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Thomas & Friends (Thomas the Tank Engine & Friends until 2002) is a British children's television series, first broadcast on the ITV network on 9 October 1984. It is based on The Railway Series of books by the Reverend Wilbert Awdry and his son, Christopher Awdry.

These books deal with the adventures of a group of anthropomorphised trains and road vehicles who live on the fictional Island of Sodor. The books were based on stories Wilbert told to entertain his son, Christopher during his recovery from measles. Many of the stories are based on events from Awdry's personal experience.

Until 2008 a narrator was used to as the only voice in the series. Individual voice-over actors were given to the UK and US dubs of the series, following the switch to Full CGI Animation in 2009.


Current voices
Actor Region Role(s)
Mark Moraghan UK/US The Narrator (Series 17 onwards)
John Hasler UK Thomas (The Adventure Begins onwards)
Joseph May US Thomas (The Adventure Begins onwards)
David Bedella US Victor (Hero of the Rails onwards) and The Mayor of Sodor
UK/US Victor (Blue Mountain Mystery onwards) and The Cuban Man
Jamie Bower UK/US Skiff
Jonathan Broadbent UK/US Bill, Ben and a Slip Coach
Nathan Clarke UK Alfie
Olivia Colman UK/US Marion
Jonathan Forbes UK/US Connor
Teresa Gallagher UK Emily, Rosie, Mavis, Lady Hatt, Stephen Hatt (Diesel's Special Delivery), Bridget Hatt, The Duchess of Boxford, Bridget Hatt's Friends, The Teacher, The Laundry Lady, The School Children, The Girl in the Red Dress, The Blond-hair Boy and Some Passengers
UK/US Belle, Mavis (Series 17 onwards), Annie & Clarabel, Judy, The Ginger-hair Boy, The Shouting Little Boy, Lady Hatt (Series 17 only), The Duchess of Boxford (Series 17 only), The Lady with the Big Hat, Some Passengers, The Teacher (Series 18 only) and The Knapford Station Speaker (The Adventure Begins)
Bob Golding UK/US Stephen, Sidney and Some Dock Workers
Mike Grady UK/US Sir Robert Norramby
William Hope US Edward, Toby, Whiff, Bash, Rocky, Stephen Hatt, Farmer McColl, The Duke of Boxford, The Blond-haired Boy (Merry Misty Island only), The Maithwaite Stationmaster (Double Trouble and Wonky Whistle only), Farmer Trotter, The Dock Manager, and The Wellsworth Station Worker
UK/US Bert (Series 16 onwards), A Railway Inspector, A Steamworks Worker (Wonky Whistle) and Two Farmhands (Wonky Whistle)
Sir John Hurt UK/US Sailor John
Togo Igawa UK/US Hiro
Jules de Jongh US Emily, Rosie, Mavis (Hero of the Rails – Blue Mountain Mystery), Lady Hatt, Bridget Hatt, The Duchess of Boxford, Bridget Hatt's Friends, Stephen Hatt (Diesel's Special Delivery), The Teacher, The Laundry Lady, The Girl in the Red Dress, The Blond-haired Boy (Series 15 onwards), and The School Children
UK/US Alicia Botti
Steve Kynman UK Porter, Jack, and The Dock Manager (Tale of the Brave only)
US Butch (Series 17 onwards)
UK/US Duck, Peter Sam, Dart (Series 17 onwards), Paxton, A Slip Coach, and A Railway Inspector
Michael Legge UK/US Luke
Clive Mantle UK/US Gator
David Menkin US Stanley (Series 18 onwards), Porter and Jack
Joe Mills UK/US Oliver, Toad and The Welsh Bird Watcher
Maggie Ollerenshaw UK/US Henrietta
Rebecca O'Mara UK/US Caitlin and a Slip Coach
Rob Rackstraw UK Toby (Series 19 onwards)
US James (The Adventure Begins onwards)
Christopher Ragland US Percy (Series 19 onwards)
UK/US Troublesome Trucks (The Adventure Begins onwards)
Miranda Raison UK/US Millie and The Knapford Station Speaker (Missing Gator)
Eddie Redmayne UK/US Ryan
Kerry Shale US Henry, Gordon, James (Hero of the Rails – Series 18), Dash, Scruff, Harold, Kevin, Sir Topham Hatt (Hero of the Rails – Series 18), Mr. Percival, Sir Lowham Hatt, The Maithwaite Stationmaster (Time For a Story and A Blooming Mess only), A Railway Inspector, The Railway Coal Inspector, The Zoo Keeper, and Some Workmen
UK Diesel, and The Zoo Keeper (Not Now, Charlie! only)
UK/US 'Arry, Bert (Series 14 - 15), and Some groaning passengers (Calm Down Caitlin)
AUS/NZ Mr. Percival (Duncan and the Grumpy Passenger only)
Tom Stourton UK/US Duncan
Tim Whitnall UK/US Timothy, Jerome, Reg and The Deputy Minister
US The Man with the Hat (Spencer's VIP)
Keith Wickham UK Edward, Henry, Gordon, James, Percy, Whiff, Dash, Harold, Sir Topham Hatt, The Mayor of Sodor, The Thin Controller, Sir Lowham Hatt, Mr. Bubbles, The Railway Coal Inspector, The Man at the Fire, The Wellsworth Station Worker, The Fat Controller's Assistant, Some Workmen, Some Passengers, Gator's Driver and A Steamworks Worker
UK/US Harvey, Glynn, Skarloey, Sir Handel, Salty, Den, Norman, Stafford, Bertie (Series 17 onwards), Captain, Sir Topham Hatt (The Adventure Begins onwards), Dowager Hatt, A Railway Inspector, The Great Composer, The Maron Station Speaker, The Wellsworth Stationmaster, Thomas' Guard, The Grumpy Passenger, Father Christmas, The Groudsman, The Postman, Gordon's Driver (The Adventure Begins), James's Guard (The Adventure Begins), Knapford Station Worker, (The Adventure Begins) and Some workmen and signalmen (The Adventure Begins)
Robert Wilfort UK/US Samson
Matt Wilkinson UK Spencer, Stanley, Charlie, Bash, Scruff, Victor (Hero of the Rails - Series 16), Rocky, Cranky, Butch (Series 16 onwards), Kevin, Stephen Hatt, Farmer McColl, The Duke of Boxford, The Photographer, The Maithwaite Stationmaster, Farmer Trotter, The Knapford Stationmaster, The Bird Watcher, The Blond-haired Boy (Merry Misty Island only), The Dock Manager, A Railway Inspector, Some Dock Workers, The Island Inspector, The Sodor Search & Rescue Centre Manager, The Blue Mountain Quarry Workman, The Zoo Keeper and The Man with the Hat
UK/US Diesel 10, Rusty, Winston, and Merrick
Glenn Wrage US Spencer, Charlie (Series 13 - 15), Ferdinand, Cranky, Butch (Series 15 - 16), The Sodor Search & Rescue Centre Manager, Sir Topham Hatt's Assistant, Gator's Driver, and A Steamworks Worker
Former voices
Actor Region Role(s)
Michael Angelis UK The Narrator (Hero of the Rails - Series 16)
Michael Brandon US The Narrator (Hero of the Rails - Series 16), Diesel (Series 13 - Blue Mountain Mystery), Mr. Bubbles (Series 13 - 15) and The Knapford Stationmaster (Series 13 – 16) and The Maithwaite Stationmaster (Series 13 – 16)
Rupert Degas UK Butch (Series 15 only)
UK/US Diesel 10 (Misty Island Rescue; original cut only), Dart (Series 15 - 16), Flynn (Series 15 - 16), and Bertie (Series 15 - 16)
Martin Sherman US Thomas (Hero of the Rails - Series 18), Percy (Hero of the Rails - Series 18), Diesel (King of the Railway - Series 18), and some children (Toby and Bash)
Ben Small UK Thomas (Hero of the Rails - Series 18), Toby (Hero of the Rails - Series 18), and Ferdinand (Misty Island Rescue - Series 16)
US Stanley (Series 15 - Day of the Diesels) and Charlie (Series 16 - 18)
UK/US Rheneas (Blue Mountain Mystery - Series 18), Flynn (Series 17, only), Troublesome Trucks (Series 16 - 18) and Owen (Blue Mountain Mystery - Series 18)

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