List of Tom Clancy's Op-Center characters

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There are many characters in the Tom Clancy's Op-Center franchise.

Op-Center personnel[edit]

Paul Hood: Director of Op-Center and the former Mayor of Los Angeles. Used to be a banker. Nicknamed 'Pope Paul' because of his honesty. Quite often called 'Chief' by the rest of the Op-Center Team. Married with two children.

General Mike Rodgers: Deputy Director of Op-Center and commander of Op-Center's Military Branch, STRIKER. 2-Star General. Was a brigade commander during Desert Storm. Commander of the Regional Op-Center (ROC).

Robert 'Bob' Clayton Herbert: Chief of Intelligence. Disabled after losing his legs and his wife, Yvonne, in the 1983 U.S. embassy bombing.

Matthew Stoll: In-house computer genius. Finished at the top of MIT's classes for his and the previous two years. Worked for corporate America for a while, working on projects such as VCR systems and equipment for exercise machines. Good friend of NRO's Stephen Viens.

Darrel McCaskey: FBI and Interpol Liaison. Eventually marries Interpol agent Maria Corneja.

Lowell Coffey II: Attorney.

Stephen 'Bugs' Benet: Hood's Executive Assistant.

Dr. Phil Katzen: Biophysicist and civilian assigned to the ROC. Ex-Greenpeace

Ron Plummer: Deputy Director.

Martha Mackall: Political Liaison. Killed when she is gunned down in Spain on a diplomatic mission.

Dr. Liz Gordon: Staff Psychiatrist/Psychologist.

Ann Farris: Press Officer. Has a crush on Hood.

Jerry Wheeler: Chief Medical Officer.

Harlan Bellock: Chief Engineer. Graduated from Yale.

Warner Bicking: Assistant Deputy Director.

Karen Wong: Assistant Deputy Director.

Aideen Marley: Coffey's Deputy Assistant. Becomes a field operative.

Maria Corneja: Field Agent. Ex-Interpol. Later Maria Corneja McCaskey.

David Battat: Field Agent. Ex-CIA.

Lieutenant Colonel Charlie Squires: STRIKER. Ex-Field Commander of the STRIKERs. KIA during the Russian Conflict. On board a train as it derails.

Colonel Brett August: STRIKER. Field Commander of the STRIKERs appointed after Squires' death. Air Force pilot, transferred to Intelligence. Boyhood friend of Mike Rodgers.

Sergeant Chick Grey: STRIKER. Skilled marksman and parachutist. Second-in-Command of STRIKER. Ex-Delta Force where he excelled at HALO jumps as he could deploy the parachute later and land more accurately than any other. Capable of staring for a long time without blinking.

Private David George: STRIKER. Killed while parachuting into Kashmir.

Private Sondra DeVonne: STRIKER. Killed while parachuting into Kashmir.

Private First Class Walter Pupshaw: STRIKER. Killed while parachuting into Kashmir.

Private Terrance Newmeyer: STRIKER. Killed while parachuting into Kashmir.

Corporal Pat Prementine: STRIKER. Squad's Infantry tactics genius. Killed while parachuting into Kashmir.

Private Jason Scott: STRIKER. Killed while parachuting into Kashmir.

Private First Class Ishi Honda: STRIKER. Squad's Communications Operator. Later promoted to Corporal. Killed while parachuting into Kashmir.

Private Baas Moore: STRIKER. KIA during the North Korean conflict. Shot through the eye.

Private Walter Musicant: STRIKER. Medic.

General Morgan Carrie: Director of Op-Center appointed to replace Paul Hood when he is appointed as Special Intelligence Envoy to the President. Three Star General.

Allies of Op-Center[edit]

Stephen Viens: Head of a section within the National Reconnaissance Office. Eventually hired by Op-Centre.


Sharon Hood: Paul Hood's wife.

Alexander Hood: Paul Hood's son.

Harleigh Hood: Paul Hood's daughter

Mala Chatterjee: UN Secretary General and Ally of Op-Center during State of Siege