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This is a list of numerous books based on the British children's television series Tugs. Starting from 1989 to 1992, books based on the series were released in the United Kingdom, Australia and Japan and by different publishers and authors.


Two annuals were released in 1989 and 1990. Both containing four stories and numerous activities and published by Grandreams Limited.

1989 annual[edit]

  • Loading Grain
  • Mistaken Identity
  • The Race
  • The Missing Barge

1990 annual[edit]

  • Heat Wave
  • Ship in Distress
  • Naval Manoeuvers
  • Quarantine

Buzz books[edit]

Cover of the first Tugs Buzz book entitled Kidnapped

The Buzz books were part of the children's Buzz book series released in 1990 by Reed Children's Books. Each story unlike other Buzz books which were based on the episode from the television show, these were purely original and take place after the television series. Each was written by Fiona Hardwick and illustrated by The County Studio. In total four were released. They are as listed in numerical order:

  1. Kidnapped - ISBN 1-85591-012-8
  2. Run Aground - ISBN 1-85591-013-6
  3. Nothing to Declare - ISBN 1-85591-014-4
  4. Treasure Hunt - ISBN 1-85591-015-2

Photo books[edit]

Cover of the photo book Ghost Fleet

The photo books were based on each individual episode with few differences to the original story and some deleted scenes that were in the original television broadcasts than the video releases. The books were released by Heinemann and included pctures of scenes from the episodes. Few kept their original title of the episode whilst few had a different name. They are as listed:

  • Sunshine
  • Pirate
  • Trapped
  • High Winds
  • Ghost Fleet (based on the episode Ghosts)
  • The Unlucky Tug (based on the episode Jinxed)
  • Warrior's Longest Day (based on the episode Warrior)
  • Up River
  • High Tide
  • Bigg City Freeze (based on the episode Bigg Freeze)

Sticker books[edit]

The sticker books were based on the episodes but had major differences than the episode which they were based on and were published by Heinemann. Each were written by Penny Morris and had numerous stickers which had to placed in certain parts of the pages. The ones released are as listed:

Other books[edit]

These books are those which don't belong in a series but standout by themselves.

Ten Cents' Busy Day[edit]

Ten Cents' Busy Day
Ten Cents' Busy Day.jpg
Author Fiona Hardwick
Country Britain
Language English
Publisher Heinemann
Publication date
ISBN 0-434-97431-5

Ten Cents' Busy Day is a hardback book released in 1990, written by Fiona Hardwick and published by Heinemann. The story revolves around Ten Cents who does jobs around Bigg City, and his interactions with other characters.

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