits from wiping out an entire species!
29 9 "Chew if by Sea" August 30, 1999 Sydney, New South Wales, Australia and India
When the Thornberrys leave Australia for India, Eliza can't bear to leave her wombat friend, Emily. Even though Emily was told not to, she comes along with her. Now Eliza is constantly forced to re-create Emily's habitat in order to ensure her survival.
30 10 "Clash of the Teutons" August 31, 1999 Great Dividing Range, NSW/Qld/Vic., Australia
The Thornberrys meet the Fensterkopfs who make false documentaries. The Fensterkopfs' kid lies to Eliza and gets them all stuck on a cliff. After the families barely escape an avalanche, the value of truth is learned by all.
31 11 "You Ain't Seen Nothin', Yeti" September 1, 1999 Nepal
To study and protect the snow leopards from extinction and a construction site that is threatening their survival, Nigel's mentor (thought to be lost for many years) has left civilization to be a yeti. Eliza, having discovered his identity, helps him fend off the pending construction (with the unexpected assistance of an actual yeti).
32 12 "On the Right Track" September 2, 1999 Lappland, Finland
When the Thornberrys are in Finland for the annual reindeer races, Eliza feels left out. She single-handedly uncovers a plot to sabotage the races, and along with an equally excluded reindeer who didn't make the final cut, helps save the day.
33 13 "Polar Opposites" September 6, 1999 Greenland, Denmark
When a friendly polar bear is wrongly accused of vicious behavior, Eliza goes to great lengths to keep him from being harmed and learns the value of sticking by a friend in times of trouble. Meanwhile, Debbie gets a job at a local diner.
34 14 "Two's Company" September 7, 1999 Yasuni National Park, Ecuador
When Eliza is told that "Lonesome Jake" the Galapagos tortoise (based on the real-life Lonesome George) is the last one of his kind, she can't just let his species become another name on the extinction list. Enlisting help from other animals, she soon discovers "Samantha" and brings the two tortoises together—blind date style. But she soon realizes that playing the role of Cupid is not as easy as it seems.
35 15 "Show Me the Bunny" September 13, 1999 Lappland, Finland
After Eliza saves an Arctic hare from a determined stoat, she learns that underdogs come in all shapes and sizes.
36 16 "Reef Grief" September 14, 1999 Great Barrier Reef, Queensland, Australia
Eliza gets in over her head when she assumes responsibilities she can't handle. She is soon forced to don scuba gear and rescue a fumbling Nigel and a tumbling commvee under the dangerous waters of Australia's Great Barrier Reef.
37 17 "Thornberry Island" September 15, 1999 Uncharted Island in the Pacific Ocean
The Thornberrys get stranded on an uncharted island, basking at first in all the beauty and the splendor, but discover soon enough that being marooned isn't all it's cracked up to be.
38 18 "Dances With Dingoes" September 16, 1999 Uluru, Northern Territory, Australia
Debbie discovers Eliza "talking" to dingoes and threatens to tell her parents. Eliza, concerned about the possibility of being shipped back to the United States as a science experiment, seeks help from nearby Aboriginal Australians. Together they confuse Debbie into thinking it was all a dream.
39 19 "Tamper-Proof Seal" October 19, 1999 Skagway, Panhandle, Alaska
When the Commvee is surrounded by angry seals, Eliza tries her own methods to get them to move. But she learns from her Inuit friend Jim that traditional ways have their value.
40 20 "You Otter Know" October 20, 1999 Kamchatka Peninsula, Russia
The Thornberrys are on the Russian peninsula of Kamchatka to film the Steller sea eagle. Nigel and Marianne take off to film via helicopter while Eliza and Darwin explore. They meet up with a friendly group of sea otters and start playing together when an oil tanker comes into the area. To make matters worse Kip and Biedermann rupture the tanker and start an oil spill. Eliza takes it upon herself to save the otters.
41 21 "Have Yourself A Thornberry Little Christmas" November 29, 1999 Namib Desert, Namibia
Eliza goes to desperate measures to help animals survive during tough times along the Skeleton Coast. Her good-will intentions, however, will soon cost her family their entire supply of holiday cheer—and their Christmas dinner!
42 22 "Luck Be an Aye-Aye" February 15, 2000 Madagascar
When Donnie kidnaps an aye-aye for a pet, Eliza must return the "bad luck" omen to his home before the villagers hunt him down. Meanwhile, Nigel and Marianne search for a chameleon to film.
43 23 "The Kung and I" February 16, 2000 Kalahari Desert, Botswana
When the Thornberrys visit the !Kung people, everyone is shocked to discover that Debbie can click-talk. No one is more surprised than Eliza, however, who is only "cured" of her jealousy by a !Kung healing ceremony.
44 24 "Dear Diary" February 17, 2000 Cuzco, Peru
When Eliza "accidentally" reads Debbie's diary she learns that Debbie thinks she's an embarrassment of a sister. Debbie and Eliza have it out and learn the real truth about their relationship.
45 25 "Black and White and Mom All Over" February 21, 2000 Chongqing, China
When a seemingly abandoned panda bear imprints on Debbie, Eliza doubts Debbie's "parenting" ability—until a monsoon convinces Eliza that Debbie can handle more than she lets on.
46 26 "A Tiger by the Tail" February 22, 2000 Ussuri River, Russia
Eliza reunites with Kalla the Siberian tigress, and is stunned when she turns on her. Eliza's visiting Grandma Sophie helps her overcome her fears just as she is overcoming her own.
47 27 "Forget Me Not" February 24, 2000 Mt Kilimanjaro, Kenya
When the Thornberrys visit Nigel's friend Jomo, they search for an elephant named Rebecca that Nigel saved 20 years earlier. As the family attends to an elephant stuck in a mudhole, Eliza bonds with Rebecca, only to learn that she is old and ready to die.
48 28 "Song for Eliza" February 25, 2000 Kahoolawe, Hawaii
When Eliza tries to swim with the humpback whales, Darwin accidentally knocks Debbie's boombox into the ocean, which creates a disturbing noise and causes the whales to stop their ritual singing. Eliza attempts to set things right.
49 29 "Gift of Gab" February 26, 2000 Nigeria
This is a flashback episode. It explains how Eliza and Darwin met. It also explains how Eliza got her power to talk to animals. This episode has events that has happened two years prior to the start of the series. Participating Burger Kings would give out cards for kids to mark the animal's places for each episode that aired in a leadup to the episode on 26 Feb, and a 1-800 number would appear. Kids had to dial this number and report their locations to the anonymous caller, and he/she would give out a trip around the world for the Grand Prize winner.
50 30 "Bogged Down" March 6, 2000 Philippines
The Thornberrys are in the Philippines to find the angler fish. While Nigel and Eliza travel the river to find it Debbie and Marianne stay behind to study for Debbie's final. While looking for the fish, Nigel is stung by a poisonous stonefish and Eliza must go into a dark, mysterious bog to get the antitoxin.
51 31 "Monkey See, Monkey Don't" March 6, 2000 Karnataka, India
When Eliza meets a group of temple monkeys, they con her into bringing all of her family's food. While Darwin tries to convince her otherwise, Eliza realizes that she's been duped and learns the value of Darwin's friendship.
52 32 "Where the Gauchos Roam" March 13, 2000 Argentina
The Thornberrys are invited on a cattle drive by Marianne's old high school friend whose son, Miguel, is not as adept at riding and roping as he claimed. In the end, Eliza helps him build confidence.
53 33 "A Shaky Foundation" March 13, 2000 Victoria Falls
The Thornberrys are visited by the Foundation's head son, Tom, who splits up the Nigel and Marianne team. An over-zealous Tom treats Eliza like a child until he lands the Commvee in a raging river. Eliza's quick thinking prevails and she saves her family.
54 34 "Cheetahs Never Prosper" March 20, 2000 Uganda
The Thornberrys are on the African plains in the middle of a drought. Eliza wants to help the animals, but her parents tell her that the animals will become more aggressive due to lack of water and food. Eliza tries to help a young cheetah named Tono but she quickly becomes the target for Tono's and his mother's next meal.
55 35 "Gobi Yourself" March 20, 2000 Mongolia
Eliza and a Mongolian girl, Arioka, secretly switch places so Eliza can ride across the desert on camels and Arioka can ride in the Commvee. But Arioka's parents change their plans and Eliza must figure out a way to get them back to the Thornberrys.
56 36 "Every Little Bit Alps" March 27, 2000 Switzerland
Eliza is afraid to admit to her friend Ben that she doesn't know how to snowboard, just as a rutting ibex is afraid to stand up to another ibex.
57 37 "Pack Of Thornberrys" March 27, 2000 Yellowstone National Park, Idaho/Montana/Wyoming
Eliza and Debbie are fighting so much, Debbie decides to apply to boarding school and Eliza encourages her. But meeting up with a lone gray wolf teaches Eliza that families, like packs, belong together.

Season 3 (2000-01)[edit]

No. in
No. in
Title Original air date Location
58 1 "Dragon Me Along" September 12, 2000 The Great Wall, China
Eliza recognizes some pandas and tries to save them from poachers.
59 2 "Time Flies" September 19, 2000 Everglades, Monroe County, Florida
The Thornberrys are in the Florida Everglades to film the Endangered Snail Kite. It is also Nigel's birthday and Marianne and the girls have a brand new watch/compass for him. While Marianne and Nigel go off to film the girls and Darwin and Donnie explore the Everglades in an air boat. Debbie wants to keep track of their time and brings the new watch. Soon they get lost and while using the compass drop it overboard. A Swamp Witch and a hungry alligator will make getting it back very difficult.
60 3 "Horse Sense" September 26, 2000 Mongolia
The Thornberrys are in Mongolia for the Naadam Festival. The festival is held outdoors and features events such as horse racing, wrestling and archery. Eliza decides she wants to enter the horse racing contest and asks Marianne to help train her. Debbie becomes involved in the archery contest and Donnie enters the wrestling contest. Eliza picks a nice, reliable horse to ride but what she really wants is to ride one of the wild horses. But they are not reliable and she gets more than she bargained for when she mounts one.
61 4 "Tyler Tucker, I Presume" October 2, 2000 Democratic Republic Of The Congo
The Thornberry's are in the Congo along the banks of the Congo River to film the African clawless otter where they are waiting for Tyler Tucker to join them. Tyler and Eliza are cousins and close in age and very competitive with each other. When the commvee is put out of commission they take a small steamer boat named Prudence up the river in search of the otter. Tyler is not aware of all the dangers that the wild can hold and soon has them heading straight for disaster.
62 5 "Critical Masai" October 3, 2000 Masai Steppe, Tanzania
While camping near a Masai village Eliza and her cousin Tyler compete to see who is the bravest. Their courage is truly put to the test when they are caught out on the Savannah during a lightning storm.
63 6 "Queen of Denial" October 4, 2000 Siwa Oasis, Egypt
The Thornberrys are in Egypt to film the elusive Caracal cat. While Marianne and Nigel go off via camel to film, Eliza, Tyler and Darwin go exploring. While wandering through the desert they fall into an ancient burial chamber. Eliza and Tyler will have to work together to avoid the booby traps that have been set to discourage grave robbers. Meanwhile Debbie is convinced she is a descendant of Cleopatra.
64 7 "Island Trade" October 5, 2000 Zanzibar, Tanzania
While on the island of Zanzibar Debbie pleads with her mom to go to Stone Town Market for some shopping. Marianne is reluctant to let her have the comvee but eventually gives in. Debbie, Eliza, Tyler and Darwin head to the market while Nigel, Marianne and Donnie go off to film in an ancient crater. Most of the shopping at the market is done by barter and they accidentally trade the comvee for a dress. The kids take off in pursuit of the merchant who is now driving their comvee to try and reach an understanding with him, but not before running the gauntlet of the local monkeys.
65 8 "Birthday Quake" October 6, 2000 Mt. Kilimanjaro, Kenya
To celebrate his 13th birthday, Tyler and Eliza visit a pair of elephants in the African savanna. Tyler's parents are coming to pick him up and take him out of Africa when there is an earthquake on his birthday.
66 9 "The Legend of Ha Long Bay" October 10, 2000 Ha Long Bay, Vietnam
Eliza encounters a mysterious creature while shooting a film with Nigel about manta rays.
67 10 "Spirited Away" October 28, 2000 Oaxaca, Mexico
As the family prepares to film the "Day of the Dead" ceremony in a small town, Eliza meets a little girl who tells her about the spirits returning. Eliza is determined to find one, but when Donnie puts a valuable ring in a loaf of bread, Debbie and Eliza must search for the missing ring. Eliza gets some help from a mysterious woman, who she finds out, has been gone for many years.
68 11 "A Family Tradition" November 22, 2000 Ankarana Reserve, Madagascar
The Thornberrys are preparing for Thanksgiving in Madagascar when Grandma Sophie calls, inviting them home for the holiday. When Nigel and Marianne explain that they can't go home until they get footage of a fossa for The Foundation. Eliza and Debbie choose to go back to the United States with out their parents but before they board the plane they reconsider in order to spend the holiday as a family.
69 12 "Happy Old Year" December 27, 2000 Quito, Ecuador
Debbie accidentally hurts her father's feelings, and joins a couple of eccentric, 30's-era volcano chasers, Mitzi and Merrick Dash. Eliza goes after her to reclaim her friend, Santusa the Llama.
70 13 "Happy Campers" December 30, 2000 Bhutan
A trip to Bhutan, finds Marianne and Debbie out in the cold, and Eliza and Darwin on the run from the border police.
71 14 "All Work and No Play" January 12, 2001 Lake Baikal, Siberia, Russia
The Thornberrys are in Siberia along the banks of a river which feeds into Lake Baikal. Nigel and Marianne are there to film the Russian lynx while the girls are forced to stay at the campsite and take inventory of their provisions. This really annoys Debbie who wants to go to the town of Bolshoi Goti and pick up a CD of her favorite Russian Band The Slovniks. Debbie and Eliza both shirk their responsibilities...Debbie and Donnie take off via raft to Bolshoi Goti and Eliza and Darwin tour a nearby beaver dam. Everyone gets in trouble with an unexpected storm erupts .
72 15 "New Territory" January 12, 2001 Kakadu National Park, Northern Territory, Australia
The Thornberrys meet an Australian family named the Gibsons when the Comvee runs out of gas. Eliza makes friends with the youngest member of the family named Bethany, who is in a wheelchair from cerebral palsy. The girls go land sailing and Bethany helps Eliza escape from a crocodile, but then get in an argument when Bethany thinks Eliza is feeling sorry for her being disabled. Will the two new friends find a way to make up? Meanwhile, Nigel and Marianne play the Gibsons in a very competitive game of Tricky Trivia.
73 16 "Operation Valentine" February 14, 2001 Alice Springs, Northern Territory, Australia
The Thornberrys are broken down, The Mail plane drops of the Thornberrys current batch of mail. Debbie tries to bake cookies, which turn out badly. They try to escape from an angry eagle by climbing up a small mountain. Eliza slips and nearly falls. Darwin pulls her up on top of the small mountain. Nigel was on an explore of his own and comes across Donnie. . Nigel picks up Eliza in his arms and carries her back to camp. Marianne upon seeing Eliza's symptoms quickly looks them up in a medical book. They need to get Eliza to the hospital ASAP because it is her appendix. They try taking the mini-com but it gets a flat and they are unable to put the spare on it because the spare is already being used
74 17 "Hello, Dolphin!" February 19, 2001 Shark Bay, Western Australia, Australia
Nigel and Marianne are on a dangerous assignment to film some tiger sharks while Eliza goes swimming with some dolphins. Meanwhile, Debbie gets dumped by her e-mail boyfriend Sven. When the kids take a boat out with the dolphins to swim in the deep sea, they may get some unexpected visitors.
75 18 "April Fool's Day" April 1, 2001 Okavango Delta, Botswana
It's April Fools' Day, and The Thornberrys are trying to outdo each other by way of April Fool's jokes. At first it's a lot of fun, but when Tyler and Eliza encounter some quicksand and a lion, will they learn not to cry wolf.
76 19 "Gem of a Mom" May 10, 2001 Karakoram, Pakistan
The Thornberrys are in Pakistan when Eliza and Debbie realize they have forgotten it is Mothers Day. The girls search through the market place to find the perfect gift for their mother. They come upon a stand that is selling jewels that they cannot afford so after a rock slide closes the road they are traveling on, Debbie and Eliza plan to find their own gem stones in the mountains. While they search for the perfect Mothers day gift they continuously ignore Marianne's attempts to spend time with her daughters.
77 20 "The Anniversary" May 14, 2001 Mount Fuji, Japan
The Thornberrys are in Japan near Mount Fuji to film the Asian black bear when Marianne's parents visit to spend their 50th anniversary with them. Grandpa Frank has had health problems recently and has problems acting his age. Eliza, Darwin and Grandpa Frank go off to climb Mount Fuji.

Season 4 (2001-02)[edit]

No. in
No. in
Title Original air date Location
78 1 "The Origin of Donnie (Part 1)" August 18, 2001 Borneo, Indonesia
The Thornberrys are preparing for Donnie's "birthday" party in Borneo when one crisis after another happens. Grandma Sophie decides to visit the same day Nigel and Marianne must capture a wild orangutan on film for the foundation
79 2 "The Origin of Donnie (Part 2)" August 18, 2001 Borneo, Indonesia
Donnie searches the jungles of Borneo for his ancestry, causing Eliza to worry that he will break ties with the Thornberry clan.
80 3 "The Origin of Donnie (Part 3)" August 18, 2001 Borneo, Indonesia
A fire breaks out in the forest and Donnie is blamed; can Eliza convince it wasn't Donnie and get the animals to safety? Meanwhile, Marianne and Nigel find shelter in a cave nearby, only to get lost inside, and Debbie and Sophie help the village put out the fire, while learning about Donnie's real parents.
81 4 "The Origin of Donnie (Part 4)" August 18, 2001 Borneo, Indonesia
The rest of the fire is put out by rain, the others are reunited and Donnie is found. The family believe he is going back to his parents, but they soon realize the truth.
82 5 "The Trouble With Darwin" October 31, 2001 Tanzania
The Thornberrys are in Tanzania, Africa to film the Grand Opening of Dr. Jane Goodall's Chimpanzee Sanctuary. Eliza can't wait to meet her idol Dr. Goodall. When they arrive Debbie is put to work caring for baby chimps in the nursery while Eliza and Dr. Goodall have an awkward first meeting. She is not impressed with Darwin and the fact that he is domesticated. Eliza's feelings are hurt and she runs off into the jungle with Darwin following. Trouble ensues when they run into poachers who have been working nearby.
83 6 "Hot Air" June 1, 2002 Rotorua, New Zealand
The Thornberrys visit a Māori Iwi holding a Hui. As Debbie flirts with a young Maori, Eliza and Darwin have a fight. When Darwin leaves and Eliza befriends a possum named Penelope who gets her trapped in a hot air balloon, Darwin must come to the aid of Eliza. Note:This episode leads up to The Wild Thornberrys Movie.

Season 5 (2003-04)[edit]

No. in
No. in
Title Original air date Location
84 1 "The Wild Snob-Berry" February 3, 2003 Denali National Park, Interior, Alaska

At the request of the foundation, teenage rocker Shane G. joins the Thornberrys during their stay in Alaska. Since Eliza and Debbie both have a crush on Shane, they both go exploring with Shane only to discover how thick-headed he really is.

Note: This is the first episode to take place after the events of the movie, therefore Debbie knows about Eliza's power at this point.
85 2 "Ice Follies" February 4, 2003 Glacier Bay National Park, Panhandle, Alaska
Shane and Eliza are saved by Debbie after their canoe capsizes.
86 3 "Fool's Gold" February 5, 2003 Yukon-Charley Rivers National Park, Interior Alaska
Eliza and Shane plan to go see an old gold mine full of fool's gold, but Eliza gets jealous when Shane invites Debbie along to help with her art project.
87 4 "Clash and Learn" February 6, 2003 Bethel, Interior, Alaska
Eliza's friend Kit becomes better friends with Shane.
88 5 "Sir Nigel (Part 1)" March 30, 2003 Cairngorm, Scotland, United Kingdom
The Thornberrys pay a visit to Nigel's parents in Scotland at Thornberry Hall right before Nigel is to be made a knight by the Queen of England. Once there, Nigel's mother, Cordelia, presses him to accept a tenured professorship at Oxford. The prospect of the family settling down upsets Eliza but thrills Debbie. Meanwhile, Eliza rushes to save some golden eagles from eating poisoned meat from a trapper.
89 6 "Sir Nigel (Part 2)" March 30, 2003 Cairngorm, Scotland, United Kingdom
Eliza rescues her golden eagle friend from the trapper and Thornberry clan rushes to London for Nigel's knighting ceremony. After being knighted, the newly Sir Nigel must choose between becoming a teacher or continuing his adventures with his family.
90 7 "Look Who's Squawking" April 4, 2003 McMurdo Station, Ross Dependency (New Zealand), Antarctica
Filming penguins in Antarctica, Eliza begins practicing for her future profession as a vet, when she comes across a wounded penguin. She rescues her, but may have made matters worse by separating the penguin from her mate and her egg. When she borrows a snow speeder to get back to the penguin breeding grounds she needs to make things right again.
91 8 "Eliza Unplugged" June 11, 2004 Behm Canal, Panhandle, Alaska
Shane is ready to leave the Thornberrys to go back to his life as a pop star and Eliza has to be fast to tell Shane her true feelings for him before its too late. But when Shane and Eliza have a little fight and Shane runs away Eliza must find him to make up and tell him her true feelings. Meanwhile, Marianne fears the girls are getting older and she's losing them. When Shane's plane arrives Shane says goodbye to each Thornberry and shares a kiss with Eliza. Eliza watches his plane take off and disappear from view. Series Finale



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