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This is a list of notable Australian Turks.

Hugh Jackman
Name Life Notability Turkish link
Bulent Ada 1977 Psychologist & Writer Australian-born to Turkish parents.[1]
Deniz Akdeniz 1990 Actor Australian-born to Turkish parents.[2]
Ceren Alkaç Model Australian-born to Turkish parents[3]
Albert Arlen 1905-1993 Pianist Australian-born to Turkish parents[4]
Jack Aziz 1968 Football player Australian-born to Turkish Cypriot parents[5]
Hürriyet Babacan 1961 Academic Immigrant from Turkey[6]
Tansel Başer 1978 Football player Australian-born to Turkish parents[7]
Aziz Behich 1990 Football player Australian-born to Turkish Cypriot parents[8]
Ilker Berberoglu 1990 Football Player/ Rapper/ Internet Sensation Australian-born to Turkish parents[9]
'Tahir Bilgiç 1970 Comedian
Kerem Bulut 1992 Football player Australian-born to Turkish parents[citation needed]
Işıl Coşar Poet [11]
Bulent Hass Dellal Non-executive Director and Deputy Chairman of the Special Broadcasting Service Australian-born to Turkish Cypriot parents[12]
Larry Emdur 1964 Television presenter Australian-born to Turkish parents[13]
İsyan Erdogan 1982 Football player Australian-born to Turkish parents[citation needed]
John Eren 1964 Politician Immigrant from Turkey[14]
Tayfun Eren 1959 Politician
First person of Turkish birth to be elected to a Parliament in Australia.[15]
Immigrant from Turkey[16]
Didem Erol 1975 Actress Australian-born to Turkish parents[17]
Aytek Genc 1966 Football player Immigrant from Turkey[18]
Ersan Gülüm 1987 Football player Australian-born to Turkish parents[citation needed]
John Ilhan 1965-2007 Founder of Crazy John's mobile phone retail chain Immigrant from Turkey[19]
Hugh Jackman 1968 Actor Australian born of Turkish origin[20]
Maya Jupiter 1978 Rapper Mexican-born to Turkish parents[21]
Mehmet Karamemiş Businessman
Chairman of Australia Turkish Business and Industry Ltd.
Ersin Kaya Football player Australian-born to Turkish parents[citation needed]
Şerif Kaya Chef [23]
Denan Kemp 1987 Rugby player Australian-born to Turkish-New Zealand parents
Selin Kuralay 1985 Football player Australian-born to Turkish parents[24]
Beejan Land 1985 Actor Australian-born to Turkish parents[25]
Levent Osman 1977 Football player Australian-born to Turkish Cypriot parents[26]
Tolgay Özbey 1986 Football player Australian-born to Turkish parents[27]
Turgay Oztas 1972 Football Player Australian born Turkish parents
Serdar Pir 1979 Football player Australian-born to Turkish parents[28]
Sinem Saban Director Australian-born to Turkish Cypriot parents[29]
Sedat Sir 1975 Football player [30]
Adem Somyürek 1967 Politician Immigrant from Turkey[31]
Nazlı Süleyman Politician Immigrant from Cyprus[32]
Ufuk Talay 1976 Football player Australian-born to Turkish Cypriot parents[citation needed]
Ramazan Tavşancıoğlu 1984 Football player Australian-born to Turkish parents[33]
Deniz Tek Musician American-born to Turkish parents[34]
Ismail Tosun 1975 Chef Immigrant from Cyprus[35]
Osman Uyanık 1990 Football player Australian-born to Turkish parents[36]
Servet Uzunlar 1989 Football player Australian-born to Turkish parents[37]

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