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The following are characters from the television show Thumb Wrestling Federation.


Major Wrestlers[edit]

Vini Vidi Victory[edit]

Originally a rebellious wrestler from a bad environment, Vini was once part of a rowdy gang that oppresses anyone inferior in their vicinity, he is the protagonist of the cartoon series. Upon entering a gym, Vini rejuvenated himself and became devoted in protecting defenceless individuals. He then founded the Mighty Dexteras and became its leader. He's signature move is the Vini Vidi Vada Voom. With it, he strikes the opponent left and right three times before pinning them. He was active in the first and second season but didn't participate in the third. His name is somewhat based on Veni Vidi Vici, the Latin version of Julius Caesar's quote . He is voiced by Wayne Grayson.

Hometown Huck[edit]

Hometown Huck is a fighter from Omaha, Nebraska. Prior to his wrestling career, Huck helps others or called numbers at bingo games. When entering the arena, he has a way of greeting other by calling out names of places (e.g. countries or cities). Huck, along with Vini Vidi Victory, also serves as a judge for newcomers who wish to join the The Mighty Dexteras he's voiced by Christopher Kromer. His signature move is the Hometown Shuffle. he winds up and then lands blows on the opponent in a fanciful way every time his fans utter the name of the move, and then ultimately pinning the opponent. In a match against Bucks Gazillion, it is shown that Huck can't perform the Hometown Shuffle without fan support (Bucks silenced them by giving ice cream, thus resulting Huck's defeat). He was the winner of the inaugural TWF tournament. In season 5 against The Cheetah, he doesn't like fan as well he born in Los Angeles and his Omaha fans has lies and his audience has booed everywhere. In the match against Mugsy Thumbscrew, his fans doesn't like in Louisville to cheer up and he booed everyone in the match.

Mr. Extremo[edit]

Jimmy Median, best known by his screen name Mr. Extremo, was once an individual who only possessed ordinary qualities. Because of this, his friends made fun of him. One day, he made a name of himself when he accidentally stepped on a skateboard causing him to go airborne. Thus, he won his friends' respects. Mr. Extremo engaged himself in extreme sports and later entered the TWF.

His face looks pretty much like a musician of a heavy metal rock band. His specialties in the ring include flying by using his jet pack. He made his debut in the second tournament as well as winning it. He is also the only wrestler to win more than one tournament, having won the Season 4 tournament as well. Portrayed by Sean Schemmel.

Face-Off Phil[edit]

Face-Off Phil formerly was hockey player from Canada. He was then recruited by the Dexteras who were impressed by his performances and assumed he would make a good wrestler. He also has a 'habit' to enrage when someone insults him by insulting his country Canada, a hockey Sport, his weird accent, and by calling him 'hot-head' due to his hyperactive personality. He is the second wrestler to have a face that's patterned after a flag, which in this case the Canadian flag (the first one being James Montgomerie Flag whose face is patterned after the American flag).

One of his super moves is the Manitoba Mauler, which is composed two straight punches and a downward punch before pinning the opponent. Another one is the Slap Shot Slammer that's performed by projecting four hockey pucks onto the opponent using his hockey stick (Senator Skull once emulated this move in a match).

Portrayed by Sean Schemmel.


Wasabi is an individual who excels in poetry. Not so popular in school, most students wouldn't socialize with her. Therefore, she spent most of her time writing in her journal. Overtime, her literature skills, particularly in poetry, picked up. Upon reciting some of her works on stage, she at last gained some attention. For some reason, she joined the Dexteras; in the battle series she is the weakest major.

As a wrestler, her signature move is called the Best Poem Ever which she whispers into the ears of an opponent. Although the words of the poem were never revealed, its positive meaning can incapacitate any foe (except Senator Skull and Dwayne Bramage, they're immune to it) through fascination for a limited amount of time, allowing Wasabi to attack with ease. It's also hinted that Pinky has a crush on her, and ironically most of her matches are not won by 100% from herself. She won most matches because of Pinky's help or luck. Her name is a reference to a hot and spicy vegetable from Japan. She was voiced by Erica Schroeder. She was based on Alundra Blayze.

Danny Kaboom[edit]

Danny is the explosives expert of the Dexteras. He specializes in bombs and explosives. He was bested by N Fuego and Queen Nefercreepy in the second and third tournament. He defeated Evil Ira in season 4 and beat Mugsy Thumbscrew in the quarter-finals of the same season. Then, lost to The Visitor in the same season. He is tight and so sleek he defeat Newest Sinistra, The Black Knight Then, lost to The Big Time in the Season 5 quarterfinals.

His signature move is the Explosive Dynamite Bombs. It smashes the bomb to opponent, he also appeared at the Dextera HQ episode that he is practicing his demolition. Portrayed by Keith Vincent by the same time.

Cleat Cunningham[edit]

A British Dextera football player with a dextera help. Beat Big bad Billy Goatetsky, Isty Bitsy, Senator Skull and The Big Time. Season 5's champion. he's the new major in the season they debut. He became the main character of season 5. His signature move is The Legendary Kick. He kicks soccer balls into his opponent's face. Then he kicks them and pins them for the win. Cleat was born with football skills and intens of Age, finally he comes as a Football captain for his Club later the ref expects no handball all but finished, Cleat join up His Fighting with the Dexteras to earn another TWF Championship However in The Semifinals Senator skull Accused Cleat as the Attacker Who Beat up Mr. Extremo but was all a Lie Until in the finals Pinky found senator skull's Evil Plans and Cleat's Journal about how long cleat Been he was learning American culture with Colonel cossack he has his duty to help the Dexteras, However the Dexteras saved Cleat and Cleat Reglins as a Team Member Of Sport. Voiced By Marc Thompson

Minor Wrestlers[edit]

Dorsal Flynn[edit]

The Dextera Comedian but is awful at telling jokes. He lost to The Big Time in Season 1. After that loss he became the TWF interviewer who interviews the wrestlers who made it into the championship. His signature is the Blowhole. He will blast water from his microphone which will cause a torrent of water, possibly drowning his opponent. Dorsal Flynn has a habit of saying "see" in the middle or in the end of his sentences, showing that he could be based on comedian Bill Cosby. He is also a TWF interviewer.

Knockout Ninja[edit]

Ninja master with incredible speed and stealth but low stamina. He lost to Captain Carpal, Mugsy Thumbscrew and beat N Fuego and His signature move is possibly his kicks. He swoops down from the air and kicks his opponent while at the same time flipping on them. He uses this move the most. Voiced by Sean Schemmel.

Milty the Clown[edit]

Dextera Clown who Colonel Cossack is afraid of. He tries to make his opponent laugh, celebrate their birthday or make the crowd laugh. He lost to Itsy Bitsy, Queen Nefercreepy, and The Big Time. His signature move is most likely his big red clown nose. He uses this to hit and pin his opponent. Could possibly be based on Doink the Clown.


Gogachog is a caveman of the Dexteras. He has appeared in both Season 3 and 4 but did not win in either. He is very strong, but not very smart. He was bested by The Lost Viking in season 3, and lost to Queen Nefercreepy in season 4. He lost to The Visitor in Season 5. His favourite food is Lizard, as revealed in his bio. Voiced by Marc Thompson.

Pierre Pamplemousse[edit]

Pierre is the master chef of The Dexteras. He uses weapons that are based on food (e.g. Pizza Spikes, Muffin Bombs, Anvil Food Cakes). His signature move is the Deadly Spatula Storm, which is where he throws many giant spatulas at his opponent. He bested Snagglefangs in season 3, but returned in season 4 and lost to The Big Time, when he was bested by a blow from a chair thrown by Steve. In Season 5 he lost to Senator Skull. He is voiced by Sean Schemmel.

Unit 19G[edit]

He is a robot with a metal plating that can withstand up to 5000 degrees Celsius (9000 degrees Fahrenheit). Voiced by Wayne Grayson. He lost to N Fuego in Season 1. In Season 2 he fought in the Royal Thumble. He beat Rolf the Reaper but was taken out by The Visitor. In Season 4 he beat Corbata. He was however unable to beat Mugsy Thumbscrew in Season 5.

James Montgomery Flag[edit]

Son of The Stash. Patriotic Wrestler. He lost to Senator Skull in Season 1. In Season 2 he fought in the Royal Thumble. He beat The Visitor but was taken out by The Scorchion. In Season 4 he beat Big Bad Billy Goatetsky. Name derives from the man who makes the Uncle Sam posters.

The Stash[edit]

A retired TWF legend. Father of James Mongomery Flag. In Season 1 he fought with his son James Montgomery Flag. He was unable to bring home a win against Senator Skull. He returns to train the Dexteras in Season 4. Miss Fitwell, Face-Off Phil, Danny Kaboom, Wasabi, Unit 19G, James Montgomery Flag have benefited from his training. Enemy of Colonel Cossack. Could possibly be based on Hulk Hogan.

Ms. Fitwell[edit]

Ms. Fitwell is the P.E. teacher of the Dexteras. She made her debut in season 3. She lost to Sick Vick because she was grossed out and scared of Inside Out Vick. She returned in season 4 and beat Captain Carpal, after hitting him emotionally by trapping Polly in a cage. She has three eyes just like Evil Ira, but it has never been explained why. Voiced by Zoe Martin.


Weredog is a half-man and half-dog who is turning into a dog when the full moon rises. He appeared in Season 3 and beat The Visitor. He appeared in Season 4 and lost to Sick Vick.

Gary the Intern[edit]

The Hair Stylist-turned-intern from Australia of the Dexteras. He lost to Senator Skull in Season 1. Then he lost to Itsy Bitsy in Season 5.


Gill is a swamp monster with a gross nature. His super move is the swamp mud wallop, which is where he drops a giant pile of mud on his opponent. He lost to Itsy Bitsy in season 1 (in a gross-off) and beat Mugsy Thumbscrew in season 3.


Ouch is a Dexteras wrestler who is taking large hit after large hit from his opponents and always got injured or hurt. As he looks like a mummy, he also describes as the Dexteras' top bruise taker. He is weak, and is aware of this fact. He lost to Itsy Bitsy in Season 1 and lost to The Big Time in Season 3(he only retaliated in his 1st match).

Tom Cat[edit]

Tom Cat is a cat Dextera whose signature moves are the Hairball (spits out a huge hairball) and the Kitty Litter Boxer (dumps a lot of kitty litter on his opponent). He was actually turn into a zombie in his first match, after Pinky lets him drink a zombie juice in a failed attempt to defeat The Big Time. He returned in season 5 and lost to Scoutmaster Scott.

Lucky O'Leary[edit]

Lucky was a Kind Young Irish Man with good luck, Lucky Gives Nature To Ireland a Lot of Magic, However He gives Lights of joy, Lucky Beat Up Gold Stealers and People who ain't Interested in Luck but he keeps fortune of cookies he is so friendly life was finished as his grandpa sends him To do luck In The TWF, in his Career, he Beat Rolf The Reaper in Season 5. Voiced By sean schemmel

Pei Pei the Purple Panda[edit]

Another female wrestler from the Dexteras, Pei Pei is the Princess of a fictional country called Porpoisestan. She's also fighter with a classy character. Making her debut in the first tournament, Pei Pei was bested by her husband N Fuego. One notable wrestling attack she possesses is called the Panda Craze, a throw move that involves grabbing the opponent and flipping them sidewards using leverage. Her ultimate weapon is the Royal Sceptor of Porpoisestan, a metal rod which is used as club. It was used when she made her second appearance in the third tournament where she defeated Scoutmaster Scott, also She's married to N Fuego. Pei Pei is portrayed by Erica Schroeder.

Big Star[edit]

Big Star is the naive cousin of The Big Time. Though related to each other, The Big Time dislikes him because of their personality differences. Because of this, Big Star tries whatever he could to win his relative's respect. In his TWF debut which was in the second tournament, Big Star nearly defeated Evil Ira as a result of being immune to the hypnotic rays. But before he could pin him, which the traditional way of securing a win, The Big Time knocked him down using a chair. Thus giving Evil Ira an easy victory. He was last seen participating in a game show called "Hug it or Punch it?" where he still end up losing. Big Star is portrayed by Walt Gardner.

His signature move is the Star-Spangled Slammer. It is mainly named after the Star-Spangled Banner, the national anthem of the United States. With it, he moves rapidly in circles and lands a powerful punch capable of sending opponents to the canvass in one blow.

Mahi Mahi Mindy[edit]

A marine life activist. She beat Rolf the Reaper in Season 2 when she embarrassed him by reading his diary out loud. In the Royal Thumble she tied with Billy Batboy. She dropped a heavy sea animal on him but was taken out by Leatherwing at the same time when Billy Batboy summoned him, she would rather quit in TWF Battles.

Fly Guy[edit]

A Dextera who flies and annoys his opponents with his constant buzzing. He was disqualified for being too annoying in his match against Itsy Bitsy in Season 2.

Captain Esplanade[edit]

Captain Esplanade is a lackey who serves for the Dexteras. He is a henchman who always answers "Not I!" in his questions. He appeared in the match of Dorsal Flynn and The Big Time and present. He is definite and can do all for his own way.


Major Wrestlers[edit]

Senator Skull[edit]

Vincent Arthur Skullberg, also known as Senator Skull, was once a simple student at school in the state of Florida, he is the main antagonist of the cartoon series. After being toyed several times by delinquents, he trained hard to become a fighter and eventually exacted vengeance against them. Still not satisfied by this, Senator Skull established the Evil Sinistras, a society of rebellious wrestlers who go by principles different from those of the TWF.

When he once led the Sinistras, he had plans to bring down the Dexteras and rule the planet. But his chances of achieving them are often slim because his camp is often in turmoil (the other Sinistras have no interests in world domination). He quit in Season 3 after using a weather machine against Face-Off Phil, he says it's Canada. He then become the Sinistras' coach. His reign as leader ended when Bucks Gazillion, who won the third tournament, took charge by bribing all his comrades. In Season 4, at the championship, Senator Skull serves as the protagonist with the other Sinistras to stop Bucks and remove him to the position. Skull fights in Season 5 and takes out Pierre Pamplemousse and Mr. Extremo (rematch), but loses to Cleat Cunningham in the semi-finals.

One of his two signature moves is the Skull's Revenge Shocker, an attack where he pins down an opponent and then electrocuting them using power from within him. The other one is the Super Skull. Much of this isn't revealed because it was deliberately censored for some reasons. But upon executing the move, the area looks as though it was visited by a hurricane, and a thick mist starts of cover. Senator Skull once used this in a match against James Montgomery Flag and the Stash. May be based on WWE wrestler the undertaker.

The Big Time[edit]

The most popular of the Sinistras, The Big Time is well known for his charisma and street cred. He has the number 12 embedded on his mask and has a moustache that look like hands of a clock. Very durable, some wrestlers find it tiring when it comes to landing blows on him. When he isn't wrestling, The Big Time serves as the trainer for the Sinistras in their headquarters. He is proven to retire in Season 4 after beating Pierre Pamplemousse because Steve threw a chair at Pierre while the Time Bomb was being used (which The Big Time did not like at all). He beat Milty the Clown, Danny Kaboom for the Quarterfinals and Hometown Huck for the Semifinals. Unfortunately Cleat Cunningham defeated The Big Time in Season 5 Championship.

His signature attack is The Time Bomb. There, he swings left and right as his fans count backwards from 5 to 1. Upon pinning the opponent, an explosion occurs (hence the red mushroom cloud). Though very destructive, a least two wrestlers, Hometown Huck and Tom Cat managed to continue fighting after receiving it (although Tom Cat had help from Pinky, Hometown Huck had no help at all). He is voiced by Keith Dawkins (Seasons 1 and 2) and David Wills (Season 3). Many fans[who?] think Big Time may be based on the Big Show in WWE.[citation needed]

Itsy Bitsy[edit]

Itsy Bitsy is half-spider/half-thumb and speaks with an Italian accent. To attack rivals with ease, Itsy Bitsy traps them in a web that is very difficult to break out of (Hometown Huck was able to escape in one episode). Her name is a reference to a nursery rhyme called The Itsy Bitsy Spider. She quits in Season 4 after Corbata loses to Unit 19G (the match after she lost to Wasabi). However, Itsy returned and defeated Gary the Intern in Season 5. She lost to newcomer Cleat Cunningham in the Quarterfinals of Season 5. Could possibly be based on The Fabolous Moolah. She is played by Erica Shroeder

N Fuego[edit]

N Fuego is a wrestler with a Spanish accent and is a skilled dancer. His dance moves generate heat that puts opponents at his mercy. He's active in the first and second tournament but only seen at the sidelines in the third. However, he returned in the 4th Season, beating Face-off Phil in the quarterfinals, then to be beaten by Mr Extremo in the semi-final. He made an appearance in season 5 where he was bested by Knockout Ninja, in Season 5 He was shown in Wasabi's bio in the beginning as he dances with the school kids. He also has the same school as Wasabi. After Itsy Bitsy and The Big Time quit, he may be promoted to second in command, he was the attacker in Season 5 and married to Pei Pei He is portrayed by Javier Jimenez. Could possibly be based on Tito Santana.

Evil Ira[edit]

Evil Ira has three eyes, a Finnish accent, and magical powers. He was then selected to become a member of the Dexteras. Though he preferred to be called Good Ira, the named was owned by someone else (see info below) and that it became suggested he be addressed as Evil Ira. After winning a few matches in the first tournament as a Dextera, Evil Ira surprisingly decided to join the Sinistras for unknown reasons(although rumored is that he accidentally hypnotized himself by mistake making him evil or he joined the Sinistras due to how good it felt for him when he cheated against N Fuego). Evil Ira's powers hypnotizing opponents using mystic energy from his third eye. He can summon objects to fall from above. He was active in seasons one and two but just appearing on the sidelines in season three. In season 4, he loses to Danny Kaboom and retires with Scoutmaster Scott before Big Bad Billy Goatetsky lost to James Montgomery Flag. Portrayed by Sean Schemmel.

Bucks Gazillion[edit]

Appearing in the third tournament, Bucks Gazillion is a billionaire businessman and the new leader of the Sinistras as he is the main villain at Seasons 3 and 4. He is a clever tactician who uses money and other deceptions to outsmart opponents. Bucks also won the season 3 tournament by luring away the Dexteras and the referee to have many Sinistras gang up Face-Off Phil, paving his way to an easy victory. However, he doesn't have a desire to rule the world by winning the TWF, but instead making TWF part of his company, Gazillion Incorporated. He becomes the main antagonist on Season 4. Later in season 4, he helps the Sinistras win all their matches, but in Wasabi vs Itsy Bitsy, Unit 19G vs Corbata and James Montgomery Flag vs Big Bad Billy Goatetsky, his plans fail, and the Dexteras win those matches. He had his comeuppance in the Season 4 final when his big plan to win the title through the Visitor such as flying skateboard, obstacles, net and a metal claw, but Billy Batboy got some blueprints and they go to the ladies bathroom and to the control room. The Sinistras fight Steve and the other men and they enter the control room. The Big Time destroy the plan by smashing the "Gazillion Inc." Themed Circuit, causing it to explode and Senator Skull now removes Bucks out of position and he is no longer leader or member of the Sinistras and he is banished away from TWF by Senator Skull. Could possibly be based on the Million Dollar Man. Ted DiBiase or even WWE Chairman Vince Mcmahon and even Paul Heyman. Voiced by Marc Thompson.

The Visitor[edit]

Alien with lots of technology such as disintegrator rays, teleporters and cloaking devices to help him win. In Season 1 he lost to Vini Vidi Victory! In Season 2 he fought in the Royal Thumble and beat Unit 19G but was taken out by James Montgomery Flag. He lost to Weredog in Season 3. In Season 4 he beat Hometown Huck and Danny Kaboom but he lost to Mr. Extremo. In Season 5 he beat Gogachog. Could possibly be based like Max Moon.

Minor Wrestlers[edit]

Queen Nefercreepy[edit]

Making her debut in the third tournament, Queen Nefercreepy (a parody of Queen Nefertiti) is a 4,500 year old Egyptian queen with divine powers(& a very nasty attitude). As a ruler, she takes the services she receives very seriously and would put a curse on her servants even if what they do is just slightly flawed. Her powers include dropping pyramids from the sky, summoning sand storms and even crocodiles. She has achieved victories over Danny Kaboom and Milty the Clown but her winning streak was put to a stop by Face-Off Phil. She later returned next season and beat Gogachog but later lost to Mr. Extremo. Portrayed by Vibe Jones.

Mugsy Thumbscrew[edit]

Mad Gangster Mobster Leader and Smooth Criminal. In Season 3 he lost to Gill. He came back in Season 4 and beat Knockout Ninja but was unable to beat Danny Kaboom. In Season 5 he beat Unit 19G and lost to Hometown Huck. He has a mob of gangsters to do his fighting for him sometimes. Voiced by Sean Schemmel, also he is atcullay no criminal, his signature move is a crowbar that whacks the opponent. Could possibly be based on JTG or Shad like Cryme Tyme.

Scoutmaster Scott[edit]

This Sinistra Scoutmaster is head of the Cookie Scouts, who are like the Boy Scouts, but evil. They make the worst cookies ever, and it was revealed Scott knew this, and only fought Pei Pei so he could win and force the Porpoistanis to make the cookies instead. Despite always being angry at them, he relies on his scouts during fights, particularly during his Season 4 match against Face-Off Phil where he had them trap the Canadian in a net. He's very prone to losing his temper, and is yet to win a match, though it is unknown whether he will return after quitting in Season 4. Scott returned in Season 5 and got his first win against Tom Cat. He possibly based on Sgt. Slaughter. Voiced by Sean Schemmel.

Captain Carpal[edit]

As a lad, Captain Tiberious Carpal had a desire to become a pirate. After being quite a trouble in school, he travelled the seas to fulfil his ambition. Upon completing his travels, Captain Carpal joined the Sinistras. In his wrestling debut which was in the second tournament, he lost in tough match against Vini Vidi Victory. Making his return in the third event, he bested Knockout Ninja by using his signature move, a cannon. Could possibly based like Randy Savage. He later returned to season 4 and lost to Ms. Fitwell. Portrayed by Marc Thompson.

Sick Vick[edit]

Sick Vick is the sickest wrestler in the TWF, afflicted with a "uncommon cold" as just one of his many symptoms. In Season 3, he beat Miss Fitwell after grossing her out when he sneezed too hard and turned himself inside out! (Beforehand, he'd coughed up his own lungs). In Season 4, he was afflicted with chickenpox. With the help of camomile lotion and a dog catcher (courtesy of Bucks), Vick was able to defeat Weredog. He was also present at the Season 3 short "Ordering Out", vouching for Chinese Food, before being hypnotised by Evil Ira to want Pizza instead. Voiced by Dan Green

Big Bad Billy Goatetsky[edit]

Big Bad Billy Goatetsky is an old goat Sinistra from Wisconsin. When he was a child he lost his parents at The Vilas Park Petting Zoo. He then resorted to living with the goats of Vilas Park. He was quickly mistaken for a real goat so kids often petted him. He then started to hate children and started ramming them. He lost to Mr. Extremo in season 2 and lost to James Montgomery Flag in season 4. He lost to Cleat Cunningham in Season 5. He is the grouchiest wrestler of them all. Portrayed by Ben Masten

The Cheetah[edit]

The Cheetah is a sneaky female wrestler from the state of New York. As a pupil in school, she would often look at the answers used by her seatmates during exams. Before her fellow students could tattle, the Cheetah would pull a string causing heavy objects, primarily anvils, to drop on them (this is a trick she also uses as a wrestler). Upon graduating, she met the Sinistras who welcomed her to their team. In the TWF, she has a trick to put opponents out of composure by insulting/making jokes about them, which was a useless strategy against Face-Off Phil that only makes her beaten up and lose by joking about his Canadian Accent. She has only been active in the second tournament and was since only seen at the Sinistra headquarters in the Season 3 short "Ordering Out". Then she lost to Hometown Huck in Season 5. Portrayed by Vibe Jones.

The Lost Viking[edit]

A Viking from the Middle Ages that was found in a glacier by the Sinistras. Pretty strong. He thinks that he is fighting for the Viking gods. He lost to Evil Ira in Season 1. In Season 3 he beat Gogachog. In Season 4 he beat Mr. Extremeo with the help of Buck's cheating. could possibly be based on John "The Berzerker" Nord.

Rolf the Reaper[edit]

Gloomy Sinistra, secretly keeps a diary, & A dead pet goldfish. In Season 2 he lost to Mahi Mahi Mindy after she embarrassed him by reading his diary aloud. He also fought in the Royal Thumble when he was crushed by Unit 19G. In Season 4 he beat Hometown Huck with Buck's cheating. In Season 5 he lost to the newcomer Lucky O' Leary. Voiced by Ben Masten.

The Scorchion[edit]

The Scorchion is a Dangerous venomous scorpion with poisonous pinky, He Lost To Hometown Huck in Season 1 then he taken out james montgomery flag with Cactus in Season 2 Royal thumble but was kicked into a Camera By Face Off Phil, He then In Season 5 he Lost to Mr. Extremo. he Lives in Death Valley Desert. voiced by Sean Schemmel His Special Move is the Deadly thagion stinger when he Stings his opponent they go woozy

The Black Knight[edit]

An evil warrior fighting in the medieval battlefields. In Season 5 he lost to Danny Kaboom. Voiced by Dan Green. His special move is his Bolster when he hits his opponent.

Billy Batboy[edit]

Billy Batboy is a fighter who lacks fighting spirit and is fond of bats. His first match was in the first tournament where he took on but lost to Wasabi. He fought for the second time which was in the third tournament only to be bested by Hometown Huck. In the fourth season, he was the cause of the failure of two of Bucks' plans and even helped out Senator Skull's plan for revenge in Season 4 by stealing blueprints for Bucks' BIG plan. In Season 5 Cheeko Rojo to tries to keep the anvil drop to Mr. Extremo.

His best move is summoning a giant bat to attack the opponent. Although this attack was in vain in the match against Wasabi, it was successful in the ring fight against Mahi Mahi Mindy. Voiced by Ben Masten


The monster with very sharp teeth, and a voracious appetite. He helped Senator Skull try to win in Season 2 alongside Cheeko Rojo and Laughing Loony. He was just one of the three henchmen until he started fighting in Season 3. He lost to Pierre Pamplemousse in Season 3 and has never fought again. Could be based on George Steele.


A teenaged video game champion, voiced by Dan Green. He lost to Wasabi in season three and to Unit 19G in season four. Could be possibly as Shane Mcmahon.

Dwayne Bramage[edit]

An insane Sinistra with terrible brain damage. He only appeared in season 2, where he lost to Wasabi.

The Amoeba[edit]

A party animal who is able to shrink down to microscopic size. She only appeared in season one, where she lost to Evil Ira.

Sir Serpent[edit]

An etiquette snake sinistra with a British accent. He only wrestled in season one, where he lost to Hometown Huck.


An Amnesia-suffering Sinistra who is only a threat when his memory comes back but usually forgets it again. He only wreslted in season one, where he lost to Vini Vidi Victory as part of the first match of the season.


Cheeko Rojo[edit]

Cheeko Rojo is one of the sneaky henchmen since Season 1. Helping N Fuego in his match against Unit 19G. The thing is, he was the sneaky one and starts helping the formally retired Senator Skull. He also teams up with Laughing Loony and Snagglefangs as they sneak into the TWF control room and makes terrible inventions against Mr. Extremo (mainly a cloning machine). Has an eye to caught red handed. He also seen crushing the Ref because of his interesting plans. Could possibly be based on Jimmy Hart.

Laughing Loony[edit]

As the 2nd Sinistra Stunt Henchman. As his name suggests, he laughs a lot, and his dialogue consists mostly of laughter. He worked with Snagglefangs and Cheeko Rojo for the big plot in the Season 2 championship


Steve is Bucks Gazillion's assistant who serves as a back-up from outside the ring. While his master wears the dollar sign behind the head, Steve wears the cent symbol in the same location. Probably best known through his phrase "Right on, boss" though in one fight it was "Gotcha, boss." He has yet to fight in the ring. Steve is possibly based on Virgil The Million Dollar Man's assistant portrayed by Marc Thompson.

Other characters[edit]

  • Dick Thompson: Play-by-play announcer, friend of Colonel Cossack. Dick commentates a lot, unlike, Colonel. Dick Thompson is sometimes made fun by Colonel. Could be based on Jim Ross or even Michael Cole. Voiced by Ben Masten
  • Colonel Cossack: A passionate Russian commentator, former wrestler, fond of crushing people. His rival is The Stash. he is afraid of Milty the clown and wants his opponent to finish him off before he make some bad things. Could be based on Nikolai Volkoff. Voiced by Sean Schemmel
  • Pinky: Pinky a pinky finger and the big fan of the Dexteras and always help them win matches and always appear in sidelines. He has a crush on Wasabi. In Season 5 Mr. Extremo vs The Scorchion, he helps Mr. Extremo to keep drink with his Extremo Energy Drink Explosion.
  • The Ref: He is the referee of the ring and has the ability to disqualify players. The Sinistras always attack the referee so they can cheat and win matches.
  • Good Ira: Evil Ira's mysterious look-alike. Not much is known about him, except that he speaks with an American accent, wears a bow-tie and doesn't at all wrestle. He has appeared twice (Evil Ira vs The Amoeba and Hometown Huck vs Evil Ira) as a spectator just to taunt his counterpart. He took the name "Good Ira".
  • Trashcan: Colonel Cossack's pet horse who he found eating his garbage. Voice by Nothing To
  • The Doctor: Fast speaking pediatrician.
  • Mothers: As of far, the mothers of the following wrestlers have appeared throughout the series: Corbata (Wasabi vs Corbata), Senator Skull (Senator Skull's Lair), Bucks Gazillion (Bucks Gazillion vs Hometown Huck) and The Visitor (The Visitor vs Danny Kaboom) It is important to note that the mothers don't appear alongside their sons, but cut away from the action, apart from Senator Skull's mother, who comes into the actual room when the Senator is trying to be evil.
  • Mugsy's Boys: The 3 boys named Joe, Rick and Tony they are helping Mugsy and protects their jobs.

Upcoming wrestlers[edit]

It is announced that five new wrestlers will be in The TWF Battle Series.