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This list of Tinker Bell cast members is a list of actors who voice characters appearing in the Tinker Bell film series.


Character Films
Tinker Bell (2008) Lost Treasure (2009) Great Fairy Rescue (2010) Pixie Hollow Games (2011) Secret of the Wings (2012) The Pirate Fairy (2014) Legend of the NeverBeast (2015)

Principal characters[edit]

Tinker Bell Mae Whitman
Periwinkle Lucy Hale N/A
Silvermist Lucy Liu N/A
Iridessa Raven-Symoné N/A
Rosetta Kristin Chenoweth Megan Hilty N/A
Fawn America Ferrera Angela Bartys
Vidia Pamela Adlon Nonspeaking Pamela Adlon N/A

Pixie Hollow fairies[edit]

Queen Clarion Anjelica Huston Anjelica Huston N/A
Bobble Rob Paulsen N/A
Clank Jeff Bennett N/A
Terence Jesse McCartney N/A
Fairy Mary Jane Horrocks Jane Horrocks N/A
Fairy Gary Jeff Bennett Jeff Bennett N/A
Minister of Autumn Richard Portnow John DiMaggio John DiMaggio Nonspeaking"' N/A
Minister of Winter Gail Borges Gail Borges Nonspeaking"' N/A
Minister of Spring Steve Valentine Steve Valentine Nonspeaking" N/A
Minister of Summer Kathy Najimy Kathy Najimy Nonspeaking / Cameo N/A

Garden-talent fairies[edit]

Chloe Brenda Song N/A
Fern Zendaya N/A
Ivy Kari Wahlgren N/A
Lilac Jessica DiCicco N/A

Frost-talent fairies[edit]

Lord Milori Timothy Dalton Nonspeaking N/A
Dewey Jeff Bennett Nonspeaking N/A
Sled Matt Lanter Nonspeaking N/A
Spike Debby Ryan Nonspeaking N/A
Gliss Grey DeLisle N/A
Slush Ben Diskin N/A

Dust-talent fairies[edit]

Zarina Christina Hendricks N/A
Flint Thom Adcox-Hernandez N/A
Bolt Roger Craig Smith N/A
Stone N/A

Storm-talent fairies[edit]

Glimmer Tiffany Thornton Nonspeaking and/or cameo N/A
Rumble Jason Dolley N/A

Other fairies[edit]

Buck Rob Paulsen N/A
Zephyr Alicyn Packard N/A
Lumina Jessica DiCicco N/A
Marina ? N/A
Lyria Grey DeLisle-Griffin Nonspeaking/Cameo N/A
Viola N/A
Sweet Pea Kari Wahlgren N/A
Sydney N/A


Blaze Eliza Pollack Zebert Eliza Pollack Zebert N/A
Cheese Bob Bergen Dee Bradley Baker N/A
Fiona Dee Bradley Baker N/A
Mr. Owl Rob Paulsen N/A
Mr. Twitches Bob Bergen' N/A


Wendy Darling America Young N/A
Mrs. Darling Kathryn Cressida N/A
Elizabeth “Lizzy” Griffiths Lauren Mote N/A
Dr. Martin Griffiths Michael Sheen N/A
Mrs. Perkins Faith Prince N/A
Captain Hook Tom Hiddleston N/A
Oppenheimer Jim Cummings N/A
Port N/A
Starboard Mick Wingert N/A
Yang Kevin Michael Richardson N/A
Smee Jeff Bennett N/A
Narrator Loreena McKennitt Grey DeLisle Cara Dillon Anjelica Huston N/A
Note: A gray cell indicates character did not appear in that medium.

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